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Tales of the Veils

Sala’am aleikoum!


This site aims to provide a wealth of fiction regarding veiling and orientalist fantasy. The odalisque waiting in the harem bath, love under an Arabian sky, vision growing dimmer as every extra layer of veiling is lowered over her eyes, passing out one day and waking up to find that she is in a life of captivity, forced to wear a burqa and submit to the will of her master or kadim. These are our fantasies and we trust you enjoy the collection of stories we have gathered for your perusal on these pages.

The original Tales of the Veils site was set up by me (Dave Potter) way back in 2005 and since that date it grew steadily. In 2009 Bo_Emp took over the editorship and the site really went from strength to strength. However, in late 2016, after a period of ill health, Bo_Emp disappeared from the internet. Until he returns, I have set up this blog to keep Tales of the Veils alive. The link to the archived original site is here.

Now please enter a world of layers, submission and hidden beauty!


To contact Tales of the Veils e-mail: davepotter77@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message at the top.

We are always looking for new stories, but before you submit one, please read our contents policy:

Tales of the Veils contents policy

Tales of the Veils hosts a wide variety of stories and other material which evolves around veiling, masking and other forms of head covering. As long as this is fulfilled we accept almost any kind of contents from e.g. light consensual veiling to fairly hard BDSM with these explicit exceptions:

  • Stories involving sex with minors.
  • Stories describing bloodshed in detail.