News article: April Fool’s Day Prank backfires on radio station

April Fool’s Day Prank backfires on radio station

By a Brisbane Today Staff Reporter

April 2nd 2018

Brisbane radio station 4BNE has once again been threatened with having its broadcasting licence withdrawn over its April Fool’s Day prank.

The radio station, with the permission of the transport department, erected booths at the three main rail stations and the bus station in the city centre where a number of women wearing Muslim type headdress approached women leaving the stations, asking them their age. If the woman said she was between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five they were asked to step inside the booth. Once inside they were informed that under a new government order to be issued later that day, all females in the18-25 age group, the first to be covered under the upcoming order, would, to help the female Muslims better fit into society, be required to cover the face.

The women who did not walk out were then assisted to fit the headdress, similar in style to a niqab and told to listen to the radio station at midday when the official announcement would be made.

The women who did not remove the headdress once out of sight of the booths were, usually on their arrival at work, asked by colleagues why they were wearing the niqab and so explained to their colleagues what they had been told. By nine thirty there was considerable talk in government offices as to what was going on.

Once it had been established that the women had been ‘caught out’ by 4BNE’s annual April Fool’s prank the radio station was ordered to immediately announce what they had done.

The Broadcasting Commission later announced that as this was the fourth time in seven years that 4BNE had been warned about their conduct in respect to the April 1st prank, that cancelling the licence of 4BNE was being considered.

The Transport Department announced they had no idea of what 4BNE was going to do when they applied for the permit to set up the booths in the station forecourts.

4BNE later apologised on air for any inconvenience caused and that the Muslim community was not being targeted.

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