Emirate of America

Emirate of America

by ‘American Sultan’

The Eunuch’s Tale

Mark felt a slight itch on his thigh. He made no effort to scratch at it and instead did his best to ignore it. He did his best to remain complete still. As a harem eunuch it was his job to remain an impassive observer and little more. His demeanor had to remain as indifferent to the sight before him as his castrated self was. Ever since his youth he had been trained to ignore the tantalizing sights he was subjected to on a daily basis.

Before Mark was a sight that would have driven any other man to a insane sexual frenzy. The entire harem of the Emir of America lay about passing their day away. They were in a great circular room with a beautifully painted wall and ceiling. The mural potrayed a lush garden oasis on the walls while the high doomed ceiling portrayed a blue sky with the sun high in the air. The room was five hundred feet in diameter and it held that many concubines.

The women were all extremely beautiful. They were of all colors and each was between their teens to their thirties. They wore a variety of colorful loose fitting garments. A bra and panty concealed their intimate parts while transparent gaze covered their legs and arms. An equally transparent veil covered their face, doing a tantalizing poor job of concealing their faces. The floor of the room was decorated with various rubs, sofas, pillows and other pieces of furniture for the women to relax on as they talk amongst themselves.

The dome of the room did much to distort the hundreds of conversations going on amongst the women. The sound of hundreds of soft and alluring voices was both loud and silent at the same time. The sound reflected from the ceiling and was heard by the dozens of harem eunuchs who guarded the source of the voices.

Mark observed a couple of women seated on a sofa in front of him. One was a woman of thirty with waist length blond hair. Her purple costume top concealed her ample bosom. Mark had noticed that all of the blondes in the Emir’s harem had voluptuous figures. Her companion at the moment was a twenty year old asian girl. Her costume was of a bright orange color with a petite figure. The two of them talked excitedly about some frivolous things like clothes.

Mark’s gaze fell onto a couple of other women. One was in her mid forties and yet she was still quite lovely. Her silky brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and her curvy form lay on a pile of pillows. Her name was Elisabeth and she was of the Emir’s first concubines and despite her age she was still one of his favorites. In her arms she held another woman in their mid twenties and petted her hair. Her name was Rebecca and she bore a great resemblance to Elisabeth. They were in fact mother and daughter. They were actually Mark’s mother and sister.

Mark was twenty six years old now. However, he was only a boy of ten when his life was shattered. He had only been vaguely aware of the war going on between America and the Islamic Empire at the time. With its supply of oil severely crippled by the resource’s control by the Muslims his country fell much quicker than anyone could have predicted. Mark’s father had killed in the war so when the city her lived in fell to the general who would soon become the Emir his family was sold into slavery along with so many others who would not convert to Islam. His mother was not even thirty then and quite lovely. The Emir took her as a concubine, one of his first but certainly not his last. Mark’s sister was a few years older than he but already she was quite beautiful. The Emir decided that once she was an adult she would join her mother in the bliss of belonging to him. Mark was deemed to old to be trusted with becoming a soldier for the Emir, instead he was castrated and became doomed to live a eunuch’s life of quiet service. Mark’s younger brother had only been five at the time and was converted to Islam and taken away to be trained as a warrior. Mark never saw his brother again.

For years Mark fulfilled meager household duties for the Emir who set up his capital in New Baghdad. A large palace was built over the rubble that had once been the White House. Its many domes and elegant arches housed tens of thousands of servants. When he was older Mark was made one of the guards for the Emir’s harem. He was charged with the humiliating duty of guarding the slaves who were once his mother and sister. For a couple of years Mark had burned with anger at the Emir, but with time his anger faded into resigned acceptance. The Emir was all powerful in what had been the United States of America. What revenge could Mark have?

Still, it burned Mark. How many of the harem eunuchs were sons, brothers, husbands or fathers of the women they guarded. Why must they suffer the indignity of watching those they had loved taken to the Emir to indulge his pleasures. These men (if they could be called that anymore) were symbolic of what had happened to their country. The older men had been castrated and rendered utterly helpless. The young boys had been converted to Islam and as they grew older they gave their lives to conquer more lands for the Caliph in far off lands.

Sometimes Mark’s mother would look in his direction and while they would not speak they could understand the feelings in the other’s faces. The mother regretted what had happened to her boy. Still, she had grown to love her master. The Emir was a kind man who treated his concubines almost as well as his wives.

Mark’s thoughts were interrupted by a number of voices outside. The doors opened and a young woman who looked to be eighteen entered. She wore a harem outfit of sky blue color. Her face by contrast was a bright red as she blushed at being seen in such a state by so many people. She had yet to learn that the men who stood along the walls could not be aroused by her. The other harem slaves quickly encircled her to welcome her into their ranks. They introduced themselves to her and she slowly lost her blushing color.

Mark looked at the girl and contemplated her thoughts. She had probably been enslaved in one of the recently conquered territories. Tonight she would be summoned to the Emir’s bedchamber where the man would seduce her. That is what depressed Mark the most. If the girls had struggled and been violated by the man at least Mark could rightfully hate him. Instead, the women eventually gave themselves freely to the man in a move symbolic of their people’s submission.


The Emir’s Tale

Emir Malik sat on the edge of his bed and began stripping off his boots. He had extended his night time walk and caused concern for those who loved him or those charged with his safety. Malik felt guilty about it, but there was something attractive about walking anonymously in the streets of New Baghdad. As he tossed his boots to the corner of his bedroom he reflected on the sights he had seen. The merchants selling their wares in the bazaar. The bazaar had been held in what had once been a department store. Instead of the obscene piles of merchandise that had existed before, there were now numerous booths where merchants haggled with their customers.

Of course, the most satisfying sight had been the women. Or perhaps it was the lack of sight of them. The women of America lived a life of strict modest these days. Wherever they went in public they were covered from head to toe in long robes which only revealed their eyes.

A swish of door hangings and the entrance of light into the room broke Malik’s thoughts. Kalilah entered the room with a gilded tray in her hands. On the tray was some tea and a variety of fruits and sweets. She was his fourth and though he would never tell the others, his most beloved wife. She wore an all encompassing silk blue robe which concealed her entire body. This was not necessary as they were the only ones there, but she did it all the same to impress upon her husband how devoted she was to him.

Kalilah had once been Mary Dorset. She was the daughter of Samantha Dorset, former president of the United States. Malik could not help but recall the events that had led to this time. A couple of decades ago he had been a general in the Caliph’s army. It was the year 2063 by the Christian calendar. Malik had been in command of the first Islamic troops to land on the soil of the United States of America. It was a Jihad that had rivalled all others in its scale. This was not simply an expulsion of Crusaders from Muslim lands nor was it an expedition to aid those Muslims who were oppressed by the infidels of Europe. This had been a campaign to forever dispatch the source of Satan’s power on Earth.

The campaign had been initiated because of the grave offence that Samantha Dorset had made towards Islam. Shortly after being elected she had made a speech calling for peace with the Islamic Union. The Islamic Union was a loose federal state that was controlled by the Caliph who ruled from his capital in Mecca. During the first half of the 20th century the Union had united most of the Middle East and North Africa under its banners. Only the Persians in Iran had held out, but after a war of unprecedented ferocity they had eventually been defeated and the Shia were dispatched to history. Eventually Europe would come under the rule of the Caliph as well. Muslims were already becoming a dominant force on that continent, and as such they were greatly fear by the Christians who sought measures to prevent Islam from influencing the laws of their countries. Of course, for any true Muslim there can be no separation of law and Islam. The two were the same and the Muslims of Europe stifled under such oppression before rebelling. With the aide of the Union’s armies Europe fell to the green crescent of the Union. The Union thus comprised a state whose borders reach from the Sahara in the south to Scandinavia in the north, from Portugal in the west to Pakistan in the east.

Against such a juggernaut Samantha Dorset could not have possibly believed her country would be able to stand. The United States had been on a slow decline for years. An eight year young civil year had helped to further deplete its strength. When Dorset was elected president under the Peace and Equality party’s banner in 2060 she promised that she would do everything in her power to promote peace. She was ridiculously idealistic which likely came with her youth as she had barely been 35 when she was elected. One of her first actions was an address to the Islamic Union on behalf of her country. She expressed her desire to for peace and claimed that America would not interfere in the affairs of the Union. Alas, fashion was to play a big role in undermining her effort. When she made her televised address she was wear a knee high skirt. The sight of this enraged all those who had seen it. To add further insult this woman had a 16 year old child and yet was unmarried.

The Caliph responded by putting together a military force the size of which the world had not seen. The war had been brutal and drawn out but by 2070 all resistance had been crushed. Malik had been awarded several honours by the Caliph for the conquest. The biggest bit of booty was Malik’s accession to the position of Emir. He was granted all of the former United States to rule in the name of the Caliph. It was his task to mould the land into the Emirate of America.

It would not be a simple task. The America people had for too long lived in sin. Theirs was a world totally devoid of morals. Rampant drug use and alcohol had eroded their youth. Sexual deviancy was rampant. Worst of all was how women were treated. Rather than protecting their modesty, the Americans had done everything in their power to turn their women into prostitutes. Women were expected to walk in the streets with barely any clothing on so that all the men they passed were invited to leer after them. Every magazine and television imagine encouraged young girls to prostitute themselves out to men.

Malik followed the tradition of his Caliph master and had instituted strict Islamic law. Only the introduction of Islam would rescue the American people. The use of drugs were now to be met with execution. Mosques were now erected where banks had once stood. And most important of all there were now laws which protected the modesty of woman. They were now to be veiled when in public. Only their eyes would be visible under the long robes which concealed their entire bodies. As further protection they were not allowed outside without a male relative as an escort.

The American people actually took to their new ways of life with remarkable speed. The men of their country had clearly suffered decades of verbal abuse from a feminist movement which persisted in belittling them. The prospect of regaining some measure of control over their women appealed to them quite a bit. Other aspects of Arab life quickly found its way into their lives. Men quickly began growing beards and turbans quite quickly became the popular form of head wear. So reliable were many of these men that garrisons of Islamic Union troops were eventually made obsolete as the Americans were quite keen on disciplining themselves.

The women though had proved a bit difficult. Their men had made them lazy and greedy and at first they held protests which had to be broken up with the offenders taken to jail. Eventually the crowds of angry young women at Berkley holding protest signs and scantily clad were replaced with women who knew the joys of being empowered by the total concealment of their robes. Perhaps it was the sight of their former leader on television which had changed their minds. Samantha Dorset had been taken to the Caliph and became his fourth wife. She was probably more surprised than anyone else at how quickly she found herself willfully converting to Islam. She now accompanied her husband on his trips across his domain along with his three other wives and his multitude of concubines.

Whenever Malik attended a function for the Caliph he noticed the man’s four wives. Each wore robes of dark green brocade which completely concealed them from all present. Only their eyes allowed Malik to discern which one had been Samantha. Along with her fellow wives she followed behind her husband wherever he went. When he stopped they stopped behind him and waited for him to move again. They were the most perfect silent angels. Never did they speak, for a wife’s duty was to listen. Samantha Dorset had taken to her duties with a great devotion to her husband. He too, had grown to love her. At first he had merely taken her as a bride to secure his place as the legitimate sovereign of America.

Malik had promised Samantha that he would take care of her daughter until she grew to be a woman. He kept his promise and more because when she became a woman he took her for his fourth wife. In such a way he would insure that his descendants would have a dynastic claim on America. Also though, he loved her.

After he had finished eating he lay on his bed with his veiled wife curled in his arms. Through the windows of his palace he watched the sun slowly set over the horizon. He held his wife tighter.



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