A New Job

A New Job

by Boris Tight

Marion was nervous entering the meeting room where the interview was to take place. She had applied for this job as soon as she saw the advert but was now intimidated by the dark panelled walls, deep carpet and hushed atmosphere that was so far from anything she knew.

The man who led her from the lobby introduced another gentleman as Mr Lescott who spoke to her.

“Miss Collins I can see from your curriculum vitae that you are more than capable of doing this job and I have no wish to examine you on those details. This job is however unusual in a number of respects, one of which is the dress code that will be required.”

The company was a merchant bank was owned by a Saudi prince, Marion had discovered this much from the limited research she was able to do. She had worked for the last two years in her local bank and had wanted to move to the city for the last year or so – this was the first time she had been called to interview however. She wondered what the dress code could be? She glanced down at her dark pinstriped suit and thought she looked the part. She had worried when she was dressing whether the knee length skirt was perhaps too short given that it was a Saudi bank but since she had only one respectable suit she hadn’t got a lot of choice.

Mr Lescott continued “our clients are Muslim businessmen and increasingly, some Muslim businesswomen. We wish to service these clients but, to be frank, we are a conservative organisation and we are not comfortable allowing our women clients to be served by a man. Hence we are seeking to employ a woman staff member with suitable experience. She will report directly to me, will work in the office next to mine and will have little or no contact with the rest of our, male, staff.”

“The dress code I alluded to before is unfortunately necessary because of the devout nature of our only shareholder, His Royal Highness. He has only agreed to my plan for a female staff member on the strict proviso that she at all times wear a full Islamic veil. How would you feel about that Miss Collins?”

Marion was desperate for this job and provided he didn’t ask her to walk around naked she would do anything –and she might even do that! Besides she had no problem wearing a scarf over her head.

“I don’t think I’d have a problem with that,” she said.

“Very good” said Mr Lescott “in that case welcome on board Marion, if I may call you that. We will of course cover all your clothing expenses.”

He handed her a sheet of paper.

“On that you will find your intial salary and the address of a Mr Sadiq who will be expecting you at 10 am on next Saturday the 21st. He will fit your uniforms. I will expect you here then at 9am on Monday 30th to begin work. Have you any questions?”

Marion could not believe that everything had moved so quickly. She was after landing a fantastic job right in the middle of the city in less than five minutes!

“No”, she replied, I’ve no questions. Thank you for this opportunity Mr Lescott, you won’t regret it.”

And so Marion found herself entering Mr Sadiq’s tailor shop at 10 pm on the 21st. The little man welcomed her warmly and Marion suspected that he was getting well paid for this appointment.

“Now Miss Collins I have been given strict instructions about all your clothing from head to toe. If you could remove your jacket I will just take your measurements.”

Marion did as she was bid and Mr Sadiq did indeed measure her very carefully.

“I have been told to tailor six business suits for you to very specific requirements by Mr Lescott as well as a number of full Islamic veils. Good, your measurements are quite normal so I can actually fit you with a suit today. If you’ll come this way, my assistant will help you to get dressed.”

Marion was led through another door in the rear of the room and there was a woman around her own age who wore a scarf over her hair and a floor length cloak.

“I’ll leave you with Fatima here. She will bring you to me once you have completed your fitting.”

“Hello,” said Fatima.

“Hello,” Marion replied. “Right,” she continued enthusiastically, “what would you like me to do?”

“Can you take off your clothes please and we can get you ready? Mr Lescott has decided on a traditional uniform suit for you which is modelled on Victorian clothing. He feels this will fit in with the ethos of the bank.”

“Oh,” said Marion as she slipped off her blouse and skirt. “Victorian?”

“Well I think you’ll like it. We have to start with your undergarments. First a corset.”

“A corset! You must be kidding!”

“Mr Lescott has been quite specific about this, Miss Collins. I am ordered to dress you, if you have a difficulty you must take it up with Mr Lescott.”

“Oh very well then, go on.”

So Fatima placed the stiff corset around Marion’s waist and closed the busk on the front. She then went around to Marion’s rear and started contracting the corset by pulling the laces. Very quickly Marion noticed that it was getting quite snug.

“How tight are you going to make it?!”

“Not much more Miss Collins, just enough to fit your suit.”

To Marion it just seemed to get tighter and tighter, her lungs seemed to compress as the corset laces tightened. Her breath shortened. Eventually however Fatima stopped and tied off the laces. Marion saw herself in the floor length mirror and noticed immediately her stunning figure in the black corset. She liked what she saw despite the pressure around her waist.

She also noticed for the first time the suspenders attached to the corset and Fatima set about pulling sheer stockings up her legs now and attached them to the suspenders.

Fatima then produced a pair of shoes with heels which were much higher than anything Marion had ever worn before – they were at least five inches.

Marion, completely accepting the surreal situation she found herself in, simply slid her feet into the shoes, the height of which along with her tight corset gave her a very upright posture.

Fatima then brought over a beautiful black silk suit with tailored jacket and slim skirt which took Marions breath away – it was stunning. Eagerly she stepped into the skirt proffered by Fatima. It was fitted around her corseted waist and tight down to below her knees. The jacket closed smartly around her waist.

Marions looked at herself and thought she looked absolutely stunning. She forgot about the tight corset around her waist and just admired the stunning effect.

“You look very well Miss Collins.”

“Thank you Fatima.”

“Now come and I will bring you to Mr Sadiq.”

Marion had forgotten all about Mr Sadiq and wondered what her “Full Islamic Veil” would look like.

She followed Fatima to another room tottering slightly on her high heels. There was Mr Sadiq and he was holding an armful of dark silk.

“Miss Collins your uniform suit fits you very well. Now we will fit your veil.”

“In Saudi Arabia the traditional veil is quite strict and that is what we are endeavouring to match.”

“Strict” was not what Marion hoped to hear and her vision of a simple head scarf was disappearing.

“First you need your headscarf it fits around like this.”

He tied a scarf around Marion’s hair.

“Next we have your niqab which covers your face.”

He pulled another piece of material over Marion’s head which fell in front of her face. It completely covered her face leaving only a slit for her eyes.

“This is a three part niqab. You have the first part over your face now.”

He pulled another layer of thin material over Marion’s face.

“The second part covers your eyes for proper modesty and would normally be worn.”

Marion’s vision was now clouded – she could see shapes through the material but nothing distinct.

“How am I supposed to see?” she exclaimed.

Fatima answered “oh, you will get used to it. I think when you use your computer you will only use the first part of the niqab this second part would be for when you meet your clients.”.

“And this third part,” continued Mr Sadiq and pulled a final layer over Marion’s face, “will be for when there are males present.” This final layer enclosed Marion in almost complete darkness and she panicked a little.

Sensing this Mr Sadiq sought to reassure her “You will get used to the niqab very quickly Miss Collins.”

Marion was not so sure.

“Finally here is your abaya which is similar to the Iranian chador you see on television. It covers your body and protects your modesty and conceals your uniform garments.”

Marion felt overcome by the layers of coverings. She became more aware of the tightness of her corset and the suffocating feeling of the veils over her face. She began to feel faint when she heard a familiar voice.

“Ah, the delightful Miss Collins I presume.”

It was Mr Lescott.

“Exactly as I hoped – an excellent job Mr Sadiq. I understand this is all very unfamiliar to you Miss Collins but I am very glad you are willing to work with me on this. I will immediately grant you a bonus of one month’s salary for your inconvenience to date.”

And Marion felt better all of a sudden and began to look forward to her new job. Corset, niqab and all!

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