A Tale Of Future Domestic Appliances

A Tale Of Future Domestic Appliances

by Bo_Emp


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In a television interview on 17th June 2005 when Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was asked to comment on Indy Racing League sensation Danica Patrick he ended his comment saying “You know, I’ve got one of these wonderful ideas that women should be all dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances.” Then perhaps society would be like this:


Beth and Amy start making eyes at each other and making funny gestures as they enter Beth’s house. Inside the door they unzip the hoods of their light gray sweatshirts, the hoods closing to below their noses, pull the hoods down and shake their heads to let their long black hair unfold. Then they pull out the rod gagging them, which they can readily hand to Beth’s mother who has just come to meet them. She makes a slight bow to Amy and then hugs Beth. Beth and Amy are now able to smile at each other and Amy says “I’ve never been so bored at school before. We have to tell jokes and do something funny all afternoon to compensate for that.” Beth says “I agree, but we are females and have to get used to what we’ve learned today. But I can’t even think of jokes before I get something to eat. Tell mom what you would like.” They have both removed their dark grey gloves, which Beth’s mom has placed on a shelf. If mom likes happy girls or disapproves of young women falling out of their role as demure submissive, soon to be housewives, can’t be discerned as she, like all housewives here, is completely covered, gagged and taught not to express her own views even by gesture. Amy says “I would like three sandwiches with salmon, ham and cheese respectively and a glass of grapefruit juice.” Mom nods and turns towards Beth who says “I would like three sandwiches as well, but with chicken, tuna and cheese and a cup of tea. Mom nods and turns to walk to the kitchen. Beth takes Amy to the dining table where Amy says “I really miss the English classes where we read interesting stories. Now its boring, math mostly, scaling recipes or cooking, even the gym classes aren’t much fun with just exercises to keep all muscles fit without getting sweaty in normal clothing.” Beth says “We’re quickly approaching marriageable age and must be trained to become good housewives. When I get too bored I always look forward to being married. The way married women are dressed they can make faces and laugh all day without insulting anyone.” Amy says “Does your mom behave like that?” Beth says “Well, I don’t think so. When I’ve had the chance to talk to her I’ve never thought of asking that question.” Amy says “Do you talk often?” Beth says “It depends on what you mean by talking. A couple of times per month, sometimes with only a weeks interval, my dad asks something we both have to answer and then mom is allowed to speak and we often exchange a few more words than is needed for the answer. Apart from that it’s only on special occasions. The last was her birthday four weeks ago, when she was allowed to talk all through dinner and dad didn’t interrupt when she asked me something about a recipe I brought home from school.”  Amy says “Your dad is quite tolerant. If my mom had said something more than answering a question she would have been punished.” Beth’s mom coming into the room to lay the table causes Beth to ask Amy “How often do you see your mom?” Amy replies “On her birthday and mine, sometimes her mother’s, at Christmas and perhaps a couple of times more each year.” Beth says “For me it’s much the same.” This conversation makes them both look at mom for ten seconds as she enters the room again bringing a pot of tea and a jug of juice.

Most housewives in the town of about the same height would be able to replace each other without anybody noticing the change, as they all dress identically when at home working and no part of the individual inside the clothing is visible. The body is covered by a dress with full length sleeves and mid-calf hem. Their legs are covered by crotch length thick cotton stockings, footwear being clogs with heel strap. The hands and arms up to the elbows are covered by cotton gloves. The head is covered by a cotton hood with a collar extension to cover below the dress neck opening. The hood has no openings as such, but at the eyes the cotton is replaced with a circle of semi-transparent gauze the width of each eye, and a small slit at the center of the mouth allows a straw to enter. Everything is shiny white and replaced at least once each day as the housewife of course always has to look as shiny as her house. Beneath what is visible only panties, bra and the gag is worn. The gag is a rod locked inside a ring almost the width of the mouth. The ring is held in place by a wide leather strap buckled at the back of the head. By pressing at three studs simultaneously on the ring, the rod unlocks from the ring and can be spat out. If the hood is off then it is possible to eat without unbuckling the strap, but just as importantly, when the hood is on it allows the rod to come sufficiently out of the mouth to permit muffled speech.

As mom is on her way to the kitchen again Beth asks the final question in comparing their relationship to their moms “Have you ever heard your mom’s voice unobstructed?” Amy answers “When allowed to show her face of course she doesn’t speak. I remember when I was a child, around four, I was sometimes allowed to unzip her hood and pull it off. But when the studs to unlock the gag then caught my attention and I tried to reach for them she either moved away or took hold of my hand. No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her voice clearly.” Beth says “Me neither. Of course it doesn’t matter. The way she sounds is the way she has always sounded to me and if I heard her voice unobstructed I would probably not recognize the voice as that of my mom. But married women are very different from unmarried.” Mom finally brings two plates containing the sandwiches each has ordered, so they pause from the conversation. Mom turns to go back to the kitchen, but stops and lifts her head to face Beth. Beth notices and says to Amy “Could we go to your house after the meal to let our moms chat for a little while?” A housewife is not allowed to request going visiting or pose questions of any kind even to her own children, but Beth was completely right interpreting her mom’s movement. Amy says “It’s alright with me. I don’t think my mom is banned from chatting today.” Beth says “We’ll take you to chat with Mrs. Johnson. Close the kitchen door, I’ll knock if we need you or when we have finished eating.” As both are hungry they quickly eat in silence for some minutes. Amy then continues the conversation “Have you ever tried being dressed like a married woman?” Beth says “Of course I haven’t. It is strictly forbidden for females to wear clothing not matching their age and status. But about six months ago I asked my mom if I could try her clothing for just a few minutes and I think because my marriage age is less than a year away she allowed me to. For half an hour I was in white, alone and vacuum cleaning while my mom stayed on the floor in the bedroom, knowing anyone by chance looking into the house or coming to deliver something wouldn’t be able to tell us apart, but seeing two white clothed women would be very strange. Then I was allowed to dress for public and we had a cup of tea together, but of course we didn’t talk. I’ve never told you this of course. Now you have to tell me about what you have never done.” Amy says “I think because your dad is so tolerant your mom dared let you try it for so long. Only two weeks ago, when I asked my mom for at least the tenth time she took me to the bedroom, drew the curtains and then let me dress to look like her. After looking at myself in the mirror for a few minutes I was handed public clothing. I was allowed to look again at what the little I could see, then I was gestured to take everything off. I still remember it as the first and only time since my childhood my mom has commanded me, and her perfection made her put all the white clothes in the pile for washing instead of folding it and putting it back in the closet.” Beth says “But despite the short time, did you feel submissive, demure and compliant like a good housewife should be?” Amy replies “It didn’t come to my mind at that time, but you asking perhaps you’re right.” Beth says “Being a housewife is very different from our current life, but I’m sure the clothing will help me in being the good housewife my future husband deserves. If you’re finished eating I’ll fetch mom.” Amy responds by saying “Yes, thank you for a lovely lunch. I’ll offer coffee and cakes in return.” Beth heads for the kitchen door. “It sounds nice, thank you. Even if full now I’m sure I can squeeze down some cake in half an hour.”

She knocks on the door and her mom opens it. Beth tells her mother “Get dressed right away. I assure you we’ll be back in ample time for clearing the lunch table.” Her mom walks towards the bedroom. Amy says “Your mom going to dress makes me again think about being a married woman soon. Lately what mom does and what she wears has naturally interested me much more. It has to be something that interests you as well. I spent an hour last week looking through my mom’s wardrobe in the bedroom. To get an impression if other women have a similar wardrobe perhaps I could see your mom’s while she dresses. Then at my house you can see my mom’s if you like.” Beth says getting up gesturing for Amy to follow “You’re right, I would like to see another wardrobe as well. I rarely see my mom changing from home to public clothing, but there’s nothing wrong in her doing it in front of us or any other females.” Beth knocks the bedroom door, opens it and walks in. She tells her mom “Amy wants to see the wardrobe of another married woman than her mom.” Beth’s mom is sitting on the bed struggling to put on the second of two slightly pointed, medium-heeled black shoes over the top of two pairs of stockings. She has already covered her legs to above the knees with the stockings that besides changing her legs from white to black are so strongly elasticisized that bending at the knees or ankles is restricted. But Beth just looks at her. A housewife shouldn’t be assisted with her dressing until required. Amy has opened all the closet doors and shortly after mom gets up from the bed to lift the front left item off of a shelf filled with dummy heads. Mom places herself in front of the mirror and turns on the strong light above it before pulling the full head mask with attached wig down over her head from the front. After adjusting it to see symmetrically and checking in the mirror it’s about right on her face, she lifts the hair of the wig at the back to zip the mask closed down the back of her head and neck. She then pulls and tugs a little here and there to remove any wrinkles then reaches for a brush to go through the hair of the wig. The mask is made of a silk-like material in a natural flesh color, which along with some fine embroidery acting as lip and eye makeup, makes her face look like a doll made to be quite natural. But because the mask is put on top of the white hood it is not able to mold to all of the curves of her face. Mom walks to a closet and takes a pair of tight black gloves of opera length. Like the stockings they are elastic, but it’s hard work pulling them on top of the white gloves and getting them over the cuffs of the white gown with the cuffs staying at the wrists. Then, zipping the first glove closed up the arm is not difficult, but zipping the second requires full concentration as all joints on the hands and fingers of her first arm are now extremely difficult to move from their straight position, but of course the gloves are designed just to make it possible for the wearer to put them on and take them off. Mom now goes to the closet with dresses. Amy, having been absorbed at looking in all the closets, gets a little shock as she notices someone standing next to her looking almost identical to her own mother. Mom has just stepped up next to Amy waiting, hands folded and head bowed, for Amy to move away from the closet she needs to access. Amy realizes she is delaying Beth’s mom’s dressing and quickly moves to look into another closet. Mom chooses a dress suitable for a visit on an ordinary weekday afternoon, a rather simple basically light blue dress with a print of yellow and red flowers. After dropping it over her head, letting its hem fall close to the ankles, she again has to force her arm to bow sufficiently to be able to close the short front zipper at the neck. This done she again places herself in front of the mirror to check that everything is at it should be while brushing her artificial hair a little more. Apparently satisfied she puts the brush down and shuts off the light. For some seconds she waits for Beth and Amy to take the lead towards the entrance, but Amy is still looking in the closets and Beth is now looking at Amy. Mom starts walking on her own. Beth and Amy, subconsciously having noticed the lights turn out and mom leaving, turn to see that she really has left and are soon behind her. Mom moves carefully and slowly even in her own house because masked her sight is very poor. The pupils of the mask eyes have to be covered by a rather dense black fabric or the pupils would show as the white gauze of the hood, which would look completely unnatural. But just the same mom is ahead when they reach the front door, again acting as their servants, turning towards Beth and Amy with their gloves. As Beth takes her gloves she almost automatically says “Mom! Our gags!” Although it would be much faster that Beth went for the gags, they all know housewives are to serve, and young unmarried women have to be served as well, they only serving or doing other household chores as required by the school or their father as part of their education to be good housewives. The distance is short but it takes two minutes before mom is back. Beth and Amy, now gloved in dark grey, open their mouths wide, push the rods in and clench their teeth on them. Then they pull up their hoods, sense if all hair is inside and then pull up the front zipper until they are covered up to their noses. Beth and Amy are ready for going out in public or being inside with adult men. Meanwhile mom has taken her ground sweeping, thick black velvet cloak from a hook, pulled it over her head and turned towards Beth. Beth, looking at the doll face of her mom deep inside the cloak hood, reaches for the laces of the cloak neck closure without thinking about the black form with the just visible doll face as her mom. Her mom has taken the next step towards total isolation while in public, as the cloak has padding over the ears to make her virtually deaf. Beth tightens and knots the closure making her mom unable to remove the cloak herself. She then lifts a hand a little higher to grab the thick cotton cloth attached to the top front of the hood which is at present hanging down the back of the head. Pulling the cloth forward makes it hang down completely covering the hood opening. A housewife never has to worry if her poor sight when masked creates problems walking in public, because she is nearly always completely blind outside private homes. Isolation is complete; deaf, blind and mute Beth’s mom is ready to leave the house. A housewife has no function outside a house.


It takes only five minutes to guide Beth’s mom a few houses down the street to Amy’s home. As at Beth’s home, an anonymous, completely covered white figure comes to receive them. This is Amy’s mom. She has of course noticed they have brought another housewife and assumes it is Beth’s mother, but she just takes their gloves and gags as Beth’s mom did and walks behind them into the living room where Amy addresses her “We would like coffee and an assortment of cakes.” Amy hesitates. “Should we look at our bedroom closets before sitting. I noticed you are not as interested in clothing as I am. The time it takes to make coffee is probably just fine.” Beth says “Maybe you’re right, but other people’s closets are always much more interesting than your own. As you know what’s in these closets you can keep an eye on when your mom serves the coffee, and then we can go to the living room. I assume we can always come back to the closets later if I get hooked.”
Six minutes later Amy says “Coffee!” Beth replies by saying “Thank you. Just go, I think I’ll be finished in a minute.” As Beth approaches the coffee table a completely white human form guides a completely black cloth heap towards the kitchen. Amy tells her “You return her here in exactly an hour mom.” Turning to face Beth she continues “That’s alright, isn’t it Beth?” Sitting down looking at the selection of cakes Beth says “Yes, if we don’t leave in an hour I’ll have to be wheeled home.”



Mrs. Johnson knows she has been waiting for the girls to be served. Now that she can see again, part of a white housewife outfit fills her field of view. Then her cloak is unlaced and the hood loosened letting her hear. Finally the cloak is removed and she can nod to Mrs. Taylor before Mrs. Taylor turns away to hang the cloak on a hook. They are of course in her kitchen, which due to them living on the same street with many identical houses, looks very close to her own. Visiting housewives rarely see anything but the kitchen of the houses they visit. But she is here to speak to someone – for the first time this week. She is not able to open the conversation herself. Wearing two pairs of gloves it is difficult to even move her hand to her mouth and through two layers of cloth, getting to the small studs to unlock her gag is impossible. While approaching her Mrs. Taylor unlocks her own gag, but politely waits before speaking until her guest is able to as well. Mrs. Taylor’s skilled hands feel for the studs on her gag and she unlocks it. Mrs. Johnson, by breathing out hard through her mouth while facing down tries to force the gag as far out as possible, but being masked this is less than a hooded only housewife like Mrs. Taylor can do. They both know Mrs. Johnson’s voice will be nearly unintelligible and only audible within a few feet. Just the same, forcing her voice to its loudest, she says “Nice meeting you again Mrs. Taylor. Beth is good at taking me out.” Mrs. Taylor replies “Exchanging views with another housewife, especially you Mrs. Johnson is always a pleasure. We both have wonderful girls. I think they will make wonderful housewives. Two young men will be very lucky. But it will be hard for the two of us. Firstly our children will be away, only to be seen infrequently and our houses will become much quieter. It will also mean we will have to stay at home nearly all the time. It seems very hard, but a housewife’s only purpose is to serve her husband and that I’ll do with pride and joy till death us do apart. You’ll have coffee of course?” They have sat at a small table for two, Mrs. Johnson nods and immediately a straw appears in the hand of Mrs. Taylor. Bending her arm all she can, Mrs. Johnson spends some time fiddling with the straw in front of her mouth until it has found it’s way through the slit in the mouth of her mask, through the slit in her hood and finally into the tube of her gag. Meanwhile two cups of coffee have been poured and Mrs. Taylor is already drinking after easily having entered her own straw. After a few sips Mrs. Johnson lifts her head a little so that the straw won’t slide out and her gag won’t slide in to say “Of course we’ll …” Mrs. Taylor interrupts her “Speak a little louder or I’ll have to move closer.” Mrs. Johnson, hoping she can now be heard, repeats her words, but they both lean over the table to get their heads closer “Of course we’ll stay at home if that is what our husbands want or nothing else can be arranged, but I know from his sister that at least two possibilities exist. First that he takes you somewhere on his way to work and you stay there all day, collecting you when he returns home. The other is that we are allowed to enter a visiting network, where mothers having children at the right age, instead of visiting mothers of their children’s class mates or street friends are brought to a home with no children. It means today Beth could have dropped me in one of the houses in between our houses instead of bringing me here, but Beth would still want to be with Amy. Going with your husband you will get little time for your house responsibilities that day. Your husband even has to accept dinner can’t be waiting when he comes home, implying he has to be home early. Joining a visiting network without children of your own you’ll never go out, but have visitors now and then, chatting with other than the family members your husband likes to visit on weekends.” Mrs. Taylor says “Taking me away from the house for an entire normal weekday my husband will only do very rarely in addition to family visits during the weekend. But a network where he knows all the husbands and approves of them he will find acceptable. How do I get this idea to him? I’m never allowed to express my own views?” Mrs. Johnson says “Perhaps you can gesture to be allowed a few minutes conversation with Amy. If that’s unacceptable, lying a little by gesturing you have to explain to Amy some procedure in the kitchen in words because it can’t be easily demonstrated as the tools or ingredients are not available at the moment. How to do something in winter for instance.” Mrs. Taylor says “I’ll think about what gives the smallest punishment if deemed too intrusive by my husband. Do you know anything about Beth’s marriage? I have a hunch Amy will be married before school is out in a couple of months. But it’s just my impression from small changes in my husband’s behavior and my interpretation of some words spoken during dinners. I would be surprised if Amy and I get any real information more than a week before the day selected.” Mrs. Johnson’s response is similar “I’m sure my husband is making some inquiries, perhaps even negotiating through friends or family. It could be close as well. If he finds a suitable young man and he is just waiting for a wife to move to a home of his own, then she is gone the day they agree. But some months ago while visiting family I was told there are many more young girls than young men. Perhaps it is difficult to find them a husband.” Mrs. Taylor says “I sincerely hope our husband’s succeed. It will make me feel sorry for my daughter for the rest of my life if she has to spend her adult life in an asylum to become a teacher or nurse. A female is meant to be housewife. Everything else is misfortune or a failed life.” Mrs. Johnson says “I completely agree. We housewives keep the men able to work and carry and bring up the next generation. We females ensure the human race for perpetuity. I was told of a solution to the girl-boy unbalance. It is polygamy. I’ve never visited a family myself where there is more than one wife, but each of us only meets a tiny part of society. A co-wife would also solve our problem of feeling alone and isolated when our children get married.” Mrs. Taylor says “I’m not sure if I would like my daughter, or myself, to share the kitchen with someone else. Perhaps that is why none of us know of a home with more than one wife. Solving some problems with solutions different from our customs always seems to create new ones. We have less than ten minutes left before you leave. A housewife always has to be ready when given a time. I hope we’re able to meet again soon. Please lock your gag.” Mrs. Johnson, although not having had any coffee for some time, still sits with the straw in her gag, bows her head until the straw slides out and drops down onto the table. She can’t say goodbye right now because Mrs. Taylor has moved away to get her cloak. She gets up from the chair just as Mrs. Taylor approaches with the cloak. She holds her hand at her chin to show she isn’t gagged yet and when their heads are close again she says “Thank you for coffee and this visit Mrs. Taylor. I hope we meet again soon. I hope your daughter is soon a housewife in a nice home with a good husband.” Mrs. Taylor just nods a couple of times while Mrs. Johnson takes her hand to her masked mouth to push the gag locked. Mrs. Taylor must have gagged herself while getting the cloak, not expecting Mrs. Johnson to say anything more. Ten seconds later Mrs. Johnson is unable to hear if Mrs. Taylor has spoken and after a further ten seconds the white housewife head being Mrs. Taylor and anything else can no longer be seen by Mrs. Johnson, as her black hood cover is pulled down making her blind. She is guided the few steps outside the kitchen door and then has to wait for some time, perhaps as much as a quarter of an hour. Beth and Amy do not part at the exact time they have agreed between themselves. But fifteen minutes doesn’t matter and Beth knows this, even if it is her mom being punished if dinner isn’t ready when her dad comes home, no matter who or what caused the delay. Beth has to help her mom prepare dinner anyway as it is her homework for tomorrow. Her dad has to sign a paper for her to take to school stating that she has made a substantial contribution to the preparation of dinner. Like that the day ends as most days.


Friday of the following week the dinner has started, like all dinners, in complete silence. Beth and her dad are eating. Her dad, usually having little to say, likes to wait until most of his hunger is satisfied before speaking. Mom, who to be with her daughter and husband at the dinner table, is dressed as if she is going out in mask, colorful dress and black extremities, her dinner consisting of sipping a glass of vegetable juice through a straw. When dad puts down his knife and fork and takes a sip of beer, it always makes Beth stop eating, holding her knife and fork in her hands, and mom lifting her head from the glass to sit head tilted slightly upwards to keep the straw in the mouth without holding it. Dad drops a bombshell when he says “Tomorrow Beth is going to be married and leave this house. To …” He is interrupted when Beth’s knife and fork drop noisily onto her plate. Mom likewise makes a head movement that makes the straw drop on the table. Dad doesn’t notice this as he continues to stare in Beth’s direction. Without looking angry he continues as if nothing has happened. “To celebrate we’ll all have cognac with the coffee and Beth and I chocolates. Mom will be allowed to speak and have the rest of the box of chocolates to eat when feasible. Tomorrow Beth will stay in bed until I have left, then she has several hours to take a long bath and get dressed as her mom is now, but with a new set of clothes that the groom has given her. At twelve I’ll return to take her to her husband. She needs to be ready, waiting in her mom’s bridal cloak and with her mom dressed to go out in public. Gags will stay locked all morning. Let’s finish this fine meal and then, as promised, I’ll allow the two of you to talk a little while having coffee.” Dad, happily smiling, continues eating his meal in his usual hearty manner as if nothing has been said. Beth doesn’t even reach for her knife and fork again. After her dad has stopped speaking her head has just turned away from him to stare at the opposite wall without seeing anything, her mind being filled with a chaos of thoughts about what will happen, where she has to go and what her life as a housewife will be like. Mom hasn’t picked up her straw from the table either, she sits facing the table, tears which no one can see,  running down her cheeks, worried if Beth will get a good life and will be able to handle a house on her own. Ten minutes later, when dad leaves the table, mom’s housewife mind switches on. She stands up seconds after him and she starts her usual slow clearing of the table, her speed dictated by her poor sight. Beth doesn’t react to them leaving. After cleaning up in the kitchen, mom, as usual has about half an hour before having to prepare the coffee. Today she just sits down at the kitchen table starting to worry again. Absentmindedly she is following the hands on the clock until their position triggers her housewife mind again and she gets up to fill a tray with the items needed for coffee. Her arrival at the coffee table with the tray makes dad look up from his paper and say “Take the box to the kitchen and fill a bowl.” He is referring to the large unopened box of chocolates on the table. Then he notices Beth is still at the dining table, which makes him shout “Beth, go and freshen yourself up. We have a celebration here in a few minutes.” He continues to read in the paper while mom brews coffee, arranges cakes, biscuits and chocolate and fills the coffee table, adding glasses for cognac. Beth arrives with powdered face and brushed hair looking really presentable, but the smile on her face looks forced, as it is. As etiquette decrees, mom pours her own coffee last. Unusually, as he normally stays silent during coffee, Dad speaks “Wife. Please remove your gag. I know this is short notice, but finding a husband for a daughter has become much more difficult than it used to be and when this opportunity arose both parties agreed it had to be carried out immediately. As none of you know the groom, or any other men, I won’t mention any names, but I am completely confident that her future husband will give Beth a good life, which is most important to me and mom I’m sure.” From the floor next to his chair he lifts a bottle of cognac and says “Let’s toast to Beth, who is going to enter a successful marriage tomorrow.” Dad gets up to fill the glasses with cognac himself and then, still standing, lifts his glass and with the other hand gestures mom to stand as well. He proposes the toast “To Beth!” All three take a drink, mom of course using a straw. Mom and dad seated again dad says “Both of you are now given permission to ask me any questions you wish.” For nearly thirty seconds it’s completely quiet while a beautiful young face looks at dad with an expression showing a hard working brain, while from the other side the usual doll face of course shows nothing about what is going on in mom’s head, the mask could just as well be blank. Finally Beth’s mouth slowly opens and she asks “How old is he?” Dad says “I’m sorry, he hasn’t told me and I didn’t ask.” It becomes quiet again. After a shorter silent interval dad says “Okay, you can ask any time while we are here at the table. Perhaps mom has something she likes to say to you.” Mom leans towards Beth to make her able to hear her and says in her low, muffled voice “My little girl, are you sure you can handle keeping a house all on your own?” Beth, while looking into the doll face, which is a rough frozen version of her own, suddenly realizes it might be what she will see in a mirror frequently from tomorrow onwards. But her mom’s question, sounding to a below teenage girl as if it was posed, replies confidently “I can do everything I’ve seen you do mom. I’m at my strongest age and can get up ready to start work in the middle of the night for days in a row if I’m ordered to redo things because I don’t know how my husband wants everything in the beginning. I even know some things you don’t know because it’s long since you went to school. Don’t worry. I’ll make dad and you proud. And if there is a small detail where I can’t remember how you do it, I can just ask you when we meet. My marriage isn’t our final goodbye I’m sure. In a couple of months I shall be just as perfect a housewife as you.” Speaking loudly Beth turns to face dad “You and mom will come and visit me quite often won’t you? I’ll be able to visit here with my husband, isn’t that right?” Dad says “We’ll meet I can assure you. Of course you becoming a covered housewife, you and I can’t talk anymore, but it is very likely I will meet your husband where I normally go in town. At those times we can arrange family meetings on the weekends.” Beth takes a biscuit. She has eaten a lot of what is on the table now because she didn’t eat much dinner. Mom says close to her ear “I’m sorry, I have been unaware that you will of course become a cherished destination for our weekend family visits and at these times I can advise you about your housekeeping. And I’m sure it will not be long before how to deal with a baby will be our prime subject. You are soon a fine housewife. Small errors will be tolerated in the beginning. I wish you a life at least as good as mine.” Mom lets her masked face brush over Beth’s face and then they sit chin on shoulder, cheek to cheek for several minutes. Beth straightens to take another piece of chocolate making dad say “Let’s make another toast to our daughter, who is to become a successful housewife.” Standing up he gestures them both to do the same, then, lifting his glass says “To a life as parents successfully accomplished. And to the new housewife who just needs to dress in white to be complete.” They all empty their glasses. Beth tells her mom to sit back down and that she will clear the table. Dad agrees. “Let her do it and lock your gag now,” he tells his wife. Beth spends nearly an hour in the kitchen, much longer than necessary just to wash and clear after coffee for three, but she needs to do something to get her thoughts away from the fact that she is a little scared about tomorrow. Mom sits looking at dad reading, yet looking at nothing. It’s all dark and a little blurred. It’s like before Beth was born again, them sitting on each side of the coffee table relaxing after a days work, forming an ideal married couple. It’s a happy quiet hour for mom. When Beth finally reappears and is about to take her chair again dad tells her “No it’s bedtime for you. You may give both of us a long hug goodnight, It’s your last hugs as our girl.” Beth bends down to put her arms around her dad’s neck. She has not been in so intimate contact with him for years. After more than half a minute she pulls her arms away from him and to her utter surprise she even gets a fast kiss on her forehead. Her mom has left the chair to be able to hold her tight. They stand tightly embraced for several minutes. Then even though it’s not a real kiss mom puts the mouth of her mask to Beth’s mouth before holding both hands, palm to palm to her ears with her head sideways towards her hands to gesture goodnight. Beth leaves the living room half crying surprised by her parent’s affection. Her parents are moved as well. It’s perhaps the last time they see her face.


The next morning after nine, mom knocks the door of Beth’s chamber before opening it. Beth isn’t waiting for her, but rather, is still half asleep. She was awake long into the night and has only slept soundly in the early morning hours. But she reacts to the knocking and gets out of bed as her mom gestures to the bathroom. Standing in the bathroom doorway mom points to a set of white housewife clothing hanging on a hook next to the bathroom door. She then leaves Beth to do as she likes in the bathroom. Mom starts to clean like any morning. Beth spends very long time bathing, lotioning her entire body and drying and brushing her medium long black hair. There is no makeup in the cabinet; the hood quickly spoils a painted face, and housewives stay gagged and hooded in bed except on special nights. Then Beth puts on a delicate bra and panties, white of course, and unlike anything she has worn before. She turns around in front of the mirror, while her appearance reminds her that tonight she will be intimate with a man. Pleasurable sensations that she doesn’t really understand goes through her body. From the little she knows about what goes on in the bedroom between husband and wife from her parents, this seems to be an important reason why they like each other. Wearing such lingerie is an unexpected surprise, but soon Beth’s mind is back to becoming a housewife and she continues her dressing. Long white stockings and shiny long white gloves. They actually increase her appeal when viewed in combination with the lingerie, Beth thinks while again turning in front of the mirror. The dress she puts on next seems to be exactly like the one her mom is wearing. She buttons at the wrists and up the front except the two top buttons. A glance in the mirror still shows the face of the schoolgirl she has been used to see. She can’t help making faces, which makes her think of Amy. How long will she remain unmarried, and will they ever meet again? But a completely white impersonal being is what should now show in the mirror. Beth reaches for the gag, which is stored like when in use with the rod locked inside the ring attached to two leather straps. Like this just inserting the rod into the mouth places the ring correctly round the lips, and then buckling the straps tightly ensure the ring stay exactly right. Afraid of failures Beth tightens the buckle a notch more after the straps have started hurting her. A tear show in both eyes while she looks at the distorted human face of  a housewife in the mirror, only to test and observe that the jaw doesn’t move when the rod is unlocked, removed and inserted again. Within this time the straps have stretched just sufficiently to stop the tears, and Beth’s mind has quickly accepted that aching cheeks is a fact of life for a housewife. She is ready for the hood. She puts it over her head and lets her hands follow the rim to sense it is all inside the dress neck opening, before turning it a little to the right to have the gauze covered eye openings symmetrically aligned with her eyes. Then holding it there with the left hand pressing on the top of her head, with the right hand she slowly and cautiously closes the back zipper, which makes the hood sufficently tight around the top of her head to prevent any sliding. Finally she  closes the collar of her dress over the rim of the hood by buttoning the top two dress buttons. Having been completely concentrated on getting the hood right her mind for a few seconds tells her she is seeing her mom when facing the mirror again. But the new slightly blurry and darker view quickly makes her mind realize the truth. The housewife in the mirror is herself. She stares for long while moving in front of the mirror. Then she moves around in the bathroom looking everywhere, grabbing this and that, opening and closing the cabinet doors. It’s a different room because it’s a different being. She sees differently, she hears differently, she senses differently, she breathes differently and she doesn’t speak at all. Back turning in front of the mirror she fully understands the only living being in the bathroom is a housewife. Beth is no more. This housewife isn’t in her own home yet. The housewife of this house will help her get home. She squats to buckle the white clogs on her feet and then leaves the bathroom.

Mom has been cleaning for an hour before an almost identical version of herself stands before her. Mom takes Beth to the kitchen and gestures her to take a seat at the small table. From the fridge she takes a bottle of vegetable juice and hands it to Beth along with a glass and a straw. Mom usually has breakfast late, after dad and Beth have left the house, when she can take off her hood for a while to eat a solid meal. When Beth didn’t go to school, or on weekends, she had to leave the bed an hour early if she would like solid food that day. Beth, now at least dressed as a housewife, can’t take off her hood with somebody else present and has to have liquid meals only today. Mom makes tea and when it is ready, she can sit down and have a cup with Beth, but they have been told to leave their gags locked. Mom enjoys it anyway, proud of seeing her daughter looking like a proper housewife. Beth enjoys it as well. She has started the part of her life she was born and brought up to enter, and the outfit from bra and panties to hood makes her feel she is ready for her new life. Her slightly darkened and blurred sight and warm moist body continuously reminds her she is practically a housewife.

The cups empty mom takes Beth to the bedroom. She is handed a bag with a set of new public clothing, a box with a dummy head holding a mask and wig, and a shoe box. She starts to dress again, occasionally pausing to look at mom accompanying her. They also have to take turns using the mirror. The one not using the mirror can help check that the mask is wrinkle-free, the wig smooth. The cloth faces can have many skin tones and expressions, the wigs many hairstyles and colors. Just the same Beth’s future public look is nearly identical to her mom’s. Her mom’s masks have always looked much like Beth’s real face, because Beth of course looks like her mom, and dad has had her masks made to look like his wife when they had just married. Beth, now in a mask and wig looking like her mom’s and her own real looks except the artificial hair go below the shoulders, suggests her new husband actually likes women looking like Beth, because females are never photographed and it’s her new husband and not her dad who has selected this appearance. Both Beth and her mom find this very promising for a successful marriage. Apart from the odd similarity in looks, the wedding items are completely ordinary, except that they are brand new. Beth’s dress is pink with a red flower pattern. Mom could have found something very similar in her closets, but of course has chosen a more dull cobalt blue dress with some black print. It is nearly three quarters of an hour to noon when mom turns off the strong light above the mirror, making Beth feel she has become blind. Mom is used to this and waits until Beth is confident walking on her own before they slowly move out of the bedroom. To Beth it’s like walking in an identical house where she doesn’t feel sure everything is placed where she is used to it being. She heads directly for an easy chair at the coffee table, not wanting to risk tearing her clothes or getting bruises by stumbling just before meeting her new husband. Mom gestures if she wants something to drink but Beth shakes her head. For nearly half an hour they just sit almost stationary, making it appear as if it is actually two dolls that have been placed at the coffee table. Finally mom gets up and heads for the bedroom again. Following her closely Beth walks safely even with her restricted sight. Mom opens the closet with little used clothes and takes out her own wedding cloak only worn for real on one day many years ago. Now it is freshly washed, checked and tested and as good as new. It is completely identical to normal black cloaks except it is white and the hood covering cloth is made of thick white silk. She hands it to Beth to let her see it in the strong light of the mirror. Beth holds it up in front of herself to give her a small impression about how she will look. Mom is about to let Beth put it on right away here in front of the well lit mirror to let her see herself through the hood opening, but re-considers, as walking through the house in the long cloak with poor sight poses the risk of the cloak getting stained or torn. Mom goes to the door and puts her hand to the light switch. Half a minute later Beth nods and looses her sight until her eyes have adjusted, giving her a little sight. Carrying the cloak in her arms she slowly follows mom to the entrance. Mom gestures her to cautiously put the cloak on a hook. Then she holds her arms out to embrace Beth tightly for quite some length of time. Separating, mom with her face close to Beth, looks her all over, hair, mask, dress, gloves, even bending down to inspect the bottom of the dress, the stockings and the shoes. Finding that after being worn for an hour nothing has been stained or wrinkled, she nods approvingly and points to the cloak. Beth lifts the cloak over her head and soon the cloak is the only thing to be seen of the soon to be housewife, except if looking directly from the front, where the doll face is visible deep inside the hood. But mom can’t see anything in the deep shadows of the hood and just sees a black oval at the top of the cloak. This surface she turns to white as well by pulling at the silk sheet to cover the hood opening. The bride is ready, blind, deaf and mute. Beth and her mom can only wait for dad to come and separate them. Dad arrives only a couple of minutes late. He looks at Beth and smiling says “I’m sure she looks just as fine in the layers beneath?” Mom nods. Dad then tells says “I’d like you to stay exactly where you are now until I return in about an hour. Beth will soon be with her husband.” Dad opens the front door and pats Beth on her shoulder which makes her jump a little as, being deaf has been unaware that dad is with them. Dad of course knows and now holds his hand on her back until she slowly starts moving. Mom can see her for another minute until she is so far away from the door that dad finds it okay to take a few steps back and close it.


Something like ninety minutes pass. Mrs. Johnson would like to sit down and rest, but her husband was clear, she has to wait just inside the front door for him to return. Then she hears the door being unlocked, and when it is opened she is standing straight, hands folded and head bowed as is expected. Her husband immediately tells her “I have not returned with Beth” He knows these words are necessary to avoid his wife getting a severe shock, because outside the door is a woman in a white wedding cloak looking exactly like Beth. If Beth’s wedding agreement had been cancelled by her new husband just after she had arrived at her new home it would have been an enormous humiliation for all of the family. Guiding the cloaked woman into the house he says to his wife “I’ll explain in the living room. Take the cloak off her and then serve me a beer and a soda for each of you at the coffee table.” The cloak removed Mrs. Johnson confirms for herself that Beth has not returned. The mask and wig look very much like Beth and herself, but the dress is purple and differently patterned. A few minutes later, after drinking some of his beer, her husband says “Society has too many young women. I have decided to save a young woman from a future in an asylum and let her live a proper life as housewife. I have taken a second wife. This also has the benefit that my first wife will not be alone after our daughter’s marriage. From now on my first wife has the name Mrs. Johnson One and my second Mrs. Johnson Two. Only amongst the three of us it is allowed to call you One or Two. You are not allowed to remove any part of your housewife dress, except the clogs, in front of each other, unless directly permitted by me. As one housewife is able to manage the entire house I want only one to do so at a time so it is clear who is responsible if errors are made. You will each perform your duties as a housewife every second day. So that the one working is able to perform her duties correctly, talking is only permitted between two and three in the afternoon or while having visitors. The one not working will wear public dress all day and is not allowed to enter the kitchen unless having visitors. This means the one working is allowed to remove her hood in the kitchen to have solid food. One has been working as a housewife for many years including today. Two is eager to try her abilities as soon as possible and for that Two, your turn starts tomorrow. Welcome Two. Cheers!” Their husband lifts his glass and they all drink. One is not happy. She now has company all day, but being a housewife is the meaning of life to her and it is degrading only to perform half the time. She is further disappointed because it means she will only get to sleep with her husband every second night. It is sad that society lacks young men.

After an hour their husband leaves to do something in town. Having seen their new husband out Two slowly walks around to see everything in her new home, except the kitchen which is off-limits until tomorrow. One, after going to the bedroom to dress down to be a completely white housewife, she then follows Two because there is nothing else to do. In the bedroom Two opens all the closet doors and then the alarm clock gets her excited. It reads ten to three. Two first points to the clock, then to the mouth of herself and One. One nods. According to the new rules they are allowed to talk to each other for ten minutes. She immediately takes a hand to her mouth to unlock her gag. She then unlocks the gag of Two and, as the leading wife, starts the conversation by saying “Welcome to this house Mrs. Johnson Two.” Two, with an excitement so great it is perceivable through the strong muffling, replies “Thank you One. I know this house. I’ve been here before. My maiden name was Amy Taylor. My parents live just down the street.” One is surprised and hugs Two even though it can be questioned if living together with one she had to obey yesterday is good or bad, but now they are equal, One is even senior. But for a young girl having to cope with the shock, the total change of life her marriage brings, she no doubt feels safer going to live a familiar place. Neither of them knows what to say about this unexpected familiarity or about having to live in a polygamous marriage. They say nothing more. One goes to the kitchen to make coffee. They sit at the coffee table for an hour nothing happening. Then One goes to the kitchen to slowly start preparing dinner. Two stays seated at the coffee table. Their husband comes home for dinner, but not a word is spoken all evening, he reading the paper and other things, the women doing nothing. At some point the silence is suddenly broken by him saying “It’s time for bed. You go into the bathroom one at a time of course. Alone in the bathroom with the door locked you’re always allowed to remove any part of your clothing. I order you both to sleep with me fully dressed in white. In the mornings the one to work gets up one hour before I have to leave the bed and the other stays in bed until I have left for work so as not to block my access to the bathroom. I think we’ll all have an exciting night, but I like to apologize to One for being more interested in Two for some time.”


A housewife is not meant to fulfil herself or to be entertained when not working. One’s life has become much less exciting after her daughter got married. She has Two with her and to speak with a little, but they have been in the same house all day, where doing the usual household chores is the only activity. The days Two is working are even worse. With little sight she mostly sits doing nothing. Often the big activity is moving to another chair, but if she gets totally bored she can take a walk around inside the house, taking all the time needed to avoid bumping into something. Because of that it is a big occasion when, some weeks later, after Saturday lunch, their husband announces that they are going to the house of Two’s parents to have coffee. An hour later they are in their cloaks being guided into the Taylor’s kitchen. One is surprised to see that there are two women, their cloaks being removed at the same time. One is in white and the other masked and wearing a colored dress. Knowing the Taylor’s only have one daughter and she is now Two, it means Mr. Taylor must have married a second wife as well. One and Two are gestured to take the two seats at the small table. For some minutes they can only watch while the woman showing in the white housewife dress makes coffee and arranges dishes and bowls. The masked woman takes everything to the men in the living room. After bringing a pot of freshly brewed coffee to the living room, the masked woman squats at the free table side to have her head level and close to both One and Two. Then the housewife for each of them from behind reaches down to the mouth and unlocks the gag. She goes back to the kitchen table to make coffee for the women while the squatting masked woman says “Welcome to the Taylor home both of you. Especially welcome to Mrs. Johnson Two, my dear daughter.” Two leans over the table to practically touch the Taylor woman now that it is clear that she is Mrs. Taylor One, her mom. Mrs. Taylor One continues “As you can see my husband has taken a second wife just like Mr. Johnson. Now that we are two, our husband has ruled that the one working as housewife is not allowed to speak to guests, bringing her closer to resembling a domestic appliance, which is the true goal of the perfect housewife. And because the three of us are masked and can’t be heard more than a few feet away Mrs. Taylor Two is unable to hear us. She will have to wait until tomorrow for me to relate to her our conversation. I have to start by telling you that after the shock of my husband having married a second wife, I got a huge surprise when she told me she knew me and the house, because she is the daughter of Mr. Johnson, the closest friend of my own daughter.” Mrs. Taylor One stops talking as Mrs. Johnson One gets up, abruptly knocking her chair over to go and hug Mrs. Taylor Two shouting into her ear “Beth!” Then she faints in her daughters arms.

Copyright © 2009, Bo_Emp

Thanks to Nye North for proof reading


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