Asking Forgiveness

Asking Forgiveness

by Burka Lover


Part 1

1. Questions

It was late afternoon. I had finished my lunch and was on the way to my afternoon nap. DING DONG! It was unusual for someone to come at this time, so I went to check out who was at the door. When I opened it, in front of me stood a person shrouded from head to toe in black.

Before I go any further, my name is Janice Foster from Boston and I live in a beautiful two story house in the slightly better part of the town not yet converted to a concrete jungle. This part is famous for the bungalows and villas, all of which are at quite a distance from each other which is pretty good for my privacy. I am about five feet five inch at height with a fair complexion and blond hair. I have a slim but well toned figure mostly due to my upbringing. I am a widow, my husband George died five years ago and I have a son who is in Philadelphia studying as a fresher. I am forty years old and live alone in the house. My husband was a good businessman and before he died in a car crash he had opened an insurance policy for himself. After his death I received enough money from the insurance policy that made sure I did not need to work again.

Anyway back to my story. I was not shocked, just surprised. I have seen many women wearing such dresses or ‘veils’ around and am not biased either. But to see someone wearing such on my doorstep made me uneasy.

I said “Hello, how may I help you?”

No reply.

“Did you come to see me?”

Nod. Well now this was getting weird.

“Okay. So why are you waiting outside? Come on in.”

I opened the door completely and the woman, I knew it was a woman for only they dress as such, glided into the hallway then the living room and stood by the sofa. After a moment’s pause, I closed the door and asked her,

“Would you like something to drink or eat?”

Shake of head. It was weird and confusing. I didn’t have much time to think as from under her coat she produced a letter in a gloved hand. It was brownish and hard compared to normal letters we use and I thought it was from somewhere else. Carefully I opened the letter. It read as,

‘Hello I am Fouziya, head maid at the House of Damani in Russia. I am here to offer a position of personal maid to Mistress Fatima Damani. Complete training and lessons will be provided along with clothes and bedding. We recruit women from all corners of the world and some of them are recruited by Mistress herself. We are always ready to recruit single women and widows as it often helps solve many problems for them. The job helps them fight loneliness and gives them something constructive to do. I hope you will accept the offer. If you accept the offer come to the Hotel Falcon room no. 110. Any questions will be answered only if you accept the offer. I will be there for a week so you must let me know before then.
Thank You.’

This was incredulous; first this lady arrives on my doorstep and then gives me an invitation about some Damani house in Russia! I was angry at letting her get to me.

So I said, “Well, I do not know you and I don’t think I will let you take advantage of me so easily. You can leave now and I will forget this ever happened.”

I was scared and I was not letting her fool me so easily. However it seemed she had thought about this as well as she produced another letter and an envelope this time. I took it from her gloved hand. It read,

‘I thought you might not trust me so I bought you something that might help your decision. Enclosed in the envelope is a photo of my Mistress Fatima Damani. You take a look at it and decide.’

I carefully opened the envelope and from inside it took out a photo. The woman in the picture was a normal woman with black hair, black eyes and high cheekbones. She was in traditional clothing I guessed. After close inspection though, I found that she was my childhood friend Maria. That could not be right? How come she was in traditional clothing? And Fouziya, that’s what my visitor called herself, said the photo was of Fatima Damani, Mistress of Damani Household? My head was spinning now; unconsciously I lowered myself onto the couch. The woman stood there silent and motionless. After some time I looked up to her and stammered.

“But th . . . this is Ma . . Maria?”

She gave a nod and produced another sheet of paper.

‘I will take my leave now. Keep the letters and photo. I will wait for you in room 110.’

With that she glided towards the door. Moments later I shook myself and followed her. She just stood at the door waiting for me. Embarrassed I opened the door for her and she glided out and within minutes was out of sight. I closed the door and went back to the letters and photo. Was that really Maria or was this some trick? I wondered.

The day went by in a blur. Since I have no close relatives or friends almost the entire day was spent thinking about my childhood friend Maria. We grew up together in Boston, went to school together and even first few years of college. During college I met George and I fell in love. She supported me but at the same time she also revealed herself to be Gay. Many people were shocked. She was a lesbian and she said she realized men did not turn her on the way women did. This did bring some complications. George, even though good, was narrow minded in nature. He did not understand her and they had a big argument. He told her to stay away from me. I tried to pacify them but George asked me to choose between Maria and him. I was torn and all I could do was stick with George. That day I could see the hurt in her eyes and I felt I had somehow betrayed her. For whom, I don’t know. I did not see her after that. I asked her parents and they said she went to France to study. That was the last day I saw her and probably the last I could ever have seen. But now this Fouziya had tugged at my curiosity and I wanted to know. Later that night, while I was in bed trying to sleep, I decided to go and ask her questions. Ask questions and then if this all was some trick I would opt out, right? With that thought I fell asleep.

2. Revelations

The next morning after getting ready I went straight to the Hotel Falcon. At the receptionist’s desk was sitting a 20 year old with blond hair. I said to her,

“Hello, I am Janice Foster and I am here to see Ms. Fouziya.”

She replied “Oh Ms. Fouziya is waiting for you, kindly head to the third floor and then second room to the right.”

“Thank You.” I said.

On the way to the third floor my head was full of questions and excitement for the unknown. I stilled my thoughts and knocked on the door. It was opened after a few moments by the same black shroud. I entered and she closed the door and beckoned me to sit on the sofa facing a straight backed chair which she took for herself. For the first time she spoke. Her accent was British or so I thought. Her voice had a sing song quality.

“Hello Janice. So what is your decision?”

I said “Before I accept I would like to clear some things up about the job.”

She said in a firm voice. “The only way I would answer your questions would be after you accept the offer. I fear if you are not sure then you take some more time or reject it outright.”

I bit my lip. This was not what I expected.

“Okay. So if I accept the offer then you will answer my questions?”

“Yes, I will.”

But I thought I heard a ‘maybe’ somewhere in that reply. I went on.

“I accept. Will you now answer the questions?”


“Why? I accepted your request.”

“Your words are not written in stone Janice. If you want to accept, it will be according to my terms or you can leave.” She said in a firm voice.

I felt trapped. I said, “Okay go ahead then. What would you have me do?”

She gave a nod. “First of all go to the inner room and strip.”

“What? What has that got to do with this?”

“Do not question me before you have accepted Janice.” She told me in a scolding tone.

I acquiesced. In the inner room was a four post bed, a dresser and a walk-in closet. I quickly stripped completely. About five minutes later Fouziya glided in. She said,

“Now I want your word that you will not interrupt me. This is a test. Whatever I do if you accept it you will remain quiet or you say one word and you are out of here and will never hear from me again. Do I make myself clear?”

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“What I do here are requirements of your acceptance. If you endure it I will know you have seriously thought of accepting the offer. Otherwise I will know you are not the right person for the job.”

I kept quiet. I wanted to know about Maria. If this could lead me to some information I would do it.

First of all she produced a shiny black suit. I immediately knew it was latex. It was a catsuit. She handed me a talcum pack and told me to spray the powder all over my body. This was weird I thought but I went on with it. I put on the suit and zipped it up the back. The zipper’s end came up to my neck. Then she produced a hood also in latex. It had holes for eyes and mouth but no holes for the nose.

I asked “How will I breathe in this?”

“You will know. Now be quiet,” she replied.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail and fed it through the hole at the back of the hood. Once the hood was on and zipped up to my neck I found it was tight and I had to breathe through my mouth. She then produced a shiny silver object. It was a collar. I tried to shy away, but before I could do so she had snapped it on my neck. I tried to remove it but found it was seamless. She said in an amused tone.

“It cannot be unlocked.”

I said between my breaths. “But … No … remove it …”

“Sorry but this is one of the guarantees that will make sure you do not change your mind.” she replied.

“Remove … it … now,” I shouted. I was getting breathless due to the effort of speaking.

In a calm tone she said “Well I cannot remove it for that matter. Only my Mistress has the code to unlock it. You are stuck for now.”

I was furious but what else could I do. I could not go outside in a shiny catsuit. Could I? I told her firmly, “Get on with it then. I cannot go outside like this anyway. Finish off your work then.”

In an admiring tone she said. “You learn quickly. You will make a good maid.”

I just glared at her.


She produced a pair of black latex gloves which I put on dejectedly. Well I was not getting out of the collar so I might as well do what she says. Then she passed me some leather cuffs with rings on them. I just looked at her.

“Come on, don’t waste time.” She said.

I put the cuffs on my wrists and on my legs just above the ankles. She then systematically padlocked each cuff. Now I was effectively trapped.

“Now I think you will not go anywhere. We will finish the dressing after I answer your questions. Remember I can do this the easy or the hard way. The collar you wear is called a discipline collar. I can give you mild to strong shocks. I control them. Do not disobey me. Follow me.”

I swallowed and followed her. She took my clothes in one hand and then put them in a black plastic bag and placed it in a trash can. I was just going to ask her what she meant by that, I was shocked near my neck. Its frequency sent me to my knees in an instant. I groaned.

She said. “This will tell you not to disobey me. This was just a mild shock. You will not speak unless spoken to. Understood?”

“Ye-” I groaned again as another shock came up.


I hated her already. I just nodded.

“Good.” she said and patted my head as if I was a child who had made a mistake.

“Remember you are a maid. Only the Mistress can do things freely. You are to wait for her permission always. Since she is not here, I will be your temporary Mistress. Kneel there. Yes right. You will either stand in my presence or kneel in front of me. If I tell you to sit you will, otherwise you kneel or stand.”

With that said she went to sit on the sofa and I grudgingly and fearfully knelt by her legs.

“So ask your questions maid.” she ordered.

She did not use my name at all. This was ridiculous. But I knew I was trapped.

I started. “Who was the lady in the photo?”

SHOCK! I was writhing this time. This one was higher in intensity.

“You speak with respect to one at a higher post than you and certainly to your Mistress.”

“I am so… sorry Mi … Mi … Mistress” I said. For the first time I saw a small black thing in her hand. It was at my eye level and pointed towards me. I knew that was the device used to shock me.

“Was the lady in the photo really Maria Mistress?” I asked respectfully. I did not want any more shocks.

“Yes. I guess it is time to tell you why you are here in this position. Don’t you think so?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress. Please Mistress.” I said. I hated myself for doing that but what choice did I have?

Not knowing the thoughts in my mind, she continued

“Before she married Mr. Ahmed Damani, a good Iranian businessman, she was Maria Bishop. She studied in some university in England and became a successful reporter. It was during one of these interviews that she met Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed, even after knowing that she was a lesbian, he proposed to her. Out of respect and peer pressure she married him and came to Iran. It became known later that it was a business agreement. Mr. Ahmed had two wives before her. One died during childbirth and second was barren. So in return to giving him children she would get money and a comfortable life. She lived a veiled life for five years in which she gave him three children. She gave him two boys and one girl but after that Mistress decided to end the contract. Mr. Ahmed allowed her to go but on the condition that she does not meet any person from her past or anyone who can connect her to Mr. Ahmed. This was the price she had to pay for her lesbianism. So she shifted to Russia under the House of Damani. Her sons visit her sometimes but that is all. She has not met her daughter from the time of her birth.”

I was shell shocked. All this had happened and I did not know anything. I had sympathy for her. It was not easy for her and I wanted to comfort her but I let that thought hang as Fouziya continued.

“But that is not the reason why you came into the picture. One day in anger she told us about you. She was angry about something and she started yelling at the maids. We were terrified. She told us about a woman from her past that she loved and that woman broke her heart. She feared that the women living in the mansion would one day betray her. That was the day she introduced veiling, making us veil in the strictest form. It has been eight years since she saw our faces or heard our voices…”

Her voice trailed off. If earlier I had not been shocked this would have been more shocking. I couldn’t believe it. Maria loved me? That could not be possible. But then I thought, we were so close together she could have misunderstood me. Oh what a mess this was. I was pulled from my thoughts when Fouziya spoke.

“It took me two years before I could find out who this woman was. It was you. All of us maids hated you. We all love our Mistress immensely. Many have shared her bed but all that changed because of you. Mistress has now become cold Janice. She has forgotten love. She has replaced it with hatred.”

“I am sorry Mistress.” I said meekly.

“Well that is one reason you are in this predicament.” she said.

I looked at her veiled face and asked, “How?”

I remembered later that I missed ‘Mistress’ but she ignored it and said,

“We want our loving Mistress back. The only way I could think of was to remove this hatred from her and to do that you needed to be there. So some sisters made a plan and I came here to find you and take you with me. We feared you may bolt at the first sign of trouble so I kept the acceptance condition and trapped you in the suit and collar. I know it might have hurt you but I could not have let you go.”

“Oh” That was all I said. I understood the reason for Fouziya’s visit.

But she went on. “So we want you to become her personal maid. We want you to win her back for us by devoting yourself to her. You should devote yourself completely. And show her and teach her to love again. That is what we want.”

I was dumbstruck. Serve her. Devote myself? I never thought I would have done anything like that but I was now determined. I had to get the old Maria back somehow.

“And the second reason is that you have to be punished.”

Punished? I did not like the sound of that but I kept silent.

“You should be punished by Mistress for hurting her. You should be punished by us for driving our Mistress to coldness. And you will be punished that I promise. So now I have said all I had to and will say no more.”

I knew from the tone that no more answers would be forthcoming. “Thank you Mistress.” I said.

“Another thing, this hotel is quite expensive so I will be moving into your house. Let’s get you dressed up and we will leave.” she said and got up and started gliding towards the inner room again.

Move into my house? What will people think? I did not have much time to muse as I quickly scrambled behind her.

3. Preparations

This time she took me to the bathroom in the inner room. There was a horizontal rod for curtains near the bath tub and I noticed it had cuffs on it as well. She had me put my hands above my head and linked my cuffs to the cuffs on the rod. I was helpless now. Fouziya went out of the bathroom and returned a minute later carrying a corset. Now I am slim but I have never worn a corset. She put it around my waist and started pulling the laces and kept on pulling and I found it difficult to breathe through my mouth. After an eternity, in reality minutes, she laced it off. I was gasping for breath.

“I … can … not speak … while breathing …” I said with difficulty.

“I have a solution.” With that she went out of the bathroom and came back. She had a ball in her hand and it had straps on either side.

“Open wide now.” Fouziya ordered.

When I opened my mouth the ball slid behind my teeth keeping my mouth wide open and she buckled it behind my head. I heard a click.

She came and stood in front of me and said “There it goes. The gag has a hole which will allow you to breathe. With this in you will not need to waste your breathe on speaking. Also this will keep you from complaining. I have locked it as well. Only I have the key. Now, let’s complete your dressing.”

With that she removed the cuffs. My jaws were already aching but when I tried to speak only muffled sounds came. She was thorough. I followed her out into the inner room. On the bed lay a similar shroud to the one Fouziya wore. Along with that there were shoes also in black. She had me put on the shoes then she gave me a coat which when I had it on covered me from my neck to ankles. Then she had me wear a hijab, which is a headscarf that is wound around the head leaving the face open. Over that she had me wear a three layer niqab which came down to my waist. The only thing I could make out through the niqab was her outline.

With a nod she said, “This will be your attire throughout our stay here.”

She pointed to two suitcases and said “The suitcase on the left is mine. The one on the right is yours. Yes, those are the only clothes you will wear now on. Now get hold of these suitcases and follow me maid.”


She emphasized the word ‘maid’. I meekly took hold of both suitcases and followed her. At the door to the entire room, she said “Remember now, you are my maid and I am your Mistress so you will follow two paces behind me.”

With that she opened the door and strode out. I followed two paces behind. At the reception desk she paid for her room and we were out on the road. She hailed a taxi and we both got in the backseat. She gave my address. Within five minutes we were at my house. She paid for the cab and then strode towards my house with me two paces behind carrying the luggage. At the door she stopped and took out my purse. I did not know she had it. She took out the keys and then was into the house with me following behind.

Just inside the door she put her hand up palm facing me to tell me to stop. She said “Maid now you will listen to me carefully. We will follow a routine for the week.”

I had a feeling I would not be like these ‘rules’.

She went on, “First and foremost, now that you are back in your house doesn’t mean you are back to normal life. You are still my maid and I am your Mistress and you will carry on your duties accordingly. I will now go and take a look at the pretty house and decide which room to take. You, on the other hand will remain here and make two decisions. First, which room you will be living in. Yes, now that you are the maid you will need proper quarters. Secondly, I am your Mistress and when I return I wish to find you in a subservient and obedient position which will please me.”

With that said she was out of my sight to wander in the house. I stood there dumbstruck. Maid quarters for me? Correct pose? What was she talking about? I stood there for a few moments before my brain started working. Since I was now the ‘maid’ she wanted me to find myself another room. Okay, that can be managed. There was a store room which was not used for much right beside the kitchen. I decided that should do and, disgusted with myself, thought this should please her. The second was quite surprising. It was then I heard faint footsteps. I knew she would be in front of me soon and I did not want another shock so I quickly dropped to my knees. To please her even more I touched my forehead to the ground. It was utterly humiliating but I did not want to face her wrath. After some time Fouziya came and stood in front of me.

“I see a nice position to please your Mistress maid. I like it. Now crawl towards me and kiss my feet.”

Kiss her feet? What was she thinking? I was some slave or what? But I had no time for thoughts.

SHOCK! I groaned. She had reminded me the mild way.

I slowly crawled to where she stood, and kissed her feet as best I could.

“That’s obedience maid. This is a lesson for you. Now I have decided to take the bedroom upstairs. I guess it’s yours. Do not worry I will live there for now. Take my suitcase and then go to that bedroom and put my things in the closet. After that put your things in whichever room you have decided on. As a bed, you are to take only a mattress and a pillow for yourself. Do I make myself clear?”

I nodded my head.

With that she spun on her heel and went towards the living room. I knelt on the floor till the sound of her feet receded. I got up slowly. It was really difficult in the burka. My knees were aching from the kneeling position but I managed to rise to my feet and took her suitcase upstairs. I unpacked it and then put the clothes; most of them were salwar kameez and other black shrouds or burkas which I put in the closet. After finishing with her suitcase, I collected a pillow and a mattress and went downstairs to the store room.

The store room was small, as in a square room with a single bulb and a small fan. It was big enough for me to stretch fully but not more than that. I put the suitcase to one side and laid the mattress on the ground. Apart from that I did not have much space for myself. I quickly cleaned the room as it was dusty from years of being unused. After that, I was panting for breath. It was difficult to take a huge amount of air in through the small hole in the gag and the corset was squeezing my lungs. I slowly made my way to the living room. What I saw stunned me.

Standing in the room was a figure in black. She was slim and had an hourglass figure from the corset. She was a goddess if nothing else. I knew it was Fouziya. I also noticed she wore a shiny steel collar and a metal belt at her waist. She turned towards me and I saw blue eyes looking at me through the hood. She spoke,

“Good you came, my legs are aching. Come here.”

With that she sat on the reclining chair. I quickly scrambled to kneel besides her. I was shocked to find that I was wet. If I was not hooded she would have seen my pink cheeks. Instead, she put her left leg, covered in black towards me. I immediately started pressing gently on her leg. I massaged her legs. I had lost track of the time. My knees were hurting badly.

She suddenly said “Maid, prepare dinner for me. I am hungry. Keep it light.” and then got up. She donned her salwar kameez then put on the veils. She said, “I am going out for some business. Keep the dinner ready for when I come back.” With that she was out of the door.

I busied myself with cooking. It was difficult to see with the three layer veil. So I removed two layers so my eyes were free. I was so busy cooking that I never heard her return. I turned to take the food out of the oven and she was standing there behind me in her burka. Without warning I was shocked and was writhing on the floor and gasping for breath for some time. I scrambled to my knees as I did not know what was wrong.

In a furious tone, she addressed me. “You must be wondering the reason for the shock?”

I nodded.

“Well two reasons. First, did I give you the permission to remove the layers of the veils?”

I was shaking my head.

“Correct. Second mistake was that I did tell you to be ready with dinner when I come back. That means that all the work should be done and you receive your Mistress at the door kneeling with your forehead on the ground. Why was it any different?”

“Now I think I should eat. For you, as a punishment today, there will be no dinner. Serve me.”

I served her at the table in the kitchen. It was a small round table for two people at the most. There was a second chair but I did not sit. I remembered what she had said about maid’s not sitting with their Mistress so I obediently stood beside her, refilled her water glass and served her food. My stomach was grumbling by the time she finished but she just ignored me.

She said “Make sure the dishes are done and then come to my room.”

That said she departed. With the gag still locked in my mouth eating was out of question. I had some orange juice in the refrigerator. I poured it in a glass and, using a straw, I sucked it through the breathing hole. It was a tedious task. I had to co-ordinate my breathing and drinking. I gagged twice before I was able to accomplish it. With that relief, I got to work. It was about an hour later that I finished my work and then went to my former bedroom. There I knocked on the door. I heard a muffled ‘come in’. I pushed the door and went in. SHOCK!! I was down again. After I regained my composure, I heard her say.

“Maid, consider this the personal chamber of your Mistress. You must understand it is HER chamber. Which means you must give her proper respect. Whenever you enter her room, you kneel down immediately and wait for further orders.”

I nodded.

“Well, now get into the bathroom and remove your burka.”

I quickly went to the bathroom and removed the burka. She came in only in her catsuit and for the first time she removed her shining waist belt.

“This is called a chastity belt. It prevents me from touching myself without her permission. It allows me to pee when it’s on, but I cannot shit. So every night after ten thirty it unlocks itself. It gives me a fifteen minute window. In that time I have to shit and then it goes back on. Remember under fifteen minutes. If I fail, then this collar starts shocking me. Each shock increases in intensity. The most it can do is make me unconscious. Now I requested Mistress to give me another belt before I left but she refused. Instead she gave me the code to mine. She knows I am here to recruit another woman but she doesn’t know that the woman is you. And she trusts me. So she said if the recruited woman is resistant, make her wear my chastity belt. So now you will spread your legs for me,” she said.

I did as I was told and she slid the belt on. The anus part of the belt had a big plug. That was the reason she could not shit. She pushed the plug into my ass. I contracted my ass in reaction. SHOCK! A mild one, but it surprised me and I relaxed and the slid plug in. Then there was pain. My ass was full and stretched. It numbed after some time. Fouziya bent and fiddled in front of the belt. CLICK. There was that and I knew this one was locked and connected to my collar.

She stood up and said “There now you are secured. The open part of your crotch is now sealed.”

She then went behind me and I heard another click. Next thing I knew was she was removing my gag. Once removed, I opened and closed my mouth many times. It felt numb. She said,

“Run to your room and clean your teeth and eat something light. Then come back here. You have twenty minutes.”

Before she finished talking, I was running downstairs. Once there I gobbled down some salad in ten minutes then went to the store room, fetched my toothbrush and then went to the spare bathroom and brushed. In twenty minutes I was back in Fouziya’s room. She was sitting on the bed. She pointed to the floor and I sank to my knees besides her.

She said “I know it is difficult for you but consider it a part of your punishment. Now you have never loved a woman. I will teach you. That was the reason I fitted you with my belt. Climb onto the bed. If you have to please Mistress Fatima, you must learn.”

I was shocked. I cannot pleasure my friend. How can I? But I decided speaking when not required was unnecessary. I went to her bed and lay on my back. She climbed and straddled my face. Her moist pussy was right at my nose.

“Now you will pleasure me. If you fail, you will get a shock at your crotch. You will not love it. Rub your nose in my pussy,” she ordered.

I did as she said. I was partly happy for the hood preventing me from breathing through my nose as I rubbed my hooded nose on her pussy. She moaned. It was partly erotic. I wanted to touch myself but the steel belt prevented me from doing so.

Then she said “Use your tongue to pleasure me maid.” I stuck my tongue into her pussy which was hairy and hot. I probed with my tongue. I moved my tongue in circles around her clit. Her moans were becoming louder and this encouraged me. I started licking her ferociously. She was now gasping, straddling my head more tightly. The heat from her arousal was increasing. In all the excitement I had forgotten to breathe but when I tried to do so I found it difficult. I was trapped. I panicked and Fouziya seemed to sense it as she lifted herself slightly to permit me to get a tiny amount of air before coming down on me again. I kept licking for some more time after which I felt her muscles clamping around my face. With a shout she sent a spray of her juices over my face and into my mouth. It tasted salty-sweet. I swallowed what I could. Fouziya collapsed to the other side of the bed as I lay there gasping for air. There was so much arousal in the air that my hands tried to reach for my pussy but they only encountered a smooth steel plate. I was frustrated but she was not. She had me make her cum about four more times before she allowed me to get up from the bed. Once I was standing in front of her she went to the table where she lifted the gag to my mouth and inserted it, thus gagging me again. She also brought two short chains from the table. One she attached to my leg cuffs, preventing me from taking long steps, the other to my wrists.

Then she said “Now maid you may go to bed. We will practice some before we leave here. Now I want to get up at eight o’clock in the morning. At that time you should be kneeling here with my breakfast on the table or you will wish you had never woken up. Now off you go.”

I knew I had been dismissed so I shuffled out of the room. With the chain at my leg cuffs reducing my stride it took me over five minutes to reach my room. After using the toilet I switched the lights off and immediately fell asleep.


That was what woke me up in the morning. I was disoriented. It took some time to remember what had happened the previous day.


I groaned. I quickly got to my feet, but too late I remembered my ankles were chained together. I fell to my face. I scrambled up and remembered her instructions before sleep. I quickly went out and started preparing breakfast. It was interrupted by many shocks. Around fifteen minutes after waking up I was in her room kneeling while she was having her breakfast. After eating she removed all the chains and the corset as well.

She said to me “I thought these shocks could be a good way of setting your body clock. There are no clocks in the mansion, maid. All of us maids work on our body clock so get used to it. Now I want you to run some water for me as I want to bath. Since I am a senior maid I can open my collar anytime. Normally my collar is adjusted according to time. It will, along with my chastity belt, open up at six-thirty in the morning and remain unlocked for half an hour. After that we should bathe ourselves and get ready for the day. The collar and chastity belt should be back into place again but collars of recruits are not adjusted for time. So for you there will be no bath till the suit can come off. Go prepare my bath maid.”

I got to my feet and filled the tub with warm water. After some time she strode in naked without the catsuit. She was a goddess. She was fair with blue eyes, lush lips and a good figure but what shocked me and made me gasp was her shaved her head.

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry maid. We will take care of that for you once we are at the mansion. When Mistress Fatima bathes, she has at least two maids in attendance to her. So you will bathe me.”

She got into the tub and I followed her, kneeling in the tub beside her. I started rubbing my soap covered hands all over her body. When I reached her pussy I carefully slid a finger in. I received a shock so hastily removed my finger but Fouziya caught my wrist and guided my fingers into her pussy and I was embarrassed as I started finger fucking her.

She said, “I thought you did not like women.”

And she laughed. It was humiliating but it was also erotic, making me wet.

She asked, “Are you wet maid?” I shook my head as I was still gagged but the next instant there was pain on left side of my face where she had slapped me.

“I want the truth maid,” she shouted.

I nodded.

“Good. Remember your Mistress expects you to reply to her truthfully. And whatever she says, right or wrong, is always right. Do you understand?”

I nodded. I was getting excited. Here I was covered in a latex suit and gagged, bathing a beautiful naked woman in my own tub. What was happening to me? I liked it. I enjoyed it when Mistress Fouziya punished me. I liked it when she guided me as if I were a child. But most of all what surprised me was that I wanted to please her. It was ridiculous.

I bathed her for about half an hour. In that half an hour she came twice and I was beyond frustrated. Since the death of my husband I had masturbated many times in this tub. I used to masturbate regularly. Here, wearing the chastity belt, it was difficult to not become frustrated, though. Finally she told me to clean up and have some breakfast. She had removed my gag specifically for that. She handed it to me along with the lock and key.

She told me “Many of the restrictions that we maids have are put on ourselves by our own assent. This is one thing you need to learn maid. In the mansion we all restrain ourselves on our own without lock and key to please our Mistress. Would you like to please me?”

I found myself eagerly nodding.

“So lock your gag when you go to your room and keep the key there. You must know when it is right to gag and when not to. After you have cleaned up you are to don one of the dresses in your suitcase and the burka as well. Today’s list of chores will be put on the kitchen table. I will be around but you may not see me. I want to know how well my charge behaves.”

Her tone had a challenge to it. A challenge for me to break her rules. She challenged me to disobey her but the changes made to me by her had changed something inside me. I wanted to please her. I wanted to serve her. I wanted to make it right with Mistress Fatima. Yes, I now thought of her as my Mistress. It’s amazing how changes in perspective can happen in times of predicaments.

I said, “You will not be disappointed in me Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

With that I knelt on the floor and kissed her feet. I KISSED HER FEET. What was I thinking? But it felt right somehow. I departed from the room and tidied my room and myself then gagged myself and locked it. I rummaged through the suitcase. I found another corset which I placed around my torso and somehow tightened. There was a pair of salwar kameez which I put on. Then I put on the burka. I kept all the three layers of niqab down. I went to the kitchen. I had chores to do.

4. Leave-taking

That was my routine for the four days after I had accepted the offer. The day started with serving breakfast to Fouziya then I bathed her. I pleasured her many times during those baths. After that I would clean myself up and gag myself. Then I would work. I did cleaning, laundry, cooking, gardening and so on. The list of chores was endless. But with the way I was restricted in a burka it gave me a sense of peace. And when Mistress Fouziya commented on my work, it inspired me and pleased me to no end. During nights, Mistress Fouziya made me practice pleasing her. Initially I felt revulsion but with the amount of arousal in the air, I only became more frustrated. That was my routine.

On the fifth day, during breakfast, Mistress Fouziya said “Maid, now the time has come when we have to make our departure. So to make it a smooth process I want you to notify your neighbours, relatives and even your son that you are going on a vacation to Russia. Tell them that you have converted. And to explore the religion you are accompanying me to a religious retreat.”

I frowned. What did all this have to do with me leaving? She answered it for me.

“We cannot have your neighbours or your son calling the police over here when they do not find you here. So this should be an ample reason.”

I understood what she meant. I nodded.

She continued. “Also I have had a lawyer draw up a power of attorney for your son. That will state that for the one year from your departure from here, your son will be the legal guardian of your property and assets. In case, if you do not return within a year, it will be legally transferred to your son. You will sign it when your son comes here.”

I was dumbfounded. This woman was really thorough. I could have never imagined something like this. The next day I started notifying my neighbours and a few relatives about my ‘conversion’ and ‘retreat’. I knew by the time I went away half of Boston would know about it. In the afternoon, my son John came.

“Hey mom, how are you? You have surely changed,” he said.

“Well, sometimes people change dear. How are you?” I replied.

“I am fine mom. I heard you had something for me to sign?”

“Oh yes yes. Come.”

I quickly signed the document. He signed at the side as well. I had now officially given up everything that belonged to me. I was initially reluctant about it but I also knew I would be gone for a long time. I would be gone to an unknown place and who knows what may happen. I wanted to keep it safe and secure for my son. I was more than happy to sign off everything to him.

“John, this is Sister Fouziya. She has encouraged me to explore this new religion. She has also helped me adjust to the various changes.”

The shook hands politely. I told him she did not speak to unknown males. I had my last dinner with my son before leaving. I had tears in my eyes when at last he left. Through the burka it was not seen but my throat tightened and tears filled my eyes. I parted from him and made myself busy working.

The next day was the leaving day. Mistress Fouziya called me to her room. She had me strip to the catsuit. She fiddled with the front of the chastity belt and it came off with a pop. She then put it on herself with a click.

She said, “Mistress would not be happy if I do not remain chaste. Now turn around.”

I did so and she cuffed my hands behind my back. She told me to wait there. She went out of the room. I knelt on the floor for what seemed to be two hours. She came back. She had me bend my stomach over the bed before starting to lick me. Oh!!! That sensation was a shock. I was so aroused and frustrated after all those days in the chastity belt that I felt I may come at the first touch. It was really erotic, to have Mistress Fouziya do it to me. She licked me for five minutes, teasing me, torturing me. At last she let me cum. I shuddered. My scream was soaked up by the gag. Then she removed the cuffs.

She said, “Go to your room. Remove the gag. Pack your bags and don your clothes. Wait for me by the door with your luggage.”

I did as she told. About half an hour later I was at the door. I thought of kneeling but decided not to. She came down after fifteen minutes wearing her attire and carrying her luggage. She told me that a taxi was waiting outside and to load the luggage. I nodded. I was so used to being gagged, that speaking no longer came naturally. I glided out of the house and loaded the luggage. When I turned back, Mistress was coming down the driveway. She had locked the house and given the keys to my neighbours. They were looking at us weirdly but my attention was on my house. No my son’s house I told myself. She told me to get in the taxi. I took one final look and got in. When the taxi sped off towards the airport I felt finality to it. As if I had sealed my future or something.

Part 2

5. Journey

Sitting in the taxi entering a new way of life with new people and a new place was a surreal experience. My mind was a jumble of thoughts. I was sweating within the various layers of clothing. The catsuit and collar held me prisoner. The salwar kameez and burka added to the heat. I could feel the sweat running down my back. I had been granted one concession, which was the removal of the gag. It was an entire week since I had been forcibly silenced and I was so used to it that I remained silent for the remainder of the journey to the airport.

Entering the airport terminal, Fouziya turned towards the café. We found ourselves a table and sat down, our luggage to one side of the table.

Fouziya spoke, “Bring me a coffee and a cheese sandwich. And get anything you want.”

I rose from the seat and went towards the counter. In my peripheral vision, which wasn’t much with two layers of the niqab down, I saw people staring at me but other than that I was ignored. I went to the counter and gave my order. I had to repeat it twice before the bubble chewing assistant understood what I wanted. It seemed that my voice was muffled and I needed to speak in much louder voice to make myself understood. After giving my order I returned to the table.

I sat down and we sat in complete silence waiting till the waitress brought our order. After the waitress left Fouziya spoke,

“I think now would be a good time for questions and answers. I have let my return date be known to Mistress so most probably there will be transportation for us and once under Mistress’s jurisdiction we cannot break rules. It means we will not be speak then, so if you have any doubts it would be good to clear them now.”

Um .. What are the duties of a personal maid?” I replied.

Firstly, all the normal maid duties apply to you when you are not taking direct care of Mistress. Secondly, personal maid has two duties as the situation demands. One is that of a servant, personally serving Mistress in all the things in your capabilities. The other is that of a slave. Mistress might take you to parties or to important meetings where you will be her slave or property and will be restrained thus.”

I understood now what was expected of me. Not only was I a personal servant but also a normal maid in normal circumstances. This meant doing physical work. Thus I asked her,

“What is the attire there?”

“It is what you now wear with two differences. You do not wear a catsuit and you wear latex burka. It seems rubber has a special ability to remain dry and can be cleaned easily if it gets dirty,” she replied.

I said, “But I do not have much experience in wearing such things. How will I become accustomed to it?”

“I was going to get to it. You will be trained for first three months as a maid. Only after you are deemed perfect by me and the maid trainer you will be allowed to serve Mistress.” she replied in a calm voice.

“I guess I do not have much choice,” I said in a resigned voice. I had a hard yet erotic time when Fouziya trained me during her stay in my house. I just had to get through it I thought.

After that the conversation seemed to stop. I was lost in my thoughts and she seemed to be eating. Her method of eating, which she told me to follow as well, was to pass the food under her veils without lifting them. It was tedious but was safer as with that people could not notice my catsuit. After finishing her plate, she stood and told me,

“Follow me.”

With that she turned and strode towards the restroom. She had taken her purse with her. I was left to carry the luggage but I dutifully followed. She took us to the ticket counter where she stamped our tickets. Then we went to the security terminal. There we had to go through a thorough body check. A lady officer took us to one of the changing rooms there and told us to remove our burkas and other clothing.

I panicked. What would she say when she saw my state? How will I get out of it? But Fouziya took care of that.

“Strip NOW slave,” she commanded.

I quickly stripped to my catsuit. I saw the shock on the lady officer’s face and then slowly a smile bloomed across it.

She said “You are such a lovely slut. You have good choices it seems to me.”

Fouziya, who had stripped as well, went forward where she was fully checked by the officer. I noticed the officer took her time at the groin and breasts. It was then that I noticed that she must be a lesbian. OH MY GOD! What was I to do now? But before I could take an action, Fouziya ordered.

“Now slave, kneel in front of the lady and make sure she gets satisfied. We do not have the key to your collar. So you might have to prove that you do not mean any harm to the general public. Am I right?”

I was mollified. I also couldn’t argue her point so I meekly went to my knees and awaited the officer’s command. She said to Fouziya,

“So you two are going on some holiday? And you have left keys to her collar at home? You definitely are a slut.” She giggled at that. I was getting thoroughly embarrassed. She continued. “Well slave I do not have much time and permission to come on duty. But I think I can still make use of you. Open your mouth dear. I need to take a piss and the restroom is too far. Also my superior is quite strict and frowns upon breaks.” She grinned at me.

I dutifully opened my mouth. The next thing I knew was that a salty taste hit my tongue but I kept my mouth open. She stopped her stream. It allowed me time to swallow. Then she started again. What was more embarrassing was that I was thoroughly trapped and could not challenge Fouziya’s orders. I kept swallowing her piss. It seemed to go for an eternity but finally she finished. Her piss was all over my face. I wanted to clean my mouth of her taste.

Fouziya said, “Dress up. Do not clean your face and mouth. This will be a good lesson for you.”

“Thank you for your time officer,” she said to the lady.

I quickly dressed up. We left the security terminal. I could still feel the dampness of my eyes and the tangy taste of piss in my mouth. When we reached the waiting area, Fouziya gestured to one seat and she sat in the adjoining seat.

She said, “That was toilet training for you. It’s an important thing that you may need to learn. Sometimes we maids do not have time to visit restrooms and nature’s call is too great. So we had to learn to eat and drink our own wastes. Also being a personal maid, you may be asked to take Mistress’s wastes when she wishes to relieve herself. Remember that.”

Before I could reply our flight was announced. Fouziya got up gathered her purse and walked towards the luggage ring. I placed the entire heavy luggage at the ring. And then we went towards the plane. Once we entered the plane, the hostess showed us our seats. Most of the seats in the plane were occupied. We were taking connecting flights to Russia via London. This promised to be a long journey.

Several hours later we were walking towards the luggage terminal of a non-descript Russian airport. Collecting our luggage we passed the security checkpoint towards the exit. There I recognized a black shroud standing in a shadowy corner. I found her because she was the only one apart from me and Fouziya dressed in such a way. When we reached her, she hugged Fouziya.

Fouziya pointed towards me, “This is Janice.”

“This is Ursula.” she said to me.

The black shroud came forward. She placed her gloved hands on my arms and rubbed her cheeks to my cheeks. Well that is what it looked like, because it was difficult to discern anything about her facial features from under the veils. She then got slightly away from me and pointed a gloved finger somewhere. I followed the finger and found she pointed to the ladies room. Fouziya nodded, and started moving in that direction.

Once inside, she turned towards me and said, “Now we need to prepare you.”

She handed me a gag and she found one for herself as well. We both entered a stall. I lifted my veils and expertly put the ball in my mouth. I bit onto the ball and pulled the straps tight behind my head. I buckled it there and then locked it with a padlock. I blew out a breath through the gag. I lowered my veils and re-entered the room. Fouziya was already there. She bent down in front of me and attached a chain to my ankle cuffs. I was now hobbled. Then she strode out of the ladies room with me hobbling behind her.

Once outside the three of us slowly made way to a minivan. There was a driver leaning against the vehicle. He saw us and scrambled into the driver’s seat. Ursula moved towards the back end of the van, opened the double door and lowered a ramp. It was clear that with the hobble chain I would not be able to board the van directly. I slowly shuffled on to the ramp and into the van. There I found a seat for two people on the left hand side. In the center however there was a steel cage sort of thing. I had not noticed but Fouziya and Ursula had both entered the van and closed the back door.

Ursula dragged my hands behind my back and quickly she had them linked there by a chain. I was helpless now. She gently pushed me into a kneeling position at the center of the cage. The cage it seemed opened on the top and front. Once I was kneeling, she closed the front door. Then she gently guided me such that my head was touching the floor of the van just at the base of the front door of the cage. Once I was in position there was a clang and the top of the cage had been latched into the cage pinning me to my position. I groaned. The cage was small and did not provide much room to move. The van lurched into motion. And soon there was silence except the sound of the engine. Ursula and Fouziya had seated themselves on the seats. With the lull of the engine and exhaustion of the plane ride I quickly drifted towards sleep.

6. Mistress of the house.

My entire body was aching. We had been traveling for hours. I was stiff and sore by being in the same position for such a long time. I had been drifting in and out of sleep. My mouth was drooling because of the gag, the veils were sticking to my face due to the sweat and my arms were aching due to being held behind my back for so long. My mind was full of stray thoughts as I was traveling to the very place where my real test would start.

The van at last came to a stop. The engine was shut down. Fouziya and Ursula quickly got out of the van and disappeared. They came back an hour later, this time with two more maids who were wearing white burkas. These burkas covered them from head to toe. There was a mesh on their face but that was the only opening. They both gracefully got into the van and released me. When I tried to stand up my knees buckled and I nearly fell. The maids quickly pushed their hands through some sort of slits sewed into the burka and steadied me. Without removing my cuffs or the chain they shuffled with me towards what looked like a huge mansion.

It was a beautiful mansion painted white with shades of yellow in between. It was just two stories, or so it seemed to me but looked to be very wide. We emerged from what I later found out was the guest or worker’s area. This was the area for the workers or guests from the outside world and had little contact with the world inside the mansion. We entered through huge double doors. There were guards on sentry duty though they looked different. I peered at them through my veils and suddenly realized they were all women but they were very different from the maids. Their hands were made up of big muscles that seemed to have come from hard workouts. Their faces were covered in veils with only their eyes visible.

When we entered the mansion there was a bustle of people inside. Most of them were maids shrouded in black or white. There were some males as well but they studiously ignored all the females. We passed through a series of corridors and came up in front of a huge door. One of the maids clutching my hands knocked it. After a few moments the door swung open and we entered a spacious room. It was decorated with Arab and Russian tapestries. There was a high table in the center of the room and seated behind the table was the most stunning woman I had ever seen. I saw it was Maria.

She was looking like an Arab goddess. Her skin was as fair as twenty years ago. She was wearing pants and a jacket which came to her knees. Her hair was wound beneath a hijab which she wore on her head. Her eyes were same blue color as before but even more stunning. When she looked up, all the maids went to their knees and touched their forehead to the ground. As they went down they also dragged me with them.

“Rise,” she said.

We all rose. She had got up and was moving towards us. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest.

“Remove her burka and let me take a look at her. And Fouziya you can speak,” she commanded.

The chains restraining my hands and ankles were removed. My veils were removed. The overcoat was also removed. Standing in front of her only in the catsuit, I suddenly felt naked. All the maids moved a step back to make way for her. She circled around me twice and then came to stop in front of me and faced Fouziya.

“So this is the new slave you brought me?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress. I tried to convince her but she seemed stubborn so I had to collar her Mistress,” Fouziya replied. I noticed her tone was completely docile. Maria came forward and fiddled with my collar. I heard a click and the collar came off my neck. I felt free. I wanted to relax my neck, but fought the urge to do so now.

“Well then she needs training. Hand her over to the trainer maid Munira. She will know what to do.” Maria said. She strode back to the table and sat down. She started working with some papers on her desk.

“Mistress would you like to take a look at her?” Fouziya asked.

I felt cold. Will she accept me? What will happen when she sees me?

Maria just shook her head. Taking that as an answer, the maids in the white burkas quickly dressed me back into the burka I had been wearing, put the veils on and siphoned me out of the room. Once out of the room, Fouziya turned to one of the maids handling me and said,

“Hand her over to your trainer. She is to be a personal maid and dress her accordingly. Then see to her accommodation. She is to rest today and tomorrow. Her training will start the day after tomorrow at first light. You are dismissed.”

With that she gathered Ursula and they both spun on their heels and disappeared into another corridor.

I was quickly guided down the hallway until we came to a small room. It was more like a study than anything else. There stood another woman in a yellow burka. On our arrival she turned from the pupil she was attending to, nodded to the two maids and they started stripping me. Five minutes later I was naked. As soon as I was naked the coldness of the atmosphere hit me. The sweat on my body cooled down and I was shivering. The woman in yellow burka quickly wrote a note and handed it to me.

‘You have twenty minutes. The bathing room is to the left. Bathe and be back here in twenty minutes.’

Once she saw I had read it she turned back to her pupil. I looked uncertainly to the maids beside me but there was no reaction from them. With nothing to do and time running out I went to the left and found myself in a big bathroom with a tub full of warm water. I quickly slipped into the water and immediately saw that one of the maids in a white burka had placed soap and scent beside the bath. I quickly bathed myself and got out. It was a relief to bathe after a week of wearing the same sweaty clothes. Once I had dried myself a maid came to fetch me. Once again I found myself in the trainer’s office. The woman in the yellow burka handed me another note.

‘You will be dressed now. The training schedule for you is as follows. For the first month you will be trained in normal maid duties which include cleaning, cooking and so on. The second month you will be trained for personally serving and satisfying Mistress. The third month will be training on how to act in front of an audience when accompanying Mistress to any of the parties or gatherings she attends. Any transgressions will be seriously punished.’

I swallowed. This seemed a lot of work for me. But then I sighed. To make amends with Maria this was necessary. I nodded. With a hand gesture, the trainer asked the maids to start the dressing process. The maid to my left produced a steel chastity belt and I immediately noticed there were two protrusions on the belt. One was at my pussy level and the other in front of my ass. Those protrusions were lubricated before being inserted. I moaned when the butt plug slid into my ass with a pop. Then the belt was fitted to my waist and locked. A bag that had two openings was then produced. One opening was attached to holes at my crotch and the other to my ass levels through small pipes. The trainer maid produced another note.

‘This chastity belt remains on for the entire week. Every weekend it is removed once for cleanup of the area then it is replaced. Only Mistress has the keys to the lock. Other keys are available but are only given when requested and if the request is granted. Proceed.’

I felt frustrated. The chastity belt was nothing but a torturous device as it only served to keep me horny all the time. I was handed latex pants and shirt which I dutifully put on. The crotch level of the pants was open. A huge black overcoat which went down to my ankles was added. Gloves and boots were next. The boots were of shiny black leather, the gloves were elbow length black gloves. Cuffs were attached to my wrists and ankles with the ankle cuffs connected by a four inch long chain and had a ring in its center. Three-way chains were added to my wrists. The short part went between my wrists with the longer part connected my wrist chain to the ankle chain. This prevented me from dragging my hands above my chest. A posture collar was put around my neck and locked. It prevented me from moving my head sideways and all I could do was look straight ahead. A ball gag was next. This had a tube running through the center and it was also locked behind my head.

A beautiful black hijab was wound over my head. It hid the posture collar perfectly. A huge black shroud was then produced. It was about my height and was placed over my face. I soon discovered that it had a mesh in front of my eyes through which my visibility was severely reduced. Once I was wearing the shroud the trainer maid produced another note. It was difficult to read through the mesh but after some concentration I was able to read.

‘You are to get used to this attire so now you will be sent to your cell. All the maids live in cells in the basement. The cells open sharp at six each morning and close at eleven thirty each night. Any maid found to be out of her cell after this time is severely punished. Make yourself home. The day after tomorrow, at first light, you are to meet me here. The keys to your collar and cuffs can be found in your room so you can remove them if you wish but it is not advisable as it makes putting them back on harder. You are dismissed.’

With that the maids beside me gently guided me to my ‘room’ downstairs. It was a plain room with a bed, a table with pen and notepad. It had a steel door and only two lamps. When I entered my room, the maid standing outside shut the door and locked it. Then they were gone and I was trapped in the cell for the rest of the day. I thought this was turning out to be a tough journey.

7. Truth.

I had been training to learn my duties for the past two months. It was exhausting work. That did not deter me from pursuing my goal. I had decided that one day when I would be alone with Maria, I would tell her the truth of who I was. I had been in her presence as a part of the training, serving and satisfying her. I was so used to the heavy latex burka, that I did not remove it while sleeping as well. I removed it only when someone shared my bed. Apart from Mistress, no one could satisfy themselves. So the maids just managed with the bodily contact.

I guess fate had something else in store though. One day, while I was mopping floor Mistress passed by me. She lovingly slid her hand over my head, as I kneeled in front of her. I had been so mesmerized by her presence and command that I had forgotten that there was some wetness on the floor. She went the stairs and slipped. I heard a loud thump and before I could react she was tumbling down the stairs. My mouth went dry. There was nothing I could do but helplessly watch her fall. The thump was heard by some maids who rushed to see what had happened.

They all immediately went to help Mistress. After several attempts they found out that Mistress had been knocked unconscious. I started to rise, to go see over her when I felt pressure on my shoulder. I kneeled back down. There standing beside me was trainer maid Ursula and she wore a yellow burka. I heard Fouziya command the maids to carry Mistress to the bedroom. Then she went away to call a doctor. It had happened so fast. I had no idea how bad it was.

Ursula spoke, “You are to be restrained in your cell till the severity of your mistake is found. Your training is temporarily stopped. Take her away,” she ordered other maids.

Two maids in white burkas appeared. They quickly removed my current chains. My leg chain was reduced in length and my hands were pulled behind my back and restrained. Then the maids took me by my arms and dragged me towards my cell. I let them drag me. I was numb by what had happened and I did not know what was to happen now.

Once I was in the cell, the maids locked the iron door shut and went away and I was left standing in the center of the cell. Slowly shuffling I made my way to the bed where I sat down with my mind full of bad thoughts. The thoughts were about Maria. I hung my head in shame and regret. I had wanted my friendship with her back but these circumstances made sure that would not be possible.

For two days I was locked in that cell. I was not released from my chains or my clothes. No other maids came to talk to me. They came, fed me through my gag and went away and I could tell from their body language that they were upset with me.

When at last Fouziya came to my cell and removed my gag, I rushed to her with questions.

“How is Maria? Is she well? What did the doctor say?” I asked.

“She is fine. She is resting. The doctor has ordered a week’s rest,” she said in a curt tone.

“What is going to happen to me?” I asked.

“You are going to be punished for your mistake. We value our Mistress more than anything else. You are to be whipped, a hundred strokes and then kept in the cell till further notice,” she said, the anger in her tone quite evident.

She took me by my arm and dragged me to the dungeon. It was dark and through the veils I could not see anything. Once on the cold floor my ankles were tied together to the ground. My arms were raised above my head. My burka was kept intact. Fouziya used scissors to cut the back part of my burka. My back and ass were completely exposed now. I found that that Munira or the trainer maid was present with the most evil looking whip. There was a whistling sound and then.


The whip struck my back like lightning of pain. I shuddered in my position. But I could not sway out of the attack. I screamed.




Three more strokes and I was in tears. My already hampered vision was now more hampered. I tried to tell them I was sorry. I told them I would go away. But they seemed oblivious to my requests.



At around fifty strokes, they stopped. I thought they will come back later but a maid in a white burka came forward. She had something in the bucket with her. My head was hanging and I was only taking shallow breaths, such was the pain. The maid stood behind me and then pressed her hand on my back. Searing pain tore into my senses. I quickly understood what was in the bucket. It was salt. I screamed at the top of my lungs but the maid did not stop. She kept rubbing the salt onto my back. Around that time I lost track of everything as I lost consciousness.

When I came around, I was on a bed. It was soft, not like the bed in my room. I tried to get up but the pain lanced through my back. I let it go and settled on the bed. I turned my head and looked around the room. It was elegantly made and had nice tapestries. I suddenly recognized that I was in Mistress’s room. I took a look at myself and found that I was naked. All the way. I started getting scared.

A hand was placed on my shoulder. When I looked up I found blue eyes looking into my green eyes. She was a beauty. Her hair was open and blackish brown. She had a smile on her face.

“How are you Janice?” she asked softly.

I moved my lips but no sound came. I was shocked. Then I remembered her fall.

“You must be in the bed Mi-Mi-Mistress,” I blurted out.

She gave a soft laugh. The laugh caused my insides to flutter.

No, I am perfectly fine. It is you who needed rest.” She caressed my head, her touch so light it was causing electric sensations to go through my body.

“Yeah, I kinda feel out of sorts,” I replied meekly.

“It’s all right dear. I found you yesterday hanging in the dungeon with so many marks.” She moved her fingers over the whip marks on my body. I shivered but remained silent.

“Yesterday when I became conscious I suddenly remembered that the maid I saw before I fell was you. You were so innocent, always kneeling for me. I couldn’t stop myself. I ran down and found a novice maid and threatened her to tell me where you were?” She laughed again. “I must have scared her shitless. I may need to apologize to her.” She winked at me.

I had to smile. It was really endearing.

“I quickly went down to the dungeon and found you hanging. You had salt on your back,” she winced. “I quickly went to you and released your restraints. I told Fouziya to strip you naked. Fouziya was adamant that it would not be a good idea,” she said and was silent for some time. “But I insisted. And then when all your coverings came off. I got the shock of my life.”

Now she had tears in her eyes. She looked away. When she looked back at me I felt my stomach do flip-flops. There was desire in her eyes. No, more than that, there was love. I couldn’t help but cry. She cradled me and made soothing voices.

When I relaxed she continued, “I couldn’t believe at first that you would do such a thing as come here as a maid and be subjected to so many things. It was as if the ground beneath my feet had disappeared. I told them to transfer you here. They were initially reluctant but knew better than to anger me. They brought you here and you slept straight through last night and this morning.” She smiled at me.

I had to blush. I had never been late at my duties as a maid.

“So tell me why you did all this? I now know that Fouziya brought you here. She went behind my back and she has been punished for that. Did she force you into anything unwanted?” she asked me.

I felt myself longing to soothe her. I shook my head but did not speak.

“Good. If she had I would have had her skinned alive. So tell me why you came to me?” she asked.

I just looked at her. She was confused at first but then realization dawned to her.

“You may speak Janice. Today I release you from the position of my maid. You are my friend. And if possible companion,” she told me.

I nodded. “I came for forgiveness. I know what George said drove you away. I did not know your pain. It was Fouziya who told me about it. Maria, the maids they love you and cannot accept you as a cold bitch,” I told her frankly. “Please forgive me?” I asked.

She was silent for few minutes. “I forgive you Janice. I will never forget this.” Her eyes had misted. I reached to her cheek and stroked it. I told her “Sleep with me?”

She nodded and snuggled close to me.

8. Decisions

The next day when I woke up I found my pain was little less. I got up from the bed; there was no one in the bedroom. I made my way to the bathroom and relieved myself. When I came back Maria was waiting for me with breakfast. I went to my knees on seeing her. She waved to me and said, “No more formalities. I have made some decisions. We will discuss them after breakfast.”

We had a quiet breakfast. The food was good. When we finished a maid in a white burka came and took the tray away. Maria turned towards me.

“You know Janice that I am now Fatima and the head of the house. The maids live to follow my orders. But I also love you. I have always loved you. It’s a tough decision as to what to do now.”

She was silent for a long time before she said “So Janice, if I elevate you to the position of my lover, it will mean I cannot accept the maids anymore. That will hurt them more than anything else. They will not complain but it will hurt me to see them that way. Do you understand me?”

I nodded.

“So I now give you the option. You can return to your country and previous life. We will still be friends. You can visit me here anytime but that is all I could give to you. The other option is to become my slave. That’s right. By becoming my personal property no one will question your position beside me.”

I was torn between both the options. On one side was my previous life full of comfort while on the other side was Maria.

“Tomorrow you will be going back to your country. Yes. Live there for some time. Think over my proposal. After one month you can return. If you return as my slave I will know your decision. If you return as my friend I will accept you equally well,” she said before kissing me on my lips. Then she strode out of the room.

The next day, Fouziya helped me pack. I was back in the burka but this time there was no gag or cuffs. The burka gave me a sense of belonging now. It was security for me. I caught my flight from the Russian Airport. Two days later I was back in Boston

I spent most of the first week loitering around in my room. I had by then decided if I had to find out my true calling, better live both sides of life and see for myself. I started living my normal life as it was six months earlier but soon I started feeling like something was missing. I tried to find out but to no avail. One morning I decided to don the burka that I had brought with me. Having put the burka on I felt at peace, as if the missing piece was fixed. I was so happy.

That day I called my son and told him that I was in love. He was shocked but I received another shock when he said that he was in love as well with a Muslim girl. He said, since I was here he would like me to meet with her. Her name was Sahra. She was a really cute girl. She was quiet but nice hearted. And she also loved wearing a burka. I was really happy for my son. The next day I caught a flight for Russia and reached the mansion.

Once at the mansion I met Fouziya.

“Janice, it’s so nice to see you again. But you have returned after only two weeks,” she said.

“It’s my pleasure to be here. I have made my decision Fouziya. I want to surprise Maria with the best gift she has ever got. ME,” I said.

“Are you completely sure?” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” I replied.

“Okay, so how would you like to gift yourself to her?” I was asked.

“I would like to gift myself as a complete slave,” I told her.

She just nodded and said, “Follow me slave.”

I followed her.

We came into a large dungeon. This dungeon was completely different from the others. It had array of clothes and devices. I was getting wet. There in the dungeon were stood three maids all wearing red burkas. Fouziya turned to them.

“This is Mistress’s new personal slave. Give her the complete treatment then call me.”

That said, she left me to these maids. One of the maids motioned for me to sit on a chair and they went on to shave my entire body leaving only my eyebrows. I felt naked and as smooth as a baby. One of them brought some lotion and started rubbing my entire body. It was somehow erotic in nature. The maid standing far away said,

“This is balding lotion. It will make sure no hair will grow on your body again.”

I was shocked but before I could say anything, another maid slipped a ring gag into my mouth. My hands and legs were restrained to the chair before they proceeded to pierce my pussy lips, nipples and tongue. It was the most painful thing I had ever felt. I was screaming and thrashing and when finished they left me on the chair till I calmed down.

The head maid then produced a latex catsuit and I put it on. It had built in gloves and boots. I was next fitted with a chastity belt which was locked up. A hood was produced which was pulled over my shaved head. When that was all done pulled my arms behind me and placed them in an armbinder. It was really painful to have my arms fixed in that position behind my back but I endured it because I wanted to be the best gift Mistress could receive.


A stunning green burka was then placed on me and it really made me look like a doll. Even though I was gagged I was happy for myself and for my Mistress. I was then led to a wooden box. It was well decorated on the outside and I knew this was to be the gift box I was presented to Mistress in. I was helped into the box which was very comfortable. Once inside the lid was shut and I was completely in the dark awaiting the Mistress I had fallen in love with.



– for now. Perhaps the story is continued some day.

Thanks to Nye North for proof reading.

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