Rasiya’s Story – Part 1

Rasiya’s Story

by Burka Lover



The story is based in a futuristic Britain, where the British Government has relaxed immigration laws under the pressure of the UN. As a result, there was huge influx of immigrants in Britain especially in London. At present London is fast growing as the secular capital of Britain. A colony has risen in east London and is known as Palm Street. It is mainly dominated by Muslim immigrants, and houses around 2,000 families. It contains the facilities from Islamic schools to day care centers and much more. To the western side is the ‘Old London’, which houses catholic and native British people. Our story will revolve around these two areas.

Part 1

3 Months Ago

Our story is about Rosy Sandlers, a normal 23 year old girl, blonde hair, fair complexion and a Latin-American look mainly due to her mother. She has a well maintained body which made her fairly popular among her male colleagues. All was not well for this girl as, due to her father who died a year ago due to liver cancer, a huge debt hung over her head. A continuously ill mother, who was bedridden and thus unable to help with the household chores or payments, left Rosy, the sole child, as the only breadwinner of the family. She works at a not too popular mall, as a clerk at a meager salary of £300 which was just enough for her to manage the household costs each week. Rosy tried to go for other jobs, but in the process failed to pay the debt installments on time and was given warning by the bank officials. Thus she had to stick to her current job, so that she wouldn’t be evicted from her small apartment with her ill mother.

Then there is Mr. Ahmed.  A broker by profession and Rosy’s former college mate. He always had a crush on Rosy, and she knew about it. However, Ahmed was born and brought up at Palm Street so had a Muslim upbringing. Rosy on the other hand was from a more liberal part of London which had mindset differences with Ahmed. This prevented Rosy from committing to Ahmed in a relationship. Ahmed’s parents were from Pakistan’s Punjab province and belonged to a society which had strict customs. But Ahmed, being slightly more liberal in his beliefs, had gone ahead and proposed marriage to Rosy. Rosy however politely declined to which Ahmed said he is always ready for the marriage. Ahmed however had a wife and two children as well. Raessa was Ahmed’s wife and was born and brought up in the same province as Ahmed’s parents.

Raessa’s father was an Imam, and therefore she had a religious and strict upbringing. She had observed purdah, i.e. veiling practices from the mere age of sixteen. She was a strong believer of voice modesty and so gagged herself to avoid making any noise. When Raessa’s marriage was arranged with Ahmed, she had expressed her desire to continue her customs in London as well, to which both sides agreed. Two and a half years ago Ahmed married Raessa and brought her to London. A maid was assigned to dress Raessa and look after the house while another looked after the cooking and children. After bathing in the morning Raessa used to offer her prayers. Thereafter a maid would come and start her dressing procedure which was as follows. First were the undergarments and then the corset. The laces were tightened and tied by the maid after which came the posture collar to maintain her posture. After that there were stockings all in black, then elbow length gloves. The next item was a green Abaya which was followed by an armbinder to bind her arms behind the back. A gag, which was locked behind her head and the key to it left in the bedroom, was the next item Raessa happily allowed the maid to fit her with. The locking of the gag meant that once outside the bedroom she would not be able to remove it. To allow her to have a drink of water the gag had a small hole with a tube at its centre. Finally there was a black sleeveless Abaya and over this a double layered niqab . This was the attire Raessa wore inside the home. If she wished to leave the house a black Burka would be put on her and then only she go outside. Thus Raessa was a devout Muslim woman, who was not happy with her husband mingling around with Rosy, who was a non-Muslim.

2 Months Ago

At this moment Rosy’s life was going on monotonously. But fate played a part again and Rosy’s ill mother passed away. Rosy went into depression and stopped going to church neither did she hang out with her friends. However since her debt installments were still there Rosy continued in the job. But now that her mother was no more she thought that she should try new job opportunities and so started searching in newspapers for job offers. Her applications started a whole new round of interviews but she did not secure a new job, the main reason being her educational qualifications were not as good as what the companies wanted. So a month passed in search of jobs with almost no success. On one Sunday, she heard the doorbell and when she answered there was a boy at the door. He said he was distributing some pamphlets and asked would she like to take one. With generosity she took a pamphlet and went to her living room. There she absent mindedly read the pamphlet. It was a job offer. The money offered as salary was very good and would help her clear her debts easily in just a few installments. There was a number given there so she gave them a call. The call provided some details about the company. It was a new company and was on a hiring spree for the next three months. The company was managed by Mr. Mirza who worked for an Arabian sheikh. The company wanted women for the position of clerk. There was one problem from Rosy’s point of view as they only wanted to employ Muslim women for the positions. This news dejected Rosy, as she was not Muslim. She thought about converting to Islam, but did not have the guts enough to do it alone. But she desperately needed this job and she knew it. Then an idea clicked in her mind. She remembered about the proposal Ahmed had put before her. She immediately got in touch with Ahmed and decided her possibilities.

At Present

Rosy Sandlers is now Rasiya or Mrs. Ahmed. She married Ahmed fifteen days ago. First she converted to Islam as required, and then married at a low key ceremony. The marriage did bring some changes. Rosy sold her small apartment to manage her wedding celebrations. Rasiya’s wardrobe and dress code changed as well. Now Rasiya lives in the Palm Street, with Ahmed and his first wife. Due to a soft corner for Rosy in Ahmed’s heart, Rosy managed to convince Ahmed that she will require time to get used to their family customs and so Ahmed allowed her the liberty to dress and behave freely till she became acquainted to the customs. Raessa however did not find it amusing and tried to object but it had no effect on Ahmed. So now Rasiya, has the following dress code: A top and jeans combination or a salwar kameez with a headscarf and a knee length abaya at home. When outside the home, at Ahmed’s insistence, Rasiya wears a niqab. Clearly her dress code was neither as modest as Raessa’s and she had more freedom than Raessa.

Now that Rasiya had grown to know the other members of the family and household, she showed Ahmed the pamphlet. She asked him for permission to accept the job offer. At first Ahmed was stubborn on not allowing her. But later, after a week, he came and said to her “I will allow you to do the job. As the debt on you is really high and I alone cannot pay it off, so we need another working member in the house, so you can do the job.” Rasiya was delighted and had a good night’s sleep. The next day she fixes an appointment with Mr. Mirza at about eleven o’clock in the morning. She dresses more conservatively for the meeting and wears a full length abaya along with gloves to impress Mr. Mirza. At the meeting, Mr. Mirza greets her and asks her for her educational qualifications. He is surprised to know Rasiya has converted to Islam and gives his best wishes to her. He says “Your educational qualifications are exactly what we are looking for. The only thing is that according to the documents you are married, so as a formality we would like your husband’s signature on this letter. It simply says that he approves you of working outside the house and has no objection to it. Tomorrow you must return and bring this letter signed by your husband then we will proceed to the contract terms.” Rasiya, delighted at the thought says “I am grateful to you Sir. I will look forward to our meeting tomorrow.”

At home that evening she gives Ahmed the letter. Ahmed reads it and signs it. He says “I am happy that you are sincere enough to apply for this job.” That night as Rasiya fulfils her duty as a wife her mind is populated with the thoughts of the job.

The next day, she meets Mr. Mirza at the same time. She hands over the documents to him and sits down. Mr. Mirza approves it and says “Now that the formalities are over we can discuss the terms of the contract. Our company is a successful company in the Middle East, and we wanted to launch a successful business in Britain as well. However we were in two minds as the culture here and there are totally different. Our Sheikh, who is the owner of the company, wanted no compromise to Islamic customs and beliefs for the sake of profit. So we came up with an idea of contract. The contract has three levels specified. The levels are designed to suit the employee and their category of employment. The levels are divided on the basis of salary and dress code. As you know, Islam has its own dress code. The Sheikh wanted all the customs and dress codes to be kept intact as well as provide the employees, especially the women, to choose the level of dress code they would like, thus the three levels. Any doubts?” Rasiya gives it a thought and shakes the head as no. Mr. Mirza continues “The higher the strictness of dress code, the higher the salary. So a female employee gets to choose a good salary package and the amount of restrictions the dress code can make on her. Most seem to prefer a level two contract. This is what most of the women take.” Rasiya says “So higher the level the more strict the dress code.”
Mr. Mirza replies “Yes. Let me explain each of the levels to you. The level one dress code is for helpers. They are people who require use of their hands and limbs and so have a liberal dress code. It is a simple Niqab and abaya. The length of contract is six months with a monthly salary of about £225.” Rasiya nods in understanding.
A level two contract is for clerical staff who require the use of their hands. It includes thicker layers of niqab and gloves and voice modesty. They are given a salary of £475 and the length of contract is twelve months.
Finally is level three. This level is for people who want to go for higher post as ambassadors of the company. They have the strictest of the dress codes, which includes numerous things such as voice modesty, arm modesty and much more. They have the facility to choose their period of contract. They start as a normal employee, but have a special privilege that they can opt for higher posts if they want to. This privilege is only for those who choose a level three contract. They get a salary of around £1000 – £1,250 depending on the post. So now that you know the contract’s levels which contract would you like to join as our company’s employee?”
Rasiya gives it a thought, she knows that a level two contract would suffice her needs, but the salary given she would still have to pay a considerable number of installments. This would mean that Ahmed would have to help her out till the debt is paid off. Also she will be stuck at the same job with no scope of a pay increase or promotion in sight. So with a bit more strictness to her dress code she thinks she can pull it off, with a good salary and a scope to continue ahead. She says, “Sir after thinking carefully, I believe I would like to sign a level three contract.” Mr. Mirza says “Most women suffice with a level two contract but I respect your choice and your qualifications allow for it. I must remind you however the term of this contract cannot be less than the term of any other contract. This means it should be at least eighteen months minimum.” Rasiya gives it a thought, and as per her calculations, a two and half year contract would be enough but on instinct she says “Sir I would like to continue with a level three contract and would like to have a contract period of three years.” A surprised Mr. Mirza asks, “Are you sure Mrs. Ahmed??” Rasiya confidently says, “Yes sir.”
Mr. Mirza makes a few calls then a lawyer enters the office with some legal documents. Mr. Mirza says, “Mrs. Ahmed. Do read these documents and then sign the required pages. Also we need a few of your husband’s signature on some pages. So you may take leave and come back tomorrow with the signed papers and we will start your training right away. Any questions?”  Rasiya replies “No sir,” turns and leaves.

At home she tries reading the documents but doesn’t understand the legal implications and clauses and signs at the required places without reading them. She does this because she is desperate for the job. In the evening Ahmed comes home and Rasiya gives him the documents. After spending two hours reading the contract Ahmed emerges from the study room. He asks Rasiya whether she has read the documents carefully and understands what the legal terms mean. Rasiya nods vigorously. Taking it as ‘yes’, Ahmed signs the remaining documents. Rasiya is unable to sleep that night, partly because of her excitement, and so Ahmed relieves her from her wifely duties for that night.

Next morning Rasiya reports at Mr. Mirza’s office at eleven o’clock sharp. Mr. Mirza is happy to see all the documents signed and calls in another woman. By looking at her attire Rosy can see that she is a level one employee as she is only wearing loose garments, with a scarf and a single layer niqab. The slit in the niqab shows brownish eyes, which would captivate any male around the world. Mr. Mirza says, “This is Maryam, and she will be your helper and companion until the time I feel you are managing. The formal attire for you has been delivered already and both of you can go into the changing room and start right away.” With the green signal Rasiya follows Maryam to the changing room.

The Shock

Inside the changing room Maryam speaks for the first time. “Hello Madam, welcome to our office. I see that you must have read the contract which explains you your duty as a level three employee as well as the dress code. However no need to worry, we will be seeing all that again here once your training starts. So for now let me again read out your dress code Madam.”

  • Black undergarments
  • Hobble skirt to manage your stride so that act as a perfect Muslimah.
  • Waist corset along with a neck corset.
  • Stockings.
  • Shoulder length gloves.
  • Flat lockable sandals. The keys remain with me.
  • Black blouse with full sleeves.
  • Free flowing ankle length skirt.
  • At least one, preferably two abayas.
  • Ball gag with a tube through the centre to enable you to have a drink of water. The strap will be locked behind your head during office hours. I will remove the lock before we leave after office hours and put it back on your arrival at the office in morning. Your husband may decide to lock your gag at home depending on his choice
  • Black hood with electronic earplugs to block hearing, allowing you to hear only what is required. One remote remains with Mr. Mirza and one with your husband.
  • 4 layer niqab to limit your sight.
  • Hand cuffs and ankle cuffs.
  • Armbinder (for ambassadors only).

Hearing the dress code Rasiya at first is shocked and then becomes angry and storms into Mr. Mirza’s office. In a heated argument with Mr. Mirza she explains that this was not what she wanted. For even after converting to Islam she wanted to live a free life without the restrictions. At this moment Mr. Mirza signals Maryam who is standing behind Rasiya to do something. Maryam grabs Rasiya’s wrists and cuffs them behind her back and when Rasiya tries to scream, Maryam pops a ball gag in her mouth and fixes the straps at the back of her head.

For a few moments Rasiya is shocked then, when she regains her composure, she finds that she is held firmly by Maryam. Mr. Mirza then speaks, “I knew something like this would happen. To make you aware of the situation let me highlight some clauses of your contract. Firstly, according to the contract, you are now an employee of this company and are hereby bound to serve for the next three years.” Hearing this Rasiya is dumbfounded, for she will have to face that torture for three years. But she also knows that she asked for a three year contract and she cannot do anything about that. He continues, “Secondly, if you leave right now you will have to pay double the amount paid to you as a salary for three years as a penalty and failing that you and your husband will go to jail. I know neither you nor your husband is capable of paying that much money, are you? Also the debt which is left to be paid will cause you a loss of your husband’s property. Would you want that?” He continues, “So I now calmly ask you whether you will accept my job or pay the penalty.” After a minute of silence Rasiya nods in resignation to her fate. He says, “Surely you must have not read the contract correctly, but that’s your fault. Your husband must know that, according to the contract, in order for the training to succeed, you will be wearing your attire in the house as well, which means you will wear it 24/7. Your husband will be picking you up and dropping you to the office. The training will see to it that you behave and act like a true and pious Muslimah. It is for your betterment.” Then he orders Maryam “That’s enough for today, dress Mrs. Ahmed, and let the thoughts sink in. Her husband will arrive shortly.” On the orders Maryam takes Rasiya away to dress her. Rasiya, very much helpless in the hands of Maryam as well as due to the contract, hangs her head in defeat as she knows that there is no turning back now.

What to expect Next?
Readers will see in the next part Rasiya’s training program and the influence of training on her personal life. Also we will see what Rasiya experienced in the first part was the beginning of something much worse and of a serious nature.

Read on in Part 2 of Rasiya’s Story

Thanks to Nye North for proof reading.



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