Rasiya’s Story – Part 2

Rasiya’s Story


by Burka Lover

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Story So Far :

This is story of Rasiya, who is a convert from Christianity to Islam and is now married to Mr. Ahmed. Ahmed already has a wife whose name is Raessa. Rasiya marries Ahmed so that she can secure job in a company owned by a Arab Shaikh, which pays hefty salary and can help Rasiya pay back all her loans and lead a free life again. In this quest, Rasiya accepts the job with a highest restriction and scope to excel further in her career, she accepts the strictest dress code she has worn so far.

Life after the interview –

After accepting the contract, when Ahmed picked her up from Mr. Mirza’s office, Ahmed was highly disturbed by the amount of restrictions imposed on her because he loved her very much. With the help of Maryam her maid Rasiya wrote a letter to Ahmed, which Maryam handed over to Ahmed. It said, “Dear husband, I have accepted the contract as my wish. Do not get disturbed. I am willing to work in this way for the coming three years and hope that I will be able to finish off the loan payments and we will live a happy life thereafter.” Ahmed was surprised, as Rasiya had made her intentions clear that after marriage she would not be forced to follow the strict dress code as Raessa did and would not be forced to follow the customs against her will. Ahmed felt dejected and that Rasiya hadin a way betrayed him. He felt that Rasiya did this because she wanted to become a career woman and did not care for her husband. Ahmed was furious over this so went home and had a long talk with Raessa who wrote him her replies as she was gagged. Thus after the talk Ahmed wrote a letter to Mr. Mirza. It stated, “I highly appreciate my wife’s dedication and thus request you to make some changes to her dress code and behavior. Firstly, since I believe Rasiya will be gagged at home as well, I suggest you go for permanent voice modesty maybe through some sort of surgery. Secondly I would like Rasiya to observe arm modesty as well, so I request you to use an arm-binder and lock it so she will not have to use her hands. Also I am bit concerned about the purity of my wife with so many males in the company and thus would like to have a chastity belt fitted to my wife and the key being mailed to me. Do add any further restrictions you think appropriate and will help my wife flourish in her job. Thank You.”. Next morning he handed the letter to Rasiya and told her to give it to Mr. Mirza. He dropped her at the office building and went to his work. Rasiya handed the letter to Mr. Mirza. After reading the letter he had a faint smile on his face and dismissed both Maryam and Rasiya then made a few telephone calls and arrangements. Rasiya was then given a milk shake which she eagerly drank. Then, she started feeling drowsy and was soon unconscious.

When she woke up she noticed some differences, the first of which was that she could not open her mouth. She tried very hard, but found that her lips were somehow sealed. Also she noticed that all the area around was dark, she could see nothing and in her nose it felt as if some tubes had been inserted, limiting the amount of air she could draw at each breath. She also noticed that she could hear nothing. There was total silence and it scared her dearly. Then suddenly she heard a sound. It was Mr. Mirza who was speaking. He started “Mrs. Rasiya, some changes have been made to you, please listen carefully. Firstly sufficiently flexible steel wires or springs have been fitted in your mouth. This means that when the springs are in one position, they will seal your lips and teeth together thus making it impossible for you to open your mouth without added pressure. When someone tries to part your lips, your mouth will spring open and take on an oval shape. This way your mouth will be fixed in the open position till someone pushes a small button that will make the springs fall back and fuse your lips again. This ensures, you observe complete voice modesty throughout the day.” He gave her a demonstration. Rasiya was shocked. He continued “Secondly electronic ear plugs have been fitted into your ears, thus only I or Maryam or your husband have the authority to allow what you can hear and what you cannot. Also a mask has been fused onto your face. It’s black in color and has holes only for your mouth and nose. This is the reason why you are not able to see anything. Don’t worry, we have not deprived you of sight, but again it can be controlled by us whether you can see anything or remain in complete darkness. All this has been done at the request of your husband. Also a chastity belt has been fitted on you after your husband showed some concern. Now I conclude. Please do not be shocked but accept it and try to come to terms to it.” Everything went silent thereafter. For the rest of the day Rasiya was left to her own thoughts to cope with this. She sometimes got scared, sometimes cried but all that ended after a few hours.

That day Rasiya went home, and tried to gesture to Ahmed wanting to know what he meant by the request. Ahmed replied, “Rasiya, yesterday I had a chat with Raessa, and we have observed that you have become more career minded and thus lost respect for your family and husband. Thus, as a punishment, I personally asked Mr. Mirza to add certain restrictions to you so that you understand how you have hurt us. So hereby I declare to you that you will be spared from wifely duties to concentrate on your career. That chastity belt stays on for next three years. If I want I will remove it or it stays. Now it’s your turn to repent. ” With that he stormed out of the room. Rasiya was left with grief and no other option but to cry silently as she could do nothing else. The next morning Rasiya’s training was to start.

The Training

The training part came with another shock. Mr. Mirza addressed Rasiya as follows: “Mrs. Rasiya, since your husband has asked for complete arm modesty, it is in our best interests we fulfilled his request. But this has caused a small problem, since you wished to be a clerk when you joined the company, we required your use of hands, but that may not be possible because of the arm binder that remains locked indefinitely. So we have decided to shift you from clerical staff to customer care duties.” Rasiya thought it was way better as customer care, but then it struck her, how is she going to talk if she won’t be speaking for a long time. Her confusion was cleared by Mr. Mirza who continued, “Customer Care in our company is different. It includes no use of voice. Instead we aim at complete satisfaction for our clients wherever we treat them. Thus, all the maids and waitresses who are hired and trained specially to serve our clientele are put as Customer Care staff. I wrote to your husband for his consent and he replied positively. So now your job description is finalized. You serve in this post till such time as you get a promotion, at which time you will have change of duties. Maryam will explain you about your job in detail. You may not like it but I must remind you that the length of contract is still three years and it will be a long time till then. Our company always strives to make sure the women are pious and pure. But, the company also pays its employees and thus they have to work for the company. As in your case, you cannot use your hands or voice, but still you have a contract, thus it is my duty to make sure your services are made use of by the company. Thus, I have found the only way this can be done is by making a slight compromise in the modesty. Be fearless, as your chastity belt will stay on always so no one can question your purity and you will be kept effectively anonymous by the mask, so our conditions will also be maintained and the contract will also get fulfilled.

With that Maryam took Rasiya into the changing room or the store room. There she fed her water through a tube. Then she started, “That is an unfortunate turn of events, but I will have to train you in this aspect and it will be equally hard for me as for you. As you see, your current condition is perfect for a waitress. In this company waitresses work in pairs, while one waitress carries drinks and snacks the other serves them. You will be the carrier. Thus you will not require the use of your hands.” Rasiya was puzzled as she could think of no way this task could be accomplished without use of hands. Maryam was quick to notice that and produced a tray, which was attached to a belt. To other end of the tray was attached by two long chains to d-rings on her neck corset and the belt was put tightly around her waist. This way the tray was fixed to her body and would go wherever she went. Then Maryam produced a leash and attached one end to Rasiya’s neck corset and pulled on the other end. This way, she demonstrated how Rasiya would be working along with another waitress as a pair and serving the guests. Maryam continued, “This is however the slightly easier part. The tough part comes when you have to satisfy the customer.” Rasiya dreads this word and makes some sound, which Maryam understands. “I see you know it somewhat. But let me explain. Since there are two waitresses always, it sometimes becomes a burden for the waitress who can use her hands and legs as she is given most of the day’s duty. Thus to divide the load more equally, the waitress with more restrictions is given another duty, that of satisfying the customer , that is sexually, no need to worry, your purity will be completely maintained. As Mr. Mirza has explained your mouth can be opened up into an oval shape, the main reason for such a design is this. The client will be making use of your mouth as a hole for satisfying himself. This also results in more tips as well.” Rasiya is shocked and faints. When she regains her senses, she thrashes with her full power against the bonds, but after a few seconds cools down as she knows she cannot do much. Maryam says “I can understand how you feel but I have no option but to train you and you have to get trained because you also do not have any other option.” Rasiya knows what Maryam says is true and hangs her head in defeat. Maryam then says, “Since you are a trainee, I am superior to you and so is every other employee. Whenever you come across any superior or any male employee you have to get onto your knees and touch your head to the ground in respect. Do you understand?” Rasiya fumbles and then yelps in pain and crashes down to the floor. Maryam says, “This is a new electronic device fitted around your neck. It allows me to shock you whenever you disobey. Now try again.” This time Rasiya gets it right and falls to her knees with her head touching Maryam’s feet. Rasiya is thoroughly humiliated but hides her feelings. She remains in that position for what seems like half an hour, when Maryam gives her instructions to stand up.

Maryam says “Now we will begin training you on how to carry the tray and its items graciously without letting them fall down. Also most of the waitresses like you are blind and thus require a leash to direct them.” The tray is attached to Rasiya and she is directed slowly around the room in practice. This goes on for fifteen minutes then Maryam starts increasing the weight on the tray. The weight is increased every half an hour or so. This training goes on for three days till Rasiya perfects it. After three days, Maryam says “The job is half done Rasiya. When serving clients it is considered bad manners to serve them while the second waitress is standing with the items. Thus, you will have to kneel on instruction. This means that whenever you reach a client you will be signaled to kneel and then the drinks or snacks will be served. Let’s practice this.” Another round of practice starts. This time kneeling and getting up. Rasiya is thoroughly exhausted. But this being the delicate part, it is done for around ten days. After ten days Rasiya perfects the art of being the secondary waitress. Maryam says, “Very well. Work is half done. Now comes the dreaded part. You need to learn the art of satisfying our clients in whatever way they wish. Basically, since your mouth is always open, and the hood having a huge hole for the mouth it does not cause any problem.” Maryam presses the button to open Rasiya’s mouth. Rasiya then feels something cold at the tip of her tongue. The object is pushed further in and Rasiya notices its circular shape. The object is pushed further inside and causes a gag reflex in Rasiya. This tells Rasiya that it’s a penis. She starts thrashing violently. Maryam then says, “Five strokes of cane as a punishment. Rasiya this is a plastic penis not a real one. Accept it or else our client will not be pleased and if this news gets till Mr. Mirza he will fire you and all hell will break lose.” Rasiya calms down and this time does not fight it. Maryam eases it in and out of Rasiya’s mouth. At the same time she tells Rasiya to work her tongue in such a way that it pleasures the client. Without warning some liquid starts oozing out and goes straight into Rasiya’s mouth. Rasiya’s initial reaction is to spit it out but Maryam stops her, saying “This is actually a mixture of some salty and sour liquid. It tastes similar to a man’s seed. You will need to swallow this as well as what comes your way from the client. Not doing so will be treated as disrespect.” Thus Rasiya slowly swallows it. After the training session finishes Rasiya’s mouth is closed by flipping back the springs. This training goes for another ten days. By the end of a month, Rasiya is completely trained in the small parts of her work.

Rasiya’s Career

Rasiya’s first experience as a waitress was both shocking and strange. The company had meeting with high profile clients in a big hotel. Everyone, right from their financers to executives was present. Also there was the pair of waitresses around the entire hall serving drinks and snacks. Rasiya was one of them. Also there was present Ahmed, being a broker he had put in his life’s savings in the company’s shares expecting a good return. Each waitress had a small badge on her chest, but instead of displaying her name it displayed a number. This was to keep the women anonymous from the men and their prying eyes. Rasiya stood there, her arms bound tightly behind her back in an arm-binder, her head encased in a blinding mask, mouth gagged using springs, hobble skirt and high heels making everything all the more difficult. Then she sensed someone pulling at her through the leash and she knew it was time to get going. Every time she reached a guest who wanted something she would be tapped on her shoulder, signaling her to kneel. Rasiya would get on to her knees and stay there until she received further instructions. For the first two hours she was serving drinks and snacks and was getting exhausted. Then she sensed herself being pulled and then she noticed she was climbing a set of stairs. She knew then and there that someone among the guests has asked for special services from her. She walked for what seemed like half an hour at her pace. Then she was pushed down on to her knees. Someone parted her lips with some force and her mouth opened up. It took the oval shape, the springs fixing her mouth in that position. She felt a soft and moist tip of flesh near her lips. She knew it was time. Her earphone was turned on and she heard a voice. As it became clear she got the shock of her life. It was Ahmed who was forcing his manhood into her mouth. By the sounds she also noticed that someone else was with him. Ahmed spoke, “Hello darling, I think you must know by now that it is me. I was actually invited by Mr. Mirza who wanted to show me how well you have been trained to the company’s customs and practices. Along with me is Raessa, dressed strictly as usual but she seems to be equally excited after knowing how strictly you have embraced our culture. So on Mr. Mirza’s request I will use your services and be the first person to do so. I first felt offended at this but then felt it was part of your work. So now open wide……” Rasiya felt Ahmed’s manhood touch the back of her throat. She fought her gag reflex as Ahmed moved in and out of her mouth, throat fucking her. This went on for a half an hour before she finally felt liquid squirting into her mouth. She swallowed it all. Suddenly her earphones were turned off and everything came to a standstill. It was over. Rasiya wanted to vent her sexual frustration but everything was finished then and there.

Rasiya’s job as a waitress went on for about eight months. In that time she must have serviced countless men. There were even some women clients who used her tongue to give themselves satisfaction. For the whole time Rasiya was deeply frustrated. The reason was because of her job Ahmed was deeply upset. Thus, that day after she reached home Ahmed declared to her “Considering your job you have lost your purity. That is why I will only accept you after you change your job, or do no job at all. Till then the chastity belt will stay. It will be removed only once a month for cleaning purposes and for one night each month when you will be allowed to perform your wifely duties.” This news shattered Rasiya. For the past eight months, Rasiya was going through a wave of sexual frustration with no end in sight. Therefore, when eight months later, Mr. Mirza gave her an offer she was more than happy to accept it. Mr. Mirza said, “I am happy with your work. Most of the women who are waitresses are either slaves or fetishists. Normal women never keep on the job and quit or change jobs after a few weeks. So, with your dedication, I am offering you a promotion. Yes a promotion. You will be the new representative of the company for overseas clients. The way you dress and your humbleness can be a great boost for the company. The Sheikh has decided to give you a place on the Board of Directors. You will be his personal secretary and company representative overseas. Maryam will explain you your duties. Also I have other good news. Ahmed has been given a job in the company as well. He will be financial and executive advisor to the Sheikh.” Rasiya was happy for three reasons. Firstly she was now free from the job as a waitress which only brought humiliation to her and the family. Secondly, Ahmed now was an advisor to Sheikh. Thirdly, the loan that had been hanging over her head was now paid off. So now she had no loan or pressure on herself. Rasiya’s job as a secretary was the same as earlier. This time however she was there to satisfy the Sheikh’s needs. Also as a representative, she would be dressed in a thick burka, always bound, gagged, and blinded. She was used as a symbol by the company to spread its name. She retained the post as a representative for about two years. All the while, Ahmed had gained status as the financial head advisor of Sheikh, who would not take any decision without his advice.

Rasiya’s Personal Life

Though Rasiya was able to gain a promotion, but the way till that was an emotional roller-coaster for her. Her personal life was minimized to almost nothing and this was only going from bad to worse. Rasiya’s relationship with Raessa was kind of severed and formal. They would hug each other in public to show their sisterhood, but at home, Rasiya was not allowed to enter the kitchen and not even Ahmed’s study room and bedroom. Rasiya was provided with a separate room, close to the basement so that she did not interfere with daily routine of the house. She was even kept away from the children. The main reason for this was Rasiya’s job. Raessa was against the idea of married Muslim women working outside the house and adding to the fact that Rasiya was not modest enough for her job, made her hatred towards Rasiya even more evident and natural. Ahmed saw her twice a week for a one-sided conversation or a lecture on improving herself. Rasiya’s personal maid was instructed to read the holy book to Rasiya whenever her mistress was not otherwise occupied. Thus Rasiya would spend most of the day within her room. Also Raessa had taken center stage on family functions and festivals. Rasiya, would be kept at home mostly and seldom attended such functions. Ahmed on the other hand avoided Rasiyaas much as he could and while at home they were seldom in same room and he rarely spoke to her even if she was present. However, publicly or professionally, Ahmed supported her and showed affection, which was rather a ploy to strengthen his status.

Rasiya on the other hand was at first was unhappy with the restrictions imposed on her, but when she started doing her job as a waitress she started having a change of view. Now she respected Raessa more, as she knew Raessa was pious Muslim woman. She sometimes felt inferior in front of her and that was the main reason why she chose to remain in her room as often as possible. When Rasiya used to satisfy her customers, the customers would be told that she is blind and deaf. Thus, some customers used to turn on her hearing aid and would then pass lewd comments while using her mouth. This humiliated her and caused her immense mental agony. When Rasiya was promoted to a representative and personal secretary she was further degraded by the Sheikh in front of his wives. He used her as an example to show how them unworthy a woman Rasiya was, and thus advised them to stay indoors and observe strict forms of purdah. This way Rasiya’s life continued in humiliation and self pity.

The Big Moment

However the Sheikh was becoming old. His children were not experienced enough to handle the company which made the Sheikh take a rather surprising decision. He made Rasiya, the head of operations in Saudi Arabia. To celebrate the Sheikh held a small ceremony at his mansion, where Rasiya was given this post. The Sheikh told the gathered guests “My decision might have surprised everyone but I want to re-assure you that only Rasiya has the capabilities right now to handle this post along with my confidant Ahmed, who also happens to be her husband. I took this decision after looking at Rasiya’s dedication, the way she has represented the company and every other quality. Thus there could be no other eligible person for this post.” It was a lavish dinner and Rasiya slept well that night. The decision meant Rasiya practically owned the company’s stake in Arabia. To assist her Ahmed was made the CEO. The setting was like this. Rasiya would be wearing a burka made of golden embroidery. On her head there would be a seal. When Rasiya had accepted any deal she would place her head on the paper. The seal would be printed on the paper and thus the deal was finalized. However there was a catch here, since Rasiya was bound and gagged and blind, Ahmed would talk to her on company matters and only then she would agree or disagree on any rule or deal. This virtually left Rasiya as just a figurehead of the company with the actual running of the company being done by Ahmed. For the ensuing ten months Rasiya worked as the head of operations. She became a status symbol and was regarded as a pious and respectable woman. This did wonders to Ahmed’s image because he was Rasiya’s husband.

The Shock

It was now four and half years since Rasiya had accepted the contract. One night just after Rasiya had got into bed there came a persistent ringing of the door bell. After some time a maid came into her room and Rasiya got out of bed, donned her burka and went to the living room. There she saw several male and female police officers. By the time, Rasiya had reached the living room even Raessa, was in the room but Ahmed was not. After enabling her hearing device Rasiya was informed that it appeared as if Ahmed had disappeared. She was worried at first and then puzzled. The reason for her puzzlement was that Ahmed was not someone who would leave his wives alone and run away. Then the officer spoke, “We have arrest warrants for you Mrs. Rasiya. The warrants have been issued after The Sheikh filed a complaint against you and your husband. It is related to some fraud in the company and you will have to come along with us to the police station.” Rasiya was shell-shocked. She quickly regained her composure and by the use of some gestures asked the officers for some time to get her attire right. A female officer accompanied her to her room to ensure she does not try to flee. After Rasiya has dressed she is taken to a huge black van and is ordered to get in the back. Once inside she is told to sit down. A steel collar which was attached to the wall of the van was placed around her neck and her legs were cuffed in iron shackles. All this was humiliating for her. Her hearing ability was switched off. It was only when she reached the Police station, where her lawyer explained to her what has happened. “Mrs.Rasiya. I have to tell you that the company auditors have found a large scam in the company. You have been arrested because it is related to your area of operation, that being Saudi Arabia. Also, it is very unfortunate, that Mr. Ahmed, another key suspect in the scam is still at large. He fled possibly after getting a tip-off about the police raid. The problem is much larger, since the fraud has been done with your consent, you are here.” On hearing this Rasiya starts violently thrashing so a few female officers come and put a shocking collar around her neck and give her a medium shock, causing her to pass out. When she regains consciousness she is secured to the chair, at feet, knees, waist, chest and neck. She cannot move even an inch. Her lawyer now continues, “You see madam, the Government is treating this scam very seriously because it has caused loss to public money to the tune of millions. This has caused a ban to be placed on the company till things have been sorted out. So expect a big trial. Also, as you are the head of the company, you will surely be convicted.” This brings tears to Rasiya’s eyes. Rasiya now knows how this happened. Ahmed was in charge and told her what a particular deal contained and when she should accept a deal and when not. He had misused his post and lured Rasiya into accepting bogus deals. The meeting time is over and Rasiya is taken towards the women’s jail.

Read on in Part 3 of Rasiya’s Story

Thanks to Nye North for proof reading.

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