Rasiya’s Story – Part 3

Rasiya’s Story

The Sentence

by Burka Lover

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The Trial

As fate would have had it, Rasiya was caught in the middle of a big problem. The Arab Empire was in a crisis. The fraud begun by Ahmed had created inflation in some parts of the economy. The public was angry at the Empire’s inability to spot or cease the fraud and the resultant inflation. This created a big pressure on the Government, which hastily came up with a solution. The solution was, since Ahmed was at large, all the blame would be transferred to Rasiya, and she would be tried for the crime. The solution did not matter to the Government, as it thought that Rasiya knew about the fraud all the while and was responsible for letting Ahmed flee. The Government decided to conceal the fact that Ahmed was part of fraud, since if that would be revealed to public, the public would then ask questions over the capabilities of the police for tracing and catching Ahmed. Thus, once the final decision was made, Rasiya’s lawyer, Mr.Hamid met her in the women’s prison. The lawyer spoke the following words, “The Government has decided to prosecute you for the crime. As Ahmed is still at large, his name has been dropped from the case. Thus, in the light that you will be prosecuted, some rules have been made. One of them is that your mouth will be operated upon to remove the springs that keep your mouth closed. In their place you will be gagged, preferably using a ball gag or whatever the authorities deem fit. The next rule is that you will not be allowed to speak in the courtroom. The reason for this is that the Government has declared to the public that you are the culprit, and all the evidence points to you. Thus, the court, in its order of starting the trial, has withdrawn from you the right to speak in the courtroom. Whatever you want to say or tell the court you need to tell me. I will present it in writing to the judge.” However the next words which the lawyer spoke shattered Rasiya’s world. He said, “The Government is in crisis and so is the Empire. They are facing the wrath of the public. So to subdue the anger they have decided to give you no chance of getting free of the charges. Thus, even though I am taking your case, I cannot guarantee that you will be freed. It’s like they are making you a scapegoat. Be ready for a tough sentence.” Then a bell was rung. This indicated that meeting time was over and Rasiya was taken to a separate cell this time.

Rasiya was taken to a new cell. The cell was made of plain cement walls. There were no windows and the door was made of steel. A single bulb hung from the ceiling. There was a small rug on the floor. Apart from that the cell was empty. A lady officer came and spoke, “The trial starts in two days. Till then you will be operated on to remove those springs from your mouth. The Government has charged you with a serious crime and so you are considered dangerous. That’s the reason you are kept in a separate cell. Tonight you sleep. Tomorrow you have an appointment with the doctor.” However, unlike as the officer had said Rasiya did not get any sleep. The lawyer’s words were doing rounds in her mind. She knew she was in deep trouble, but given the state she was in, there was no escape available. Rasiya’s mind diverted to Ahmed and Raessa. She wondered where they currently were. Unknown to her however, Ahmed had been able to bluff the police and flee along with Raessa and their children. He knew he was going to be caught so he had fled the country after Rasiya had been caught. He went to his native Pakistan. Raessa on the other hand had to wait till her questioning was over. As it was found that she was in no way connected to the company or the crime she was released. After her release she also fled the country and joined Ahmed in Pakistan along with their children. The only one left in Saudi Arabia was Rasiya, who was awaiting her trial. Rasiya, was crying all the time she was in her cell. In the middle of the night, the small bulb was switched off, thus only light source gone. The cell was completely dark and agonizingly silent. Rasiya was both scared and sad, for she knew that her future was also dark like the cell.

In the dark, Rasiya had fallen asleep, so when the door suddenly opened and strong light poured into the room, it awakened her. Two female officers approached her. They grabbed her arms and roughly brought her to a standing position. A third lady officer entered and she said, “I am Fatima. I’m the officer in charge of the case and you. And you must be the traitor. Actually looking at you, I once used to feel that I want to be like you. But today I pity that I ever thought so. A traitor like you must be given a death sentence. However it’s not my duty to do so, however, I will make sure you do not enjoy your stay here and start repenting even before the trial starts, why did you do the crime and why I came under Officer Fatima. Officers, take her to the bathing room. Strip her, shackle her and bathe her.” For the first time in her life Rasiya was stripped. All the layers of burka’s were removed, her undergarments, even her chastity belt was removed and corsets as well. Then she was taken on to a cage. The cage was rectangular, with grills all around. The grills were closely placed so that only fingers could pass through the holes. The cage allowed only standing. She was forced inside, her arms were shackled together and her legs to the sides of the cage. Also a shackle was placed around her neck and the cage closed. Without warning, through pipes, strong streams of cold icy water showered over Rasiya’s body. She was shocked and chilled throughout her body. She tried escaping the shower but the shackles kept her in place. Fatima then ordered, “Use the soap you have been supplied with bitch. You will not be bathing for the entire day now. Do it fast.” Rasiya, was too shattered to disobey. She picked up the soap provided in the cage and started rubbing it on her body. At the end, another shower of cold water drenched Rasiya for a good five minutes. She rinsed herself thoroughly. Once the shower was over she was made to wait for five minutes. Fatima then spoke, “Good bitch. Now you will be taken out of the cage. Remember, officers are all around you, so no tricks. You will be handed a towel. Dry yourself and then return to the cage.” Rasiya slowly left the cage. She was self-conscious and tried to cover her body but was barely able to. She took the towel and dried herself then again stood back in the cage as ordered. This time she was not shackled. A powder was sprayed on her body and she was taken from the cage. At this moment Fatima approached. She pushed Rasiya’s hands behind her and handcuffed them. Her legs were also cuffed. She produced a collar and fixed it to her neck and a leash was attached to it. This she pulled and led her towards the dressing room.

As soon as Rasiya was standing outside the dressing room, Fatima pushed her inside with two other female officers. The female officers had the following dress code. They wore pants and a shirt and gloves covered their hands, all of a blue material. They also wore a hood, which only revealed their eyes and mouths. Over the hood they wore a scarf, such that it covered their face from nose down, both in blue. A belt with a big iron rod and a small gun and handcuffs was tightly cinched about their waists, the legs to the knees covered in leather boots with pencil thin heels. Once they were all inside room the door was closed from outside. The officers removed Rasiya’s restraints and then handed her a light blue catsuit made of latex. Because she was powdered, it easily slid on her body. The catsuit had built in gloves along with an attached hood that covered her face except for eyes, nose and mouth. The catsuit had holes at rear and crotch for bodily functions. Rasiya found that the gloves did not have fingers and were in fact a pair of mittens with just thumb and hand. The hood and catsuit was carefully zipped.  The zips met each other at her neck. A collar was locked at her neck, which meant that without removing the collar the suit could not be removed. Her hair was pulled through a hole at the crown of her head as a ponytail. Next an armbinder was used to crush Rasiya’s arms together, elbows touching, at her back. This was also locked. A silver colored chastity belt was produced and locked on her crotch. A pair of boots with three inch heels was locked onto her feet and legs. Following this her legs were cuffed and a spreader bar that forced her to keep her legs ten inches apart was attached between her ankles. To hide her features and maintain modesty a burka was pulled over her body. The burka’s lower part was big enough to accommodate the spreader bar as well.

Fatima then entered the room. She attached a leash to Rasiya’s collar and then pulled on it. She said, “Doctor’s appointment inmate.” Rasiya, trying to balance herself, slowly followed Fatima to the doctor’s cabin. In the cabin, there were two nurses and a doctor. The nurses wore green burka’s with slits for their hands which were covered with brown gloves, whereas the doctor wore white burka, again with slits for hands and with surgical gloves. Fatima started speaking to the doctor. The doctor just nodded. Rasiya came to the conclusion that the doctor was probably gagged. Rasiya’s armbinder was removed. She was led to a chair where her hands were strapped to the armrests. A light was diverted to her mouth and the doctor got down to her work. About an hour later, Rasiya sensed commotion and by the expression of Fatima, she thought that the operation was over. Fatima then took a letter passed to her by the doctor. She read out loud “According to the doctor you will have to keep quiet for another hour or so for pain to subside. Later you will be gagged. She also notices that your vocal cords have been not used for a few years so if you try to speak they will cause some pain. But the pain will reduce and in a matter of two months your vocal cords will be fully functional.” Fatima then closed the letter and added “If the court allows you to speak for the rest of your life.” This sentenced shocked Rasiya, but soon a tape gag was put over her mouth and the armbinder restored. She was taken to a different cell where her burka was removed and pinned to a hook outside the cell .Once inside she was diverted and arrived at a tiny cell that was little more than a cage. Two officers bent down and Rasiya was asked to kneel and she was pushed inside, the cell. It was very small, not allowing a person to stand. The occupant would have to remain in a seated or kneeling position. Once inside the cell the cuffs on her legs were fixed to the floor and locked in such a manner as to keep her legs apart. The leash was removed and a small chain which was protruding from the ground in front of her was attached to her collar and locked there. The chain was very short, barely seven or eight inches long, forcing Rasiya to remain kneeling, her body bent forward with her neck leashed to the ground she had to keep her head very close to the ground and her ass in the air. Then she felt a light slap on her ass. This was followed by more slaps that became harder with each blow. After every slap Rasiya would squeal and whine. About thirty slaps were delivered before they stopped, leaving her breathing heavily through her nose. Fatima then spoke from behind her. “This cell is usually for those inmates who are violent and do not do as they are told by the officers and try to resist. However under the Government’s orders, you are to be kept in this cage till the trial finishes. Also I believe you must repent your time here. So every hour an officer will come and spank you on your ass. Thirty spanks every hour. Enjoy bitch.” With this Fatima turned on her heels and went away. The cell door slammed shut. It turned dark. Only small slot in the door allowed some light. The air was hot in the cell and Rasiya was already sweating. She whined and tried to get somebody’s attention, but no one listened. After trying for twenty minutes she tried to relaxed, realizing it was of no use, nobody was going to help her. Rasiya, in an awkward position, was left only with her stinging ass and her thoughts.

She was spanked every hour and it was never good. She was crying whenever she was spanked but there was no one to listen to her cries. She only thought what worse could be happening to her. She was given lunch in the afternoon. It was some sort of mashed rice and some water. Both were given in a bowl. She expected that her hands will be released but the food was placed in front of her, her gag was removed and the door slammed on her face. With her arms behind her back and her legs fixed, she had no option but to put her face into the bowl and eat it. It was humiliating. She felt as if she was a dog who was eating his biscuits. However as it was she was hungry and she gulped the food and drank the water as well. Half an hour later the dishes were taken away, the gag was replaced and the door slammed shut. The next two days were a repetition of the first. In the morning, Rasiya would be stripped and bathed in icy cold water then powdered, put in a catsuit and restrained, returned to her cell, fixed in a kneeling position gagged and spanked every hour. Thoroughly humiliated she did not know when it would end. However on the third day, she was bathed dressed and restrained, a hood being added to her face. It was a leather hood and had only nose holes and also had padding over the ears, leaving her blind, deaf and mute. A burka was put over her. Instead of a spreader bar this time a short chain was attached between her legs. Also her thighs were cuffed and linked by a small chain. Dressed this way she was dragged to the police van, pushed inside and restrained to her seat and driven to the courtroom.

In the courtroom Rasiya’s hood was removed but the gag and burka remained. She was taken to a booth. The booth was a cage similar to her bathing cage and was made of glass. She was securely restrained in the cage and the cage locked. It was sound proof so she could see what was happening but could hear nothing. A voice began speaking through a speaker turned on by a court official. The voice announced “As Rasiya, wife of Ahmed, is charged with fraud and causing grief to the public, leading to an unstable economy and lives, she will remain in the booth. She is to be deprived not only of speaking but also hearing the proceedings. Her charge is of a serious nature, thus in the case she is convicted, she will hear the judgment but nothing else.” The speaker was turned off and all became silent. She could see her lawyer through the mesh of her burka and the glass. There were words exchanged, witnesses produced. She saw Mr. Mirza, her original employer. He was shown the photo of Rasiya in which her face was uncovered. Suddenly Rasiya heard the judge asking Mr. Mirza, “Do you know this woman.” Mirza replied, “Yes my lord”. The judge turned to Rasiya, “Does the accused know Mr. Mirza?” She nodded her head vigorously. She felt he was the only hope of her survival. Then all went silent again. Hours went by and everything seemed so meaningless to Rasiya. At the end the judge spoke and Rasiya could hear his words. “The court has heard from all the witnesses. It reserves its judgment for one week. The judgment will be announced next week. If the defense lawyer has anything to prove, he can do so. Otherwise, the judgment will be announced. The court closes for the day.” Rasiya was taken out of the cage under high security and returned to the police van and taken to the jail. There however before putting her back to her cell, her hood was removed and she was taken to the meeting room. In the meeting room her lawyer was waiting for her. As she was seated the lawyer spoke, “Madam, as you were deprived of hearing the proceedings you must be confused as to what happened and how the judgment was decided so fast. Actually, every employee from the corporation you were the head of has testified against you. This means that you have been found guilty of the charges. The story you presented to me, was true but the time for trial too short. This caused investigation lapses and I did not have enough proof to save you. The case was one sided from the start itself and now it’s over. I do not have anything else to prove and thus, would only appeal for a less harsh sentence for you. I give you my apologies.” With that he went away. Rasiya now knew she was to be convicted and thanked lord that she was given time to prepare herself for the sentence and her future life.

As there was a week left, Rasiya was taken back to the cell where she was lodged. She was gagged, arms bound behind back and made to kneel with her ass up and open to the air. She was then slapped thirty times on the ass by Fatima. After finishing the spanking, Rasiya was in tears, trying to lessen the burning sensation, but could do nothing. Fatima then spoke, “I see, you are crying. You should as well because now the sentence is surely to be of prison. Only thing to be seen is how many years do they sentence you to.” In her mind Rasiya thought “If I had done anything wrong I would accept the sentence. But why punish me for no offence of mine.” Rasiya knew only too well that her freedom was now in her lawyer’s hands, as only he could appeal for leniency. Though not in a position to use her hands or mouth she still silently prayed mightily that night. After every hour she would be interrupted for the spanking. By the next morning her buttocks were sore, and she was half asleep when she was spanked again in the morning. The next week went by in a similar fashion. The only thing she hoped for was that during her sentence she wouldn’t be given a cell like the one she was lodged in currently. Apart from being in the cell, Fatima now also kept her in solitary confinement. The reason for this was that Rasiya, frustrated by the happenings of her life, kicked two officers and tried to escape. However she was quickly recaptured and she now realized how big a mistake the escape attempt was. Fatima announced to her, “Now bitch. You hurt two of my officers. Still four days to go before judgment day, till then you will be kept in solitary confinement.” She instructed the officers to get her ready for solitary confinement. Rasiya was dressed in a black catsuit with mouth and eye openings. There was padding over her ears. She was then made to wear a gag harness. Over that was pulled a leather hood which had only eye holes. Then her legs were tied together at ankles and knees then her ankles were tied to the armbinder with a short chain, effectively placing her in a hogtie. A tube was inserted through the hood and gag into her mouth. Waste bags were attached to her chastity belt so that all her waste would be sent into those bags. Thus hogtied, she was then, taken to the center of the entire jail complex. There she was placed in a concrete room or a chamber. It was dark and inside she saw similarly dressed inmates, all hogtied and kneeling near the walls but separated by enough distance that they were unable to touch each other. On seeing her, muffled moans erupted from the chamber. On closer inspection Rasiya realized that all the inmates in this cell were fixed to the wall by a short chain attached to the wall and their collar. Soon Rasiya found herself being restrained in similar fashion. Her food tube was fixed somewhere on the wall. She figured that liquid food would be fed to her from here only. Then Fatima returned and spoke, “So bitch, now you will be taken out from here only on judgment day.” With that she left the chamber and the other officers closed the huge iron door of the chamber. The chamber was completely walled but still ventilated. As the door closed completely the room went completely dark leaving Rasiya hearing only muffled moans but nothing else. In the dark, Rasiya could do nothing but wait for judgment day. She tried to move her legs but she was very well hogtied. The next four days went by slowly and she could do nothing about it other than silently cry.

Four days later the chamber’s doors opened. Light pierced Rasiya’s eyes as it filled the room. Rasiya was released from the bonds and dragged out of the chamber to the bathing room. She did not have any energy left after kneeling in one position for four continuous days. She was bathed and then powdered. Next she was fitted with a catsuit, armbinder, leg irons, gag, hood and the burka. She was led to the van and driven to the courtroom. When Rasiya entered she saw that the courtroom was full. She was taken straight to the glass cage where she was held by a collar and other restraints. Then the judge entered and the gathered public became silent. The judge asked, “The Prosecutor rested its case in the last session, does the defense have anything else to prove?” Rasiya’s lawyer said, “My client has been charged with an offence and I do not have to prove anything else. But I would like to let the court know that my client is ready to accept whatever punishment the court thinks fit. However, considering her gender, I request you Sir, to please consider the case, the offence, the accused once again and announce a strict but mild sentence for my client.” The judge then proceeded, “As the defense is out of evidence, it proves that the accused is guilty of the charge. This makes punishment necessary. However she is also a woman and considering this, the court announces a ten year rigorous imprisonment term for the accused. However considering her gender, I would like her to be kept under house arrest until the completion of her sentence. This is possible only if a male guardian can be found to take custody of the accused. This will mean marrying the accused as she no longer has any blood relatives or husband. The guardian must submit his application within ten days from today. The guidelines for her imprisonment under house arrest will be given to the officer in charge. The court closes the case now.” The judge stood up and left the room. The judgment did not shock Rasiya much since it was what she expected. However, what shocked her was that she was to be married off to some stranger in case she would have to go under house arrest. Amid the emotions running in her mind, Rasiya was taken away. This time however a black cloth was put over her head, which prevented sight. When the cloth was removed Rasiya found herself in a cell. It was walled and had just one door. She found herself secured to a chair and had just a table in front of her. A female officer, accompanied by her lawyer, entered. The lawyer took a seat in front of her. He said, “The sentence was harsh. However I couldn’t prove your innocence so out of my moral responsibility I hereby make you an offer. I will become your guardian and marry you, after which you could be shifted to house arrest. I know it is hard for you but it is surely the best solution. You will need to sign this application. I will submit it to the court and we will get a reply within ten days.” The lawyer handed Rasiya the document. The officer loosened one of her hands and she signed the paper. After having experienced life in jail she was convinced that house arrest would be much preferable. While waiting for court’s approval Rasiya was kept in a common woman’s cell. In this cell she wore a latex catsuit, hood, gag, armbinder and leg irons, all of which were covered by a burka. She spent about a week in the same condition in the cell. All the while she prayed that her lawyer would come and save her. On the eighth day she was taken to the cell where she had a week earlier met her lawyer where she was strapped to the chair as before. A female officer came in and said “My name is Shaheen, I am the officer in charge of your case. Now that the court has accepted your lawyer’s request to keep you under house arrest and be your guardian some changes will follow. Here they are: firstly you will be married to him at a local mosque today after which you will be brought back here. The court has prescribed a dress code that must be followed when under house arrest. It is, apart from a few changes, the same one as used here at the prison. According to the court notice, you will be wearing a chastity belt for the next ten years, so any chance of intercourse and thereby children will be avoided. The chastity belt still has a rear hole which can be used by your husband if he wishes to do so. Secondly, a special cell has been constructed in your future husband’s house, where of course you will be living. The cell is a concrete room with a door of steel which has a slot for light to enter. You will be put a collar which will then be synchronized with that cell. You will be allowed a daily one hour outside the cell for bathing and other things, and your husband will be allowed a one hour each evening if he wishes to have you for company. If you pass the one hour limit or he crosses his limit, the collar will start beeping. That will be recorded in our database.  Such beeps means one offence. Four such offences will mean that you will be returned to jail and even your guardian will be punished. Have I made myself clear?” A dejected Rasiya nodded her head vigorously.

House Arrest

Thus, as per the order Rasiya was taken to the mosque. There she found her lawyer, Mr. Hamid waiting. They were wed with the correct religious practices. After the wedding ceremony Rasiya was taken back to police headquarters where to her restraints were added a chastity belt and a collar. She was then driven to Hamid’s house. Once inside the house she was taken straight to the basement. There in the basement was a cell custom made to house Rasiya. It was of a small size, enough to give Rasiya room to stroll around in it. She was pushed in and the door was locked. The rules of her house arrest were read once again. After the paperwork was done and the police left Hamid came down to the basement. Rasiya was seated on a rug provided to her, her arms encased inside the armbinder were nowhere to be seen. Muffled grunts were audible, probably because she was crying. Hamid peeped through the slot provided in the door. Rasiya noticed that and went near the door. Hamid said, “I know it will be difficult for you right now but I am sure that this is better than the life in jail. Bringing you here was something I wanted because my wife died of cancer a few months ago. Then came your case and I have started to have a liking for you. I am convinced of your innocence and thus will continue my work to clear this false charge against you completely. You being here gives me somebody for company. However my children do not know about you and will never probably will. That’s the reason I had the cell made in the basement where they won’t notice you.” He opened the steel door and went inside, the collar chimed once to indicate that Hamid’s hour had begun. Hamid took Rasiya to the rug and sat down there with her. After ten minutes of silence Rasiya put her head on his shoulder and cried. He knew it was difficult but said nothing and let her head rest on his shoulder. After about half an hour, he sensed that Rasiya had fallen asleep on his shoulder and he carefully put her on the rug, closed the steel door, locked it and went away. The next morning a maid came and opened the door. Rasiya was taken to the bathroom and stripped. Her ball gag was left in her mouth. She was bathed and two tubes were attached to her thighs, each for taking her waste products, and then she was dressed and restrained as earlier. She was returned to her cell within the designated one hour. In the cell she was really bored but knew nothing could possibly be done. Also the food she was given was a liquid diet so there was no need for removing the gag. In the evening she heard some footsteps and the giggling of small girls. She thought it must be Hamid’s daughters. Both of them came very close to the cell and she was for once scared of being found out. She then heard Hamid’s voice as he scolded both of his girls badly and took them away. That night when Hamid came to her cell, she put her head on his shoulder and cried.

Rasiya’s life was monotonous. However Ahmed had resurfaced in Pakistan as a wanted person. He was wanted in many scam cases similar to the one in Arabia that had happened in Pakistan also. He was also responsible for marrying several girls and then abandoning them for money. Hamid on the other hand was keeping a close eye on Ahmed. There he spotted a clue. This clue was that in all the scams Ahmed was solely responsible. Raessa had no role to play. This intrigued Hamid. How can a wife not know about her husband’s whereabouts? This made him suspicious. He used his special and secret sources in Pakistan and started gathering information about Raessa. After about two years searching for clues and information, Hamid succeeded. What he found however was shocking. He found about a pattern in every scam that Ahmed started. He would leave just before it would get discovered. Raessa on the other hand would wait behind, let the questioning finish and then would flee herself. Hamid decided to track the movements of these two people as well. However in the meantime, back in Hamid’s home, Rasiya had lived a life of complete monotony. Looking at her track record the judge decided to visit Hamid. The Judge was moved by Rasiya’s dedication to the sentence and passed a new order. The new order stated that Rasiya’s time outside the cell is increased by two hours that meant she would be outside for three hours in all and Hamid was allowed to be with Raessa for two hours daily. The Judge also reduced the sentence by three years which meant that Rasiya would now have to spend only five more years under house arrest. With the extra time allotted, Rasiya, with the help of her maid, requested Hamid to allow her some time with his daughters. Hamid was more than happy to oblige. Thus, Rasiya’s boredom was reduced somewhat as she became closer to the two girls. However, still gagged, arms tied and wearing a burka limited her contact with the girls. However, after relaxation of rules, Rasiya also understood that Hamid, being her husband needed sexual relief. With the help of her maid, in a letter she urged Hamid to take her in her butt since her pussy was still concealed by her belt. Hamid was over the moon. Thus after that time, every night Hamid would take Rasiya in her butt. At first this gave Rasiya pain, but then started to love it. She would purposely kneel with her buttocks in air, to let Hamid know she wanted him to take her. Hamid was mesmerized. They both never talked, neither had he seen her face except in a photograph, but they shared a bond that was truly different.

Turn of fortune

Two more years had passed by. While Hamid and Rasiya were enjoying their unusual relationship, Hamid had set up a trap. He had decided that instead of catching Ahmed he would try and trap Raessa and then Ahmed would be left without a choice but to surrender. The idea worked, the Pakistani Police arrested Raessa and interrogated her and under immense pressure Raessa gave in. Using her evidence the police arrested Ahmed. It was found out that although Ahmed would carry out the crime, it was Raessa who was the actual mastermind, making the plans of the scams and other things. After about six months, on the Saudi Arabian government’s demands, both Ahmed and Raessa were returned to Saudi Arabia. The police re-interrogated them in connection with Rasiya’s scams. Raessa confessed and said, “Yes it was my plan to get Ahmed married to Rasiya. I knew about the company and its rules beforehand. And though I wanted to join it, its severe rules always were a discouragement. However one day Rasiya came with marriage proposal to Ahmed. She wanted to marry him so she could convert to Islam and do the job and pay off her debt. At first I was miffed when Ahmed accepted her proposal, but then I gave in to Ahmed’s demands.” Ahmed said, “At that time I really loved Rasiya and marrying her was really a big thing for me. Then came her dreaded job and she was always restrained and this caused my love for her to fade.” Raessa continued, “Thus at this time, Rasiya was climbing up the ladder of success and Ahmed was losing his interest in her. I started filling Ahmed’s mind with negative thoughts about Rasiya and therefore, with my help, he came to the view that Rasiya only cared for her career. But then she was promoted and we had to move on to Saudi Arabia. This is where I got the idea of the scam. I convinced Ahmed to become a confidante of the Sheikh and thus run the scam. At this time Rasiya was made the head of operations in the Saudi region and I and Ahmed started making illegal transactions on behalf of Rasiya’s company. All the blame would go on Rasiya and we knew that we would be safe.” Ahmed then said, “But then the scam was busted and I fled the country. Raessa assured me that she would not be involved in the case and would be freed for lack of evidence. The same thing happened when we went to Pakistan. We both decided to keep no contact or relationship with Rasiya, therefore we never knew what happened to her.” Raessa then said, “I found that this way we could earn a lot of money and made this our modus operandi. Ahmed would marry a girl, force her to climb the company ladder and then run a scam and flee. It went well until we were caught red-handed.” Both Ahmed and Raessa were then taken to the jail.

A court case followed and on the confessions of both Raessa and Ahmed, Rasiya was declared innocent and free. She was also given a huge sum of money as compensation. Rasiya was more than happy that she would be free from all the restraints and humiliation now.


It’s four years now since Rasiya was declared innocent by the court. However life hadn’t changed much for her. She and Hamid now had a huge mansion and good life due to the compensation money. They had two more children, a girl and a boy. However, after Rasiya was freed she decided to not change her attire. The reason was that since they had two girls that time, it would not be a good impression on them. So Rasiya now wears the following attire, chastity belt, gloves, stockings, corset, salwar kameez, armbinder, posture collar, gag, abaya and burka. Being restrained in such a way has cost her the use of her arms as she no longer has sensitivity in them and thus is always helped by a maid who is constantly around her for the day and later in the evening she is helped by Hamid. She stays pious and now has more respect in the elite group of Sheikhs. Her husband has become a reputed lawyer after the case of Rasiya. Both are now madly in love with each other and their children. Neither Hamid nor Rasiya could have expected such a happy life. Rasiya sometimes gets downhearted at her memories but tries to stay positive and happy for the sake of her children and Hamid. Ahmed on the other hand, has been sentenced to serve two hundred years in prison and Raessa a hundred years. This was the combined sentences for all scams in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Now they can say. As you sow, so shall you reap . . .


Thanks to Nye North for proof reading.


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