Experimenting with Purdah

Experimenting with Purdah

by Daever


“Yes we will be able to do it,” said Vicky firmly, Mark grumbled and decided to give in. They had been discussing this for months and it looked that it was finally going to materialize.

Mark and Vicky, a young couple in their early thirties had been living together for a few years now after they had met through the TOTV website. Both had a fondness of strict purdah stories and hit it off when reading each other’s comments on “Last Day in Riyadh”.

Vicky skipped off happily to start all the preparations for their 2 weeks of fun whilst Mark sighed again wondering what he had let himself in for. On paper it all sounded great, Mark would indulge his submissive side and spend two weeks in total purdah at the hands of Vicky. Despite his reservations, the thought did give him a slight tingle inside

Vicky had worked him for months now, explaining that he would “travel for work” and she would have a female friend over from the Middle East whilst he was gone. This would not raise suspicion about his absence in the neighborhood, whilst explaining the presence of a quiet veiled women staying at their house. It all seemed perfect.

Mark walked down to the kitchen where Vicky was busy writing down ground rules and plotting her time in charge. She smiled quietly thinking of all the things she was about to order to make his “vacation” a fun one, question remained … fun for who.

As the weeks passed packages started arriving, some big , some small, Vicky gathered them all in a room to which only she had a key. Mark went to work as usual and the idea of the experiment drifted to the back of his mind. One day he arrived back and the hair on the back of his neck rose as Vicky sat there waiting for them smiling mischievously. She gave him a small kiss and whispered “I think Fatimah is arriving next week.”

Mark swallowed as he knew what this meant, he called his boss and arranged to get the next two weeks off. Vicky spent the next days laying down the ground rules, Mark would be under her control for the complete two weeks. He would live by strict purdah rules and in order to ensure his compliance Vicky had ordered some items which she would use to her liking. By the end of the breakdown Mark’s head was spinning so he nodded and signed the paper in front of him.

The next morning they got up early and set off to the airport. Vicky had booked a room in one of the airport hotels where she would transform Mark into her purdah-observing visitor. After they had checked in she wasted no time and asked Mark to strip and shower as she laid out the items that would be used.

The transformation

As Mark walked into the room, Vicky gave him a hug and then made him slip in his full metal chastity belt. “Can’t have Fatimah spoiling the disguise now, can we,” she chuckled. Next came a thin catsuit in a very thin but soft wool blend, this would keep him warm and cover him completely. This catsuit did have a few special features though.
Vicky had asked the knitter to incorporate mittens which were almost 4 times as thick as the actual catsuit. This rendered Mark’s hands completely useless as long as he didn’t take the catsuit off.

His feet were fitted with a pair of comfortable slippers as to allow him sufficient mobility to get home.

Next Vicky slipped leather cuffs in special pockets at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles and locked each one with a small padlock. Mark grunted gently knowing his mittened fingers would never reach those locks.

A collar was fitted around his neck and locked just like everything else. Vicky gave Mark a last drink and then said while grinning “purdah time Fatimah” as she fitted a full leather muzzle over Mark’s head.

She then connected small leather belts between his knees and ankles limiting his stride. In honor of their favorite story on TOTV she then fitted a wide leather belt around his waist and connected his wrists each to a cuff on his side.

Vicky opened two hidden slits over Marks ears and fitted each ear with a noise canceling earplug rendering him completely deaf, what Mark didn’t know was that these were also headphones which sprang to life when Vicky spoke into a small microphone, “Can’t have you tempted by strange voices Fatimah.” Mark noticed that Vicky had stopped using his real name and kept calling him Fatimah. In a strange way this put him more into the right headspace and he started to enjoy the whole adventure.

Vicky took a headscarf and fashioned it in a tight fitting manner around his head and added a floor length blue abaya. It was beautifully decorated and looked wonderfully colorful. Before she tied the thick 4 layer niqab on ‘Fatimah’s’ forehead Vicky added a small leather strap from the bottom of his muzzle and fed this through a corresponding one on his collar. Tightening it forced his head forward in a more subservient manner. ‘Fatimah’ was now completely helpless.

“OK, let’s get you finished up so we can go shopping and home,” said Vicky as she flipped 3 of the 4 veils down reducing his sight to about a meter. Vicky quickly packed up Mark’s clothes in the suitcase and they set off for the garage.

‘Fatimah’ shuffled quietly next to Vicky in the long hallway as the thick carpet eliminated all noise from his steps making the progress seem almost ghost-like. At the car Vicky fastened the seatbelt and before setting said “you have seen enough I think” whilst flipping the fourth veil down and plunging him in complete darkness.

The drive was exciting yet scary, Mark had no idea where he was when suddenly Vicky spoke “Stay put, I am going to get some groceries.” Mark grunted as there was no way he was going anywhere by himself. Unknown to him however was that they were already parked in their garage and Vicky was sitting next to the car enjoying the quiet immobile figure in the car. She was determined to have so much fun and had a few nice surprises up her sleeve for him.

When she got back in the car she drove around for another twenty minutes before she parked the car in the garage again.

She let Mark out and asked if he was ready for his “vacation”, he grunted and tried to nod, not knowing whether it was even visible. As he followed Vicky to the living room Mark had an eerie feeling that Vicky’s idea of “experimenting” with purdah would be a success … but for who…?

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