The Covered Cleaner Menu

The Covered Cleaner

The original story by Dark Vagabond ends with them asking someone to make an ending to their work in CAPITAL LETTERS. Five and a half years later Skanderbeg has done this in the most elaborate way by writing 56 more chapters.

Part 1     The job (Oct 2005)
Chapter 1 Veiling
Chapter 2 Second thoughts

The above two chapters are by Dark Vagabond.
The remaining chapters are by Skanderbeg.

Part 2     A new image (Apr 2011)
Chapter 3 The decision
Chapter 4 Mark
Part 3     Dinner parties (Apr 2011)
Chapter 5 The gag
Chapter 6 Adam and Liz
Chapter 7 Outing in niqaab
Part 4    Zyrafete (Apr 2011)
Chapter 8 Getting to know a niqaabi
Chapter 9 First visit
Chapter 10 Slow progress with the corset
Part 5    More re-enactment society events (May 2011)
Chapter 11 Inviting Mark
Chapter 12 Wearing niqaab more often
Chapter 13 Wearing the corset
Chapter 14 Three serving dinner
Chapter 15 A pay rise
Part 6    Veiling regularly (May 2011)
Chapter 16 Tightening
Chapter 17 Buying suitable clothes
Part 7    Telling Mark (Jun 2011)
Chapter 18 Serious discussions
Chapter 19 Wearing the mask
Chapter 20 Mark and the burqa
Part 8    Visiting Liz (Jun 2011)
Chapter 21 Another corset?
Chapter 22 A full time niqaabi
Chapter 23 Even more veiling
Part 9    Mother visits (Jul 2011)
Chapter 24 Breaking it to mother
Chapter 25 Mother in niqaab
Part 10    Visiting Mark (Jul 2011)
Chapter 26 The journey
Chapter 27 Mark’s family
Chapter 28 Chatting with Mary
Part 11    Incommunicado (Jul 2011)
Chapter 29 A walk in the woods
Chapter 30 Under control
Chapter 31 Luke’s parents
Part 12    San Francisco again (Aug 2011)
Chapter 32 Back home
Chapter 33 A surprise
Chapter 34 Mark takes control
Part 13    Big decisions (Sep 2011)
Chapter 35 Replying to the proposal
Chapter 36 Still no key
Chapter 37 Another re-enaction event
Part 14    Mark’s family visits (Sep 2011)
Chapter 38 A call
Chapter 39 Tourists
Part 15    Friends in bondage (Sep 2011)
Chapter 40 Visiting Zyrafete
Chapter 41 Liz in chains
Chapter 42 A stricter corset
Part 16    Marriage (Sep 2011)
Chapter 43 Wedding
Chapter 44 Honeymoon
Chapter 45 Keys
Chapter 46 Zyrafete restrained
Part 17    Full surrender (Oct 2011)
Chapter 47 Mark takes complete control
Chapter 48 Shoes
Chapter 49 A new apartment?
Chapter 50 The new home
Chapter 51 New rules?
Part 18    Seven vignettes from married life (Oct 2011)
Chapter 52 A request
Chapter 53 Visit by Hannah
Chapter 54 A visit from Nicole’s parents
Chapter 55 Pregnant
Chapter 56 Sun worship
Chapter 57 Walking with the pram
Chapter 58 Taking a child to school


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