Hamesd the Honoured

Hamesd the Honoured

by Dave Potter


Exclusively for the ‘Tales of the Veils’ website



This story is set in Onoguria. Onoguria is an imaginary country and society which I have invented. In the future there may be more stories about Onoguria and life there, but about this I cannot be sure. Although Onoguria is imaginary, it is naturally based upon some human societies. Foremost amongst these are those of the Arabian peninsular and the Ottoman Empire. However, there are also influences from the Far East, from tales of life in the courts of Peking and Hue. What is important about Onoguria is that it is a deeply religious society where women live totally segregated from men. Even peasant women must veil so that only their eyes can be seen and are not allowed to reveal any more than their eyes to any soul save their closest female relatives and their husbands. All marriages are arranged by fathers at the age of fourteen. Once married, a woman may not leave her husband’s property unaccompanied, even for a trip to the market or temple. Most women never leave their village. Some never leave their homes. Such are the lives of the poor women. The wives and daughters of the rich are much more restricted.


She was only twelve years old when the woman came. She remembered the day vividly. An order came through that all of the girls in her village between the ages of ten and fifteen were to line up in the market square. Naturally she followed that order and was stood, ten minutes later, wrapped up thickly against the cold winter air, next to her cousin Gagach. Then the lady came. All the girls gasped when they saw her for her richly embroidered gown and veils that covered her entire face, yes, even the eyes, indicated that she was a woman of rank, perhaps even a member of the royal household.

The lady paced slowly down the line of assembled girls, her black veil with gold embroidery staring blankly into the eyes of each female as she passed. She walked from one end to the other and then did so again. At the end she then nodded and commanded, ‘Let me see this girl, this one, that one and the one in the blue gown.’ The third one that she pointed at was Hamesd..

Hamesd was led away by her father, back to their small house. ‘Wait in your chamber!’ he commanded. She waited. About half an hour later she heard the lady arrive and be seated in the living chamber. She heard her talking with her father, asking questions about his occupation, wealth and lineage. Then, she heard a rustle and the door opened. Her mother, accompanied by the lady walked into the chamber. “let me see her!” the lady commanded.

‘Let me see her!’ What could it mean? Everyone knew that a girl is allowed to show her face to none save her mother, sisters, grandmothers and, upon marriage, her husband. She looked pleadingly at her mother. “Do what she says,” her mother replied. “Do not worry Hamesd dear, you shall not be breaking any of the sacred laws.” Uneasily, Hamesd took off her gown, faceveil and headcovering, revealing her long silken hair the colour of copper. The lady smiled. “The face is good,” she said. “Now the rest.”
Again Hamesd looked towards her mother for guidance. “The rest of your clothes, Hamesd,” she explained. “Take them off for the lady, dear.” Horrified, and yet unable to go against a parental command, she slowly stripped, revealing her young body with its smooth golden skin.

“She is still a child,” the lady said, examining her intently, “and yet she shows potential. Perhaps when she is a woman…?” She paused and looked again at Hamesd’s piercing blue eyes. “Yes, you have potential,” she repeated, “much more than any of the others that I have seen this last two months. Mother! I shall return here when the time is appropriate. In the meantime, keep her safe from harm and do not disfigure her through forcing her to toil.”

“But Majesty,” replied her mother, bowing low, “we thank you for casting your gaze over our humble child, but how are we to manage. She is needed to cook and mill.”

“Fear not Mother, you shall be well rewarded. Here is an initial offering.” She handed her mother a large bag of gold pieces.

“Majesty, you are too kind!” the mother replied, but the lady took no notice.

“Take this also and fit it to her. It shall prevent any… accidents.”
She handed her something else. Hamesd looked at it. It was something strange, like a pair of underpants, only made of bronze. Her mother went over to her. “Do not be afraid my child,” she whispered and then, to her astonishment, she fitted the golden pants around her most private parts and with a turn of the key, locked them.
“I shall take the key,” said the lady.
Her mother bowed and offered it to her. The lady took it and then left.

Of that whole strange episode with the royal lady, not a word was spoken to Hamesd by her father and mother, but it was most clear to her that it had been of great importance. After that day, inexplicably she found herself excluded for virtually all housework, treated with more pride and respect than previously, and given far finer robes to wear than the dull ones of white cotton that she had always worn previously. Now she was quite frankly the best dressed girl in the village and the eyes of the other maidens stared enviously at her as she walked by on the odd occasions when she was let out of the house. Furthermore, when she reached her fourteenth birthday, the occasion on which in Onogurian society it was customary for suitors to come calling at a girl’s door, laden down with offerings of goats and silk, not one came to her house, even though her father had always taken great pride in the fact that his daughter was healthy and beautiful and would have ‘no problem in securing the best of marriages’. She stood silent and confused as her cousin Gagach who was far uglier and much weaker than her got married two months after she turned fourteen herself, and indeed by the time that she reached fifteen she was the only one of her friends still locked inside her father’s house as opposed to that of a husband. She wondered daily as to what was happening, who that strange lady had been and why she had not been married off as was the custom, but of course, a girl in Onoguria has no right to ask any questions and a father no reason to give any explanations, and so she just continued wondering and asking the Gods for guidance whenever she was lucky enough to be allowed out of the house to visit the temple (accompanied by a father or brother of course).

Then, three months after her fifteenth birthday, the lady returned.

“Hamesd, you have been selected for a very great honour,” said her father. “You have made this family proud.”
Her mother was crying.

“What is happening?” she whispered to her.

“You are to leave this house,” the lady said. “Hamesd, as you father said, you have been selected for a very great honour. Tonight is the last night that you shall spend under this roof. Tomorrow you shall journey with me. My name is Yeva and I am a queen in the palace of King Hovsep. You have been chosen as a concubine for his son, the future king, Prince Momig. You are to live in the palace in Echmidjin with me and all the other wives and concubines. We leave tomorrow morning.”

The palace! To live as a concubine! And as a concubine the possibility of becoming a wife one day! Hamesd knew little about the palace and the king save that it was a long way away in the great capital Echmidjin and that to be chosen as a concubine was an honour so great that… well, a girl could only dream of such things.

“Tonight we shall hold a party to celebrate this honour,” declared her father.

“And you shall be dressed as a lady,” added her mother.

And indeed that night a party was held. The greatest, most flamboyant party in the whole history of the village, attended by everyone. There was singing, dancing and feasting and in the centre of it all sat Hamesd clad in the fine gowns of a lady.

Yes, a lady. Those gowns that she’d seen before but knew that she could never wear. For the first time in her life she donned one of the fabled chadri which covers everything, only a small mesh allowing her sight. This chadri was in deep blue, with fine embroidery and sat snugly on her head. As she sat their in silence, (for as with all parties when young unmarried men are invited, she, like all maidens was required to wear a ball in her mouth that was fastened at the back of her head so that she could not speak and thus disgrace herself), watching the menfolk eat, drink and be merry feeling as proud as any girl could. She had been chosen, she was a villager no longer, but instead a lady.

Early the next morning they left, she following Queen Yeva’s fine golden carriage in a smaller one, pulled by two white horses. As with the night before, she was clad in an all encompassing chadri and the ball inserted in her mouth. This time however, there were extra preparations. Around her bottom a nappy such as worn by a baby was secured so that she did not have any accidents on the long journey, and then her wrists had beautiful engraved golden cuffs clasped around them and were fastened together and to her chastity belt by two short chains. Then finally, one further restraint was added. A thick collar of gold was secured around her neck and a golden chain attached to it and then leading down, out from beneath her silken clothes and to a post set in the centre of the coach. Secured so everyone could see plainly that she was a lady of royal rank and furthermore, a lady whose master cared for her enough as to make sure that she came to no harm.

The journey to Echmidjin took three days. Each day she was positioned in her carriage on the silken cushions where she sat for twelve hours, marvelling at the scenery which she could vaguely make out through the close mesh of her chadri. And then, in the evenings, she was taken to a guestroom in an inn, bathed by a veiled servant, her bottom cleaned and nappy changed and then put to bed wearing her night chadri that contained no mesh and thus admitted no light.

Finally however, they arrived and her coach trundled through the bustling streets of the great capital before finally plunging through the gates of the royal compound. She was not to re-enter the real world for over a decade.

“Hamesd, this is your maid. Her name is Glorig but you are not to use it. She is far far below you in status so you shall call her ‘Maid’. Do you understand?”
Hamesd understood.

“Good. And she is to call you ‘Honoured One’ as indeed you are now honoured. She shall explain everything to you. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye Majesty.”

Honoured One! Truly, she was honoured! How the Gods had favoured her.

“Honoured One, I have been instructed to give you all the details of your new life.”

“Yes Maid, please tell them to me.”

“Well Honoured One, this is to be your chamber. You shall sleep in it every night save those when you are expected to be with His Majesty.”

Her chamber! She looked around at the vast and sumptuous room, larger than their entire house in the village. In its centre was a vast bed covered in silken sheets. Gorgeous carpets adorned the walls and floor and in one corner, a caged bird sang. Furthermore, it was light and airy, the light coming from large skylights in the roof. Naturally, as this was the room of a female, there were no windows so that it was impossible for any prying male to spy into her sanctum.

The servant continued. “Every morning I shall wake you at seven and feed you breakfast before taking you to the hammam or bath house. There you are allowed to bathe with some of the other concubines for an hour before returning here where I shall dress you.”

“And what am I to wear, Maid.”

“Every morning I am to dress you in your underwear, then a closed silken blouse, three pairs of locked Turkish trousers, a full cloak and headscarf, faceveil leaving you eyes free, then two full faceveils, another full cloak and headscarf and finally a chadri. Your hands must also be gloved and your legs covered with stocking and slippers placed upon your feet so that your walk does not make any noise such as might tempt a man, Honoured One.”

Such a vast quantity of cloth! She had heard that wealthy ladies wore a lot, but so much!

“Will I be able to see wearing so much?” she asked.

“Enough to walk by, but not so much as could tempt you, Honoured One.”

“And by ‘underwear’, what do you mean?”

“Well Honoured One, I mean the belt such as you are wearing now, the Lady’s Jacket and the mouth ball.”

She had heard that ladies wore mouth balls whenever they left their chambers and evidently it was true. However, the term ‘Lady’s Jacket perplexed her. “What do you mean by ‘Lady’s Jacket’, Maid?” she asked.

“I shall show you now, Honoured One,” replied Glorig, going over to a chest and pulling out a strange article. She held it up. It was like a piece of armour for the body, made of silk but lined with pieces of metal sewn into the material. And it had no openings for the arms. “You cross your arms behind your back and the jacket is fitted over them and then secured using these laces here at the rear which ensure that it is tight and also compress your waist so that you appear becomingly thin.”

“But wearing such an item, how can I do anything?” protested Hamesd.

“But Honoured One, you do not understand. You are a lady now and thus you are required to do nothing. In fact, tradition dictates that you must be able to do nothing. A woman who cannot use her arms is incapable of the simplest act and thus reliant on others for everything. It is the mark of being a lady.”

‘Of course,’ thought she, ‘I am a lady now, an honoured lady. I must remember so at all times and thank the Gods for it.’

“Continue with what you were saying, Maid,” said the lady.

“Yes Honoured One. So, everyday I shall dress you and then you shall be led to the Chamber of A Thousand Stars. That is where His Majesty conducts His business. Daily between nine and twelve all the wives and concubines are required to sit in mute attendance as he dictates the affairs of state. Then, afterwards, the midday meal is served and you are required to be present as he eats. Finally, at one you are allowed to return to the chamber where I shall feed you. After that, you have several hours of freedom with your companion before returning to the Chamber of A Thousand Stars for the evening meal and night’s entertainments before then retiring to bed.”

“Very good. Now Maid, will you undress me and bathe me so that I may be prepared for my duties later on?”

“Certainly Honoured One.”

Upon completion of her bathing, Hamesd expected Glorig to then dress her in the fear-inspiring Lady’s Jacket. She wondered what it would be like to spend every day cooped up inside such a garment and shuddered at the thought of being rendered so absolutely helpless, being dependent on her maid for even the smallest thing, before she reminded herself that wearing such a garment was an honour and thus something to revel in, not fear, however difficult that might be.

“Fit the jacket, Maid,” she commanded.

“Oh no, Honoured One,” replied Glorig, “today you are not to wear the Lady’s jacket or indeed your normal apparel.”

This reply confused Hamesd and so she asked for an explanation.

“Tonight Honoured One, is a most special occasion in your honoured life, for today you entered this house as a virgin to serve the prince and thus tonight you must lie with him and be Divinely Deflowered.”

So, it was to happen so soon! How many hours had she, like any other maiden, wondered as to what that momentous first night with her husband was like. Well, tonight she would find out.

“Maid, I am a little scared,” she confessed.

“Honoured One, it is usual, though do not admit such fears to me, as it is unbecoming. However, worry not, you shall be fine.”

“How am I to be prepared for the Divine Defloweration?”

“In a most special and particular manner. Come with me!”

She put a white cloak around the Honoured One’s shoulders and led her out of the bedchamber, down a corridor and into a strange room. The chamber was octagonal, about three metres across, and had a high domed roof pierced by a thousand skylights. Standing around the room, in each of the eight niches, were women shrouded all in black, with the full face veils of the royal household that hid even the smallest trace of emotion from the outsider and made then appear almost inhuman. Hanging from the centre of the dome was a long golden chain which ended about two metres off the ground in two cuffs. Glorig stripped the new addition to the household of her cloak leaving her naked save for her chastity belt in the presence of these strangers, and then indicated for her to make her way over to the chain. Hamesd did as she was bid and silently the maid locked her wrists into the cuffs so that she was left standing, her arms stretched above her head, her feet hardly touching the floor, entirely exposed in the centre of the room. Glorig then bowed and left and once she had closed the door, the preparations began.

The eight women spoke not a word, but during the entire process sang a strange song, more like a wail. “Aiyee! Aiyee! Aiyee!” they sang in unison, over and over again. Whilst singing the first of them came up to her and unlocked the belt, exposing her most intimate parts. Then two of the others got out razors and started shaving. They shaved and they shaved, her entire body stripped of all its hair, save that on the top of her head of course, leaving her as smooth and bald as an egg. After she was shaved, they rubbed oil into every pore, sweet-smelling oil that stung a little in her intimate areas, but gave her a strange feeling of excitement and arousal. Then, after that they set to work on her hair, three ladies braiding it whilst three more worked on her face, plucking her eyebrows and redrawing them in a higher, more arched position, so that she appeared surprised. Her hair was braided and adorned and make-up was applied, long false lashes stuck to her eyes and her cheeks, lips and eyes emphasized. Then came the jewellery, bracelets of gold, long dangling earrings, anklets and a thing chain around her waist. Finally her collar was removed and replaced with a finer one with ‘Property of Prince Momig of Onoguria’ engraved beautifully and delicately upon it, and a thick chain attached to that collar. How proud did she feel when that article was locked shut. No longer was she her father’s daughter, but instead truly belonging to a man, albeit a man whom she had never met.

The chastity belt was then reproduced, sparkling and shining after being cleaned and polished by one of the veiled ladies and snapped shut around her intimate areas once again. Then, her hands were released from their fetters and she was ordered to sit whilst two of the ladies applied henna to her palms whilst another applied it to her face, in small dots, emphasizing her beauty. Finally, all was declared complete, her hands were cuffed together behind her back and a golden chadri produced which was draped over her head, before one of the veiled ladies took her chain and let her out of that octagonal room, away from the incessant chanting, down countless corridors, through several wide halls and then eventually to the doorstep of the chamber of His Majesty, Prince Momig. The veiled lady knocked on the might oak door, studded with diamonds and then left. Hamesd waited.

“You may enter.” It was a male voice. Hamesd pushed the door with her shoulder. Although huge and heavy, it opened with ease, not making a sound. She walked slowly into the room and the door swung shut behind her.

In the middle of the room was an enormous bed covered with green silken sheets. And on the bed lay a man. He sat up and smiled. “Come over here little one,” he said. Hamesd walked over. Through the mesh of her chadri she could see that he was a youngish man, perhaps in his late twenties. He was not handsome and a little fat, but conversely, not objectionable. She stood before him.

“Are you shy little one?” asked he.

“Yes Majesty,” she replied, almost in a whisper.

“They are always shy the first time,” he said, to no one in particular. “Do not fear, there is nothing to worry about.”

He stood up and removed her chadri before sitting down once again and contemplating the sight before him. His eyes ran up and down her and she shivered. “Mother has chosen well again,” he said. “I shall have to reward her. Your face is comely and your body acceptable. I would prefer slightly larger buttocks of course, but we cannot have everything can we? No little one, you please me.”

She smiled with relief. She pleased him! Truly the Gods had smiled down upon her bounteously!

He took the key that was hanging around her neck and removed her, brushing her face as He did so. He then knelt down and undid her chastity belt. It fell to the floor and He caressed her intimate parts. “Sufficiently smooth,” He murmured, “the ladies have done well. I shall reward them.” He then looked up at her and smiled. “Sit on the bed little one,” he commanded. She sat. He then took her chain and attached it to a ring on the bedpost. “Now, my new pleasure baby, pray tell me your name.”


“Hamesd. It is a name acceptable to I.” He sat on the bed beside her and undid her handcuffs. “Undress your lord,” He said. She took the cord that fastened His baggy pantaloons of purple silk and undid the knot, before letting the trousers fall off. Underneath them it was revealed; that which she had wondered so much about, the Holy Tool.

It was not a big thing, ten centimetres perhaps in length, but it stood hard and proud. She could not call it beautiful, but like its Master, it was not ugly either.

“Caress it with your hand,” said that Master.

She took her hennaed hand and started moving it up and down the shaft. He smiled and let her continue, kissing her on the neck and caressing her buttocks. Finally, after a minute or so, He said. “Now use your mouth.” She bent down and enveloped it with her lips. The tip had a strange taste to it, salty perhaps, but it was not something that she couldn’t cope with. She worked her mouth all over it for another minute or two before He bade her stop and then ordered her to lie down and open her legs. She did so, trembling with fear and with an almighty thrust, He speared her virgin hole with the Holy Tool. The pain was intense, but He cared not, pumping away with greater ferocity every time that she cried out. After a while she began to see the pleasure in it, but His Majesty heeded nor cared not. Within five minutes He had finished, pumping His Holy Load into her and then withdrawing, ordering her to suck the Holy Tool clean. She did so and almost gagged with the salty taste, but remembered the great honour that was being bestowed upon her and smiled. He laid back. “Fetch me some juice, Hamesd,” he said. “It is on the table there.” She got up and walked over to the table, discovering that he chain was just long enough to reach that said place. She poured out a glass and walked back over, handing it to him. He drained it immediately and handed it back to her. She replaced it on the table.

“Lie with me awhile, little one,” He said. She returned to the bed and lay. The warmth of their bodies mingled and she marvelled at His hairy arms and legs, whilst He caressed her smooth buttocks and legs. “What do you think of it?” He asked, seeing her fascination.

“You are so…” She didn’t know what to say. “Like a bear,” she eventually spluttered out, unsure of whether she had said the correct thing.

He laughed and so she laughed with Him. “Little Hamesd, you please me. You please me immensely. A bear, eh? Ha! Ha!” He caressed her buttocks some more, ran His hand through her hair and she felt the Holy Tool beginning to stiffen once more. “Fetch Me My quill and paper,” He ordered. She fetched. “Now lie on your back and let Me use you as a writing desk.” She turned over and felt Him place the paper on her back and scratch at it with the quill. After several minutes, He declared Himself finished, rolled the paper up, tied it with a ribbon and then cast it aside.

“Now let me try you bottom,” said He. Knowing that sometimes men placed their tools in their lady’s bottoms, she bent over so as to enable Him to do so. He backed into her with the Holy Tool, but after some manoeuvring, found that it would not fit. He then picked up the quill and paper again and scribbled something else, this time using her buttocks as His writing desk. Then, he bade her turn back and finish Him off with her mouth. She took the throbbing Tool in that orifice and sucked. Within minutes the salty liquids flowed once more and she tried to smile and remember the honour as she swallowed it down, before sucking the Holy Tool clean.

Thus done, He took her hands, chained them once more behind her back, unhooked her chain from the bedpost, replaced the chastity belt and then placed the chadri over her head. This time however, He kept the key to the belt, putting it with countless others in a drawer by His bed, but around her neck on a string He tied the paper upon which He had written.

“You may go now,” said Prince Momig.

She was surprised. She’d always thought that ladies spent the entire evening lying with their husbands, and often had she dreamt of waking up in the arms of her man. But she was no wife, only a concubine. Perhaps concubines, although highly honoured and exalted, could not sleep with their masters? “Goodnight Majesty,” she said with a bow, before retreating from the room.

Waiting outside was Glorig who took the paper and led her back to the octagonal room. There inside were the eight ladies. The maid handed the parchment to the chief of them who opened it up.

“Honoured One, His Royal Majesty writes that He is pleased with you. You are sufficiently comely, demure and is certain that you will be able to learn the erotic arts and pleasure Him as He desires. You may be proud, girl. His only complaints are that you buttocks are too small. This we shall attempt to rectify by placing you on a particular diet which will cause them to blossom. He also notes that you know not the arts of pleasure which is only to be expected as you have not been trained in them yet, and that your rear hole is too small for Him to enter. This also we shall rectify. Hamesd daughter of Kevork and concubine of the Exalted Prince Momig of Onoguria, you have done well. You may now return to your chamber.”

That daughter and concubine bowed deeply and then followed her maid back through the corridors to where she was to sleep, full of honour and glory.

Back in the bedroom her chadri and handcuffs were removed and she attended to her toilet. Then Glorig announced that it was time for bed and after a plate of fruit for supper and a herbal concoction to minimise the chances of pregnancy, she was told to sit on the bed and let Glorig prepare her. First of all came the mittens. Hamesd was astonished at having to wear mittens in bed, but her maid assured her that it was the norm. These mittens were long, reaching up to her shoulders, and laced for their entire length. They were made of kid leather and at the ends were padded. Once fitted, Hamesd found that she could no longer bend her elbows and wrists and that her hands were useless. After the mittens came an item that Glorig named a shaper. It was fitted around her waist and was boned and laced like the mittens. It squeezed that waist mercilessly and made breathing difficult. Glorig said that it was to keep her waist narrow and to force fat down towards her bottom and up towards her bosom, thus improving her figure. Following this, something called a sleeping sheath was fitted. This was like a long silken mitten that fitted over her entire body tightly, binding her legs together and covering her head and face so that her view of the world became a white haze. There were only three holes in it. Two for her gloved arms and one for her hair which had now been arranged into a braided ponytail. Then finally, came the sleeping chadri, a thick velvet chadri of black with golden embroidery that had a piece of material sewn behind the mesh so that she was rendered entirely without sight. Thus immobilised, encased and blinded did our heroine begin her first night as an Honoured and Exalted Concubine of His Royal Highness Prince Momig of Onoguria.

Indeed she had been truly blessed!

The following morning she was awoken and released from her silken cocoon by Glorig who wrapped her sweat-covered body in a white towel, placed a green chadri over her head and then announced after she had fed her charge breakfast that they would be taking a trip to the hammam.

The bathhouse was not far away, being situated in the middle of the wing of the palace where all the concubines and wives had their quarters. When Glorig opened the small door that led into that domain of cleanliness, Hamesd had to blink, for she could hardly see a thing, so thick was the steam that filled the room. The Exalted One later learnt that this was partially so that the concubines could not see each other and thus become jealous of their sisters’ beauty; only one part of a massive strategy instituted by Queen Yeva to stop bickering and infighting which had once upon a time, alas, been rampart within the harem walls.

Glorig removed her charge’s chadri and soaped her all over before rinsing her off and leading her by her neck chain to one of the smaller baths and securing the chain to a ring set into a stone pillar before then releasing her from her handcuffs. Besides the bath, similarly chained, was another concubine, also naked save for a golden chastity belt and collar.

“This is Akabi, Honoured One. She is to be your friend.”

Hamesd sat down besides the other concubine and the maid left. “My name is Hamesd,” she said.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve been so excited about your coming. I do so hope that we can get along.”

“I also, but pray tell me, Akabi, why were you so excited about my coming here?”

“Because Hamesd, us concubines here in the palace, ever since the Great Reforms, have only ever been allowed one friend of companion.”

“Whyever is that? And what were the Great Reforms?”

“The Great Reforms were introduced over thirty years ago by Queen Yeva. Before that time the harem had been a most terrible place to live indeed. All of the girls, all beautiful of course, and with little to do, spent every hour plotting against one another, back-biting and scheming. The Queen herself suffered from the machinations of others in her youth and when she came to power she was determined to change things. Now we are no longer allowed to show our faces and bodies to anyone save our maids, the preparation ladies, the Master of course, and our friend. Every concubine is allowed one friend only, and you are mine. That is why I was so excited about you coming, since for the last four months I have been alone. I so craved someone other than my maid to talk to, although of course, I shouldn’t complain, so honoured as we are.”

“Indeed we are most honoured, I can hardly believe this bounty that the Gods have bestowed upon me. I should love to be able to thank them in some way.”

“Oh, but Hamesd you can. Once a week we are taken to the shrine of the Most Holy Goddess of Compassion who is our protectress, and allowed to prostrate ourselves before Her Holy Image. Most concubines, upon arrival, make a beautiful chadri with golden embroidery to clothe Her, thus demonstrating their piety and thankfulness for the honour bestowed upon them.”

“Then I shall do the same.”

They both plunged into the water and let it envelope their entire bodies. It was warm and soothing and Hamesd felt happy. Akabi seemed nice and she certainly was beautiful, her dark hair cascading down past her shoulders and resting just above her large, rounded buttocks.

“Your bottom is very big,” she said once they were sitting on the stone steps by the bath again.

“It has got bigger due to my diet. His Majesty likes a large firm arse. When He calls me to pleasure Him, He likes to have me bend over, put my hands in the Glove of Togetherness and spear my bottom with the Holy Tool.”

“Is it painful?”

“A little. It was very painful at first, but after my bottom was trained it became less so.”

“I have been told that my bottom is to be trained also. What does that mean exactly?”

“Oh, bottom training is a most high honour indeed, as it means that your arse has pleased Him. However, if you look at my arse then you shall see what the training entails.” She bent over, but Hamesd could see nothing different from a usual bottom. She expressed this to her friend and Akabi replied. “Reach inside.”

“Inside the hole?”

“Yes. Go on!”

Hamesd parted her large, smooth, firm cheeks and lo and behold, revealed the end of something stuck into Akabi’s hole. Slowly but carefully she pulled it out. It was a marble replica of a male tool.

“It is an exact copy of the Holy Tool,” said Akabi. “I feel most honoured to carry it inside me.”

To Hamesd it looked rather painful, but she knew that honours can be difficult to bear sometime. “Indeed, I should be honoured to carry it also,” she replied.

The two girls bathed and talked for another half an hour or so, Akabi telling Hamesd all about life in the harem, council sessions in the Chamber of A Thousand Stars and so on, until their two maids came and they returned to their rooms.

Once back in her chamber, Glorig towelled her and powdered her, before embarking upon the lengthy daily dressing process.

First came the stockings, silken and held up by tight garters that pressed into her thighs. Then she was instructed to bend over. She did not asked why as she had guessed what was to come following the revelations of Akabi that morning. Nonetheless, she still felt a little strange and apprehensive as Glorig produced another marble replica of the Holy Tool, (although for some strange reason, the replica looked somewhat larger than the real thing), smeared it with oil and then approached her buttocks, thrusting into into her bottom hole, so that she grunted and strained. It was large indeed and more than filled her virgin tunnel and once her maid had declared it ‘in’ she felt bloated and full.

After that she declared that something should be done with her charge’s hair and so she combed it out and started put it into two pigtails which she then started braiding before finally wrapping them around her crown in the style of a peasant maiden. “It isn’t very regal I know, Honoured One,” Glorig explained, “but it is comely and besides, no one shall be seeing you anyway and it is convenient under the chadri.”

Next came the mouth ball and Hamesd opened her orifice in preparation, Glorig placing the leather item gently inside before fastening the strap tightly behind her head. Then came the item that she had been waiting for; the Lady’s Jacket. It was a formidable thing indeed to look at as Glorig pulled it out of the chest, the bones causing it to keep its rigid shape even without a person inside it, and the embroidery that covered the outside exquisite.

“You must put your arms behind the small of your back, Honoured One, so that the wrists cross” said the maid. This was easier said that done however, but eventually Hamesd managed it and Glorig quickly bound the crossed wrists with a golden cord so that they stayed in that position. She then picked up the garment and fitted it around her charge, buttoning up the front before then attacking the laces at the rear. It was a heavy thing indeed, what with all that leather and all those bones, but it was snug, particularly around the waist which it squeezed mercilessly so that Hamesd began to have trouble breathing. Once fitted however, and Glorig fetched a mirror to show her mistress how she looked, Hamesd had to admit that the effect was breathtaking. Crossed and compressed behind her back, her arms now appeared to have totally disappeared, as if she had been born without the and her waist, laced tightly appeared tiny and beautiful. “You look like a true lady now, Honoured One,” said her maid with a smile. “Helpless, dependent and extremely elegant and honoured; a world away from the peasant that they brought here.”

And Hamesd had to admit that she spoke the truth. She was elegant and honoured, although at the same time, whilst she did not say so of course, the confinement irritated and frightened her a little.

Then came her other clothes, layer upon layer of them so that she stood there hot and stifled, barely able to make out her maid’s face through the two thick veils and mesh of the sky blue chadri that Glorig finally placed over her head and smoothed out. She was about to move off, when her maid stopped her. “Your feet, Honoured One,” she said. “We have two more items to fit.” Then she took out a pair of beautiful embroidered silk slippers that caused her steps to be silent and after that a pair of golden cuffs which she snapped around her wrists. “A lady’s steps should always be short,” she explained. “The chain between the cuffs is ten centimetres.” And thus finally ready, she walked, or perhaps I should say ‘shuffled’ off to the Chamber of A Thousand Stars.

The Chamber of A Thousand Stars was a vast hall filled with the most important people in the land. It got its name from the huge domed ceiling which was painted dark blue and adorned with a map of the Heavens at night. The concubines and wives all sat on a small raised platform in one corner. They were the only women in the room save for two dressed all in black, one of whom sat at the feet of His Majesty King Hovsep and the other who sat in front of Prince Momig. Hamesd took her place beside a concubine dressed in a beautiful orange chadri. She wondered if it was Akabi, but of course there was no way of ever telling.

The business was important yet tedious. Several delegates from abroad were received, as well as an important religious figure. Then some new laws were discussed and the state of the treasury. As a woman, Hamesd had always been taught that such things were men’s business and she understood none of the terms used by the ministers. Furthermore, she was hot in her many layers and so started to doze. The concubine in orange to the side of her also did the same and they lay on each other for support. Over the years that she spent in the palace, she never once listened fully to a Council Session nor did she ever understand what was going on. But of course, she should not. It had been drilled into her from an early age that women’s brains are inferior to those of their brothers and that such matters would only muddle them. Her job was only to be there, to be allowed to sit near the honourable figures of the king and prince and strengthen them with her presence. Instead of listening she, like all the other concubines and wives, slept through each and every session.

After the session she returned to the bedchamber where she was stripped of her layers and fed her midday meal by her maid. It felt strange being fed like a child and a little uncomfortable and humiliating almost, but Hamesd checked these thoughts, reminding herself that to be dependent was an honour and not a humiliation.

Hamesd remembered what Glorig had said about her time in the afternoon being her own and looked forward to being released from the irksome and confining Lady’s Jacket after her meal. However, to her astonishment and dismay, after eating Glorig made no effort to unlace her and instead asked the Honoured One to stand up and follow her. “But why, Maid?” she queried. “Is not my time my own now?”

“Usually it is, Honoured One,” the servant replied, “but remember, you have some training to undergo first.”

The chadri was placed over Hamesd’s head and she was led by her chain out of the room and down some corridors to a small chamber where a woman dressed all in black was waiting for her. The woman was stood in the centre of the room and besides her was a golden statue of Prince Momig, entirely naked, the Holy Tool standing erect.

“This is Latifa,” said Glorig. “She is your trainer.” Her maid then left her alone with this stranger.

Latifa pulled off Hamesd’s chadri and began to speak. “Concubine, His Majesty has decreed that your techniques need improving and I am here to improve them. Kneel before the statue, girl!”

Hamesd knelt.

“Now suck and pleasure the Holy Tool!”

Hamesd opened her mouth and swallowed the golden replica of the Tool. She then began sucking as she had done in the Royal Bedchamber.

“No! No! No! It is no wonder that he complained! You are doing it all wrong! Do you wish to pleasure your man or send him to sleep? Let me show you!” And then removing her veil to reveal a face mask with two pinholes for the eyes and a full mouth opening, the trainer took the Tool in her mouth and began sucking, licking and carressing. “Note how I concentrate on the head,” she said between ministrations. “The stem has no feeling, it is the head and the rim that is crucial. Now you try!”

And so Hamesd did try. For a whole week she try, each time improving in technique and style until her trainer declared her competent. Then, she was let out of her Lady’s Jacket and her caressing and manual relief skills were concentrated upon, as well as her facial expressions and bed talk. It was tedious work, yet Hamesd understood how vital it was. Her entire purpose in life was now to pleasure her man when he so desired and so it was imperative that she did so correctly and applied herself to the lessons that she was so honoured to be receiving. Latifa declared herself ‘impressed’ with her pupil’s progress.

Life in the palace settled into a strict routine. Every morning she woke up in bondage and was released by her maid. Then came the hammam with Akabi, the highlight of her existence, before the tedious sessions in the Chamber of A Thousand Stars and the gruelling sexual technique lessons with Latifa. Finally she returned to her room, was released by her maid and spent several hours in the only toil that she would ever be allowed to undertake; the sewing and embroidering of a magnificent chadri for the Goddess of Compassion as a token of thanks for being able to live in such a restrained, dependent and honoured fashion, then enjoying another short hammam session before being bundled into her bedtime bondage once again.

One evening when she was bathing with Akabi in the hammam, Glorig came up to her and placed a thick white towel around her shoulders. Knowing that she was required for some reason, she got up silently and retired with the maid to her room. Once there, Glorig dried her and then powdered her before explaining. “Tonight Honoured One, you are to fulfill the Royal Duty of Bedservant.”
“Bedservant? Maid, what is the Duty of Bedservant?” asked she, perplexed.
“It is an honour that all concubines must perform from time to time,” explained the servant. You are to dress in the Divine Cocoon and then you are taken to the Royal Bedchamber. Once there, you must fulfil His needs.”
“But pray tell me Maid, what is the Divine Cocoon?”
“It is this.”

She pointed to a large leather cocoon laid out on the floor. “You must lie in it Honoured One.” Hamesd did and bid, lying straight, her arms by her sides. The servant then quickly laced it up for its entire length. Once finally secured around her neck, Hamesd was completely immobile. “And now the headpiece, Honoured One,” said Glorig. She picked up some sort of leather helmet. “The helmet has only two holes,” she explained. “One for your nostrils to breath through and the other for your mouth. The ear pieces are padded. Wearing it you can hear and see nothing.”
“But how can I satisfy the Exalted One if I am deaf, blind and unable to move?” asked Hamesd.
“The Duty of the Bedservant is requires no senses at all, and only the mouth. Nightly a Bedservant, the identity of whom is unknown to the Exalted One, lies with Him on his bed, His Holy Tool placed inside the mouth of the Bedservant. When he requires release from his frustration, he taps twice on the helmet and the Bedservant provides it. When he needs to reveal himself of water, he will tap once and the Bedservant’s duty is to swallow it. It is a great honour, Honoured One.”

A great honour perhaps, but swallowing His water! Hamesd was filled with fear but as a lady she said naught save, “It is indeed an honour,” before letting Glorig encase her in the helmet.

The helmet was night and the maid had been right, it rendered her completely deaf and blind, the only contact with the outside world being a slight breeze blowing against her lips. Even that part of her body however, was not entirely free. One of the rings that she had been required to wear in the bedchamber of the Exalted One before, was fitted inside, stopping her from speaking and closing her mouth. Almost immediately she began to get hot and sweat profusely inside the unforgiving leather, but of course, she could not complain or move and had just to see it through.

Sometime later she felt herself being picked up and carried. She could hear nothing, but the movements told her. Then, after a short journey she felt herself being lowered. Then all was still. She waited for an indeterminably long time and found that she had to wet herself where she was. Then, after an age, she found her cocooned form being handled and a warm piece of Royal flesh enter her mouth. Almost immediately, He tapped twice and she began to suck and caress.

She relieved His frustration twice that evening and swallowed the Holy Seed. It was not pleasant, but far more so than when he knocked once and the water began to flow. That experience was just plain repulsive. The water was warm and salty and had a faint taste of wine to it. It made her gag and she wished to spit it out, but of course that was impossible. As she gagged, the Holy Tool stiffened and the liquid flowed more slowly, thus prolonging the agony. All the time that the obnoxious liquid flowed into her she had to remind herself, ‘This is a great honour, this is a great honour. I am honoured to swallow His water, I am honoured to swallow His water.’ He kept her mouth fastened around His tool for the entire night. The water flowed three times before he eventually fell asleep, her mouth still clasping the flaccid Tool and once again in the morning, straight after she’d relieved His frustrations again.

“Have you ever had the honour of being asked to perform the duties of the Bedservant?” she asked.

“Shhh!” said Akabi. “One should not speak of such things!”

This surprised Hamesd. “Should one not?” she queried.

“Certainly not. Do you not know why?”

Hamesd did not know but wished to.

“Well, the thing is, there is a Bedservant every night, but also of course, he lies with one of us every night too…”

“Do you mean that whilst I was in the Divine Cocoon, there was another lady present in the room!?”

“Not necessarily, but usually, yes, there is. And you see the thing is, not only should His Majesty show no favouritism, but there are also issues of safety to be considered.”


“Why yes. You know the gossip and back-stabbing that used to go on around here before Queen Yeva instituted the harem reforms thirty years ago. Well, before then, the identity of the Bedservant was always known as it was done on a rota basis. One night however, the King was enjoying His pleasure with a particularly notorious concubine whose rival was performing the duty of Bedservant. His Royal Highness went out for some reason, perhaps to go to the toilet, I know not, and so what happened, but this evil woman decided to solve all her problems there and then by simply blocking off the air supply to her rival who was silent and helpless in the Divine Cocoon. Within a minute she was dead!”

“Dead! That’s terrible! But what happened to the murderess?”

“Oh she got her comeuppances. His Majesty, when he found out what had happened decided to award her by introducing a new office, Toiletcompanion. He had her encased, permanently encased, in a Divine Cocoon, and then laid out in a small cell, the size of a coffin. Into her mouth was fed a pipe which led upwards through the roof of the cell and into the Royal Toilet which was situated directly above. And then daily was she forced to consume his… well, you know what I mean.”


“Indeed yuck, a fate worse than death since He declared publically that there was absolutely no honour in the office of Toiletcompanion, only shame. She stayed in the position until her death some three years later. Thankfully, the office has been vacant ever since.”

“Indeed thankfully, how horrible! So, that is why we must keep it secret then?”

“Well, mostly because of that, but there are other reasons too. Like any position of honour His Majesty cannot be seen to be favouring one girl over another and so it is imperative that even he does not know who his Bedservant is. That is why she is always wholly encased in the Divine Cocoon. And besides, it is also advantageous for us concubines. Can you imagine trying to pleasure Him whilst knowing that I am trussed up beside you in the Cocoon?”

“It would be difficult. My mind would wander.”

“Indeed it would. But not knowing who is in there makes things considerably easier. It makes the Bedservant faceless and nameless, almost inhuman.”

“I see. But I have another question. When I lay with Him during the Divine Defloweration, why was there no Bedservant present?”

“During Defloweration it is different. That is a most sacred ceremony and there can be no others present, even if unaware of the proceedings. The Bedservant is brought in only after the Deflowered One is ordered to depart. Normal nights of pleasuring are far different.”

“How different?”

“Oh you shall find out, Hamesd, you shall find out.”

She paused and lapped water over her knees. “But, although I shouldn’t say this, yes, I have performed the honour of acting as Bedservant. It is decided by a lottery in which the names of all concubines are put in save the one whom has been chosen to pleasure Him that evening. Once I was drawn out twice in one week.”

“And how… I mean, how did you… find it?”

“Well, it is an honour of course, a great great honour…”




“It is at times an honour not so enjoyable as some of the others that we are so bounteously granted…”

Two days after being called to act as Bedservant, Hamesd was once again called from the hammam, this time to fulfil the even greater role of Nighttime Pleasure Lady. She retired to her room and was shaved and oiled by Glorig, her make-up then applied and her hair arranged in a pretty manner before being led by her chain towards the Royal Bedchamber and being left outside those great doors as before. Prince Momig bid her enter and enter she did, but that was where the similarities with the previous visit ended. As Akabi had said, the Divine Defloweration was a most different occasion to usual bedchamber visits.

For a start, she came face-to-face with the vision of the prince relieving Himself of His water into the mouth of His Bedservant who lay cocooned and motionless on the bed between His legs. Once finished He declared, “Hamesd! It is good to see you again. Tonight I wish to see what you have learnt over these last few weeks. Come over here!”

Hamesd was eager herself to show Him the oral techniques that she had been perfecting, but to her surprise, she received no opportunity to do so. Instead, as soon as she was on the bed, he bid her bend over, using the blissfully ignorant Bedservant as a pillow, grabbed her arms, and pinioned them behind her back, before taking out a strange garment of leather and fitting it over those arms. “It’s called the Glove of Togetherness,” He explained. “It holds your arms together and erect, elbow to fingertips, behind your back. It’s most becoming and I require all my Pleasurers to wear one.”

Becoming it might have been, but once fully laced, it was also quite painful, forcing her shoulders back, keeping her arms erect, standing out from her back like a pole, and causing all the muscles to ache and throb. Then he took out a mouth ball, much larger than her usual one and thrust it into her mouth, fastening it tightly, before then probing into her arse, removing the replica of the Holy Tool, giving it to the Bedservant to suck clean and then depositing it in her Cavern of Pleasure. He then backed Himself up and slowly inserted the Holy Tool causing much groaning from Hamesd before then pumping away excitedly at her rear passage. The pain and humiliation were intense and all the time our heroine had to keep repeating, ‘Remember this is a great honour! Remember this is a great honour!’ over and over again in her head just so she did not lose touch of the reality of the situation. Finally He came and collapsed on top of her, taking her pretty hair in His mouth and sucking it whilst planting kisses all over her neck and face. Such gentleness did not last for long however, for soon her was excited once more and the second – and lengthier – attack on her arse began. Finally, after almost half an hour of exertion, He threw her chadri over her head, declared Himself finished and bade her return to her chamber.

As she stumbled back down the dark corridors, tears inexplicably streaming from her eyes she wondered quite why it was that she was finding some of the great honours bestowed upon her difficult to take pleasure in.

“Why are there always two ladies dressed in black sat at the feet of the prince and the king in the Chamber of A Thousand Stars?” Hamesd asked Akabi.

Ever since her first visit to a Council Session she had wondered about those two mysterious figures. Why were they not sat with the other girls and why, on occasions, did they appear (Hamesd could not be sure about this, for through her multitude of veils nothing was very clear) to relieve Their Majesties of their tensions from time to time?

“They are Watermaidens,” explained Akabi, “and they are concubines just like us. Once a month we are called upon to perform the duty for a day. I am surprised that you haven’t been called yet, since you have been here nigh on three weeks now. The duty is a similar one to that of Bedservant in a way, except that there is no Divine Cocoon. The traditions say that Their Majesties are holy, almost divine really, and so it would be wrong for them to relieve themselves of their water into a mere toilet, but instead, it should always flow into a willing female’s mouth. That is why we are asked to perform the Honoured Duty of Bedservant and also of Watermaiden. They sit there, not clad in chadris, but instead normal veils that may be lifted easily and as called by Their Majesties whenever one of them needs to pass water.”

Several days later, Hamesd was indeed called upon to peform that honoured duty. Glorig dressed her in her Lady’s jacket and many layers as normal, except that over her head she fitted a leather helmet that restricted her vision to two pin holes but left her mouth completely free. And then over that helmet came not a chadri as usual but instead a blank black faceveil that could be lifted with ease by her master. And there she sat for several hours sweltering in the helmet, waiting for her prince to call her, which He did twice, whereupon she positioned her mouth over the Holy Tool and let the waters flow into it and then down her throat with honour if not perhaps pleasure. It was not the most pleasant of the honours that she had thus been granted, as she still could not get used to the repulsive taste of His water, but nonetheless, it was preferable to the Divine Cocoon.

Life in the palace became a monotonous and (although she would never admit it, even to herself) boring routine for Concubine Hamesd over the next month, and then months and then years. Each day followed the same controlled and restricted (yet of course, highly honoured) pattern save for the occasional breaks in her routine when she was invited to His bedchamber as either a Pleasurer or Bedservant. Her sexual training did not last long, but after that she was put into dancing lessons with Akabi where the two girls learnt to kyuchek, shaking their tantalising forms in an effort to please their men, though of course, chained all the while.

Sadly however, she rarely got an opportunity to perform the moves that she had learnt before Prince Momig. During the first year in particular, He invited her regularly to His chamber, but He was more interested in restraining her and using her buttocks than any of the seductive arts, and indeed, nine times out of ten, she left, her Cavern of Pleasure still unused by Him but her rear pleasure hole aching with the strain of being enjoyed with vigour.

One night that did stand out however, was when both she and Akabi were called from the hammam simultaneously. Hamesd assumed that one of them would be performing the duty of Bedservant that evening, but to her surprise, when she entered the Royal Bedchamber, she found the Bedservant lying encased on the floor whilst Akabi, naked save for her chains, was being laced into a Glove of Togetherness by Prince Momig.

What was even more disconcerting however, was that Prince Momig was not the only male in the room. Besides Him sat a young man, one of the nobles who was known to be the prince’s close friend and whom she had seen many times in the Chamber of A Thousand Stars. Was she expected to perform in front of a strange man that evening, she thought, horrified at the indignity of having to reveal her face to a man other than her master. The noble walked over to her and whipped off her chadri. “Dance for us whilst we prepare Akabi!” Prince Momig commanded.

And so, of course, she danced.

After Akabi was fully secured in the Glove of Togetherness, the roles were reversed and she danced whilst Hamesd was laced in. Then, when finished, Prince Momig announced, “Pleasurers, tonight is a most special occasion, for tonight is Lord Aghavart’s birthday and so I have decided to treat him with a night with my two finest whores. Ladies, we shall begin by watching you pleasure one another using this.”

And he produced a large rubber rod, the size of two male tools stuck together. Hamesd could not believe her ears. Lie with another woman, and that woman her best and only friend! It was unthinkable, it was repulsive, it was…

“Umphf!” she cried as Lord Aghavart thrust one end of the rubber monstrosity into her Cavern of Pleasure. “Now, Akabi, lower yourself onto the other end.” With a grimace the girl did so and gradually they began to rock, pleasuring each others Caverns of Pleasure in a way previously inexperienced.

“Now kiss!”

Feeling sick they moved their heads together and started to explore one another’s mouths with their tongues. Hamesd wanted to be sick but she remembered her duty and continued. All the while Lord Aghavart sat their masturbating himself whilst Prince Momig had the Bedservant’s mouth working away on the Holy Tool. After a while they were ordered to stop, but this was not blessing. Instead Hamesd now had to eat out her companion whilst Akabi did the same for her. This excited the boys even more and to top it off Lord Aghavart ejaculated in Hamesd’s hair.

The humiliation lasted all night. They were pleasured in the arse by both men and then ordered to do the same to each other, gagged, forced to drink each other’s juices and water and then finally laced up into unforgiving Divine Cocoons and used as pillows by the two exhausted men. In the morning when they were eventually carried out and stripped, Hamesd and Akabi clung to each other and wept for dear life, for even with honour, such an experience was unendurable.

But not all the times in the palace were so bad. When Hamesd eventually finished her chadri for the Goddess of Compassion, she was taken to the temple and the chadri placed over that sacred statue. Of all the deities in Onoguria, the Goddess of Compassion was indeed the holiest yet no one had ever seen the sacred statue of her, for every chadri that was offered to this loving mother was placed over and never removed, so that the statue, originally but 30cm in height was now a mountain of embroidered cloth, obese and featureless, twenty-two metres high. As Hamesd knelt down before that loving mother and prayed, she wondered if the goddess could even hear her prayers under all that material, though the sight of a woman honoured and similarly buried under a multitude of veils, did give her a sense that the goddess understood her situation better than anyone and offered some sort of solidarity.

Hamesd had been in the palace for ten years when Queen Yeva came to visit her in her chamber.

“Concubine,” said she, “as you know, here in the palace we take every precaution to see that you do not get pregnant and mar your beauty for my son. However, tradition dictates that during your tenth year here, you are allowed to try freely for a child and if a child is born, it shall be admitted into the royal household, as a servant if it be a girl or as a prince if it be a boy. Furthermore, if you should give birth to a manchild, you shall obtain the great honour of becoming a wife and thus a princess in your own right. Therefore concubine, I wish you luck this coming year.”

Hamesd wanted to thank Her Majesty but as she was wearing a mouth ball at the time it was not possible. Instead she bowed low and graciously.

In the months that followed she was almost bursting with excitement, praying nightly that Prince Momig would invite her to His bed. He rarely did of course; after all, she was now twenty-five and although still beautiful, the novelty of her company had worn off for her Master. And furthermore, on the odd occasions that He did invite her to pleasure Him, he tended to prefer her buttocks or mouth to her Cavern of Pleasure. Nonetheless, she continued to pray to the Goddess of Compassion and on several occasions He did choose to grace her Cavern with the honour of the Holy Tool.

And then, one week in July, she missed her period! Was it real or but a false alarm? She prayed more fervently and her belly started to grow. It was real! As it grew she was excused from all duties and her prayers now turned to asking for a son instead of a daughter. To be the mother of a prince, what an honour! And the possibility of becoming a princess herself, why, that was just too great to even think about!

Her stomach grew and she started to feel kicks. Then the strange eating habits started and then finally the sickness. She was rushed to the delivery room where the midwife, Queen Yeva and several nurses waited. In great agony over several hours one April night she pushed and pushed and eventually from her womb emerged a beautiful, crying child.

“It’s a boy,” said the midwife.

“He shall be called Norayr,” exclaimed Queen Yeva.

‘A son! A prince!’ thought Hamesd in ecstasy. ‘And thus I shall become a wife!’

After the birth of her son, Hamesd was left to recuperate for a month, lying on her bed with Glorig attending to her every need. However, once her body had recovered its former strength, it was time to begin thinking about her new role in life, that of a wife to Prince Momig, which was far more exalted and honoured than that of a concubine.

Furthermore it was also a role quite different. A concubine’s job is to pleasure her Master whilst a wife has a purely honorary position. True, if He pleases, then she may be invited to His bed but it is no longer her purpose in life. Instead, all her efforts are to be directed towards being regal. In fact, a Princess loses some of the honours of a concubine, such as the honour of acting as Bedservant and of Watermaiden in the Chamber of A Thousand Stars.

The first step of becoming a Princess however, or so Hamesd was told, was a change in the way that she was dressed and restrained. “A Princess, Honoured One,” instructed Glorig, “may no longer wear the Lady’s Jacket which is for concubines only. Instead her hands are to be restrained at all times and in a more becoming and exclusively regal manner.”

“And what manner is that, Maid?” asked her mistress.

“It is called the Eternal Prayer, Exhaulted One, and to perform it requires some training as it is most difficult to achieve and furthermore, once achieved, is permanent, but Honoured One, it is so elegant and a great honour to be allowed to have your arms bent in such a way.”

The words ‘bent’ and ‘permanent’ worried Hamesd and so she asked Glorig what exactly the Eternal Prayer entailed.

“Well Honoured One, in the Eternal Prayer, you arms are restrained behind your back with the elbows together, just as when you wear the Glove of Togetherness. However, unlike the glove, they are then bent upwards at the elbows, the hands palm to palm as if in prayer, until they are touching the back of your neck. The whole arrangement is then held in place, not by a glove, but instead a golden cage, as it is permanent as I said before and thus you can be washed thoroughly without having to remove anything.”

“It sounds like a great honour,” said Hamesd, thinking inwardly, that like several other great honours, it also sounded rather painful.

And it was. For over a month she lay daily on her front on a specially prepared bed of white silk, her wrists bound together by ropes and rings fixed just above her elbows, whilst a chain linking the two elbow rings was steadily reduced in length until they touched and her fingers actually did brush against the back of her neck and ached all the while that they did so. Then the Royal Jeweller was summoned, the rope and rings removed and a beautiful cage of gold filigree was fixed around the whole ensemble sealing it all into place. It was painful, yet honourable and also, as Glorig had said, entirely permanent, since the muscles of her elbows, once bent into such an extreme position, could never return to there original shape and thus her arms were stuck there forever, a potent symbol of her status as a lady of pleasure who could never work or be independent again.

It was not only her arms that were altered either during her transformation into a Princess of Onoguria. Her waist was also attended to whilst she lay on that bed. Daily a shaper was placed around her middle and laced to the most extreme dimensions, causing her on occasions to faint through a lack of air, and for her waist to decrease in size dramatically. Finally when it measured just 45cm after a previous 60cm, the shaper was taken off and a large belt of engraved gold, 15cm deep was fitted and then soldered onto her body giving her middle a permanent circumference of but 43cm and causing her to be forever short of breath and unable to bend.

Whilst she lay face down, she was fed on a diet of fatty food and her breasts were fitted through two holes in the bed; holes that had rings in them that were tightened around the bases of the breasts so that they ballooned out. Her nipples were pierced and golden rings inserted through them, with small weights hung from each one. Daily the weights were increased and the rings tightened, causing great pain but allowing her regal breasts to blossom in size so that they became large enough to befit a princess but were kept small at the base by the rings so they were hard and distended and ached. Eventually, two rings of gold filigree were fitted permanently around the bases of the breasts, a short bar connecting the two, and as for the rings, a short chain kept the two nipples from straying too far away from each other and a bell was also attached to each ring so that her maids would always know where she was.

And they needed to know where she was because as a princess she was forbidden to talk to them, or indeed anyone, so exalted and honoured was her position in the palace now. And to ensure this, one day she was strapped into a chair and the Royal Jeweller brought in. She – for of course no man could be allowed to see either a Princess or a Concubine unveiled – approached the Honoured One with a pair of pliers and with Glorig’s help she opened Hamesd’s mouth and fastened the pliers around the princess’ tongue which was yanked out till it was fully stretched. Then, to the astonishment of the Honoured Princess, Glorig brought out an incredible object made out of the finest gold and exquisitely worked. The jewellery, which was shaped rather like a flattened tube, had hinges on one side which opened and then was fastened around her tongue. The other side clicked into place and then the Royal Jeweller got out a fearsome piercing gun. Hamesd tried to shake her head and plead with her eyes but Glorig merely smiled and said, “Fear not, this is a great honour.” The tongue case had holes on the top and bottom which the Royal Jeweller lined the gun into and – Bang! Immediately, as soon as Glorig had swabbed the wound, a thick gold pin was placed through and the whole exercise repeated again and again until the case was held permanently in place by three thick pins which were then soldered in. It could never be removed. The pliers were released and Hamesd retracted her tongue. The rigid metal felt strange and she wanted to expel it but of course she could not. She tried to speak but all that came out were strange groaning sounds like those of a mentally-ill person.

“Honoured One, this tongue sheath is indeed a great blessing from the Exalted One!” exclaimed Glorig clapping her hands. “You are now properly silent as a Princess should be yet your beauty is not marred, only increased! Please, try out your new tongue. You’ll notice there’s ridging on the top, that’s to keep the Exalted One happy. That however, is not all. Covered so unfortunately you’ll find it difficult to taste anything, but the very tip of your tongue is still free so he can be pleasured with it if he so desires. Plus there’s more. In these two holes here on the left and here on the right, we will now fit rings which will have chains attached. Before we do that though, we need some more holes. Jeweller!”

The piercing gun again came out and this time it was her ears, four painful holes in each, and then her nose, a piercing on each side through which a golden ring was threaded. Then rings were put in the ears and chains threaded from her tongue rings to the lowest of the ear rings and from the nose ring to the next earrings up. Now she had chains permanently attached to her face, brushing her cheeks day and night. She thought at last that her ordeals – or was it ‘honours’? – were finally over at that point, but to her surprise, the Jeweller then headed down to her Cavern of Pleasure and a golden ornament was then, extremely painfully, sunk through her labia. She would have screamed out in absolute agony but of course, the tongue sheath in her mouth, all she could emit was a long groan.

When Princess Hamesd of Onoguria finally rose from that bed, her arms bent into the Eternal Prayer and now entirely useless and decorative, golden chains draped over her face, her distended breasts ballooning out before her like two footballs, her three bells jingling, her nipples constantly pulled by the chain that kept them together and unable to speak, move or do anything but smile and look regal then she felt… well… she did not know how to describe it, although ‘honoured’ was probably the only word to use as only the truly honoured could feel like that.

One person who definitely appreciated the change was Momig, who perversely enough, now invited her to His bed far more often than when she had been His concubine, taking great delight in her new bulging breasts, restrained arms, restrained tongue and pierced labia as well as his more traditional pleasure of her rounded buttocks which were now, naturally enough, filled with a much larger replica of the Holy Tool in honour of the piece of apparatus that had given her a royal son.

Her life outside the bedchamber changed greatly also. She was moved to a much larger chamber in the palace, away from the concubines’ quarters and her now-lowly friend Akabi, who was graciously allowed to visit her once a month and talk at her honoured companion. Her maids now numbered six who performed every duty for her from feeding to wiping her bottom, interpreting her wishes and desires (often incorrectly I am afraid to say) to dressing her in her new clothes (which were now more numerous than previously, seven veils being compulsory for visits to the Chamber of A Thousand Stars, virtually blinding her completely. Life was without cares, without toil, without worries and without any independence, a maid being instructed to stay with her jingling helpless mistress for twenty-four hours of every day. It was a strange position to be in, yet of course, an honoured one indeed.

“Follow me Honoured One, we are going somewhere.”

She wanted to ask where and Glorig sensed this.

“Now that you are a princess, Honoured One, you have many special privileges. One of them is that you are allowed, in fact required, to visit your home. To pay tribute to your parents and to show them their grandson.”

Home! She was to return to her village after all these years and see the faces of all whom she loved! And how proud would she be when she presented her beloved son to her mother and father! Indeed she could not believe her good fortune.

Slowly but surely she shuffled through the corridors of the palace and then out into the courtyard where her carriage was waiting. She sat excitedly as Glorig chained he to the ring and the wheels slowly began to move.

The people were out on the streets cheering as they pulled into her ancestral village. She could see them vaguely and smiled. She, and her son, were the heroes of the district. They had brought honour and dignity to this humble place. The carriage stopped and Glorig opened the curtain and unchained her mistress from her exalted place. Carefully she stepped down and walked regally towards her mother and father who were outside their house, their faces pressed to the floor in supplication of their great royal daughter and grandson. Glorig indicated that they could rise and they did so before showing them into the house. Hamesd made her way into the room in which she had once cooked and cleaned and sat down on the silken cushions that her royal retainers provided. Then tea was served for the men and a herald read out to her family all of her glorious news and honours and explained to them that she was unable and not allowed, to talk to them personally since they were now socially, so far below her. As she sat their silent and restrained, Hamesd felt strange to hear herself being talked about as if she were not present, and instead of the girl whom had once inhabited those four walls, a distant and regal personage. But of course, now she was a distant and regal person. Great honour and bounteous gifts had changed her forever. When she gazed at her mother and cousin through her thick veils, she realised that she had little in common with them. Their eyes were free to gaze at who they wanted, unhampered by any material, their legs free to walk with any length of stride they desired, and on any ground that they wanted and their hands free to cook, clean and perform any task which was required of them, and yes, some tasks were actually required of them! And yet look at her! She could do nothing and indeed was only allowed to do nothing, every aspect of her life controlled down to the minutest detail, from whom she slept with to what she wore, to whom she befriended to the very sounds that her mouth was allowed to emit. And all that control was an honour greater than most girls could ever dream of!

After the perfunctory speeches had been made, the girls were sent off to the female chamber so that the men could enjoy their beverages in peace and the weaker sex could talk without disrupting and tempting those more important. Hamesd tottered behind her mother, Glorig carrying her baby son and her cousin into the room that had once been hers and together they sat on the bed that was still in there.

“May I remove her veils so that I can see my beloved and honoured daughter’s face one last time before I die?” her mother asked the maid.

“Of course Honoured Mother of a Princess. It is your privilege.”

Her beloved mother came over and removed the chadri and seven underveils, revealing her daughter’s sweet face and extreme figure.

“Oh Hamesd, my child, you’re so beautiful still, even more so than before! And your arms, why they look so elegant like that, it looks as if you are in deep religious devotuion! And your waist! Why, it’s so tiny!” she declared as she revealed her bejewelled and made-up person. “Look Gagach!”

Her cousin came over and capped her hands. “Cousin, you look lovely, and do you know, I can see your eyes in those of your son. Look!” She took the baby off Glorig and held Him beside His mother’s face.

“Aren’t they both so gorgeous!” declared her mother, taking hold of her daughter’s child in her arms and clasping him to her breast. “Hamesd my child, you are so honoured and privileged! Oh, how I wish I had had the luck that you have had!”

But all that honoured and privileged daughter could do was stare back at her parent. Honour and privilege prevented her from speaking. Honour and privilege prevented her from moving. Honour and privilege had prevented her from ever having a proper life such as her mother and Gagach enjoyed in ignorance. And honour and privilege had prevented her from ever holding, and would prevent her from ever holding, and clasping to her breast the son that she loved so much and yet had never even been allowed to speak to.

But honour and privilege did not prevent large, fat salty tears from streaming down her perfect face.

“Princess Hamesd the Honoured cries tears of happiness,” her maid explained to the confused onlookers.




Copyright © 2012, Dave Potter

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