The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour: Part 2

The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour: Part 2

by Dave Potter

Chapter 15 – The Third Term Curriculum and Clothing

Term Two however, was no preparation for Term Three. Anna Rosa stood in front of Madame Azadi as the teacher explained her new curriculum. It was a world away from what she had been expecting.

“Firstly, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, you are with me, continuing with Intimate Arts. No dancing of course now, but what I teach will be valuable, do not worry. Then we have P.E. on the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday morning and Saturday mornings you will be having Patience and Submission with Madame Dorozhkina. So Catalina, that is your new timetable. It will be difficult as ever, but all worthwhile I feel.”

Difficult? Worthwhile? But what is ‘Patience and Submission’ and what shall we be doing instead of Dance in Intimate Arts? These were the questions that Anna Rosa longed to ask, but of course, she did not. Firstly, because she was now modest and submissive enough to know that asking questions is not ladylike or correct. And secondly because, as with every new term at the Academy, her uniform had again changed, for the worst.

I shall start by describing her new attire:

Third Term means of course, yellow and so it was that after putting on her underwear, the maid handed her a yellow lycra bodysuit, this time in bright yellow. She pulled in up over her body (again, a perfect fit and was about to put on the hood when her maid stopped her.

“First this No. 34. It is mandatory for all Third Termers.”

‘It’ was a small rubber ball on a piece of black elastic. Anna Rosa knew it well from her earlier Purdah Studies classes. So, she was to be gagged from now on! Admittedly the ball gag was the most comfortable and easiest to remove of all the gags, but even so! Although she rarely did speak these days, to be deprived of the ability to do so was devastating. Next her maid took her hair and wound it into two plaits which she wrapped around her charge’s head in the manner of a Russian peasant girl and finally the hood was fitted, by means of a zip at the back.

It was not a pleasant experience. Unlike the previous hood that she had worn, this one covered her entire face, save for a rectangle of around 2cm by 8cm which served for her to see out of. That tiny strip was covered only by gauze. Now her sight was never to be completely clear and inside, with no breathing holes, it soon heated up.

Next, she was ordered to sit on the bed and her new boots were fitted. Unlike the last pair which reached up to her ankles, these stretched all the way up to her thighs and were laced for the entire length. Wearing them, yes, she could still bend her legs somewhat, but that movement was much limited and she felt like a robot as she tried a few steps across the floor of her bedroom. That unwieldiness was exacerbated by the height of her new heels, (still removable for nights of course), now no less that 10cm, a full 2cm more than her last pair. She now realised that her fate in life was to be perched continually on her toes, unless of course she was in bed, bath or belly dancing. Some girls would have cried at such a realisation. Anna Rosa, conditioned as she now was, simply accepted it without a word or a tear. Indeed, if anything, she even managed to look on the bright side of things. ‘These boots may be dashed difficult to walk in,’ she thought to herself as she staggered around her chamber, ‘but they are beautiful and sexy.’ And they were too, made out of white leather, they were worthy of any pop diva.

After her boots, there were her stays. Her maid explained that a new pair had been ordered for this term that – now her waist was comfortable at 60cm – would bring her down a full 10cm to 50cm, the reductions being achieved by tightening them a centimetre every week until she reached 52cm and then half a centimetre weekly after that. “Once you get down to the mid-fifties, reductions are much harder to achieve,” the maid told her. Anna Rosa could believe her, as although only half-fastened, her new corset, slightly longer than the last, was already making her feel out-of-breath. All that she doubted, was that she could ever achieve the tiny dimensions that had been ordered by her spouse. ‘But I shall try and achieve as it would please him,’ she thought to herself, before realising but a moment later what it was she had said and shuddering in horror at how far the Academy had already changed her. ‘I should be hating him, not wishing to please him!’ she reprimanded herself. But the more submissive part of her character immediately retaliated. ‘How will hating him ever help you? Accept your fate and at least you can achieve some happiness.’ To her dismay, the old rebellious Anna Rosa could provide no suitable retort.

Still, at least the corset – which was made out of the same white leather as her boots – was beautiful, and after she had fitted her new white leather gloves, (also laced and reaching up to just below her shoulders), she looked at herself in the mirror and admired the silhouette that her clothing and corset had created. She oozed sex appeal! She was a whore waiting to be laid! She felt great inside!

That silhouette however, did not last long, as the maid then handed her a pastel yellow shalwar kameez set to wear over the corset, boots, gloves and bodysuit and then over that, a thick yellow abayah. Then over her head was a yellow khimar of the same material with half niqaab faceveil, silken yellow gloves and over them all the crowing glory, a yellow burqa with ‘34’ embroidered on the front. She was now hot, heavy and hidden, yet ready, unsteady and sexy at the same time. As she tottered out of her room to her first lesson, Anna Rosa was waging a battle with herself over her new uniform. She hated it yet loved it; it excited her yet infuriated her; the restriction in all areas of movement and in her sight angered her yet perversely, it also turned her on.

It was of course, a battle that she could never win.

Chapter 16 – Third Term Life

The Third Term at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour was definitely different from the Second. For starters, in her new hot, heavy and extremely restrictive apparel, she could do very little. In some of her Intimate Arts lessons, all she now did was copy from Madame Dorozhkina’s book on how to address and bow to one’s husband and master correctly. Wearing thick leather gloves under slippy silken ones, even that was difficult as she found it difficult to move her fingers and the pen kept slipping through the silk. In other lessons however, she did even less.

In fact, one could even say, she did nothing.

“Ladies, come in, come in! Now, through your burqas, you can see that the floor of this room is covered with carpets such as Muslims use when praying. Select a carpet for yourself, kneel on it and bow, with your forehead touching the floor, you hands on either side. Begin!”

Anna Rosa, along with all the other students, assumed the position that the Headmistress had ordered and waited. It was somewhat uncomfortable, as her overtight corset dug into her, but she stayed still nonetheless. She waited and waited. Then she waited some more… and some more… and some more. Soon her body began to ache, she became aware of the fact that her bum was stuck in the air, she wanted to move her legs, her knees were sore… yet still she waited… and waited… and waited. Eventually, after what seemed like hours, (it was actually closer to twenty minutes), Dorozhkina spoke again.

“Patience is a virtue. Submission is virtue. A lady of purdah needs to learn how to submit and be patient. What your husband commands, you fulfil. If he tells you to jump off a cliff, you must do it. If he orders you to bow before him, then you must also do it. You are his slave, his servant, his footstool, even possibly his toilet, if that is his want. Whatever he commands, you obey. To emphasise this, I shall read you the following, the real-life account of a lady named Tatiana who lived in Russia during the 19th century:

‘My husband and master demands that I stay hidden at all times. This is for my own good as I know that I am attractive to other men and thus may be tempted into evil thoughts and liaisons should I present myself to them. To this end I always wear a fine dress with no less than twenty petticoats, and over that a thick coat with large hood that comes right down over my face. To further help me in this holy lifestyle, he has instructed that I looks towards the floor at all times. My hood helps in this, but so too does my neck corset which he had specially made for me and which angles my head downwards in a submissive posture. When I go out, the hooded cloak is removed and a large bonnet is affixed to my head which is rigid and sticks out well in front of my face so that my vision is akin to that of being in a railway tunnel. At the tunnel mouth he demands no less than three silk veils which protect my beauty further, (and make sure that my skin does not catch any of the sun’s harmful glare), yet alas, blind me completely. Over this my cloak and hood are then thrown and my hands are safely secured in a lockable muff. He then links his arm through mine and guides me as one would a blind man through the streets of Moskva. I need not mention that during these infrequent trips I am, like always in the home, wearing a gag to stem sinful words and a short change between my ankles so that my step remains short and ladylike. It is also mandatory for me to corset at all times to such dimensions as he can encircle my waist with his two hands. Wearing stays laced to such dimensions is tiring and I frequently faint, but I must admit that the vision they create is most alluring and feminine and that they prevent me from committing many rash acts. Besides, if he likes them, then I have only pleasure in wearing them. The excellent schooling that Tatko paid for me has taught me the importance of modesty and submission at all times. When my husband and master is about to goaway, in order to prevent me from committing sinful acts, he commands me to wear all my outdoor regalia and then bow down before him. Then he leaves and I am required to maintain that bowed position until he returns, be it two hours or two days later. Naturally I sometimes have unspeakable accidents in my undergarments on his longer trips, (and for these I am punished appropriately), but I am proud to do this for him as it shows what a dutiful and submissive wife I am. As I said earlier, Tatko schooled me well.’

In your next lesson I shall read some more extracts from Tatiana’s letters, all sound instruction on submission and patience for young ladies such as yourself. In the meantime, as you have no doubt guessed, you are to practice the art of waiting such as Tatiana so diligently pursued by remaining in the position that you are now in until the end of the lesson. I need not mention that you shall be watched during the entire time and the slightest movement will result in a bad mark being gained by you. Carry on!”

And so they did, all the way until lunchtime, which to be precise meant another three hours. How she survived it Anna Rosa did not know, but somehow she did, although the stress on her knees and back was immense and, from spending so long with her head touching the floor and thus lower than her body, her dizziness was also quite profound. It was with some difficulty that she managed to rise at the conclusion of the lesson and drag herself to her meal.

Except that her ‘meal’ was now that in name only. Unlike in the first two terms, when open veils meant that food could be slipped up to her mouth, her Third Term Uniform allowed no such action. So instead, like all the students of the top four terms and beyond, she simply carried herself to the dining room and sat there for fifteen minutes whilst the younger girls ate. Her hunger was now not to be assuaged until the days end when her maid undressed her and dinner was served in her room. Good practice for a future life of submission and patience it may have been, but for a hungry, flustered and aching girl, it was but another ordeal to endure.

But if her Patience and Submission classes surprised her, her Intimate Arts lessons proved even more astonishing after a fortnight had passed. One Monday Anna Rosa walked into her classroom expecting another session of copying from the Headmistress’s book when instead Madame Azadi ordered her to strip off all her clothing. This puzzled her, hadn’t her teacher already said that dancing lessons were over? Still, it was not done to disobey or question and besides, with a ball gag in one’s mouth, then the latter is impossible anyhow. Submissively, she removed all her heavy and restrictive items still she stood at last, completely naked, before her teacher, save only for her corset, which naturally she could not undo by herself. Stood in front of Madame Azadi uncovered, she again felt strange, immodest and somehow… wrong. The magic of the veil had now worked itself into her mind and she felt tainted without it. Madame Azadi came up behind her and unlaced her corset. She breathed deeply yet apprehensively. What on earth was to come next?

“Now Catalina, these lessons are termed ‘The Intimate Arts’ which means, as I explained to you last term, lessons for your husband’s eyes only. You should be uncomfortable when showing yourself, but comfortable showing yourself to him. From now on you must imagine that I am your husband, for I expect you to show yourself well.”

Anna Rosa realised her unattractive posture and straightened up.

“That’s better. Now, as the terms progress we too shall be progressing. Last term we learnt the arts of Dance and Deportment. Now we shall be concentrating on some of the most important skills that a woman ever require, those of the bedchamber. Now, I know that you are a virgin but have enjoyed at least one dalliance in the bedchamber so far in your young life. We can both thank our lucky stars that you emerged unscathed, but over the next few weeks you shall discover that that experience of yours means nothing. Then you were as a toddler, kicking a ball about with his father in the park. What you shall become is the equivalent of a world class player, a Beckham, Henry, Ronaldinho or Rooney of the bedchamber. Do you comprehend?”

Anna Rosa nodded. Comprehend? Of course she comprehended! This was like a dream come true! She’d so long wondered about sex, about what to do and how to enjoy it best. Now she was to find out. Her body tingled in anticipation.

“First however, some elementary precautions need to be taken. This Catalina, is what is known as a chastity belt. It prevents any accidents, or any evil acts by yourself. I fit it around you here… and now I lock it like… so. The key shall be kept by Madame Dorozhkina and then presented to your husband. Learn about copulation you must do, but you shall still enter your marriage bed a virgin. Do you understand?”

Anna Rosa nodded again, a little more dolefully this time.

“Good, so we may begin. Now, follow me into the next room and do not be surprised at what you find in there. Come girl!”

Anna Rosa dutifully followed her teacher through a doorway into a small alcove adjoining the classroom. What she found in there was most astonishing… and unexpected. It was a man stood up against the wall completely naked save for a thick leather hood which covered his entire head and a cuff on each arm which attached him to the wall. Anna Rosa stared at him… and his manhood, in complete amazement.

“This is Ivan and despite the cuffs, I can assure that he is here of his own will. His job is to help you young ladies prepare for the wedding bed by instructing you on how men should be pleasured. Now do not worry about him knowing who you are. Wearing that hood he can not only see nothing, but also, his ears are plugged with wax so he cannot hear us either. All he can sense is what you do to him. Now, kneel down in front of him and touch his tool.”

Anna Rosa did as she was bid and found that the piece of meat twitched a little.

“Now rub your hands up and down it.”

She did so and it began to stiffen.

“Now open your mouth and engulf the tool.”

Anna Rosa did so and Ivan’s manhood stiffened even further. It was rather large so she started to gag a little, but Madame Azadi instructed her on how to avoid this and once she had accomplished that, on how to pleasure the volunteer. Slowly she began to learn, where to use her tongue and where not to, when to start and when to stop, how to cause pleasure of the highest degree. Two hours later, at the end of the lesson, Madame Azadi finally allowed her charge to let Ivan cum. Immediately salty fluid filled the Colombian girl’s mouth and she started to gag again and made to spit it out.

“Do not spit!” commanded the teacher. “Do not reject it, enjoy it! This is your food, your reward! Be warned, some husbands only allow their wives to eat cum, nothing else. If that is to be your lot, then you must revel in it. Swallow and enjoy, Catalina, swallow and enjoy!”

Anna Rosa could not see how such a disgusting mixture could ever be enjoyed or revelled in and she shuddered at the thought of having only cum as her daily sustenance, but dutifully she swallowed and tried a smile.

“Good, good. Not perfect, but we have made a start. Redress yourself girl and go to your next lesson. Tomorrow we will continue with the art of Oral Stimulation.”

After school had finished on her first day, Anna Rosa retreated to Room 33 for her nightly chat with Nazreen. She was pleased to learn that the Pakistani’s curriculum now corresponded to her own a little more closely, as it turned out that both were in Madame Dorozhkina’s Patience and Submission classes. Nightly they talked about what they had had to endure that day.

“I couldn’t believe what she told us today about that girl in Germany. I didn’t think anything like purdah went on in Europe.”

The Headmistress had continued to regale them with extracts from the letters of the hapless Tatiana, whom it turned out before her marriage was not named, (that being an honour given to her husband; an admirable idea in Dorozhkina’s opinion), being known only by the number in which she was born: Ein, the first-born. What they had learnt that day was that she had been sent to a school that sounded none-too-dissimilar from the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour, where the pupils were corsetted to the extreme and forced to sleep knelt down with a pot of water (or some other, more noxious liquid) balanced atop their heads.

“I don’t believe it,” said Nazreen, “you couldn’t balance like that for so long.”

“It sounds impossible to me too, but after attending this place I begin to wonder. I almost think that these Patience and Submission lessons might be leading up to something similar…”

“Surely not?!”

“And why not? They’re pretty extreme as it is, all that bowing for hours on end.”

“Well, yes, I suppose it is a little extreme for you and I must admit, it is more than I’m used to, but actually, if you are a Muslim, things are not so different.”

“What on earth do you mean?”

“Well, we are instructed to pray five times daily and our prayers involve bowing and prostrating yourself in such a manner. On holy days we seem to spend most of the day silent, on our knees ion prayer.”

“We Catholics too pray on our knees, but Mass is only once a day – except on Sundays – and it lasts less than an hour.”

“That’s nothing compared to us. I wish you could come to my hometown in Pakistan to see how we live. It’’ very strict of course, but very holy and I know that my family would be glad to have you, even if you are a kaffir.”

“I should like to come, but when do we ever have time to leave here?”

“Well, there’s the big holiday at the end of this term of course!”

“What holiday?”

“Didn’t you know? It’s the main one. Everyone goes home, or at least, most people do. Oh, you should come and stay with me, do you want me to ask?”

A chance to get away from the Academy, even if it was to a ‘holy’ place. Of course! “Yes please!”

“I shall ask on the morrow.”

The morrow revealed that Nazreen’s suggestion was acceptable to the authorities. Dorozhkina called both girls into her office and announced that she considered the idea a very good one. Apparently, she had received no instructions from Anna Rosa’s parents or fiance as to what to do with her over the holidays and so had been getting a little worried about where she should stay. She then informed them that she had phoned both sets of parents and all parties considered the idea an excellent one. “It will do you good to spend some time in an environment other than this school where the strictest purdah is practiced, although of course arranging your transportation will be a headache,” she told the Colombian. Anna Rosa didn’t care. She was over the moon! Spending time away from the Academy with her friend, now that truly would be a holiday! All day long during a tiring session in the pool and the long boring hours of Patience and Submission she burned with excitement and composed questions in her mind to ask her friend when they were together that night.

“So, what’s your town like?”

“Like I said before, a very holy place. We have a mosque where a famous Sufi saint lies and we women practice strict purdah.”

“Yes, I know that, but what is the town and countryside around it like? What does it look like, what is there to see and do?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I’ve never seen it.”

“Never seen it?! What do you mean? It’s your town!”

“Yes, I know, but you don’t understand. Like I told you before, where I come from we practice the strictest purdah. From puberty onwards, it is decreed that women must only leave the house accompanied by a mahram male and wearing a blinding veil.”

“A blinding veil?”

“Yes, one so thick that you cannot see through it. I have left the house but I have never seen outside. Instead my brother and father guide me about. It is mandatory for all women; the mayor and tradition decree it so.”

“But what of when you were a child, surely you must have seen it then?”

“No, not even then. Most children do of course, but my family are especially strict and so my father decreed that we never left the house as children so as not to open us up to sinful influences at such an impressionable age.”

“That’s terrible… but tell me, what do you wear inside? I assume you veil?”

“Of course we do. It is mandatory to wear complete niqaab indoors save for a thin slit for our eyes, or at least… our irises. Look, this is me before I came here.”

Nazreen reached into her drawer and pulled out a photo of a black shroud with two eyes peering out.

serenity“That is what we wear with close females and close family. If there are non-mahram men about, we put on burqas. Here’s another photo of me before I left home, this time in my burqa.”

Anna Rosa took the proferred picture. The burqa was white and unlike their uniform had no grille, but instead, two peep-holes. “It’s the Kashmiri style,” Nazreen explained. “It’s a little more restricting and plain than Afghan burqas, but our scholars say that it is much better for preserving modesty. Don’t worry, you’ll be trying one on when you come and visit; it’ll be cool!”


Wearing such a fearsome garment did not strike Anna Rosa as being cool, but she smiled under her veils anyway. A trip away from the Academy was all that she wanted and peep-hole burqa or not, she couldn’t wait!

Chapter 17 – Term Ends and Travelling

The Third Term at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour sped by for Anna Rosa. By its end she was well-versed in the art of oral and manual stimulation and three hours spent bowing and stock still seemed almost bearable. She was progressing well as both a lady of purdah and a temptress in the bedchamber and her teachers congratulated her on her efforts. Her thoughts however, were solely focused on her upcoming trip to Pakistan, every waking hour being occupied with dreams of a holiday in a sun-kissed and exotic land.

Before that could come about however, there was the small matter of her end-of-term week spent in the one-way glass chamber. She’d given up trying to work out what that was all about, but she had worked out that it was now a regular institution and sure enough, at the start of the final week, she was escorted to the Sports Hall by Dorozhkina and ordered to remove her clothing once again. When she was naked, a maid had set to work on her hair, dying it brown and curling it loosely and make-up, until she was declared ready. Dorozhkina then handed her a picture. It portrayed Eve in the Garden of Eden about to eat the apple underneath the Tree of Life. The door to the chamber opened and inside a tree had been placed. Anna Rosa understood what she had to do immediately. She entered the chamber, took up the position of Eve, held the apple in front of her and then waited for the entire week. It was difficult, it was boring and her arm ached incessantly, but sure enough, midway through Friday, the door opened and she was let out. From Venus, to Vestal Virgin, to Eve. What would she be next and why? She knew better than to ask questions and so instead put on her uniform and followed her maid back to her room where she was fed a much-needed meal.


After that meal though, to her surprise, she wasn’t taken to a class, to Nazreen or even to the Main Hall for a talk, but instead, she was escorted down not two, but three flights of stairs into a whole part of the school that she had never seen before, (not that she could see a lot of it now, wearing such an oppressive uniform, but that is by the by), but which she assumed to be the cellars from the bare brickwork, low ceilings and chilly atmosphere. She was led down corridor after corridor until she came to a plain wooden door which was opened by her maid who then gestured for her to pass through, before locking it after her and leaving.

The room in which she had been deposited was lit by a single electric bulb. It was bare save for some sort of table in the middle and Madame Dorozhkina standing beside that table.

“Greetings No. 34,” said the Headmistress. “And welcome to the cellars. In olden times this room was used by the NKVD to extract secrets from their prisoners, but you need not fear, nothing bad is going to happen to you. What will happen however, may be a little strange, but please trust me, it is for your own benefit. Please strip off all your clothes… no, leave on the corset, but strip off the rest, and then put on those white socks and gloves and that white dress over there.”

Anna Rosa noiselessly divested herself of her clothing until she stood before her superior naked save for her corset and chastity belt. Then she went over to the table and picked up the dress lying on it. She pulled the garment over her head. It was simple and white and it reached to the floor. Then she put on the socks and gloves and waited for the next instructions.

“As you can probably imagine, the act of travelling is one that most purdah-living ladies are encouraged not to indulge in, but alas, it is sometimes a necessity. As you know, Pakistan is nowhere near to this institution, so we need a method of transporting you there whilst keeping you safe, protecting your modesty and… considering your past history young lady, preventing any chance of escape. No. 33’s parents, your fiancé and I have all agreed therefore, to employ the services of the Gulf Transport Agency who have considerable experience in transporting unmarried young ladies about the world and whose services we often employ here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. No. 34, can I ask you to lie on your back on the board please?”

Anna Rosa was puzzled. Board? Gulf Transport Agency? She looked at the Headmistress, who pointed to the table. Then she noticed that it was not in fact a table, but a wooden board supported on two stands. In the board were some holes, including one under her head, all evidently to serve some purpose. Still puzzled, she climbed up onto it and lay on her back. It was too short for her and her legs were left dangling off the end.

“Now No. 34, you will notice two holes under your shoulders. Can you try and thread one of your arms through one of these holes and the other through the other.”

That command was easy said than done, but after some squirming and grunting, Anna Rosa managed it. She was now lain on the board with her arms behind her. Then, to her surprise, Dorozhkina came up and twisted her arms upwards so that they were pointing towards her neck and started securing them by the means of leather straps to the underside of the board. The position was painful and disconcerting and matters were not helped by the fact that the Headmistress pulled the straps extremely tight, not leaving a millimetre of freedom. By the end though, she was firmly secured to the board!

Then Dorozhkina then plaited her hair into a single plait and pushed the plait through the hole underneath her head. After this, a metal weight was attached to the hair, causing some strain on Anna Rosa’s head until the Headmistress placed the plait in-between her pupil’s two bound hands and suggested she held it tight as ‘a swinging plait has been known to bring on migraines’. After that, a wooden mould looking similar to Arabian hijaab was fitted around her head, locking it in place completely. She could now move it neither left or right, up or down.

Next, attention was turned to her legs, which dangled off the other end of the board. These were folded back like her arms and secured to the underside of the board, one either side of her derriere. Behind her derriere was a fourth hole, and to this was affixed some sort of clinical plastic bag which Dorozhkina informed her would ‘take care of all waste’. Thus, it was that she was now completely immobilised. The only question, was why?

The Headmistress then busied herself fitting some wooden end pieces to the board and some sides and then lastly, sliding in a bottom, so that Anna Rosa was lying motionless in a box of approximately 125cm by 40cm. Then, and only then, did Dorozhkina speak.

“The Gulf Purdah Cargo System is the standard method used to transport pupils to and fro this establishment. I realise that it is uncomfortable, but the tightness of the restraints are for your benefit as they will prevent you from being bruised and knocked when the crate is manhandled in ports. Now No. 34, here is a gag which you will be wearing for the duration of the trip. It will force feed you water and a sleeping drug that shall help the time pass quicker. I am also going to put in these ear plugs which will block out any unnecessary sound. Have a good trip No. 34 and I look forward to seeing you here refreshed next term.”

And at that her mouth was sealed and her sense of hearing blocked. A heavy veil was placed over her face and then polystyrene chips were used to fill in the excess space in the crate. Finally, the top was nailed on and she entered a black, silent and timeless world. She would have panicked but she couldn’t move anyway. She was a human being no longer, only a piece of cargo, on a par with a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. After a while the water and drug kicked it and after what seemed like an eternity of stillness, she drifted away to another, more mobile world.

N.B. For this chapter, I am indebted to Michelle and her ‘Gulf Transport System’ which she details in her tale ‘Desert Transport’ which can be read, of course, on ‘Tales of the Veils’.

Chapter 18 – Pakistan

Anna Rosa awoke to find herself still immobilised in the silent, pitch black world of the transportation crate. Her water-feed had stopped, (which doubtless accounted for her waking up), but she had evidently not reached her destination. Her coffin-like world was rocking about rhythmically. She was evidently travelling in either a train or a lorry. Waking up was no blessing. The heat inside the box was intense and her arms ached from the unnatural position that they’d been forced into. Worse than all of that however, her waste swilled about in the plastic bag below her and splashed up against the bare skin of her derriere. The smell was not pleasant.

She realised that either the duration of her trip to Pakistan had been mis-timed, or that there had been some delays en route and so she was to be stuck inside her sweltering tomb for longer than intended. Resigned to her fate, (but how could she have been otherwise?), she waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Hours passed, minutes passed, days passed, seconds passed. She had no way of telling which was which. Her world was timeless, black and silent. Sometimes it wobbled and jiggled a little, but that was all. As she lay there, restrained beyond all imagination, her mind started to wander. She thought of her life before entering the Academy; carefree days by the pool at their villa; parties at the homes of drug lords. Then she thought of her life at school. It had started with a simple veil which she had rebelled against with all her being, yet from then it had just snowballed and snowballed. Now she did not spend a minute uncovered and even simply walking down a corridor was a toil with her squeezed in waist, ridiculous high-heels, her gag and her multitude of layers, veil upon veil, turning her from a human being into an object, an object of desire. She recalled her Intimate Arts lessons, stimulating Ivan’s tool, swallowing his seed, having him spray his seed all over her face and revelling in it. And she imagined doing the same for her husband, not the husband’s of old that she had imagined, boyfriends whom she could talk to and boss about or storm off from in a huff, but a different kind of husband, a lord, a master whom it was her purpose in life to love and obey. He whom she had been turned into an object of desire for. She imagined this unknown, unseen husband watching her from the other side of the glass as she posed as Eve and Venus, masturbating over her naked form, a form that was prohibited to all others. She imagined the same husband opening her up at the end of her journey and making love to her in his chamber. Her would be like one of the Ottoman Sultans of old that Madame Ozal had taught her about, lord of a vast harem of women picked for their physical perfection. She was one of those women. So too was Nazreen. Tonight he had chosen them both and ordered them to pleasure each other in his presence whilst Madame Azadi ministered to his mighty tool. They’d lain down together, the Pakistani and her and started kissing each others naked bodies. He’d ordered their arms to be restrained behind them just as hers were now and so they’d wriggled and writhed until they’d found the parts they wanted and licked and sucked and… and… and… God yessssssss!!!

In the intense heat of her cocoon, Anna Rosa de la Torre passed out in ecstasy.

She came to to find that the lid of her coffin was being opened by someone. Despite still being covered by a heavy black veil, the light that streamed in almost blinded her and Anna Rosa had to close her eyes. Slowly they adjusted and whilst they did, her liberators busied themselves removing the sides of the crate and all the polystyrene chips and freeing Anna Rosa’s arms, hair and legs. Once they had done so, she sat up and stretched her aching limbs. Her liberators were two black shrouded figures, dressed exactly as Nazreen said women were dressed indoors in her town, leaving only a thin eye-slit to the world. Anna Rosa scanned the eyes of the two women and recognised one pair as being Nazreen’s. She made to remove her gag and speak, but Nazreen hurriedly put a gloved finger to her mouth in a a gesture of silence. Anna Rosa shrugged as if to say ‘Why?’ and the Pakistani girl scuttled off. A moment later she returned carrying a notepad and pencil. Then she hurriedly scribbled out a note. When she had finished, she ripped it off and handed it to her friend. Anna Rosa read it in astonishment… and dismay.

‘Anna Rosa,

My dear friend, may we thank Allah(uwnbp) for your safe arrival here. I hope that the trip, (your first in a Purdah Crate I think???), was ok. You got delayed on the way and stuck in a railway siding for a night. That is how I arrived before you. But anyway, you are safe now and that is all that matters. But my dear friend, there is something that I forgot to tell you! Do you remember how I said that this town takes purdah very seriously, even to the point that we women must wear blinding veils if we go outdoors? Well, there is another rule that I forgot to tell you about. It is this: . Women are only allowed to speak to other women, if related by family. When I got here I asked my mum if an exception could be made because you are like my family and you have no relatives here, but she viewed such a laxidaisical approach negatively and so I am afraid, we cannot talk whilst you are here, only communicate via notes. Please do not be sad, it is for our good I am sure. Anyway, we will leave now and you may take a bath and wear your new Pakistani clothing. Oh yes, and don’t forget the gag, it will help you to remember our rule! There’s some food waiting for you, so come down whenever you are ready.


Nazreen xx’

So, more forced silencing! But a month ago, it would probably have reduced her to tears, but after her journey in the Purdah Crate, well… anything was a blessing after that, even forced silence.

The two black figures left and Anna Rosa got up. There was a bathroom adjoining the room in which she was in, so she wearily got up, removed the rest of her clothing, (including her corset… my, what a relief!), and sunk into the prepared and perfumed water. The stink and rigours of her long journey slowly fell away and an hour later she was ready to don her robes again and re-enter the outside world.

The costume that Nazreen had provided for her was much as she had expected. After her underwear, (and yes, for this holiday, there would be no corset!), there was a red shalwar kameez, stockings and gloves. Then she came to the gag, a device alas a world away from the ball gag that she had become used to at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. She put this new one – a long thick rubber pear gag with an oval metal plate attached to one end – inside her mouth and found to her dismay that it held her tongue down and filled her mouth completely although without bulging the cheeks. The curved metal plate completely covered her lips and the inward force of the gag make it stick to her lips, completely muting her. So, she definitely would be silent during this holiday! Wearily, she took the mouth and nose scarf. It was made of thick elastic fabric, which sucked itself to her skin as she put it on. Its elastic force Anna Rosa discovered, was designed to ensure the her gag stayed in, and her breathing was further restricted as her mouth was now sealed completely shut and the thick cloth limited the air flow through her nose. Then she put on a forehead scarf which was made of thick, red cotton. She placed it so low that it interfered with her direct line of sight and left a slit to the nose scarf a little wider than the diameter of her irises, as Nazreen had said the local custom was. Finally she covered the back of her head and neck with a similar larger scarf on top of the others and thus attired, she was ready to enter the world of Nazreen’s family.

As soon as she entered the large kitchen from which delightful cooking smells were coming, Nazreen rushed to greet her and flung her arms around her school friend before then introducing her (through the use of notes of course) to her mum, aunt, elder sister and two younger sisters. After that she showed Anna Rosa how by putting a finger in the eye slit down along one side of the nose they were able to pull the upper edge of the elastic scarf down on their chins, thus making it possible to uncover the mouth for short periods for eating and drinking without taking the scarves off. After that they settled down to a delicious meal of samosas and chicken tikka, dishes new to Anna Rosa, yet extremely acceptable to her palate. At the end of the meal, the muezzin sounded from outside somewhere and all the family got down on their knees to pray.

Anna Rosa’s time in Pakistan began to fly by. Despite the annoying encumbrances of her costume, and the awful edict against speaking, she found that she got to know Nazreen’s family through writing notes and found them friendly and generous. Her mum taught Anna Rosa how to cook Karahi cuisine whilst her sister Noor instructed her on the art of embroidering. Then of course, there were the times with Nazreen when they talked of the Academy and their future life.

It soon transpired that one of the main purpose behind Nazreen’s trip home for the holidays was so that she could be formally engaged to her husband, the mayor of some town some two hundred kilometres from their own. As the two had never met previously, it was decided to hold a party in Nazreen’s house which was eagerly anticipated by all the ladies, who picked out their finest outfits with great care and disagreement. Nazreen opted for green, pink, blue with gold embroidery and black with white embroidery before finally settling on a beautiful yellow gown with silver flowers. Anna Rosa was given the pick of the remaining dresses and picked the green one. This whole dressing up puzzled our young Colombian at first, as no one would be seeing their faces anyway, but she soon learnt that displaying wealth was the order of the day. Under the gown she wore two shalwar kameez sets and then no less than six ruffled petticoats before the heavy green silk was lifted over her head. The effect was not dissimilar to that of a Victorian lady in her crinoline, without any view of the face of course. Over this however, was worn a matching burqa with close grille which was to be worn in the presence of the men. The idea was of course, that the women would present a beautiful sight at the main party whilst afterwards, when the sexes separated, the true extent of their wealth could be further displayed when the outer layer was shed and an equally sumptuous one viewed underneath. Anna Rosa thought of girls in Colombia who wore their shortest skirts to impress in high-class Bogota parties. Such an abject lack of material would be viewed as a sign of crushing poverty here!

Nazreen’s future husband arrived by train around midday, accompanied by three men and four women who were doubtless his family. Upon arrival they were shown into the reception room where the male members of Nazreen’s family were waiting. Then Anna Rosa and Nazreen’s sisters served them with sweetmeats and drinks before the bride herself was brought down in all her finery. The couple then ‘met’, (he saw Nazreen’s clothes, she saw nothing at all), and ‘chatted’, (he wished her well, she said nothing at all), before an Imam formalised the engagement and the sexes split. Nazreen and her family went into the female quarters and removed their burqas. Then followed the four ladies who had accompanied Nazreen’s fiancé, three of whom Anna Rosa assumed were his sisters and the fourth, who seemed to be of much higher rank, perhaps his mother. This fourth lady walked extremely regally and wore a blue burqa of the highest quality. When this was removed, a golden silk shalwar kameez with golden embroidery, white silk gloves and a head covered in white silk scarves with subtle gold embroidery was revealed. Her elastic nose and mouth covering was the same as everybody elses, but her position as the top ranking woman of the town was demonstrated by the fact that she allowed herself to go further than the normal dress code by wearing a semi-transparent black scarf over her eyes. Not showing even a tiny bit of herself the eye slit was transformed to a decorating black line on a white head. As she stepped towards Nazreen, she turned her head from left to right with small nods in all directions, before embracing the fiancee and putting both her cheeks against Nazreen’s. Nazreen returned the gesture before bringing the lady some sweetmeats and a drink and kneeling by her side.

Then the party began. An all-female and all-veiled band started playing some traditional music and some of the ladies started to dance. Well, dancing it was perhaps an attempt at, but in such suffocating clothing anything like real dancing was an impossibility. Anna Rosa got up and tried out some of the moves that she had learnt in her Intimate Arts classes, but wearing such a mass of material it merely transformed itself into an ungainly shuffle and within seconds sweat was streaming down her face and stinging her eyes. Still, it was at least a chance to let go to a slight extent and our heroine enjoyed it, going to bed that evening an exhausted, but happy young girl.

The next day she asked Nazreen whom the regal lady in the blue burqa was.

“That was Fatima,” Nazreen replied.

“Your fiancé’s mother?”

“Oh, no, don’t be silly. She is his wife, silly.”

“But… but I thought you were going to become his wife…?”

“I am, but only his second wife. She is his first, so I shall be serving her as well. It’s a hard lot, but Inshallah, I shall manage.” And besides, I still get all the privileges that she does. When I’m married to Ali, I can wear a covering over my eyes indoors too, just like she does. Didn’t she look elegant last night? I wish I could afford clothes like those.”

Anna Rosa however just sighed. So, restricting your eyesight unnecessarily, taking away the last tiny bit of freedom that you’ve got is a privilege in these parts is it? ‘Crazy’, she thought, ‘just crazy!’

But crazy or not, that was Nazreen’s lot in life and she had accepted it, and furthermore, for a month at least, it was Anna Rosa’s lot too. Daily she covered up and cooked, in-between what seemed like eternal bouts of praying towards Mecca, (despite not being a Muslim, she was expected to join in). The only break in the routine was when they were made to don burqas and join the men in the main room, perhaps waiting on them whilst they watched a cricket game, or on the odd occasions when they were covered in thick blinding veils and guided outside by the menfolk to the house of a nearby friend.

Walking blind was something that Anna Rosa had not experienced before and initially she found it quite scary. Unable to see anything, she was constantly afraid of tripping on the loose ground and realised that a purdah woman must be able to trust her husband entirely when he is guiding her about. Soon however, she learnt that Hussain – Nazreen’s younger brother who had been instructed to guide her – was well-practiced in the art and she could completely rely on him. Indeed, after a short time she began to look forward to these strange walks as she found her complete powerlessness something of a turn on and as they stumbled through the stony streets, she revelled in the firm grasp of Hussein.

That however, was not the strangest sensation that Anna Rosa experienced in Pakistan. Instead, that came on Sundays during which she felt strangely dissatisfied. At first she could not understand why, she was not hungry, thirsty or bored, but then after a fortnight, she realised – she was missing her weekly chastisement! Immediately she realised how perverse that notion was, after all, who misses being paddled on the bottom, but it was true, she was missing it and before long she was aching for the firm swipe of the paddle on her derriere. ‘This is wrong,’ she thought to herself as she lay in bed at night, imagining the swish as it moved to meet her bare skin. ‘Such thoughts are seriously wrong!’ But wrong or not, she still had them and the more she tried to block them, the more they came. ‘They’ve screwed my mind up!’ she declared after waking up from one nightmare/good dream where Hussein had been chastising her relentlessly for not getting on with his first wife.

But her trip soon came to an end and before they knew it, Nazreen and Anna Rosa were preparing to re-enter life at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. With some trepidation she was led into the room where the board with the four holes in was set up and she lay gingerly down on it and threaded her arms behind her. Within thirty minutes, the crate lid was nailed down and she re-entered the silent, dark world of the Purdah Crate with only another term of restriction, chastisement and serious veiling to look forward to.

The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour awaited.

The drug kicked in and Anna Rosa de la Torre lost consciousness.

N.B. Acknowledgement for much of the inspiration of this episode has to go to Bo-Emp who introduced Nazreen’s town of serious purdah, the Mayoress and the serious gag that Anna Rosa is forced to wear in his tale ‘The Birthday Party’ which of course, is to be found here on ‘Tales of the Veils’.

Chapter 19 – Fourth Term Uniform

There were no delays on the journey back from Pakistan and Anna Rosa awoke to the sound and jolts and rush of light of her Purdah Crate being opened. Once she was unpacked, a burqa was thrown over her and she was led upstairs to her chamber where a hot bath was waiting. After an hour in there, scourging herself of the odours and stains of her long journey, she donned a bathrobe, dried herself and then went into her bedroom where her maid was waiting with her Fourth Term uniform.

And a few words of admonishment.

“Mrs. Dorozhkina is most displeased to see that you did not keep up your corset wearing during your time away from the Academy, No. 34,” she tutted. “You have a specific waist target to achieve and now you must be considerably behind schedule. I’m afraid that there will be some extra punishment for you this Sunday.”

As I have already pointed out, this news was not exactly unwelcome to Anna Rosa but naturally she said nothing and merely bowed her head in shame.

“But that is later, now your new uniform, which I am afraid will be much more difficult for you to wear than the last one. However, as this is what your fiancé has ordered, then I am sure that you’ll find it acceptable. Firstly, put on your bodysuit and then your new corset.”

Anna Rosa put on the navy blue lycra bodysuit and then turned her attentions to the corset that her maid was holding in both hands. She looked at it and gasped. It was much longer, much more heavily boned and much… narrower than her previous stays. Wearing it would be a trial.

“Now No.34, wearing this corset will be much more difficult for you, and so to make it easier, we put it on in a different way. Come over here please and put your hands on this bar.”

Anna Rosa went to the corner of the room by her wardrobe and discovered something that had not been there previously: a circus trapeze, or at least, something that looked like that. Unsure, she grabbed hold of the horizontal bar and her maid secured her wrist to it by means of cords. Then the maid went to a handle attached to the wall which she started turning. Slowly but surely the bar rose until Anna Rosa was left on her tiptoes, her feet barely able to touch the floor.

“The lacing bar stretches your body so that we can achieve a tinier waist,” the maid explained as she started fitting the corset around her charge’s body.

Once the busk was fastened then she attacked the laces. “Hmphf!” she grunted with each pull, as Anna Rosa’s waist was contracted and contracted. After a month of not wearing a corset, the Colombian was unused to the restriction and besides, even if she had been, this new corset was a world away from her old one. “Stop! Stop!” she gasped at last, sure that she could take no more, but the maid merely tutted and made some comment about her being desperately behind her lacing schedule. Then she passed out.

When she came to, the restriction around her torso was unbearable. “Loosen it! Loosen it please!” she cried to the maid who was, unsurprisingly perhaps, unsympathetic.

“I can’t be having this, No.34,” she said, “and it’s so unlike you to complain. That corset is still 2cm larger than Mrs. Dorozhkina says that it should be, but I simply can’t get it any smaller. It’s your own fault of course, for being so naughty and not wearing it during the holidays. I don’t know what you were thinking of, I really don’t. But anyhow, I can’t have complaining now, so it’s time I think to introduce you to your new gag, a little more effective than that silly rubber ball you wore last term. Come here and open wide.”

Anna Rosa couldn’t ‘come’ anywhere of course, still being attached to the lacing bar as she was, but her maid simply got out a stool, stood on it and plopped the new gag in Anna Rosa’s mouth herself.

The gag did not seem to be very serious initially. Indeed, if anything, it felt less restrictive than her ball gag and certainly a world away from the terrible gag that she had been made to wear in Pakistan. Initial impressions however, can be deceptive and Anna Rosa soon discovered its secret when her maid attached a small pump to it and began to work. It was inflatable and once fully inflated it filled all her mouth and reached down intrusively into her throat. No a sound, not even a gurgle would be possibly wearing such a thing!

“Don’t worry about eating and drinking No.34,” the maid said. It has a tube through the middle which I will connect to this bottle here which is full of nutrient compound which is all that you’ll be fed from now on.”

Don’t worry?! The words were hardly reassuring. Silenced and starved… well, starved at least of anything like proper food. Just how bad was this term going to get?!

Next came her new boots. As Anna Rosa had almost expected, these had heels even higher than the last term, a full 14cm in all, and they reached up to her thighs, laced for the entirety. Hanging from the bar, they felt tight and restrictive, but as soon as the trapeze was lowered, then the full extent of their torture was revealed. Firstly, the pain was intense as all her weight was now transferred onto her tiptoes, but also the length of them meant bending at the knees was now far more difficult than previously and their height meant that only tiny mincing steps could be attempted. This latter problem was further compounded by the next item that her maid removed from the wardrobe. A tight, floor-length skirt that was reinforced round the hem. Even if the boots had been less repressive, this garment would never allow for strides longer than a couple of centimetres.

Now that she was released, her maid turned her attentions to Anna Rosa’s hands which were sheathed in a pair of thick woollen navy blue gloves that reached up to her elbows. It was what came after that however, that really shocked our heroine. In an instant and without any warning, the maid took her arms and cuff them together behind her back. Then, before she hardly knew what was happening, another set of cuff was produced and these were fitted just above the elbows, and then a chain attached between them and they were pulled together until the chain was taut. It was not particularly painful, but it was far from comfortable either and worse than that, it rendered Anna Rosa completely helpless. So, her latest freedom to be taken away from her was the use of her arms! Would any other institution on earth other than the crazy Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour sanction such a thing?

After the arm restriction, things were far more straightforward. Two shalwar kameez sets, two abayahs, a mouth veil, a forehead veil, three flimsy faceveils and then a full khimar all in navy blue were fitted before finally a sky blue Afghan burqa was placed over the lot. The ensemble was complete, the present wrapped. Anna Rosa realised that Term Four would be hot, heavy and extremely restricted.

Chapter 20 – Life Restricted to the Fourth Degree

After dressing her in her new blue uniform, the maid informed Anna Rosa that she – and indeed all the Fourth Termers at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour – would be excused from lessons that day and instead was to use her time getting used to her new uniform.

She soon discovered that this surprise vacation was in fact a necessity rather than a privilege, and indeed, it took the majority of the day before she could convey herself around her room, let alone going out into the corridor and down the stairs.

The first problem was of course being able to see anything. With three faceveils and a burqa, her sight was now restricted to the barest outlines and in dark light, nothing. She wanted to navigate herself as the blind do, through touch, but with arms restrained, this was of course an impossibility. The only way she discovered, was to learn her surroundings off by heart. She could see the advantage of such clothing to a man worried about a wandering wife. Wearing such apparel, she would be scared to leave her familiar little world, let alone be able to do so.

Even with sight however, moving about was going to be very difficult from now on for Anna Rosa de la Torre. The problem of course, was her boots, which caused her feet to be most unsteady and her step tiny. When she did move it was at a snail’s pace, and with much fear, for without one’s arms for balance, then one is in constant fear of toppling over.

And once one does fall over, like Anna Rosa did on three occasions that day, then getting up again is nigh on impossible. With no arms to lift you, no bending at the waist, and no grip on the floor, how can one rise? The first time that she fell, she in fact passed out through the pressure of her corset and didn’t come to until several minutes later. Then she lay on the floor for almost half an hour in tears, unable to help herself. Finally however, she managed to wiggle to her bed and then wiggle onto it, before eventually righting herself against a wall. The entire process took almost an hour.

But of course, it is not just the lack of movement and sight that is infuriating, but also the heat. Encompassed by all those layers, the temperature rapidly rises and Anna Rosa soon finds herself panting for breathe, a situation not eased by her overly tight corset. And of course, being unable to speak or even gesture, she is barred all communication with the world outside her burqa and so is reduced from living to simply being. However, at the same time, that old worrying feeling continues to regale her. Underneath her chastity belt she is getting very excited for no apparent reason at all.

That evening her session with Nazreen is considerably different from previous. The Pakistani is of course gagged like Anna Rosa, but for some reason, she has been allowed the use of her arms. Their communication is now limited to Nazreen writing down questions or observations and Anna Rosa nodding or shaking her head in response. Eventually however, even that fails them and so they simply sit side by side, Anna Rosa resting her head on her friend’s shoulder. Sometimes words are not necessary.

The next day Anna Rosa discovered that her lessons, like her uniform, had got more restricted. First up, her timetable revealed a considerable increase in the number of Patience and Submission classes, but when the sitting about was over, there was still Intimate Arts.

“Right Catalina,” said Madame Azadi as she entered the classroom unsteadily and slowly. “It’s good to see you back after the break and you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve lots more Bedchamber Arts to learn. Now, your maid has informed me that you are under arm restraint this term, so I shall have to remove your garments for you. Firstly, this lovely burqa – I do so like this blue you know – and now this khimar, abayah, shalwar kameez, shalwar kameez, shalwar kameez and at last we have the body suit. Now, Catalina, can you bend down on the bed please, bow as if you were praying to Mecca?”

Dutifully Anna Rosa obeyed, wondering what was to come next in her sexual journey. Madame Azadi then approached her from behind and unzipped the fastening on her bodysuit to reveal her derriere. Then she began her teaching.

“Ass you are no doubt aware Catalina, the Creator has endowed us women with three holes which are for our husband’s use. Already you have learnt how to pleasure him with your mouth, as well as how to stimulate his tool manually, and so now it is time for us to move onto another orifice. Now of course, for you to remain a virgin – and until your wedding day you shall remain a virgin Catalina! – it is impossible for us to do any work with your most intimate opening, so instead, this term we shall be looking at your bottom.”

At this the teacher started stroking her derriere which Anna Rosa found to be quite arousing. “You have a lovely bottom Catalina, truly lovely. Your husband will be so proud of it.” Her words pleased Anna Rosa, who had always considered her bum to be, well… a bit big. “But lovely or not,” Azadi continued, “the problem with it, like all virgin bottoms, is that, when the man comes to enter, it is too tight. That is where this training comes in. We want your husband to enjoy your bottom, not be denied by it. Now Catalina, hold tight!”

The teacher approached her charge with a small cylinder of plastic, about the size of a marker pen, which she then attempted to insert into the Colombian girl’s anus. She had evidently covered it beforehand with some sort of lubricant as it was oily and slippery, but even so, it would not go in easily. “Relax your muscles,” Madame Azadi instructed. “You are fighting against the intruder when you should be welcoming it. Can you imagine if this was your husband? How would he feel with you reacting like this? That you don’t love him or obey him perhaps?”

Anna Rosa had to admit that she was right. She was fighting the invader; it was strange and unnatural to have something thrust up… there. But at the same time she realised that it was not painful and so relaxed a little and the thing crept in a few more milimetres.

“This cylinder is called a pessarie,” instructed Madame Azadi as she continued to work it in. “Many girls wear them so that their anuses are big enough for their husbands to enter. They are especially useful for girls like yourself who corset as the corset naturally exerts pressure on the lower regions. It may well be that after marriage your husband will desire you to wear a similar pessarie in your frontal hole. That however, is his business. For now, we are solely concerned with the back passage. Now… wait a minute, yes… she’s in. So, that is your new pessarie. You’ll wear a pessarie from now on of course, although as we progress, I’ll be swapping it for a larger one and a larger one until by the time that you’re married you could accommodate any male tool that may wish to thrust itself in your direction without any discomfort to either you or them. Now Catalina, get up and walk around and see how it feels.”

Anna Rosa did just that. It felt distinctly strange. The pessarie made her feel bloated and full, yet when she moved her hips it moved inside her causing the most pleasurable sensations. Madame Azadi sensed this through the expression on her charge’s face and smiled. “Good isn’t it?” she said. “Now, let’s get you dressed again and ready for Patience and Submission. Come on Catalina!”

Anna Rosa’s Patience and Submission lessons, although more numerous, continued much the same as before. She was instructed to bow or sit in a submissive posture and then either wait in silence or listen to Dorozhkina read more extracts from the memoirs of the hapless Tatiana; the young girl forced to lead an extremely restricted lifestyle in 19th century Russia. These extracts were not read in any sort of order, but they nonetheless continued to excite our young Colombian. That day after her first pessarie had been inserted, the headmistress read one about Tatiana’s schooldays that, probably because of its similarities to her own predicament, brought her to overheat inside her burqa.

‘I shall write a little today about our life here in the Academy. Here at this institution we are taught everything that will prepare us for life as a lady of standing and distinction, but perhaps the strangest is that we are trained to live life without hands. When I first arrived in the First Year, our hands were fastened behind us by cord which we were forbidden from undoing. This puzzled me as I wondered how it was I would be expected to write or do algebraic calculations on my slate, but I soon learnt that I was not to! Instead, we have been taught that ladies should not be expected to do anything as they have servants to fulfil all roles for them and so it is in the school also. A young girl called Tsevta was assigned to me and during lessons she had to copy down everything that I said. In order to make sure that she does this correctly, a punishment is administered for every mistake, although just in case that mistake is due to my faulty instructions, I am punished also.

In the second year our arms are then bound together in a sort of single glove so that the shoulders are forced back and they are as one, pointing down towards the floor. My waist-length hair was then wrapped around this arrangement and all in all I have to say that it was most elegant and also useful in regards to posture improvement although having one’s arms forced into such an unnatural position for even a few minutes is most tiring and disconcerting.

During the third year however, this changed again as gradually, week-by-week, our lower arms, still bound together, were bent upwards so that the tips of my fingers now brush the back of my neck. You cannot imagine the discomfort involved in attaining such a position, but I have to say that it is compact and exceedingly elegant and I expect that my future husband, when he sees me like this, will wish me to keep them bent so. I hope that he does not to be honest, but his wish will be my command so whatever he says will have to go.’

Was it because Anna Rosa’s arms were now similarly restrained or was it the pessarie that tickled her behind? Whatever the case, she got hotter and hotter until with a tiny groan, (which was all that she could manage), she passed out and slumped to the floor in ecstasy.

When she came to, things were not good. Dorozhkina was standing over her saying the words, “That will be ten bad marks, No. 34 and I suspect that a change in your regime is required!”

Chapter 21 – A Change in Regime

That evening after her free time with Nazreen, (time these days spent simply leaning against one another as no other form of contact was possible), Anna Rosa’s change in regime came. She was returned to her room and bathed by the maid, (it no longer being possible for her to do this herself as it was made clear that her arm restraints would not be removed), and then led back into her bedroom for what she assumed would be the nightly refitting of her corset and insertion into her sleeping sack. Today however, there was a surprise waiting. After her corset had been laced to its utmost, Anna Rosa was ordered to wear a suit that she had never seen before. It was all-encompassing like her lycra suits but was made of thick fluffy material similar to that which babies’ rompers are made out of. Anna Rosa climbed into it and her arms were refastened into their painful position and it was zipped up at the back. Immediately she warmed up, but that was not a problem as the nights were getting colder now and even the heating system of the Academy could not keep all the chills out. This suit however, had a hidden weapon which she now discovered; namely a full hood, lined in rubber on the inside and with only two tiny holes, one over each nostril. And if that wasn’t enough, the hood contained some sort of neck that was boned like a corset and considerably longer than Anna Rosa’s own. Straightaway her world went black, but then it got worse. Breathing became nigh on impossible and the confines of that hood and woolly suit soon began to heat up. Whilst all this was happening, Anna Rosa felt herself being lifted up and mauled about. What she did not realise was that her maid was rolling not one, but two duvets around her form. And over all that a burqa, stretched tight from the bulk of the quilts. Finally Anna Rosa was lain down to sleep. By the time that she had been positioned in bed, her face was already ringing wet.

And so Anna Rosa’s term continued in an extremely restricted yet somehow pleasurable way. She enjoyed her lessons in anal intercourse and for some inexplicable reason liked being squeezed, overheated and covered to ridiculous excess. And then came the moment that she longed for every Sunday when her bottom was spanked.

In addition to all of this, she also enjoyed what was being done to her body by the regime. She noted with excitement whenever the maid declared a reduction in her waist size and marvelled at the extreme silhouette that she now presented in the mirror every morning, and with all that sweating at night then she now began to lose weight rapidly, attaining the figure of a supermodel. All that was lacking was a bit more up top, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. She felt sexy and trained and ready for sex. The only question remained, when would that time come? Even if it was to be with boring old Antonio, she couldn’t wait!

Another factor that seemed to add to her excitement was the binding of her arms palm-to-palm behind her back in the single glove. This seemed to symbolise her helplessness more than aught else and when she viewed the arrangement in the mirror she had to admit that there was a perverted kind of elegance about it. Would this lack of arms become permanent after marriage? At times she almost hoped it would.

Finally the term drew to a close and, as she was expecting of course, she was once again summoned to the glass chamber for her presentation as some sort of piece of art. She readied herself to again strip down to the suit that Mother Nature had given her, but was surprised to find her maid there with a quite different set of apparel ready and waiting.

“Did you ever see the cartoon ‘Beauty and the Beast’ asked Mrs. Dorozhkina.

Anna Rosa, her gag removed for the first time in weeks, stumbled out a ‘Yes’.

“Good, now, let the maid retighten your corset.”

She was lain on a bench that had evidently been provided for the occasion and her maid climbed on top and tightened her corset to a size that she had never before experienced. She began to see stars but the headmistress continued commanding, ‘A little more! A little more!’ until the maid had climbed right onto her charge and was pressing her foot into Anna Rosa’s back to gain some extra leverage. At this the poor Colombian passed out.

When she awoke she was sat in a chair, the maid fanning her face and a pungent smell was attacking her nostrils. “Smelling salts,” explained Dorozhkina. “Use regularly in the olden days to reawaken tight-laced ladies. Now, we may continue!”

Continuing meant putting on a pair of silk stockings, a pair of glass slippers with heels even higher than her uniform boots and no less than twenty frilly petticoats whilst a new veiled maid curled her hair, powered and made-up her face.

Then came the crinoline, almost two metres across and covered by another two petticoats before finally there was the dress, a gorgeous creation in yellow silk, billowing, bedecked with bows and beautiful. It was fitted over her head and laced at the back by the maid whilst the other maid fitted shoulder length yellow gloves onto her hands. Anna Rosa twirled around in delight, (and almost tripped over her high heels in the process before spending a minute or so after getting her breathe back. She felt like a princess! She was a princess! She was of course the exact replica of Belle from the cartoon.

The only question remained, where was the beast?


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