The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour – Part Three

The Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour – Part Three

by Dave Potter


Chapter 22 – Fifth Term Uniform and Regime

Fifth term started, as all new terms start, with a new uniform, this time in the mandatory pink. Anna Rosa was stripped down to her mandatory chastity belt and then the first layer was added – a pink lycra bodysuit that, to her surprise, once a full inflatable gag with feeding tube that was wrapped around her head had been fitted – covered her entire face without any mesh for her eyes. She could see through it, but only just and she knew full well that when the next layer was added – and there always is a next layer at the Academy for Modesty and Submissive Behaviour – she would be blinded.

“It’s called a zentai, No. 34,” her maid said. “They’re from Japan and it’s mandatory from now on.” Anna Rosa looked at herself in the mirror. The vision that confronted her was strange, a mere silhouette of a human being, almost like a space alien. That silhouette soon disappeared however when the next layer was added, a new corset that according to her maid was to bring her down to 45cm when fully-laced. That Anna Rosa didn’t know, but as she was attached to the lacing bar and brought down merely to her now-standard 50, she felt on the verge of fainting. Every extra millimetre, let alone centimetre, these days was a trial and Anna Rosa knew that this Fifth Term was going to be a tough one.


The vision that confronted her was strange, a mere silhouette of a human being, almost like a space alien

It wasn’t just the corset either. Next a neck corset was produced and laced to strangulation point and following that her new boots which, when her maid showed them to her, were beautiful yet frightening. Unlike the previous pairs, these required her to stand completely on her toes, with not the slightest bit of sole. Before she could always bend her toes to get some grip, but these required her feet to be permanently en-pointe. They were ballet boots and the culmination of her long foot training. Once laced on, they didn’t feel too bad, but as soon as her feet touched the floor then she realised the new difficulties that they presented, not merely of pain but also of balance. She was allowed two hours respite to steady herself and let her corset settle before the maid returned to retighten her stays and proceed with the dressing.


Her new boots were beautiful yet frightening. Unlike the previous pairs, these required her to stand completely on her toes, with not the slightest bit of sole.

That dressing then involved the single glove, binding her arms into uselessness and then – to Anna Rosa’s confusion – a chain that led from the neck corset to her bound hands. The chain had on it some sort of pulley which the maid then pulled at until Anna Rosa screamed out in pain – well, it was more like a grunt from behind that fearsome gag, but you get the picture – and then she stopped. “You’re to obtain the reverse prayer position this term, No. 34,” the maid explained. Anna Rosa remembered hearing about that in Tatiana’s accounts and grimaced. It sounded painful yet at the same time elegant and desirable. Just another of the paradoxes that the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour was throwing at her beleaguered body and mind.

And following the bondage there was the material, metres of it. A pink shalwar kameez, then a full-length pink abayah, then a pink khimar with three faceveils – and yes, she was now rendered totally blind – before finally the pink burqa. And fully-dressed, she was then escorted by the maid down to the Main Hall for Dorozhkina to give her the Fifth Term Welcome Talk.

“Greetings girls and welcome to the start of your Fifth Term here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. Now, I know that for most of you your new uniforms will take some getting used to, but there is of course another very important matter for you all to focus upon this term, namely that of your examinations. Every student here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour is required to take an examination during their Fifth Term and whether you pass or fail it is of great importance to you, for if you do fail, you shall be required to repeat the Fifth Term for however many times that is required until it is passed, thus putting off your exit from this establishment and the marriage that you all so desperately want to embark upon. So girls, listen to your lessons carefully – the clues to examination success are embedded within them – and more importantly, let the noble ideals of Submission and Modesty that this school espouses enter into every aspect of your life and thoughts. You are dismissed!”

So, she was to take an exam. But what about? And how could one write if one’s arms were always bound? These questions and others spun around in Anna Rosa’s head as she waited to be led to a classroom. After some time she felt an arm behind her shoulder pushing her forward. She began to walk in the desired direction, left and right until she heard the voice of her maid say, “You may stop now. Kneel down in submission.” In her boots and corset, kneeling down was more or less an impossibility for Anna Rosa now and without her arms to help her balance, she more or less fell to the floor. Her maid stopped any disaster, but nonetheless, by the time she was ‘in position’, it was far from comfortable, as she could no longer keep such a position unless her face was used as balance and was rammed against the floor itself.

And in such a position she was now expected to spend most of her lessons.

Today we shall be hearing more from the diary of Tatiana announced the voice of Madame Azadi. ‘So, Tatiana will be teaching us how to pass our exams,’ thought Anna Rosa. The teacher began:

‘Today I have been thinking much about my physical appearance. This may seem strange to you as I have always stressed how it is to be hidden from all but my beloved husband and master, but that’s just it; whilst hidden from everyone else, I do wish to remain beautiful for him, and just lately he has been expressing some disapproval.

The main problem seems to be my breasts which he regards as being too small. To be honest, I do not know whether breasts should be small or large, but of course I trust his masculine judgement as he is always right. Consequently, we have been trying methods of making them larger, and whilst I believe there has been some success, unfortunately it has not been enough to satisfy him. The first thing we did was tighten my corset further and then have me eat a lot of fatty food so that I grow larger overall, (but not at the waist!!), and thus the fat goes to my breasts. This is extremely painful as the pressure around my middle increases and I get pains in my stomach from eating too much, but my breasts did grow a little. As I said though, this was not enough for my beloved and also, enlarging them in this manner, they seemed to lose much of their firmness which also displeased him immensely, so eventually this approach was given up and a new one embarked upon.

This next approach involved some apparatus that my master had seen advertised in an English magazine that he subscribes to. It is called the Deepdale Guaranteed Bosom Improver and my beloved says that it is guaranteed to make my breasts become larger and more pronounced. The bosom improver consists of two metal rings that fit over and tight to base of my breasts, shoulder straps and a strap around the chest to a back buckle. As soon as the back strap is tied off the maid starts to tighten both of the screws on the rings around the base of each breast. As the rings dig into the soft flesh at the base of the breasts, the rest of the breast is forced tight and out. When the rings are so tight that the squeezed breasts have turned into two tight orbs it gets excruciatingly painful and I do admit to have screamed out in pain, (causing my master to rightly administer punishment later on), but when no more turns can be made then my beloved takes hold of the shoulder straps and pulls them tight, dragging my taut breasts high up nearly level with my shoulders which alas, causes even more pain which I simply have to bear. Despite all this pain however, despite several months of constant use now, we still haven’t noticed any significant increase in size, although my husband does seem more pleased with this method and has vowed that it will continue for the foreseeable future. Oh, when my breasts are forced out like two balls, high on my chest, do I long that science would invent some way for the size of ladies’ breasts to be increased easily and painlessly, perhaps through some surgical procedure or a touch of magick even?!”

‘Hmm,’ thought Anna Rosa, ‘she should have lived these days with all those fake silicon implants!’

The other causes for concern are now my arse, which my beloved constantly berates as being too small, and my lips which he says should be fuller. As regards to the arse, all he can do is corset me and feed me as he tried with the breasts, but with the lips, no amount of feeding will do anything, so instead another approach has been implemented. This morning, I was dressed in my heaviest cloak and veils and taken out to the most surprising of places – the parlour of a tattooist. When we arrived I was most perturbed as surely such dens of iniquity are no place for a lady, and besides, why would he want a picture tattooed on my arm, but I soon learnt the genius of my beloved. I was strapped into the chair and the tattooist, a lower class, unwashed and thoroughly repulsive man, got to work, tattooing red ink into my lips and the area around them, so that they appeared much larger and, as I was to discover when a mirror was held up at the end, as if they are always pursed ina rosebud shape. I must admit that I do not like this new look particularly, it seems so false and doll-like, but if it makes him happy then I am happy also, and besides, it is permanent, so what can I do? And so it is that now I think about my appearance more than before, for it is quite different, with bright-red rosebud lips and taut distended breasts. Such is what we must suffer for beauty.’

After dinner, (which was fed through her pipe from a feeding bottle), Anna Rosa found herself escorted to her next lesson which turned out to be with Madame Ozal again and was in place of her PE classes. It’s name was Fetish and Bondage Education and to Anna Rosa’s delight, it involved her first being stripped down to her zentai which of course allowed a slight amount of sight. That delight however, soon turned to dismay when her chador-clad teacher explained what the class was all about. Her future husband it seemed, was an admirer or some aspects of fetish and bondage and as such, it was expected that Anna Rosa should be able to satisfy some of his needs in that field. Anna Rosa did not even know what ‘fetish’ and ‘bondage’ were at this point, but she soon worked it out when Madame Ozal explained that her arm arrangement was quite a serious bondage position and that her chain would continue to be shortened until her hands could touch to the back of her neck. As if to prove a point, the teacher then gave the winch a little turn and the chain was shortened by a link, causing a wave of pain to surge through Anna Rosa’s tortured limbs, causing her to grunt behind her gag.

“Pain is integral to bondage, Catalina,” instructed the teacher, “and you must come to learn to love it.”

‘Learn to love pain!’ thought Anna Rosa. ‘Now I know that you are mad! No one can love pain!’

There was more to come however, when her teacher produced a strange wrinkled item of black latex which she proceeded to fit over her charge’s head. “This is an isolation ball,” the tutor explained. “At first it will frighten you as it deprives you of all your senses, but later you may even come to enjoy it.”

And she was right. Once it was fitted it started to fill up with air, first becoming rigid, then pressing against Anna Rosa’s face and then really pressuring her from all directions. Inside it she could neither see nor hear, but what scared the Colombian girl most of all was that she knew that she wouldn’t be able to breathe in it, and without breathing she would surely die! Despite the illogicality of this, (but who is logical when their head is covered in an inflatable latex ball?!), she began to panic, to twist and turn trying to force the thing off. In her struggles she fell to the floor, but she wasn’t hurt as the isolation ball cushioned her head. She panted in desperation, but it was no good; a silent blackness enveloped her, and all that she could do was wait for the end.

Strangely though, that end did not come, and instead, after what seemed like an age but was in fact less that a minute, she calmed down. She was not dead! She was still breathing! But how? She realised that there must be some breathing tubes secreted in the ball, tiny but enough. After this she calmed down and lay there still. She lay there and lay there. How long passed she knew not, (it was actually about five minutes), but it felt like hours. Eventually, she felt the pressure lessening, and then her teacher taking the ball off.

“You shall receive a bad mark for that thrashing about and another for falling to the floor, Catalina! That was simply unacceptable!”

Anna Rosa smiled. Some benefit had been gained from the exercise at least!

The following day however, Anna Rosa found that her lessons took on quite a different shape indeed. To her astonishment, after being awoken from her sweaty sleep cocoon and bathed, she was not dressed in her normal manner. True, a pink lycra bodysuit was produced, but unlike the zentai, it did not cover her head, and whilst her arms were bound s as usual, the change shorted another link, and her corset and neck corset laced to their utmost, her head remained completely unencumbered, save of course, for the intrusive gag. Then, once all also was complete, a mould in pure white plastic was brought out and fitted to her. It had obviously been specially measured as it followed her face’s contours exactly, but what most intrigued Anna Rosa was that it had no holes at the face, save for two miniscule dots through which she was obviously expect to breathe, but the whole of the top was open, so that her hair hung free. Once it was fitted, (by means of a catch at the back of her head), she was of course totally blinded, but she then felt a burqa being draped over her and then was led through the corridors towards her class.

Just what that class was in however, she found out several minutes later. She heard the sound of students shuffling in and the voice of the Hairdressing Teacher. Then she felt the burqa removed from her head and for the next hour or so, an unknown student from a lower grade braided and unbraided her hair. Once upon a time she had been such a student. Now however, she was merely the mannequin to be practiced upon!

And so her days continued, a solid diet of being cocooned at night, and during the day listening to excerpts from Tatiana’s diaries and Madame Dorozhkina’s book, standing stock still as a mannequin and being forced to endure bondage and fetish wear. That wear was extensive too, comprising of nipple clamps, total isolation suits (which turned her into something akin to a human mattress!), vibrating pessaries and much more, whilst in other classes, she was hog-tied, stretched out like a star and then turned upside down and on one notable occasions, mummified and then encased in liquid cement. When it dried, no one would have guessed that there was a human being in that slab of concrete save for the feeding pipe that stuck out of one end and to Anna Rosa’s disgust, that concrete was not chipped away until the very end of the day. The mannequin sessions were slightly better as new and exciting things were done to her hair which was frizzed, put in bangs, ringlets, then straightened, then dyed blonde, then pink, then red, then brunette before finally blonde was settled on as being the best, (although to be honest, Anna Rosa considered that it looked a little cheap). The normal classes were more boring, but Anna Rosa listened intently to every one of them as, after all, she could not afford to fail that exam!

To be honest, it wasn’t all that bad, particularly since Anna Rosa managed to make enough mistakes in her bondage classes to receive a sound chastisement every weekend. The only downside really was a lack of contact with Nazreen. She still went to her friend’s room – or at least, she assumed that she did, for she was led somewhere every night for an hour before bed – but dressed in her new uniform, no contact whatsoever was possible. However, it all paled into nothing when a few days before the end of the term, it was announced to her at lunch that the following day, No. 34 would be sitting her examination!


Chapter 23 – Exam Time

On the day of her exam, Anna Rosa was woken early and released from her sweaty cocoon. She was then taken to the bathroom and bathed thoroughly before, to her abject astonishment, her maid then started to work on her hair and face, teasing her long locks into some sort of order and then plucking her eyebrows, before finally applying make-up to her eyes and lips. After this to her even further astonishment, instead of her normal pink uniform with all its many layers, a simple grey burqa with a rectangular mesh was produced. “The Examination Burqa,” her maid explained. Anna Rosa, even though she was not gagged, did not reply. She was simply too shocked!


She wore a simple grey burqa with a rectangular mesh

Noiselessly she followed her maid through the countless corridors of the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour wondering just what lay in store for her. She was nervous; she certainly didn’t want to have to repeat the term and thus put off the prospect of getting out of the Academy and into the bed of her husband, but then how was she expected to pass when she didn’t even know what the exam was about, what questions she would have to be answering, what… whatever?! As she walked along a group of students in the black of the first term passed her and stared in fascination. She cast her mind back to when she had first started – little had she realised what would be in store for her!

Finally, they arrived at a door that said ‘Examinations’ on the front and her maid opened it up and pushed her in. She found herself stood in a small black chamber, about two metres square, illuminated only by a single bulb. On the far side of the chamber was another door like the one that she had just entered through. By the door stood Dorozhkina.

“You may leave now,” the Headmistress commented to the maid. The servant bobbed in obedience and left, closing the door firmly behind her. Dorozhkina then turned her attentions to Anna Rosa. She went over to her and removed the grey Examination Burqa, placing it carefully on a hook on the wall and then went behind the student and carefully undid her arm bindings. “Stretch out your muscles No. 34,” she commanded. Anna Rosa did so and when there was some feeling in her limbs again, she looked at her teacher.

“We take examinations very seriously here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour,” Dorozhkina started. “All that you have learnt up to this point will be tested in the coming hours and, as you have already been told, if you fail, your marriage will be put back a term, which will please neither us, your fiancé, nor I suspect, you either. Now the procedure here is quite simple. In a few moments you will be required to walk through this door into the examination room. There you will remain until the examination is over – we do not tell you how long that is as such knowledge would be without use to you as there is no timepiece in the room – but basically, all that you say and do in that room will be recorded and whether you pass or not will depend upon it. I shall repeat that for it is important; all that you say and do in there No. 34, is important, for whether you pass or not will depend wholly upon it. The only clue that I can give you is that if you say and do nothing, then you shall surely not pass. Now, are you ready?”

Anna Rosa nodded.

“Good. I shall open the door and you may enter. The examination starts the moment that the door closes behind you. Good luck No. 34.”

And so the Headmistress opened the black door and Anna Rosa walked gingerly through into the examination room. The second that she had passed through, the door closed behind her with a bang.

Anna Rosa looked around her. She was in a room perhaps three metres square in all directions. All the wall, ceiling and floor were covered with mirrors so that her image disappeared off a million times in each direction. Where the door had been there was no sign, save for a pencil-thin line in the mirrors. There was no handle. She was in there for as long as they wanted.

‘All that you say and do will be recorded and whether you pass or not will depend wholly upon it’. Evidently there were cameras and microphones behind the mirrors. Anna Rosa looked at herself and became aware of her nakedness. Save for her chastity belt she was completely uncovered. After so long shrouded in material, she felt ashamed and immodest. She covered her breasts instinctively and sat down so that they could not see her arse. But as soon as she did so she realised that since the floor was mirrored to, then they probably had a camera photographing her behind from below and getting a better picture because she had sat down. She recalled her Headmistress’ words – ‘All that you say and do’ – and so spoke out loud for the first time in months.

“I want to cover up and be modest, but I can’t, not in here. I am exposed.”

The sound of her own voice was strange and alien and to her surprise, tears started to flow from her eyes. She hated being uncovered, she wanted to be hidden! “I want a burqa!” she cried out. “I want to be modest!”

There was no reply. Had she expected a reply? Probably not, but some reassurance would have been nice. Instead she now felt terribly alone, with only her own image repeated a billion times around her. Alone, yet she knew that they were watching. Who? Who was watching exactly? Dorozhkina of course, but who else? She imagined a room on the other side of the mirrors full of leery men, jacking off over her naked form. She felt more exposed than ever. Tears fell from her eyes and collected on the mirror below her. She wanted someone to take her and hold her tight. Someone, but who? “I want my husband!” she cried. “I want him to hold me and look after me!”

Again the eerie silence. Was he watching too? Perversely Anna Rosa hoped so. She sat and cried and then rubbed her eyes with her hands. Ok, so she wasn’t going to be told how long that she was to be in the room, but there was some time limit and at the moment she was wasting it! Wasting it, yes indeed, and if she continued to do so, she was bound to fail and that would mean another term at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour! “I will not fail, I will pass!” she declared out loud and stood up. “Ok, so you told me to show you what I’ve learnt, then here it is!” she announced to the hidden observers. She started to hum a tune and then began to dance and dance, moving her body in every way that she knew, twisting and turning. She faced a wall and imagined that her husband was behind it and danced and dance to the tune that was now playing freely in her head, utilising every move that she had learnt. “I’m dancing for you, husband!” she declared. “I want to please you!” And when she said those words she smiled, for they were true.

Quite how long she danced for she did not know, but when she had demonstrated all that she knew, sweat was streaming down her and so she stopped and leant against the mirror. That had been good, she knew that much, and would help her to pass, but it surely was not enough on its own. “Do you want more?” she cried out. Naturally there was no reply, but since the door did not open, she took it as a ‘yes’. Then she got down on her knees and imagined a tool in front of her which she back to suck and caress as she had been taught. That went on for a while, and after she looked down at her own sex. With the chastity belt still on, that was evidently to remain out-of-bounds, but her arse wasn’t!

“I know you like it, and I know you want it!” she declared, and reaching round, she started caressing her own cheeks and then pulling the huge pessarie in and out, moaning in pleasure whilst she did it.

It did not take long and in the end she collapsed on the mirrored floor in ecstasy.

The door however, still did not open. “You want more?” she asked. Again no reply, but she knew what to do; she started to recite the rules of purdah, the position of women, the entire contents of Dorozhkina’s book in fact, which by now she knew off by heart. And all the while she smiled seductively at the mirror before her.

Within time however, she finished. She had repeated all that she knew and could repeat no more. She had danced and she had shown her knowledge of the Bedroom Arts and yet the door had not opened. This worried Anna Rosa, for although that she had done all that she knew, she somehow felt that she had not done enough to pass the exam. As her recital withered away, a depression set in. She cast about in her mind for things to say, but could only come up with worthless excerpts of Tatyana’s diary. In desperation she sat down and thought.

Anna Rosa thought and then she thought some more, but nothing valid could come into her head. The realisation that she was going to fail crept in, and with it the realisation that if she were to attempt the same exercise in a term’s time, failure would come once more. She briefly envisaged a life trapped in the stifling confines of the Fifth Term, a Groundhog Day with pink veils, and shuddered. She had to pass this exam, but how?

She looked up and her own faced stared back at her in the mirror. It was tear and sweat-stained but miraculously, the make-up that had been applied earlier by her maid was still largely intact. ‘They must use a special type,’ she mused to herself. She looked at her image again. She was a pretty girl, that was without doubt, but the sweat and tears did nothing for her appeal. “He will never love me like this,” she said to no one in particular, and carefully she began wiping the stains from her face, and putting her hair into some sort of order. That done, she looked back at herself again.


She looked at her image again. She was a pretty girl.

“You’re pretty,” she said, “he’ll like you.” Then she stopped and ran her hands through her hair. “Nice eyes, but…” She remembered the tale of Tatiana who had had her lips tattooed to make them appear bigger. “Bigger lips would be nice, but not tattoo. These days they can do much better with surgery.” Then she stopped and thought about what she had said. “Surgery? No way! That is so… tarty!” She looked again. “But maybe he wants me to be tarty?” she asked out loud. No answer came. “Even so, surgery, no.”

She stood up and surveyed her body in the mirrors. “I do have a nice ass,” she said, “or at least, I think that it’s too big, but men like that.” She thought about her lips again. What men think looks good and what women think are two different things entirely. Then she turned her attention to her breasts. She’d always liked them, but they weren’t very big and everyone knows that men like big breasts. Even average-looking girls with big breast got lots of attention. Not that she wanted attention of course, she wanted to be covered and hidden, but she did, well… she would like to please her husband. “But this is my body!” she protested. “I am Anna Rosa de la Torre and this is me!”

She was silent for a moment as the realisation slowly crept in. “No. 34, Catalina… who am I nowadays? Who is me?” She looked at her breasts and tried to imagine them larger. A bit bigger, that would look ok, but men don’t want a bit bigger, they want melons! She imagined herself with two fake footballs strapped to her chest and a pair of large, puffed-up collagen lips. The mental image of a bimbo stared back, a fuck toy. “But I am not a bimbo, I am Anna Rosa.”


“Anna Rosa de la Torre.”

No. 34…

“I am no longer Anna Rosa!”

It was like St. Paul on the road to Damascus; the scales fell from her eyes! Big breasts and collagen lips would look silly on Anna Rosa, but Anna Rosa no longer existed. Instead Catalina, or No. 34 or indeed, whatever else her husband wanted to name her stood in her place. And with that realisation, a great wave of joy spread over her. “I am no longer Anna Rosa!” she cried. “I am no longer Anna Rosa! Call me Catalina, call me No. 34, call me whatever you want husband, for I am yours!”

She looked at her body again and then realised. With Anna Rosa gone, what purpose did she have left in life? Why, to please her husband, that was all! And if he wanted fake breasts and lips, hell, even a bigger arse, then she wanted to have them.

She wanted it with all her heart.

“Enlarge my tits, make my ass round, give me fake lips, do whatever you want, I am yours, I am an extension of you, I am everything that you desire. Please, please, do not leave me as Anna Rosa, turn me into your wife!”

And with those words she knew that she had passed and slumped to the floor in ecstasy.


Chapter 24 – Surgery

Anna Rosa came to with her maid injecting something into her arm. “What happened?” she murmured.

“You passed,” replied the maid. Then her world went black again.

When Anna Rosa awoke again, she was lain on a hospital bed. She realised that her request for her future husband to modify her in whatever way he saw fit had been granted. She then wondered what exactly he had decided to have done to her, although by the bandages on her breasts and the numb feeling in her lips, she could have a pretty good guess. One thing that hadn’t changed was the compression around her waist – she had obviously been fitted with her corset again!

Those were not the only new sensations that she felt however, and the others were strange enough to make her worry. The first was a kind of sheen, or tingling even – it is impossible to describe it in words – that seemed to be covering her entire body. It was very slight, but it was there and furthermore, it had not been there before. And then there were her arms, or at least, a lack of feeling in them. Anna Rosa tried to have a look, but very soon realised that she would be looking nowhere, as she was strapped to the bed and a long neck corset prevented any downward view of her eyes. ‘Have they been amputated?’ she thought in horror. The thought was terrible, but then she checked herself. Had she herself not agreed to be transformed into whatever it was that he wanted? “Que sera sera,” she murmured, resigning herself to the fact, but strangely she still felt a twinge of regret. Within minutes she had passed out again.

When she came to a doctor – a female doctor – was standing over her. “You’re awake at last!” she said, her eyes smiling from behind her veil. “I shall get the Headmistress.”

Within minutes, Dorozhkina arrived. “No. 34, glad to see that you have returned to us, and congratulations on passing your examination. You have just the final term to enjoy here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour and then it is off to be married. I am happy for you, girl.”

Did Anna Rosa detect a smile in her eyes also? She could not be sure, but there again…

“But before all that,” continued the Headmistress, “I am sure that you want to know what has happened to you in your absence. Well, let me explain. For starters, where you are – you are in the hospital wing of the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. Do not worry, we have some of the world’s best surgeons here and all the most advanced equipment. Many of our girls are improved before they re-enter the real world and you were no exception. As you have probably guessed, your breasts have been enlarged. That was always going to need to have been done as you know, your natural breasts were far too… humble, but you may be glad to learn that your fiancé, whilst an admirer of larger breasts has prescribed nothing too large so as to cause you back problems. You are now a 34DD, which is easy to remember for you considering you school number, No. 34. Now also, as you no doubt realise, some slight collagen enhancement has been given to your lips, but do not worry, it is nothing too drastic – you fiancé wants you to become an object of beauty, not a freak at the fairground. And last of all, you may feel a slight tingling all over your body. That is due to the fact that all you body hair below the eyes has been permanently removed, so it is no more shaving for you, and fear not the tingling will disappear in a few days.”


“You are now a 34DD which is easy for you to remember considering your school number, No.34.”

Anna Rosa could not believe it, so many things to take in! Firstly, she loved him more than ever, her Antonio. She had surrendered herself completely to him and he had not taken advantage of it but instead only done some of the things that she had perhaps, subconsciously, long wished to do herself! He had looked after her, which was all that she ever wanted.

And then there was this new Dorozhkina, kind in tone and proud of her and her achievements. She wanted to grab hold of her, hug her and thank her for everything, but of course…

That brought her back to her arms. She knew that a modest girl should never speak, but it did still worry her. “Miss,” she said timidly, “may I ask a question?”

“Yes No. 34?”

“My arms… I don’t feel them… they’re… still… there aren’t they?”

“Do not fear, No. 34, of course they are! I must admit that there are some men who have requested limb amputation in the past here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour. We do not encourage it of course, but our customer’s word is final. Your young man however, is not such a man; you are lucky, he is a pleasant gentleman indeed. No, they are merely strapped in the butterfly position behind you, like when you were in the cargo box en route to Pakistan. The feeling must have gone from them, that’s all. Now, you get some rest for tomorrow you’ll be appearing for the very last time in costume. After that, our thoughts must turn to your final – and most important – term here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour.. Sweet dreams, No. 34 and once again, congratulations!”


Chapter 25 – A Gown fit for a Queen

The following morning, Anna Rosa was woken, bathed and then, instead of her usual attire, a pink blinding burqa was thrown over her head and she was led through the many corridors of the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour by her maid. Finally, they halted and the Colombian girl guessed that they had reached their destination

Anna Rosa’s blinding burqa was removed and she found herself where she expected to be; in the PE room next to the glass display case. Obviously, another session of end of term modelling was in order. This time however, instead of her usual helper, two maids were present, as well as the Headmistress. Furthermore, a large chest had been wheeled in along with a dressing table laden down with a multitude of powder, paints and styling tools. Finally, an ominous-looking lacing trapeze hang from the ceiling. Evidently, the outfit that she was destined to wear this day was going to be far more complex than in the past.

Madame Dorozhkina signalled to the two maids who, removed all of Anna Rosa’s clothes including her corset and she gave a sigh of relief and rubbed her aching ribs, she had to halt while a hip length shift was passed over her head and some fine silk clocked stockings embroidered with the fleur de lyes of France were smoothed on her legs and tightly gartered. Then Dorozhkina brought over a pair of glass shoes which to Anna Rosa’s amazement had fifteen centimetre Louis heels.

Anna Rosa grimaced in anticipation and the shoes were forced onto her feet using a shoe horn. Once on, they were tighter on her toes than any previous pair and tied tightly across her instep. Anna Rosa straightened and tried to take a step and swayed alarmingly and one of the maids hurried forward to give her support. The Colombian girl’s feet were held nearly vertical by the shoes and her already cramped toes were put under additional pressure from her own weight pressing down on them. With bent legs and the maid’s support she tried a few tottering steps across the chamber, wincing each time her weight came down on the toes. After several attempts with rest in between she could manage to just about walk unaided although she was most ungainly and her knees were still bent as she tried to keep her balance.

Madam Dorozhkina however, was anxious to continue the dressing, in her hands she carried a pair beautifully embroidered stays, but it was not their beauty that held Anna Rosa’s attention it was several other attributes, she saw that they were a good deal longer than any of her previous stays and also higher in the front, the shoulder straps were wider and set at a strange angle and the most imposing thing about the stays was their rigidity, The Headmistress held them at the side and they did not collapse at all, they were solid and the Colombian girl could see that there was no room at all between the bones at the waist.

“No. 34, these are ‘grand corps’ stays and are longer tighter in the waist and rib and more rigid than any thing you have tried before,” the Headmistress announced firmly.

Anna Rosa held her arms out and the stays shoulder straps were passed over them, She gasped as she felt the weight of them, they were so heavy compared to her ‘normal’ pairs. Even unlaced the shoulder straps held her arms pushed backwards. She was then attached to the trapeze which was duly raised. One of the maids rapidly threaded the lace and began to tighten the stays, as she did so Anna Rosa reached down and lifted her breasts and even had to force them up as high as they would go to lift them above the rim of the stays, as the stays clamped around her upper body she could feel that they were absolutely solid and her body would not be able to resist as it enforced it strict upside cone shape upon her torso. The maid concentrated on the top of the stays getting them tight around the ribs, before moving her attention to the bottom. As she had noticed already before these stays were longer than any of her other and they sat slightly over he hips. The maid did not try adjust them upwards and Anna Rosa winced as the rigid lower edge of the stays was pulled to her hips and she could feel it scraping across her pelvis as it tightened. The pain increased as the corset was forced inwards and could not rise much upwards against initial tightening around the Colombian girl’s ribs. The maid noticed her discomfort and tied off the laces to allow Anna Rosa to get used to the pressure.

“You may rest for a short while No. 34, whilst your body recovers,” announced Dorozhkina, “but be warned, there are still twelve centimetres left to close.”

Anna Rosa could not believe it! Twelve centimetres and these stays already felt tighter than her usual corset. She guessed that it was the length but she said nothing. After all, questioning is unfit behaviour for a modest girl. “We must start on you hair now No. 34,” said the Headmistress.

A trolley full of the hair fixings was wheeled into the chamber by one of the maids, overloaded with drapes of false hair. Anna Rosa tottered and winced over to beside a low stool which had been provided for her ‘comfort’ and tried to bend, with much creaking and absolutely no give, the stays held her upright and she had no desire to force them as with the little bend she had managed the stays dug painfully into her pelvis. It was obvious however, that any sitting down on the stool would be an impossibility, so Dorozhkina ordered one of the maids to remove it and a much higher one was brought in. This Anna Rosa found that she could sit – or to be more exact, ‘perch’ – upon , requiring very little bending at the waist, and some steps were placed behind her to allow the maids enough height to arrange her hair.

She first combed out Anna Rosa’s current style, and then commenced with her task which Anna Rosa hoped would last perhaps an hour at most.

Six hours later she began to wonder as she was still perched on the stool and the maids were still fussing behind her. They had begun by first fitting a large padded form onto her head. The form was two feet tall and nearly twice as wide as her head at its highest point. Then, Anna Rosa’s hair had been divided into hanks and then passed through holes around the base of the form and pinned tightly to the padding of the form. Anna Rosa could feel the skin on her face and head being dragged as the tension increased all round. The maids moved the around the form repeatedly, unpinning a hank and repining it tighter until they were at last satisfied that the form was held solidly. At this point Anna Rosa was sure that every strand of her hair was now in tension and pulling on her scalp and it was quite painful.

Her maid then took the first of many massive hanks of pomaded false hair and pinned it to the front of the form and then let it hang down in front Anna Rosa’s face reaching well past her waist, bit by bit the hank was taken up and over the top of the form, combed flat and attached with many pins. After three hanks had been attached the front of the form was just covered, another two hanks were required to cover each side and then using a comb dipped in pomade the maid moved repeatedly from the side to the front to the other side combing the hanks so that they blended together and the whole front became smooth. This operation took over two hours and Anna Rosa was becoming restless and wanted to move her head as the her neck was now aching to due the heavy weight of the from and all the hair.

“That’s enough for the moment,” the headmistress announced to Anna Rosa’s surprise. “This is quite an ordeal for a girl to go through – I should know, and so we shall take a rest. Get No. 34 a glass of water!”

Anna Rosa was startled by this unexpected show of compassion and relished the proffered water and slight break. It was not however, to last for long for immediately after she had finished, she had her wrists fastened to the lacing trapeze again and the lacing was recommenced, the corset being tightened slowly from top to bottom and back again. Anna Rosa could feel the bottom of the stays digging in painfully to the flesh above her hips and her shoulders being dragged back by the backward set shoulder straps. After the stays had been closed another five centimetres, the maid tied them off, and Anna Rosa’s wrists were released from the trapeze. She was now at the best waist that she had managed so far, but these stays felt much tighter as they were so rigid and so long, viewing herself in the mirror she could see her now huge and high breasts, heaving up and down as she panted for breath. They were lifted so high, nearly level with her shoulders that a slight ridge was now present at the top of the breasts, the shoulder straps forced out her chest and as such her breasts so that created a huge plateau so that Anna Rosa could not see past them to her feet.

Madame Dorozhkina left her until her panting had subsided a little and then ushered her back to the dressing stool, Anna Rosa winced as she lowered herself onto the stool as the stays dug even more into her pelvis and crushed her waist even more, her breasts were lifted even higher and started to ache and shoulders muscles were on fire as they were pulled back by the shoulder straps of the stays.

Her maid immediately busied herself filling the massive two foot gap at the rear of the hairstyle, slowly starting from the neck she pinned on hanks of false hair, and then curled them around ‘rats’ which were padded sausage shapes of material, after an hour she had filled the gap with thirteen large curls. She then blended the curls into the main hair. Next came several large spirals of hair that hung down to Anna Rosa’s shoulders, these formed from more hanks of hair which was heavily pomaded and then formed around heated curling tongues.


An 18th century wig similar to Anna Rosa’s new hairstyle

When the last of the spirals was attached Madame Dorozhkina pronounced the hair style finished and helped Anna Rosa up. Then a long shift, which a maid referred to as the ‘powder gown’ was fitted tightly around her, and she was led over to a small mobile capsule in which a stool stood. She gingerly lowered herself onto the stool door was closed. Then, to her shock, powder, thick and dry began cascading from an opening in the roof. At first Anna Rosa wondered what it could be for, but then she remembered watching some old films of 18th century Europe where noble women wore massive wigs of powdered grey hair. ‘So, my fate today is to be transported back two hundred years,’ she mused, her grasp of history never being the best. After half an hour of powdering the massive structure time and again the maids were satisfied and Anna Rosa left the closet the air of which was now so thick with powder that it was difficult to breath.

She was then led over to the dressing table her head now beginning to wobble as the weight of the wig was now becoming irksome.

“I know that the wig is difficult to manage,” announced the Headmistress, evidently reading her charge’s thoughts, “and so we shall provide some support.”

She signalled the two maids who carried over with some difficulty a heavy weighted pole with a strap at the top. Anna Rosa had assumed it was some sort of clothes horse, but it was placed behind her and the large rigid strap was placed around her neck and tightened until it became rigid and the weight of the wig was then transferred to the pole. Her maid then began to decorate the hairstyle with feathers, strings of pearls and in the front a large silver reproduction of the fleur de lyes.

After this she began to put on some facepaint and with a thick layer of white paint from Anna Rosa’s forehead al the way down to her breasts, saying that she would fill in the neck when they removed the strap, her lips, cheeks and even her nipples were heavily rouged. Next instead of painting in high eyebrows she glued on some black fur eyelids which curled up at the outside. Patches were then carefully applied to cheeks and above her lips, her eyelids were then painted with heavy kohl pencil. The whole of her face was then painted with enamel so that it shone.

“Please do not smile or open your mouth to wide No.34 as it will crack,” instructed the Headmistress.

The neck strap was then removed and the gap covered with the white paint, It was now four thirty and Madame Dorozhkina stood back.

“I think we better continue the lacing,” she announced.

So Anna Rosa was again led over to the trapeze and submitted to the lacing. Her maid was now concentrating on the lacing at the bottom of the corset, she quickly pulled them in another couple of centimetres. Anna Rosa could feel her legs going weak and her head spinning. She slumped into unconsciousness but was not out for long for almost immediately, a maid revived her with some acrid smelling salts.

Anna Rosa coughed causing even more pain from her corset but slowly her head stopped spinning and legs began to feel less rubbery. The pain at her crushed waist and compressed waist was enormous, and when she was released she began to stagger around the room followed by the two maids pushing in at the waist with her tow hands, and leaning one way and then the other trying to get some relief. After fifteen minutes the pain subsided into a throbbing ache and stayed that way as long as she moved carefully, any sudden movements caused the bottom the stays to dig into the hips and the pain to return.

Madame Dorozhkina sent for another glass of water allowed Anna Rosa to get what rest she could perched on the edge of the stool with her back rigid. The maids returned and Anna Rosa drank the water and tried to relax, but all the time her now massive breasts were heaving as panted for what little breath the iron-like stays would allow her.

After some ten minutes had passed Madame Dorozhkina decided that she was ready for another tightening.

Anna Rosa reluctantly tottered over to the trapeze and the ordeal began again, the two maids pulling in yet another three centimetres. Anna Rosa just about hung in but, then her legs failed and she began to see stars. Once again the smelling salts were used and after another half an hour she had calmed herself enough to begin dressing.

They stood the Colombian in the centre of the room and attached hoops which extended over three feet either side of her, and then standing on chairs they passed over her head a thick petticoat, as they were smoothing this down and tying it at Anna Rosa’s waist. Then they continued with the dressing with a heavy sky blue skirt and bodice, next a twenty foot long train of the same blue cloth lined with white was attached to hooks at her shoulders. After a bit of touching here and there Madame Dorozhkina was satisfied and Anna Rosa turned slowly (which was all she could manage) to view herself in the full length mirror. She did not recognise image that she saw in the mirror. The hoops of the skirt were so wide that they overflowed the mirror and would have been wider than Anna Rosa was tall except for the wig. As for the wig it towered over her head and her face looked so small in relation, and as for the face it bore little resemblance to her face at all, the paint and the patches so disguising her features. Further down her breasts rose high nearly to her neck and the rouge on her nipples could just be seen above the shining blue bodice and then down to her now minute waist which looked even tinier against the spread of the skirt. It looked so small Anna Rosa was convinced that if she fell off the high heels that she would snap in the middle.

Madame Dorozhkina stepped behind Anna Rosa and folded the train up to her shoulders and hung the fold onto the hooks at her shoulders with loops hidden in the train after three folds the train was off the floor and Anna Rosa’s knees were wobbling again this time under the increased weight of the heavy cloth of the blue train. A maid then produced a pair of gold pattens which were fully six inches high and with maids supporting Anna Rosa’s arms she bent down and one after the other Madame Dorozhkina fitted them to Anna Rosa’s shoes giving the Colombian girl an increased height with the shoes, the pattens and the wig of nearly three feet.

The cloak was then carefully passed around the dress and the wig and closed around Anna Rosa’s face. Madame Dorozhkina then reached up to close the veil and the hesitated.

“You have forgotten the plumpers!” she then exclaimed in horror.

A maid went over to the dressing trolley and returned with to flattened and rounded pieces of cork.

“Open you mouth a little No.34, these will plump up and give you lovely rounded cheeks.”

Anna Rosa opened her mouth and the two pieces of cork were pushed into her cheek pockets, forcing her cheeks out a little. With the aid of the two maids, Anna Rosa made a slow unstable progress on the pattens across the room to where a short pole was standing. She understood exactly what this was for. Her skirts were lifted until she was over it, and then resting her bottom on the tiny thin ‘seat’ provided, (a protrusion on it naturally going into her rear channel), she was declared complete and the maids left. Only Dorozhkina remained. She walked around her charge, humming and harring, and then final stated, (with not a small note of pride), “No. 34, you make the best Marie Antoinette that I have seen in a very long while!”


Anna Rosa as Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

Author’s note:- Discerning readers may note many similarities between this chapter and Mike’s story ‘Rebecca of Halstead Hall’ which can be found on Tight Tales, a subsidiary of the Long Island Staylace Association site. The parallels are intentional; the story has long been a favourite of mine and no one can write a dressing scene like Mike, particularly not I. Consequently, I have nicked chunks of ‘Rebecca’, but I fully acknowledge this. If anyone is offended, I can alter things, but instead, I suggest you read ‘Rebecca’ instead. It is incredible.


Chapter 26 – Entering the Chrysalis

Anna Rosa stood for hours posing as Marie Antoinette. Her legs ached and the hair and facepaint itched mercilessly, but she lost herself in a dream of fairytale princesses and of course, the inevitable Prince Charming. When she was eventually released however, she was shattered, and after a strip down and bath, she went straight to bed.

The following day, she awoke as a Sixth Term student. To her surprise, she was not dressed restrictively, but instead, only a white bikini was given to her and then a blinding burqa, also in virginal white, was thrown over her head and she was led to her lessons by the maid.

When the blinding burqa was removed, Anna Rosa blinked her eyes and found that she was in a large circular room. From where they had entered, she could not tell, for all around the walls were identical. Arabian-style arches one after another, in the middle of each was a small door and in that door a tiny grille. The ceiling was a gigantic dome with tiny octagonal skylights which let in a paltry yet atmospheric light. When she glanced down, she saw that the floor was made of mirrored glass so that it reflected the light from the skylights like water on a still pond. It was a strange place.

“You are now in the very heart of the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour,” said Madame Dorozhkina. “This is the Sixth Term Room.”

With no more explanation than that, she left the Colombian girl standing in the middle of that glass floor and went to one of the arches. Once there, she opened the door within it. Beyond the door was only black.

Whilst she was looking at the void before her and wondering quite what ordeal the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour was about to throw at her now, she did not notice one of the doors behind her open and her maid enter, her arms laden down with a mass of material and other items.

“The time is upon us, No. 34,” continued Dorozhkina. “Five terms ago you entered this establishment as an unthinking, immodest child. For Five Terms you have trained and learnt, and at the end of the last one you demonstrated just what you had learnt by passing the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour’s Examination. Do you know what it is that you have learnt, No. 34?”

Anna Rosa knew better than to proffer an answer that may in fact, be incorrect, so instead she merely bowed her head modestly.

“What you learnt No. 34, through the abandonment of Self and the embracing of Submission, was how to become a good wife. You have learnt that but you are not yet a wife. This Sixth and Final Term, undoubtedly the most important of them all here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour, you shall become that wife, in spirit if not in legality. You are not a caterpillar, equipped with the potential to become a butterfly, but you are not yet that butterfly, for, like all caterpillars, you have not entered your chrysalis. The Sixth Term here at the Academy of Modesty and Submissive Behaviour, No. 34, this is the Term of the Chrysalis, and before you stands yours. This room as you can see, contains 21 doors and behind twenty of them do young caterpillars such as yourself, become butterflies. Now, strip please!”

Chrysalis?! What did it mean? Anna Rosa did not know exactly, but she could work so much out: that she would be spending the Sixth Term, the Term of the Chrysalis, behind that now-open door. Tentatively, she removed her white bra and pants and stood naked before the Headmistress. Then the dressing began.

Firstly a plastic pessarie was inserted into her anus, from which a pipe led out. Then into her mouth came the inevitable inflatable gag, this too having a pipe protruding from it, but more worryingly than that, two tubes were also fitted into her nostrils which were then sealed with wax, and if that wasn’t bad enough, her ears were also filled with molten wax which, when it dried a few seconds later, cut off her hearing entirely. Then came the zentai, in Sixth Term white of course, which only three tiny openings, one for her anus pipe, one for her breathing tubes and the last for the feeding tube. Deaf and half-blinded by the thick zentai, took a deep breath as the next item was brought out; the inevitable heavy corset. This was wrapped around her middle, and, stretching from her breasts to her thighs, the weight alone was prodigious. From above, unseen by Anna Rosa due to her zentai limiting all peripheral vision, a trapeze descended from the ceiling and her arms were fastened to it, before it then rose up again until her feet were no longer touching the floor and she was literally dangling mid-air.

Then the lacing began, the two women attacking her torso with gusto. At first it was not too bad, as her body was by this stage well-accustomed to tight-lacing, but soon the heavy-boning began to tell and she was gasping for breathe through the insufficient nostril tubes. Still it grew smaller and smaller though, and her breathe consequently grew ever more ragged. Just as she felt her head spinning, it stopped. They were taking a break, letting her body settle somewhat. Anna Rosa knew only too well that they would be further attacks later.

Whilst her middle recouperated, it was the turn of her legs. Long white leather leg sheaths were brought out that reached from her hips to her toes and were laced for the entire length. As these laces were attacked, Anna Rosa felt the pressure extend throughout her lower limbs as they were gradually and painfully forced into a perfectly straight line, her toes in the now obligatory en-point position. Lacing each one took fifteen minutes or so and when they were finished, the ‘caterpillar’ had very little feeling left in her lower limbs.

Once the boots were fully-laced, her middle was attacked once again and this time, after five minutes or so, with every millimetre of reduction being accomplished with extreme effort and even greater pain, she did fully pass out.

The smelling salts wafted under her breathing tubes soon brought her round, and then the ordeal was increased. Her neck now was the subject of the Headmistress’ attentions and a large neck corset in white was fitted that forced Anna Rosa to face the ceiling. That too was then laced without mercy until her breathing was even more ragged and her neck, like her legs, was but a solid tube. Then, and only then, did the final lacing of the corset commence. Anna Rosa however, did not experience much of it as very soon into it she fainted once again, but when the smelling salts brought her round for the second time, the incredible pressure on her waist told her that at long last that sacred measurement of 40cm had been attained. If it had been possible, she would have smiled at her triumph.

Then however, the real pain began. Without warning, the lacing trapeze descended to the floor and all her weight was transferred onto the tortured points of her en-pointe toes. Anna Rosa wanted to cry out with the pain, but of course, no cry could be made and neither did she pass out. Instead, she just had to bear it. From somewhere behind a pole was produced and fixed to the floor to which the helpless girl was attached by means of a belt around her middle. Then her hands were untied and her arms were dealt with. Long white leather gloves, laced for the entire length, were fitted and once that was done they were bent into the painful yet elegant reverse prayer position and then secured into place with a white monoglove. ‘At last,’ thought Anna Rosa with a faintly discernable sigh, ‘they have done all they can!’

She was however, wrong. When the zentai had been fitted she had failed to notice a small loop on the top of the headpiece. She noticed it now however, for her maid grabbed it and pulled on it, forcing her head back even further so that it was a right angles to her body. The loop was then attached to a clip on her monoglove. The painful positon was evidently, to be a permanent one, and as if to prove it, her neck corset was tightened again so that the newly-created slack was removed.

Restriction thus completed, (and boy, was it complete!), then the dressing could begin. A heavy white jilbab was fitted over Anna Rosa and then a half-niqaab in the same shade, before a thick white khimar was positioned over her head. Following this, a white abayah was produced and then triple faceveils. By this time, the Colombian’s vision had completely disappeared into a light haze, but the outfit was not complete. Finally, a thick white burqa, beautifully embroidered and with two tiny meshes that would only have allowed the slightest of vision if there were no other veils worn underneath was draped over her head. Then, and only then was her dressing described as completed.


Finally, a thick white burqa, beautifully embroidered and with two tiny meshes that would only have allowed the slightest of vision if there were no other veils worn underneath was draped over her head.

Once dressed she walked, or to be more accurate, was walked, for any independent movement was now impossible for Anna Rosa, to her ‘Chrysalis’, a tiny alcove behind the door. To her left, unbeknownst to her, seven other girls were also entombed alive in their chrysalises. There were twelve more waiting for Dorozhkina and the maids to prepare that day.

Inside the alcove, the various tubes were attached to their rightful sockets and then the feeding, breathing and waste disposal mechanisms switched on. Anna Rosa was naturally unconscious of most of this, but she was fully aware when her entombment was declared complete by the Headmistress and the door to her tomb swung shut, blocking out the little remaining light that penetrated through her veils. She was aware of it because of the change in light, but also because as soon as it closed, something strange started happening, a lack of space in her cocoon, a building pressure on her left… and right… and top… and bottom! ‘What is happening?’ thought Anna Rosa, who was getting slightly worried, as the pressure grew and grew and the possibility of even the slightest movement ceased. The pressure was all around her, from every angle, it was going to squeeze her to death, what would become of her… ‘Oh God, please help me! Please stop it, whatever it is…!’

Then it did stop. No sound accompanied it, nothing, only a black stillness. Outside Madame Dorozhkina watched the gauge that stated that the liquidification was now complete. Filling every available spare millimetre in the alcove, the bag of gel that surrounded No. 34 would keep her still, comfortable, (well, in a sense…) and healthy. Her chrysalis was complete. She peered in through the tiny grille in the door and saw the white burqa pressed up against it. No. 34 was safe, but there was still plenty of other girls to prepare. She ordered the maid to bring down No. 37…


She peered in through the tiny grille in the door


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