The Conference

The Conference

A Loose Sequel to ‘Shame

by Dave Potter

Exclusively for the ‘Tales of the Veils’ website


“Good morning everyone and welcome to you all. It is so good to see so many faces here at the 29th International Psychological Association for the Middle East Region Conference, hosted this year by our good friends in the Jordanian Psychological Association. We have delegates here from every country in the region this year including, for the first time in over a decade, a representative from Israel and I’d like you all to make Dr. Shiloh Silverman from the University of Haifa especially welcome. Now, we have many items and issues to discuss over the following days but I am pleased to announce that we shall start proceedings today with having a look at the case involving these two ladies sat next to me who are our guests today from the Emirate of Hajjah.”


“As you can see, or cannot as is perhaps the more accurate phrase, these two ladies, whom I am sure most of you are familiar with from the news, are veiled entirely in niqaab including khimar and gloves. This is not because they are religious but…”

“Excuse me Professor, but this story has not been aired in Israel and I am not familiar…”

“So sorry Dr. Silverman, so sorry. These ladies are named Tahira and Charlotte al-Mansur and they are the co-wives of the late Yunas al-Mansur who passed away from cancer several months ago. They hit the news because when he died and they became the responsibility of their nearest male relative, it transpired that their late husband had been keeping them in a strange form of extreme bondage which shocked the region and beyond. Indeed, much of the publicity was due to an outcry from the West as Charlotte was a British citizen by birth and a Christian and the story that was revealed fed in perfectly to the Orientalist myths often spread in the Western press about our region and culture. However, I shall hand over to my Hajjahri colleague here, Dr. Ibrahim al-Harazi.”

“Thank you Professor Hamed. Yes, as you have already heard, the husband of these two unfortunate ladies passed away some three months ago in hospital and when it fell to their nearest male relative, an uncle of al-Mansur in Riyadh, to take over their protection, a very nasty situation was unveiled. Apparently al-Mansur kept his wives encased and sealed for six and a half days a week, in a tight black rubber suit. The only access to the outside world were two tiny holes at the nostrils and tinted lenses over the eyes. Underneath that suit they then wore a corset and another layer of latex whilst over it a chastity belt was locked on. They were effectively imprisoned in latex for their entire lives. The temperatures that they were forced to endure were incredible and there was no respite. Furthermore they were gagged securely and their hearing diminished due to two layers of thick rubber over the ears and so they were forced to live in a silent world, only able to communicate with one another through the medium of notes, this in itself no easy task due to their hands being covered by two layers of rubber gloves.”

“This is shocking, doctor! For how long did these poor ladies endure this?”

“For Tahira al-Mansur, the period of her rubber imprisonment was no less than fourteen years whilst for Charlotte it was only seven. Incidentally, he married Charlotte after her husband, his brother Kassim died, and then decreed that she live in the same fashion as Tahira.”

“Incredible! The effects that it must have on the mind to be confined in such a fashion!”

“You are right Prof. al-Gharsi. However, you have not heard the worst of it yet. I said that they lived within these suits for over six days of the week and that these suits had only breathing holes at the nose to the outside world. However, those statements through up two very obvious questions; namely how did they undertake those other natural bodily functions of eating/drinking and expelling waste. And it is here that I am afraid some of you might find their tale a little stomach-turning, for al-Mansur had devised a system whereby their waste was recycled and became their food and so it was that they did not need releasing from their confines for long periods…”

“What?! That is horrific!”

“Indeed. I am passing round diagrams now of how the system worked but put simply, at the start of every week each girl was made to drink approximately five litres of water laced with vitamins and nutrients necessary for subsistence. This water of course then filtered through her system into her bladder and when she felt like urinating she did so and it ran through a catheter into her anus at which point she, in effect, gave herself an enema. Prior to incarceration within the suit she was given a proper enema anyhow so there was not a great deal of excrement in there although of course, absolute cleanliness could not be guaranteed. When thirsty, or feeling too full down below, she would then suck on a gag in her mouth and this would transfer the urine in her abdomen directly up through a pipe connected to a plug in her anus, into her mouth. She then gulped the urine down and the whole process started again.”

“That is absolutely disgusting!”

“It also sounds rather dangerous!”

“In actual fact Dr. Silverman, it was not. Tahira survived for fourteen years in that state. You see the thing is, Yunas consulted a doctor when he first conceived of the idea of keeping a woman in that way and he found out exactly what nutrients and how many are needed to keep a human being alive and healthy for the period of a week and these were diluted into her weekly drink. With no food per se in there she did not generate excrement and so stayed in fact, rather clean inside. The only danger was if the urine was recycled too often it could affect the kidneys and if the water volume decreased too much due to sweating then it would become dangerously concentrated. Interviews with the women reveal that towards the end of the week their ‘meals’ became much smaller and stronger in taste and so any longer in those suits and yes, it could have been dangerous, but as it was, no.”

“You said that they each spent the Friday night out of the suit. What happened then and how did they feel about being put back into such awful bondage?”

“Well, again this is interesting. On Friday afternoons Tahira – although not Charlotte, her day was Monday I believe – was taken out of her suit, bathed thoroughly by her maid, given a full enema and then clad in a different rubber suit. This was also all encompassing, crown to toe as it were, but she was only zipped in this for practical reasons and this had openings to the outside world at the crotch, anus, nostrils and mouth. Yunas took his marital duties seriously it seems and this was done so he could spend a night in bed with each wife. Not that they could actually see any of this of course, for these other suits blinded them completely having no eye lenses, but it seems that the ladies did enjoy the change.”

“Probably the human contact I should imagine, skin-to-skin?”

“Quite possibly Dr. Fathy, although there was very little of that. The mouth area was still coated with rubber and the opening contained some sort of ring gag so whilst he could insert his penis in there and use her orally, she would feel little until he ejaculated down her throat.”

“A change from the urine I suppose!”

“Quite possibly, although both women here have said that he also released that into their mouths as well.”


“What an animal!”

“Indeed and both found this strangely disturbing. One of the issues that we have been looking at is how both found this an extreme violation. Their own urine they got used to quite quickly, but someone else’s caused serious mental trauma to them.”

“That is fascinating doctor, I should love to research this.”

“You may have chance to Prof. al-Gharsi, but first I shall elaborate more. It seems that when he was changing their suits from the standard one to the one that enable intercourse, he knocked them out with chloroform so that they would have no recollection of life outside the suit. They black out in one suit and wake in the other. Similarly, after a night in bed – often, I am sorry to say, with their faces strapped to his crotch – he would then knock them out again, they would be bathed and enemaed by the maid and redressed ready for another week of latex bondage and urine consumption.”

“Fascinating; complete mental immersion into an almost doll-like state!”

“These girls say that he referred to them on occasions as his ‘Shame Dolls’.”

“That makes sense, but please tell me, for as you know, I specialise as a sexologist, how did he engage in intercourse with them, save for oral?”

“A good question Prof. al-Gharsi. It seems that he used all their holes but their role was entirely passive. He sometimes attached them spread-eagled to the bedposts, and on other occasions he fastened their arms behind them in a sort of single sleeve, hand to elbow as it were. This was usual for when he preferred anal intercourse…”

“Which is forbidden in Islam!”

“Doctor, I suspect a lot of things that Yunas al-Mansur got up to would not have been approved of by the Prophet, but it seems that he wasn’t an overly religious man at heart, although religion was used as a cover for his activities. He grew a beard, wore the thawb and whenever in public – and by that I mean in the presence of others within their home for he never permitted them to leave the house – they were always heavily veiled with a niqaab and khimar and gloved with mittens. People naturally assumed that all three were extremely pious and indeed many of the neighbours spoke highly of Yunas al-Mansur and his wives until they learnt the truth of the situation on the news.”

“But if religion did not motivate him, doctor, then what did?”

“An interesting question Dr. Osmanli and key to this whole case. Whenever interviewed both ladies keep repeating the term ‘Shame’. It seems that, superficially at least, what triggered off his original decision to encase Tahira in latex was when he discovered she’d been having an affair behind his back. He did not chastise her in the usual fashion but instead dressed her in such a fashion to atone for her shame. She, being a traditional Hajjahri girl, could rationalise this argument – indeed, it seems she was having serious mental issues with coping with her own infidelity – and so accepted the bondage to a degree, or at least his rationale behind it.”

“That is Tahira, but what about Charlotte?”

“Well, I think by this time he was becoming addicted. Like a murderer, the lust is never sated and so they search for another victim and then try to rationalise their actions somehow. With Charlotte he argued that her Westerness, the fact that when she was married to Kassim, his brother, she walked around unveiled and that they lived very much as equals. To him all of these behaviours were shameful and so needed rectifying.”

“It is a weak rationale and I doubt that Charlotte could accept that mentally.”

“I disagree Prof, any situation we are put into, no matter how strange, can be rationalised. The mind has to otherwise it loses control.”

“Indeed Dr. Osmanli and it seems that, over time, Charlotte did accept this to a degree. However, there were other factors at play. This rationale was weak, even to Yunas so he also used another: the Islamic injunction to treat all wives equally. Perversely, this seems to have made much sense to Charlotte as well: she and Tahira it seems grew very close, so close as to the relationship to even be described as Sapphic and in some respects she seems to have delighted in sharing her soul mate’s punishment.”

“Interesting, very interesting…”

“It makes sense…”

“Yes, but it is not all. I have presented the rationalisations that Yunas al-Mansur gave his wives, but were they the full story? The Hajjahri police did some digging on his past life and unearthed some very interesting facts. Tahira started her affair largely because Yunas started spending long periods away on business trips. Most of these trips were to Germany where he did have genuine business to conduct, but it seems that once there he started visiting sex shops and immersing himself in the fetish scene. He became a regular at one particular club in Berlin which specialised in latex fetishes but also involved other forms of bondage and water play and scat…”

“Water play and scat? I am sorry, I don’t understand these terms…”

“They are not popular currency in our region it is true Prof. Hamed, but in essence sexual games involving urine and excrement…”

“Ahh, now it becomes clear!”

“Indeed it does. Checks on his computer reveal visits to fetish and bondage sites and he has a large collection of magazines from his visits to Germany. However, whilst he was on these trips, whilst Tahira was having her affair with the gardener, it transpires that Yunas was having his own illicit liaisons with a 23-year old German fetish model named Hans…”

“He was gay!”

“It would seem so and this to me explains a lot. Why hide women away and why the huge emphasis on shame? Their bondage was called their Suit of Shame…”

“Because he was ashamed of himself and he projected that shame and self-loathing onto them. He couldn’t bear to see himself so he hated them and dressed it up in appropriate religious and cultural language!”

“My conclusions entirely Dr. Silverman and they are supported by other aspects of his behaviour. For the smallest violations of his rules he would punish them harshly…”

“How on earth could one suffer more than they were already?”

“Quite easily. A popular punishment was to cover their heads with a loose latex hood with a small breathing hole. This caused them to have to really work for their air supply, as they largely re-breathed used air. And another measure that he seemed to delight in was fastening their arms, wrist to wrist, elbow to elbow in a device called a monoglove behind their backs. Here’s a picture.”

“It looks painful!”

“Wearers say that it is; it causes the arms to ache and then go numb. However, fetish-lovers like the pose it creates; helpless with the breasts and waist emphasised – and both girls were harshly corseted under their suits – but for Tahira and Charlotte the real punishment was that it prevented them from communicating with one another.”

“All this is extremely interesting Dr. al-Harazi, but pray tell me, in what condition are these two ladies now?”

“Well Prof. al-Gharsi, that is really the reason why I brought them here to the conference today. You see, when the case was first discovered the whole country and beyond was shocked and appalled. We knew that life as a latex doll subsisting on one’s own waste would have a severe mental effect on the victims and so we removed the ladies from their suits and took them to a secret location where we attempted to bring them back into the real world through counselling, therapy and other tried and tested methods. However, the results were confusing and not what we expected. The ladies, after initially accepting the change, began to feel unhappy with their new life. They both missed their late husband immensely, extreme grief, which was somewhat surprising with the case of Charlotte al-Mansur since she never liked him before marriage and the marriage was a forced one against her will. However, over the years both women seemed to have grown to revere him and the highlight of their week was their night with him no matter how degradingly he acted. They felt honoured to be taken anally and even to be strapped to his crotch and drink his urine although the actual act of consumption was one that they hated despite also finding it an honour. They found life uncovered extremely hard and within a week both had taken to wearing gags and veils and communicating with one another using notes as they had done when living as latex dolls. The only change they welcomed was the chance to engage in Sapphic acts with one another which of course, was not something that we encouraged. We tried a variety of methods, hypnosis, even electro-therapy, yet nothing seemed to work. They expressed a longing for their old ways and even started refusing food. Last week we found them trying to bottle their own urine for personal consumption and that is why I have brought them here, seeking your expert opinions.”

“An intriguing case but I don’t know what to say; it seems that you are doing all that you can and that this recovery will just take longer than anticipated.”

“Indeed, but measures must be taken to remove the sources of temptation; maybe separation from one another and a way of preventing them accessing their own urine.”

“I am sorry gents, but I disagree entirely.”

“You do Prof. al-Gharsi?!”

“Indeed I do. As you know, I am the most respected sexologist in all of Saudi Arabia and, like you I find this case fascinating. However, I do not believe that prevention is cure. Indeed, I do not believe that this condition can be ‘cured’ in the normal sense of the word. You see, it is my professional opinion that you are looking at this case as humans and so expecting these two unfortunate ladies to react as humans. These ladies stopped living as humans many years ago, have been repeatedly told that they are not, that they are merely dolls and so they have, in essence, mentally speaking, become dolls. And so, they must live as such.”

“You are suggesting a return to rubber encasement?!”

“I am, and the internal plumbing and all the other shocking aspects of their case. That is their normality and from what you are saying, that is what they crave to return to. Look, you can all see for yourselves, they are both nodding enthusiastically at my comments.”

“I agree professor, but may I ask, who on earth would accept two living human females living as urine-addicted rubber fetish dolls in the name of mental health? No one in Israel that is for sure!”

“Or Turkey!”

“Or Jordan!”

“Perhaps not, but in Saudi such things are possible. The press is censored and things are kept under wraps. We could say that these ladies wish to live in full Islamic purdah in a country where they won’t be in the public eye under the care of medical professionals of the highest calibre.”

“Are you suggesting that you take on the case?”

“I am indeed.”

“But how? No hospital would accept such a thing even though, in my professional opinion, I agree with you that that is what they need.”

“But I am not suggesting a hospital, I am suggesting that I take on Tahira and Charlotte here personally. My wife died last year so I shall marry them and treat them as Yunas al-Mansur did and whilst doing that I shall record everything for the benefit of psychological research. But I shall only do so if the ladies and this forum of experts agree, so Charlotte, Tahira and all you gentlemen, what do you say to my proposal…?”

Walking back to his hotel room Prof. Hamid al-Ghasi’s mind filled with sexual excitement. He’d become a sexologist all those years ago because of his secret fascination with fetish and his illicit trips around the bondage clubs of Amsterdam and Hamburg. He’d explored watersports and latex, tight-lacing and bondage and the more he explored, the more it fascinated him. But tomorrow his ultimate fantasies would be realised; two lesbian latex dolls, addicted to their own piss, would be his to dress up and play with for the rest of his days. He cock slowly stiffened and tented the trousers of his suit as he thought over the vision again and again…


Copyright © 2012, Dave Potter


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