A Silhouette of a Girl I Always Wanted

A Silhouette of a Girl I Always Wanted

by Ed Kilpatrick


In a departure from my usual veiled stories set in the fictitious island state of Kumar, I wanted to go back to basics with a fantasy that has been running around my head for nearly a year now.

This story has started and stopped many times but I think I’ve finally got their in January 2012 so after several false starts; here is “A Silhouette of a Girl I Always Wanted.”

Setting the scene:

My name is David Myers and I’m from Cambridgeshire in England. I’m an author even though you wouldn’t believe it reading this tale! I tend to produce one novel per year, starting it around October and finishing it around Easter, just in time for some summer publicity.

I’m now onto my second in a series of crime (who done it) thriller type fiction. The first and last in the now growing series was a best seller and I’m now in negotiations (via my agent) for a movie deal.

This second book is set in Sweden and to help write this thriller, I decided to move to Stockholm (temporarily) and rent an apartment to assist getting me into the frame of mind.  My agent also set me up in touch with a small publishing company in Stockholm and I had been meeting regularly with one of their staff, Erika.

My relationship with Erika was strictly professional and while we met twice a month for lunch or coffee, we had started up a friendship but that was it.

It is now early January and I’d just arrived back in Stockholm a few days ago, after spending Christmas with family back in the UK.

An Invitation I couldn’t refuse:

I had arranged to meet Erika at her office at around twelve noon on Wednesday for a catch up meeting (lunch) after the Christmas holidays. As you can imagine, it was very cold in Stockholm in January and that really developed my growing love of wool and boy did the girls in this country cover up at this time of year! I loved the boots, thick sweaters and the long woollen scarves that most girls pulled up over their faces to protect them from the freezing Baltic winter. With their wool hats, all that was lift showing was their two eyes and this really turned me on.

Back to my story:

I arrived at the Swedish HQ of my publisher just before noon as usual and introduced myself to the receptionist before announcing that I had a meeting with Erika. Why were all the girls in this dam country so good looking? They all seemed to be blonde and gorgeous and I seemed to be constantly on a state of arousal no matter where I went in Stockholm.

“Please hold on Mr. Myers,” the gorgeous receptionist asked as she picked up the phone to call Erika.

The phone was answered and in Swedish (a language I would never master), the receptionist managed to contact Erika:

“She is just finishing up a meeting with another client Mr. Myers,” the receptionist explained. “Erika would like to introduce you to Annika Sorensen so please follow me to the conference room?”

“Isn’t Annika Sorensen the Masked Artist,” I asked?

I had read quite a lot about this female artist since arriving in Stockholm last October. Maybe it was just the kinky side of my fetish coming through but this girl had never shown her face to anyone and when in public she always wore masks or was veiled so no one knew her real identity.

“Erika, I have Mr. Myers to see you,” the receptionist introduced me as she opened the conference door, after polity knocking first.

Erika stood up and thanked the receptionist in Swedish before welcoming me:

“Come in David, Happy New Year,” Erika opened our meeting.

“Happy New Year Erika,” I replied going in the kiss this girl on the cheek. “It is lovely to see you again. Did you have a nice vacation over Christmas?”

Maybe it is about time I tell you a little about Erika who is not like most Swedish girls and therefore not tall, skinny nor blonde! Erika’s parents were originally from Scotland and her mother and father moved to Sweden in the 70’s, when Erika was only a kid. Erika was therefore good looking in a different way but a British way with shoulder length brown hair, grey eyes and has a reasonable figure if not quite up to the Swedish standards. Today Erika was dressed in blue jeans tucked into a pair of thigh high black leather boots and a black woollen sweater. Her brown hair had been pulled into a ponytail and yes, she still looked very nice.

Back to my tale:

“David, this is Annika,” Erika introduced me to this strange looking figure, who stood up to shake my hand.

“Hello David,” it is nice to meet you, Annika welcomed me to Sweden.

What was so different about Annika was the way she dressed: Today she was wearing a very thick (blue and cream) Icelandic knit sweater that came down below her backside and ended where her black leather skirt took over. What was so different about his sweater was it had a built in balaclava mask with no mouth hole and only a postage slit for Annika’s eyes to peer through. While I could tell Annika was white from the colour of the bridge of her nose and her hands that she pushed out to shake mine with, other than that there was no way to tell if Annika was blonde, brunette or even grey. Her legs were clad in thick black leggings or tights and they were mainly hidden by thigh high leather boots, similar to Erika’s. Immediately my dick started to grow at the mystery that surrounded this girl, the masked artist.

“It is nice to meet you too Annika,” I shook this masked girls hand. “I’ve read a lot about you and your work!”

“Ah the wedding dress collection just before the end of November,” Annika responded.

“Yes,” I replied; “Very interesting!”

I was referring to a news report I saw on TV and read about in the local English magazine before I left for Christmas. I then Google’d Annika and read more about this mysterious masked artist who was not only a clothes designer but also made furniture. The wedding dress collection was very different and while all the dresses were still white or cream, all the models I saw were heavily veiled, even masked underneath by white leather contraptions and some even had their hands bound behind their back. As you can imagine, I spent quite a lot of time reading about this strange girl who I was now being introduced to.

“Annika is working on her latest exhibition,” Erika joined in as we all sat back down.

“Fantastic,” I replied. “What is this one about?”

“I’ve been working on this exhibition for nearly a year now,” Annika explained. “It is all about the oppression of woman.”

Now I was getting very interested!!!

“So what is on show and where,” I showed an interest?

“The exhibition will hopefully open in May or June in the basement of Annika’s converted warehouse, down by the river,” Erika again cut it. “It will be very controversial when it finally opens and concentrates on how men have oppressed women over the years, especially in the Middle East.”

“So what will be on show,” I turned towards Annika again?

“The exhibition takes many formats,” Annika took me through her latest collection. “Yes it shows many different types of Burka’s that Muslim woman all over the world are forced to hide behind but it also depicts women being gagged and kept indoors unable to leave without their husband’s approval.”

“This sounds very, very interesting,” I replied, trying not to burst my enthusiasm so early on in this conversation. “An image that has haunted me for over a year now was a BBC report on a young Burka covered girl, bound hand & foot and waiting to be stoned because she had an affair with a married man. While I have seen many TV reports and read lots of other stories; that particular report has played in my mind for the last year and someone needs to tell the west, the plight of these woman!”

Annika then looked towards Ericka and started speaking in Swedish to her. Even though it was extremely bad minored of the two girls to do that, I stayed quiet and waited for them to break back into English.

Ericka was the first to talk in English:

“Annika could do with a little help,” Ericka announced. “She is struggling with a few exhibits and that image that haunts you, might be perfect for her exhibition!”

“How can I help you Annika,” I asked, turning towards this masked woman?

“Why don’t you come down to my warehouse tomorrow,” explained Annika. “Have a look at what I’m trying to do and see what help you can offer?”

“That sounds fantastic,” Erika jumped in. “Could you spare Annika a couple of hours tomorrow David?”

Nothing would stop me except my enthusiasm so as we agreed a time and Erika gave me Annika’s address. Annika then stood up and headed for the coat stand in the corner of the conference room where she lifted off a very long cream coloured wool scarf and a long blue wool coat. Annika started to wind the scarf several times round her neck, even covering her lower face. She looked gorgeous, even though I couldn’t see her face, now hidden behind the wool scarf and the balaclava that was an integral part of her Icelandic knit sweater:

“Why don’t you join Erika and I for lunch,” I intersected?

“It isn’t easy to eat wearing this sweater,” Annika laughed behind the layers of soft wool.

“I can’t imagine why,” was all I could respond with to Annika’s statement.

Ericka and I then followed out into the cold Stockholm afternoon for our lunch and as you can imagine Annika came up quite a lot during the lunch meeting. It was clear that Erika had taken on Annika as a client after the wedding dress collection but she was confident that her publishing company could raise Annika’s profile both nationally and internationally:

“Why does she mask all the time,” I asked Erika?

“Because she likes people to think of her for the art and cloths she produces and not the person behind the art,” Ericka responded.

“She must get some weird looks when she is outside,” I replied?

“In the summer yes,” responded Erika. “It is common to wear masks and cover your face in Sweden in the winter but a little more difficult in the summer!”

“So how does she mask in the summer,” I continued my interrogation?

“By veiling, I think,” Ericka responded; “but to be honest I’m not sure because I’ve only been representing Annika since late November.”

I gave up there and we got back to my book, which meant lunch ran on under well after three that Wednesday afternoon.

The Bonded Warehouse:

As it turned out, Annika’s warehouse was only about a ten minute walk across the bridge from my apartment freezing cold and like the majority of locals, I’d started to cover up as well:

Nothing unusual about my outer wear: A pair of jeans over a pair of boots and a fairly thick fleece jersey. I wore my favourite ski jacket; including a hat & scarf combination and of course a pair of thick gloves. I loved the opportunities Scandinavia gave me in the winter and that included masking! Annika’s covered face really intrigued me but to be honest, so many girls in this wonderful city covered their faces to hide from the freezing cold Baltic chill!

So in conclusion nothing too strange about my outer-wear in this cold Swedish winters day! What was strange to many would be what I wore under my winter attire: I loved tights and they offered my legs extra protection in this extremely cold climate. Again probably nothing new or strange to those men who work outside in the winter! For me, my thick Lycra (opaque black) tights not only offered that extra protection but they added a wonderful feeling that I enjoyed when my legs are clad in soft luxurious Lycra that clung to each leg like a second skin. Next was my thin black turtleneck jersey that I wore under the thick fleece sweater. This thin layer of silky smooth material had long arms and a bodice that bottomed at my crotch. While this wonderful set of undergarments gave me a warm feeling, I have to admit that taking a piss was a pain in the arse and always required me to enter a cubical and sit down! Never-the-less, I was protected from the cold Stockholm climate by all my layers and with the extra ability to pull the scarf over my face, I felt cosy and extremely horny during the ten-minute walk to Annika’s warehouse.

“Hey David, great to see you,” this blue tented creature with Annika’s voice answered the front door, covered as expected.”

“Good grief Annika,” I couldn’t hold myself back. “You’re wearing a blue Afghani Burka!”

“Do you like it David,” Annika twirled while ushering me inside and out of the cold?

“I’m not sure like is the right response to offer,” I replied as Annika pulled out her blue gloved hand to take my coat, which by now I was taking off.

I first removed my gloves and then my jacket. As Annika started to hang them on the coat hooks by the front door, I then took off my hat and scarf.

“I see you now dress for the Swedish winter,” Annika laughed as she took each layer!

“Maybe I should leave the scarf and hat on,” I laughed in response. “I could always be the masked author!”

Annika just continued to laugh at my suggestion but here I was, unmasked, wearing my thick fleece sweater and jeans. Only I knew what I wore underneath and that made me feel good while in the company of this Burka clad creature.

Talking of Annika’s attire: I could see she was wearing a pair of leather boots as the black high heels could be seen below the hem of the bright blue tent! Her burka was identical to those I’d seen on TV plenty of times; the same bright blue Burka worn by ladies in Afghanistan. I was no expert but Annika’s Burka seemed to be made of thick satin or silk. I doubt many ladies in Afghanistan wore silk or satin Burka’s? It covered Annika from the tight cap on top of her head to about a foot off the ground, hence the reason I could tell Annika was wearing black leather boots. I could see none of Annika’s face! She could clearly see through a small mesh covered panel on the face of the Burka but that was it!

“How can you see in that thing,” I commented as Annika led me upstairs to her apartment?

“You get used to it,” Annika replied as she walked ahead of me. “It isn’t perfect but I love masking and this particular Burka really does serve me well!”

Annika then explained that we should have a coffee and chat before she took me back downstairs to view her collection as it stood today.

“This is a nice apartment,” I opened the conversation as Annika handed me a cup of coffee.

“Yes I like it,” Annika responded. “It used to be an old bonded warehouse but I’m refurbishing it bit-by-bit as my finances allow. Would you like to see around?”

I agreed and this strange girl, covered from head to toe in a bright blue satin Burka with a mesh grill covering her eyes stood up to take me for a tour of her house:

We were on the middle floor (two of three) and this was Annika’s living quarters. It had four bedrooms; all had been converted from an empty warehouse into this fantastic living accommodation.

We then headed up to the third floor:

“This is still mainly storage,” Annika explained as we arrived in a central corridor with a series of caged off areas on either side of the corridor. “I tend to keep a lot of my junk up here but not a lot else!”

“It has possibilities,” I laughed, not wanting to let my kinky side get out quite yet!

Annika turned to look at me through her mesh covered Burka:

“I have lots of ides for this floor,” Annika explained as she entered one of the caged rooms. “I agree that these secure stores have endless possibilities but until I get my next collection on show, this floor will stay as it is!”

I then stood at the open cage door and watched this silhouette of a girl I’d love to know better, walk around the empty store:

“Oh please David, don’t close the door,” Annika requested? “It is self-locking and I’m not sure you would find the keys!”

“Sorry Annika,” I replied, holding the mesh door open for my Burka clad friend to exit.

Weird! It was like Annika was reading my mind! I was fantasising about closing that mesh door and locking my new, Burka clad friend inside.

“Maybe next time,” she whispered as she passed me on her way out, brushing her cool satin exterior against me as she left the caged store.

“Ummm, that would be nice,” I coo’d!

“Let’s go downstairs and I’ll show you where I’ve got to with my collection so far,” suggested Annika as she led me back to her apartment (second floor) to put the empty cups in the dishwasher. She then picked up a key-ring and led me down to the ground floor and her workshop / exhibition area.
. Like most January days in Stockholm, it was

The Beginning of a most interesting exhibition:

First of all, I must state now that I was blown away with what I saw on the ground floor! There were twenty or thirty mannequins in various states of dress and undress. Those that were dressed were all wearing Burka’s of some sort and the others depicted females and their undergarments, including several in some sort of bondage.

“Bondage interests you David,” Annika broke the silence as I starred at a masked figure of a girl, with her hands locked in handcuffs that were attached to as chain around her belly.

The female mannequin was also covered head to toe in a black zentai suit with only two mesh covered eyes:

“What is she supposed to be,” I asked Annika?

“If you look at the black Burka covered mannequin to her left, this one depicts what this poor girl is forced to wear under the heavy black Burka!”

“That’s terrible,” I blurted out! “Would she have to remain chained al day?”

Annika turned to face me, even though I couldn’t see her face:

“I’ve read countless testimonies of girls in the Middle East; some even being forced to wear gags all day on top of the chains,” Annika respond.

“Why would a girl freely allow her husband to chain her up, gag her and then force her to hide below a Burka,” I continued with my questions?

“Because it is tradition David,” Annika responded. “A tradition handed down from generation to generation in some Muslim families. Fathers demand their teenaged daughters cover up and then their husbands carry on the tradition so the bondage and veiling carries on!”

“Ummm, I wonder why this has not taken on so much in the west,” I ponded starring at the chained female figure in front of me.

“With me it has,” Annika laughed, twirling in her bright blue tent.

I just started to laugh:

“So you think girls like to wear the Burka,” I continued my interrogation?

“The more I read, YES,” Annika came straight back. “There is a certain amount of liberation wearing this Burka as no one can tell if my cute or ugly and therefore only my family or husband will ever see me!”

“I can see how it could be liberating Annika,” I replied. “I’m not sure how I’d feel having to wear a tent all day, never mind chains and a gag!”

Annika just laughed as we moved onto the next exhibit, a strange looking wooden chair / stool with a high back and several steel fixings:

“And what is this contraption,” I continued my questioning of my new friend, covered head to toe in her own Burka?

I was referring to a stool with a high back and a steel collar attached.

“I saw this in a book,” Annika responded. “Here sit down and try it out?”

I was a little nervous but I did as instructed and I sat on the wooden chair with a thin high back. Once seated, Annika fiddled with the collar, taking out the open padlock, which enabled her to open the steel contraption. Again under this Burka clad females instructions, I sat back and she closed the steel collar around my neck:

“No need to padlock it,” I laughed. “I’ve got the idea!”

“Too late,” Annika responded as she clicked the padlock in place, sealing my head against the back of this chair. “Here, let’s finish your experience, place your hands behind the chair?”

“I’m not sure about this Annika,” I replied but for whatever reason, I gave Annika my hands, which she now secured into a pair of locking cuffs.

The final act of my bondage was for Annika to lock both ankles into a pair of steel cuffs on either leg of the chair:

“There you go David,” Annika explained. “Many women in the Middle East would be forced to sit in this chair for hours on end while her husband went out.

“This would be terrible,” I replied. “I guess they would also be wearing a Burka,” I quizzed Annika?

“And many wearing a ball gag just like this,” Annika showed me a large black rubber ball attached to a leather collar and buckle.

“No need to try that on too,” I suggested. “I’ve got the idea!”

“Right where did I put the keys,” Annika laughed, heading off in the direction of her workshop?

“Don’t joke around Annika, I’m really stuck in this thing,” I pleaded knowing that there was no way out of this chair as long as the collar and cuffs remained locked!

I tested the bondage and I conclude that the chair was 100% secure! I tugged on my hands but they remained locked in the two steel cuffs that pinned them to the back of the chair. The collar was tight but not too tight that I was chocking and my legs were also held tight in the heavy ankle cuffs.

“I know you are stuck David,” Annika responded, returning holding a large key-ring in her blue glove covered hand. “There is no way you would get out of that chair without this key!”

It was then Annika’s phone rang:

“Stay there David,” Annika laughed. “I’ll be back in a few minutes!

“Oh don’t leave me like this Annika, please,” I pleaded as she scurried off to answer the phone.

Secretly, I loved every second of my bondage! I just wish Annika had gagged me and pulled one of her Burka’s over my head. The thought of being able to cross dress and be hidden underneath one of Annika’s tents really turned me on. I continued to test my bonds. Maybe I wanted to test how good Annika’s workmanship was or because the more I tried to escape and couldn’t the more turned on I got. I looked down and there was no sign of my growing penis. He was firmly held tight between my legs by the tightness of my opaque Lycra tights and the tight bodice of my thin turtleneck. This was just so incredible that my girl I’d never seen and only knew an hour had me locked tightly into one of her exhibition pieces. I could hear Annika on the phone in her workshop but couldn’t understand a word of Swedish so couldn’t understand a word she was saying either. I tried to look behind me but there was no way I could turn my head while my neck was imprisoned in the steel collar so I had no option but to wait on Annika returning:

“I’m so sorry David,” explained Annika as she returned to me, approximately ten minutes later. “That was Erika who wanted to know if you made it.”

“So you told her that not only had I made it but right now I was imprisoned in one of your fiendish contractions of torture,” I laughed in response.

Annika just laughed and knelt down to unlock my ankles first:

“You’re enjoying yourself David,” Annika laughed as she stood back up without actually releasing a limb!

“And what makes you think that,” I replied with a question of my own?

Annika just stood and starred at me. At least I think she was staring at me but all I could see was her covered face and a silhouette of her face behind the mesh grill.

“The way to starred at my exhibits,” responded Annika. “The way you seem very content right now even if you are imprisoned on my chair!”

“So are you going to free me,” I asked another question?

“Do you really want me to free you,” Annika came straight back at me?

“Well yes if you want me to see the rest of your collection,” I replied. “And yes if you want me to help you with one of the exhibits.”

“I suppose so,” Annika responded, this time unlocking my ankles, then my wrists and finally my neck,”

“That was fun,” I said as I finally was able to stand up.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it David,” Annika laughed as she put out her blue gloved covered hand to help me up.

“Umm, your hands are so smooth,” I teased!

“You are a little more kinky than I first thought,” Annika laughed!

“You’ve no idea,” I laughed in response.

Annika then showed me some other exhibits:

  • One was of a bedroom scene with a mannequin clearly sealed inside a sleeping bag type Burka. Annika explained that the Burka was made of the finest silk and zipped at the bottom. The zipped could be locked and the postage slit that could offer some visibility, in most cases she read about sleeping Burka’s that caused severe reduction in visibility but was very comfortable to spend long periods of time in.
  • Another exhibit showed a mannequin in a long dress with a built in hood and only two mesh covered eyes to see through. The strange thing about this dress was that the mannequins arms were folded in front with some type of built in straightjacket. Again Annika explained she read in plenty of journals that husbands and fathers put their wives and daughters into bondage at night for their own protection and modesty. I felt the bondage only served one purpose and that was to reduce any chance of self-pleasure.
  • Another exhibit showed three mannequins wearing the same black Burka.  Mannequin had her face complete viable, mannequin two had only her eyes showing and complete veiled and finally, mannequin three had another veil pulled over her face, so not even her eyes were showing. Annika explained the different levels of the Hijab and what circumstance the female would have to veil more appropriate.
  • The final exhibit in Annika’s current collection was a wooden chair with steel cuffs on the arms and legs to hold its victim. Annika asked if I wanted to try it but I was more interested in getting to the next exhibit, because this is where Annika clearly needed my assistance.

Annika clearly had several more exhibits to complete her collection but this one was where I could help to deliver a scene of a Burka clad female kneeling, awaiting her fate:
“I don’t want this exhibit to depict and Burka clad female waiting to be stoned David,” Annika explained. “I want the visitor to make their own mind up on what she is waiting for!”

“I think that is an excellent idea Annika,” I replied. “My vision was of a girl wearing a similar Burka to yours, hogtied in the kneeling position. Can you get me another mannequin, Burka and some rope?”

Annika headed off towards her workshop and was back five minutes later with another blue tent and some long lengths of rope.

“I want to play with this scene first David,” Annika suggested. “Would you mind being my subject as I set the scene?”

“You mean you want me to wear a Burka and be tied up,” I stood up and starred at my Burka clad friend?”

Now this was a turn up, I thought. I’ve always wanted to try on a Burka and I love being tied up but where would this lead?

“Do you trust me,” asked Annika?

“I think so,” I replied.

Annika then handed me the long blue gloves and suggest I pull them on. This meant me taking off my sweater, which I did. All Annika would see is a thin turtleneck underneath so nothing unusual! One the thick fleece was off I rolled up the sleeves of my turtleneck and started pulling on the gloves. Annika then handed me the Burka and instructed me on how to put it on. I could then feel my dick rise within his tight prison below the tights and bodice as I now stood, looking out through a mesh mask.

“Actually this isn’t claustrophobic at all,” I commented as I stood in front of Annika.

“Burka’s are not supposed to be claustrophobic,” Annika responded. “They’re supposed to be loose fitting and allow plenty of air to keep the wearer cool in the hot Middle East climate.”

I could see and feel for the first time where Annika was coming from! The Burka was loose and airy and certainly didn’t restrict any movement even if my vision was slightly restricted by the mesh panel in front of my eyes. Annika then instructed me to put my hands behind my back while she effectively tied both my crossed wrists tightly behind me back:

“Not so tight,” I pleaded as I felt the final knot being pulled closed!

“Don’t be such a baby David,” Annika responded in her sexy Swedish accent.

Annika then knelt down and tied my ankles together with another length of rope before helping me onto my knees, where she joined the rope attached to my ankles and wrists by a third and final length of rope:

“How do you feel,” Annika asked as she stood up to admire her work?

“A bit tied up right now,” I laughed in response.

Annika just laughed and told me to wait there a minute while she got her camera:

“You’re not taking pictures of me,” I called out.

“Who is going to know who you are below the Burka,” Annika laughed as she returned with a camera and the rubber ball gag?

“Me,” I replied. “What is the gag for?”

I was starting to get a little concerned as Annika lifted up my Burka from the front and stuffed the rubber into my mouth before buckling it behind my head.

“I think you should get the real experience David,” Annika laughed as she re-fixed my Burka and started taking pictures.

All I could do was kneel there and do whatever Annika required within reason due to my bondage. Once she had enough photographs Annika put her camera away and came back to me, kneeling down in front.

“Are you enjoying yourself,” she asked?

Al I could do was nod and MUMPTH into my gag.

“I have an idea,” Annika lessened the rope anchoring my ankles to my wrists.

Next Annika undid the rope around my ankles and suggested I follow her back upstairs.

“You like wearing the Burka, don’t you David,” she asked? “It feels really good, doesn’t it?”

Again all I could do was MUMPTH into my gag and nod my Burka covered head. Once back upstairs in Annika’s living room she knelt down and started untying the laces of my boots.

“Let’s make you a little more comfortable,” Annika suggested.

Now this would be a problem! What if Annika removes my shoes and see’s I’m wearing tights? Too late, I thought to myself as the bots came off one-by-one followed by my thick woollen socks;

“So you’re wearing tights,” Annika laughed!

Again all I could do was nod and MUMPTH!

“I knew you were very kicky from the first time I set my eyes on you,” Annika continued to laugh.

By now Annika was undoing the belt of my jeans, followed by the zip and the button. My jeans were now being pulled down and taken off.

“This gets even better,” laughed Annika as she realised my turtleneck had a bodice and clearly meant for a female.

What now I thought, standing there in my black opaque Lycra tights, thin black turtleneck covered by a heavy blue satin Afghani Burka with my hands bound behind my back and my mouth stuffed with an enormous rubber ball gag? There was little I could do with my hands tied behind my back and to be honest, I was enjoying every minute I spent with this silhouette of a girl I’d like to know. Annika on the other hand was free of bondage except her bright blue Burka that hid her face not only from me but the public who admired her work.

My relationship with Annika moves on blind:

It was clear Annika had ideas and this meant me being led back to the second floor and Annika’s living quarters.

“Sit down there,” instructed Annika as I was pushed down on her leather couch!

Again all I could do was grunt with the massive rubber ball still stuck behind my teeth.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” she went on to tell me before heading off in the direction of her bedroom.

It was only a matter of a few minutes until Annika returned free of the Burka but covered head to toe in a black leather catsuit. I had guessed that Annika had been waiting this under her Burka all the time as the leather boots looked similar to those I’d seen protruding from below the hem of Annika’s bright blue tent.

“Do you like David,” Annika teased as she twirled only a few feet in front of me?

“Ummm,” was the only thing I was able to say with the fucking ball gag in my mouth but at least I was able to nod in response to Annika’s question.

She was beautiful but how did I really know; I’d never actually seen Annika’s body or her face. In saying that, he black covered figure did tell me that Annika was a tall and slim silhouette of a girl. Her black suit ending in the black leather boots covered her entire body, including her hands and of course, completely masking Annika’s face. The mask had three holes: Two for her eyes, which I could now see were blue and one for her mouth:

“Would you like me to remove her Burka,” asked Annika?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure because I loved the way it hid my male body.

“Or maybe just your gag,” suggested Annika, guessing that I was enjoying the Burka from my lack of response?

This time I MUMPTHED and nodded so Annika sat down beside me and pushed her leather clad hands under my Burka and up to my face so that she could unbuckle the leather strap holding the rubber ball tight in my mouth:

“Thank you Annika,” were my first words. “That feels so much better!”

“You’re welcome David,” Annika responded.

“Would you mind untying my hands,” I then asked?

Annika just looked at me with her big blue eyes behind the leather of her catsuit mask:

“Am I safe if I untie you,” Annika teased me with her next question?

“Of course you can,” I replied.

“Okay,” Annika responded, suggesting I lean forward so that she could pull up my Burka and unpick the knot in the rope binding my arms behind my back. “Please note that this catsuit is locked on so don’t think you’re ever going to see my face!”

I just sat back while rubbing my sore wrists from an hour of bondage:

“That is a little disappointing Annika,” I replied. “However I do like your catsuit!

“I’m glad you do,” responded Annika. “I also like what you are wearing under the Burka!”

I started to go red but Annika could see this, with my face hidden behind the mesh screen of the bright blue Tent that I was still wearing.

“Well it is cold in Sweden Annika and the tights and jersey keep me warm under my cloths,” I replied.

“Rubbish,” Annika responded right away in a harsh tone! “You are a very kinky boy and you enjoy wearing girl’s cloths under your male exterior!”

Again my lack of response told a thousand words!

“I thought so,” Annika continued!

I just sat there in silence, considering my response:

“Well can I please have my cloths back,” I asked?

“Why are you not comfortable wearing one of my Burka’s Annika replied with another one of her obvious questions?

“Yes Annika,” I opened up. “I’ve always wanted to try a Burka on and it feels great but I’m not getting a great view of you from behind the mesh mask!”

“How about I bring you something else to wear David and you can stay the afternoon and we can have a little dinner together later,” suggested Annika?

“Okay,” I replied. “What do you have in mind?”

Annika just suggested I take off the Burka and wait for her as she went off to find something appropriate. AS I pulled the heavy blue tent from my body I’d only a few minutes to wait until Annika had returned with two items of woman’s clothing:

“I’m not wearing a skirt,” I explained in a grumpy tone as Annika handed me a long leather skirt with a zip running the entire length down the back.

“Sure you can David,” Annika responded, pulling down the zip and holding it against me.

Annika place the leather around my waist and started pulling on the zip. It was clear this skirt had a two-way zip and Annika was now pulling a zipper down, right down to the bottoms of the long skit which ended just above my ankles.

“Hey, I’ll not be able to walk in this thing,” I complained, realising that the skirt was very tight and would now hobble my legs, severely restricting movement!

“That’s the idea,” Annika responded, throwing a heavy black sweater at me: “Now put this on!”

I was then I realised that this heavy black wool sweater had a built in balaclava, just like the sweater Annika had worn yesterday when I met with at Erika’s office. The wool was soft and luxurious as I pulled my head into the built in hood that had two eye holes and a hole for my mouth. I continued puling the sweater down until it reach my backside.

“Isn’t that nice,” Annika applauded?

“I’m not sure,” I replied. “I bet I look an idiot in this?”

“No David,” I like it on you,” Annika responded coming in for a closer look and then a kiss.

Now that is when things started to change! The light kiss quickly moved to the next level and within only a few minutes, Annika and I was sitting on the leather couch snogging with our tongues wrestling for superiority!

“Ummm, that was unexpected,” I teased coming up for air.

“Was it,” responded Annika with another one of her questions?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I would never have thought you would have actually liked me in this way.

“I do like you David,” Annika came in for another kiss. “I like you even more now that I know you like to mask!”

We kissed for another few minutes.

“So what now,” I asked, secretly trying to see where Annika was going to take this?

“What would you like to do David,” Annika came straight back at me?

“I would like to see your face,” I replied, chancing my luck.

“No chance,” Annika responded. “Any more questions like that will get you punished!

“Punished,” I quizzed, wondering where this would get me!

“Yes David,” Annika responded. “I think I could do anything I wanted to you right now and you’d let me!”

“Do your best,” I teased in response.

Annika just stopped what she was doing and I knew that something was running round inside her head.

“Anything,” she asked again?

“Well anything that doesn’t hurt me or leave marks on my body,” I laughed in reply.

“Hold on a sec,” Annika asked as she got up to leave the room again?

Annika was back in a few minutes holding a rather long black wool scarf:

“I’m going to blindfold you David,” Annika explained.

I just sat there and allowed this black leather clad girl to wrap the long woollen scarf around my already wool covered head until I could see nothing.

“How does that feel David,” asked Annika?

“Really nice,” was all I replied.

“Here take my hand,” Annika now suggested taking hold of my right hand.

Annika helped me to my feet and as I gained my balance, I felt something fitted around my wrist with a familiar sound.

“What are you doing,” I asked as the sound of a handcuff ratchet reverberated around inside my head?

“Just taking control again,” responded Annika who by now had me turned around and was already locking my left wrist in the second handcuff.

“So you are,” I replied in a carefree and very sarcastic response.

“Right follow me,” Annika explained taking hold of my right arm, which was now pinned behind my back and attached to my other arm.

I could feel Annika lead me upstairs but from what I saw earlier, there was nothing upstairs except the storage cages.

“Where are you taking me,” I asked?

“You’ll find out in a minute,” responded Annika who led me somewhere I couldn’t see right now?

“Okay, sit down here,” suggested Annika.

Under Annika’s control I sat down on something soft.

“Where are we Annika,” I quizzed?

“Quiet my darling,” Annika responded, coming in for a kiss. “I’m just so Horney right now I could fuck your brains out!

“What’s stopping you,” I replied?

“Not yet David,” Annika said coming in for another kiss.

“You like me veiled and bound,” I asked?

“You know I do,” Annika responded. “I love being in control and I love masking more than you will ever realise!”

“I think I might know,” I chanced my luck with more questions.

“I guess you might assumed that my masking wasn’t just a cover David,” Annika explained in between more kissing. “I mask and veil because it turns me on, in the same way wearing tights turns you on!”

“I suppose you’re right,” I replied, enjoying this kissing and questioning.

“You still haven’t answered where we are,” I tried again!

It was then Annika pulled the long woollen scarf from my facing, leaving it bundled around my neck. We were sitting on a single bed that had been placed in one of Annika’s third floor cages. The single bed was along the right hand wall and against the other wall was a couch with a throw over it.

“Do you like,” asked Annika?

“Very much,” I replied. “Why are we here?”

“Because you want to be here, I think,” responded Annika. “You said that you had ideas for my third floor and I think I might have got there before you!”

“Very true,” I replied. “You still haven’t answered why we’re here!”

“Because I’ve dreamt about having a gut locked in one of my cages,” responded Annika. “I think you would like to spend a little time in my cage, wouldn’t you?”

“Do I have a choice,” I replied with another question?

“Not right now,” Annika laughed!

She now got up and headed towards the open cage door. I stood up as quickly as I could with my arms cuffed behind my back.

“Where are you going David,” Asked Annika?

“I’m following you Annika,” I replied heading towards the black leather clad Annika who was now just the other side of the open door.

It was then Annika slammed the mesh gate closed, locking it automatically.

“Now where are you going david,” Annika laughed from the other side of the now locked cage door?

“No where I guess,” I replied. “What about the cuffs and this scarf?”

“What about them,” Annika asked? “I’m sure you can cope with a little bondage and a wool scarf around your neck. I do expect you’ll start to cook under the sweater and its mask but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the feeling even more.”

With that, Annika was gone! I was left to pace around the third floor cage in my stocking feet, still hobbled by the tightness of the long leather skirt and cooking under the thickness of the black wool sweater and its’ built I balaclava mask. My hands were cuffed behind my back and the long black wool scarf was bundled around my neck, adding the build-up of heat!

The Iron Burka:

If you have ever worn a thick wool balaclava for a long period of time, you’ll know what I mean when your face cooks under its heat. In saying that, I was as horny as hell locked in Annika’s third floor cage and to be honest enjoying every minute of it! If only I had the use of my hands and I could relief myself but that wasn’t to be with both wrist locked securely in Annika’s handcuffs, behind my back.

It was getting dark when I heard Annika’s footsteps coming towards the cage. By now I was lying on my side, trying to relieve the discomfort of my handcuffed arms. The wool scarf was so thick and long, it was now bunching up around my lower face, adding to the heat building up around my masked face:

“Are you comfortable in there David,” Annika asked as she unlocked the cage door?

“Not really,” I replied, trying to sit up to welcome Annika back after several hours of being on my own.

She was still wearing her full leather catsuit and I could feel my dick trying to burst free from his prison, secured beneath the closed bodice of my jersey and the thick Lycra tights.

“I need your help positioning my latest exhibit,” Annika announced.

“That’s no problem as long as you unlock my wrists,” I tried my luck!

“My keys are in the workshop,” responded Annika. “If you follow me then we can get you freed downstairs!”

I struggled onto my feet and hobbled towards Annika who was clearly enjoying my discomfort.

“Can you give me a little more reach in this skirt,” I asked Annika to pull up the zip to at least give me a slight longer step.

Annika agreed and soon I was able to follow her much easier, despite my arms still being pinned behind my back. As we reached the ground floor I noticed nothing new in Annika’s collection:

“So what do you need help with,” I quizzed?

“You’ll see in a minute,” responded Annika. “Let’s unlock your hands first!”

Annika used a large key ring of keys to locate the handcuff key and soon I was free from several hours of being handcuffed. As I rubbed the circulation back into my poor wrists, Annika led me into her ground floor store room:

“Here is my latest creation David,” Annika point at a large iron sculpture of a lady in an all-encompassing back Burka. “The iron Burka!”

“The sculpture looks fantastic,” I explained.

The 6-foot tall sculpture was completely black and depicted a lady covered head to toe in her all-encompassing tent. There was the usual mesh area around the face and it looked fantastic. Annika clearly needed help manoeuvring the heavy piece into place among her other exhibits so after about fifteen minutes of manhandling the sculpture, which I had admit was heavy but not as heavy as I was expecting, Annika and I were happy it was now in place. Satisfied it was now where she wanted; Annika took her bunch of keys and unlocked the side of the Burka, which swung open from the front:

“I thought it was just a sculpture,” I gasped, looking inside the human shaped form inside the sculpture.

“That’s what you were meant to think David,” Annika laughed. “Now to try it out!”

Annika handed me the keys and stood inside:

“Okay David, close the front,” she instructed!

With those words, I eased the front of the iron Burka closed until I heard a familiar CLUNK, telling me that the Burka was now sealed.

“How does it feel Annika,” I asked?

“Really claustrophobic,” Annika responded in a slight echoe’y voice from inside the iron Burka.

“Maybe I should leave you in there for a while as punishment for locking me in your cage,” I replied!

“Okay David, you can punish me another time,” responded Annika. “Please use the large key and unlock me?”

I did as Annika suggested and soon she was free of the iron Burka.

“Would you like to try it David,” suggested Annika?

Not one to miss an opportunity, I eased myself into the moulded iron human shape and facing Annika, still covered from head to toe in her leather catsuit, she eased the door closed, until the CLUNK told us both I was now sealed inside.

“This is fantastic,” I commented from inside, hearing the same echo, ruining in my ears.

I could easily see through the mesh face but the moulded cut out meant I couldn’t raise my arms at all.

“Okay, time to let me out Annika,” I suggest, secretly hoping she’d leave me in here for a while.

“I’ll tell you what David,” Annika responded. “I’ll go and make us some dinner and you enjoy yourself for a while.”

“Do I have a choice Annika,” I laughed?

“Not really David,” Annika laughed in response. “You allowed me to lock you in there so you can enjoy the iron Burka until dinner. Are meat balls okay?”

“I love Swedish meat balls,” I replied.

“That’s perfect David,” Annika responded. “I make them fresh so it will take me an hour to prepare them so enjoy yourself”

With those words, Annika was gone and I was now alone in my coffin, my iron Burka with absolutely no watt to escape from inside the heavy iron Burka that now imprisoned me.  I therefore stood there and waited for Annika to return, reflecting on this strange afternoon, which led me to the masked girls house and the various bondage that I’d endured throughout my first day with Sweden’s masked artist.

The Long Swedish Winter Nights:

BY the time Annika finally returned for me, I’d regretted not getting rid of her long woollen scarf before being allowed to be interned in Annika’s iron Burka! The space was tight enough and scooped out inside in the rough shape of a human but not really for a guy my size! The woollen mass bundled up around my neck and lower face, not to mention the thick wool already covering my entire head; I was beginning to choke in the iron Burka’s confines:

“It is nice to see you again Annika,” I greeted my leather encased friend as she returned to her basement exhibition.

“Hello David,” I see you’re still alive in there!

“What did you expect,” I replied?

“Oh nothing,” responded Annika. “Would you like me to let you out?”

“Yes please,” was all I responded with.

With that I heard Annika turn the key in the iron Burka’s lock and soon a rush of cool air was followed by light and the sight of my new friend, still covered head to toe in luxurious black leather.

“Can I please have my own cloths back before dinner,” I asked?

“Why do you need your own cloths,” asked Annika in response? “Do you not like what you are wearing?”

“Yes I like this outfit very much,” I replied. “But how am I supposed to eat wearing this mask?”

Annika just started laughing!

“I’m going to eat wearing this outfit,” Annika continued to laugh! “I often eat when masked!”

“I expect you do Annika,” I replied. “I’d just prefer to be dressed again in my male cloths!”

“With the female clothing underneath,” Annika really started to laugh!

“Okay Annika,” I gave in. “If I have dinner with you wearing this outfit will you please give me back my own cloths after diner?”

Annika just ignored me, heading for the door and the stairs to the main apartment, upstairs!

We sat with a bottle of wine and ate a wonderful dinner. Annika and I talked about her up and coming exhibition and discussed options for more exhibits:

“You clearly have an imaginative mind,” Annika explained while responding to some of my suggestions. “Is there anything you’ve seen you would still like to try?”

I thought about that for a minute:

“Yes Annika,” I gave my response some thought. “I’d like to try the sleeping Burka! Do you have one that I could take home with me?”

Annika just sat looking straight at me for a minute before giving me her response:

“I’ll make you a deal David,” Annika set out her stall! “Why don’t you stay the night and sleep in one of my sleeping Burkas?”

“Where will I sleep,” I came straight back at Annika?

“With me,” Annika replied; “Or in the cage!”

“There is no choice,” I laughed. “Will you trust me not to rip off you sleeping mask?”

“What sleeping mask,” Annika quizzed me?

“Surely you’re not going to allow me to see your face,” I replied?

“You’re right David,” Annika sniggered. “You’ll not be able to see a thing in the sleeping Burka I have in mind!”

I was intrigued and accepted Annika’s proposal so we continued chatting over coffee for another hour or two.

“Time for bed,” Annika announced as we put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher!

I had no arguments and followed Annika towards her master bedroom. Once there I was finally allowed to remove the tight leather hobble skirt and the heavy woollen sweater with the built in balaclava:

“What are you wearing under the tights,” Annika asked?

“A pair of briefs,” I replied.

“That’s perfect, you can keep them on while you’re in the Burka all night,” Annika explained.

As I finally removed the thin jersey and tights, Annika produced a black satin Burka. She threw it on the bed and opened the bottom using a heavy duty zip:

“Here, pull this over your head David,” Annika instructed!

I did as I was told and lifted the extremely heavy mass of satin and started the exercise of getting my head into the tight fitting cap:

“The mask is very tight Annika,” I complained as the satin now engulfed my entire face!

“Stop complaining David,” Annika barked!”

At least this sleeping Burka had a mesh layer in front of my eyes that I could just see through. By the time I had pulled the heavy Burka over the rest of my body, Annika was instructing me to lie down on her bed:

“Comfy,” she asked in a mocking tone?

“Yes, thank you,” I replied in a similar tone!

Annika now pulled the heavy zip closed, using a brass padlock to lock the zip, ensuring I was now in the sleeping Burka until the morning or when she deemed it necessary to let me out!

“I’m off to get changed for bed David,” Annika announced. “I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

It was then I got to explore my new sleepwear. My feet rested at the bottom zip and my head was tightly gripped by the elasticated mask that now covered my entire head. Other than that, I was free! My arms were free to wonder within the satin confines of the sleeping Burka and I waited to finally see what Annika actually looked like.

It was therefore a complete disappointment to see Annika covered head to toe in a red Lycra catsuit that left only her fabulous figure to my imagination. Annika finally climbed into bed beside me, pulled the duvet over us both before kissing me goodnight on my satin covered mouth:

“Well you didn’t expect me to reveal myself to you on our first date,” did you David,” Annika laughed?

As you can imagine, I was left wondering who this girl really was other than a silhouette of a girl, I’d always wanted.”

Author: Ed Kilpatrick
E-mail: EdKBound@GMail.com



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