A Veiled Justice: Part 2

A Veiled Justice

Part TWO – A Sub Continental Adventure

by Ed Kilpatrick





When we in Part 1 – The Case of the Missing Girls – last left our two police officers (Erin, now Nistha, and David, now Rachita), they had just been loaded onto a luxurious motor yacht owned by their new Mistress, “Madam Vela.” They had just spent a little over a month in captivity in Kumar, a small Arabian Gulf Island state where they had tracked down Mistress Padma and her global trade in white female slaves. Neither our two characters knew what was ahead of them, except veiling and more bondage was no doubt a new part of their lives as they tried to work out how to escape their captivity.


The journey to India:

It has now been three days since Nistha and I were locked into the spacious and extremely luxurious front cabin of Madam Vela’s large motor yacht. We have spent the entire three days locked in this cabin and our daily routine has become monotonous. Maybe I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m stuck in here with the most beautiful companion I could have asked for, ‘Nistha.’

There was also the subject of our attire: Each day we would get another wonderful set of fresh satin dresses to wear, along with our enforced veiling, which was made up of a simple silk scarf folded into a triangle and tied around our faces. The scarf ends would be brought around to our necks and tied in a double knot around the thin steel electro shock collar that ensured we complied with Madam Vela’s every instruction. We then wore a silk head scarf, tied Grace Kelly style around our heads and the scarf ends tied this time behind our necks. Both Nistha and I enjoyed our attire and more importantly, we actually enjoyed our enforced veiling! The only times during the day that we were allowed to unveil were during breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was a task because to remove the face veil, we had to remove the head scarf first, which was simply replaced as soon as the silk scarf covering our faces was removed. Just like at Mistress Padma’s place, the food onboard Madam Vela’s yacht was extremely tasty and all based upon Indian cuisine (my favourite). It was after lunch when Nistha and I were able to kiss properly for the first time each day. We were getting much closer to each other through the first three days of the voyage to India and while we still kissed while veiled (which we also enjoyed very much), there was still no substitution for being able to tangle with each other tongues. At night, both Nistha and I were forced to wear sleeping Burka’s. These satin outfits were basically just a regular blue Burka from Afghanistan with the skirt part sown closed. Each evening at around 10-PM, Madam Vela would return to the cabin and allow Nistha and I to change out of our dresses and she helped us into zentai suits (after we’d been to the bathroom for the last time that day). These zentai suits were very similar to the Lycra all encompassing catsuits that we wore while at Mistress Padma’s in Kumar. The main difference with these zentai suits is that they were bright blue in colour and the sleeves were built inside the tight Lycra suit. Once we were zipped into these zentai bondage suits, with thin black mesh covering out eyes within the built in hood, there was no escape without outside assistance because our arms were now pinned to our sides, held tight within the sleeves that were sown inside the zentai suits. After we were both dressed in our zentai bondage suits, Madam Vela would open each bright blue sleeping Burka in turn via a lockig zip and Nistha and I would climb into our respective sleeping Burka’s that meant we were kept warm and at the same time we would remain stuck until the next morning. One day over and then another new day would start with the same routine of Madam Vela releasing us from the sleeping Burka’s and then the armless zentai suits, before allowing us to each take a trip to the bathroom before selecting our satin dresses and veils for the that day ahead.

It was during day-four of our voyage to India, that I first got a trip outside the cabin that had been our prison cell since leaving Kumar:

“Rachita, can you please come with me,” instructed Madam Vela as she picked up a pair of Hiatt speedcuffs from the dresser after unlocking and entering our cabin? “Please turn around and allow me to handcuff your hands behind your back?”

I should also point out, that part of Nistha’s and my attire each day was also a pair of bright blue Lycra opera gloves that stretched from our fingers to well beyond our elbows. These gloves were not bondage gloves in any way and allowed both Nistha and I excellent use of our hands. You might ask why did Nistha and I not just rebel, but maybe should ask where could we go and how could we bypass the shock system that Madam Vela had locked around our necks? Both Nistha and I knew there was no way to escape this yacht on route to India so we accepted our situation and enjoyed the cloths and veils that we both were given to wear each day.

I must also say that Madam Vela looked absolutely gorgeous today also but Madam Vela looked absolutely gorgeous every day. She dressed in exactly the same way that Nistha and I were forced to dress: bright blue satin dress, her face and head covered in the same scarves that covered Nistha and my faces and head. The only difference was that Madam Vela wore high healed black leather boots and as Nistha and I had been locked inside the front cabin, there was no point us being forced to wear the high heeled boots we’d worn on the first day we were taken to the yacht.

“What about me Madam Vela,” asked Nistha who stood up as I was being handcuffed?

“Just Rachita,” explained Madame Vela. “Just sit down please Nistha?”

There was very little else Nistha could do except accept Madam Vela’s request as the shock remote control was always in Madam Vela’s hands, and at one point it was directed towards Nistha, who remembered the pain she’d suffered along with me on day one. As Madam Vela checked my hands were secure, she went outside the cabin to turn off the invisible boundary fence that allowed me to leave the cabin without being shocked. As soon as I exited the cabin, Madam Vela reset the boundary sensors and I followed her towards the back of the yacht.

“Rachita, your prime job; in fact your only job in my service is to attend to my specific needs,” explained Madam Vela as we headed towards the master suite in the middle of the yacht.

“I am here only to serve you Madam,” I replied as we entered her expansive master bedroom.

“I’m glad to hear that Rachita, now lie down on my bed,” requested the Madam.

“But Madam Vela, my hands are cuffed behind my back, how can I service you when they’re restrained this way,” I teased, trying to see what boundaries were acceptable?

“Rachita my dear,” replied Madam Vela. “You’re arms will get used to being restrained behind your back and as a result, you’ll become very adapt to servicing me without the use of your hands!”

I then approached the large bed and lay down on my back, which wasn’t too uncomfortable as Madam had cuffed them in the stack position again, which meant lying on my restrained arms wasn’t too bad after all:

“How may I service your needs Madam?” I requested.

As Madame Vela climbed on top of my restrained body, she pulled up her dress, revealing black opaque stockings under her dress, ending inside the knee high black leather boots:

“I’m going to remove your veil Rachita and I want you to service me with your tongue,” she demanded!

This would be another easy job as Madam Vela pulled down my head scarf, followed by my face veil. As the thick pile of silk fell from my face, Madam grabbed the scarf and folded it into a thick band and tying it around my eyes, she blindfolded me. I could then smell her juices as she approached, sitting on my face and allowing me to go to work, which I did with all the knowledge and practice I’d had to bring her to near climax, then let her down a little before bringing her back to the brink.  This went on for some time until Madam Vela screamed at me:

“I demand an orgasm!”

With those words, I finished the job, hearing Madam explode, screaming:


As Madam Vela climaxed, she slumped on top of me and having a cold wet towel at the ready, she wiped my face clean before kissing me through her luxurious silk scarf veil:

“Rachita, you are expert at pleasing me with your tongue but let’s see how you get on with your cock?”

It was now time for Madam Vela to pull up my dress, which was incredibly tight and only allowed me to hobble. It was then I could feel my tights being pulled down, followed by my silk pants.

“I can see you’re ready for me Rachita,” teased Madam Vela, referring to my cock, which was standing to attention throughout!

“As I said Madam, I’m here to serve you,” I responded, being rewarded by Madam Vela lowering her warm and wet Pusey over my rock hard cock.
“Ummm, so you are,” purred the madam as she impaled herself on me.

This fucking went on for quite some time. Yes, I was ready but had been for quite some time so emptying my load took a little longer than usual under the circumstances, allowing Madam to orgasm once more before I emptied my load into her.

“Have I pleased you this afternoon Madam Vela,” I requested as she flopped beside me, with her Lycra covered arms falling on my satin covered body?

“Rachita, you’ve started well in your new role as pleasure servant to me,” replied Madame Vela. “I’m now going to replace your pants and tights, before veiling you again but I’d like us to lie here for a little longer?”

And here we lay beside each other for another couple of hours. I had lost all track of time, even if my arms were starting to ache in the cuffs that pinned them to my back.

It was well into the evening when I was returned to Nistha who was going nuts in the cabin by herself:

“Rachita,” she shouted as she threw her arms around me, as I entered the cabin, which was quickly locked behind me.

“Shit, Madam Vela hasn’t even removed these fucking cuffs and they’re killing me,” I screamed as the cabin door locked behind me.

“Forget the cuffs Rachita, are you all right?” questioned Nistha in a panic.

“Yes, yes Nistha, I’m fine” I replied. “Madam Vela obviously wanted some fun so she used me for pleasure.”

“Did she rape you Rachita?” Nistha continued the questioning.

I stood there for a few minutes thinking about that question. Was I actually raped because I really did enjoy pleasuring my new mistress but I guess it was still rape:

“I suppose she did Nistha,” I finally answered.

“Did you enjoy it Rachita,” continued Nistha?

“Where are you going with this questioning Nistha”, I asked in a serious tone. “I am handcuffed and being held here against my will. Yes; Madam Vela is a very, very attractive lady but my only future with her is as long as she keeps me or until I escape.”

“Oh Rachita, I’m so sorry,” said Nistha as she started kissing through the silk scarves that veiled both our faces. “I’m actually jealous of Madam Vela because we’ve been locked in here for four days and you’ve never serviced my needs!”

We starting kissing again and soon we were on Nistha’s bunk with her hands able to wander where they wanted:

“Nistha, I can’t really do much here except use my tongue so if you remove my veil and your tights and pants, I’ll be able to satisfy you,” I teased.

Nistha wasted no time in allowing me to service her requirements. Within minutes, her tights and pants were gone, followed by the scarf that covered my face. In Nistha’s haste, she just pulled down the scarf covering my face, leaving a pile of silk hanging around my neck, tangled with the silk head scarf that was tied Grace Kelly style around my head and neck.

“YES, YES, YES,” Nistha screamed as I launched my tongue into her warm and wet pussy!

“Nistha, please be a little quieter,” I whispered coming up for air. “We don’t want Madame Vela to return and find me servicing your needs also.

With my plea, Nistha took heed and I continued to tongue her to an orgasm:

“Fuck me Rachita, you are good at that,” complemented Nistha. “I now know why the Madam was so keen to have you.”

“I aim to please all my females,” I teased, sitting back on the bunk beside Nistha who was still panting from her pleasure session.

I watched as Nistha pulled back on her pants and tights. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her blue silk dress with her waist pulled in by the leather corset. I guess what turned me on the most was the fact her head and face were covered in the luxurious blue silk scarves.

“Would you mind cleaning my face dearest,” I asked, pulling back from Nistha who wanted to kiss me?

“Sure thing,” replied Nistha as she headed for the ensuite to fetch a wet cloth to wipe the mesh off my face before fixing the head and face scarves.

“Thanks sweetheart,” I teased, coming in for a silk covered kiss. “Now what will we do when we escape and return to normal life?”

“You could always come to Kumar and live behind the veil,” laughed Nistha in reply!

Our journey to India continued as Nistha and I settled into our routine. Each day we would wake up and change into our silk dresses and veils and that’s how we would remain through the day. Madame Vela was now receiving a daily orgasm from me and each afternoon, I would remain handcuffed (hands behind my back) until dinner time, when I was released to eat. Each afternoon I would also service Nistha with my tongue, which she seemed to appreciate by the way she now talked and held on to me during the rest of our journey to India.


Arrival in India:

It was during our fifth day at sea when we sighted land for the first time. It was getting dark outside as the luxury yacht belonging to Madam Vela (our capture and mistress) pulled into the small harbour. I had been handcuffed since lunchtime when Madam Vela demanded her daily orgasm and I was still cuffed as the yacht pulled up alongside the quay.  Nistha and I sat quiet as we heard voices in an Indian accent directing the boat to a stop and the ropes being tied. Nistha and I expected Madame Vela to return for us soon but she didn’t. We must have sat for several hours waiting for her next move.

It was around seven o’clock when Nistha and I heard the familiar sound of Madam Vela’s footsteps in the corridor outside our cabin and the sound of the keys being turned in the door, that kept us locked inside:

“Good evening Nistha and Rachita, welcome to India,” said Madam Vela, who was dressed in her usual bright blue silk and veiled just like us.

Under Madam Vela’s direction Nistha was now handcuffed just like me. Madam Vela then produced two black leather gags. I watched as our mistress pulled down Nistha’s head and face scarf, before fitting the thick padded gag with a large penis into her mouth, followed by the buckling of the rear strap. Nistha’s face and head scarves were then replaced before it was my turn to be gagged and re-veiled. As Nistha and I sat on the cabin bunk, Madame Vela helped us into the knee-high black leather boots with the heels that I’d rather not have had to experience. That complete she fetched the thick black Burka’s from the wardrobe and fitted them over our heads:

“Okay ladies,” Madam Vela started. “We’re going to leave the yacht now and you will both follow my every instruction! Remember that I still have the remote control to your collars and I will use it if I have to!”

With Madam Vela’s instructions ringing in our ears and the horrible firsthand experience of the shocking collars on day one of our voyage, Nistha and I followed our mistress through the luxury yacht and out of the rear towards a waiting Toyota Land cruiser. Once inside the back seat, Madam Vela put our seats belts on before producing two black hoods and pulling them over the heavy Burka that already covered our bodies from head to toe:

“Can’t have either of you seeing where we’re going,” laughed Madam Vela!

In the end our journey by road to Madam Vela’s estate didn’t take that long and soon our hoods were removed and we exited the van to see a mansion that meant Madam Vela was a lady of extreme wealth:

“Welcome to you new home Nistha and Rachita,” said Madam Vela as we followed her towards the front door.

We were led through the enormous house and upstairs towards the bedrooms:

“These will be your rooms,” explained Madam Vela as we stood outside two heavy wooden (polished) doors. “You will now be separated and only see each under extreme restriction.”

Nistha and I turned towards each other’s Burka covered bodies and looked straight at each other but without seeing each other’s eyes (hidden behind the black mesh), panic started to set in that we were now being separated for the first time since we left Kumar.

“Don’t think that I don’t know about you two,” teased Madam Vela as she led Nistha (first) into her massive suite.

I followed Madam Vela as she removed Nistha’s Burka, followed by her handcuffs. Nistha started peal the scarves that covered her head and face to enable her to gain access to the buckle that kept the padded leather gag in her mouth:

“Please leave that until later,” requested Madam Vela. “Your collars will stay on until I feel you have earned your freedom! These suites are also a privilege and you will have this privilege unless you disobey me,” continued Madam Vela! “I have a well equipped basement dungeon and I do plan to use it for my own pleasure. If you disobey or even displease me, I will ensure you spend time in the cold and damp cell that I’ve installed down there!”

Both Nistha and I could only MUMPTH into our gags and nod in response to Madam Vela’s rules:

“Let’s go Rachita,” instructed Madam Vela as she led me out of Nistha suite, locking the heavy wooden door behind her.

As we entered my suite, Madam Vela repeated the exercise of removing my Burka and handcuffs. In a surprise move she also peeled the headscarf and face veil, enabling her to unbuckle and release my gag. In another surprise move, she kissed me through the silk of her face veil. I kissed back, trying to force my tongue through her silk scarf that covered her face. Madam Vela then led me towards the large four poster bed and it was then I noticed the steel cuffs that were attached to all four corners via chains:

“Lie down my sweet Rachita,” instructed Madame Vela as she locked each wrist and then both my ankles into the heavy steel cuffs.

Heading back towards the door and pressing a button on the wall, a motor started to pull the chains tights, forcing me flat on my back to the bed:

“That’s better,” complemented Madam Vela as she approached my spread eagled body.

In the same actions that occurred each day during our voyage to India, Madam Vela removed my tights and pants, followed by her own. She then mounted me and fucked my brains to an orgasm for us both.

“I think I’m going to enjoy keeping you here,” suggested Madam Vela as she got up and fixed her own tights and pants:

“Are you going to release me Madame, Vela,” I asked, still pinned to the bed from the cuffs at all four corners?

“Maybe later,” she replied, heading out of the door, closing and locking it behind her.

This was the first time I’d been left unveiled for days now and it seemed strange to feel so naked around the face. What was I thinking, I was dressed as a girl and cuffed spread eagle to the bed of my kidnapper (Madame Vela) and I was finding it strange that my face wasn’t veiled right now? I therefore came to my senses and struggled against my bonds but to no avail. The cuffs that were wrapped tight around each wrist were made of heavy polished steel and they were locked into place by heavy bolts that wouldn’t budge! Each cuff was then attached to each corner of the bed via heavy silver chain link so there was no escape, without the use of a key to release each lock. I therefore lay there for a while, then struggled for another period of time until I was too tired to continue.

It was late and I hadn’t eating since dinner time. I was therefore hungry and needed to take a piss so it wasn’t a massive surprise when the door to my suite unlocked and Madame Vela entered with a Burka clad female following:

“Good evening again my dearest Rachita,” Madame Vela opened the conversation.

“Good afternoon Madame Vela,” I replied. “Is that Nistha behind you holding the tray,” I asked?

“Yes,” replied Madame Vela. “Please don’t expect too much communication from her because she wearing the padded leather gag and it’s locked into place.”

It was then that Madame Vela asked Nistha to place the tray of food on the table in the middle of my suite. Using the control on the wall, Madam Vela loosened the chains that kept me tight to the bed and then approached, Nistha, with an open pair of Hiatt speedcuffs in her hands. As soon as Nistha was cuffed (hands behind her back), Madame Vela instructed her to sit, while she approached me and once again straddled my body, still pinned to the four poster bed. It was then that Madam Vela picked up the scarf that veiled me earlier today and folded it into a thick band. Expecting her to veil me once more, I was a little surprised when Madam Vela used the silk scarf to blindfold me. She then got off the bed and I heard the closet door opening and closing.

“Lay still my little Rachita,” asked Madam Vela in a low seductive voice, “This will not hurt at all!”

LAY STILL, WON’T HURT; what was this mad woman talking about? In fact what was she doing, removing my pants and tights? It was then I felt something cold being placed around my waist and then something really cold being placed around my throbbing cock which not only took me by surprise but caused my disk to shrivel up immediately. The loud CLICK brought it home to me: Madam Vela had just fitted me with a chastity belt! Pealing the silk from my face and leaving it hanging loose around my neck, I stared at the polish silver pants that now covered my crotch:

“Aren’t they nice Rachita,” asked Madam Vela. “Now you are all mine and only I will have access to your manhood and any enjoyment.”

“Madam Vela, I’ve no idea why you think I might like the chastity belt because if I’m honest, I hate it already!”
“You’ll get used to it my dear Rachita,” she continued, leaning over my body to release my cuffed ankles, then my wrists. “Now enjoy your dinner and then I expect you’ll want your sleep. Nistha will be back in the morning to bathe and prepare you for your day.”

Madam Vela and Nistha then left my room, locking the door behind me but I was now free to eat my dinner, which was a wonderful blend of Indian spiced chicken and vegetables.

After dinner, I was tired and made the assumption that neither Madam Vela nor Nistha would be back so I started to look for something to be wearing to bed. Searching under the feather pillow, I found a sleeping Burka, not that different to the one I’d worn each night while on the voyage to India. Within ten minutes, I was free of the leather corset and silk dress. After a trip to the luxurious ensuite bathroom, I headed back to investigate the sleeping Burka up close: Just like the previous one I’d been wearing, this sleeping Burka was bright blue (like all the attire Madame Vela wanted Nistha and me to wear). What was different about this Burka was that access to it was via a zip at the bottom, which once pulled back, allowed me to climb inside and pulled the heavy satin over my head, leaving only a mesh grill in the face area to see through.  Even though my hands were now inside this sleeping Burka, they were free to line down and through the thick satin material; I was able to close the zip and me inside this wonderful nightmare. While it was a little tricky, I was able to get myself under the luxurious duvet and settle down for a good night’s sleep, which didn’t take long to come.


New Life in India:

I obviously slept through the entire night because I was awakened by Nistha, standing next to my bed:

“Rachita, time to get up sleepy head,” said Nistha who was standing over me, wearing her bright blue satin Burka.

“Good morning gorgeous,” I replied. “Are you here to wait on me hand and foot today?”

“Something like that,” replied Nistha, leaning down to open the zip at the base of the sleeping Burka. “I actually think you are enjoying your wardrobe Rachita but remember we’re here to do a job and get out of here!”

“I know Nistha,” I replied. “Yes, I’m enjoying wearing these wonderful cloths but like you, I’d like to make my own choices in this world, which doesn’t mean overstaying in India!”

“Well not right now,” replied Nistha. “I’m here to prepare you for your day and I’m told that I’ll be doing this every day from now on.”

“That’s great Nistha,” I responded. “This means we’ve got an excellent chance of escape!”

“Not when you find out what you’re wearing each day,” Nistha explained, helping me out of the thick satin sleeping Burka. “Shit, you’re wearing a chastity belt too!”

“Yeah Nistha, Madam Vela forced me into this fucking terrible contraption last night,” I replied as Nistha pulled up her Burka and dress to reveal her crotch was concealed behind a layer of steel, just like mine!

“Fuck me Nistha,” I screamed. “What are we going to do now?”

Nistha explained that she was here to prepare me for the day ahead and that is what she was going to do but she seemed apologetic for what she was about to do to me. I didn’t want to rock the boat so I followed her instructions as she led me into the ensuite for a bath. This was weird because I lay there in the hot water with Erin (Nistha) bathing me with a wet cloth while wearing silk gloves under her all encompassing satin blue Burka:

“I’m sorry Rachita, but I’ve been instructed to shave you all over this morning,” explained Nistha as she took shaving gel in one hand and a Gillette razor in the other.

“What do you mean by shave me all over?” I quizzed Nistha.

“Your entire body except your head,” Nistha replied.

Interesting I thought to myself:

“Well if you must,” I responded. “Would you mind it if I shaved my own face though?”

Nistha just laughed and handed me the gel and razor.

We chatted as Nistha shaved my entire body, which was a strange experience even though I must admit, it was a little pleasurable. I tried to get out of her what I was supposed to wear and do today but my blonde, Burka covered friend was staying tight lipped for now:

“Okay Rachita, that’s you done,” informed Nistha, inviting me to get out of the hot water as she helped open a massive towel.

Once dry, Rachita led me out to the main bedroom again and towards the dressing room, which had an array of female clothing for me to wear today:

“Rachita, I’m so sorry to put you through this but if we’re to get to the bottom of Madam Vela, please work with me,” requested Nistha.

“Okay my sweet Nistha, I’ll do whatever you want,” I replied in a submissive voice. “Please go ahead and do your worst!”

With my go-a-head, Nistha lifted a bright blue zentai suit like I’d worn many times before. Without any hesitation, I slipped into this soft and luxurious suit that now covered me from head to toe. Like before, the hood had an open mouth and two mesh covered eyes. Once zipped into this bright blue suit, Nistha then produced a steel corset:

“I’m so sorry Rachita but Madame Vela wants you corseted,” explained Nistha as she up the steel contraption to my body and asked me to hold it in place while she began the process of closing it around my body.

“It’s okay Nistha, I know it’s not your fault,” I replied gasping for air as Nistha pulled at the metal clasps, closing the steel corset around my body.

It was only when Nistha was finished corseting me did she produce my restraints for today. First of all, she knelt down and placed very heavy steel cuffs around each ankle. The ankle cuffs were connected to each other by a very short chain of no more than a foot in length:

“I told you that you wouldn’t be moving anywhere fast Rachita,” explained Nistha as she produced another pair of smaller steel manacles and attached them to both wrists, cuffing my hands behind my back.

My wrist cuffs had only a tiny chain link between them, which mean I practically had no movement in my hands at all, but what came next was a surprise:

“I’m so sorry about this Rachita,” explained Nistha as she picked up what looked like a steel mask, which opened on side hinges. “This looks hideous I know but it is Mistress Vela’s requirement for your daily uniform.”

It was then Nistha pushed the steel mask closed around my head and a CLICK told me that it wasn’t coming off anytime soon.

“There is at least some good news Rachita,” teased Nistha. “Madame Vela wants you to wear these comfy silver slippers, which look so much better than the outrageous heels I’m being forced to wear today!”

“Call that good news,” I replied? “How am I supposed to eat with my hands cuffed and wearing this fucking mask?”

“That’s where the next piece of good news is Rachita,” responded Nistha. “You are Madam Vela’s special slave and you get to spend the day doing nothing, while I have to cook, clean and feed you.”

“Nistha,” I replied: “I don’t care, please release me and we can at least try to get out of this mad woman’s house?”

“Please Rachita, calm down because I don’t want Madam Vela to hear us,” pleaded Nistha. “I actually think you look so hot in that gear so I just wish that we weren’t forced to wear these chastity belts!”

It was clear the conversation was over as Nistha led me towards the kitchen, where Madam Vela was sitting eating her breakfast.

“Good morning Rachita. Nistha has done a really good job preparing you for a day in my household,” explained Madam Vela.

“Have I got to spend the day in these restraints and wearing this hideous mask,” I quizzed my mistress, shaking what little chain there was between my hands and feet.

It was then a pain shot through my neck, sending me to the ground in seconds. I had forgotten about the shock collar, which was still around my neck, below the zentai suit I’d put on earlier:

“You will learn Rachita,” yelled Madam Vela. “You are nothing in my house, completely worthless, unless I decide to use you for pleasure and then you are once again useful. You will remember this, my dearest Rachita as you’ll lose your privilege of the suite tonight and you’ll have the time to reflect your desire to question me this morning when you’re manacled to the wall of the dingy dark dungeon all night. Until then you will spend today doing what you’ll spend each and every day doing in my house from now on, NOTHING AT ALL!”

With those words, my day started as each and every day would start from now on:

  • Erin (Rachita) would feed me breakfast;
  • I was then led to Madam  Vela’s bedroom or chamber as she liked to call it;
  • There Nistha connected my ankle chain to a longer chain, attached to a bolt on the bottom of Madam Vela’s massive bed and there I was left until lunchtime;
  • Lunch meant a visit from Nistha and another feeding of soup through a straw as the hole in my steel mask meant nothing large would get through;
  • The afternoon meant a little more time on my own manacled and shackled to Madam Vela’s bed;
  • On several occasions during my first month in Madam Vela’s house, my mistress forced a long penis gag into my mouth and clipped it to the heavy steel mask, which I now wore all day, every day!
  • I would then fuck Madam Vela using the penis gag until she came but never once during my stay at that woman’s house did I ever get the use of my own cock;
  • Nistha would then return for me in the evening and unlocked me from the chain attaching me to Mistress Vela’s bed;
  • On most days, this also meant Nistha removing the penis gag that she’d used on me several hours early so as soon as my jaw had recovered, I was able to eat dinner in the kitchen but only with the help of Nistha who fed me because my hands remained locked behind my back.
  • After dinner Nistha and I got a little time on our own. This was my favourite part of the day as we would walk in the vast gardens of Madam Vela’s estate or should I say, I would shuffle along due to the short chain between my ankles;
  • After dark, I would be taken back to my bedroom (except that first night and one or two later), where Nistha would release me from my bonds and after a trip to the toilet, I’d be zipped inside my sleeping Burka and left alone, locked in my suite for the rest of the night.

I should take you back to that first night because after dinner, Madam Vela took me down to her dungeon and locked me in a tiny cell for the entire night. I was left in complete darkness with my heavy wrist shackles connected to the cold stone wall so I had no option but to stand there all night with no sleep or rest. It was a long and painful night, standing with my back to the cold stone wall with nothing to do but wait until morning and to be released by Madam Vela, who had brought along Nistha to see what conditions would be like if either of us disobeyed our mistress again. Without any sleep, I was led on that second morning back to my suite where I was released from my bondage and bathed before being back into the same bondage for another day of nothing.

The first month at Madam Vela’s passed slowly as I got used to my bondage and my position in her household. I even longed to wear a Burka like Nistha, which would at least hide the hideous combination of Lycra and steel that I was forced to wear each day. As that first month moved on, I became more withdrawn and struggled to deal with the daily routine of monotony. At least Erin (Nistha) was relatively free with no manacles or shackles to bind her. Nistha had her daily routine of housework to keep her busy and I knew she enjoyed the Burka, so life during the first month in India carried on without escape or rescue.


The Escape

As we moved into week six at Madame Vela’s, Erin (Nistha) arrived to prepare me for the day ahead as usual:

“Good morning my dearest Rachita, how are you this morning,” greeted Nistha with a bounce in her step?

“I’m miserable Nistha, really miserable,” I responded. “I’m kept corseted, masked and bound on hand and foot all day, every day and it has really got to me!”

“Well, I’ve got one good piece of news my sweet,” explained Nistha as she unzipped and allowed me out of my sleeping Burka. “Madame Vela is relaxing our bondage from today. I’m now free of the shock collar and chastity belt and after your bath; she will be up to release you also.”

“Is she also going to relax on my daily bondage,” I asked Nistha?

Nistha clearly didn’t know any more so we carried on with our morning routine and my bath. As I was climbing out, naked except for the silver shock collar that had been locked around my neck since boarding the luxury yacht in Kumar nearly two months ago:

“Good morning Rachita,” greeted Madame Vela as she arrived in the ensuite, wearing a completely new outfit today.

For the first time since we met Madam Vela, she’d always worn blue but today she was in white from head to toe:

  • White tights or stockings;
  • A white silk dress that came to just above her knees and
  • Her head and face were veiled in plain white silk scarves.

I fell to my knees (trying to impress) and looked up at my white mistress:

“You look absolutely gorgeous this morning Madam Vela,” I praised. “You are a truly beautiful lady but this morning in white, you look like a true princess!”

“Well thank you Rachita,” thanked Madam Vela.”I’m sure Nistha has told you that she is now free of the chastity belt and collar?”

“She has my mistress,” I responded. “Do you feel that I have earned your trust enough to be given the same opportunity of freedom?”

Madam Vela just looked down on me but I’d no idea if she was smiling behind her veil or not:

“Yes, my dear Rachita,” replied Madam Vela. “You have earned my trust and as I result, you will be freed of your bondage and given a new wardrobe to wear from today onwards. I must warn you and I’ve said the same thing to Nistha, one step out of line and you’ll find yourself spending time in my dungeon and a damn good whipping to add to your misery, do you understand?”

“Yes Madam Vela,” I replied as she approached and using a bunch of keys in her right hand, she unlocked and removed the collar.

Next I was ordered to stand as Madame Vela got down on her knees to unlock and remove the chastity belt that had imprisoned my cock for so many weeks. With Madam Vela at a disadvantage, this was my big chance so as soon as my chastity belt came off, I pouched, knocking my mistress to the floor with the first blow:

“Hurray Erin,” I screamed! “Get the cuffs and we’ll soon have her in our custody!”

As the Burka clad Erin headed for the main bedroom, I jumped Madame Vela, keeping her pinned to the ground and her arms now pulled painfully behind her back. As Erin returned, I held Madam Vela arms as Erin slipped on the heavy steel shackles, pushing them closed and locking them tight around both Madame Vela’s wrists.

“You’re fucking dead,” yelled Madam Vela as she struggled to get free from my release but I was still on top, her hands were now cuffed behind her back and Erin was now shackling her ankles:

“There you go Dave,” said Erin as she stood up. “She’s all yours!”

I was now completely naked, as I stood up pulling Madam Vela to her feet. My dick was also rock hard for the first time in weeks and Madame Vela just looked down and laughed:

“I see your little game is turning you on Rachita,” laughed Madam Vela. “Maybe your dick is just betraying you!”

I then stared into Vela’s eyes and smiled:

“My name is DCI David Jones and you’re mine now!”

With those words, I pulled the scarves from her face and head, revealing the beauty below.

“What shall we do with her?” asked Erin, who was still standing in front of us, wearing her bright blue Burka

“Let’s give this cruel vixen a little of her own medicine,” I replied. “Go and get the steel mask please.”

“No David, not the mask,” pleaded Vela (she might still be a madam but no longer the madam).

“Shut the fuck up,” I yelled, taking the heavy steel mask from Erin’s hands and slipped it over Vela’s head, closing and locking it as I went.

“Erin, would you please fetch me something to wear and I’ll take this one down to her dungeon until we work out a way to get out of here,” I asked of my partner, who was still covered head to toe in the bright blue satin Burka.

As I led Vela out into the main bedroom, Erin had returned with a blue zentai suit:

“I’m sorry David, this is all I can find,” explained Erin.

“It’s okay my dear, it will do for now,” I replied, asking Erin to hold Vela as I slipped into the Lycra suit, zipping it closed over my entire body, leaving my mouth free and a pair of mesh covered eyes to see through.

I then led Vela cuffed and shackled downstairs to the dungeon.

“Please, please, please, David; don’t lock me down here,” screamed Vela who tried her best to fight me as I dragged her downstairs.

“You might as well get used to this Vela because you’re going to be spending the rest of your life in a cold damp cell,” I laughed, pulling her into the same cell I’d spent my first night in her house.

Sparing Vela no mercy, I locked her cuffed hands to the cold damp wall and left her, locking the heavy iron door on exiting.

“Now what do we do David?” asked Erin.

“First of all you are free to remove that Burka,” I replied, lifting the heavy satin from her body, revealing a zentai covered body, just like mine.

As Erin’s Burka came off, she and I kissed for the first time in ages. Our tongues fought through the small hole of the zentai mask and we fell into the open cell next to Vela who was securely locked up. This cell at least had a bunk, which Erin and I made full use of. Pulling down the crotch zip on both our zentai suits, Erin and I fucked like animals until we lay exhausted, in a heap on top of the small basement cell, bunk.

“That was nice,” teased Erin.

“Nice Erin; it was fucking fantastic,” I replied. “A month of built up frustration now gone so what should we do next?”

“As soon as I get cleaned-up in my suite, I’m going to try and call my office back in Kumar,” explained Erin.

“I suppose I should do the same,” I replied, picking myself off the bunk and pulling down the crotch zip that was still open.

I decided my direct dial number back in the Met as this was the only number I could remember after two months in captivity:

“Hello this is Detective Kelly Lewis,” came the voice on the end of my phone.

“What are you doing answering my phone Kelly?” I opened the conversation.

“Is that you David?” responded Kelly.

“Yes Kelly it is me and I’m in India, I think,” I replied.

Kelly asked me to hold on and she would run a trace on the call and within a few seconds, she confirmed that I was calling from a house, 200 miles north of Mumbai. Within another five minutes of being on the phone with Kelly, brining her up to speed, I had been transferred onto a conference call, which included Erin who was actually in the next room. We decided not to bring in the Indian police just yet as Amara and Kelly wanted to travel out to Mumbai immediately:

“We will then keep Vela in her own custody for now,” explained Erin from the other room.

“Yes,” replied Amara. “Just ensure she is comfortable but feel free to use whatever methods required keeping her restrained until we get there.”

“I don’t think that will present either Erin or me a problem,” I laughed!

We then got hold of Amara’s and Kelly’s mobile (cell) phone numbers and accepted that we would stay here until they arrived within the next two days. As we came off the phone, I went next door to see Erin, who in a twisted surprise was wearing the bright blue Burka again:

“Erin, why are you wearing the Burka?” I asked in a low voice.

“Because I like wearing them David,” replied Erin. “I’m so used to wearing a veil in Kumar that I now just feel naked without a Burka.”

“Well whatever makes you comfortable,” I responded. “I’d like to dress as a guy but there are no clothes for me to wear so I suppose, I’ll remain dressed like this until Amara and Kelly get here in a few days.”

“Actually David, I’d like you to continue wearing your Burka if you don’t mind,” Erin continued in a bizarre twist. “I really like it when you’re wearing one and as we’re here on our own for a few days, what difference will it make?”

I told Erin that she was far too kinky but agreed to go back to my suite and pull on the bright blue Burka I’d been wearing before going down to the cells to make Vela a little more comfortable.

“Before you head down David,” Erin suggested. “Take one of her shock collars and give her a little of her own medicine.”

“Great idea Erin,” I replied. “I was going to take off her iron mask for now so that is an excellent suggestion.”

As I went back to my room to fetch the Burka Erin headed off towards the kitchen to prepare some lunch. When I got back to my room I found the white silk scarves that I’d taken off Vela only a few hours before after replacing them with the horrible iron mask she’d forced me to wear every day for the last month. I like it when Vela was veiled with the white silk scarves so I decided to take them back down and provide her with some enforced veiling.

With the collar, keys, remote control and silk scarves in my hand, I arrived back at Vela’s tiny cell, where I found her exactly as I’d left her, shackled to the wall:

“Good afternoon Vela,” I opened the conversation.

“Good afternoon Rachita,” replied a nervous Vela.

“It’s David or do you not remember,” I replied in a stern voice. “Maybe you should call me master from now on!”

“Well Master David,” Vela teased. “I see it didn’t take you long to get back into the Burka?”

“Actually Vela, Erin who likes it and as our rescue is going to take a few days to arrive, we’ve decided to reverse your little game,” I continued as I started to unlock the iron mask.

“Ah, that’s better, thanks David,” said Vela as her beautiful face and hair came free from the horrible iron mask.

“You’re welcome Vela,” I responded, picking up the steel shock collar and approaching her neck. “Just a little additional security Vela!”

With a CLICK, Vela was now in my control with the collar now staying around her neck until Erin or I removed it! I then picked up the first white silk scarf and folded it into a large triangle before placing it over Vela’s face, tying one knot at the back of her head and brining the two ends around her neck and tying another double knot in front. With the help of the second scarf, Vela’s head was now covered and she was ready to be released from the wall:

“You like it when I’m veiled?” asked Vela in a seductive voice.

“Yes Vela I do,” I responded, kissing her on the forehead.

With that, Vela then rasied her silk covered face towards me and kissed me on my lips, through her silk scarf and my Burka. I couldn’t resist and kissed her back. By now we were frantically snogging each other’s veiled face, with my right hand moving under her skirt. It was then I pulled back:

“No sorry Vela, you are my prisoner and I can’t take advantage of you like this,” I explained. “I am however going to unlock you from the wall and take you to the cell next door, which will be a little more comfortable.”

As I exited the tiny cell with Vela leading the way, and me holding on to her cuffed wrists for added security, which were held tightly securely behind her back, we bumped into Erin who was heading down with some lunch for Vela.

“Can you please feed her David?” asked Erin, handing me a tray of food.

“Sure I can Erin,” I replied, taking hold of the tray as Erin handed it to me. “There you go Vela. You’ll be well looked after while in our custody!”

“Where are the keys to the cell?” asked Erin as I stepped inside the cell, behind Vela.

“Here you go Erin,” I responded, taking the keys from the pouch in my zentai suit and handing them to Erin.

“I’m going to lock you in with her,” explained Erin. I’ll be back in about 30 minutes to get you so I’m sorry for being so cautious but I do not want to take any risks with her!”

I told Erin that I was cool with her added security and soon I was locked in a cell with my prisoner (Vela), who was still shackled and manacled and even had the electric shock collar still locked around her slender neck. Pulling the white silk scarf from Vela’s face, I warned her that I had the shock remote with me and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it:

“What can I do David?” asked Vela. “My hands are cuffed behind my back and I’ve got no way to escape!”

“I’ve got no idea what you are capable of Vela,” I responded, lifting the first mouthful of food to her face.

We therefore continued to chat as I spent the next thirty minutes feeding my bound prisoner.

“You’re enjoying feeding me David, aren’t you?” teased Vela.

“You already know that I enjoy bondage Vela,” I replied, offering her the last piece of food from the plate. “If you had been a little kinder, then I might not have taken the decision to overpower you this morning. You forced me to wear that fucking iron mask and chastity corset for the last four weeks, not forgetting keeping me chained up like a dog so yes, I am enjoying myself at your expense right now!”

With those raised words, Erin reappeared in the cell, unlocking the door to enter:

“Please don’t be so angry with Vela?” asked Erin in a quiet voice. “You looked fantastic in the iron shackles, manacles, corset and mask so I’m sure Vela was just a turned on little girl, just like me!”

“It is easy for you to say that Erin because you didn’t have to wear them all day,” I responded in a slightly annoyed voice.

“Well if it makes you any happier David, tomorrow you can put me into the iron bondage and keep me trussed up all day,” teased Erin, giving me a perfect challenge.

“It’s only lunch time Erin, how about we go upstairs and get you into the bondage now?” I challenged Erin, putting her on the spot.

My challenge accepted, I pulled up the scarf that veiled Vela so nicely. As soon as her nose and mouth were hidden behind the thick layer of luxurious silk, we exited Vela’s cell, locking the door and heading back upstairs towards the suite that I’d slept in since coming to Madam Vela’s house just over a month ago. Erin first removed the Burka and I asked her to go and fetch her chastity belt to add to the challenge. With a little trepidation, Erin headed off to her bedroom to fetch the chastity belt, while I went looking for another set of manacles, shackles and the iron mask that I left in the cell that Vela had spent all morning in. After collecting the helmet, I entered the well stocked dungeon to pick up another set of heavy manacles and shackles. As I checked the storage cupboard, I also found a smaller steel corset, which I’m sure would fit Erin with a fit of a squeeze and with the toys in my hands, I headed back up to Erin’s suite.

“I’m not sure about this David,” explained Erin as she pulled on the zentai suit, after locking the chastity belt back in place, only three hours after she got rid of it after a month of continuous wearing.

“Relax Erin, I’m your key holder now and I promise this will be temporary,” I reassured her, holding up the smaller steel corset and closing each clasp, one-by-one! “There you go, that isn’t bad, now turn around so that I can get these cuffs on you.”

Within only a few minutes, I had Erin in the shackles and manacles. Placing the iron mask over her zentai covered head was easy so Erin was now bound in the same torture I had to endure day after day for the last month.

“Let’s go to Madam Vela’s suite Erin so that I can chain you in the same way you chained me up each day,” I suggested , leading Erin towards the massive room, where the long chain and open padlock was waiting to keep her in bondage for the rest of the day.

Now that Erin was secure for the afternoon, it was my chance to look around this massive house for myself! There was no point spending too much time in the main house, as I wanted to explore the dungeon, which I’d really not seen too much of so far (thank goodness). As much as my fantasies extended to dungeon’s; the thought of whipping, torture and pain; really didn’t do it for me at all! As I entered the stone-walled basement, which was much cooler than the main house, I had to check on Vela, who was still locked in her dungeon cell, with her hands and feet, shelled and manacled:

“Who’s there?” she shouted, dragging herself to her feet and approaching from the other side of the locked steel door.

As I knew she was still safely secure in her bondage, I ignored Vela’s calls and explored the other rooms within the dungeon. The majority of the rooms down here were prison cells, just like the small stone-walled room that Vela was currently locked inside. All had small prison cell style cots, a WC and wash basin. Nothing therefore to report as I wondered throughout the basement, still covered from head to toe in the bright blue (Lycra) zentai suit and matching bright blue (satin) Afghani Burka. I’ve no idea why I continued to wear zentai suit and Burka? Maybe it was because I could! Whichever reason it was, I did and wondered the basement until I reached a store room, filled with all sorts of toys and torture equipment! In one cupboard I found a range of cuffs, leg irons, iron manacles and shackles and different types of iron masks and even a scold’s bridal, which took my interest. A horrendous steel head cage with an awesome rubber covered tongue that would keep the wearer quiet until his or her master/mistress unlocked the heavy iron contraption. I wondered what it would be like to wear so I pulled off the Burka and slipped the iron contraption over my head, slipping the rubber tongue into my mouth ( through the opening in my zentai suit hood), pressing down on my mouth. I tried to speak but it was impossible! I didn’t try to lock in on myself and took it off, setting it back on the shelf, wondering which victim (Vela or Erin) would get the chance to try out the scold’s bridal? In another cupboard I came across clothing but no ordinary clothing (bondage clothing). There was a range of straightjackets in canvas and leather but what took my fancy, were two satin dresses: Both were bright blue, like most of Madam Vela’s collection. These two dresses (one large and one much smaller) would clearly meant to be tight around the bodice and puffed out into a large flowing skirt. Two things were strange about these dresses:

  • Both had a built in hood of thick padded satin, with only two mesh covered eyes. There was no mouth opening, only an even thicker padded satin area that would force the wearers face into a deep pile of soft silky satin!
  • Neither dresses had any arms and under closer examination, the larger dress that I took out of the cupboard had the two arms folded in front, making these somewhat like a straightjacket.

I had to try this on so again without the hindrance of the Burka, I opened the rear heavy zip from the top of the built in satin hood to the base of the back. The dress also had a built in bodice so once it was on, it clearly wasn’t being pulled off, over the head. I therefore climbed into the dress and pulled it up, slipping my arms in the sleeves that folder across my chest. That was as far as I could go without the use of my arms. I yearned to have my face covered by the thick padded satin hood but this wasn’t going to be possible on my own. I therefore (with some difficulty) slid my arms out of the thickly padded satin and pulled my Lycra covered body from the warm and inviting satin masked dress, placing it back in the cupboard. I did make a decision there and then, that Vela would be wearing the smaller dress tomorrow.

I then decided to go back upstairs and check on Erin. It had only been about two hours since I locked her into the chastity belt, iron mask, shackles and manacles and I certainly had no plans to free her yet but I had enough concern to go back upstairs and check on her.

“Ah, you’re still there,” I laughed entering the large suite!

“Where did you think I’d go?” replied Erin from behind the heavy iron mask that I’d worn day in, day out for weeks now.

“Just teasing Erin,” I laughed!

“So are you going to free me David?” quizzed Erin.

“No, not yet,” I replied. “I don’t think you’ve had enough time to understand what it was like for me!”

“To be honest David, I’m bored stiff,” replied Erin. “Please, I’ll do anything to get of here.”

With that I simply left the master suite, heading once more for the dungeon, to check on Vela.

“Ah, you’re still there as well,” I joked, unlocking and entering Vela’s cell.

“What do you mean as well?” asked Vela.

“Well Erin is upstairs experiencing some of the bondage you forced me in day after day,” I replied. “She kept telling me that it couldn’t have been that bad but I think she is beginning to understand just how bored you can get, locked in a chastity belt, iron mask, shackles, manacles and chained to the bed with nothing to do or no one to even talk to, hour after hour!”

“Umm, I know how she feels,” replied Vela. “Would you please unlock my hands and feet David? I’m so sorry for putting you through what I have so far!”

“Okay Vela, I might just do that but first I want to replace your bondage with something else,” I responded thinking about the satin straightjacket dress, which I simply couldn’t get out of my head!

I therefore locked Vela in her cell again and headed straight for the cupboard and removed the smaller satin bondage dress, returning to Vela’s cell with a smile on my face.

“Okay my dear,” I explained as I unlocked and entered her cell again. “I will unlock your hands and feet but you’re going in this dress without any problems or I’ll zap you with the tazer!”

“Okay David, I’ll be a good girl,” replied Vela, getting onto her knees with her back to me and her hands available to be unlocked.

I approached from behind, with the tazer remote in my hand and at the same time, I unlocked her ankles, followed by Vela’s hands, which I’d no doubt, would have been sore and extremely uncomfortable by now.

“Right Vela, if you remove your dress and veils, I will help you into the dress,” I instructed, while watching this beauty undress only two feet in front of me.

Soon this dark Indian beauty was standing in front of me, in a white silk bra and pants, attached to her white stockings:

“You like what you see?” asked Vela in a teasing voice, pealing the two scarves from her head and face.

“You know that I like you Vela,” I replied approaching and holding open the heavy satin bondage dress.

With some help, Vela stepped into the long blue dress and I pulled it up over her body, directing her arms into the built in sleeves that would fold her arms in front of her body. That complete, I eased the dress over the rest of her body, pulling up the zip as I went. The last job was to pull the padded satin hood over Vela’s head and pull the zip closed.

“Fuck me Vela, you look good in that dress,” I complemented, standing back to review my handiwork.

“It feels so nice in here,” teased Vela, “I bet you’d love to wear one just like it?”

“Maybe I would Vela but for now enjoy your blue bondage dress and I’ll be back in a while with some dinner,” I explained, picking up Vela’s empty dress, scarves, manacles and shackles, exiting the cell and securely locking the cell door behind me.

Back in the large upper floor suite, Erin was exactly where I left her: manacled, shackled, chained to the large four poster bed and wearing the heavy iron mask that I’d put her in earlier:

“Come on David, you’ve had your fun,” complained Erin who tried to scramble to her feet, which wasn’t easy in her state of bondage.

“Are you complaining Erin?” I replied.

“Yes David, this bondage is hideous,” replied Erin.

“Well maybe you know how I’ve felt, day and day for the past month,” I reminded Erin of my suffering since I arrived at Madame Vela’s.

I took pity on Erin and started the long process of releasing her. I first of all unlocked the chain that attached her to the bed, followed by the shackles that held her feet with only a foot of chain between her ankles. Finally, I released her manacles that had bound her arms behind her back for several hours now:

“Are you going to remove this mask?” quizzed Erin, rubbing her Lycra covered wrists back into life.

“I don’t know,” I teased. “I quite like you in the iron mask!”

Erin then approached, throwing her arms around me and pushing the iron mask into my Lycra covered face:

“I’d make it worth your while David,” teased Erin.

“Well put it that way my dear,” I responded with a bulge appearing in my zentai suit. “Turn around and I unlock the back of the mask.”

That complete, Erin’s head was now free from the iron mask but still covered (just like mine) with the mesh eyes and open mouth that were features of the built in hood, attached to the bright blue zentai suits we both wore. Erin then turned to face me and we kissed passionately, our tongues forced out of the open mouth in our hoods, fighting for power in each other’s mouths. We fell onto the large bed and continued to kiss passionately:

“Oh yes David,” Erin broke the silence. “If you want to go further, I must remind you that you’ve still got me locked up in a chastity belt!”

“Ah only a minor inconvenience,” I replied. “I have the keys to your hot spot right here!”

It was then that Erin pulled the zip from the top of my zentai hood and pealed the Lycra from my body. As I emerged from my Lycra cocoon, I helped Erin out of hers (after unlocking and removing the steel corset) and with only moderate difficulty; she was finally free of the chastity belt. We then made love for the next hour and collapsed in a naked heap beside each other:

“Did you free Vela this afternoon David?” questioned Erin.

“Sort of,” I replied. “I released her from the manacles and shackles but while wondering around her basement, I found a fantastic bondage dress, which she is wearing right now. I then went on to tell Erin all about the wonderful Satin dress so soon after, curiosity had gotten the better of her and we were dressed once more in our Lycra zentai suits and Erin in her Burka (mine was still down in the dungeon) and we headed back to the basement cells, where Erin peaked through the door of Vela’s cell:

“Fuck me David, that dress is fantastic,” said Erin, “Let me into the cell so I can have a closer look.”

I then unlocked and opened the cell door so that Erin could go inside but as soon as she was through the door, I closed it behind her. Erin turned towards the now closed and locked her door:

“What are you doing David?” she screamed.

“Relax Erin,” I responded. “I need to take a piss so enjoy yourself, I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

I then left Vela and Erin locked in the cell together and went back upstairs to take a well earned dump. I retrieved my Burka on return the basement and after pulling it on, I went to the cell door to check on my locked up girls. Vela was still wearing her dress and Erin was sitting on the bunk beside her, chatting. I then unlocked the door and stood looking at both girls, veiled in satin and Lycra.

“The satin dress is fantastic Erin, isn’t it?” I opened the conversation.

“It sure is David,” replied Erin. “Vela tells me that she has a larger one that she intended for you!”

“Yeah, I found that one also, when snooping in the wardrobe next door,” I continued. “Listen girls, it is nearly dinner time. I’ll go upstairs and prepare some food and bring it back down here so that Erin can feed you Vela.”

“You’re not going to leave me down here are you David?” asked Erin.

“Well Erin, you do seem to be enjoying yourself,” I teased.

Erin then suggested that we shackle Vela’s ankles and allow her out of the cell.  Erin explained that she seemed quite safe in her bondage dress so we could all go upstairs until bed time. I cooked dinner that night and Erin fed Vela. The built in mask on the bondage dress had no mouth hole so Erin unzipped it and pulled the padded satin from Vela’s face. The process took over an hour but we chatted as we were all friends. After dinner, Erin pulled up Vela’s hood and zipped it back in place:

“What are you going to do with me tonight?” asked Vela.

“I think you’ll get to continue your stay in the cells tonight but I’m sure you’ll survive in a sleeping Burka,” I responded.

“That’s a great idea David,” replied Erin. “I’ll go and fetch the one I’ve been sleeping in and if you take Vela back to her cell, I’ll be down shortly to get her prepared for the night.

Back in her basement cell, I started to release Vela from her satin bondage dress. Her head and face appeared first from behind the built in mask and finally she stepped out of the built in bodice:

“Can I please have some privacy to go to the toilet David?” asked Vela.

I agreed to give Vela ten minutes so I left the cell, locking the heavy door behind me and placing the bondage dress back into the cupboard I found it. Soon Erin was down in the basement, asking what I was doing. When I explained to Erin that I was leaving Vela alone to take a piss, Erin went nuts at me, asking if I’d removed her stockings because Vela was a suicide risk. As panic started to set in, I quickly unlocked Vela’s cell to find her removing her stockings from the white satin suspender belt:

“You weren’t going to hurt yourself, were you Vela?” I quizzed.

“The thought had crossed my mind David,” replied vela. “I do wonder what will become of me but I’m not ready to kill myself!”

Erin and I then started the process of getting Vela into the same sleeping Burka that Erin had worn every night for the past two months. Once Vela was inside and the zipper had been pulled closed, Erin took the additional precaution of locking the zip and therefore Vela inside.

“Good night Vela,” I said, before exiting the cell and locking the door behind us.

“What shall we do now David?” asked Erin as we headed towards the stairs.

“I’m not sure Erin but I’d like to start packing some of Vela’s toys for my own use back home,” I replied, leading Erin towards the cupboard and a myriad of bondage dresses and straightjackets.

For the next hour, Erin and I packed what we thought we might want to experiment with another day and after a cup of coffee, we headed off to bed (separately).


Freedom at last (or maybe not)!

The next morning and after a long shower, I came back to my suite to find Erin standing in front of me, wearing one of Madame Vela’s beautiful bright blue satin dresses. The hem of the dress was short and Erin legs were clad in black opaque tights, which disappeared into high heeled leather boots:

“I think we’ll be going home shortly David,” explained Erin. “I felt I wanted to get back into some sort of normal clothes and this is what I came up with.”

“Did you find anything for me to wear Erin?” I asked.

“Sadly not David so until Kelly and Amara arrive, I think it best that you simply wear a zentai suit and Burka,” replied Erin.

“But that’s not fair Erin,” I teased in response!

“I could always get the larger bondage dress,” laughed Erin.

“Well Erin, if I’m going to have to be humiliated, you could at least get me a dress to wear and some tights like you,” I responded. “I could then use scarves to hide my head and veil my face.”

Erin laughed, saying that I was weird but headed off to find me a suitably sized dress to wear so within fifteen minutes Erin was back with the larger bondage dress, that so intrigued me yesterday:

“Come on David,” teased Erin. “You know that you really want to try it!”

How could I resist this gorgeous blonde who now had me wearing a pair of black opaque tights and the bright blue bondage dress, which now kept my arms folded tightly against my chest. My nose and mouth were forced into the thick padded satin mask of the built in hood and even though the two eye holes were covered in a thin mesh, I could easily see. It was a wonderful dress and I was enjoying wearing it. This was our last day in India so I suppose I should just enjoy the moment:

“Okay David,” explained Erin and she helped me into a pair of high heeled leather boots. “I’m going to head down to the basement to sort Vela out for the day so I’ll be back in twenty minutes. Enjoy the dress!”

With that, Erin was gone and I had the upper house to myself, bound in this wonderful bondage dress. There was little I could do but enjoy the feeling of complete helplessness in this dress. My arms were held firm and the built in mask was wonderful but it wasn’t long until my breathing became laboured under the build up of heat. It was taking Erin a little longer than I expected so I hope she was okay. It was then my beauty appeared back in the kitchen, now wearing a bright blue Burka to cover her wonderful body:

“You didn’t have to wear a Burka Erin, we’re soon to be freed,” I said. “Anyway, what kept you?”

Erin didn’t reply, putting a gloved finger to the satin veil that covered her entire head. She then signalled me to follow her, which I did without question. We headed downstairs to the cells and it was then it hit me, this wasn’t Erin, it was Vela:

“What did you do to Erin?” I yelled running towards the open cell, which was a hard thing to do in the bondage dress.

As I entered the cell, Erin was lying on the cell floor crying:

“I’m sorry David, I’m so sorry,” Erin whimpered. “That bitch got one over on me and now we’re both in serious trouble!”

“And that you are,” laughed Vela, standing in the open doorway. “You two can enjoy each other’s company and you can therefore pray that your team come soon and find you both down here!”

With that, Vela slammed closed the cell door and left Erin and me in the basement cell, both wearing bright blue bondage dresses with our heads hidden within the built in mask.

“What the fuck happened?” I asked, trying to comfort Erin who was still sobbing on the concrete cell floor.

“I removed Vela from her sleeping Burka and stupidly removed the shock collar to enable her to take a shower. That is when she hit me, knocking me out momentarily but enough time to lock the fucking collar around my neck and to shock me several times. It therefore didn’t take her too long to persuade me out of my clothes and into this fucking dress. What are we going to do David?”

“I’m not sure Erin but I just hope Kelly and Amara are close because we’re locked up in this cell with no way of escape!”


To be continued in Part THREE – to appear on TOTV in a little while


Author: Ed Kilpatrick
E-mail: EdKBound@GMail.com


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