Submission – A sissies way

Submission – A sissies way

by Emine

Fucking “her” was his biggest pleasure. Letting her bend over and entering that beautiful ass was still fun after so many times.

Because she wears no underwear under her burqa her ass was also an easy target.

After a few minutes of hard pounding he came with a big grunt. Her reaction was quite different. Just like a soft whimpering. The way he told her, the way he likes it.

He was pleased with himself and pleased with “her”. Which no means that he will change his mind about “her”. She suffers and she will do that for a long time.

After he left, Emine prepares for her job. Her butt was a bit sore, but she likes this feeling in a strange way. It helps to remind her. Almost everything helps to remind her. Reminding what is lost and what she became.

She goes to the wardrobe. Inside there are two areas. One large part with clothes for being with him in the new life. And one smaller for the job. She grabs a pair of blue jeans and a sweater from the smaller one.

In the bathroom she steps out of her burqa. As always she gets a bit confused seeing her face in the mirror. But this feeling will go away. With routine she washes away the make up.

Seeing herself naked was still a bit odd. The chubby shape. The very small tits. And of course the “thing” between her legs. Limp 3 inches of former manhood. She recognizes the small drops ouzing out. Not semen, this is impossible, but prostate liquid. A sign that she likes what happened before. But for now it bothers her. She will have to shower even longer and say some extra prayers. She has to hurry up.

She goes to the living room and kneels at the small prayer mat starting to thank Allah for her life and for sending her the great blessing, the man that used her a few minutes before. After the prayer she turns left. She looks at the flag of her country. The country she has promised under oath to protect. In the middle of the flag she sees the old huge stains. She kissed the flag, left her apartment and continued her treason.

At home he has to smile. He is pleased with himself. He imagines that Emine will now kiss the flag. A funny and cruel idea he had at the beginning of their relationship. You can say, that this flag marks their connection. After he had made his “arrangement” with Emine’s former self, it was this flag that made the proof. It was fun those days. After he had fucked the wife of Emine’s former self the whole night, he made her to clean up the ouzing semen with this flag. “Make it good” he said. “Maybe you can prevent your wife from getting pregnant”. Of course he couldn’t. The woman gets pregnant almost instantly. This was the beginning of Emine’s new life. He forced her to kiss the flag everyday as a sign of defeat.

Which not means there are other signs. But he likes this one especially.

Emine starts her work at the local police department. She has access to the datasets of almost every criminal in the town. The biggest database was the one of the “Clan” a huge Arab family committing almost every crime you can imagine.

As the Co-Director of a special investigation unit he always knew, when police action is starting. A thin dark haired man came into his room. His old colleague Frank. “Today we’re gonna start some action against the Clan. We have a hint. Something to do with human trafficking. You wanna come with us?” Emine had to lie a bit, referring to many cases she has to deal with today. So many papers. He pointed out how sorry he was for her not being part of the investigation. Frank just smiled. “You will bore yourself to death someday.” Emine smiled back. Being with his partners wouldn’t be interesting either. There would be nothing to find. Emine made a call.

He received the call right after dinner with his family. Such an obidient thing. Perfect. Choosing Emine was one of the best things he ever did. It was easy to break her and now it was easy to control her. Making a woman a good muslimah wife is complicated. But a white sissy is pure fun.

Since he had good insight in the red light district, he knew who is going there to satisfy his dirty needs. He couldn’t believe how pervert these white males are. Soon he had a list of hundreds white whimps with some special interests. It was up to him which one he gave a life change. Emine was his best catch.

After coming home Emine started her evening ritual. Taking a shower to clean her body and wash away the sin of wearing male clothes. Then she wears her praying burqa and starts to pray. She changes her outfit again, this time a pink nighty and inserts a pink butt plug and went to bed. Tomorrow will be Saturday. She will have long time with her beloved master.

Right after her morning prayer the bell rings. It was him. Emine opened the door, gave him a hug and kissed him. “Someone is missing his master” he said and gave her butt a squeeze. “Hurry up. The others are waiting. Today you will have to buy some new clothing.”

Emine shuts the door and follows him. Outside the others greeted him with cheers. He hugs his sisters Emel and Iman. Both fully veiled and both “girls like him.

“Listen sissies” master raised his voice. ” You will have 3 hours to buy some new veiling. I will go to a restaurant and meet you after this period. Don’t have any silly thoughts. Everybody recognize you. Have fun”.

Master left and the girls started their shopping. Doing silly things, which meant to leave the area, would no one of them ever do. Since their burqas were marked with red capital letters “SM” which stands for sissy muslimah, everybody knew who they are. The city quarter is mostly Islamic, many belong to the Clan. It would be very dangerous to have silly thoughts.

The streets are filled. Many Arab men, but also many veiled women with blue eyes. Emine remarked the rising number of those women. It pleased her. She was proud to her a part in this development.

They entered into the first Islamic fashion store, the best in the town by the way, and went directly to the sissy muslimah section downstairs. At this place they can change clothes without bothering any women, which would be a great sin and is strictly punished. The staff in this section is also sissy muslimahs. All three sissies stepped out of their burqas. Seeing themselves naked is halal, since masters say this will be an extra form of humiliation. All of them have a weak femine shape. Iman and Emine are a bit chubby since they have no balls anymore. Emel wore a pink chasity device which left her a more manly shape.

“You are lucky you still own your testicles” Iman started the conversation. Emel protested. “My sissy balls belong to the master. He decides what happens with them.”

Emine joined the conversation referring to that it is haram for a sissy to produce semen. “You could accidentally make a woman pregnant. Your master should know that. I pray for you, that he will liberate you from this threat one day.” Iman recites the fatwa of an Egyptian scholar, which sanctions this treatment. Emine envied Iman. She was such a good sissy muslimah, knowing every fatwa, rule and order. “As sissy muslimahs we are important for the new order. Our defeat is the sign of the new time.” Iman continued. Emel now left them alone.

“I am a bit concerned about our sister Emel,” Iman spoke to Emine. “I think her master is too tolerant with her. She is in chastity but letting her have her balls is too dangerous. She could have silly thoughts. We should guide her to the right path.” Emine knew what Iman was speaking of. She had many silly thoughts at the beginning of her transition to a sissy muslimah. Until her master liberated her. Took her sissy balls away. Now she was free. At the beginning right after master took away his wife, he thought he could turn back time. If he proved his master that he was not a sissy, he probably would give him back his old life. Master was a wise man. But he gave her the opportunity she wanted.

Emine he said, you can proove me. If you let me fuck your ass and you don’t cum, this will show me you have no pleasure. I will let you go then. Emine was happy. It would not happen she was sure. She should have known better.

He sat in the restaurant. Since the “girls” went shopping he made some business calls. Everything developed well. Thanks to Emine he knew everything about the police actions. He was impressed how servile she had become. He remembered the first time of their relationship. How much she struggled with her fate. Those ridiculous attempts to escape from her new life. The first time he used her ass she really believed she could resist to the inevitable. She was dressed in her pink stockings and pink panties she hated so many years. But now she was ready to show. Slowly he entered her ass. Caressed her nipples with his fingers. Her little dicklett rised to maximum size in seconds. Look who’s loosing, he teased her. She began to grunt. The more he pushed his manhood into her, the more she moaned. It was so easy. It took him three minutes of soft pounding to make her orgasm. Drop after drop of her manhood left the little penis. She began to cry.

Emine found a beautiful grey abaya which was perfect for having some time with her master. Iman and Emel had less luck. Both bought just a pair of special sissy muslimah panties. Both in pink coulour with an Arabian logo. Emine knew what it meant. It said the person who wore it is a slave. Emine had to laugh. It really didn’t need that emphasis.

After the shopping Iman and Emine were brought home to their masters. They all lived in the same street, called sissy boulevard, so it was not a big detour. After that it was her time with him. They went upstairs to her small appartement. Her heart started to beat heavy, imagining the things coming next. After she closed the door, he grabs her, starting to squeeze her soft nipples from behind. Emine began to shiver. “Say that you love me” he demanded. “Oh my beloved master,” she responded, “I love you so much. Please take what is yours.” Slowly he bent her over, raised her burqa and played with her pink butt plug. “I love this small feminine one, it fits perfectly to your ass”, he teased her a bit. Then he slowly pulled the plug out.

Emine was ready to take his powerful penis and start the next part of her ongoing submission.

Greetings Emine

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