Friends and Owners

Friends and Owners

by GhostWriter

This tale is set in the imaginary country of Nordker, the brainchild of GhostWriter, and part of the Vippon imaginary world. Before reading the tale it is recommended that you read his description of Nordker so that you comprehend fully just what it is all about.
The United Islands of Nordker

A meeting of old friends is a grand thing in Nordker. A chance meeting of old friends however is a grand excuse for a celebration.

That was exactly what Sven Thorist is going to do now. It had been a total surprise when he met his friend Erik Larsen by accident. An old schoolmate, the two of them had drifted off in different directions years ago. The last he heard Erik was part of some research project that was based on the moon. Even for a mathematician like himself, Sven can’t imagine what the odds are for meeting Erik here on the streets of Onega City.

Erik’s house was a small 2 storey building at the junction of Timlet and High Street. Erik must be doing well for himself as that was one of the most exclusive areas in the city. The house however was a little disappointing. Dark and gray, it looked a little worn-down. However, all that was forgotten was Erik met him at the door.

Forgetting his pet, Sven took 3 quick steps and engaged Erik in the oldest form of greeting there was among men. The bear-hug! Only when he felt the pull on his waist did Sven understood what had happen.

A leash connected his silver bracelet to the animal that had fallen to the ground. A chuckle escaped from Erik and Sven had the good grace to be slightly embarrassed at the situation. “Get up.” Sven pulled up his waist as he ordered. The tight collar around the neck of the animal gave the creature no doubt that his order was serious.

The creature tried her best to slowly skip to her feet. Shackled as she was it was never going to be easy but Sven was embarrassed at his earlier forgetfulness and wasn’t going to allow the creature to embarrass him anymore. He swung the small walking stick in his hand and hit the creature hard across the back. “UP!”

The creature grunted and was quicker in her movement but it took another 2 more strikes before she managed to get on her feet. “You still have it, my friend.”

At Erik’s word, Sven turned to him and apologized for his creature’s rude behavior. As expected, Erik waved it off as nothing and invited him in. The inside of the house was far grander than the outside. A series of lamps gave the house a soft yellow glow that warmed the heart. As Sven took off his thick fur coat, he found that Erik must have installed some sort of high tech heating system in the house. The temperature of the house was just right.

The dinner table was set already and as he went forward, Sven saw that Erik had a creature of his own. The creature was dressed just like his. Known as a ‘Sack Burqa’, all Sven could see was the enveloping blue outer garment that was worn by all women in Nordker. Crowned at the head, the garment cloaked the entire body with no eyeholes or handholds for the creature. The only ornament was the collar that was wore tightly around her neck. The creature was kneeling on the ground with its head on the ground. The leash on the collar was locked to a hook on the ground, giving the creature no place to go and no room to move.

At Erik’s invitation, Sven locked his creature alongside Erik’s. Leaving them there, the 2 old friends took their dinner and catch up on old times. Sven heard right as Erik was now based on the moon, doing particle research that was deemed too dangerous to be done on the planet. The last thing anyone wanted was to have something go wrong and blow up the planet. He had only just returned to Nordker a few days ago for a 2 week break.

Compare to his cutting edge research, Sven’s tenure at the university paled. However, Sven was saved by the fact his creature already had 3 babies, 2 of them boys. Erik bitterly complained that all his creature had given him was 2 girls which were of no use to anyone. He had thought of buying another creature but Sven gently encouraged him to give his current creature another chance. After all, there was no need to spend money on another creature when he already had one which was still of childbearing age.

Once the dinner was over, it was time to feed the pets. At Erik’s suggestion, Sven agreed to put some pills in the creature’s porridge. The pills would make the creatures hornier and, more importantly, would prevent pregnancies.

Sven unlocked his creature’s chain and ordered her on her feet. Beside him, Erik did the same. Both creatures struggled to obey their master and, after sharing a smile between themselves, the 2 old friends used their walking sticks to encourage their creatures.

After 4 strikes, his creature finally managed to stand on her feet. Sven unlocked the collar and lifted the burqa off his creature. Beneath the burqa, his creature was revealed. With blond hair and green eyes, his creature was a woman who was aged 24. However, nothing of her face could be shown outside his own house.

Right now, his creature’s face and hair were totally covered with a black hood. Outside small holes for the nose, the only other hole in the hood was for the mouth. A red ball-gag was locked there. Standing there silently, blinded and shackled, she was a thing of beauty. Sven spent a good part of his savings to buy her from her father and so far, the creature has not disappointed him.

Sven looked over at Erik’s creature and was surprised. Erik’s creature was a small petite woman that was far shorter than a normal Nordker creature. Sven looked at Erik and Erik quickly explained. Researchers from all over the planet were based on the moon research station and not all of them veiled their women from birth like Nordker. Erik saw the creature on the research station and his offer to ‘marry’ the woman was quickly accepted by her father.

As per custom, Sven saw that Erik’s creature was shackled. Like his creature, Erik’s creature was wearing the black hood with a normal skintight temperate bodysuit covering the body. Only her hands and loins region were uncovered. Both her hands were locked to her belt and a short chain locked her feet together.

Both men unlocked the ball-gag and ordered their creatures to kneel. As the creatures did so, the men placed their feeding dish in front of the creatures. At the order to eat, both creatures’ head went to the ground. Sven placed the feeding dish to the side of his creature and it took her a while to find it with her head. He always got a kick out of this.

Once she found her dish, his creature attacked the porridge. This came with experience as creatures never knew when their masters will order them to stop eating or even when their next meal will be. So when the chance comes, they knew they must eat everything in front of them as fast as possible.

The 2 friends were kind today as they both had a wonderful day and allowed the creatures to finish their porridge. Once they were finished, both creatures sat on their knees and waited for further instructions. Erik hand Sven a washcloth and they cleaned the mouth of their creatures. As creatures must always be shackled, Sven (like all men in Nordker) had to spend a lot of his time cleaning and washing his creature.

Although she was property, Sven still has to send her for a medical check-up once every 6 months at a government clinic to ensure that she was in good health. If she was found to be in poor condition due to his negligence, she could be taken away from him and Sven would have to pay a fine. He could even be barred from owning another creature for a period of time. The time spent washing and cleaning after the creatures was more than enough reason to stop men from owning more than one creature. The only exception Sven could think of were men who were rich enough to afford to hire other men to do the cleaning for them. These male servants were usually from the lower-class but they were still very expensive to hire.

After the cleaning was completed, the men put the ball-gags back on the creatures. An order to stand was given again with even more encouragement from the men’s walking sticks.

As the creatures stood up, Erik unlocked the chain at his creature’s feet. Sven immediately did the same to his creature as well. Sven then walked over to Erik’s creature and he was dying to ask what her name was. However, Sven knew better than to insult Erik. A creature’s name could only be known to her family and old friends they may be, Sven was not family. He settled for the next best thing. He asked where she was from.

Erik replied that the creature was from Himbaya where only married women needed to veil. Sven wondered what it was like to see the face of a creature before buying it. He never the face of his creature before he bought her, though he did carefully checked out her medical records and family lineage. She was medically fit to have babies and all the women in her family had babies before. To the men of Nordker, that was what’s important. Women were just creatures to produce babies; anything more was a direct threat to Nordker society.

Sven bought the creature over to the sofa and laid her down. Blind as she was, the creature could only react to what Sven did. Sven push her legs apart and entered her without any word or sound. The creature was like a doll which obeyed Sven every touch.

As Sven ramped his manhood into her, he looked over to Erik and saw that Erik was doing the same to his creature. The only difference was that Erik was taking his creature up her ass. Sven smiled, now remembering how Erik always had a thing for ass–taking. Erik saw Sven’s look and both friends shared another smile. With an unspoken bond, they came together in their creatures.

As he took a breath to calm himself, Sven released the ball-gag around Erik’s creature. Roughly he pulled her to his manhood and without order, the creature started to clean his manhood. She was well-trained.

As his manhood was being cleaned, Sven wondered if there was any opening for a mathematician on the moon. He has never been to the moon before. Maybe he can ask Erik about that later.

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