Humble Serenity: David’s Tale

Humble Serenity: David’s Tale

by GhostWriter

David can’t really remember the time before he was in the Humble Serenity compound. His father took the family into the compound when he was just seven years old, and that was his earliest memories. His father proudly said that when Hank had his spiritual vision, causing him to spend all of his inheritance and fortune to build the compound, he was one of Hank’s first recruits.

David believed him. From his earliest age, he was home-schooled in the compound. Like all the children in the compound, he became an expert in Hank’s divine writings. All the children were taught the writings, but David was also a boy. That’s where the differences came in. Whereas the girls would learn the more ‘women’ skills such as cooking and cleaning, boys were taught English, Maths, Science, History, even Physical Education. And they were expected to be nothing short of excellent in everything.

David’s studies were far more intense than those from a regular school. Failure was not accepted. If he failed in any subject, there would be more lessons and classes till he got it right. With such an education, it wasn’t a surprise when all the boys, including David, got into college.

David lived in the Humble Serenity compound his whole life. However, in college, David openly saw men and women drinking and smoking. Women going about unveil, and wearing clothes that left nothing to the imagination. Coming from a community that required everyone to abstain themselves from any possible evils, it was pure culture shock.

Maybe that was the reason he joined the Bible club. When he went for the first meeting, there were only five people there. The sole guy in the group was called Brad who was delighted that another guy was joining the group. It seems that he was constantly outnumbered in the group discussion. The group however was run by Winnie and Jane. Winnie was the alpha female and Jane was the loyal follower.

At first, David was just going in to see the club in operation. To get a feel of things, so to speak. But when Winnie started to spout nonsense, he started to argue with her on the finer points of the Bible. He just couldn’t help himself. What were they reading?

It was almost unfair. David has been taught the Bible since young, and it showed in the argument. He could quote the Bible from front to back, and when he started to quote the Qu’ran and Confucianism as well; the deal was sealed.

David explained Hank’s teachings. About how no mortal could possibly understand the creator completely, but that all the faiths in the world contain several good truths. He was a better orator than he thought he was.

When school vacation began, the group practically begged David to bring them to the compound. David wondered if he should before agreeing on the matter. He then arranged the trip with the Humble Serenity administration. When they arrived, the group was given the orientation tour. David didn’t know what was said or done, but the next time he saw the group, all the girls were wearing the niqab. Seeing them with the white veil covering their mouths, David knew he made the right decision.

David didn’t spend much time with the group as he spends most of his time with his own family. When vacation was over, they went back to collage. However, there was a huge difference now. Brad and David took over the Bible club, and there was now no more group discussion. The meetings now consist of Brad and David giving lectures to the girls on Hank’s writings as well as the various religions of the world. The girls would be kneeling in their niqabs as the men sat on two armchairs, telling them that’s exactly where they belonged.

It wasn’t long before Winnie and Jane came before David. They now know that as women, they could never be as good as a man and begged forgiveness for ever thinking otherwise. Women were born to serve and assist men. They also beg David to allow them to serve him for the rest of their lives. David rejected them out of hand. Not only did he not love the two women, he didn’t even like them that much. The girls knew that, and that was why they picked David to serve. The girls knew that David would be harsh with them and that was what they wanted. A strong man who will constantly put them in their place; on their knees.

David agreed after hearing their reasons. When college was done, David decided to return to Humble Serenity. Both girls begged to join him. It was the best decision David ever made.

David used his IT knowledge and helped set up a website for Humble Serenity. As the compound resident (and only) IT expert, he was highly valued by the group. David even managed to get a house on his own in the compound. Both girls stayed with David and help out in the ‘womanly’ duties in the house.

That was the arrangement for two months. David’s father then sat his son down and told him in no uncertain terms that he must not live in sin with 2 unmarried women. David would need to choose to marry either 1 or both of them. David talk to the girls and both immediately agreed to the marriage.

The ceremony was simple. All 3 parties said ‘I do’, and it was done. Surprising, everyone in the compound accepted the fact that David now has 2 wives. That night, David sat both women down on his bed. He told them that as their husband, he has certain rules for them. David believed that the temptation of a woman is strong and highly disgusting. As such, both of them must wear the niqab and be fully covered at all time, even in bed. Both women must lie side by side on his bed every night with their robes raise to their waist. If he felt like it, David will then enter one of them for use. The other woman must lie quietly until David has done his duty. After his duty is finished, both women will sleep on the floor beside his bed. David was glad when he saw the fear in the girls’ eyes. After their nod of acknowledgment, David continued.

Temptation comes in many forms. Not only in the form of a woman’s body but also in a woman’s voice. How many lives were ruined throughout history due to a women’s gossip! As such, both women are never to speak to him or to each other. They will always carry pen and paper and write out anything that needed to be said. If anyone else in the compound wished to speak to them, they can answer back, but they can never speak first. Only speak when spoken to. Both women nodded again.

Lastly, he will deliver 5 strokes of the cane to both women every morning. The strokes are to remind them of their place in the compound and will be increase if he believed they deserve it. Both women nodded again

Seeing that both women were adequate in their responses, David nodded his head. At David’s nod, both women laid back onto the bed and pulled their robes to their waist. David can’t help but smile.

Back to Humble Serenity…


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