The Creed

The Creed

by GhostWriter

The compound was bigger than she expected. Pulling up to the entrance, Minnie Craver got out of her car and took a good look around. There was no wall or fence but the road up the hill stopped at the building and there was no doubt this was the reception building.

Frankly, she expected better. Entering the building, she immediately saw and approached the reception counter. Offering her press card, the man behind the counter immediately asked her to follow him.

Minnie liked to think of herself as a veteran reporter. As such, she had the ‘been there, done that’ look down pat. So when her jaws dropped to the ground, you could just imagine how surprised she was when she was introduced to Anwar Brown.

As Brown introduced himself, Minnie can’t help but wondered how in the world did this skinny black man became the leader of one the most infamous male supremacist cults in North America. Quickly Minnie remember that it was rumored Anwar used to be some sort of chemical researcher with the U.S government before he retired. She guessed he does look like a nerd.

“Mrs. Craver. Welcome to After-zone.”
“Its Ms. Craver please, Mr. Brown”
“Oh…I’m sorry but I was told you were married?”
“I am but I’m still using my maiden name. Many women in America do that you know.”
“Of course…I mean no offense. Please take a seat.”

As Minnie took her seat, she was glad that she managed to knock Brown off his game. Most people thought that a woman with a name like Minnie would be a soft touch, and were very surprised by her. Minnie had always found that this made her work easier, so she kept her real name and never bothered with an alias.

“Mr. Brown, I will come out and say upfront.” Minnie looked at Brown with her cold blue eyes, “I want to meet Sylvia Blair.”

The moment the door of the elevator opened, Minnie heard the cry.

“Bow your head to ground,
Throw your body onto the dirt,
Show your respect to your master,
Show your worthlessness to yourself,
Your cunt greets you Masters.”

It made her sick but it was nothing compared to the sight that greeted her. In 2 straight rows on either side of the long room laid the women of The Creed.

Anwar ignored the greeting and walked between the two rows of women. With no other choice, Minnie followed behind. It was surreal.

Walking past the women, Minnie couldn’t help but looked at the women laying there on the ground at her feet. They were all dressed in a long blue dress with a head-covering that hid their hair. Minnie wondered what it would feel like laying there on the ground while a man walked like an emperor across her head.

She blinked her eyes in surprise. Minnie was in shock. “Where did that came from?” Minnie immediately looked away from the women and saw their cubicles. Each woman was lying in front of a small room that was no bigger than the bathroom in her New York apartment. There was a mattress in each cubicle and an extra blue dress that was hanging on the wall above it. A small door gave the woman some small degree of privacy but if the woman stood up straight, their head would be seen by the others.

Anwar stopped in front of a woman and said, “1414, stand up cunt and follow.” Without waiting to see if his command would be followed, Anwar turned and head back to the elevator. 1414 stood up and Minnie was only mildly surprised when she saw that the woman’s face being totally covered by a veil and scarf. Her research on The Creed was paying off. 1414 quietly followed. Again left with no choice, Minnie followed the duo.

The 3 of them enter the elevator and waited in silence as it went up. When Anwar first showed her the elevator, Minnie knew they would be going underground but she was surprised how deep the underground complex truly was. The After-zone underground complex may be bigger than even the rumors on the internet said.

The door opened and Minnie saw that it was a small room totally white in color. Anwar entered the room and again Minnie followed. In the middle of the room, he stopped and turned towards 1414. 1414 immediately fell to the ground and with her face facing the ground, spread her arms wide to the side of her body.

“1414, when I leave you may unveil and answer all questions by this cunt beside me.” Minnie was surprised by the cunt remark but choose to ignore it. In true, Anwar was right and she was a cunt. Minnie opened her eyes wide at the thought. She looked at Anwar in horror but Anwar ignored her and continued, “Tell her about The Creed and show her the error of her ways.” With that, he walked towards the elevator and as the door closed, Minnie felt a sense of doom.

1414 stood up and looked at her. For the first time, Minnie had a good look at the woman. She was in a shapeless, sleeveless blue dress that reached her ankles, but her head was totally covered by a blue veil with a blue scarf that reached over her head.

As she was staring, 1414 started to unveil. First was the scarf that was covering the back of her head and surrounding her neck. She pulled it down and then unwired it from her neck. Next was the veil that was hung from a piece of cloth that surrounded the top of her head. 1414 reached to the back of her head and Minnie then heard a click. The veil came off and to her surprise, she was then staring at a blue hood. Strangely there was a hole at the back of the hood where 1414’s hair was tied in ponytail. 1414 lifted her hood off with care and for the first time since she came to After-zone, Minnie saw the face of Sylvia Blair.

Blair kneeled on the ground and signal Minnie to follow. As there was no chair, Minnie followed suit. Seeing the beautiful face of Blair, all the questions she had prepared all went out the window and Minnie was left with only this, “Are you forced to be here Sylvia?”

She was expecting an angry retort or, better yet, a crying agreement, but what she did not expect was a giggle. 1414 used her hand to cover her mouth as a girlish giggle came from her. “Oh heavens no.” The hand came down and she continued, “And please call me 1414. No one had called me Sylvia in months!”

“1414? That’s what Anwar Brown called you!”
“Yes,” Minnie could still hear the amusement in Blair’s, no, 1414’s voice. “Cunts like us can’t have names. Names are only for humans, cunts only have numbers.”
“Yes silly,” another giggle came from 1414. “Isn’t my number beautiful? My master Bolado gave it to me himself! I’m so lucky!”
“Bolado? Ivan Bolado? Your boyfriend?”
“Oh no!” 1414 exclaimed in horror. “Master Bolado is my master, my owner, my god! A cunt like me could never even dream of having a boyfriend!”
“But…” Minnie was in total shock. What was going on? “You are a model, a budding actress…you were in that blockbuster from Hollywood 2 years ago…what …”
“Oh that was ancient history,” a giggling 1414 said. “I was a fool, thinking myself as a human. Master Bolado showed me The Creed.”
“The Creed is a women-hating male supremacist cult!” Minnie was now becoming angry. “And Bolado was just a hanger-on to Hollywood stars. Wait…he’s here?”
“Not at the moment,” 1414 giggled. “He’s said he was going to Canada for a few days, visiting some town called Water Springs.” Why did that name sound so familiar to Minnie? “If master was here, my ass would be full of whip marks!”
“Whip…he whipped you?”
“Of course silly,” another giggle came from 1414. “Cunts should be constantly whipped to remind them of their place as the dirt of the world.”
“Whipped…” What’s wrong with her! Minnie should think properly. “Cunts…”
“Yes, all women are cunts.” 1414 giggled. “Isn’t it great to finally understand this? You feel it as well right? How right this is? How your mind is empty but for the need to obey! How it’s so right to be a piece of dirt for your master?”
Minnie stood up in alarm. “My mind is slipping. I can’t…all this…”
“Yes, that’s right.” 1414 giggled. “It’s all thanks to High Master Anwar.”
“High Master Anwar?”
“Yes silly.” 1414 confirmed Minnie’s worst fears. “Didn’t you know High Master Anwar was a chemical researcher who worked for the government?”
“So?” Minnie asked. “There’s a lot of government researchers in the world. Anwar Brown is just another one.”
“Oh no,” for the first time Minnie could hear a hint of anger in 1414. “High Master Anwar is great. He is greatness, he is wonderful, he is…”
“Why is he so great?” Minnie asked quietly.
“Because he secretly created a non-smelling gas that lowered the brain functions of all women right under the nose of the government and they knew nothing about it.”
Veteran reporter be dammed, that stunned Minnie into silence.
“So, it’s a mind-controlling gas…a chemical…”
“Yes,” 1414 happily said. “It does something to the double X-chromosome found in…”

“Bow your head to ground,
Throw your body onto the dirt,
Show your respect to your master,
Show your worthlessness to yourself,
You are nothing but worthless cunts!”

The words hit Minnie like a sledgehammer. She felt her knees buckling but managed to stay up upright. 1414 did not even bother and fell to the ground.

“Oh it’s the announcement system.” 1414 said while her face was still facing the ground. “It’s occasionally used and cunts have to obey the orders given by the system.”
“Obey the…orders.” Minnie struggled to the elevator but there was no button for her to push.
“Oh it’s useless silly,” 1414 said. “It’s already too late for you.”
“Too late…”
“Yes silly. A cunt only need to breathe the gas for 10 mins to be affected by it,” 1414 explained. “You must have been in the underground for more than that.”
“Yes silly.” 1414 explained patiently, “The entire After-zone complex is filled with the gas. That’s why all the cunts of The Creed are housed underground.”
“The Creed…the creed…”
“Yes. High Master Anwar wrote a book for all the rules we must obey and that is the creed all cunts must follow,” 1414 said.
“A book…”
“Yes, that is The Creed.” 1414 said. “You better face the ground or you will be whipped by a master.”
“Yes. Don’t fight it silly.” 1414 said. “It will get worse if you do.”
“Worse? Why…would…”
“Your order silly,” 1414 said. “You were given an order but you are disobeying it. That caused…“unbalance” in your brain. That’s why all cunts must always obey orders given to her by a master.”
“A master…who…is…master…?”
“A man, any man is our master. If you lucky, you can be owned and claimed by a master like me!”
“You are…owned by…Ba…”
“Yes, I was so bad to the master at first.” 1414said. “I thought I was a big Hollywood star and was always putting him down. Then he took me here for vacation and now I am whipped daily by him.” Another giggle came up. “When he’s here of course, I hope he’ll be back soon. I missed my whipping.”

“Cover your hair,
Hood your face,
Your face is a lie,
You are not human,
A human face is not for cunts like you”

1414 immediately reached for her hood, veils and scarf when the announcement finished. While still laying face-down on the ground, she started to put back her hood.

“What…are you…doing?” Minnie’s mind was spinning and she was shocked she was able to get a whole sentence out.
“Cunts are not humans like masters,” said 1414. “So all cunts must always cover their human face and show the inhuman face of the hood.”

The elevator came and as the doors opened, a sense of dread overcame Minnie. Anwar was there and beside him was a man who she remembered as Ivan Bolado. The two men said in unison,

“Bow your head to ground,
Throw your body onto the dirt,
Show your respect to your master,
Show your worthlessness to yourself,
You are nothing but a cunt!”

The words were spoken by the two men were like commands from gods. Her legs crumbled and the next thing she knew, Minnie was on the ground. Her mind cleared almost immediately. She tried to stand up immediately but a wave of nausea hit her. She fell back onto the ground and the nausea cleared.

She felt a foot on her back and look up. Anwar was standing there with a foot on her back and incredibly, a wave of joy overcame her. Minnie was stunned into silence.

“Turn off and lift, you stupid cunt.”

Minnie looked back at 1414, she can’t even think of her as Sylvia Blair anymore, and saw her rolling on the ground. 1414 reached down her dress and started pulling it up. Minnie saw a device she thought was a chastity belt. “Welcome back mast…”

1414 never finished as Bolado brutally kicked her in her mid-section. “Who told her to talk cunt?” He sounded almost bored.

Bolado bended down and unlocked the chastity belt. 1414 immediately spread her legs and Bolado wasted no time in getting to work. Minnie stared transfixed as the two started to fuck like rabbits.

“That will be you soon.”
“What?” Minnie looked back at Anwar. “What do you mean?”
“You know the first gas I created turned women into total bimbos.” Anwar said. “They were totally mindless with no brain function at all. Oh, they will obey when ordered but otherwise, they do nothing at all. Then I refine the gas and now the women know everything that is happening to them.”
“What! She…” Minnie looked at 1414 in horror.
“Oh, she’s still there,” assured Anwar. “She knows everything that is happening to her…and she is enjoying every moment of it!” Minnie looked at Anwar in disbelief. “Don’t believe me? To be expected of course but you see…I finally got what people wanted. It’s “Joy”!”
“It like those people who take drugs to make themselves happy for a short time…my gas is like that but it takes thing a step further.” Anwar said. “It makes women enjoy obeying orders and men enjoy commanding women. It changes behavior and it’s make them happy about the change. Spread out your arms cunt.”

Without thinking, Minnie did that and as her arms went wide, a wave of joy engulfed her. She looked worriedly at Anwar. “People know I’m here. If I don’t return…”
“But you will return Ms. Craver.” Anwar smiled and said, “You will go back to your home, say you didn’t discover anything and resign from your work. You will then take your husband and come back here.”
“Malcolm will never follow…”
“Didn’t you hear me just now Ms. Craver?” Anwar asked. “The gas affect men as well as women, only differently. Your husband will enjoy beating and abusing you like every man here.” If there was ever a thing like an evil smile, Anwar had it now. “Believe me?”

With horror, Minnie discovered that she did.



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