The Patriarch Alliance – A Simple Day

The Patriarch Alliance – A Simple Day

by GhostWriter

Planet Wastien was the nearest Outer Rims planet to the Terran Empire. The war to capture the planet was quick but very bloody. Soon after the conquest in 8057, battle plans for the rest of the Outer Rims planets were quietly dropped.

The Outer Planets, the Lost Terran Empire

2nd Edition, Published in Year 8070

Troy City, Planet Wastien
Year 8072

“Master, I am ready.”

At the call, Goose Yo-Kalla got up and walks slowly into the bedroom. He stopped at the entrance of the door-less room. His 20 year-old sister, Beth of Kalla, was kneeling on the floor naked as the day she was born, naked but for the CC collar around her neck. Her head, hands and elbows were flat on the ground and tight to her body, trying to be as small as possible in the position. The Thordawans call this the family position. Seeing the corset, Goose went over to the bed and picked it up.


At his command, Beth jumped onto her feet and stood straight. Goose put the corset over her as she lowered her head and looked at the ground. As his sister held it in place, Goose tightens it to the 18 inch waist he wanted.

“I must marry. Doing this everyday is a bore.”

“Yes Master.”

With Beth’s answer, Goose suddenly realized that he was muttering aloud. Slightly embarrassed, he quickly tied the corset.


“Thank you Master.”

Beth quickly turned around. Keeping his face smooth, Goose clipped on the nipple clamps. Beth’s face showed a grimace of pain but she wisely kept silent. Goose pull the chain connecting the two clamps, making sure they are firmly in place. Outside the corset, all her cloths were on the ground beside her.


First, she put on her panties. Goose smile as he remembered the micro-electronic sensors sewn onto the fabric. An electronic shock will stun the wearer if any pressure is put on it, ensuring that his sister will either be standing or kneeling for the rest of the day. No sitting on her ass, that’s for sure.

Beth then put on her long black gloves and socks. She next picked up a full length dress. It was black (of course) and reached all the way to her ankles. She then put on the veil. A soft, loose robe, it flowed over all the way to her knees. The top covered her hair, and Beth then pulled up the face veil which covered her mouth. Goose let his sister wait for a second before ordering her to put on her shoes. Rushing to the main door of the house, Beth quickly put them on. A soft bottom ensured that the black shoes will make no sound as she walked. Goose looked her over as Beth stood at attention. Only her green eyes and the area around them could be seen over the outfit. Goose then put the last piece of the outfit. Goose strapped the black goggle is over the female’s head. Totally covering the eyes, the goggles are a recording device which will film down everything Beth see and do today. It also help obscure Beth’s peripheral vision, making is impossible for her to look any way but the area in front of her eyes. Sightless and soundless; the way a female should be.

Goose step back and looked at his sister again. The people of the planet called the outfit “Nighteyes” and you can see why. The shapeless black outfit covered every part of her body. Goose can’t see a single piece of uncovered flesh.  Perfect!

“Anything wrong?” he warned. If Beth was uncomfortable in any area, she better inform him before they walked out the door.

“No Master”

With that, Goose took the leash that was hanging at the front of the door. At the front of the veil, near the neck area, was a small hook. Goose clipped the leash on and led Beth out of the house. They walked down to the ground floor of the flat. Guiding his sister carefully due to her impaired vision, Goose reached the bus-stop down the street. They were not alone. Other couples were already there. Masters guiding their blind mice, they were all there waiting for the hover bus to take the wives to their place of work. Seeing a few similar faces, Goose shared a few minutes of small talk with the other men; most of whom were much older than he was. The females of course kept quiet. The hover-bus arrived shortly. Goose handed Beth over to the conductor with orders for where to drop her. Beth was placed on the floor of the bus. Beth kneeled quietly as the conductor cuffed her hands and feet to the floor of the hover-bus. A number was then given to her. When they reached her stop, the conductor will called out her number, where they are at and uncuffed her. She will then stand and the conductor will guide her off the bus where a male employee of her company will take charge of her. If the conductor got her number wrong, she must inform him immediately. Failing which, the bus conductor may have dropped her off at the wrong stop. Not a good thing when your vision is impaired. The men will then have to mount a search for her, using the tracking chip in the CC collars. Even then it was not an easy task, not when every female on the planet was dressed the same.

Needless to say, this would also be very time consuming. A notice will then be sent to her master on the matter, a loss of face for the males involved. For this reason, some men refused to let their animals work. Goose however have no such worries. Beth have never gave him any problems. Seeing the hover bus leaving, Goose walk over to his workplace at the other end of the street.


Goose looked down at the streets while flying the truck over the buildings of the city. He could see the men of the city going about their business. Occasionally, they would be leading a black body behind them. Hard to imagine, but this was a sight unheard of just 15 years ago. When Goose was growing up, Wastien was considered by many to be the most liberal planet in the Outer Rims. Females were considered animals but there were no laws or customs to restrict them. They were allowed to read, write, wear make-up, and choose their clothes; they were even allowed to vote! Then the Terran Empire attacked. A quick first step to the conquest of the Outer Rims, the empire quickly conqured the planet. Almost immediately, they ran into trouble. The rest of Outer Rims planets decided to enlarge the Patriarch Alliance. What was once a small 3 planet economic agreement soon became a 12 planet military alliance.

Goose’s reflections were stopped by the landing of the truck. Goose quickly went to the address stated in his package. People may call it by some other fancy name, but basically Goose was a deliveryman. And in a world like Planet Wastien, where females aren’t allowed to go anywhere without supervision; there was a lot of work for him.

Goose was carrying a weeks worth of groceries up the stairs. Hitting the door-com, Goose stated his name, company and reason for the visit. The door soon opened. A female stood at the door. She was dressed just like Beth with the only expection that she wasn’t wearing the goggles. Goose knew there wasn’t any need for them. The flat must have at least a dozen sensors and cameras, most of whom were on him now. This way, the men can keep their females under constant watch even when they weren’t at home.

“Delivery for the Nolan household.” Goose said and showed the female the scanner in his hand. The female placed her hand on the scanner and waited. She did not have to wait long.

“X-ray of hand completed. Zola of Nolan” the scanner buzzed. Goose immediately handed the groceries to the female. Since Goose can’t her face, the x-ray hand scanner was the best way to identified a female’s identity. A little girl stepped out behind the female. Goose’s eyes widen a little as the little girl was dressed just like her mother. Most men did not order their females into the veil till the girls reached 13. However Goose had heard that some men had new ideas about it. They believed that since females are objects of defilement too untouchably disgusting to be seen, why should they wait until the girls were older. They believed the females should be in the veil immediately from birth. The men of Nolan seemingly agreed with this new thinking. Still, it got nothing to do with his job. Goose went back to the truck.

The next stop was just a few streets away. This time a young boy opened the door. “Delivery for the Tan household.” Goose said and showed the boy the scanner. However, the boy just smiled and shaked his head. Too young to take deliveries. The boy turned and shouted for the females. Goose saw them at the corner of the room. There were 4 of them. Kneeling side by side at the corner of the room., they were in the family position with their heads towards the wall. With the household chores done, there was nothing left for the females to do. Kneeling towards the wall, they were trying to be as small as possible. Not to get in the way or attract the attention of the males of the house. Another boy was standing behind them with a cane in his hand. Goose can’t help but smile at this. He remembered being in the boy’s position. His mother and Beth would be kneeling to the wall as he was doing his schoolwork. Whenever he was bored (which was quite often), he would pick up a cane. He would stand behind the females and hit them on their ass whenever they moved (and sometimes when they didn’t). It was a good memory.

At the shout of the boy, one of the females got up and ran to the door. The female placed her hand on the x-ray scanner and waited. Goose handed the groceries to the boy once the scanner confirm the identity. Then he left for his next stop.


As expected, Beth was at the bus-stop waiting for him. With the sensors at the bus-stop, Goose had no worries about his sister. Still there were a lot of chores to do around the house, so he immediately took her home.

First thing he did once in the house was to take the goggles off. “Dinner!” At the command, Beth knelt and bowed her head to the floor. Goose turned on the television as Beth ran into the kitchen. Connecting the goggles to the television, Goose ran the program.

The goggles showed everything Beth did today. The television then ran the day against her standing orders. Most of these orders were pretty standard stuff; no speaking till spoken to; no mistakes at work; no looking in the eyes of males; and about 30 other minor rules. Goose knew that some men would think that he was too soft with Beth, but even then Beth made 16 mistakes for the day. It was about her average.

Goose turned off the program and went to do his schoolwork. Why do they call it school vacation when you still have projects to do? About half an hour later he was interrupted by a kneeling black figure. Guess dinner was ready.

Goose ate at the dinner table while Beth went to her corner and bowed at the wall. He still had a lot work to do so he ate quickly. The leftovers he threw onto a plate. “Here” Goose put the plate on the ground as Beth came over. She kneeled in front of the plate and looked down. Careful not to show her face to Goose, Beth lifted her face veil and lowered her face to the plate. She then placed her hands by her side, showing that she was eating like an animal. This was exactly what she was.

Goose left her to her dinner and went back to work. An hour later, he was done. He looked over and saw that Beth was mopping the floor. With a mop in her hand, the female was wetting the floor. Wanting to stay out of her way, Goose went to the sofa; put his legs on the table and switched on the TV.

20mins later, Beth came back to the room, this time on her hands and knees. Using the black robe she was wearing since this morning, she was drying the floor. Wiping the floor dry with her robes, Beth also took great care that she was as small as possible. A black body shuffling on her hands and knees, Goose can’t help but take his eyes off the TV and onto her. A grin came to his face. Those Terrans who think that a female should not be totally covered never seem a Wastien female do housework before.

Before you knew it, Beth shuffled out to the other rooms. The next time he saw her, Beth (now in wet clothes) was kneeling with her head to the wall towards the wall. Like the household earlier, once the chores were done, there wasn’t much left for the female to do. Kneeling towards the wall was almost the default position for a female on Wastien. Goose remembered the boy earlier and can’t help but wondered…Why not! With a smile, Goose took the electric cane which was hanging from the wall in the living room. He immediately saw a movement from Beth. Wasn’t much, just a small movement at the hip, the cane came down. The sound of the strike was beautiful to Goose. Damm, it has been too long since he did this. Beth kept quiet as she should. It wasn’t easy. Goose knew that the cane deliver an electric charge up the body, that plus the pain from the full-blooded strike meant that Beth must be in agony right now. However, she has been doing this since she was seven so it wasn’t a big surprise that she kept still.

Goose waited patiently for the next chance. His father once told him that the mark of a master was to be firm but fair. Others may hit their animals for no other reason but because they felt like it. However, this built resentment and will affect the animal’s performance in the future. Of course, he told Goose that in private away from the females. Not for the first time, Goose felt sorrow and anger at the accident that took away his parents. He looked at Beth. At 20, she was at the age when most females marry. Most people praise him for being a man and taking care of the family at such a young age but really, Beth helped a lot in that. She was quiet, obedient and knew her place. With that, being a master became easy for Goose.

Goose thanked her the only way he knew how. He struck her again. Within an hour, it happened! On the eleventh stroke, Beth’s body shook. Goose ignored the movement. For Beth wasn’t moving in pain, she was moving in ecstasy. Goose wondered how soaked her panties would be later. It’s not easy being a 15-year old master, but there were some benefits. With a smile on his face, he waited. He still had 5 strokes to go.

Several methods had been used to try and bring the citizens of Planet Wastien into the Empire’s embrace. However the bloody conquest of 8057 is still fresh in the mind.

The Outer Planets, the Lost Terran Empire

2nd Edition, Published in Year 8070

Troy City, Planet Wastien
Year 8072

Goose hated school, and the reason was right in front of him. Ms. Smith was a good enough teacher (even Goose had to admit that), but he had 3 main problems with his form teacher. One: she was a Terran; Two: she was female, and lastly: she was a Terran female unveil in public teaching boys!

Goose has no problem with education in itself, but it was hard to concentrate when you are disgusted with the every image of your teacher. Sighing to himself, Goose knew it could be worse. At least Ms. Smith was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a skirt that reached her knees. By the standards of the Terrans, she would be considered old-fashion. The latest Terran fashion for females was the tank-top with skirts that barely covered their asses. Like the ones his follow Terran classmates were wearing.

Goose looked across his classroom and saw his Terran classmates. The class was literally spilt in 2 with the locals on one side and the Terrans kids on the other. Goose had no problem with what the Terran boys were wearing, afterall men can dress however they wish, but their females were in a state of undress. The latest Terran fashion of tank-tops and short skirts were in full view. Shaking his head slowly, Goose wondered how Terran men could allow their females to walk around half-naked in public. Worse, not one of them was in the veil. To allow other men to see their female’s face, don’t the Terran men had any honor at all?

Goose tried to take his mind off his classmates and concentrate on the history lessons. Ms. Smith was drooling on about how Earth was the founding planet of the human race, and how all humans owned Earth their loyalty. How the Waliens’ theory of ‘Natural Order’ was wrong and human men and women are created equals. That men were NOT superior to women.

A pathetic attempt by the education system to inspire loyalty to the Terran Empire; an attempt none of the locals were buying. Goose could just rattle off several reasons why locals have no loyalty to the home planet. During the space expansion period, once a planet was found to be inhabitable; criminals and other “undesirables” were shipped off to colonize the planet. Left to fend for themselves with only minimum support from Earth, most colonists view the Terran Empire somewhere between indifference and outright hatred. Things were worse on the Outer Rims. Being so far from Earth means that support from the Empire was almost zero. The planets were colonized because Earth had run out of raw materials and as long as gold, iron and other materials kept on flowing out of the planets, most people of the Empire do not care what happen there.

When the galactic war started between the Empire and the Waliens (a war the Empire lost badly), most locals were more than happy to see the back of the Terran Empire. The Waliens were also very hands-off conquerors. There weren’t humans, don’t really understand humans, and wisely left the conquered planets to themselves. For once, materials from the Outer Rims planets were left on the planets themselves. Once the war ended, the Terran Empire actually had to buy the materials they wanted from the planets. The Waliens even allowed the Outer Rims planets independence! Was it any surprise that the people adopted the Waliens’ theory of ‘Natural Order’ as their code of life?

Goose could stand up and argue these points, in fact Ms. Smith encouraged it, but to do so would mean that Goose had to argue against a female. Which in his view was beyond stupid as men do not argue with females, men are naturally right when there is a difference of opinion between a man and a female. Quietly, Goose did the best and only thing he could. He sat and seethed.


Goose headed home the moment the bell rang. Beth would be waiting at the bus-stop already, and although she would not be in any danger, Goose did not want her to be in public more than she had to be.

So he was not pleased when Bret Givens stepped in front of him. A big strong local the same age as Goose, Bret was one of those ‘middlers’, a group seeking to find a ‘middle way’ between the Patriarch Alliance and the Empire. Goose, like most locals, just called them ‘crazies’.

“Goose, just the man I’m looking for”

Goose was surprised at this. He hardly ever talked to Bret. “What’s up Bret?”

“We have a program that I taught you will be prefect for. You are looking to make some cash right?”

“Program? Who’s we?”

“Middlers or ‘The crazies’, as you guys call us”

Goose looked at Bret with interest. Earn money working with the crazies? At least they’re not the Empire. “Sure, but I’m in a rush here.”

“No problem, what’s your hologram address? We can talk later.”

“Great.” Goose handed Bret his hologram address. “I’ll expect your mail later.”


The television hologram was showing the latest news broadcast. It was big news. The Waliens had found an inhabitable planet fit for humans, and they had invited their ally, the Patriarch Alliance, to colonize the planet.

The Terran Empire was in a state of uproar. For the first time in human history, a planet will be colonized by humans that were not from the Terran Empire. Already the Terrans were tore between supporting the new colonists and sabotaging them. Goose just couldn’t concentrate on it.

Bret Givens had offered him a job that was too good to be true. The ‘middlers’ had several programs which they run to improve relations between locals and Terrans, and one of them was to have a Terran living with a local family for a day. One simple day when the Terran will follow all the rules of the local family, and in this case, it will be a Terran female.

Money and a chance to put a Terran female in her place; Goose knew there had to be a catch somewhere. However Bret had assured him that the offer was good, and Goose was loath to pass up on the money; even if it meant working to improve relations with the Terrans. Goose looked over at his sister. Beth was in her usual position, on her knees with her head to the wall. The Terran could help with the housework at least, giving his sister a short break. Goose sighed, there has to be a catch.

The weekend…

Goose waited impatiently. He had woken up early today. The plan from Bret was simple. The Terran female would arrive early in the morning, stay the whole day, sleep the night, and will leave the next morning. Goose can’t have any ‘intercourse’ or put the female in any danger, outside that he was in charge. Just an ordinary simple day.

Beth was already in her corner. He could tell that Beth was very happy to have another female around, even if it was only for a day. Just another plus from the job; so why was he so uneasy about it all? Goose kept expecting the other shoes to drop.

The bell rang. Usually Goose would check on the door monitor before opening the door. However, he was expecting the Terran so he didn’t do it this time. His jaw dropped when he saw who it was.

“Hey there Goose.” Ms. Smith was smiling, no doubt at his reaction. No wonder that bastard Bret refused to say who was coming, he knew Ms. Smith was the Terran. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Goose could tell Ms. Smith was trying her best not to laugh. Goose mentally kicked himself; there’s the catch he was expecting. “You haven’t greeted me yet?” the anger in his voice came naturally.


“You are standing there, looking at me in the face. Don’t you know what is the greeting position?”

The look of shock on Ms. Smith’s face was priceless! Then slowly, Ms. Smith straightened her legs, put her hands on her knees and bowed her head. It was wrong. Goose could see at least 3 different mistakes in the position already, but he wasn’t really interested in correcting his teacher. Goose mentally kicked himself again; she was not his teacher, not today! Concentrate on that idiot!

“What did you called me?” he asked.


“You call me by my name. I am male, you are not. You will call me sir, is that understood?” Only silence answered Goose. “Do you understand?” he asked again.

“Y…Yes, sir”

It was so soft Goose had to strain to hear it, but it was a start. “Come in”

Ms. Smith looked bewildered, probably wondering what she had got herself into. Goose smiled internally. This might be the start of a very good day.


When he clipped on the nipple-clamp, the sound came again.

“Quiet,” Goose said again. He had warned Angie (he can’t keep calling her Ms. Smith) to be quiet several times already but little sounds kept coming out of her. He never had a problem with her sister before; Beth always kept quiet when the nipple clamp goes on.

“Guess the rumors were right,” he said. “Terrans females are weaker than Alliance females.”

Goose looked at Angie’s face as he said this, looking for a reaction. However, she was still looking at the ground. With her long hair covering her face, Goose can’t get a good look at her face. Usually looking at the ground was a good respectful posture from a female, but Goose knew that Angie was looking at the ground due to embarrassment, not respect. Strange; considering the fashion of today, Goose would think that Terran females wouldn’t be that embarrassed by their own nakedness.

Goose smiled internally as he remembered the look on Angie’s face when she saw him at the door looking at her change. She had expected the order to change into the appropriate attire, but she was horrified when she was told that not only was Goose going to watch her change, but he will help as well.

First thing was the corset. It was a foreign object to Angie as she had never even seen one before; it was nothing compare to putting it on! She was screaming as Goose tightened the corset around her untrained waist, and she just ignored Goose’s orders not to make a sound. After awhile Goose had to admit defeat and left the corset well above his desired 18 inches. That putted Goose in a bad mood and now these little annoying sounds coming from Angie was putting him over the edge. He needed something to shut her up and a nasty little idea suddenly came to mind.

He looked at Beth who was standing at the corner of the room. “Help her put on the rest, but no veiling till I returned.” With that strange order, Goose ran out of the house.

When he returned, both females were still standing there. Angie almost had the ‘Nighteyes’ ready with the exception of the veil. Goose hid the item he had just bought behind him and asked, “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?” Goose waited till he saw Angie’s slight nod. “But you ignore me didn’t you? You disobeyed direct orders from your master, didn’t you?” The nod came slower this time. “You should be punished, shouldn’t you?” Only the slightest of nods answered him.

It was enough for Goose. He quickly put the item he was hiding into Angie’s mouth. “This is babies who can’t keep quiet like they were told.” Tears immediately Angie’s eyes as she realized what was in her mouth. A pink baby pacifier! The humiliation on Angie’s face let Goose know that he was right; it was a great idea! “Veil yourself,” he said. Angie’s hands reached up but stopped halfway to her face. In voice that brooked no argument, Goose ordered, “I said ‘veil yourself’!”

Slowly, with tearing streaming down her eyes, Angie’s hand lifted the veil onto her face. Goose half wondered whether he should bring Angie out right now. A Terran female walking along the streets with a pacifier in her mouth, it would be great! With the veil covering her mouth, no one would know. However, he did give his word to Bret that the Terran female would stay in the house. In the Alliance, a master’s word was his bond and it counts more than any legal agreement those Terrans insist on signing.

Goose could only see Angie’s eyes now and those eyes were red and raw. There was fear, respect, and hurt behind those eyes. Maybe even a little understanding, but that could be just Goose’s imagination.

“I had to run to the store down the block to buy you that gift,” Goose was surprised he managed to say that with a straight face. “You should thank me.”

Those eyes now looked shocked at Goose’s suggestion, and it took a slight touch on the arm by Beth before Angie went to her knees. She then bowed and touched her head to Goose’s feet. Because he felt like it, Goose lifted his leg and stepped on his teacher’s head. This is where female should be; under their master’s feet. Goose looked at Beth and said, “Put her to work.”

No one can understand why, but more and more citizens of the Empire are taking on The Patriarch Alliance religious doctrine as their own. Amazingly, the alien religion is especially popular with Terran women for some reason.

The Outer Planets, the Lost Terran Empire

2nd Edition, Published in Year 8070

Troy City, Planet Wastien
Year 8072

When Angie left the next morning, Goose felt like he was finally becoming a true master. He leaned back on the sofa and had to admit that he was glad he took up Bret’s offer. However he still remembered the strange look Angie gave him before she left. He wondered about that. Well, she can’t blame him for anything, all he did was showed her what a normal day was like for a female.

Goose looked over at Beth who was in her corner and called her over. Beth ran over, kneeled and bowed at his feet. He was surprised by Beth’s answers.

“So you are saying she loved it here?”

“Yes, master. Angie loved it and if this female was to guess; she would have loved to stay even longer if you but told her to.”

“Why? A Terran female should hate this life if all their media were to be believed.”

“Angie was surprised as well, and so was this female.” Beth referred to herself. “But she did love it here.”

“She told you? Why?”

Beth hesitated, but Goose had asked her a direct question and she was too well-trained to lie. “After working off some heat, some females like to talk. Angie was one of these females.”

Now Goose was truly surprised! Goose knew the Terrans gave it fancy names like ‘making love’ or ‘lesbian pleasure’, but in the Alliance they only call it making love when a male have sex with a female. A female was never horny but ‘in heat’ in the Alliance, and ‘working off heat’ is what they call it when 2 (or more) females have intercourse together. He never knew Angie liked other females in that kind of way, hell he never knew his sister liked other females in that kind of way!

Another thing came to mind. “I never gave permission for that.”

“No master, he did not.” Beth bowed at his feet as she answered.

Punishment was not the first thing on his mind however. Goose told Beth simply, “Tell me everything.”

“It began after you ordered her to work,” Beth started. “Angie is a Terran and she had never done any housework before. Cooking, cleaning, washing; all the chores was done by her housebots and domestic droids.”

“I’d noticed.”

“However at the end of the chores, master said that we’ve done a good job.” Beth lifted her head at this point and continued. “Angie said that her heart flew at this. She never felt better than at that point. She even briefly forgot about the pacifier in her mouth.”

“Oh that…” Once his anger had gone, Goose was slightly embarrassed by the baby pacifier. “What’s her view about that?”

“She was fully humiliated by it, but she noticed that it worked! Angie dared not make any sound after that for fear of what else you would do, Master.” Beth said. “Angie realized it was a brilliant idea.”

“I see…” Goose was surprised anyone caught in her position would think of it as ‘brilliant’. “Continue”

“She was bored kneeling in the corner and taught at first that it was a total waste of time.”

“At first?” Goose asked.

“Yes Master. Then you came behind us and stuck our ass with the cane. Angie came at the beating and the pain.”

“Of course, most females do.”

“That was not what the Terrans were taught.” Beth sounded bemused at that. “Angie was almost offended that she came.”

“That is nothing but Terran stupidity!” Goose said. “A female is totally covered and veiled to protect men from her distracting body and to protect themselves from their own disgusting vain need to beautify themselves. Cut off from all bodily contact for a long period of time, their bodies will of course response to the pain and turned it to pleasure.”

“This is proof that females are animals who cannot control themselves.” Beth intoned the chant from the ‘Ways of the Females’. “However, Angie never knew this and was downhearted at her body’s response. This was when we start to work off heat, Master”

Goose nodded. “After that, you talked some more. What did you two talked about?”

“Our daily lives and she was very interested with my schooling.”

“She was?” Goose guessed he shouldn’t be surprised at that. Angie was a school-teacher after all.

“Angie said she studied on Earth, went on to university on Planet Talon before coming here to work off her ‘bond’.” The way Beth said it; she was having a hard time understanding what a bond was. “All pretty boring actually,” she added.

“Tell me about it.” Goose replied. He smiled immediately. “Guess she finds your schooling…’strange’!”

“Yes Master.” Beth said. “This female told her about my 10 years in school and how males and females were taught to separate schools. For some reason, Angie found the idea of an all female school to be…’backwards’ was the word she used.”

“Ha! I should have known.” Goose can’t help a chuckle on that.

“This female told Angie that in the first 3 years, we had to read the “Way of the Female” aloud before we were allowed into the school. If anyone in our class said a word wrong, or if we were not unison in our chants; an electronic shock would shoot through our body, similar to the cane you use Master.”

“Guess that got her hot”

“Yes Master.” Beth replied. “When this female told her that we had to do the same thing before we were allowed to go home and that we had to chant the “Way of the Female” from memory for the last 7 years, Angie was so hot we had to work off the heat again.”

“So you did it twice?”

“We did it 4 times, Master”

Goose mentally kicked himself. There’s goes any feelings he had of being a true master. His females did it 4 times under his roof, and he knew nothing about it. “How did the rest happen?” There’s no need to explain what Goose meant.

“This female explained what we females studied in school. We were taught only the basic language for reading and writing; we were also taught simple math, but most of our studies came under ‘domestic skills’ like cooking and cleaning; ‘position arts’ and ‘pleasure arts’. Angie was most interested in the last 2 arts.”

“I could guess”

“Yes Master.” Beth said. “This female explained that for ‘position arts’, we had to hold different positions for hours on end. We could spend the whole day on our knees and our head to the floor. If we but move a muscle, the teacher behind us would cane us as you do master. For ‘pleasure arts’, we were taught what to do give our masters pleasure. How there was a hologram of a penis and we were taught the ways to best lick and suck it. We were also taught various positions females would be expected to assume and if any female failed to correctly assume the positions during class, tests or exams; there would be heavy punishment for everyone in class.”

Goose could just guess it. “And that’s when you 2 had to work off heat for the third time?”

“Yes Master”

“And the last…?”

“This female explained that towards the last 5 years of the schooling, the studies went from the physical to the mental. We were taught how different men and females truly were. That all males were superior to all females and that the ‘Path of Man’ was a holy book a female must never defile with her touch. Classes were held where a male teacher would come in and the class would do whatever he says, no matter how disgusting or humiliating it was. It does not matter what we think as we were females and it was natural that we obey men without question.”

“And that was when you had your last…”

“Not yet Master.” Beth was so into the story she actually interrupted Goose. “I gave examples of the classes. At times the male teacher would order the whole class to stand up and stripped naked. He would then order the class to put their hands into the hole between our legs. This female had to assured Angie that at times, it was the whole hand. Even though everyone in class has their hands inside, no one can come unless given permission by the teacher. An example of how a female’s body belongs to her man. If anyone in class failed to immediately do as she was ordered, punishments would be given to the whole class.”

“And then…”

“Then this female told Angie some of the other classes we had. Females were taught that all males were superior to all females. A 90 year-old grandmother is inferior to her 9 year-old great-grandson and must obey him; a female who is a genius is inferior to a male with below average intelligence and must obey him. Once an 8 year-old boy was allowed in class and the class had to obey his every command. We were all 15 by then.” Beth then continued. “This female explained to Angie that all females were inferior; that our rightful place in life is on our knees with our heads to the floor, at or under the feet of our men. All females should give their mind, body and soul to their man as this is the rightful thing to do. This is when we worked off heat for the last time, Master.”

“I see…” Goose truly could. Even with Beth fully veiled, he could sense that she was in heat already. However, he never wanted his sister that way (Not to mention that the ‘Path of Man’ strictly forbids it. Incest is not only rejected in the Alliance, anyone found guilty of it die. It’s a certain death penalty offence.) “I never gave permission for you to have pleasure with Angie, did I?”

“No Master.” Beth bowed her head to the floor as she answered.

“4 times…5 stroke each! 20 strokes of the cane. Get into position!” Goose ordered.

Beth ran to her corner and got into position as Goose took the electronic cane off the wall. Goose wasted no time and smacked that ass hard. Beth shook, but was too well-trained to make a sound. Goose beat her again and Beth shook again. Goose immediately understood his mistake. Beth wasn’t shaking from pain; she was shaking from pleasure.

Goose mentally kicked himself. This was punishment and Beth was getting off on it! Worse, he had already committed himself to 20 strokes! He would look weak (and a total idiot) if he turned around now. He smacked Beth’s ass again…and again she shook. Sighing silently to himself, Goose knew he had a long way to go before he became a true master.


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