Veila’s Tale

Veila’s Tale

by GhostWriter

This tale is set in the imaginary country of Nordker, the brainchild of GhostWriter, and part of the Vippon imaginary world. Before reading the tale it is recommended that you read his description of Nordker so that you comprehend fully just what it is all about.
The United Islands of Nordker

The Birth

The cries of the baby indicated that it was finally over. The father stood up and faced the door of the emergency room. A few seconds later, the nurse exited the door holding a small chain in his hand. Although the ultrasound had informed him earlier, the father’s expression clearly showed his disappointment.

The father took the chain from the nurse and entered the room. The only person in the room was the midhusband who was standing in the room. The father acknowledged the man with a small nod. He then walked to the creature in the bed. The creature’s head was covered in a black hood and a red ball gag was strapped tightly around her mouth. The hood has no eyeholes and outside the 2 holes for the nose, the hood covered the head totally.

The strain the birth had taken from the creature was clearly to be seen. The father showed pride seeing his property. The creature was carrying the baby at it’s’ breast, and the father couldn’t help but took a look at the baby. She was cute but now wasn’t the time for that. Tradition dictates he must make a show of his displeasure.

He walked besides the creature and savagely squeezed the nipples of the creature. The creature grunted in pain and it didn’t turn away. The father felt pride again as the creature just laid there accepting the pain given to her. “You had born me a girl.” The creature grunted in apology at the father’s words. The father then took the chain and gently chained the baby’s hands together. The father said, “With this chain, I claim this girl. Her name will be Veila.”

The Ceremony

Veila tried her hardest to stay still but it was almost impossible. Today’s is a big day for her. Today, she will be 10 and she will become a big girl.

Veila was kneeling on the ground with her hands chained loosely by her ‘children’s chain’. Her sundress was discarded already and she was dressed in the bodysuit of an adult woman. No, Veila quickly corrected herself. She is no longer a woman, she will not even be human; in a few moments, Veila will be changed to a creature.

Veila looked beside her and saw her ma and grandma kneeling quietly her. Both of them were wearing the ‘sack burqa’, blinded to the world. A blue garment, the burqa covered the whole body of the 2 wom…creatures with no eyeholes or handholds. Veila knew that below the garment, both creature were chained and soon she will join them in bondage and darkness. She couldn’t wait and wish her father will hurry up.

At that moment, the door opened and Veila found new concentration on the ground in front of her. She heard the cell door opened and could hear the footsteps of the men. She knew it would be her father and 2 brothers. Although one of them was younger than her, he was a male while Veila was not. Veila bowed her head to the ground in respect to the 3 males. Beside her, she could feel her ma and grandma doing the same thing.

Her father spoke, “Today you are 10, Veila.” Veila stayed silent as she wasn’t given any permission to speak. Her father continued, “Today, you will be an adult. Chained and hooded as a creature should be, silent and obedient to your master, doing the only thing a girl is good for; giving birth to strong sons.”

Veila raise her head and without a word, her world became dark. The hood had covered her head and Veila fought down her panic. She knew she has to stay silent and quiet or her father and 2 brothers would take the strap to her with relish. The first thing Veila discovered about the hood was how silent it was. The hood had a cushion at the area of the ears and not only was she blinded, Veila was deaf to the world. She could only hear a word if it was shouted.

Veila could feel the chain belt being put around her waist. Soon her hands were locked to the belt and her legs were locked by a chain. A ball gag then forced her mouth opened. Veila could feel a garment being put over her. It could only be the sack burqa. “Stand!” Her father’s orders were to be obeyed immediately and Veila tried to stand. With her hands and legs chained, blinded and burdened by the burqa, she couldn’t. “Stand!” Her father ordered again. Veila tried again but then she felt the cane across her back. Veila tried to cry out in pain but all that came out was a grunt.

“Stand!” Her father ordered again. As the cane rained down on her back, Veila did not give up and tried her best to stand. It’s what a big girl would do.

The Sale

She was outside the house. Although she was blinded to the world, Veila could hear the sound of the outdoors. The noise of cars, the shouts of passersby, even the barks of a dog; things she hadn’t heard of in over 8 years. The leash on her collar was pulled and Veila speed up her steps. The leg chains that had limited her steps since her coming-of-age ceremony gave her only a quarter of a step at most, however Veila was an obedient creature and she quickly shuffled her steps behind her master. Veila wondered if it was her father or brothers that were holding her leash. She quickly admonished herself. It did not matter; they are all male while she was not.

She knew she must be punished for her improper thoughts and would have to confess to her father later. She was wondering how many straps she would get when they came to a stop. No orders was given to her so Veila stood in the position she was left in and soon she felt 2 other bodies beside her. From her body, Veila knew that the 3 of them were facing one and another, shoulder to shoulder. Veila moved her head forward slightly and soon she felt the head of the other 2 creature. Together the 3 creatures stood there in a circle with their head together. Veila believed that it was her ma and grandma. A family outing was unheard of, even when her father took her ma and grandma out, she was always left behind. Her virgin status was extremely important for her sale price. Veila grunted in surprise. Her sale!

Veila suddenly became very nervous. Today was her sale. She wondered what kind of master would buy her.

Veila felt a tug in her collar leash. Like the doll she was trained to be, Veila followed the direction of the leash. After a while, she was stopped again. The collar was taken off her and then she felt the sack burqa being taken off her. Like the day when she was 10, Veila could feel the butterflies in her stomach. However 8 years of training and beatings had caused her to abandon all thoughts of moving. Veila stood in her spot like a statue.

Quietly, her ball gag was removed. Veila wanted to stretch out her mouth but she controlled herself. She wasn’t going to embarrass her father in front of her new master. Then her hood was removed. Veila was shocked by this. As a creature, her face must always be covered in public. In fact from the day of their coming-of-age ceremony, all adult women must have their face hooded and eyes blinded till the end of their childbearing age, which is considered to be 50. In fact, outside the 1 hour shower and rest period each day, Veila had always been hooded since her coming-of-age ceremony 8 years ago.

What was even more shocking to Veila was the stranger standing in front of her beside her father. Veila fought the urge to hide herself behind her father. If her father didn’t want to show her off, he wouldn’t have taken off her hood. “She looked like of plain,” the stranger said.

“A woman is only good for the babies she can produce,” her father replied. “Nothing else matters because they are good for nothing else.”

“Of course, of course.” The stranger graciously conceded the point.

“Veila!” Her father was addressing her. “This is Sven Thorist. He will be your lord and master from today. Give him many strong sons or know his wrath.”

Veila did the only she could. She kneeled and bowed her head at her new master’s feet. As her head was on the ground, she would hear a door opening and closing. “Stand up Veila.” Veila stood up at her father’s commands, long since discovering the way to stand while her hands and feet were shackled. She saw her 2 brothers in the room, each holding on to a leash to a creature. It was her ma and grandma.

“Say your goodbyes.” Her father said kindly.

Veila first approached her father and kneeled before him. He had been a good father, strict without being cruel. Veila bowed her head at his feet grateful to be born to such a man. She then stood up and shuffled to her brothers. One after another, she bowed at their feet as well. She didn’t know them that well, expect for the time they needed each other for training. Veila stood and went towards her ma and grandma.

They were the ones she would really miss. She remembered all the time the 3 of them were freed from their hood and how they would talked and advice her on her training. Veila fought back the tears in her eyes as she shuffled to them. She stood facing them and placed her head on their shoulders. In response, her ma and grandma placed their head on her shoulders. Veila felt their head on each of her shoulder and for a moment, she truly understood the closeness of the bond they had. Quietly she said her goodbyes, “Goodbye mama. Goodbye grand. I’m leaving now; you two take care of each other.”

Her ma and grandma grunted softly in response to her words. Veila understood. Slowly the 3 of them raised their heads and rubbed against each other. In their world of silence, this was the woman’s way of saying farewell. Veila’s tears flowed.

She knew she would never see them again.

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