A Unique Chance


A Unique Chance

by Janet

Lesen Sie die Originale deutche Version dieser Geschichte: Eine einmalige Gelegenheit

Illustrations by author.


Over month I tried to get a visa for visiting Kansim. My female colleagues were all shocked when they heard about this, Kansim was known to be the most hostile country in the world for women. These rumors made me curious, I wanted to see with my own eyes if it was true. Now the visa to Kansim and a small booklet with introductory information about Kansim laid on my table. Most of this information where not new to me. I quickly browsed the pages. Chapter 4 I read thoroughly, it was titled “For Women”. I read the following:

“In Kansim women are the property of men. A man can have as many women in his home as he likes. It is forbidden for a woman to leave her man, but the man has to provide for her as long as she is alive. Women neither have their own assets, nor can they have any part in the assets of the man.

In Kansim it is the general norm that women are chained, as well as they always have to be veiled. This means covering of the entire body, only allowing the eyes to be visible. A woman who shows an inch of skin will be prosecuted for prostitution. She will be punished with one hundred lashes. If she is found unchained she gets a hundred lashes as well. Is she found in an area for men only she will get fifty lashes. In all cases her owner will be informed, and it is up to him if further measures are to be taken.

On the back of every piece of clothing an identification number has to be clearly visible. You already have been assigned a number, it is in your residence documents. Your German documents as well as your mobile, credit cards and money will be taken into custody at your arrival in Kansim. We recommend you to leave these items in your home country.

In case you have any questions please feel free to contact us.”

I read the short chapter once more. I had no questions, but for the first time I doubted my idea of visiting Kansim. But to drop my plans now would be admitting I was afraid of going. I didn’t want to do that either.

The next morning I had made up my mind: I had decided to go. The sooner the better, I was not sure how long it would take before I lost courage again. Luckily in my job as a self-employed journalist I didn’t need permission from anyone, so I only informed a few people. Then I took the next bus to the airport. Wearing some old jeans and an old T-shirt I boarded the plane for Kansim. It was pleasantly almost empty.

Arrival in Kansim

The Boeing touched the ground softly and taxied to the arrival hall. I followed the few male passengers through customs. After customs there were two distinct paths. The path straight forward led directly out of the building but with a large sign saying “MEN ONLY”. Tough looking men in suits were line up along this path. I looked right where the sign said “WOMEN” and took that direction. A barrier stopped me momentarily until I noticed a bottom and pushed it. The barrier opened and after a few steps I stood in front of a door. As described in the booklet I put my papers through a letter slot. A few minutes later I was told to enter.

The woman behind the desk did not offer me to sit down and just said the few words “Change your clothes in the room behind that door. Then return here. I will take you to your owner.”


She then just kept pointing at the door. I hesitated for a minute. In a calm voice she said “If you are disobedient you will be whipped.” After these words I went into the room and undressed. Quickly I slipped into the clothing made ready for me. At the end I was dressed in several layers of clothing. I immediately felt warm. I returned to the room with the woman and asked her for something to drink. It made her come around her desk at once. The chains at her hands and feet rattled loud. She produced a gag and fitted it on me. Although I could have repelled I was too surprised to react, I had not counted on this. She inspected my clothing, then she chained my hands and feet and put one more chain around my neck. A longer chain was attached to the neck chain. “Come, your owner is waiting.”

Joachim and I knew each other from journalism school. Years ago he had emigrated to Kansim. We stayed loosely in contact, exchanged mails from time to time and called each other on and off. He gave me the idea to write an article about the life of women in Kansim. I was soon to feel the hard way that I had got a totally wrong impression of him. He sat in a comfortable chair when I was taken to him. He greeted me with a short nod and did not deign to look at the other woman. Then he took my chain out of her hand and walked out at a rapid pace. Awkwardly I almost stumbled behind him.


Although his house was quite close it seemed a very long way to me. I was not used to walk in chains and stumbled several times. One time I was about to fall, to make him pull hard on the chain and say loud: „Behave or I will teach you a lesson”. That was not the charming Joachim I knew from Germany and from our phone calls. I hoped that he was only acting to be such a violent man and tried my best to follow him. When we reached the house I was sweating all over.

He said: „Good you are here. You will be handed over to the other women immediately.” He pushed a bell. A blond woman entered. At least she was not veiled so I hoped to be out of tmy veils soon. „Evelyne, this is Janet. You will take care of her. Make sure that she will cause no trouble. Got taht?” The blonde bowed without a word. She took my chain and whispered “come”. I followed her deeper into the house. She removed my veiling, but she did not unchain me. I lifted my chained hands and gave her an inquiring look. “Sorry, no chance. Joachim wants you to stay chained. He will talk to you later on. Are you thirsty?” She gave me a glass of chilled orange juice which I emptied quickly. “Not so fast! You are not diapered yet, are you?” I shook my head. “No, I am not a baby. Forget about it.” Evelyne gave me a warning look. “You better forget such imprudent talk. Come over here.” I followed her into the dressing room. She diapered me and helped me to fit this unfamiliar item just right. “That’s much better for you. Now we will simply wait until Joachim calls for you.”

We waited in vain. After a while the house phone sounded. Evelyne answered, said just “Yes Master” and hung up. “He won’t speak with you until tomorrow so we can have a nice evening together. First we should cook us a good meal. Master will be out for dinner.” At the moment we had finished our dinner the phone sounded again. Evelyne answered the call again and like the first time she only said “Yes Master”. She then explained: “He will take us out so we have to cover.” She veiled me and then she covered herself. She knocked at a door and two heavily veiled women left the building. Together we went to meet Joachim. He chained us together and we went out in the street. We were not the only women in the street. A few were without male company but all were covered and chained.


Joachim led us down in a basement. Here Evelyne had to take a seat to which she was chained. I was taken upstairs to a restaurant.

Two women waiting

Joachim addressed everyone in the Kansim language. I did not understand a single word, but when he stopped the other men laughed and clapped their hands. Then he took me back ito the cellar and chained me next to Evelyne. I sat hardly moving. Even the slightest movement made the chains rattle. One of the other women grunted in her gag. She tried to warn me. Not long after Joachim returned. He stood in front of me and said angrily: “Have you noticed the sign over there?” I nodded. “What do you think ‘Stay still’ means?” He took a whip and hit me hard several times. When he left I sat crying and in pain. I realized more and more clearly that it was a big mistake to come to Kansim.

A few days later Joachim took Sarah and me out to visit the hospital. Sarah was pregnant; I should have a general check. We crossed a wide square with a few people on it. Joachim had ordered us to us to cover our eyes so I could only see shadows. But I heard voices and the sound of women walking in chains. Joachim walked fast as usual. The ankle chains still made it difficult for me to walk fast. We were moving towards a large building.



Sarah and I were seated in a waiting area. After he had chained us to the seats he gave us labels with our names on. We had to wait for long, then a heavily veiled nurse came to unchain us and we followed her through a glass door. Sarah and I had to part. I was checked while only being told the absolute necessary. I got brief orders and in case I did not comply immediately they hit me with a wooden stick.


Six months have passed since I came to Kansim. I have no chances for escaping. Chained and without documents I would not get far. A few days ago we visited a mall. Here I hoped the chances of escape would be better. Joachim brought us to the top floor where he removed our long chains away from us and left us. Next to the lift was a male guard, there were cameras everywhere, there were no chance to escape here. But we have had the chance to do some shopping to feel a little better. Afterwards Joachim took us to a little shop. For Sarah’s unborn child I bought some baby clothing for a boy, hoping I would be right. For girls Kansim is hell on earth.

I regret with all my heart each day I spend at this place. In case someone reads this, please warn every women you know from coming to this country. Joachim is out of the house today, he has forgotten to lock the office door. So I have the chance to write this. The pictures I have found on his computer, they don’t show me, but every woman here looks the same. Joachim returns, I must send now.




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