Life Goes On


Life Goes On

by Janet

371 Lemon Circle.


Read the original German version of this story: Das Leben geht weiter


This story is a continuation of ‘Internet Pals’ and it tells of the life of the family after that story finishes. At the beginning of this story they are living in their house in Rifan City; parents Faid and Miriam and their two daughters Yasmin and Aysha. Aysha’s journey from life in Germany, where she was called Silke, to Faid’s house was described in ‘Internet Pals’. In Rifan women live under strict control; they wear burqas and are subject to their menfolk in everything. Rifan is a fiction and all places, names and the story itself are fictitious.

Part 1 – Changes

Aysha heard Yasmin’s muffled voice: “It’s all ok, everything is fine. You were only dreaming.” Aysha opened her eyes and looked into a dark blue nothingness. Now she slowly came to and felt Yasmin stroking her. Soft shapeless pads that were felt on her body through two layers of fabric. Yes, she was in Faid’s house, in the bedroom and of course also in the night clothes. The bag over her head which blinded her, the spacious body bag which cocooned her and the heavy nappy around her middle were now familiar to her. She’d had a bad dream, of a life in poverty, and a father who beat her and called her ‘Silke’. This was over; now she was Aysha, Faid’s daughter. Her sister Yasmin was now quietly beside her. What time was it? Aysha did not know, she would simply remain at rest and wait. Yasmin’s veiled head snuggled against her cheek and like kittens they rubbed their heads together. Aysha purred pleasantly, it was nice and it was good. She was calm again and annoyed at herself. Why was she still dreaming of it? That life was in the past, it was over.

Both girls were asleep again when Miriam came into the room. She removed both their head bags and gave her daughters a good morning kiss. This was something Aysha had become fond of as well; each day began with tenderness. Then, Miriam helped them out of their body bags and their gloves, which were rather like soft balls. Dressed only in nappies the girls went to the bathroom. Miriam remained in the bedroom; she trusted her daughters, and also the two had too little time for foolishness. The girls were back in the room after only a short while; Yasmin’s dark hair was just as dripping wet as Aysha’s blond mane. Miriam quickly took a towel and dried their hair; it was warm and it went quite well without a dryer. She rubbed a special cream into their hair and then combed it. Yes, her daughters had beautiful hair.

The girls were fitted with their nappies and Miriam helped them into the very baggy knickers. She quickly threaded three leather straps through eyelets around their hips, pulled them tight and secured them so the knots were on the back. With narrow straps around the ankles their feet became enclosed like in small bags. These straps were secured as well. There now followed a wide slip of silk which was closed at the neck and wrists with straps. These were secured as well, and then Yasmine and Aysha each slipped into a simple blue caftan that was decorated with gold edgings at the neck, hem and wide sleeves. For some time both girls had voluntarily worn thin scarves over their hair and a waist-length veil of transparent material encircling the body. Miriam covered their hair with such scarves each and let the veils follow. She used some golden pins to secure the scarf and the veil. The headscarves were interwoven with gold dots, the transparent veils were light blue.

She handed the girls some blue gloves, and they slipped quickly into blue slippers before following their mother into the living room.

As Faid entered the room, both knelt and touched the floor with their forehead. Faid stroked them lightly on the head and said:

“Good morning, did you sleep well? Today I have a surprise for you but first we’ll have breakfast. ”

The women quickly took all the necessary items in the dining area, set the table and all sat down. Aysha had initially found it a bit difficult to eat with the veil; she learnt to raise it slightly with her left hand and since then, it went very well . As always, they joked and talked. It was a nice start to the day. Yasmin’s curiosity kept growing and she asked :

“Dad, what’s the surprise?” Faid grinned at his curious daughter and just said, “Wait, you’ll soon see.” After breakfast, he told the women to get ready for a car ride, that was all they could get out of him.

Aysha and Yasmin took two blue burqas out with separate oval eye slits. The slits were surrounded by white embroidery which was repeated over much of the front of the burqa. This pattern made the eye slits themselves little noticeable because they were covered by a thin blue fabric. Above the eye slits was embroidered the identification number which made it possible to determine which house the women belonged to. Miriam, Yasmin and Aysha all showed the same number. Miriam was dressed for travel in a simple pitch black burqa. She gave the girls a gag each. They were inflatable ball gags. After the balls were inflated no more sound could be heard from them. They slipped on soft shoes which were connected by short leather cords to make them trip awkwardly behind Faid to the car. He helped them inside and put the seatbelts on as usual: a lap belt, chest straps crossing down and a belt over the thighs so that they were securely fastened in their seats.

They drove for around an hour until they came to a large building. It was a modern multi-storey high-rise building with an underground parking garage which Faid entered. Here he let out the women and led them to the lift. They went to the third floor and at the end of the corridor Faid went ahead of them into an office. Here was sat an older man who invited them in. The women knelt , bowed and waited.

The man welcomed them and then called, “Sinya!” A woman in a simple white burqa appeared. He gestured her to lead the women to their positions and get seated. Sinya went ahead to the next room. It was a kind of conference room where several boxes half the height of a man and made of richly decorated wood were placed against a wall. Sinya first led Miriam to one of these boxes. She opened it, Miriam crept in and knelt on a soft pillow and the box was closed. Aysha and Yasmin as well then entered one of these boxes, and lastly Sinya had crawled into one. The lids of the boxes were made of individual wooden poles through which the boxes were provided with light and air.

The two men came in and the man introduced himself as Mr. Kaimal. He explained that he was going to expand business in Europe and USA along with some others, including Faid. Such work required experienced female secretaries who spoke German and English and who could also keep the house in order and care for the guests. Faid and he had agreed to let Faid handle this part of the business from now on while he would take care of the actual business transactions. Two more women, a native of France and an American would be coming later. Finally he said that for the women, the top floor will be prepared.

Aysha heard the news and she did not know what to make of it. She would not be able to change anything anyway. She simply decided to accept everything coming to her, just hoping to get out of the box as soon as possible. Then there came another man, and she also heard a woman being locked in the box next to her. She lost track of time, at least an hour passed until she was let out again. Now she saw that the woman to arrive last was dressed in a bright red burqa with beading. She heard faint tinkling with her every movement and guessed that the woman probably wore chains.

Faid led them to a door at the end of the hallway. He opened it with a key and gestured the women to enter the lift. They went to the top floor. The door opened and Aysha could see a hallway with several doors on the left but only one on the right. Faid opened this door to reveal a large room laid out with carpets. There were also several pillows and mats in there. The windows of the room were hidden behind fabric, only the ceiling let in natural light. The women entered the room where they felt the thick carpets being warm and soft. They tried as best they could to look around. Faid told them he would in a few moments leave them alone for a little while. First, he showed them the bathroom, a small kitchen and a side room equipped with cupboards. Then, before leaving he told them that they would be rightly informed when he returned, and they were now allowed to remove the burqas.

No sooner had he disappeared through the heavy curtain at the door before Aysha and Yasmin took off their burqas, Miriam following afterwards. The woman in red came up to Aysha and bowed. Aysha understood and helped her. She wore heavy manacles on her hands and feet which were connected by additional chains. These chains ran from her neck ring via chains connected at her left and right hands to her feet. The hands were in bondage leather gloves. She was wearing a red caftan and a red leather face mask from which a pair of dark eyes looked out. She thanked Aysha with a little bow. Now Aysha could better look at their their surroundings and Yasmin looked around just as curiously as her. On one side of the wall several metal cages were built in which held thick mattresses. In the room itself, they discovered at various points short columns provided with rings. Also there were several small fountains and the bathroom was equipped with all comforts, as well as the kitchen.

They tried to talk to the woman in red, but since she could not reply they soon gave up. After some time, they all sat down on cushions and waited. After a while they heard a voice coming from a speaker saying that they should get ready. Miriam helped the stranger into her burqa and the others dressed themselves. Faid fetched them up and led them down. Here they changed to the other lift and went home.

The two girls could not wait to learn more from Faid. Now all were sat in the living room, Aysha and Yasmin started talking at once to him. He raised his hand and said:

“Be calm, please, both of you! You will get to hear everything that you need to know, do not talk now, I’m talking!” He then proceeded to tell them that they would move and this had been discussed some weeks ago with Mr. Kaimal in private. Their house would be sold and they would live in the office buidilng. He stressed that this would mean the girls could stay together because they would continue to be in his house. As for their future roles in the new house, he did not say, thinking that they had been told the essential already. At the end he said: “Do not be upset, I’m sure everything will be fine. We will move very soon.”

Over the coming days the women little by little packed everything to gradually make the house bare. Some pieces of furniture was left in the house, others were little by little taken away. The women often sat in the garden which Miriam herself had created and had herself chosen each plant. She was sad that all these things had to go into strange hands. Yasmin was depressed too for she had lived there since birth and knew every inch of the house. Here she had learned to walk, here was where she had played. They were going away and a chapter in their lives was coming to an end. Aysha was not that much attached to the house but she was afraid of the new place. How would it be like to live there?

They ate for the last time in the house that supper and then Miriam led the girls into the bathroom for the last time. As always, she undressed the two and when they were naked, chained their wrists to the rings attached to the rim of the tub. They were allowed to remain in the tub for a long time, Miriam sat with them letting them enjoy the warm bath. She cleaned them and washed their hair, dried them and combed the hair.

Aysha was almost asleep when Yasmin snuggled up to her. She noted that Yasmin was restless and said: “We will stay together.” From Yasmin’s head bag was a comforting: “Yes, forever.” Then they both fell asleep.

The next morning, they ate only a small breakfast. Faid insisted that the women dressed specially for the occasion. All three dressed in gold-coloured kaftans and gloves secured around the wrists. The burqas were also gold. Above and below eye level a semicircular row of diamonds were attached. Inside the oval thus formed was a mosaic of set coloured stones. The mosaic resembled open eyes. With the burqas came shoulder-length scarves which concealed these artificial eyes. Instead of the usual shoes they wore leather bags filled with small metal balls. The women were now blind and almost unable to move. Faid had to carry the women to the car in the garage.

He drove to the underground parking and fetched a trolley. With this he brought the woman one by one to the lift. Then they ascended. Faid led them into the same room as last time. The women knelt down on the floor glad not to have to stand on the metal balls any longer. Aysha heard Faid talking with Mr. Kaimal. Then they moved on to the top floor. Although it wasn’t far Aysha moans into her gag because walking hurt a lot. They reached the large room of the top floor, at the door Faid removed their gloves and opened. He pushed the three women through the door and locked it behind them.

They took off their burqas and looked around. The fountains were turned on and the air was cool and fresh. Even more pillows had now been placed in the room, as well as some small tables. In one corner they found a computer and next to it Yasmin saw their games. In the bathroom everything was provided for them, as well as in the kitchen. Jewellery, clothing and a few personal belongings they found in the small room, everything was clean and tidy. They asked themselves who had done all this.

The curtain moved and a woman also dressed in gold hobbled in awkwardly. She knelt down and Miriam took off her burqa. The phone rang and she answered it. It was Mr. Kaimal who told her that she should make themselves comfortable as they would stay upstairs until the evening. He also said that they should turn on the PC , from now on they would have all the necessary information transmitted to it. Yasmin fired the PC up and read:

Welcome to your home! You are not needed anymore today. Please make yourselves accustomed, Jila is allowed to talk with you. If you need something please send a message.

Yasmin turned to the other women and said:

“Well, then we make ourselves comfortable. I’ll take a look at the kitchen, perhaps there is something delicious to eat and drink.” Though before she could go to the kitchen Jila said, “No, please stay. I’ll make you something to eat and bring your drinks. My master says that I shall be your servant.” She then let her forehead touch the floor and stood up. More hopping than walking, she moved to the kitchen. Miriam and the girls looked at her inquiringly. Yasmin went to the computer and wrote: Why should Jila be our servant? We need no one to serve us. The answer came promptly: It shall be as it is Faid wrote. So it was so and Yasmin found the idea of having a servant very exciting.

Jila brought them chilled orange juice. Miriam asked her to stop a moment and lifted Jila’s caftan a little. As she assumed Jila wore cuffs around her ankles which were connected by a short chain. Jila did not wear the usual knickers, only a petticoat and the caftan. Her toenails were painted with red nail polish and carefully shaped. She wore neither shoes nor stockings. Miriam knew that there were slaves in Rifan and that Jila was such one. She nodded to the slave girl smiling and Jila went back into the kitchen.

It did not take long and Jila brought out a tray with three bowls of mixed salad. She put the tray down, bowed and sat down a little away. Miriam asked her to sit with them but Jila shook her head. Probably this had been forbidden by Mr. Kaimal. The three ate with gusto and then Jila cleared everything away. Jila then went to the computer, wrote something and by pointing made Miriam go to PC. Miriam read:
You are now going to be dressed by Jila for your free time, she knows how it should be done, Faid.
Miriam was curious and she made a small nod to Jila and then told the girls what she had read.

Jila came from the small room and put an iron cuff around the right ankle of each woman. A chain linked these cuffs together and was then attached to one of the columns. The women were able to move in their seats but they could not move around the room. Next, Jila put on them wide, semi-transparent burqas so that they were completely veiled. She herself stayed unveiled and took her position away from them. Yasmin looked inquiringly at her mother and then asked:

“Do you know what’s the purpose of this, mum?”

“No,” replied Miriam, “but since it is decreed by your father then it has to be like this.”

“But what if we need something or want to move?”

“I do not know.” Here Jila came up to speak and she said she would bring anything they needed, and unchain them if necessary. But they had to tell her.

They passed the time with a film and it was soon bedtime.

Jila helped them to undress and led them into the bathroom. Thereafter, they were dressed for the night in their sleeping bags, Jila doing this as well. Miriam was led to a cage which Jila secured with a lock. Aysha and Yasmin were allowed to sleep together in another cage. They snuggled together, it was almost like in their old home.

Jila now also showered and lay down on a mattress. She stayed in her day clothes since only free women slept in sleeping bags.

Part 2 – During the following month

The days all went quietly. They all had got used to the situation. The women learned how to walk wearing the metal girdles, it was not easy but over time they had become quite good. When they were locked up in their rooms Jila brought them what they wanted and in the office they were strapped down on the pillows to result in the distances they had to cover waddling with legs wide apart were kept to a minimum. Faid often took them to have lunch with him in his quarters and Miriam now spent most nights with him. This meant Aysha and Yasmin had the woman quarters to themselves through the night but with Jila with them.

They were now able to answer calls at the office and make a conversation. Miriam had recorded the necessary phrases in German and English. From “Hello, Rifan Enterprise Incorporated, what can I do for you?” through common questions such as “Would you please tell me the invoice number” or “To which letter are you referring? Please let me know the reference number” and a number of other phrases about business transactions until “Goodbye, I wish you a nice day”. All the spech was stored in a computer database. Answering the phone automatically opened the database and the women were able to produce the respective phrases without speaking themselves. Aysha sometimes wished she was able to speak herself to chat a bit. That this was not allowed and probably never would be to leave her somewhat melancholic.

The guest apartments on the lower floors became ready for use and were now being offered to business partners. The first requests were made and soon they would have the first guests staying with them. Aysha and Yasmin at the moment only knew that they were to take care of the guests and keep the apartments in good order as well. They both looked forward to the change this would bring.

Faid had lunch with them at his quarters. As usual they sat on pillows but at this occasion without being strapped down. The women very much enjoyed to be able to move their legs the little the metal girdle allowed. They had their legs apart, Miriam still found this humiliating while the girls had got used to it. Faid said: “Today, no more office work, we immediately go to the airport to pick up women. Definitely you would like to come with me.” Yes, they were very happy to go and were looking forward to get away from the house. Faid started with taking them to their rooms where Jila had made everything ready.

With the help of Jila they dressed down to their underwear. For the girls Jila had laid out bright blue caftans with gold edgings. Miriam got a plain dark blue kaftan. Jila fitted them with masks over the lower face with inflatable gags which prevented any sounds. Yasmin tried unsuccessfully to speak, she could not even manage to produce a hiss through the gag. Their hair was covered with scarves matching the caftans and then a thin white lace veil reaching the hips was put on. Jila fitted the girls with bondage leather gloves that were secured with small locks. Their hands were now formed into fists and blue ball-shaped leather bags with thick lining were pulled over them. At the wrists these gloves had an edging matching that on the caftan. Under this edging was a strap to lock the gloves with a small golden lock on the top side. Miriam wore normal dark blue gloves. For the girls Jila had laid out the light blue burqas with white clouds as ornaments. They had two narrow slits for viewing made to appear as small clouds. Miriam got a plain dark blue burqa. In the house they wore no shoes, their trousers were reinforced with thick cloth at the bottom. Over their feet Jila now fitted leather bags. The leather was smooth and firm to give the women little grip while walking. Jila put a bag behind the curtain and told them to move there as well. She bowed deeply to dismiss herself for the women to go behind the curtain.

It didn’t take long before Sinya came to fetch them. As usual she wore a simple white burqa. She pointed silently towards the lift to make the women go there as fast as they could. Also Sinya now always wore a metal girdle for her to waddle as awkward as the others. When they arrived at the ground floor Faid was waiting and they went together down to the underground parking. The car had a small ramp for the three women being able to enter the vehicle one by one. Faid assisted them and secured them. As usual they were firmly fixed to the seat by several belts and their feet were held by rings fastened to the vehicle floor with chains. Miriam sat in the front next to Faid, the two girls on the middle row.

They found a parking space near the terminal, Faid helped the women out and they headed for the arrival hall. After a few minutes the women had trouble continuing. The leather bags on their feet were contiously about to slip on the polished stone of the walkway and in addition the metal girdle made their walking insecure. They waddled as best they could behind Faid and although he walked very slowly he had to stop all the time not to lose them. They sweated heavily in the hot clothing and every breath reminded ​​them of how hot they were. Yasmin hoped that they would be there soon, Aysha just followed Miriam apatheticly and Miriam asked herself how and if they would manage the walk back. They used half an hour for a distance which Faid would have covered in less than ten minutes alone.

He led the three to a bench, they were glad to be able to sit down. He wanted to inquire about the flight and fixed the women to the bench with metal brackets. Even without this they had no intention to get up, they were glad to wait sitting down.

Faid learned that the plane would land on time in half an hour. He went to the woman area of ​​the airport with the bag they had brought. A woman shrouded in a pitch black burqa sat at the counter. She typed something for Faid to read on a monitor in front of him: “Sir, please fill out the form in front of you and attach it to the bag.” So he did and put the bag on a conveyor belt next to the counter. “Thank you Sir. The bag will be scanned, please wait a moment.” The belt moved for a few seconds for the bag to disappear into the scanner. “It is all right Sir. The bag may be claimed by your wife Miriam at any time. Thank you very much and have a nice day.” Faid returned the greeting but the woman was motionless.

He went back to the three women and told them that they would still have to wait a little longer. Aysha watched the people passing by as closely as her veiling allowed. Men in western clothes and all the women in burqas. She saw only three unveiled women. One was wearing a long skirt with a blouse and a scarf covering her hair. Apparently a European or American women who looked very odd among the other women. She disappeared behind one of the barriers, perhaps she had just landed in Rifan to transfer to another plane. The other two unveiled women were slaves who were led by a man by leashes. They carried luggage, and behind them followed several women. These were in burqas like all free women to make the slaves wearing only caftans seem naked by comparison. Yasmin as well looked around as musch as she could, she looked forward to be able to talk about all of this with Aysha. Miriam did not take interest in the hustle and bustle of the hall, it made her nervous and she closed her eyes.

When the plane was about to arrive in a few minutes Faid undid the brackets which kept the women seated and motioned for them to follow him. They walked slowly close to the arrival counter to stop behind Faid. Among the first who came through the customs control were two young unveiled women who looked around searching. Faid went up to them and welcomed them. Then he led them to Aysha, Yasmin and Miriam. All three bowed to the newcomers. Aysha in that moment thought that once she arrived just like that. It was long ago but at that moment it seemed as if it had been only minutes before. She would gladly have given both a friendly word of welcome and been happy to say that they had noting to fear or worry. But she could only bow in silence. Faid got the women’s papers and for a short while went to an official. He came back and said, “Everything is fine. Now you go and get something to drink. Yet I have an appointment here, I’ll fetch you in two hours.” He led the women to women area. To the woman in black burqa he said: “These five women are to stay here. Please give this woman (he pointed to Miriam) the bag that I have handed in earlier. The women are allowed to drink, I pay in advance.” He put his credit card on the counter: “Thank you Sir, it will be carried out as you wish . Please insert the card into the machine.” The woman did not move to front him, only this text appeared on the monitor. “Thank you Sir, your women are now allowed to enter.” Miriam, Aysha and Yasmin bowed to Faid and walked towards the door. The other two followed them. Faid disappeared in the hall.

Through a lock they entered the women’s area. A woman in a white caftan helped them remove the burqas and even undid the masks with gags. Yasmin held the gloves up and said, “What about these?” Miriam told her that the gloves had to stay on to make Yasmin stare angry at her mother. The long white lace veils had to stay on as well. Miriam now turned to the two newcomers and said, “First I like to say welcome properly. I’m Miriam, the cheeky little one is my daughter Yasmin and this is my second daughter Aysha. Warmly welcome to Rifan!” She took hold of an arm of them both and pulled them close. “We all speak English, please tell me your names, but first Aysha and Yasmin would like to welcome you as well.” Aysha said, “Welcome, I am happy that you are here.” Yasmin greeted with “Welcome, awesome to meet you.” Then Miriam went on: “Come, let us sit down, there is a corner free.” She went ahead and Aysha saw the two become very surprised at the wide-legged waddling. “This is just because of our clothing, we are not disabled or so. You will soon understand.” Yasmin had a slightly stressed tone as she said this. They reached the corner and the women sank relieved down on the cushions.

“I’m Lucie from Paris, I’m going to work as a secretary and taking care of guests.” “Hi, I’m Pat from New York and I expect to do the same. It’s a great offer and now I’m here.” Lucie had long brown hair, a fair complexion and large dark eyes. She looked good and had a charming smile. Pat’s skin was much darker and she had shoulder length black hair tied into a ponytail. Both wore light summer clothes.

The drinking was served, Miriam had ordered juice for all. Aysha and Yasmin used straws. They all talked for a while, then Miriam said: “Well, now I’ll help you change your clothes. You two stay here.” “As if we would run away,”said Yasmin. Aysha only said “Yes mother.” Miriam left with the two newcomers and went to claim the bag. When she was out of earshot Yasmin said: “They’re about to experience quite a shock, I bet.” “Yes certainly, it will be a shock not esily forgotten to be sure,” Aysha agreed. Then they fall silent just drinking. It took quite some time before Miriam returned. Behind her followed two women in white caftans decorated with a blue edging at the hem and wrists. Both wore white scarves covering the hair. Only at second glance they were recognizable as Pat and Lucie. They sat down again and Pat moaned: “Hey, this is very uncomfortable and looks bad. The contract says nothing about this.” “Yes, it says clothes is supplied,” said Lucie, softly, then, “but not like this. We’ll take this up for discussion.” Miriam and the girls did not say anything but all thought: “Talking will not get you anywhere.” The newcomers had many questions and Miriam and the girls answered these as best they could.

A woman from staff came over to their table and said: “Your master is awaiting you, please put your things on and leave.” Miriam now took two gag masks from the bag. When Pat and Lucie saw them they shook their heads and Pat began to protest. Two staff women quickly came up behind them and held them firmly. Miriam was now able to gag them. Lucie let it happen without resistance. Miriam put bondage leather gloves on both, then they were covered in white burqas decorated with blue ornaments. Miriam gagged her daughters as well and put their burqas on. Last she was herself dressed by one of the staff.

They went out in the hall where Faid was awaiting them. The three bowed immediately to him and when Miriam briefly nudged Pat and Lucie they bowed as well. Faid went ahead to the car, despite slowly waddling they reached it as well, and he helped the women to enter.

Back at the house Faid led them into the conference room. Mr. Kaimal stood in the middle of the room. The women bowed to him. He briefly welcomed the newcomers and then pointed to the cages. Miriam and the girls entered the cages immediately and were locked up. Sinya took Pat and Lucie to the cages. They were locked up as well. Mr. Kaimal placed himself where the newcomers could see him through the bars. He said:

“Once again, a warm welcome to Rifan and in our house. Mr. Faid and I run this business and this house. You know that already. You will work as secretaries and take care of our guests here. We expect from you that you subordinate yourself to us and do as you are told. Here in Rifan the women obey the men, if you do it as well you’ll have a good stay. If not we will teach it to you, we will put you in your place.”

His speech was interrupted by a loud knock. Pat bangeed furiously against the wall of the wooden cage in which she was trapped. She felt like a trapped animal, she wanted to get out of the cage and return to the United States. She kicked with her full force against the wall and tried to speak despite the gag. The gag made ​​it impossible to utter something, for her was only the loud knocking against the wall to show how angry she was.

Mr. Kaimal looked into her cage and said, “You are going to learn something and the others are going to watch you. Please Sinya get the cane.” She brought him a solid wooden cane and opened the cage on his command. Sinya took hold of Pat to get her out of the cage, she crawled out and wanted to stand directly facing Mr. Kaimal. But he hit her at the back of the knees with the cane to make her fall to the ground. When she tried to stand up again she received blows to the sides. She stayed on the ground and he said:

“Here we have a saying: A donkey learns where there is food and he learns who his master is. You’ll learn that now.” He raised his hand and beat her until she lay at full length on the floor. Then he ordered her to kneel. Sinya lifted her and stood before her. While Sinya held Pat Mr. Kaimal hit her on her back. Then he said: “Get into the cage, quickly!” Pat crawled as fast as she could into the cage which was again locked.

“This is hopefully now clear to all, I’m the one speaking now and you stay quiet. First you’ll learn our language, Miriam will teach you. You will not leave the house, all you need is here. We have fulfilled our part of the contract, now you’ll fulfill yours. Sinya will take you upstairs.”

He made a sign to her, the cages were opened. The women bowed, Pat too immediately. She had learned her lesson, she was hurting all over. But she would not give up and would wait for another occasion.

Sinya took them up after Mr. Kaimal had unlocked the gloves. Jila was waiting for them as they stepped through the curtain. She helped them undress after she had bowed deep to the women. The bondage gloves were replaced by ordinary ones and the women got the semi-transparent burqas. Only Pat remained completely naked, she were not to be chained either. Jila led the other to four cushions where they sat facing the center between them. Now again an iron cuff was closed around the right ankle of each and a chain attached to it. Each chain she secured to one of the columns.

Jila led Pat to the center between the four others. The women now saw the traces of the beating. Pat was crying silently and just let things happen. Jila slowly turned her around. In several places bruises were already visible, in some places the skin had burst. Jila took a pot of ointment and rubbed the bruises and then dressed the worst injuries. She made Pat lie flat on the floor and produced a chain with four cuffs for her. The cuffs were attached around both wrists and both ankles. Pat now knelt naked in front of the women. Jila next gave her a thin burqa on. Pat shook her head repulsively. Before Miriam could say anything Jila took a firm grip at Pat’s upper arm and pulled her upwards by it. Pat immediately cried out in pain. Jila let go and Pat fell sobbing back on her knees.

“May we speak English?” Miriam asked Jila. “No, no English, you will translate what is said,” came the prompt reply. Jila knelt behind Miriam for her to hear each and every word. Miriam, after the words of Mr. Kaimal, took no risk and translated everything as best she could.

The stories of Lucie and Pat were much the same. Both had large debts that were paid by Mr. Kaimal as they had committed themselves to work for several years as a secretary. Gullible they had signed the contracts, only now they understood what it meant. Pat hardly participated in the conversation but from time to time she nodded or spoke a few agreeing words. Miriam and the girls described everyday life and tried as best they could to comfort the two newcomers. Miriam sharpened the tone by telling them to obey orders, there was no other choice. Aysha told that she as well had had some problems to overcome, but now was very happy with her life here.

While Jila made dinner the women were silent. As usual Jila served the dinner on one of the tables and then unlocked the chains. Pat got unchained as well. They all got seated at the table and began eating. Lucie und Pat started cautiously but then they did justice to the food. Jila was a good cook. When the meal was over she quickly cleared the table and then went to the kitchen. The others stayed seated.

Jila came back and went to the computer. Sie wrote some lines and after a few minutes she came to the other women. Facing Miriam she said: “You are now to be bathed, and the two to be plotted. That is what the men want.” Miriam translated to make Lucie und Pat ask what “plotted” entitlet. Miriam kept silent.

Jila helped the women undress, Pat’s bandages were removed as well. On the wounds Jila applied a spray dressing. Miriam and the girls took their arms on the back, Lucie and Pat followed their example. Jila quickly put them in handcuffs. As Lucie was about to protest Miriam gave her a look of warning. Then they went to the bathroom. Jila led them to the showers. Metal cuffs were closed around their ankles to make them stand with legs apart. Jila now tied their hands together with the one standing beside. Aysha’s left and Yasmin’s right were cuffed and connected with short chains which were attached to rings on the wall. The women were now standing in the shower with arms outstretched and legs spread thus being unable to move. They watched Jila undress as well and then take a large bucket out of a cabinet. After the cover of the bucket was removed a strong sweet scent flowed from it. Jila began with Aysha and smeared her body with the white substance in the bucket. Aysha felt how the thick cream was distributed over her body, it was a pleasant feeling except for the intense smell. Jila worked quickly and carefully after a short time all the women were white from the neck down, only the part of their backs covered by the hair got no cream. Jila rubbed herself with the cream as well.

At the beginning the women found the cream to be pleasant. After a few minutes their skin began to itch slightly like a sunburn. Jila went to a hose on the wall and rinseded some of the cream off, next she rubbed them all over with a towel and rinsed again. Then she stood before them and observed them with a mocking expression. The light burning was quickly turning to pain. They tried to escape their bonds to be able to remove the cream. It was of course in vain. Miriam requested Jila to remove the cream, but the slave girl just looked at her with a grin. The skin now burned like fire and the women began to cry. Jila now turned on the showers and out of the walls and the ceiling flowed strong jets of water. Quickly most of the cream came off, the rest was rubbed away with a sponge. She let the women stand a little longer under the full flow of the showers, then she regulated it down and began to wash them. They all had skin as red as a lobster. The cream had removed all body hair as it was intended, they were now hairless except for the head. Their bonds were loosned, they were towelled and rubbed with a skin emollient. The cooling cream did them well.

Back in the room Jila prepared Aysha and Yasmin for the night. Lucie and Pat watched curiously. The girls were led to their cage and it was locked. When Pat saw this she moaned briefly to receive a glance of warning from Jila which made her silent. Lucie and her were now locked in separate cages, finally followed Miriam. All soon fell asleep. Jila soon was dreaming as well, she enjoyed her little triumph, at this moment she had no idea she would have to pay dearly for it.

Jila roused the women and took them to the bathroom. All had slept badly, their skin was burning and Pat suffered from the consequences of the lashes. After the shower Jila rubbed them with an ointment which eased the pain. At a sign from Jila the women lie down on the carpet, they were fitted with nappies and also the metal girdles. Pat tried to bend the legs slightly, thereby hoping to retain more freedom of movement. It made Jila sit down on her legs and pull the straps on the metal girdle particularly tight. Pat groaned. For Miriam, Lucie and Pat Jila had prepared white caftans, Yasmin and Aysha slipped into dark red. They had breakfast, then Jila reported that the women were ready. Miriam and the two new she took to the cushions and chained them as usual. They got the transparent burqas on as well. After having done this she produced gag masks, red gloves and dark red burqas embroidered with silver beads. Aysha and Yasmin were now fully dressed. They had to wait behind the curtain for Sinya to fetch them.

Aysha thought about, while she answered the incoming mails, whether to tell Faid of what had happened. She was afraid of Jila, also because her father would approve of what had happened. After considering pros and cons, she sent a short message to Faid: “Father, may I please speak with you? It is important!” Faid responded immediately. He came with his notebook and connected it directly to Aysha’s PC. Then he removed the PC from the network. They could now communicate undisturbed.

Quickly Aysha told what had happened and described how her skin burned and itched. Faid read without interrupting. He told her that he would look into it and went to Yasmin. After reading Aysha’s account she nodded. Faid was sure that the girls were telling the truth but he needed certainty. From his PC he ordered Jila to get the women upstairs to the door. He quickly went upstairs himself, waited a little while and opened the door. Miriam and the other two were shrouded in white burqas which had no mesh for the eyes. Instead the burqas had semi-transparent fabric embroidered with beads to make the women almost blind. They bowed to Faid who led them to his room. Here the two young women were placed on pillows and chained. He took Miriam to the bedroom where he removed her burqa and the gag mask.

“Aysha has told me what has happened. Take your clothes off, I want to see for myself.” Miriam obeyed in silence and soon she stood naked in front of her husband. Otherwise this always excited him, this time he could hardly suppress his anger. Her body was red as a lobster and the skin broken and bloody in several places. “Are you in pain?” Miriam nodded silently. He ordered her to get dressed again without reapplying the mask. When getting back to Pat and Lucie Miriam removed their masks as well. She sat down on a pillow and Faid chained her too. Before he left the three he said: “I’ll bring this to a close. You stay here. Only I can take you away, no one else!” In a hurry he went to the office of Mr. Kaimal. He described in short sentences what had happened. Mr. Kaimal listened attentively and silently. At the end Faid said: “That won’t do, I will not allow my women to be treated like that.” Mr. Kaimal nodded and said Jila should be punished. He asked whether Faid had any suggestions. Faid just shrugged his shoulders. Mr. Kaimal smiled at him and called Sinya. He gave her a list, she bowed and left. Faid now looked questioningly at him and got only a short “She goes shopping, it will take a while.” as answer.

Before Sinya left the house she changed her clothes. She did not like to go out alone, the police paid strict attention to that a woman behaved well in public. Standing close to a man could mean caning, a woman standing in front of a shop window risked a similar punishment. Sinya took off her burqa and got the things to put on ready. First the gag mask, then a kind of helmet to be closed at the neck. The helmet was made ​​of thick leather with only holes for the eyes. She took the shopping list and attached it with two ties on the outside of the right glove. The gloves were connected with a short string; while walking she would keep the hands close to the body. First she pulled the leather bags over her feet, then she took the helmet and put it on. She clicked its lock, now it could only be removed with a key. On top of her caftan she pulled a heavy black veil and then a black burqa. Before she put the gloves on she looked in the mirror. Everything was well covered, she could leave. Her hands disappeared into the gloves.

Sinya walked close to the walls to the street corner where she waited a little away from the curb until the pedestrians crossed the street. Then she followed them as fast as she could. After this she only had to go a few hundred meters straight forward. Just after entering the store she took a position kneeling and bowed. When a woman came to her she stopped bowing. Still kneeling she held her glove forward while ensuring that the burqa still covered her. The woman informed her that Mr. Kaimal had already called, the items were already packed. She gave Sinya a bag which she attached to the string between her gloves. Sinya bowed and left the store. Also on the way back she was lucky and she could return to the house without any problems.

The men in the meantime had fetched Jila. She knelt on the floor, Mr. Kaimal had placed a blanket over her. Her hands and feet were attached to a heavy chain that was connected to a ring on the floor. She could not move, waited and was scared. She understood that one of the women had betrayed her, she did not know who and what would happen to her. When Faid had commanded her to the door she came immediately. He had beaten her and let her crawl on hands and knees to the lift. With blows he brought her into the room where the men chained her and coverd her with the blanket. She could see nothing and only hear sound muffled. Sinya brought the items directly to Mr. Kaimal. Then she changed her clothes. Mr. Kaimal had ordered her to come to him, she entered his room and on a sign from him she knelt in a corner.

Faid had gone to Miriam and the girls. He took them down the hall to their rooms. They were told to dress in identical burqas and then put in chains. Miriam selected for them all brown burqas which had only a narrow slit for the eyes. After they had put on the burqas they were each cuffed at hands and feet and these were connected by a long chain with rings attached. At last Miriam handcuffed herself. She took the keys with her. Faid was waiting behind the door. Miriam gave him the keys and they all went as fast as they could to the lift. When they entered the room they knelt and touched the forehead to the floor. They were allowed to stand again and were led to Jila. They stood in a circle around the blanket under which Jila knelt motionless and silent.

“It is not your job to punish, but Faid and I have decided that you should do a part of the punishment. You will each get a metal ball with a string. The ball has spikes. You may beat Jila with it. If you won’t or we see you spare her you will feel the cane.” With these words Mr. Kaimal pulled the blanket away and held a ball forward to each. At the other end of the string a plastic ball was attached so that the women could keep good hold of the ball despite bondage and burqa. First they let the balls swing freely to get a feel for them. They were heavy and swung easy back and forth. After they all had let their balls have a few free oscillations Jila got the first hit. There was a slapping sound and blood instantly showed on the skin. Jila remained silent, she knew that this was only the beginning. Pat was the first to hit for real, she really wanted to hurt Jila and immediately went on. Also Lucie hit hard, the two girls only let their balls hit lightly. Miriam swung her ball without touching Jila, she did not want to hurt her. Mr. Kaimal observed this and hit Miriam with a cane. Now she began to focus the ball on Jila as well. It didn’t take long before Jila screamed loud. Her skin was covered with small open wounds. Blood was all over her body. Faid gave the women a sign to stop. They stepped a little back and knelt on the floor. Sinya was called for, she helped Jila out of the room.

“We are through with this and I hope you will all be more careful in the future. We will now show you the downstairs rooms. Soon the first guests will be here and then you have to know how to maintain the rooms. So take good notice of everything we tell you.”

The women bowed and then were allowed to get up. Faid removed their ankle cuffs. Yasmin showed her hands a little from under the burqa, but the handcuffs were not removed. They walked to the lift and went to the ground floor. Here Mr. Kaimal first showed them the lock on the door. It was to be opened by inserting a card into a slot. In addition a code had to be entered. Since the women neither had this card nor knew the code it was impossible for them to open the door. They then went to the inner courtyard.

Around a pool were several sunbeds and sunshades. The women could dimly see a high wall that surrounded the yard. The sunbeds were for the guests, as well as the pool. The woman, who were here to serve, would certainly not use the sunbeds or swim in the pool. Back in the house they went into one of the apartments. All had an identical floor plan. First a small hall with the bathroom door and the wardrobe. Then you came into a kind of living room where there was a television, a table, a desk and comfortable chairs. In one corner was a mattress, they were told to kneel down there if requested by the guests. In the bedroom there was a comfortable bed, a large wardrobe and a cage. The latter could be used by the guests as desired. As was customary in Rifan rings and other means for shackling were installed in the apartment. Faid said expressly that the guests, after consultation with him or Mr. Kaimal, had the right to punish the women if they didn’t behave well. They went back to their main room where the women were ordered into the cages. Mr. Kaimal stood before them and said:

“You have now seen everything for a start. When the guests are here one or two of you will be working here. That means you clean and you get what the guests want. You will not talk nor write. If you do that you will be punished. Also, you will not take something which belong to the guests. If you enter a room and someone is there you kneel and wait for instructions. While in the room with a guest you do as you are told. Before you leave you kneel and wait for permission. The first guests arrive tomorrow. Yasmin and Aysha will now make apartment 3 ready. The others go upstairs. Take care of Jila.”

The cages were opened and the women crawled out and bowed. Sinya brought Miriam, Lucie and Pat upstairs. When in their room Miriam took off their burqas and masks. Faid had removed their handcuffs downstairs. Jila lay in a corner crying. She was smeared in blood and some wounds were still bleeding. Miriam sought out the transparent burqas for Pat and Lucie. They sat down on the cushions. Now Miriam began to gently wash Jila and to take care of her wounds. Jila continued to cry but she looked grateful at Miriam. When Miriam had finished treating her she told her to remain lying. Jila nodded. Miriam gave her a light blanket. Then she put on one of the transparent burqas herself and sat down. She wondered when Jila would be fresh again and decided meanwhile to cook and together with the others clean. Whether Faid would allow them to shower alone she did not know, she got up and wrote a short note to him. His answer was clear. Sinya would come to them. Miriam bowed and wrote: “Yes Sir, thank you!”

Sinya brought the girls to apartment 3. They brought cleaner from a closet in the hallway and started to clean. It took long even though the girls tried to hurry. They became very hot under their burqas, they had difficulty holding the cleaning tools and to clean everything thoroughly. As the last they made the bed, then Sinya brought them upstairs. Miriam removed their masks and when they all were seated she said:

“Things are going to change here, we will see how it will be. Please do what you are told and don’t make any troubles.” The last words made them look at Pat. Pat nodded and said nothing. She still hoped to escape. Perhaps the guests would provide a chance. Yasmin said that at least it would be nice having other people in the house. Aysha agreed. Although they would not be able to talk with the guests even their presence would be a change. They talked for some time, then Miriam made dinner and soon Sinya came to shower them and prepare them for the night.

The story is continued soon.

Comments and criticism are welcomed, the copyright belongs to me.
Janet_ro2000 ‘at’ yahoo ‘dot’ de

Translated from German to English by Bo_Emp


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    1. I also love this story. Some more has been written but only in German. Janet never finished it. I have asked several times that she will but nothing happened yet. I hope that it is finished one day soon!


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