Alisha Earns Her Veil: Chapter 2

Alisha Earns Her Veil

© “Michelle” 2005

Chapter 2 – A Cardboard Veil

She goes to fetch the wedding burqa from the car but on her return Alisha appears to have gone missing. Looking round, all she can see is the last cardboard box of her future daughter-in-law’s belongings on the floor.

“Odd. I thought I’d packed all of her stuff.”

She walks over to the box and goes to lift it but finds it far too heavy. Then she opens the lid and gives a gasp, then shrieks.

“What are you doing in there !?”


Alisha looks up and grins.

“Phone Javed and tell him to come and get me.”

“But why are you naked ?”

“Just think how he’ll feel when he knows there’s only a layer of cardboard between him and my naked flesh.”

“Couldn’t you at least put some underwear on ?”

“That’s the whole point. My only veil is this cardboard box. He knows he cannot open it even though every urge in his body will be screaming out to do so.”

“I think you are playing the tease a little bit too much my dear. And you’ll probably catch a cold after getting used to wearing so much clothing.”

“Oooh.” Alisha gives a groan of frustration at Rana’s negative attitude.

But before she can begin to get out, Rana has shut the lid and begins to tape it down.

“I need some air holes.” a muffled voice emerges from the box.

“Indeed you do. Though there’s one hole you don’t need.” Rana laughs, lifts the lid again, tapes up Alisha’s mouth then punches a few holes in the cardboard before closing and resealing the box.


Alisha waits silently inside the box, realising it will take at least half an hour for Javed to appear.

She waits for the box to move.

And waits.

And waits.

Of course judging the time is difficult at best but surely he should be here by now.

‘Where is he ? I’m getting cramps.’

She wriggles a bit to get more comfortable.

‘Why am I always getting myself in these restrictive situations ?’

‘Because Javed will be creaming himself again of course !’

‘But shouldn’t he be here by now ?’

Despite the tight surroundings, one hand finds itself reaching for her clitoris whilst the other fondles one breast. She begins to build herself up to climax when she realises what she is doing.

‘Stop it Alisha. You are not allowed to do this anymore !’

‘Why aren’t I allowed to do it ?’

‘I don’t know. I’ve just been told it’s not allowed.’

‘Hmm. Not good.’

‘I must ask Rana to explain.’

Somehow she pulls her hands back and rests her head on one, though the other cannot really avoid caressing her bosom.

‘Oooh. Where is he ?’

She waits.

And waits.

And waits.

She gives a shudder as she hears the tape being pulled off and the box begins to open. Looking up she sees Rana looking down on her.

“Ready to go now ?”

“Mmmph … mmmph.”

“Sorry. I forgot I did that.” Rana pulls off the tape.

“Ouch !”

Alisha sits up in the box, rubbing life back into her limbs. She notices light coming in the window.

“What time is it ?”

“Morning of course. I slept in your bed.”

“You mean I slept in here.”

“Out like a log. Weren’t you cold ?”

“Not really, though I am a bit now you’ve let me out. Where’s Javed ?”

“At work I would imagine.”

“So why didn’t you call him ?”

“I did ! He gave a big laugh and pointed out that it would take two men to lift you lying in a box like that.”

“Ah.” Alisha realises the error in her plan.

“But his brother Hussain will be back home tomorrow night if you want to stay in there until then.”

“That won’t have quite the same effect, will it ?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I suppose I’d better get dressed then.”

“I think that might be a good idea young lady, don’t you.”

“So why didn’t you release me last night ?”

“Just because Javed couldn’t lift you doesn’t mean he didn’t want to come and see you.”

“So he came back here ?”

“Of course.”

“So what did he say ? Or do ?”

“Well he brought one of the trolleys he uses at work and we tried to lift one end of the box of course but even then you were too heavy.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“I’m not surprised given the amount of snoring coming from inside there. I expect you were exhausted.”

“How could I snore with my mouth taped up ?”

“That’s what Javed and I want to know as well. He’s worried he’ll need a second bedroom to get some sleep in.”

“Oh it’s alright. He can always bung me under the stairs. But how can I snore out of my nose ?”

“I expect the tape was letting some air in and out round the edges and making things worse.”


“But he’s looking forward to you doing this in the bedroom so he doesn’t have to put his back out.”

“I bet he is.” Alisha grins, sure that with a few more things like this her future husband will with each hour be getting more and more desperate for the wedding to arrive.

“So what is it like being in there ?”

“Cramped of course.”

“I meant did you get a turn-on ?”

“Ah.” Alisha blushes, “I had to stop myself.”

“Playing with yourself ? Good girl.”

“This being a Muslimah is harder than I thought.”

“I know. So what made you think of doing this ?”

“Oh … uh … our cat used to sleep in a box when she was a kitten and she looked really cute. I saw the spare box and thought I’d just about fit.”

“Well I agree you did look quite cute. But as for fitting, I assume you were pretty uncomfortable in there ?”

Alisha laughs. “The tone of your voice indicates you’ve already thought of ways of making it more so.”

“Well I do have one or two tips if you don’t mind me making them.”

“Of course not.”

“Wear some of those translucent veils you found at the office.”

“Over my mouth ? Sounds a lot better than that tape already.”

“Well one there. Then a large one over your head and shoulders like this.”

Rana drapes the scarf from the shalwar kameez Alisha had been wearing over the box’s occupant, “And two hanging from your chest of course.”

“So I have to wear a bra ?”

“Of course not.”

“I’m not piercing my nipples.”

“No silly. Nipple clamps.”

“That sounds painful.”

“Oh they are that. By the time your husband removes them you’re desperate for gratification.”

“I gather you’ve worn them yourself then ?”

“A wedding present from my friends. Diamond studded gold.”

“I see your friends had fertile imaginations.”

“Oh all good Muslimahs have that. I’ll let you have them as a wedding gift as I don’t have a use for them anymore.”

“Uh … you don’t need to do that if they’re special to you.”

“Oh I think a grandchild will be much more special, don’t you ?”

“They work then ?”

“You’re marrying the result of me using them.”

“Ah ! So what’s the second tip ?”

“Uh … well …”

“Unlike you not to want to mention something.”

“Well … you need a good shave.”

“Where ?”

“Just about everywhere. A good Muslimah has perfectly clean and smooth skin.”

“Ah. You’d better help me then.”

“I will do.”

“Any other suggestions ?”

“Well wear lots of jewellery ?”

“Why ?”

“So that you sparkle like a queen when he unpacks you of course.”

“Won’t that make it more uncomfortable when I’m in there ?”

“Oh … I hadn’t thought of that.” Rana feigns ignorance.

“I see. Anything else ?”

“Well don’t get yourself all boxed up when there’s a test match from home on the television.”

“You mean cricket ?”


“Why not ?”

“Because it’s on all night.”

“Ah. So he won’t have time for me then ?”

“Oh I’m sure he will. He’ll use you as a footstool whilst he and his brother watch the match with a six-pack.”

“A six-pack. You mean beer ?”


“But … I thought … uh …”

“I’m led to believe the ban on drinking alcohol cannot possibly be intended to apply to a cricket match because a cricket pitch is so obviously a part of paradise stretching out to reach the Earth and in paradise we will be allowed all pleasures anyway.”

“Odd how I haven’t heard of that particular Hadith in my lessons at the mosque.”

“Nor I. Perhaps the men have different lessons.” Rana giggles.

“Hmm. So I’ve got to ignore this ?”

“Oh no.” Rana laughs, “You’ve got to pray for forgiveness for his sin. I’ve had to do it since I was first married.”

“Oh boy !”

“Don’t worry. If they win he’ll make it worth your while in the bedroom.”

“Assuming he’s not rendered incapable of undoing the box ?”

“Well you did introduce that complication yourself. I used to just have a relaxing bath and a rest on the last day.”

“Last day ?”

“Yes. Test matches last five days.”

“So I’d be in the box for …”

“Five days would seem a good bet.”

“Hmm. I suppose I could get out in the day. Do Pakistan usually win ?”

“You’re obviously not a follower of cricket my dear. Most matches seem to end in draws.”

“You mean even after five days there isn’t a winner ?”

“That’s right. Though there isn’t a loser either if you think about it positively.”

“Great. Remind me not to bother to do this one then.”

“I’ll try.”

“Um … I’m sorry to ask this but you did sort of mention your husband there. Do you mind if I ask what became of him ?”

“Of course not now you are to be one of his family. He was a wonderful man, an officer in the Pakistani army. But his unit were ambushed by rebels and a bullet lodged near his spine where it couldn’t be removed. His army pension paid for us to come here for an operation which helped a bit, and also to educate his sons and set up the business. But he eventually died from the bullet moving. He knew it would happen one day.”

“Oh … I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright my dear.”

“Did he meet your son Hussain’s wife ?”

“Karima ? Yes. But for less than a year. He never saw Nasreen born.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry. Uh … how do I put this ?”

“Would he have liked you ?”

Alisha nods.

“I’m sure he will approve of his eldest son’s choice of bride wholeheartedly.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks.”

“Or at least he would provided she doesn’t just lie round naked in a box all day and every day !”

“I thought most men would love to have their wife boxed up ready and waiting for them to arrive in the bedroom.”

“Most Muslim men expect to find their dinner on the table when they get home.”


Alisha gets out of the box and pulls on the shalwar kameez again.

“So where do the other veils attach ?”

“Oh I’ve got all the bits you’ll need, don’t worry. Though thinking about it again perhaps you should be worrying !”


“I assume you didn’t actually want this then ?” Rana points to the burqa she had been asked to fetch the previous night.

“Of course I do.”

“Oh that’s alright then.”

Rana covers Alisha one more time, a huge grin disappearing from view as she does.



Rana tidies up the burqa and comments “I have to admit this is my favourite burqa by a long way.”

“And mine.”

“So what’s it like to wear ?”

“Same as them all. Heavy and restrictive of course.” Alisha laughs, “Just how men like them.”

“Surely they vary a bit ?”

“Oh yes. Some give you a headache, some press your face in and some squeeze your ears.”

“Which is this one ?”

“All of them !”

“Ah. So why do you like it the best then ?”

“Well it looks wonderful, doesn’t it ? And even in here I can feel how expensive this silk is.”

“It does feel lovely, doesn’t it !”

“We have an expression, if you’re going to be in a cage, choose the gilded one.”

“So we’ve got to get your cardboard box gold plated then ?”

“Oh yeah ! Or preferably a mahogany one with golf leaf. And a lock with a gold key which Javed wears round his neck.”

“Muslim men aren’t allowed to wear gold.”

“Not even when it’s the key to his spouse’s cage ?”

“Well.” Rana laughs, “We could ask that one of the scholars. Shouldn’t keep them in discussion for more than a few weeks.”

“Tell them to hurry up. I could be stuck in this box waiting for their answer.”

“Somehow I don’t think one Muslimah being in some discomfort is going to make them rush their answer, do you ?”

“I suppose you’re about to say it wouldn’t affect the speed of their considerations at all in fact.”

“You’re learning fast. They’ve been arguing on whether women have to wear niqab or just hijab for centuries after all.”


“Don’t worry, I’d put a nice vase of flowers or something like that on top of your box while you were waiting so that you could feel you were doing something useful.”

“When I went to college for my certificate in office administration I thought I was learning to actually work in the office, not be part of the furniture.”

“All part of keeping the boss happy. Would you wear this burqa in there ?”

“I thought I said I didn’t want to be part of the furniture.”

“And if your boss and future husband asks you to ?”

“Uh … well … I suppose I’d have to.”

“Good girl.”

“But this would get all crumpled. It would be ruined.”

“You could wear the crinkly one.”

“Oh yes. Do you think Javed will prefer me locked in there naked or wearing that.”

“A difficult question. I expect he will need to try both several times so as to compare properly before he gives you an answer.”

“I bet he would.” Alisha laughs, “So is this the best type of burqa you can get ?”

“I think so. Most are a little more utilitarian, aren’t they ?”

“I suppose so.”

“I’m really glad you suggested I search for something like it though.”

“Was it expensive ?”

“Worth every penny.”

“You mean it was expensive. You’ll have to try it on.”

“Oh I’m sure it looks best on you. You move so gracefully in it.”

“Thanks.” Alisha giggles at Rana’s continued avoidance of wearing any form of strict veiling herself.

“If you’re going to not want my son to see your face, you’re still going to have to wear this sort of thing for the office if you’re going back there.”

“Of course. He needs me there.”

“I know.” Rana replies as she escorts Alisha to the car, “But dressed like this are you both sure you can keep your hands off of each other until the wedding !”

“Ah !”

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