Alisha Earns Her Veil: Chapter 7

Alisha Earns Her Veil

© “Michelle” 2005

Chapter 7 – The Veil of Night

“Right my dear, it’s bedtime.” Rana says as the older women walk into the hallway.
“Uh … it is ?” Alisha sounds confused.
“Yes. We’re sending you to bed early for being naughty.”
“What have I done ?”
“Oh we don’t have time to go into facts and figures. Come on daughter, bed !” Lydia says in her strictest put on voice.

Of course Lydia and Rana take great pleasure in being able to dress a still confused Alisha for bed together for the first time, Alisha soon finding herself beginning to be buried in layer upon layer of clothing once more.

But after the inner garments are in place, her mother tells Alisha to cover her eyes.
“I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Alisha does so and waits while she hears her mother walk out to her car and back.
“Alright … you can open them now.”
“Uh … wow !” Alisha looks at the new corset her mother has lain on the bed in front of her. “Can I try it on ?”
“Of course. You’re going to have to wear this every waking hour if you want to get the laces tight on this little instrument of torture for your wedding. Your old one can be used as a training corset for night wear.”
“So I can’t wear it now then ?” Alisha remarks in a disappointed tone of voice.
“Well as it’s your new present, you can tonight.”
“Thanks mummy.”


The corset is soon clasped around Alisha’s torso and the two mothers stand each side of her pulling at the cords. Eventually all the slack is removed and the hard part begins. Unfortunately as they pull Alisha tends to move from side to side.
“Try lying on the bed.” her mother suggests.
With Alisha holding on tightly to the bed, far better progress is made and Alisha gasps for breath as the new corset forces its shape on her internal organs.
“Whoever said a burqa was oppressive to woman had obviously never worn a corset.” she giggles aloud as the two mothers enthusiastically carry on working at the strings.
“There then, that will do for now.” her mother comments.
“But I can still breathe.” Alisha grins.
“Only just I trust.”
Alisha stands up and takes a few trial breaths. Anything more than a shallow input of air does indeed force a shooting pain across her chest. She looks across at the mirror she always uses to ensure all her hair is tidied away under her hijab if that is all she is wearing.
“Wow. Do I look hot or what ?”
Rana nods and makes a comment “Just remember a good Muslimah doesn’t look hot as you so delicately put it for anybody but her husband.”
“But he will like this, won’t he ?”
“Oh he’ll be unable to keep his hands off you.” Lydia comments.
“So no different to normal then.” Rana laughs.
“So will it go any tighter than this ?” Alisha asks.
“Just look over your shoulder in the mirror.”
Alisha tries to do this as best she can given the rigid structure now imposed upon her torso and eventually catches a glimpse of the cords at the back of the corset.


“There’s loads left !”
“That’s right. By the time of the wedding you truly will be hot as you put it.”
“Or unconscious more likely.” Rana laughs.
“This from the person who dressed me in over a dozen layers of veiling.” the one wearing the corset laughs, “Okay, an executive decision from my waist. Carry on tightening.”
“Are you sure ?” Rana asks.
“I’ve learnt it’s an English tradition to never argue with the bride.” the mother of said bride laughs, “Even if she’s being utterly silly. Lie down and scream when it hurts.”
“I will mummy.”
“I’m not sure you should be calling me that now. If you really were that young this would count as child abuse.”
“Oooo.” Alisha gets their attention again, “Right on the count of three pull … one … two … three … puuuullllllllll !”

Having rested the two mothers of course have more strength available and Alisha’s waist heads where few waists want to go despite the insane wishes of the brain a couple of feet away. Of course over the centuries many waists, usually ones belonging to attractive young women, have noted that it is always they rather than the brain who are crushed way beyond their natural limits yet every signal they send to the brain to call a halt gets ignored. And equally over those centuries the waist has learnt to call in the assistance of other more sensible parts of the body in a bid to halt proceedings. Alisha’s waist is no exception and her lungs come to the aid of said waist by rendering their mistress unconscious.

“I think we may have gone too far.” Rana remarks.
“Oh she’ll come round in a minute or two. I’ll tie the cords off while you find a tape measure.”
Rana finds the required item and they pull it round the still unconscious torso.
“Fifty three centimetres. That’s about twenty and three quarter inches.”
“Is that good ?”
“Not bad. That other corset wasn’t really up to the job of proper tight-lacing but it got her prepared for this.”
“So how far can she go ?”
“Hmm. Eighteen inches. Seventeen perhaps.”
“Won’t that need another corset.”
“Oh yes. This one won’t even reach eighteen. You have to get new ones as your waist gets smaller.”
“So how small can you get corsets ?.”
“Oh, about thirteen inches I believe.”
“What !”
“That’s only for naturally small girls. I don’t think Alisha could go much below seventeen inches without suffering permanent damage.”
“By the look of her waist she’s already past that point.”
“Naah. She’ll be fine like this. Let’s go and have tea and wait for her to come round.”

Ten minutes later Alisha does come round to find Rana and Lydia sitting each side of her drinking tea.
“So how are you now ?”
“Uh … rigid is probably the word.”
“Good. Right then, kneel down on the bed.”
“But I’ve done my prayers.”
“I know. This is for sleeping.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Well kneel down and you will.”
Alisha kneels down.
“Now put your hands behind your back.”
“Why ?”
Rana stares at her and Alisha reluctantly does so. Lydia and Rana then use pieces of ribbon to tie each gloved wrist to the opposite ankle.
“But …”
“I can see I’ll have to gag you if you carry on asking silly questions.”
“Sorry mummy … uh … mum.” she remembers what her mother said about the more childlike form.
“That’s better. We’re doing this for your own good after all.”

Alisha can’t resist a grin and suppressed chuckle at this. Somehow she feels that isn’t the main reason for the two women’s enthusiasm in binding her up. Soon this is lost to view as Rana pulls a thick and windowless chador over her protégé’s head and pulls it down Alisha’s body.


“Well that’s all our work on the corset gone to waste.” Lydia laughs.
“Oh ho-ho” Rana effects a giggle at the unintended pun, “We’ll still know it’s there and I’m sure poor Alisha here will be feeling its tight embrace every minute of the night.”

She then tips the girl over onto her side before lifting her bottom slightly and pulling it down the rest of the way. A quick tie with some string has Alisha well and truly packaged up.
“There then, how do you feel ?”
“Would you mind if I said uncomfortable.” a muffled voice comes through what has now effectively become a sack.
“Now, now. Just think of how my son would feel if he could see you now.”
“But he would want to get me out to quench his lust.”
“Well there is that.” Rana giggles, “Though if not he could always do it as you are.”
Lydia looks a little confused.
“It’s a long story.” Rana grins, “Now let’s get your daughter into position.”
“What position ?” a muffled voice asks.
“On your back of course. Then we can tuck you in properly.”
“But …”
“I can see I will have to gag you tomorrow.”

Rana rolls Alisha onto her back, her arms and lower legs of course now taking all the weight. They then place cushions and pillows all around the girl to stop her tipping over before throwing several layers of bedspread on top and tucking them all in tightly.
“There then, how do you feel ?”
“Hot … and uncomfortable.”
“That’s fine then. I’ll leave the light on so that we can look in without waking you.”
“That rather presumes I get to sleep like this.”
“Good point. Okay, rather than disturb you then.”
“Aren’t you going to say goodnight then ?”
“Goodnight ma’am. Goodnight mummy.”
“There’s a good girl.” Lydia and Rana both kiss Alisha’s forehead and leave the room.

Alisha tries to lie still in her new cocoon, aware than any movement will increase the temperature still further. Her restricted but slow breath gradually making her enter a state of slow motion thought. Unaware of just how early she has been put to bed, she assumes it is night long before the afternoon has even ended.

‘Why do I get myself into this sort of thing ?’

‘I was supposed to be taking it easy until the wedding.’

‘I bet Rana will be getting a good turn on tonight after doing this to me.’

‘Well I hope she is. I do hope she hasn’t been circumcised. That would be too cruel.’

“No she must be okay. She wouldn’t enjoy this so much otherwise.” she giggles aloud.

‘And mum will be describing this to father by now. I bet they’re having a good time as well !’

‘But I’m not ! My arms are going to sleep.’

‘My legs are numb.’

‘And my waist is hurting.’

‘My lungs feel like they want to explode !’

‘Isn’t this dangerous ?’

‘I wonder if I can turn on my side.’

‘They’ve certainly packed these cushions in tightly.’

‘She must have done this before. I can’t move.’

‘Boy am I getting hot in here.’

‘And I’m getting randy as well.’

‘Calm down Alisha.’

‘Calm down Alisha !’

‘Calm down Alisha !!!’

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …’

‘Oh my. I must have fainted again. Orgasms and corsets don’t go together, do they ?’

‘That was amazing !’

‘I thought I was tied up in here to stop me doing this.’

‘No wait a minute. Rana said I’m not supposed to do it with my hands.’

‘There’s no way my hands could have been involved.’

‘So this was what she meant.’

‘And it doesn’t count as sinful then ?’

‘Wow !’

‘She must have done this deliberately to help me come.’

‘How did she know it would do this ?’

‘She must have been tied up like this when she was young.’

‘I must ask her.’

‘My arms are still numb. Isn’t there anything I can do ?’

‘Lift yourself up.’

‘That’s it.’

She lifts herself up a bit but then crashes back down. Pain shoots through her arms and legs.

‘Bad move.’

‘I wonder what time it is ?’

‘How much longer can I stand this.’

‘I could call out.’

‘She’ll gag me if I do.’

‘Wonder how that would affect my orgasm.’

‘Hmm, perhaps I should try it.’

‘Then again perhaps I don’t need it !’

‘Oh … oooh …. oooooh.’

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …’

Not surprisingly the corset does it’s job one more time and Alisha is plunged into unconsciousness once again, though not for the last time in what will be a long but interesting night for our heroine.

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