Alisha Takes the Veil: Chapter 15

Alisha Takes the Veil

by Michelle

Chapter 15 – Veiled Ecstasy

“So what do we do now then?” he asks.

“Well … we’re not supposed to kiss each other on the lips, are we?” she remarks.

“I’m afraid not. Though we would appear to be racking up a few sins anyway.”

“We are?”

“I’m afraid so. A man and woman on their own.”

“But I’m covered.”

“You’re supposed to be covered and chaperoned.”

“Ah. Yes.”

“And swearing.”


“And trailing your garments.”

“Is that banned?”

“Well women are allowed to do it a bit whereas men’s clothing must not reach below the ankle. Some say you’re allowed a handspan longer, some an arm’s length.”

“Oops. Well I met it until today.”

“Somehow I don’t think that wedding dress will though.”

“Do you want me to shorten it?”

“Given some of the ones I’ve seen I wouldn’t bother.”

“What if the bridesmaids carry the train at the ceremony then I remove it before we go to the mosque? Then it’s not trailing at all.”

“An interesting question.” he laughs, “You can ask it at the mosque next time you’re there.”

“Seems I’m damned before I even join then.”

“Oh some would claim I’ve been sinning all my life as I shave every day. But it’s only advised, not mandatory.”

“So where does us simply touching each other come?”

“If in lust then it’s the same as kissing.”

“Hmm. So just how bad is it if we do these things before we’re married?”

“Well it’s a sin. But most sins can be cleansed by prayer.”

“Well … could we kiss through these burqas?”

“Is that possible?”

“I’m sure it is. Please. Please. Surely that isn’t really naughty, is it? I’ll do lots of prayer before the wedding for both of us. Is that alright?”

“How much did you have in mind? I don’t think a couple of extra prayers will cover it somehow.”

“Your mother said the wedding will be in about four months time. Say hundred and twenty days. What if I pray for eight hours a day. That’s a thousand hours.”

“You can’t pray for eight hours a day.”

“I would be doing more than that if I’d become a nun. I’d have racked up about twenty thousand hours by now if I’d joined when I left school.”


“And your mother wanted me to spend more time in prayer before the wedding anyway.” “Yes. I noticed that. Why?”

“The scholar says he believes I am a genuine convert but need to catch up a bit in the race to accumulate blessings.”

“I presume my mother won’t actually be joining you in this?”

“Should she be?”

“Some would say she’s even further behind. But never mind that, what about your sleep?”

“When she heard what time I used to get up your mother said I was well ahead in the race to accumulate that so I don’t think I’ll be allowed so much of it from now on!”

“Oh. Right. So when did you have in mind?”

“Sometimes you’re far too much of a gentleman!” she laughs, then despite her coverings pulls him towards her by the legs then pulls herself up to a standing position. She quickly rearranges her shrouds a bit and their lips begin to meet through the layers of gauze.

“Can I ask one question before we continue.” he asks, “Since you’re going to be my obedient wife.”

“Go on.” she replies, still keeping her lips pressed forward.

“I notice it’s quite chilly in here.”

“The heating has been off since I took to this lifestyle.”

“But I assume you’re still hot in there?”

“Boiling! And hopefully about to get a whole lot more so!”

“Oh. Right.”

All of her life she has waited for a moment like this. Nothing is going to stop her briefly sinning now. She trembles inside as they both suck in, joining themselves as closely as her supposedly restrictive attire will allow. Her orgasm simply flows and flows as even with over half a centimetre of material crushed between their lips, it is a long time before they part again. And with his arms now holding her tightly, her gloved hands seek out pastures new. Though her veiling blocks her seeing the look of absolute pleasure on his face, a quick fumble, release, push in and squeeze results in her outer burqa gaining a watermarking she will treasure forever.

‘Better make it twelve hours prayer a day to try to cleanse that!’ she briefly giggles to herself before her own orgasm builds up and up in an uncontrolled manner. With no suitable path for the intense body heat being created to escape, and with the corset buried deep within her clothing restricting the vital oxygen flow required to feed her orgasm, her brain’s subconscious trips the body’s safety valves. She loses consciousness and collapses unharmed in her future husband’s loving arms.


© “Michelle” 2005

Version for the “Tales of the Veils” website.
Not for reproduction on other websites or in any other publishing format.

Part II of this story : Alisha Earns Her Veil

All the living characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons either living or dead is purely coincidental. The naming of the various types of clothing seems to differ wildly, particularly as to what an abaya is, but we trust it is obvious from the context of the story and the illustrations which item of apparel is being referred to. We have tried to avoid references to holy books and references made to religious practices try to align with those common in the Pakistani community in the UK. Obviously such practices vary widely throughout the world, and indeed even within that community, particularly on what degree of covering is required for a woman when outside the home. The spelling and interpretation of some of these practices also appears to vary and may not correspond completely with your expectations. We trust that the descriptions of Islamic prayers, the reference to Aisha Siddiqa (radiallaho anha) and of the Hajj are seen in the same positive light as the heroine of this story sees them.

The dressing in excessive veiled attire and its effect on the male is of course the central theme of the story. How representative this can be of real life we leave to the reader to decide.

Special thanks to Etisalat of the United Arab Emirates (the Emirate’s post office) for releasing what must be some of the most attractive postage stamps issued and we hope they don’t mind our use of one of these in our story.

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  • World Stamps

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