Dominated by the nuns

Dominated by the nuns

by Jopi


Read the original Spanish version: Dominada por las monjas

I never thought that my excitation to dress scholastic uniforms would take to me to be what I am…

I am called Maria Jose, at the present time I am 18 years old, and what I have been going to tell passage to them for two years. I want to clarify that my weakness is the masturbation, from the 12 or 13 years me masturbo to four times per day, and with the fantasy to be dressed in rare clothes, not sexy, but rather of person very hidden, I do not have fiancè and I am virgin.

Everything began in the school, I went to a Catholic school, of nuns, who were very strict mainly with the uniform and that I liked. We had to go with buttoned celestial shirt to the neck, anything to walk undoing it, blue necktie, averages until the blue knees black shoes and as finishing touch jumper blue with three tables and a bow to the blue waist., quite rare for adolescent girls, finishing with blazer blue. It saw me thus dressed and it excited much to me

A day they said to us that if we wanted we could be written down to concur the days Saturdays to collaborate with the nuns in the attention of the orphanage that they administered, to my the idea excited to me and we wrote down 10 girls.

The first Saturday that we concurred everything was normal, but I was crazy of excitation, seeing boys of 6 to 21 years that were the Maxima age of acceptance all with uniform and prevailed by a noncustomary order. The boys dressed gray trousers, black shoes and average blue, with a celestial cover until the knees and the fastened belt ahead, they wore a species of bib or pechera that was underneath the cover of white color with the edge in blue. The girls had blue averages until the knees and high-fronted black shoes without I mark, with a cover I quadrilled back celestial and white tableado buttoned to the back with a tied bow. The girls of primary school used moño red similar to the one of the boys of McDonnal´s but but great the girls of secondary school used it blue and the girls who did not attend school those of 18 to 21 years used the covers tableado of white color could not believe the first day me to it masturbe whichever times not seeing itself that panorama.

To the second Saturday they requested to us that as we were with street clothes, of short skirts or jeans that we concurred with the uniform of the school so that the boys did not feel a change in their routine, many of the girls complained and they were not but, we remained three. Thus they passed a pair of months working with the boys from the early morning to near the night, uniformed and super excited. It is left without my companions the day single who we began to leave excursion with the boys, obvious we had to go according to the situation, that is to say, with uniform, but to my I do not concern myself, on the contrary, in any bath she raised jumper to me and she rubbed to me obtaining abrupt espasmos and phenomenal orgasmos.

A day they request to me if I want to make with the nuns a spiritual retirement of three days, outside the city in the field, said immediately that if and causing badly understood presents/displays almost 5 minutes before the trip with the put and complete uniform, nobody said nothing to me until we took half an hour of trip, the sister Leonor who was the Director and Madre Superiora obvious informed me that it was not necessary to go dressed thus to the retirement, that was going to be badly before the other sisters, and it offers to me if it wanted to live a experience different and to make the three days dressed nun, without veil, the replaced one was but that immediate and the brightness of my eyes exposed to me, I by my excitation and the sister Leonor who believed to see in a my future sister.

I was dressed during three days with which they call means I inhabit that is to say, without veil nor another own attribute of the clothes of the beginners. The amount of orgasmos imagined that I had during that time. They did not give the hands to raise to me that clothes me that arrived until the ankle and to put hands to me in the permanently humid crotch.

When they finalized the classes did not have to concur but to the orphanage, and what thought was going to be the goodbye until the next year, I transform myself into a proposal that until today I am living. The Hna calls to me. Leonor and I propose to finish my studies to me, single needed two years, within the convent in the province of Mendoza. I said to him that it accepted but with a condition: to be a nun but and to dress I live in permanent form. It remained thinking a moment and she gave his approval me, but of that form a request with the votes and the mini serious stay of three years was due to sign, but the authority of the Church would reject it, if I accepted and my parents also did not open problem and as of the other day he had to concur nothing else to the orphanage that with the position, documents, and the authorization of my parents.

That night I did not sleep masturbando, thinking to me about being three years dressed nun, the abstention did not matter to me if he were virgin and it satisfied i myself totally me.

On the following day it arrives at the school with slippers, jeans and a white rower with the required documentation, and the authorization of my mother who stops she was an honor the proposal of the sister, goes that is to say who fantasy would have. It received the Hna to me. Leonor with another called nun Julia, she will be your tutor – she said to me – while you remain in the convent, initiated to you and she will instruct to you in everything what you need. You completed the studies in the school of Mendoza, and remembers that for all sos a new beginner, so that, you will have to dress in agreement with the norms of a nun, to the school you will have to concur with I live. Now we will sign your contract, where it will be registered your total submission, in abstention, poverty and obedience. You will not be able to question absolutely nothing. In agreement.

Company/signature here, and in the leaves behind. I leave with the sister Julia very Well You whom as of this moment she will initiate your “noviciado”.

To this height I was soaked, excitadísima, and hoping to see my new clothes that were in boxes within the room.

Desvístete, and entrégame all your clothes

It was tediously putting it in a box along with my documents.

It enters bañarte that I hope to you, but better I go to verte, I will not allow that from now on you feel attemped of tocarte and masturbarte, a beginner must be able to control desires of the meat

I remain frost, since one of my better orgasmos under the shower had imagined to me.

Once bathed, it indicated to me that it had to take seat thus it undresses as were and it tended on my, a hairdressing salon dressing gown, I thought that it was going to fix the hair to me, or to dry it to me, or not that, never the blond tapeworm with some rollers imagines that was going to begin to cut the hair to me, really was my pride, lets do, since it had signed a vote of obedience and submission; it could not think what towards the Sister Julia, since it did not stop but to give tijeretazos by all sides, it saw fall my hair, feeling either the fresh vientito in my ears, indicated that or the tapeworm cut like a man. Support the scissors and volume a machine, almost without giving account me was shaving to me, was pelando, I could see to me reflected in the glass of the window my naked body and a bald, white head, a fright, but the excitation that felt then was sublime, wished to put fingers, my to me clítoris was hard, on the verge of exploding. I remove the dressing gown, said that I had left shutdown that was going to me to dress. My anxiety was terrible.

Coat bóxer very great white color, seemed the underpants of my father, in the crotch I could see that tapeworm a button. To me it was ample really horrible, without form and quite. Soon volume a bodice with wide suspenders of a smooth but simple fabric, without no addition, subject it of back with two bellboys. That was my underclothes by next the three years. It gave me so that it put average a very dark blue color to me, almost black that to me hard and high-fronted shoes arrived over the knees and black color. Next volume a species of nightgown of white very smooth fabric color, pleased to feel it on the body, seemed flat, with long sleeves and it arrived me at the ankles, the neck was round and it was fastened in the nape of the neck.

It took to jumper white color that tapeworm a particularitity, the front and back part was of a too hard fabric, very armed, not therefore the lateral ones, nonwise as it was the sense to take that position over the nightgown, is worth to clarify that we were in the first days of the summer, the heat already felt from the morning, Finally I arrive the article but wished the celestial túnica of beginner, I live, that in fact nontapeworm much difference in its form with the nightgown, tapeworm the wide sleeves but, and did not close itself with any button, was of a fabric a little but heavy but light. It wanted to see in some mirror it looked for the reflection me of the window and observed my bald head and dressed in I live, and immediately I realized so that he was to jumper, to the being of a hard fabric in the advantage and behind, nontapeworm possibility that noticed my chests nor the tail. Since it seemed a refrigerator, nontapeworm no indication of feminine figure, that I am excited very many but.

The india berry of the dessert, the veil needed, first put a cap to me united in the chin with a very smooth cord, left my ears to the air since these left by orifices that were to the sides of the gorrito. It explained me that that represented the poverty by which I had signed, and that did not have to remove me it nor to sleep, when not having hair as a symbol of the consumer society and the fashions, periodically were going to me to be maintaining the head shaved, obvious could remove it to higienizar to me.

It soon came to put rostrillo to me, is a veil that seems a hood of white color but the only opening that it has is for removing the face, as it is over I live is completed with a buttoned round neck in the fabric nape of the neck lasts and white color that aesthetically fixes that any part of the body is not seen except for the face. And in the end I am placed the veil that fell almost until the waist, of celestial color made Me stop me a mirror in front of and it kissed to me, blessing and showing to me to me that already she was all a beginner. I practically could not walk, since all that ornamentación bothered to me, gave heat me, pricked the head to me, already was unbearable, but she had signed by three years, had to hold it. I continued thinking about that moment I had left single to masturbar to me.

Acompáñame, said will see the Sister Leonor to me.

When it saw the Hna me. Leonor gave a kiss me, a hug and she gave the welcome me. I observe that you have fulfilled your obediently first votes said obedience-me when seeing that was shaved; of poverty, since everything had be undressed of what brought, so we will come to that you fulfill the abstention vote, requested to me that it raised I live until the waist and that opens the legs, the sister Julia, me desbrocho bóxer in the crotch, and they said to me that it was not of a good beginner to be so dunked and so excited, it could not see what they did, and suddenly felt a metallic and cold rubbing on my conejito; when I felt “Click” becomes aware that put an abstention belt to me, could not believe it, I requested please that me they cleared it, I promised not to masturbar itself, imploré, but they showed to me that I had accepted the abstention, had signed it, dressed nun cries everything afternoon. It could go bathroom without problems since tapeworm a grating by where tinkled but all the attempts that I made to be able to touch to me was in vain, was crazy, ardent of desire and frustrated, felt to annoy clítoris requesting fingers, and it could not please it. I fell asleep excitation flood. To the other day we traveled to Mendoza in omnibus, 12 hours of trip where it seemed that all realized that was not nun and who took an abstention belt, that to these hours to take put it was enough discomfort.

Or for two years alive in the convent, prayer like 5 times to the day, I have been collaborating in the kitchen, I feel strange since I do not shave, not if I am fat or skinny, I am very white of skin, I always have sexual desires, single from time to time I am hopeless, and dream with turning the year that lack to leave this calvario, will look for a man who makes me feel that orgasmo contained of three years.

I go to the school where I finish my secondary one, dressed nun, at the outset was difficult to adapt to me, if I am going to study of a companion all see me like something rare, to make matters worse in the school do not use uniforms and locked up single I in live and in belt that represses my intimate desires but, alive in permanent frustration and what is worse by my will, all the girls and boys they are amused like crazy people, they plan exits, I I must keep my place, I like a boy, and so either it feels or, tries to convince that it leaves the habits me, if it knew that he was single to masturbar to me calm. Meanwhile I follow prey in my own body. Every day before going to me to sleep the Hna Julia it removes the belt to me and I am going away to bathe under the supervision of her, him imploro that lets touch to me but most of the days it ties the hands back to me so that nothing tries and she bathes to me, sometimes is entertained touching as without wanting to me or a unique pleasure rubs the sponge to me in the conchita causing, to gotten to put a finger to me and when I am about to to explode, for, it dries to me and it places the belt to me. He dresses to me and he gives me good night and I remain frustrated, crying and dressed nun.

Good, I accepted it, no.

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