Alisha Earns Her Veil: Chapter 11

Alisha Earns Her Veil

© “Michelle” 2005

Chapter 11 – Two Sore Veiled Bottoms

Karima sits down and once Alisha has taken Nasreen back upstairs they discuss her conversation with her daughter some more.
“So she wants to hold the bride’s hands ?” Rana remarks.
“More than that. She’s going to indicate for them to make each strike and decide whether it was hard enough from how tightly Alisha grips her hands.
“I see.”
“And then she’ll decide when Alisha’s has had enough.”
“Alisha agreed to this ?”
“So she says. We might want to check it though.”
“Problem is even if this isn’t what was suggested, telling Alisha it will make her decide to do it this way.” Rana remarks.
“Hmm. You’re probably right.” Lydia nods.

“And then,” Karima continues, “she not only thinks we should all see the caning but we should then all be caned ourselves by our husbands or fathers afterwards.”
“What even her ?”
“Oh yeah. Hussain gets a double duty.”
“Surely my Alisha didn’t suggest this ?”
“Don’t worry, I’m sure she didn’t. My daughter just has an overactive imagination.”
“As I said yesterday,” Rana remarks, “all good Muslimahs need one. So what did you tell her ?”
“I agreed we would all kneel and pray for Alisha to be a good wife whilst it was carried out but my bottom was staying firmly unbeaten.”
“Sounds a reasonable compromise.” Rana laughs, “At least there’s only one sore bottom in the room at the wedding.”

“I’m really sorry about this.” Lydia apologises to Karima.
“Oh it’s not your fault.”
“Well for my daughter.”
“Oh she’s not used to Nasreen’s barrage of questioning. And I have to say that getting my daughter into a prayer robe and on her knees for this long is a real miracle.”
“Worth the odd sore backside ?” Rana suggests.
“Hmm. You realise if my daughter had her way there would be one here by now. She suggested we practiced now so that she learnt how much Alisha could take rather than it being a surprise to her on the day.
“Oh my.” Rana frowns.
“That’s a good idea.” Lydia laughs, “It seems nobody told be it was open season on thrashing my daughter’s derriere and I’ve got a bit behind.”
“Are you being serious ?” Karima gulps.
“Yes. Why not ? My husband has to do it at the wedding so I miss out on all the fun.”
“Oh … uh … well.”
“Nasreen has to hold her hands and I’ll thrash her bottom.”
“Nasreen’s or Alisha’s ?”
“Do you have two slippers ?” Lydia asks Rana.
“I’m not aware of them coming in singles.”
“True.” Lydia laughs, “Both then !”
Rana hands them the slippers.
“These are a bit posh, aren’t they ?” Lydia remarks.
“Nothing but the best for our family’s backsides.”


Karima stands there open mouthed for a few seconds.
“Uh … only if they agree to this … okay ?”
“Well I doubt if they will do that.”
“No … okay … provided they don’t say they really don’t want to be punished then.”
“That’s fair enough.”

All three older women climb the stairs to Nasreen’s bedroom and Rana reveals to two shocked faces the news that she has decided as head of the family that they are both owed a spanking and so do they want to both take it now together or should their individual mothers wait for another time when they feel better able to be punished. Put like this both nod to it happening there and then, though surprisingly neither asks what the punishment is for. Before long both girls are lain flat on the bed holding tightly onto each other’s hands across the middle.
Lydia picks up one slipper.
“Ready ?”
Alisha nods.
“Ouch !” Alisha discovers that her mother is far better with a slipper than Rana ever was.
“Does it count in Britain if she shrieks ?” Rana asks with a wink.
“Oh I don’t think it should, should it ?” Lydia replies, “Young girls should be seen and not heard.”
“I’ll try again then.”
“Much better my daughter. We don’t want the rest of the hotel wondering what’s going on, do we ?”
“No mother.”
“Your turn Karima.”
“Are you ready Nasreen ?”
The young girl grips Alisha tightly, squeezes her eyes shut and nods.
“Oh mummy. That wasn’t a proper spanking. I hardly felt it.”
“I hoped you’d realise you didn’t want to feel it.”
“Come on mummy, do it properly.”
“Oh my word. I despair of you sometime. Okay then, ready ?”
Again she grips tightly and nods.

“How did she manage not to scream ?” Karima asks.
“A true Muslimah shows real determination.” Rana replies.
“Right.” Karima sounds doubtful, “Is that it ?”
“Oh I think their bottoms could manage a few more apiece, don’t you ?”
“Do you want a go ?” Lydia asks.
“It’s alright. I took my quota earlier.”
“Ah, you did, didn’t you.”

The two mothers turn back to their daughters.







“There four apiece.” Karima laughs.
“Make it five.” Lydia grins.
For once Karima doesn’t argue. “Agreed.”



“Now then girls, time for prayers.”

Without a word or sign of distress, the two obediently get up, line up together and begin their prayers. Rana and Karima make the first two obligatory prayers with them whilst Lydia watches before all three go downstairs again.

“Has Nasreen ever been spanked before ?” Lydia asks.
“Not like that !” Karima raises her eyes, “The most we’ve ever done is give her the odd pat on the bottom with a hand.”
“Oh well. At least she knows what it’s like now so won’t want to tempt it happening again.”
“Well there is that I suppose. Does it work ?”
“It can do. But I think a well behaved role model to follow is a much better way, don’t you ? I wonder if that was what Alisha was lacking when she grew up.”
“Oh yes. They do seem to be getting on really well, don’t they ? Perhaps Alisha could stay here with us and Javed could go back home.”
“But either Hussain would have to come as well or Alisha wear hijab all the time.” Rana points out.
“I haven’t seen her in anything less than that yet anyway. And it seems she’s into niqab when she goes out.”
“Well there is that.” Rana grins, “Though I would point out you should also be in hijab when Javed is around.”
“You could point it out.” Karima tries to play down Rana’s pointed remark.
“Anyway my mother will be here in a few weeks and she will want to study Alisha at first hand.”
“She will ?” Lydia asks in a worried tone.
“Oh yes. But don’t worry, I’m confident Alisha will easily exceed her expectations. After all with me as her only daughter as competition, Alisha is easily the better Muslimah.”
“Do you think so ?” Lydia asks almost proudly.
“Who else dresses so devoutly, prays so devoutly, talks so devoutly.”
“And gets thrashed devoutly.” Karima laughs.
“She even moves devoutly.” Rana adds.
“Well I think those tight skirts help there.” Lydia giggles, “But I’m really glad you’re so pleased with her. I know I am.”
“And perhaps some of it will rub off on Nasreen.”
“But not too much.” Karima laughs, “Otherwise our little madame will be insisting we all wear burqas.”

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