Alisha Earns Her Veil: Chapter 18

Alisha Earns Her Veil

© “Michelle” 2005

Chapter 18 – (to tune “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”)
We Veil Them Here,
We Veil Them There,
Her Eyes Are Brown,
But We Don’t Care

Inside her new shroud, Alisha stands quiet and motionless, mostly because this is just about the most comfortable thing to do in this outfit.

Or to be more precise the least uncomfortable !

Dressing her for this short trip out had begun over forty hours ago as soon as she had helped Zinah to bed on Monday night. She and Karima had each assisted Rana fit corsets to each other, a new even tighter one on Alisha whilst Rana decided Karima should now also begin using Alisha’s now unused original one. After fitting a sacrificial shalwar kameez to each of them, Rana had then cut a hole in each and fitted female personal urinals between their legs before pulling several more sets of the leggings up into place to hold the bottles tight. Or to be more exact pulling the leggings not quite up into place as the bottle prevents this, giving an odd and continually irritating sense of having one’s underwear falling down. Unusually, Rana then fitted stiletto heeled shoes to each of them, ensuring the weight about to accumulate on their shoulders would pass solely, and hence painfully, through the tips of their toes.

After this Rana had literally raided the office storeroom such that anything that could be pulled over Alisha or Karima’s head was pulled over Alisha or Karima’s head. Soon their arms had become quite stiff with the thickness of material enveloping them, at which point Rana completed the job by fitting several layers of jilbabs to each of them. Only by not using the sleeves their arms had become well trapped inside. After fitting special gags she had ordered over the Internet to their mouths, she connected filled water bottles and turned the small battery driven pumps on. Still with thirty-six hours to go before the trip to the airport, water would be delivered to their mouths at a precise rate whether they wanted it or not. However a selection of khimar hoods, not all fitted in the correct orientation, ensured the water would in fact be desperately needed to cool the occupant buried within, after which Rana had fitted the many outer black robes, then the hat and finally the curtain like shrouds which trail from their headwear.

Once both were dressed, Rana then gently prodded her unseeing charges to shuffle towards the wardrobe which was suddenly a lot emptier than it was a few hours previously. With both inside, shutting the door indicated the beginning of thirty hours of hell. Unable to sit or kneel down, all they could do was lean against the sides, back or each other in an attempt to shuffle the load on their toes from foot to foot. The open top of the wardrobe ensured enough air but it had soon become unbearably hot inside as well.

‘What have we done to deserve this ?’ is what they both mostly thought to themselves numerous times as they zoned in and out of semi-consciousness all night, springing upright as they had begun to collapse down into a space too small to accept them in a crumpled state.

After a peaceful night herself, Rana had let them out mid-morning and allowed them both to rest on the floor before returning them to the wardrobe mid-afternoon. Another short break had preceded their second night of hell, after which they were ‘woken’ early and carefully shuffled down the stairs to the hallway where they had waited for hours until Javed and Hussain had appeared to load them into the respective vehicles.

And with the MP3 players running all this time, by the time Zinah leaves, they have heard all the commands stored on it so many times they are printed on each of their subconscious’s.

For Alisha her levels of dress to attract Javed’s attention now seem quite mundane, whilst for Karima she is struggling to understand how her body can even survive the punishment it is taking. But both have done so, and now stand erect in the middle of the airport for all to see.

Under the guiding hands of Javed and Hussain, they ever so slowly shuffle out of the airport terminal and back to the short-term parking area, every step or stair presenting a major obstacle of course. Countless people look on in amazement at the pair of black figures moving glacial-like towards them yet it still seems to surprise them that it is they who need to move out of the way of somebody quite obviously unable to see.

Eventually they make it to the cars and soon they are being assisted back into Rana’s house where they are left standing in the middle of the lounge.
“So what do we do with them now ?” Javed asks.
“Well Alisha has to stay like that when you’re around.”
“Like this ? Why not a simple burqa ?”
“Because we agreed she wasn’t supposed to see or communicate directly with you until the wedding. That doesn’t seem to have happened so far hence this is my new solution.”
“So what about Karima ?” Hussain asks.
“She’s all yours.” Rana grins, “Unless you wish to leave her here to keep Alisha company?”
“So how long will Alisha be staying like this ?”
“Until Zinah phones to say she has got home and is okay.”
“But she never phones until she has had a good rest. She’s unable to sleep on the plane.”
“Oh does she ?” Rana feigns surprise, “Oh dear, poor Alisha.”
“Poor Alisha indeed.” Hussain replies, then gives a small laugh “And poor Karima then. Come on brother, I’ve got this business opportunity across town I need your advice on.”

Rana gently prods them down onto the floor where they rest as best they can for until the following morning when Rana answers the telephone.
“Oh hello … Did you get back okay ? … Good … Yes, they’re fine … No, they’re still wearing them … Yes they do look wonderful, don’t they ? … I know … Perhaps Javed can sell some more of them … Oh yes, I’m sure they are very warm inside … Isn’t a red hot Muslimah just what every husband needs in the marriage bed … I’ll release them now I know you’re okay … Well I wouldn’t have wanted them sitting around worrying about whether you got there safely, would I ? … Another day ? … Hmm … Don’t tempt me … Naughty mother … I think their bottles will be full by now … And they’ll be dirtying themselves soon … Yes, bad planning that … Perhaps next time you say … Why not ? … Okay, I’d better go and release them then … I’ll see you again soon … Bye !”

Zinah’s suggestion does tempt Rana but after a couple of hours she decides to begin the long job of undressing the two exhausted veiled figures. Soon they are almost naked and once the slightly overflowing bottles are removed, they undress completely and each take a shower to clean off before soaking in the bath.
“Perhaps we need some sort of filter so you can drink your urine.” Rana suggests, raising tired looks of contempt but no actual words from the now un-gagged woman who have yet to regain their voices.
“I would offer you a jalabiya each to wear but they all appear to be damp with sweat.” she laughs.
Soon they are being dried and both collapse into Alisha’s bed still naked. Rana tucks them in and leaves them there until late evening whilst she undertakes a laundry washing program of biblical proportions.

She takes them up some food and drink which is devoured ravenously.
“Are your voices back yet ?”
“Yes mother.” Karima as ever answers in English when asked in English.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good. Zinah was very pleased with you both.”
“I should hope so !” they respond in unison, both suppressing the urge to add an expletive.
“So she’s given me these presents to give to you.”
“Oh … uh … thanks.”
Alisha and Karima carefully unwrap the quite large but thin boxes.
“Oh … wow !” both gasp at the jewellery sets inside. Each picks out the diamond studded gold necklaces and careful examination reveals Alisha’s has the letter ‘J’ embedded throughout the intricate design, Karima’s the letter ‘H’. All the rings, bracelets, anklet chains and other items appear to be of the same design.
“Well at least we won’t forget who we’re married to.” Karima laughs.
“Or at least will be.” Alisha grins.
“Won’t be long now.”
“Yes it will. I’ve got this harem trip to suffer first.”
“What ?” Karima splutters.
“Oh haven’t you heard ?” Alisha giggles, “I’ve got to go to the Middle East to learn to be a concubine.”
“An odalisque !” Rana corrects her, “You are not there to have sex !”
“Oh yeah.” Alisha grins.
“So why are you going ?” Karima asks.
“To learn to be obedient apparently.”
“You mean wearing all this today doesn’t count.”
“Apparently not. I hesitate too much when given an instruction. Over there I expect they flog you for it.”
“Oh. But isn’t a harem kept just for sex ?”
“The wives and concubines all need servants.” Rana explains, “And to ensure there’s no mistakes you are fitted with a chastity belt before you go there and I’ll be keeping the only key.”
“Chastity belt ? Do those really exist ?” Alisha gives a doubtful look.
“Oh yes. You and Soraya will be quite safe.”
“And uncomfortable.” Karima giggles.
“Yeah. Aren’t they made of metal ?”
“Only a bit. The rest is leather.” Rana replies, “You’ll have it on for the whole six months.”
“Oh great.” Alisha groans. “At least the super-burqa was only for a few days.”
“Super-burqa ?” Karima looks puzzled.
“That contraption we’ve just been wearing. Do you have a better name for it ?”
“Well … yes. But not one I’d want to use in polite company.”
“I know exactly how you feel.”
“Now, now, you two.” Rana laughs, “Surely you’re going to wear it tonight Karima ?”
“I am ? Why ?”
“Think how Hussain will respond to you serving him his dinner dressed like that and then allowing him to take you to bed and undress you.”
“If he carries you up the stairs in that he’ll be knackered.” Alisha points out, “You’d better deck the settee or floor out with cushions.”
“I can’t do that. Nasreen will be around.”
“Oh we’ll look after her.” Alisha grins, “Rana you go and prepare Hussain’s dinner, I’ll dress Karima and bring her round.”
“Uh … okay then. I do get to wear the jewellery though, don’t I ?”
“Oh yeah !” Alisha grins, “All of it in fact.”
Still naked they begin to dress each other in pure gold and diamonds until just the last few items remain.
“Where do these go ?” Karima asks.
“Ah !” Alisha laughs, “On your breasts.”
Karima looks down, then up, then down again.
“You’re joking ?”
“Isn’t that uncomfortable ?”
“Let’s find out.”
Soon the clamps are firmly attached with gold chains hanging from each with a small diamond swinging on the end. They are indeed uncomfortable but it is noticeable that all four nipples are standing fully to attention and both have a wide grin on their faces.
“So these go …” Karima points lower down.
“That’s right.” Alisha grins and fits her own pair of gold balls inside herself first. “Not sure why I’m doing this yet, they’ll have driven me nuts long before Javed is allowed to remove them. You use this clip to keep them in.”
“I’ve obviously led a sheltered life.” Karima grins, “How do you know all this ?”
“I’m not sure. But it’s obviously not just a British thing if these are from Zinah.”
“Right then, let’s get you dressed for Hussain.”

Once Karima is fully covered again, albeit in a few less layers than earlier, Alisha pulls on a more simple form of niqab before leading her future sister in law back to her own house. She kneels her down in the middle of the room and pushes her down flat.
“Can you hear me ?”
Karima nods.
“Now don’t get up until Hussain tells you. His dinner is on your back.”
Gagged and imprisoned inside her super-burqa, Karima has little choice to do as she is told while Alisha places a glass coffee table over her, then covers it with an elaborately embroidered large dupatta as a table cloth before pushing all signs of the black clad Karima underneath and finally laying out the meal Rana has prepared on top.


She then throws cushions and other decorations liberally around the room.
“There, what do you think Hussain will think ?” Alisha grins.
“Will he notice her there ?”
“Oh I expect so. If not Karima is seriously out of luck.”
“Well he’d better be hungry too !” Rana grins, “I’ve just made all of this food for him.”
“Oh he will be.” comes the laughing reply, “Any good husband knows the longer he leaves his wife there the more she’ll be gagging for it when he lets her out.”
“How do you know that ?”
“Oh we English girls do know some things about sex.”
“Glad to hear it. Though I think we’re still on the foreplay with you at the moment.”
“With me ?”
“Oh yes. It’s only eight months until your wedding. We need to start getting you well and truly on heat for it, don’t you agree.”
“Uh … what did you have in mind ?”
“Oh I’m sure I’ll think of something by the time we’re back next door.”

And of course Rana does. Alisha soon finds herself in ‘bride practice’ using a couple of king size duvets sewn together to form a warm and heavy shroud, the sheets being made into suitable loose undergarments.
“There then. Don’t you think Javed will love to have you both as wife and bedding.”
“Hmm ?” Alisha is torn between the erotically charged idea of being trapped like this with her future husband taking his pleasure as he sees fit, and the rather depressing fact that the earliest this can now happen is eight months away.


Meanwhile left to her own devices, all Karima can do is wait for her husband to arrive. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long for him to realise the human sized table with his dinner on it has his desert underneath it. And although it isn’t yet the optimal time in her cycle, once she is released Karima does indeed throw caution to the wind as she and Hussain begin trying to meet his grandmother’s request that they have another baby.

In the following days, Rana thus isn’t at all surprised to receive requests to decorate the room with her daughter-in-law as soon as she arrives back from work late most afternoons. Though of course once Nasreen realises what is going on, in her usual manner she takes over preparing her own mother before going next door with Rana and then staying overnight in the spare room. Of course lying still under some form of shroud is difficult on its own but each day Karima has to admit to being quite impressed with her daughter’s ingenuity in using a variety of items to ensure her mother will be exactly where she was left when Hussain arrives home and begins to appreciate just what Alisha has been going through.

But at least Karima’s reward comes each evening as Hussain’s initial thoughts on his daughter’s apparent talent for tying up her mother are soon overtaken by thoughts of what to do with his bound wife in whatever situation he finds her. Though each day he ensures he quickly records how he found her with his digital camera.


Despite being so young, Nasreen’s ideas for Karima’s attire gets more and more sensuous as she borrows more and more ideas from her fantasy books. But when she announces her mother should be completely naked under a thin burqa with rope used to tie her arms together behind her back, her legs together from hip to ankle, and then more rope used to hold her head back and to squeeze her breasts right out even Rana is beginning to have doubts about the books her granddaughter has been reading.
“So just exactly who was bound up like this ?”
“A Japanese princess who got kidnapped.”
“Don’t they all.” Rana laughs, “You’d have thought they would have run out of princesses the way they get through them in your books.”
“There’s always more princesses to tie up.” Nasreen laughs, “Anyway this was after the hero rescued her. She had her servants tie her up as a reward for him on their wedding day.”
“You mean she wanted to be tied up ?”
“Yes. The Japanese call it Shibari.”
“Somehow I’m really not sure you should be telling me this. So what happened ?”
“They had a baby boy. Isn’t that what my mummy wants ?”
Rana looks at Karima who nods.

Not one to waste a good idea, Rana dispatches Nasreen next door to prepare some food while she gets on with the task of dressing Karima just as the child had described.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Karima giggles as she is gradually bound up tighter and tighter, her breasts protruding out.
“Ah.” Rana smiles, “I assume madame meant for you to be gagged with rope as well.”
“She didn’t say so.”
“Shall I go and ask her ?”
“Don’t bother.” Karima opens her mouth wide enough for the rope to do its stuff.
“There then, finished.” Rana throws the bright red burqa into place, then uses one last piece of rope to tie Karima to the stair-post.
“Well if Hussain isn’t turned on by this he never will be.” she laughs as she opens the door and leaves.

And despite arriving home late, Hussain’s pushing the front of the burqa to each side reveals erect nipples desperate for his touch. A few simple strokes on each and Karima’s orgasms begin to flow. Without untying her or even lifting her veil any further, Hussain does his duty in their quest to give Nasreen a brother or sister. Under the veil, Karima cannot believe she is being fucked rigid without being able to see a thing but she has to admit Hussain is doing a far better job of triggering her own orgasms than usual so she stands there and enjoys the ride as best as one can when most parts of you are tied up with copious quantities of rope.


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