Alisha Earns Her Veil: Chapter 8

Alisha Earns Her Veil

© “Michelle” 2005

Chapter 8 – The Christian Veil

Rana and Lydia both keep an eye on Alisha throughout the day, with Lydia assigned to take the evening watch whilst Rana will be resting in a chair opposite Alisha for the whole night to ensure her first night in severe corseting and severe veiling is not her last.

Unbeknown to Alisha, her first orgasm has both been noticed and raised smiles from the two women. After this happens, they check Alisha is breathing and then make something to eat. As they do, Lydia explains some more of Alisha’s past.
“So did she really intend to become a nun ?” Rana asks.
“Oh yes. She was shocked to find nuns weren’t allowed to have children when she was young which put her off for a while but they always say that a young girl will know if she’s destined to become a nun or not at her First Communion.”
“And did she ?”
“Well sort of. She looked simply gorgeous in her white dress and veil of course and you half want to hope that she will stay so pure and unsoiled for the rest of her life. But of course you also want grandchildren which of course makes it a definite either or choice. Girls are told an angel may visit them and tell them they have been chosen to be a nun so of course mothers ask them lots of questions after. But usually the girls are more excited by the dress and the event and get a bit confused on what actually happened.”
“So did Alisha ?”
“Well no. She was really lucid about the whole thing and told me she felt like she had been chosen when she knelt before the priest.”
“I see.”
“And then later on she read up everything about being a nun and her father and I assumed that was her chosen way in life.”
“What did your husband think about this ?”
“Oh Richard would have been mightily pissed off if any son of his had chosen the church but losing a daughter in this way didn’t seem so bad.”
“Didn’t he want her then ?”
“Oh no. He doted on her until her teens. But obviously he would have liked us to have a son as well but it never happened.”
“Oh. So what happened then ?”
“Well until she was about fourteen Alisha was the sweetest daughter you could imagine. She helped about the house and everything. Always smiling and polite. Perfect in fact.”
“That sounds just like she is now.”
“I know. That’s the conundrum. Why was she so obnoxious for the best part of nine years ?”
“Was she really that bad ?”
“Oh yes. Far worse than you can imagine.”
“Had you told her off about something ?”
“Not that we’ve ever worked out. We used to discipline her far more when she was young …”
“She told me about the church incident.”
“With my mother ?”
“I think so. She said she wanted to go to the nice church in front of the priest there.”
“Yeah, I was so embarrassed. Not only was that church in the past it was several thousand miles away.”
“And as she got older sometimes we simply couldn’t handle her moods and demands.”
“Yet she stayed at school ? Were there any problems there ?”
“Not that I know of. She still got good grades.”
“Doesn’t sound like somebody out of control ?”
“I know. If she had dropped out of school we might have assumed she was on drugs or something but she never put a foot wrong there.”
“And I gather she helped organise a posh do when she left.”
“Oh yes. She was back to her adorable self then for a short while. That had us hoping she was through it and would do well at university.”
“So what happened ?”
“Well after the event she wanted to head off on holiday with her boyfriend and I reminded her she had promised to make a reading in church.”
“Which she didn’t want to do ?”
“Not really. But to her credit she did it unlike some of the other girls. Then they went off touring Europe and a few weeks later she sent us a short letter saying she could bear us controlling her movements no more so she was leaving home and wouldn’t be going to university.”
“Oh my. How dreadful.”
“It certainly shocked us.”
“So what happened next ?”
“We didn’t see her for a year until I bumped into her in the street. It turned out she was living in a squat close by. As she looked almost waif-like, I persuaded her to come for a coffee and bite to eat. But when I suggested she come home she refused point blank.”
“This really doesn’t sound like the same girl I’ve met.”
“I know. However I did persuade her to take a part-time course in business administration which we would pay for. She passed it with distinction.”
“So she’s obviously very clever.”
“Oh yeah. I think she gets that from her father. But you should have met some of the string of guys she got involved with. I think they were at least part of her problem.”
“Ah. I’ve heard some of this from Javed.”
“Didn’t he mind ?”
“I think that would be being silly, don’t you ? They’re obviously made for each other so why let the fact she isn’t a virgin get in the way ?”
“I gather he is then.”
“He’d better be or I’ll tear his goolies off !” Rana laughs.
“Oh ! Surely Muslim men have had sex in the past before marriage.”
“They’re only supposed to do it with non-Muslim slaves and I think the British government banned that sort of thing quite some time ago.”
“I see. Well I’m glad you don’t mind about Alisha anyway. One guy was an animal and forced her to sleep with him. And although I don’t think she slept with the others, I don’t think they were any better really.”
“But she let you meet them ?”
“Oh yeah. I think she did it deliberately to shock us.”
“I see.”
“So how did she get in the position she was in at the interview ? I understand she was broke and absolutely desperate for a job.”
“Ah. She had been working as a sort of personal assistant for the animal, he was some sort of musician by the way, and he suddenly dumped her both from his bed and her job. I assume he’d found some groupie he liked better.”
“Groupie ?”
“Young girls who follow performers offering them their bodies.”
“Oh. But Alisha didn’t do that, did she ? I think she would have told Javed.”
“No I don’t think so. She just worked for the guy and they got together.”
“That’s not so bad then, is it ?”
“Hmm. By the sound of it you wouldn’t be too pleased if one of your sons behaved that way.”
“Well perhaps not but it’s over now.”
“I do hope so.”
“I can see now why this marriage is so important to you. Didn’t she ever say what was the problem ?”
“Oh regularly … us !”
“I see.”
“You do ?”
“Well not really. I just meant I understood what you said.”
“Sorry. I’m still hoping that one day we’ll understand what we did wrong ?”

Rana ponders what Alisha had told her about her father’s job, but decides that as things are as near perfect now as they ever will be, perhaps it is best to not mention it.”
“Perhaps you never will. It may be best to leave it buried in the past.”
“I know. I don’t want to spoil this by us having an argument.”
“I agree. And so that you know, your investment in her course was well placed. She is an excellent worker according to Javed. She saved his company single-handedly in a few weeks.”
“She did ?”
“Oh yes. He admitted to me the company would have gone bankrupt were it not for her actions.”
“So he hired her knowing she would be out of a job again soon ?”
“Oh no. He didn’t even realise how bad things were until she arrived. The first he knew about many problems was after she had fixed them !”
“That’s my girl.” Lydia smiles.

“This is posing more questions than answers.” Rana smiles, “Why does a clever yet devout girl turn into the teenager from hell, then take on a string of unsuitable partners, before transforming herself back into a potential businesswoman of the year, only to then decide she wants to change her religion to one not best known for it’s liberated attitude towards women and marry a man who isn’t exactly the best catch around but will still expect her to obey him.”

“Well that summarizes the questions quite well.” Lydia smiles, “So what’s the answer ?”
“I don’t know. And even when we do have an answer it’s also got to say why this person is, mostly of her own choosing, currently trussed up in corset and veils, effectively bound to her bed and is probably both swelteringly hot and suffering severely uncomfortable cramps ?”
“Oh that one’s much easier.” Lydia desperately tries to keep a straight face.
“It is ?”
“Yes. That’s just her trying to be a considerate daughter again.”
“How so ?”
“Well wasn’t tightening her corset that far some of the best fun you’ve had in years ?”
“You’re right.” Rana laughs “I suppose it was !”.

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