Bipasha as a muslima

From the pages of Free State Page 3 – a glamor journal published in the Bombay Free State

Bipasha as a muslima

by Mr. A_B

Bipasha to play ‘pardanasheen’ in Ravi Bhatnagar’s next film :


Ravi Bhatnagar, who is known for making risky and controversial movies on social issues, has signed up Bipasha Basu for his forthcoming movie “bandish”(meaning restriction) on the practice of parda by North indian Muslim women. Shooting for the same has already begun in Lucknow.

The present customs of parda are said to date back around the late 19th century. There is controversy over why it arose, and how the total isolation and physical bondage came about, but some claim it arose due to the period of civil war and the great purges which followed. In an interview director Ravi Bhatnagar stressed that he will be keeping to an accurate portrayal of the practices to the last detail : “I have always stressed accuracy in any depiction of a social custom, I did not hesitate in my earlier films and find no reason to do so now”.

This of course means that Bipasha would have to be veiled and wear a head harness gag for a substantial duration of the film if not most of the movie. “When I read the script, I was impressed very much with the character and her to endure. That was the main reason why I have accepted this role. I took the fact that I have to be veiled and gagged for this role as a challenge. It meant that I would have to show my emotions using only my body language and eyes with minimal use of speech. For me that would be a new experience and a test of my acting skills”.

This new role represents a break from Bipasha’s earlier glamorous imagery and a second time that she has signed up for a more serious role in a movie with a social message after “deh” (body) in which she played the role of a detective pursuing the case of an underground human slavery racket.



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