Burqa craze hits B-town!

From the pages of Free State Page 3 – a glamor journal published in the Bombay Free State

Burqa craze hits B-town!

by Mr. A_B

It would have been impossible to imagine this ten years earlier, when nudity was all the talk and the ‘in thing’ in Bollywood. But B-town it would seem has been hit by a new craze for the Niqab and abaya! Ever since Mallika Sherawat decided to glam the black garment, practically every fashionista celebrity has been trying to emulate her. Our reporters had decided to ask the burqa glam girl herself as to what inspired her to innovate this new fashion, this is what she had to say:

“I will be frank with you, it all started with this one incident at the airport. I came back from Cannes then, and fans and papparazzi just surrounded me, and I was late to get back home for over an hour! Gosh that experience was just frustrating! After that I thought of ways to keep incognito. Then a friend of mine suggested I wear a burqa. And what a brilliant idea it was! I wore it for my last trip, and I was successful in dodging those pesky crowds. Now whenever I go outside I put it on just to avoid unwanted attention. But you know what they say ‘if you got it flaunt it’. Why not flaunt my burqa? So I talked with my designer for some ideas on how to make the burqa more glamorous and he got changes to it.”

Mallika Sherawat at Cannes in her new ‘chic’ niqab style
Later we asked her, why the particular choice of the burqa when she could have simply draped a scarf on her face like all the rest of the empire ? She said “the niqab is a flowing garment, and personally I find it more elegant.” Of course what only we at Page 3 have known which no one else could find out, was that Mallika possibly has a fetish for veils. Oh yes, not just niqabs, but her entire wardrobe, around 4/7th of it is filled with the best quality Hermes scarves and stoles! Nevertheless, after she set in the trend, it seems that all celebs and even some non-celebs have taken to the idea by storm. Practically every tenth niqabi on the street would be some elite is our guess! The popularity has only increased with time and some tailors have brought interesting new innovations to the garment.

Some other actresses who have been known to don the niqab frequently to avoid publicity have been Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and even the famous Miss Universe winner Aishwarya Rai! It’s said that after marriage she even veils at home! There are of course no sources to validate this find, but it is known that Aish is the reserved type and would prefer keeping veiled. Preity Zinta’s burqa adventures of course have become infamous in the city by now!

Recent trend setting innovations include, new 60s inspired floral color schemes and a sexy tight fitting silk body hugging abaya and a snug face hugging niqab. The best part on that is, its lace work goes all over the waist which makes it by far the most breathable design yet! Our reporter caught one new customer trying on this sexy new design by designer Tarun Tahiliani. They were young neuvo riche buyers from South Bombay, an Anglo-Bengali couple. Our reporter took a shot of the same. When we came out to the mall the niqabi craze was just as evident on the streets where we saw fashionable young crowds of women trying on the new shades. It’s Winters in Bombay now, perfect time for the sweat meter to go down and the style meter to rise. What we can say for now, is that the niqabi fashion will only get more popular with time!

A lace burqa design by Tarun Tahiliani with niqab


Postscript :

The Bombay Free State is to the Maratha Empire what Hong Kong is to China. It’s a kind of autonomous territory which was historically administered by the British before its handing over to the Maratha’s as part of the ‘End of Empires’ declaration in 1925. By that time, Bombay had already become a major trading, financial and cultural hub. With the establishment of the movie industry in the 1930’s Bombay also became a glamor capital of sorts. It’s as of now the richest and most prolific centre of film making in the world after Hollywood. The financial strength of Bombay coupled with the cultural expanse of the Maratha Empire makes Bombay Free State not just a cultural power within India or the empire, but all across Asia! The Maratha’s allow vast areas of autonomy to Bombay allowing it to attract and build up industries which would not have developed in the mainland due to various restrictions.

Page 3 is a concept in Indian news media which stresses on news from entertainment and glamor industry. Though not strictly referring to a page number in a newspaper it does refer in a generic sense to glamor content.


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