Interview with a Countess

Interview with a Countess

© Michelle 2006

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Chapter 1 – A Veiled Surprise

Because of the light traffic all the way from Geneva airport, I arrived at the Swiss Alpine chateau about half an hour ahead of the arranged time for my meeting so I parked up and read all my notes again, brushed my hair, adjusted my skirt and so on to kill time.  Then ten minutes before I was expected I walked to the door and rang the doorbell.  I waited a little while and because I could hear no footsteps inside, was about to ring again when the door suddenly swung open.  To my surprise in front of me stood a ghostly white figure shrouded from head to toe in a satin material.  At first sight I saw no holes for eyes but before I could look again she, for I assumed from her stature that the person was a she, had turned round and beckoned me to follow.


She led me into a well appointed drawing room off of the entrance hall and beckoned for me to sit on a sumptuously deep cushioned sofa.  She then picked up a little bell through her shroud and rang it, whereupon moments later another figure, similarly dressed, appeared from a side door carrying a tray of cups, saucers and so forth.  She appeared to glide across the room as I now noticed it was impossible to discern any movement of their legs under their flowing robes, and laid the tray down on a coffee table before me.  Moments later a third shrouded figure appeared carrying a coffee jug.  Once she had reached me, all three knelt on the ground before me and in what looked like a well practiced procedure, the first took the cup, the third poured the coffee into it and then the second beckoned to me with small jugs of cream, sugar, sweeteners and so on.  Once my cup was ready they handed it to me whereupon all three heads disappeared downwards onto what appeared to be their knees.

Rather surprised by all of this, all I could do was thank them rather hesitatingly, then wait and drink my coffee which appeared to be of a very high quality.  I then realised that here I was seated drinking coffee ready for my exclusive magazine interview with one of the most elusive titled women in Europe and so far not a word had been said.  I hoped the reason for me travelling this far from home would be rather more talkative.

About five minutes later an elegantly dressed lady of about forty years breezed into the room as though she owned the place, which if she was the Countessa di Medini, the person I had come to meet, she did. “Hello my dear.” she addressed me in perfect English.
“Thank you for seeing me.” I replied politely as I stood up, “We can speak French if it is easier for you.”
“Oh that’s alright,” she replied, “But I do apologise for presuming that because you came from London you couldn’t speak any other language.”
Then added with a laugh “Well not unless you count American as a foreign language anyway.”
“Right.” I tried to give a faint giggle, not sure why the comment on America had been brought up.

To say this lady had made me feel somewhat small since the first moment she walked into the room would be an understatement.  In fact I’m not sure I didn’t even give a slight involuntary curtsey to her when she arrived.  I felt totally intimidated by her and that was when she was trying to be pleasant.  Who knows what she would be like if you encountered her on a bad day.

But she did try to put me at ease.
“Shall we start then ?.”
“Uh … right.  Please call me Julie by the way.  I thank you for agreeing to talk to me.  Not everybody in your position likes to appear in our magazine.”
“Oh I don’t believe that.  I thought anybody who’s anybody appeared at least when they are getting married.”
“That’s because we pay them so much then.  Weddings sell glossies.”
“Yeah, I’ve always thought that a bit sordid.”
“Well thank you for agreeing to send your fee to charity.”
“Pity some of these brides don’t.  You’d solve third world poverty at a stroke.”
“Something like that.” I tried to grin.

We both sat down opposite each other and the three veiled figures lifted their heads, turned around whilst still kneeling and repeated the pouring of the coffee.  They then all rose and disappeared out of the room in a line.  I’m sorry to say it now but I think my mouth was wide open the whole time until the door closed.  Certainly my eyes followed their every movement but again no hint of a legs beneath their shrouds could be detected.
“Aren’t they darlings ?” the Countess remarked.
“Uh … I hope you don’t mind me asking this but who are they ?” I replied.
“Some of my personal slaves of course.”
“Slaves ?” I gasped.
“That’s right my dear, I’m sure you have them in England as well.”
“I thought we sort of abolished that a couple of hundred years ago.”
“Only being born into it.  Any person can sign him or her self into it quite easily.”
“You mean they volunteered for this ?”
“Of course.”
“As slaves.  So for no pay ?”
“That’s right.”
“I didn’t realise this happened.”
“Well I wouldn’t say it’s commonplace but it’s not unknown.  Mostly it’s young girls living with an older master or mistress who supports them and isolates them from the hassles of the modern world in exchange for their total obedience and obeisance.”
“Oh.” I now sounded something far more than simply surprised, “You mean they keep them for sex ?”
“Not always my dear.  But sometimes.”
“Uh … oh.”

For a graduate in English Literature, embarrassingly these two meaningless words were beginning to dominate my sentences.  What the Countess thought of me at this point I hate to think.

“So they come here … uh … to be sort of servants ?”
“More or less.”
“And they like it here ?”
“I assume so.  There’s lots more who would like to come.”
“Lots ?”
“Oh yes.  Once you get a reputation as a good mistress, those with such tendencies often come to you.”
“Tendencies ?”
“To be a slave.  To obey every command you are given without thought or hesitation.  To exist for your master’s or mistress’s pleasure.”
“Oh … I … uh … see.” I spluttered, “So how many of these … uh … slaves do you own ?”
“Well it’s not really ownership.  They can choose to leave if they wish.”
“Right.” I remarked rather slowly.

I must have been sounding like an absolute fool to her by now but I was so surprised by what she was saying.

“But there’s twelve of them.” she continued, “Any more than that and I expect they’d run out of things to do.  We can’t have slaves hanging around idle all day, can we ?”
“Couldn’t they chat with each other or something.”
“Oh no.” she replied in a voice almost rising to an exclamation, “Chattering slaves is the beginning of the end.  They are all gagged most of the time.”
“Oh.” I was running out of anything original to say to her revelations.
“And they have special earplugs with tiny earphones fitted so that I can decide if they are to listen or not.”
“Oh … I assume they can actually see through those veils.  It’s just I couldn’t see any eyes-slits or mesh like they have on Saudi abayas or Afghan burqas.”
“There aren’t.  I don’t see any point in them being able to see much more than a couple of feet in front of themselves, do you ?  Just enough to be able to see what their hands are doing like when they poured our cups of coffee.”
“So don’t they knock into things ?”
“Only when I move something.  They have all learnt the layout of the chateau by heart.  Every door, step, chair, table, curtain rope or whatever they might meet or need to deal with.”
“So the girl who answered the door, I assume they are female …”
“That’s right.”
“She couldn’t see me ?”
“Not more than an fuzzy outline against the light behind you.”
“So how did she know to let me in ?”
“I checked on the video monitor and told her to let you in.”
“I see.  I suppose you have to do a lot of that sort of thing for them then.”
“There are responsibilities both ways in any relationship.  I must look after them and ensure they are kept safe.  They must keep me in the manner of luxury I’ve become used to.”
“Sounds fun.”
“Well it certainly is for me.”
the Countess laughed, “Would you like to see round ?”

I replied that I would like that so we both got up.  I hesitated on what to do with my coffee cup but she told me to leave it on the table and it would be gone and the table cleaned before we were back.  Outside the door, two of the veiled figures were standing there.  They bowed to us as we left the room and walked on.  But glancing back I noticed them disappear inside presumably to clear up.

The Countess showed me room after room, some in an old style full of antiques, some very modern indeed with large glass windows facing over the gardens, explaining the history of the chateau and herself as she went.  Her grandmother came to Switzerland to escape the Russian revolution and the family had stayed here ever since.  Apparently all surviving children since long before they left Russia are girls, boys dying young of some inherited defect and so unusually the title had always passed from female to female.  Their Russian property was confiscated but like many they had planned for the inevitable and had enough overseas property and savings to live on quite well.  She had a Russian title as well but the one she used came from an Italian ancestor who originally brought the chateau into the family as her dowry.

That reminded me of the original reason for my visit, to interview the woman who owned the company that distributed products to many of the sex shops and lingerie outlets throughout Europe.  She told me that unlike her mother and grandmother, she had never married nor had children and so she needed something to bring in some income.  She had always been interested in the more risqué aspects of sexual practice in any case so enough opportunities seemed to come up to make this a going concern.  It began with her simply reselling items individually but now she is the major import agent for a couple of American brands as well as distributing many of the European brands as well.  Her catchphrase was there’s good money to be made in sex without prostituting yourself.

Despite trying to concentrate on the matter I came to discuss, I asked if that was how she met her first slave.
“Oh yes,” she replied, “Imogen was the first.  We had some great times together.”
“You mean … uh …” I was immediately back into spluttering mode.
“Of course.  I didn’t say that none of them came for sex.”
“So I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you’re … uh …”
“A lesbian ?”
“Uh … yes … sorry.”
“Well actually I’m bisexual.  Attractive young men and attractive young women.”
“Lucky for some.” I replied, not even sure what I meant at this point.
“Certainly has been for me.” she giggled.
“But the slaves are always girls ?”
“Oh no.  We’ve had some boys come and go.”
“And they go as well ?”
“Oh yes, they go.” she laughed, “But I assume you mean do they leave ?”
I nodded.
“They all go eventually.  Well most anyway ?”
“Imogen ?”
“Oh yes.  She got married a couple of years ago.”
I sounded surprised, “Did she meet him whilst she was here ?”
“I gave her to him.” was the next surprising reply.  “The man who is now her husband used to come to all my parties here and she used to wait on the guests, handing out drinks and so on.”
“Like a maid ?”
“Oh yes.  Just like a maid.  So anyway I took this man to my bed that night.  After he left she was washing me and let on how much she had been attracted to him which surprised me because until then she had generally graced my bed so I has assumed she was purely lesbian.  I still remember the look on her face when I offered to give her to him.”
“But you said she was his husband, not his slave ?”
“Well that was for her to achieve, I just put them together.  I did tell her she was welcome to come back at any time if he got fed up of her but obviously that wasn’t the case.”
“So how common is this sort of thing ?”
“Well not very.  But for some people the world is simply too complicated to deal with so being a lifestyle slave is one option out.”
“What are the others ?” I giggled.
“Well there’s an old style marriage of course.”
“Old style ?”
“The man goes out to work and arranges everything, providing enough servants so that the wife simply stays at home and brings up lots of children.”
“Oh.  Nice work if you can get it.”
“Perhaps.  But if even that’s too complicated then there’s taking the veil.”
“Taking the veil ?”
“Becoming a nun.”
“Oh … of course.  Sorry … I didn’t think.”
“Some of my girls have done that once they got a little older.”
“They have ?”
“Oh yes.  I think they grow to like the sense of discipline and order and look for something like that with a religious bias to it.”
“So don’t they go to church while they’re here then ?”
“Many do.  In fact I sometimes insist on it if I think it will help them.”
“Uh … dressed like that ?” I tried to not sound rude but probably did.
“No.  That’s their treat.  They have special cloaks and scarves they can wear when they go there.  It’s just a kilometre down the road so it’s a pleasant walk when it’s not raining.”
I thought back and realised that this kilometre of road was in fact the entrance drive to the chateau.  The small church was virtually just outside the entrance.
“Perhaps you should come back on Sunday and see them ?”
“Thanks, I’d like that.” I replied without thinking, it being Thursday and I had a plane booked back to London the following day.

We returned to talking about her business interests which in comparison to the other stuff seemed almost boring.  We discussed how she used factories in Poland and Slovakia to make the goods to a high quality at reasonable prices.
“We don’t really have the volume to bother using China.” she remarked, “And it means we’re first to market with a new idea.”
“New idea ?”
I had assumed lingerie and sex aids weren’t exactly dynamic market areas but she explained how the growth in mobile phone networks had created markets for new thinks like remotely controlled vibrators.
“In fact we even sell a system whereby you can lock somebody to the bed and monitor her on your phone.  But it also monitors for problems and warns you so that you can release her from thousands of miles away.”
“Isn’t technology wonderful.” I laughed.
“Would you care to try it ?”
“I think I’ll pass on that one.”
I grinned. “Oh that’s alright.  We’ll use one of the slaves then.”

And with that she gave a click of the fingers and one of the veiled figures appeared from nowhere and glided towards us, then stopped and bowed down low.
“Has she been following us all this time ?”
“Oh no, they’d never keep up.  They knew we would be looking round the place so they took up the positions we have arranged for this.  If we walked down that corridor a different one would have come.  Watch.”
She then gave a double click of her fingers and sure enough moments later another figure appeared and ended up bowing next to her identically dressed companion.

“Actually we’ll do the demonstration later.” she remarked and then walked on leaving the two almost prostrate figures where they were.  I couldn’t avoid taking another look at them before scampering after her.
“Are they two of the ones I met earlier ?”
“Oh no.  As I said there are twelve of them.”
“What are their names ?” I asked for no particular reason.
“Four and nine.” came the completely unexpected reply.
“Four … uh … and nine ?” I stuttered once more.
“Yes.  I think it’s easier to just number them, don’t you ?”
“I suppose so.  How do you know which one is which ?” I said before noticing I was now referring to them as objects as well.
“The colour coding on their heads.  A small pink silk flower is a one, a red flower five and a violet one ten.  You can then easily identify them using Roman numerals.”
“I see.  So they don’t mind this ?”
“Never asked.”
“Oh.  And they are all girls ?”
“The house slaves are.  Males are too inelegant to glide round like that, don’t you think ?”
“Uh … I suppose so.”
“So they stay outside and look after the garden and so on.  There’s three of them.”
“I assume they’re not veiled ?”
“I think that would be a bit dangerous with a lawnmower, don’t you ?”
“But they’re kept gagged so that they get on with their work.  And in the evening they have some wonderful nineteenth century uniforms to wear for dinner.”
“Uniforms ?”
I queried, imagining military ones. “Butler and two footmen.”
“Oh right.”
“Would you care to stay for dinner ?  I’m really enjoying our chat.”

Since almost everybody I interview gives a sign of relief when I say I’ve finished, this so surprised me that I accepted.  And so in her normal manner of doing, not asking, a couple of hours later I was settling down in my own bedroom after a long soak in the bath with two of the maids who bathed me now searching out clothing for me to wear to dinner that evening whilst another stood impassively still in case I needed anything.  I hesitated for a while but eventually plucked up the courage to ask her a question.
“How often do you have guests ?” raised no response.
Asking how long she had been here fared no better.  I then remembered I wasn’t in England so tried French with no effect.
But asking if she could fetch me a glass of water produced an immediate response as she glided off and returned moments later with this.
“Thanks.  You move most elegantly.” elicited her bowing down before me.
“Can you speak ?”
With this the shroud moved such that I could make out her hand pointing to where her mouth would be under the veil and I remembered the Countess remarked that they were kept gagged to stop them chattering with each other.  Obviously chattering with guests was also prohibited.
“Are you allowed to nod to questions ?”
She nodded.  I was making progress.
“Do you like it here ?”
She seemed to nod more so I assumed this was genuine but decided to try something which might have a no answer so asked if she minded waiting on me.  An instant shake of the head seemed to indicate so.

Her two friends then reappeared and she rose elegantly, beckoned for me to do likewise, removed my bathrobe and then they began dressing me for the evening.  Of course like everything else with the Countess, this too was a total surprise.  Her offer to provide something ‘nice to wear’ had me expecting a black cocktail dress or something like that.  But the maids had appeared with a sumptuous full skirted white ballgown.  I took it in my hands and noted it appeared quite old.

And then I noticed the waist !

A light-hearted scream of ‘I’ll never fit into that’ produced three nodding heads as one produced a corset from behind her back.  I couldn’t see their faces but my guess is they were having a good grin at this as I looked at them horrified.
“But I’ve never worn a corset before.” was of course an unanswerable question when all you can do is nod yes or no so I tried again.
“Will it fit me ?” produced a round of enthusiastic nods.

“Go on then, do your worse.” I sighed and they set to in what appeared to be a well practiced drill which soon had me lying face down on the bed groaning in agony as they tightened the corset more and more.  My comments, or indeed cries, asking if that wasn’t that enough always seemed to elicit three shakes of the head so I groaned and buried my face in the bedspread and allowed them to carry on.

Eventually two of them took my hands in theirs through their shrouds, helped me up and led me slowly to a large mirror.
“Wow !” I exclaimed on seeing I had suddenly gained, or is that lost, a waist to die for.
“What do you think ?” I carelessly asked but they all nodded so I assumed they approved.
But my next remark saying that at least they didn’t have to do this produced lots of nods.  I looked confused so one of them took my hands and placed them on her waist.  Suddenly mine didn’t seem so small anymore.
“You’re all corseted under these veils ?” I spluttered, producing three more lively nods.  Obviously this was regarded as one of the perks of the job.

Dressing me in the gown took some time, by which time two more of them had appeared.  Soon I was being totally pampered as my hair was styled, makeup applied and a complete manicure and pedicure took place.  Though I couldn’t help but raise a chuckle as I looked across at the mirror at the sight of five ‘ghosts’ attending to my every need, finishing off with some rather high heeled shoes.

An hour later I was ready.  It usually takes me ten minutes to get ready so I had assumed we were having an early dinner when they began to bathe me.  Now I realised it was over three hours later and we might make dinner for eight thirty if we got a move on.

But obviously it was planned for nine as they brought out a large piece of folded brocade material and an equally large piece of tulle.  A question of did I have to wear these brought more nods and soon I was done up to the nines with the train and veil hanging down behind me.
“I look like a debutante.” I exclaimed, five nods confirming this to be the case.


“Shouldn’t this veil be over my face ?” I asked but they shook their heads.
“Oh come on.  Why should you get all the fun.” I giggled and soon one of the three layers of veiling cascading down my back had been drawn up over my head.  Of course it was far too long so they folded it at ankle height and fed the rest back over my head.  Although nowhere near the maid’s degree of veiling, two layers of lace veil is two layers more than I’d ever covered my face with.  Another look in the mirror, this time somewhat more hazy confirmed I had made the right choice.  I wasn’t afraid to say I looked sensational.  If there had been a decent looking man around I was ready to marry him there and then.

But there wasn’t of course.

One of the maids beckoned for me to follow her whilst the other four took their places behind me and lifted up my train and veil.  I felt like royalty as we proceeded along the corridor, then slowly down the stairs, me dreading slipping and falling yet they seemingly able to deal with my train and their own overly long shrouds without incident.  Soon we were in an elaborately decorated room with pictures of numerous ladies and gentlemen of old, many of the ladies in dresses similar to my own.  My guide then led me to one painting where I recognised she was in fact wearing a gown identical to my own.  The date below was nineteen hundred and six, one hundred years ago.
“Is this the same dress ?” I asked.
She nodded.
“Who was she ?” was a rather unfair question to ask of course.
“Oops sorry.”
I edged forward to try to get a better look but couldn’t quite make out the inscription.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she ?” produced a shrug before I remembered that there was no way they would see that far.  The Countess must have told them which painting to take me to.

And with that, said person glided into the room.
“Oh don’t you look absolutely divine my dear.” her voice echoed out.
My maids all bowed down so I instinctively did likewise.
“I can see you haven’t been to finishing school.” she laughed.
“Uh … no.” I replied, “How did you know ?”
“Not the best of curtseys.  We’ll have to get you practicing some more.”

She offered me her hand, I rose as best I could given the fact I was overbalancing forward in my heels, then walked slowly with her around the room, I only now recognising that she also had four train-bearers in tow, her red and gold brocade dress shimmering in the light.  Though I did notice she had no veil, just a tiara in her hair.

When we stopped I looked back at my own maids who were standing rigidly to attention supporting my own train into the distance behind me.
“Do I have to tell them to put it down now ?” I asked with a giggle.
“Why make it easy ?” came the reply.
“Oh … uh … don’t they have to bring our dinner ?”
“There’s plenty more of them.”
I was back in sounding like an idiot mode again.
“You mentioned a butler, didn’t you ?”
“That’s right.  He’ll be fetching our wine now.  He’ll guide us in once he returns.”
“Shouldn’t he be here before us ?”
“Indeed he should.” the Countess remarked most haughtily, “But it was me who asked him to dig out a better wine than the one he had chosen.”
“Oh you needn’t have had for me.  I drink any old plonk.”
“Not dressed like that you don’t.”
“No, I suppose not.”
I asked her more about the painting, apparently of a great-aunt of hers being presented at the Austrian court.
“But your veil shouldn’t be over your face.” she then remarked, “What were the maids doing ?”
“Don’t worry, that was me.” I laughed, “They put it behind me but I wanted to do the whole Cinderella thing.”
Her reply of “And you do it splendidly.” made me blush.

Suddenly there was a cough behind us and I looked round to see three elegantly dressed men standing there.
“Ah Benson.” the Countess remarked.
“I apologise for missing your arrival madame.  Would madame care for an aperitif ?”
“Oh yes.”
“And madame ?” he looked at me. “Uh … oh … yes please.” I sounded like a five year old gibbering for an ice cream.

He walked to a cupboard and poured a champagne cocktail, put the drinks on a tray and brought them to us.  I instinctively thanked him though noticed the Countess said nothing as he gave her drink to her.  We sipped our drinks still standing by the painting as she pointed out her other ancestors to me.  I then recognised her own gown being worn by her grandmother.
“Weren’t they smaller than us in those days ?”
“A little.” she smiled.
“But these gowns seem to fit us perfectly.”
“That’s because they’re copies made about twenty years ago by my mother.  The originals would fall apart if worn too much.”
“I see.”
“So how are you finding the corset ?”
“Tight !”
“Just as well you aren’t wearing the real dress then.  That needed a waist ten centimetres smaller.”
“Four inches !” I exclaimed.
“Six if you want to look exactly like her.”
“Don’t worry, it’s too tight for me as well.”

“You mentioned your mother.  Does she stay here ?”
“She died some years ago.”
“Oh … I’m so sorry.”
“It’s alright.  Shall we go in ?”
“Yes.  But can I ask one thing ?”
“Of course.”
“Can I pull my train and veil in.  I’d love to feel what it’s like.  It always looks so elegant to pull them behind you.”
“You’re not married then ?”
“Afraid not.  And I probably wouldn’t have chosen to wear something like this if I did.”
“That’s a pity.  Girls nowadays should try to behave more elegantly.”
“Sorry.” I smiled, then beckoned to my maids still standing behind me to put the train down.
The Countess did likewise and this time the butler led us in where the footmen were standing by our seats ready to seat us properly.  My maids set to and unveiled my face.
“Thanks.” I remarked to them, “I forgot I had to eat.”

“You know my dear, you were right.” the Countess remarked on being seated, “It is more elegant like that.  I can see we’ll make a lady of you yet.”
“Uh … thanks.”
Looking behind me I noticed my maids adjusting my train and veil tidily out behind me.
“Would you prefer them to hold it up ?” the Countess asked.
“Oh no, it’s fine like that.”
And then to my surprise the four maids knelt down around my train and bowed their heads into their knees once more.
“They seem to do a lot of that.” I remarked.
“Keeps them tidy, don’t you think ?”
“I suppose it does.  But don’t they find it uncomfortable after a while ?”
“I wouldn’t know.”
“Oh … yes … of course.” I stuttered once more, “I asked them if they liked it here and they seemed to nod quite enthusiastically.”
“Well they wouldn’t stay if they didn’t, would they ?”
“I suppose not.  They can’t sign away their freedom totally then ?”
“Not such that any court is going to enforce it.”
she laughed. “I suppose not.  So what sort of girl chooses to do this ?”
“Oh all sorts.  As I said mostly ones that find life too complicated.”
“But doesn’t this make it too simple ?”
“I doubt if they found getting you ready for tonight simple.”
“I suppose not.  Do you think they enjoy it though ?”
“I assume so.”
“Aren’t they ever not gagged so we can ask them ?”
“Only when they are in their maid-closets.”
“What’s a maid-closet ?”
“It’s what maids used to sleep in a hundred years ago.  A sort of mini-room with a mattress, light and a couple of personal items.”
“Oh.  Where are they ?”
“In the attic.  There’s about a hundred of them.”
“A hundred ?”
“Yes.  My ancestors had lots of servants.”
“So you’re slumming it then.” I laughed rather rudely.
“I suppose I am.” she smiled, “Though there’s only me.  My ancestors would have had husband, wife, children, governess and probably quite a few relatives staying at any time.”
“These closets must be rather small.”
“They are.  We’ll go and see one tomorrow.  There’s no way our gowns will fit up there.”
“Perhaps they should sleep under our trains.”
“If you want then to.  Just say the word when you go to bed.”
“It’s alright.  I was just joking.  They need their sleep after what they’ve done for me.”
“Oh I’m sure they won’t mind.  As you’re on nodding terms just ask them later.”
“I can’t.  That’s cruel.”
“I think you might find they will enjoy it.  I think they’ve taken to you, you know.”
“How can you tell ?”
“Well usually the ones sent to deal with guests seem to indicate they’ve picked the short straw.”
“Well they certainly did with me.  They were really struggling with my corset.”
“My dear, I’m sure they loved every minute of that.  You’re supposed to be the one suffering then.”
“I suppose I was.  Perhaps you’re right.  So why are they veiled like this ?”
“Same as the gags.  Keeps them concentrating on the job in hand.”
“Wouldn’t it be easier for them if they had normal maids’ outfits ?”
“That’s what they wear under the veils.”
“Oh.  But with corsets I gather ?”
“Two been showing off her waist again then ?”
“Two ?”
“Your head maid.  The one behind you.”
“Oh.” I gasped as I turned and realised the maid who had led me here was standing directly behind my seat. “Uh … possibly.”
“Two pink flowers.”
“Oh right … it was.  Yes.”
“I see you haven’t been addressing them properly then.”
“Uh … no.  Sorry.”
“That’s alright.  They work well anyway.”
“Would you mind if I ask what her real name is ?”
“That’s a nice name.  So why do you call them by numbers ?”
“It’s just easier.  Though it seems you’ve managed with neither.  Perhaps I should think about getting rid of the numbers as well.”
“Don’t they want some individuality ?”
“That’s what the veils are supposed to get rid of.”
“Oh.  What’s that like ?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t tried it.”
“Haven’t any of them told you ?”
“I only tend to hear from them when they decide to leave.”
“What did they say then ?”
“None have decided to leave since I introduced the veiling.”
“Oh well.  Sounds like it’s popular then.” I remarked.

Then I allowed the copious quantities of fine wine we were drinking combined with the, due to my unyielding corset, small quantities of food I was eating to take effect.
“Perhaps I should try it and let you know.”
“If you’d like.  The number thirteen veil isn’t being used.”
“Unlucky for some.”
“Don’t worry, it doesn’t stick once it’s on.”
“I suppose I’d better go and get changed.” I laughed.
“Oh I think we can leave that until tomorrow, don’t you.  I enjoy having somebody to talk to at dinner.”
“So why not ungag them sometimes.  As a treat perhaps ?”
“Hmm.  But they’d still be all subservient though so it would be a one way conversation.  Best leave them as they are.”
“Okay.” I laughed, “You’re the boss.”

I then turned to my maid and laughed “Isn’t she ?”
No response.
“Just joking.” I remarked but again came no reply.
“Oh.” I remarked on turning back to the Countess, “I thought we were getting on well.”
“She can’t hear you.  I’ve turned it off.”
“Turned their hearing off ?”
“Yes.  Remember the earplugs I mentioned.”
“Oh yes.  But surely they can hear us a bit ?”
“Hang on.”
The Countess produced a remote control from her small handbag and pressed a couple of buttons.


“Two, hold the side of your head to our guest.  But don’t ruin her hair.”
The maid did as she was bade whereupon the Countess told me to listen carefully as she pressed more buttons.
“Hear the difference ?” she asked.
“It sounds like the sea.”
“That’s right.  Pink noise it’s called.  Stops maids hearing our voices perfectly when they’re not needed.”
“Oh.  Doesn’t it drive them nuts though ?”
“Well it’s hardly Mozart or Strauss, is it ?  But it does the job well.”

Despite my increasingly inebriated state, I thought to myself that this was a bit cruel but decided not to say so.

“So anything else you do to them ?”
“Like what ?”
“Oh, I don’t know really.  Tie them up perhaps ?”
“Oh yes, we do that a lot.”
“Really ?”
“Of course.  If they’re definitely not needed that day they have their hands tied behind their backs as soon as they wake up to keep them out of mischief.”
“Isn’t that painful ?”
“I should hope so.”

The life of these girls was sounding worse again.  Yet when I asked them earlier they all seemed happy and the Countess assured me they could leave whenever they wanted.

“Uh.  What do they do if they choose to leave ?  They’ve nowhere to live or anything, have they ?”
“I keep a small flat in Nice for this very purpose.  If they want me too I find them a job working in a shop or restaurant, or if they are suitably qualified as a nurse or something like that so as to get themselves started again.  I don’t drop them and leave them if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“So how long have you been keeping them ?”
“Oh, about fifteen years now.”
“How many have you had ?”
“Hmm … uh … thirty four I think.  Imogen was the first, Marie here the latest.”
“How long has Helena been here ?”
“Please call her Two in her presence.”
“Oh … uh, sorry.”
“No harm done.  Her hearing is turned back off.   She’s been here the second longest of those still here of course, almost five years now.”
“So their numbers change ?”
“Oh yes.  It’s a form of promotion.”
“So where’s number One then ?”
“Supervising the making our food.”
“Ah.  Of course.  It’s really good, isn’t it ?  Excellent in fact.”
“Oh yes.  She used to be terrible but I sent her to catering college for a few months and she came back a changed person.”
“I’d like to tell her this is possibly the best food I’ve ever had.”
“I’ll have her put on duty in your bedroom tonight then.”
“Please no.  She’ll be tired after all this cooking.”
“Are you sure ?  It’s no bother.”
“I suppose it isn’t.”
I replied, then remarked to myself ‘At least not to us.’

But before I could continue I felt the tension building up and up within my pelvis.  I couldn’t believe what was happening as it then released and a series of involuntary contractions swept all over my body, my heart pounding and my breasts straining to lift themselves out of the corset supporting them.  The thought of making this poor tired girl attend to me overnight had brought on an orgasm as good as any man I had known ever managed.  Not that that was necessarily saying much of course but at least with men I usually go in with some hope of achieving one.  Here I was totally unprepared for it and felt somewhat embarrassed.

Eventually the contractions in my vagina disappeared as quickly as they had come though I still felt flush.
“Sorry.” I gasped, “You were saying ?”
“It’s alright, I’ve arranged it now.  She’ll go and turn down your bed and prepare your nightwear as soon as she’s cleaned up in the bedroom.”
“You have ?  She will ?  When did you do this ?”
“Whilst you were gone.”
Even self-stimulated, my orgasms never seem to last that long yet apparently I’d been in pleasure long enough for my host to arrange all of my bedtime affairs.
“First time in a corset ?” she asked.
“Uh … yes.  How did you know ?”
“Ladies often faint when wearing one if they get too stimulated.”
“You mean I was unconscious ?  For how long ?”  This at least explained why my orgasm had suddenly stopped rather than faded away as it usually did.
“A couple of minutes or so.”
“Oh.  I really am sorry.”
“Not at all my dear.  It shows you let the maids lace you in properly.”
“They didn’t seem to want to give me any other option.” I laughed.
“That’s probably true.” she grinned.

We finished the meal and she led me to my room, my entourage expertly supporting my train behind me.  Inside two more of the figures were waiting.  The one with the single small pink silk flower on her head took charge and soon I had been undressed and dressed in a silk negligee set.  One then led me into the en-suite bathroom where despite the offers of assistance I insisted on cleaning my own teeth and washing my face.
“Excuse me ladies.” I pointed to the toilet, “I need a pee.”
But they just assembled in a line across the room from the toilet.  I remembered they would be unable to see me from there even if I could see them.  Obviously details like them hearing what I was doing and me seeing them didn’t count.  Believe me it is hard trying to have a pee when you’ve got an audience facing you even if they are effectively blind and it was almost five minutes before the tinkle of water echoed around the room.

They just stood impassively there until I finished and got up.  But the sound of me doing this was a signal for them all to rush over and my bottom was wiped before I could indicate it wasn’t needed.  The flush was pulled and the one who wiped my bottom was covered with a sheet of polythene and led off by another out of the room.
“Did she do something wrong ?” I asked none of them in particular but One responded by miming the removal and replacement of her veil.
“Ah.” I realised washing their hands isn’t going to work through a veil, instead the veil would need to be laundered and a fresh one fitted.

Soon I was sitting on the side of the bed.
“You can all go to bed now.” I smiled, assuming they would leave and turn off the light.
But a shake of One’s head indicated otherwise.  They put my dress away and then two came back and helped remove my robe, another pulled back the duvet and one more helped me into bed.
“Uh … okay … now do you go to bed ?”
But another shake indicated I wouldn’t be spending the night alone.  The pair with my robe held it where I would be able to put it on as soon as I got out of bed whilst the other three assembled near the door.  The light turned off, the alcohol soon took the better of me and I fell asleep.

Chapter 2 – Supporting the Veil

I woke to a bright light coming through the curtains.  Obviously my room faced the sunrise.  To my amazement the maids appeared to be standing where they were when I fell asleep the night before.  I thought that surely they couldn’t have done that all night.
“What time is it ?” I asked.
A veiled figure rushed over with a clock to show me it was almost nine o’clock.
“Still time for breakfast ?”
A nod indicated I’d better get up.  I did and the robe of the negligee set was immediately placed over my arms, I then noticing that I was back up to seven maids, though I had forgotten to note who I had lost the previous night so couldn’t confirm if it was the same ones or not.

One, the head maid that is, then led me back into the en-suite where the same procedure followed again.  Obviously each time I used the toilet the laundry service took another hit.

However at least I was down to five again which still seemed about four too many now I wasn’t trailing acres of heavy silk halfway down the corridor.
“Can you get me dressed for breakfast then ?” I asked.
One beckoned me to follow her.  Obviously I was dressed for breakfast !
As I followed her down the stairs, I noticed only two of the other four were following me.  Presumably the other two were now remaking my room.  I still couldn’t see what was in it for these girls but I have to admit I was beginning to quite like life a la Countess di Medini.

However to my surprise they led me not to the dining room but through another room and out of some French doors onto a patio.  I could see the Countess sitting at a table on the lawn.  I wondered if it was okay to allow my robe to drape on the grass fresh with morning dew but need not have worried, the reason I had two girls following me became evident as they picked up the ends of my robe without stopping or even delaying me.  We walked across to the table and One held my chair for me to sit down.
“Good morning then.  How are we today ?”
“Well … a bit hung over.”
“Oh a good breakfast will fix that.  What would you like ?”
“What do you have ?”
“Anything of course.  One will prepare it for you herself.”
“It had better be something quick then.  She must be tired and want to get to bed.”
“She’s got a full day’s work ahead of her before she sees her bed my dear.”
“Oh.  Will she manage ?”
“She does when she attends to my bed.”
“Oh.  Well could I have a fruit salad then please ?  And some strong coffee.”

One bowed her head and then glided off back indoors.
“I see you’re getting on well with them then.”
“Uh … am I ?”
“Well they all seemed to want to stay with you last night.”
“Is seven normal ?”
“Oh no.  I usually have just two on duty.”
“So why didn’t five of them go to bed.  I tried to tell them to.”
“Obviously they all wanted to stay with you.  They obviously like you.”
“Oh,” I sounded embarrassed as I looked behind me, “Can they hear us ?”
“No.  One only turns their hearing on when they need it.”
“I see.  So she can do it as well ?”
“If I’m not there then the senior girl of any group can use a control she has.  But if mine is nearby that overrides it so even if One had left them turned on, their hearing disappeared again as soon as they came through those doors.  There’s no chance of them hearing anything they shouldn’t.”
“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but it sounds like you don’t trust them.”
“Oh I do trust them I promise.  It’s more to put my guests or visitors on business at ease.  It allowed you to talk more freely yesterday.”
“I suppose it did.  I just wasn’t used to them.  Couldn’t you turn it back on now ?”
“I think it’s better off, don’t you ?  It might get them confused and thinking they should be listening to something we’re saying.”
“Don’t they miss all the lovely sounds here ?  The birdsong and so on.”
“But don’t you think they might not react immediately to our commands then ?  Now when their hearing comes back on they know to expect to be told to do something.”
“Uh … I suppose so.  It’s really nice here.”
I tried to change the subject. “Yes, the Alps are beautiful most of the time.”
“When aren’t they ?”
“When it’s pouring with rain of course.  The sun is good, the snow is good.  But the rain can get quite incessant sometime.”
“So can’t they go outdoors then ?”
the subject immediately returned to the usual one. “They have special polythene veils to keep them dry.”
“Ah … like with the toilet ?”
“That’s right.  I trust they looked after you well.”
“Oh yes.  Fine.” I decided not to mention my embarrassment “That’s a good idea.  But I haven’t noticed these maids go to the toilet themselves yet.”
“They all have catheter bottles strapped to the back of their legs.”
“Oh … uh … isn’t that painful ?”
“Not really provided they are careful to keep them clean and avoid infections.  I’m told it feels like you’re peeing all the time but they have to get used to that.”
“And they wear these all the time ?”
“Whenever they are on duty.  They can remove it to sleep if they prefer provided they don’t wet their beds.”
“Is that likely ?” I laughed.
“It can happen.” came a more serious sounding reply.
“How do you mean ?”
“Some girls haven’t had very good lives before they came here.”
“Oh.” I decided not to probe deeper.

I looked around the lawn and noticed it was quite warm despite me still in my lingerie.
“What happens when it gets hot ?”
“Oh it’s really lovely here then.  They say it might be suitable for sunbathing out here this weekend.”
“So won’t your maids get rather warm looking after you ?”
“Boiling hot I would imagine.”
“So don’t you allow them to at least unveil then ?”
“Of course not.  Heavens above, what do you think this is, a health resort ?” she laughed.  “No, they must remain veiled at all times as they all agreed to some time ago.”
“Like with Islamic purdah ?”
“Yes, I think so.  Only here it’s with ladies present as well as gentlemen.”
“I see.  But you said they wore something else for church.  Are they veiled then ?”
“Oh yes.  They look absolutely delightful there in their hoods and veils.  It’s sort of based on various ancient style of nun’s attire.  Some of the girls designed it themselves.  Why don’t you stay the weekend and see them ?”
“I’d love to but there’s my flight late this afternoon.  I’ll need to get changed soon and drive back.”
“There’s no need for that.  I’ve already changed it to a flexible business class ticket so you can travel back when you like.  But I reserved a seat for you on the first flight Monday morning just in case you did want to stay the whole weekend as that flight is always busy.  You’d still be back at work on time and nobody will be any the wiser.”
“Oh … uh thanks.  You didn’t need to do that.”
“It’s my treat.  Did you have anything planned for the weekend ?”
“Not really.  My social life isn’t all it could be.”
“Well then.  Please stay here the whole weekend ?  I’d love it and I get the feeling the girls will as well.”
“Are you sure ?  I thought after last night they’d be glad to get rid of me.”
“Why not ask them ?” the Countess pressed a button on the small remote control in her handbag.
“Oh … uh … right.”
I turned to the two standing there. “Would you mind if I stayed the weekend ?”
They shook their heads quite vigorously.
“So you’d like me to stay ?”
This time they nodded.
“Oh … thanks then.  I will.”
I turned back to the Countess who I noticed discretely pressed the button again despite me hoping she wouldn’t.
“Seems like I’m staying by popular request then.  I assume I’m not to write about them in my article.”
“Oh I’m sure the odd mention won’t do my reputation any harm.”
“Oh … uh … what can’t I mention then ?”
“My address in case any more girls want to volunteer to come here.” she laughed, “But seriously write what you think your readers will be interested in and let me see the draft as we agreed.”
“That’s fine.  I will.”

At that moment the maid called One silently reappeared and elegantly set my meal down before me.
“How do they do everything so silently and elegantly ?” I asked when she disappeared again.
“Constant practice.  They all will have practiced anything hundreds of times before doing it for me alone, let alone for a guest.”
“Oh.  So how many times does it need before she can do it for little ol’ me.”
“Many thousands.”
I was simply gobsmacked at the sheer amount of effort that had gone into practicing the simple matter of laying a dish down in front of me.  But before I could comment, One reappeared once more with a selection of breads and a plate of cold meats.
“You aren’t a vegetarian, are you ?” the Countess asked on noticing my surprised look, “You appeared to eat the meat last night.”
“No.  It’s fine.  I just never eat this much.”
“I should hope not.  You’d never get back into your corset.”
“Oh yeah.  That was wonderful last night.  I’ve never worn anything like that gown.”
“Well I’m sure we can do the same again today if you’d like.”
“Let’s see if the corset still fits.” I smiled, “When do the girls eat ?”
“After us.  Whoever is preparing our meal always makes too much so that there is something for them.”
“Oh … so I’d better leave most of this then.”
“Don’t be silly, I don’t let them starve if you clear your plate.  It just works out less effort for them that way.”
“I thought that would …” I began then quickly bit my tongue to stop my rude comment about how I thought something involving more effort would usually be chosen.  I then tried to think of something polite to say.
“… uh … end up with some waste.  If they’re all busy like they were last night for instance.”
“I suppose it could do.  I shall look into it.”

“You said you had others interested in coming here ?”
“Yes.  That’s right.”
“How many ?”
“Oh I haven’t got an exact number.  About twenty or so have expressed an interest over the last couple of years.”
“How does one ‘express an interest’ ?”
“I see you don’t go to any events.”
“Events ?”
“BDSM, sex-play or that sort of thing.”
“Uh … nope.”
“Always good for sales.  And as some of the maids are there, they sometimes get talking to other slaves.”
“I thought they were all gagged.  And don’t you tie them up or chain them at such events or is that just a silly fantasy ?”
“Well actually it’s quite common, yes.  But usually it’s encouraged to let them mingle for a little while as a treat.”
“So what happens ?”
“Well sometimes I lose one who wants to try elsewhere but it seems more often I get requests to come here.  But I keep to the twelve limit so usually have to turn them down.”
“Why not bring one of them in as a cook for the girls ?”
“Servant to the slaves.  Sounds like it might not be so attractive.”
“I suppose not.  Couldn’t they take it in turns ?  I assume there is laundry and so on to do as well.”
“Well there is plenty of room and all they cost is their food.  But I’m worried there won’t be enough for them to do.”
“Well at least they might get some more time to sleep.” I laughed.
“Oh we don’t want that, do we ?” she replied, I not sure exactly how serious she was being as with her well trained voice she could hide the inflections in it if she so wanted.

I finished my breakfast and remarked “Well I supposed I’d better get dressed then.”
“What’s the hurry ?  Dinner is hours away yet.”
“Surely we can’t sit around in our negligees all day ?”
“Why not ?  Don’t you like it ?”
“Oh it’s beautiful.  I’ve never slept in anything like this before.  Seems a bit of a waste really.”
“Well then, wear it for the rest of the day if you like.”
“Thanks,” I smiled, “If you don’t mind I will.”
“Would you like to go for a walk around the garden ?”
“Is that alright ?”
“Why not ?”
“For this robe ?” I pointed to the pool of material sitting beside me “It might get dirty.”
“Oh I very much doubt that.” she briefly nodded behind me.
“Oh yes.  Of course.” I grinned, then joked “I assume it’s not so lucky for them if they let it get dirty ?”
“Very bad luck indeed.” came the surprising reply.
“Uh … how do you mean ?”
“Well what do you think should happen for allowing a fifteen hundred Swiss franc negligee to get dirty ?”
“What ?”
I exclaimed, “That’s over a thousand pounds.”
“That’s right.  We sell expensive lingerie as well.”
“Anyway I think it’s worth a good spanking for each of them, don’t you ?”
“Surely they don’t let you do that ?”
“Of course.  They have to do everything I say or they are asked to leave.”
“So what happens if I get it dirty ?”
“Well I could ask you if you want a spanking but I expect you’d decline.” she laughed, “Do you think you will get it dirty ?”
“Well this hem on the nightgown is a bit low.  I’ve stood on it a few times already so I’m afraid it will get muddy if we walk through your gardens.  Perhaps I’d better go and get changed into something suitable.”
“No, that’s alright.  I’m sure it will wash off if you do.  Your derriere is safe.”
“Can I include the robe as well in exchange for a single swipe at my bottom.” I giggled.
“Oh I’d be delighted to oblige.” she laughed, “Do go ahead.”

I got up and when my two maids went to pick up the back of the robe I beckoned for them to leave it there.
“Can I speak to them ?”
“Of course.  Here, have my spare control.  Press once for on, twice or more for off.  The red one activates just the most senior girl present whilst green is for all of them nearby.
I pressed the green control once and talked to my maids.
“I hope you don’t mind but I really like the look of that trailing behind me.  Do you want to follow me or go inside ?”
No answer came back.
“Did this work ?” I turned to the Countess.
“Oh yes.  You asked them an unanswerable question so they are instructed to stay still to avoid confusion.”
“Ah, I did, didn’t I ?”
“Okay, try again.  You can follow me or go inside for some rest.  Nod for follow me, shake for go inside.”
To my surprise they both nodded.  I turned to the Countess.
“Shall we go then ?”
“You haven’t turned their hearing off.”
“I know.” I sighed, having hoped she wouldn’t notice, “Can’t I treat them ?”
“Oh alright then.  Just for an hour.”
“You’re spoiling them rotten.  No wonder they adore you.”
“Now you’re being silly.”

We wandered the immaculate gardens for over an hour and a half before returning to the table for a light lunch and another bottle of wine.  It was just as well I wasn’t driving back to Geneva that day as even if I hadn’t had been arrested I might easily have missed Geneva altogether and ended up somewhere in the South of France.

After lunch I asked if I could have a lie down for a while and the Countess agreed.  I then asked if she minded if I borrowed all of her maids.
“All of them ?  What did you have in mind ?”
“Oh I just wondered what its like having so many attending to one’s every need.”
“And looking for another orgasm perhaps ?” the Countess grinned before turning One’s hearing on and telling them her to gather all the other maids in my room as soon as possible.

I returned to my room with my other two maids still in tow.  Two of them were of course waiting at my door and bowed, opened the door and led me in.  Another two standing inside waiting for my instructions brought the compliment back up to six.  It seemed I couldn’t even blow my nose without involving at least a pair of maids in the task.

But I have to admit it was fun being waited on hand and foot !

Gradually the rest appeared and soon I had all twelve standing in a line before me.  I took out my new control and pressed the green button.
“Can you all hear me ?”
The whole line nodded in remarkable synchronisation considering they probably couldn’t see each other.
“I’d just like to say how wonderful it’s been having you look after me.  Now I’d like you all to do me a favour.  Will you do that ?”
Despite their shrouds, their body language indicated they were confused but I eventually got the required nods.
“Right then,” I said as I stood up, “I want you all on the bed.”
This brought twelve shakes of the head. “It’s an order !  Slip off your shoes and get on the bed.”
Slowly they all climbed onto the bed, I noticing how careful they were with their veiling so as not to expose even their feet to me.
“Right, lie down on your sides.”
Amazingly they did as I ordered and somehow arranged themselves in tidy rows on the bed.  I then went and closed the curtains and settled down to sleep myself on the large sofa.  Soon we were all out for the count.  My guess that they had been running on determination alone had been correct.

Fortunately the alarm I had set woke us up and I again ordered them to stay on the bed while I used the bathroom.
“I need you all so no dirty hands.” I explained.
On my return I was about to suggest they all to go and use the toilet when I remembered what the Countess said about their toilet arrangements.  But I realised I didn’t know how they dealt with the rather more delicate issue of solid waste so resolved to ask later on.
I let them bathe me, dry me off and then set about the task of lacing me into my corset again.  Despite the searing pain, I insisted they went far tighter than the night before, One and Two holding my shoulders, two others my feet whilst two maids on each lace ensured it was me who limited the tightness, not their strength.  Once done, I sent One and Twelve off to make dinner and Three and Eight to ensure the Countess didn’t turn up at dinner in her negligee.  Two guided the rest in doing my hair, fingers and feet one more time before they fitted the gown again and then she personally went berserk with a jewellery box she had fetched from somewhere.  As I recognised several of the items from the previous evening, including the fabulous tiara my host had worn, I worried that the Countess might appear somewhat underdressed but hey, it wasn’t my bottom that would be in the firing line.

Also this time I had asked them to find some extra veils.  I certainly didn’t see why they should have all the fun after all.  The three layers of a new even larger veil trailed behind me whilst the one from the night before trailed forward from my head and would need constant support from the maids.  And underneath this tulle confection, Two had found some wonderful pieces of lace with which to cover my nose and mouth, she attaching all sorts of dangling jewellery to it as well.  Finally a huge emerald was suspended right between my eyes.  Any random turn or shake of my head made it swing from side to side violently resulting in a mixture of self-hypnosis and seasickness.

And so I was ready.  Two and Four held the veil at the front to guide me.  Five, Six, Seven and Nine supported my train whilst Ten and Eleven kept the veil aloft at the back.  A look in the mirror confirmed I looked like some fantasy princess.  Of course such attire might be totally impractical even for the poshest society wedding unless you have some *very* understanding bridesmaids, but here there certainly didn’t appear to be a lack of willing hands so I made use of every one.

Indeed without every one of them I was going nowhere !

We headed off and waited in the same room as the night before for the Countess to appear.  She did some time later, this time with only two maids supporting her own gown.
“Oh my.” she gasped, “I wondered why I had to be so short on maids.”
“Seems to me you should be getting in those others soon.”
“It seems you might be right.”
she laughed, “And also some extra jewellery !”
“Ah … sorry about that.” I laughed.
“Don’t apologise, it all looks far, far better on you.  And I just love all those extra veils.  In fact you look good enough to eat.  Speaking of which, shall we go in ?”
“Shouldn’t we wait for Benson ?”
“My dear, he might be a slave but he still has a cock.  And with you looking like that he might put in for a transfer.”
This time I led my host into the dining room, my wider veiling needing the whole width of the pair of doors this time, then guided her to the head of the table.
“You aren’t sitting down the other end, are you ?  It looks good on the films but in practice you can’t hear a word the other person is saying so you spend all evening saying pardon.”
“No.” I replied, “I’ll be standing here at your side.”
“You can’t do that.  How will you eat ?”
“Oh I think eating went out of the window several hours ago, don’t you ?” I pointed to my face veiling and all the jewellery involved around it.
“Oh my.  I hadn’t thought about that.  I suppose you’re right.  Seems there might be some spare food for the maids.”
“Nope.  I explained to One that tonight it is quality over quantity.  It’s far easier for her to make it perfect for you if I don’t eat so I told her tonight she is to cook for one and one only.” I remarked, then giggled “And I don’t mean herself.”

After what looked like an even better dinner than the one from the previous night, One and Twelve appeared from the kitchens.  As pre-arranged, they lifted up the Countess’ train and gave it to me, then with One leading us all, Two through Five dealing with my front veil and the sides of the Countess’ train, and the rest behind me, four on my train, three on the veil, the strangest entourage this chateau had probably ever seen set off at a slow but elegant march all the way to the bedroom of the Countess.  At her doorway she turned to me.
“I’d better say goodnight then.”
“No way.  We’re all coming in to help you to bed.”
she gasped.

Inside I took up position at the foot of the bed, filling most of the room, whilst directing the maids to deal with their true mistress.  Only once she was sitting in bed did they return to their positions attending to myself.
“You’d better go to your own room then.” she remarked.
But instead I put my arms out to fluff out my skirts, pushed my right leg back, bent my left knee and lowered my head down into a deep curtsey.  The twelve maids all did likewise.
“Oh my.  Where did you learn that from ?”
“I asked Two to teach me how to do it properly.”
“I see you’re a fast learner.  You should come to one of our debutante balls.”
“I think I’m a little old for that.”
I laughed, “But thanks anyway.”
“That’s a pity.  Anyway, get off to bed or you’ll be tired.”
“It’s alright,” I explained, “We’re all staying here tonight.”
“Like that ?”
“Well if you wouldn’t mind, we’d prefer to use both knees.”
“We ?”
“Myself and your faithful servants One through Twelve.”
“I see you’ve formed quite a bond with them.”
“Yeah, I think I have.”
“Okay then.”
We all descended down onto both knees.

“How come with thirteen other people in the room, I’m the only one who can reach the light switch.” the Countess laughed before plunging the room into darkness, “I really must get those reinforcements in soon.”

Chapter 3 – The Veil of Discovery

I zoned in and out of consciousness all night, only the tweak from my corset on my ribcage waking me just before I toppled over.  I looked around and the maids all seemed still.  I wondered if they were asleep or not.  Many had spent the previous night on their feet as well and the rest in my room wasn’t really for that long.  One must certainly be exhausted by now.  I know I certainly was !

However as the light began to enter the room a more immediate problem entered my mind.  I wanted a pee.  I held on for some time but it started getting painful.  I certainly now understood why the Countess had fitted all the maids with catheters.  They’d never have managed all the things she expected them to do without.

But this of course didn’t help me.  I managed to attract One’s attention without waking the Countess by turning her hearing on and off repeatedly.  She turned to me and I beckoned her over.
“I need a pee.” I whispered in her ear, or at least where I thought her ear was as touching her made me realise just how padded her head was, presumably to remove sound when her hearing was supposed to be off, “Do you have a potty or something ?”
She shook her head.
“Surely there’s an antique chamber pot in a house like this ?”
But again she shook her head.  By now Two had joined us but I got the same response from her.  Dressed like I was there was no way I could ask them to get me to the bathroom without waking the Countess but I was getting desperate.
“How about some towels ?” I suggested, thinking I would soak them and hide them beneath me.
But instead One lifted the side of my ballgown skirts and Two crept underneath.  Soon I could feel her between my legs but I didn’t know what she had in mind.  Or at least I didn’t until One took my hand and squeezed it.
“You want me to … ” I whispered as she nodded.
But she quite insistently kept on squeezing and nodding.  Meanwhile underneath me Two was doing likewise.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I whispered, more to myself than anybody else as I let go and felt the urine trickling over my favourite maid.

But surprisingly what I was most worried about was had I hit the target properly.  I expected the Countess would not be amused if I had urinated on her bedroom carpet.  Soon I was finished and after a wait, One and I lifted my skirts again and we helped Two to slide out.  One then took her away, presumably to get cleaned up.  I rubbed my knees around but felt no damp patches on my legs, clothing or the carpet.  Poor Two had done an excellent job.

An hour later they reappeared.
“Are you okay ?” I whispered and received two nods.
They took up their positions again and we waited there for the Countess to awake, something which didn’t occur for several more hours.  Once I saw her stretching her arms out and yawning, I rose as elegantly as I could given the cramps racking my body.  The maids quickly followed suit and I advanced to the side of her bed.  Still under all my veiling, I knelt down again, lifted the vast expanse of my front veil onto the bed, reached under the duvet and pulled her feet out one by one and kissed them both several times.  Then I looked up at her through the veil with a gleam in my eye.

I had never done anything like this before.

I had never considered or even dreamt about doing anything like this before.

But the seemingly never ending orgasm quietly pounding away in my vagina indicated this may have been an oversight on my part.

Once I finished this, she pushed her feet back under and slid herself down the bed so that our faces were near and though the veil was still in the way, noticed my breasts thrusting themselves out of the top of both my corset and gown towards her.  She then stretched her neck forward and kissed each one.  My ongoing orgasm felt like it changed gear as I moved back from resolution phase into a full blown orgasmic phase again.  I’d never felt anything like this.

And then it got better.

Despite me dressed to the nines, she pulled me up onto the bed, pulled herself under my veils and we knelt facing each other.  I just about noticed the maids rushing round to tidy my veiling up before they all disappeared out of sight on the floor.  She held my hands and kissed me on the lips.

My heart carried on pounding, my body carried on rippling.

And my breasts carried on trying to escape.  They did not want to be trapped under my gown encased by my corset.  They wanted to be in her hands.  Being squeezed …  fondled … pinched … twisted … loved.

Reality tried to intervene for a moment.  I’d never had a lesbian thought in my life.  Girls often kiss each other but it’s never sexual.  Boys kiss girls sexually.  Yet every kiss I had ever had before paled into insignificance by those landing on my body now.

I was hers.

And she knew it.

Chapter 4 – The Veil of Servitude

I found myself lying naked in the bed.
“Oh my lord, what have I done ?”

I sat up.

“Ah, you’re with us again.” a voice appeared from across the room.
“Uh … yes.  So it wasn’t a dream ?”
“Well if it was I had it as well.” the Countess laughed, “And a very good dream it was too.”
“Oh my.”
“I take it you’ve never done anything like that before ?”
“Uh … sorry.  No.”
“Feeling guilty ?”
“A little.”
“Don’t worry, that’s only natural.”
“Where’s everybody else ?”
“I sent them to bed.  I thought you wouldn’t want a crowd here when you awoke.”
“Thanks.  Can I ask a personal question ?”
“Of course.”
“What will your the maids think about this ?”
“Oh I think they’ll be really pleased it happened.”
“So they really do like me ?”
“Oh I think they saw this happening long before either you or I did ?”
“Uh … when did you see it happening ?”
“When you looked up at me like that.”
“Oh.  So you didn’t ask me to stay in case I did ?”
“Oh I meet lots of attractive young ladies in my line of work.  If I invited them all back here we’d be short of rooms.  But most of them show no interest in me.”
“Do you go to bed with men as well ?”
“Uh … yes.”
“Which do you do most ?”
“Now we are getting a bit personal.”
“It’s alright.  Probably about even.”
“Do you go to bed with them ?”
“When ?”
“Oh it varies.  When I feel like I suppose.  Not very often.”
“But you do take them to your bed sometimes.”
“Well not all of them.”
“No.  I meant one at a time.”
“So did I.” she grinned, “Though now you suggest it a maid orgy might be fun.  But anyway they aren’t all lesbians or bisexual.”
“No.  Some are definitely hetero and others don’t want sex at all.”
“You mean like nuns ?”
“That’s right.  As I said some do go into orders later on.”
“So this is a sort of practice run … in being subservient.”
“Well I doubt if the Vatican would approve but you could say that I suppose.”

“Could I try being a maid here today ?”
“Why yes.  Of course.  If you’re sure you want to.”
“I think I do.”
“Well you did mention trying one of their veils the other day.  And going to church tomorrow as well.”
“Ah.  I didn’t actually say I’d go to church.”
“I think the others would be thrilled to take you.”
“Shall I ring for them ?”
“I thought they were in bed ?”
“Well most are.  But One and Two are waiting outside.”
“Please.  I need to thank them.”
“Oh.  What for ?”
“I had a pee on one of them.”
“Oh my.  Even I haven’t done that.”
“I was desperate.  It was her idea.  It was her or your carpet.”
“A good choice on her part.  Who was it ?”
“Two.  With help from One.”
“It shows their experience.  The more recent ones would just have panicked.”

The Countess then rang the bell and the two maids entered.  I beckoned for them to come to me and pulled them onto the bed.
“Can you hear me ?”
“Oh … wait a minute … yes.” the Countess dealt with her control.
“Sorry about what I did this morning.  Friends ?”
The both nodded.
“I want to try being like you for a couple of days.  Can you get me the clothes ?”

They nod and rush off.  A while later they return and get me dressed in the maid’s uniform.  For some reason I had imagined it as a very short skirted creation but in fact it was a fully skirted Victorian maid’s uniform.  After fitting me with long stockings and a camisole, they fitted the catheter and affixed the bag to my left leg.  Then they indicated for me to relax as they inserted another flexible pipe into my anus with some sort of coupling on the other end.  Now I understood how they dealt with solid waste, it was washed out of them.  Countless layers of undergarments seemed to follow, all having rows of closely spaced buttons to secure them to the layer underneath, sealing me in completely.  The corset followed though it wasn’t tightened down as much as my dress one of the previous night.  Maids might want to be thin but they still had work to do whereas a lady of leisure would not.  A high necked blouse, lots of petticoats, under and overskirt, jacket, gloves, boots and a fluffy apron followed, all it appeared designed to trap air inside and prevent any flowing out.  I now realised just how warm they must be all day.  And swelteringly hot when outside in warm weather.

And I was about to follow in their footsteps.

They then fitted their headwear and the gag, then began to offer up the shroud.  I noticed something and shook my head.  I reached for the gag and removed it.
“But this is yours.” I said to One.
I then noticed the flowers on her head.  A violet and three pinks.
“No.  You’re the boss.” I said.
“What is it ?” the Countess asked from her desk where she was doing some work.”
“One wants to give me her number.”
“Oh that’s nice of her.”
“Why does she want to do that.  She can’t.”
“Hmm.  I’m not sure.  Oh well, there’s a first time for everything.  One, please remove your gag.  You won’t be punished for doing so.”
I looked at the Countess.
“Punished ?”
“Oh yes.  Removing one’s gag during the day incurs twenty strokes of the cane.”
“Oh.  Does that apply to me ?”
“I think as you’re just trying it we’ll tell you the punishment but not implement it.”

Then I heard One’s voice for the first time.  A beautiful sing-a-long French accent.
“You cane me instead madame.”
“Oh I don’t think we need to get into that sort of thing, do you ?  Now why are you giving Julie your number.”
“We all want Julie be head maid madame.”
“But you are the head maid.”
“I know madame.  But we all think she better madame.”
“Uh … how have you discussed this ?”
“Some did in bed madame.  Then they mime the idea to the rest yesterday madame.”
“So you all planned this together ?”
“Sorry madame.  We thought if she was beautiful enough last night it would ‘appen then madame.  But it was good when it did this morning, was it not madame ?  We are all so ‘appy.”
“I see.  How did you discuss it in bed ?”
“We share one closet madame.”
“Oh.  I had two maids the first night as usual.  How many did you have Julie ?”
“Uh … five …madame.  After the toilet … uh … madame.  But seven in the morning … madame.”
“I see.  So there were five of you in the bed ?”
“Oui madame.  Eet is allowed in rules madame.”
“I agree.  I just didn’t ever expect five of you to take advantage of it together.”
“I tell maids no do again madame.”
“No.  It’s fine.  If you want to do that in your only free time that’s up to you.  It would appear none of you got much sleep then.”
“Non madame.”

Then I spoke again.
“Can I ask a question please … uh … madame ?”
“Of course.”
“Must we always put madame on the end of every sentence ?”
“They used to before they were gagged.”
“Oh … wow.”
My vagina began to feel damp again at the level of discipline these girls endure.  And the levels it seemed I was about to endure.

Soon we were all gagged again with me wearing the number one veil.  The sensation of fitting the veil was nothing like I’d imagined.  It was far worse.  I could feel a headache coming on already as I peered through the gloom at the room.


The Countess told the three of us to get some sleep in her bed whilst she did some work.  It was strange trying to sleep with a gag in my mouth but tiredness intervened.

Late afternoon and the Countess had all the maids wake up and come to her drawing room.
“Now it appears what you’ve all been scheming to achieve has happened, at least for a couple of days.  Julie will be staying with us until Monday so I suggest I now leave and once I’m gone you may all remove your veils and gags for one hour to get to know her.  No punishment for doing so provided they’ve all been refitted by the time I come back.”

She left the room and we all disrobed.  One, real name Marie, introduced me at last to Two aka Helena, then Elizabeth, Anna, Catherine, Anne-Marie, Frances one, Isabella, Heidi, Frances two, Ann and another Marie.  One thing I noticed was they all appeared small, certainly shorter than myself and much shorter than the Countess who towered over some of them.  But a question about their ages revealed Isabella, Heidi and Frances two the youngest at eighteen, with the first Marie the oldest at twenty-nine.  In comparison I am twenty-six.

“I assume the fact we have two sets of two of you with the same name and another three with very similar names made her think of numbering you.”
“It was my fault.” Anne-Marie giggled, “I suggested it as a joke when the youngest Marie arrived and started working with the other Marie in the kitchen.  Madame liked it so much she adopted it.”
“So you weren’t gagged then ?”
“Not all the time.”
“Were you veiled ?”
“Oui.” Isabella spoke for the first time, “That began when I arrived.”
“Why did it begin then ?”
“Another girl called Sunita put on a veil before leaving us as her parents had arranged a marriage for her.  I thought it seemed a good idea to try at the time.”
“So we know who to shoot now.”
I laughed but a gaggle of voices confirmed they were all happy with the stricter regime in place now. “But why do you all want me in charge ?  Assuming you all do of course.”
Marie, the real One, spoke.
“We think you stay if you are.”
“Uh …”
I was caught by surprise, “But I’ve got a job and everything.”
“You ‘ave husband ?”
“A lover ?”
“A good house ?”
“Lots of friends ?”
“Uh … not really.”
“Is your job good ?”
“Ah, there I have to say it is.  It’s the job I dreamed of doing when I was at school.”
“Oh.” twelve disappointed faces indicated this wasn’t the answer they were after.
“So you don’t want to stay ?” Helena asked.
“I thought you’d be the last to want me to stay after what I did to you.”
“No.  We would all do it for one another if needed.  Or for our mistress of course.”
“Ah.  How do you all feel about her ?”
“She looks after us all.”
“Wouldn’t a husband do the same ?”
“Some of us don’t want husbands.” Anne-Marie answered again.
“Oh.   Right.  I suppose not.  How many of you have slept with the Countess ?”
Four hands went up, far less than I’d imagined.
“And with each other ?”
“We can share a closet for the night if we wish to talk but it is not allowed to have sex with each other.”
“Ah, right.  I didn’t think of that.  Wouldn’t be good for discipline, would it ?  So how many of you are purely heterosexual ?  You know like I thought I was until this morning.”
Five hands rose.
“So why are you here ?”
“I was beaten up very badly.” Frances one explained, “I don’t trust them anymore.”
Marie, Anna and Catherine all had stories of being the sub to various men but for some reason or the other ending up at the chateau under the care of the Countess whilst Ann had actually worked for the Countess part-time before taking on this new role.

“So that leaves … uh … Isabella …  Heidi … and Frances two.”
“We joined because of Sophie.”
“Who’s Sophie ?”
“She lives here with Laura.”
“Who is Laura ?”
“Laura is American, Sophie is French.  They live here in the chateau with the Countess.”
“So where are they ?”
“They are … uh … away.”
came a less than convincing answer from Helena. “So shat does Sophie do ?”
“She is lover of Laura.”
“And Laura.”
“She is lover of Sophie.”
“I see.” I remarked as the conversation appeared to begin to encircle itself, “But why does that make you come here ?”
“She was a nun once.  Or nearly anyway.  We liked her dedication.”
“So you want to be nuns ?”
Three heads nod.
“So why haven’t you done so ?”
“Local convent is very popular because of Sophie.  We have to wait.”
“Wait for what ?”
“Older nuns to die.”
“Oh … aren’t there other convents ?”
“Not that the Countess pays for.  Nor one as good as that one either.”
“How many nuns are there ?”
“Over two hundred.”
“Wow.  I thought nobody wanted to be a nun nowadays.”
“Few did until Sophie came here.”
“I must meet this Sophie.”
“You will.” they all giggled.
“Is she nice ?”
“Oui.  She is lovely girl.”
“And what’s her friend Laura like ?”
They all point to their bottoms.
“She spanks you ?”
“Oui.  I think it is her favourite ‘obby.” Marie laughs.
“Oh dear.  You are French ?”
“And we are in the French part of Switzerland ?”
“And the Countess speaks French ?”
“And do you all speak French ?”
They all seem to nod. “Does Sophie speak French ?”
“Of course.  She is from Nice.”
“So why does everybody speak English ?”
“Laura.  She is American and cannot learn French well.  It is easier for us all to use English.”
“Didn’t some of you have to learn to speak it though ?”
“Non.” Marie laughs, “Only to listen to it.  Maids do not need to speak.”
“Oh yes.  Hence the gags of course.  So what does the Countess think of this ?”
“She made the rule.  But she does think Laura is being a bit lazy.”

I now realised the relevance of almost the first comment the Countess had made to me when I arrived.

“Oh.  Well it helps me I suppose.  My French is somewhat rusty.”
“So you stay ?” Catherine remarks.
“Uh … I’m thinking it through.  I want to try it for a couple of days first.  I gather you all go to church tomorrow.”
“Not all of us.  Two must stay for madame of course.”
“I assume as an ex-nun Sophie goes to church.”
“She takes us all.”
“And Laura ?”
A round of giggles indicates Laura is not a regular church-goer.
“So two more of you would have to stay for her ?”
They nod.
“I see.  This is actually quite complicated, isn’t it ?”
“This why I no good at it.” Marie remarks, “We think you do well.”
“But why ?”
“You organised.  And make Countess ‘appy.”
“Oh … thanks.  I must point out that this morning was my first time in bed with another woman.”
“Not last time.” somebody remarks to a round of giggles.
“We’ll see.”

I was about to say something else when the door opened.  The look of horror on everybody’s face indicated we had overrun our time.  The twelve maids knelt down and buried their exposed faces on their knees and I followed suit once I realised what to do.
“Sorry madame.” I apologised from this position, “I did not notice the time.”
Somebody coughed.
“Oh … uh … madame.” I remembered my manners.
“Hmm.  Seems you aren’t perhaps the best choice as head maid.  They’re all due forty swipes now.”
“Forty ?” I gasped.
“Twenty for no gag, twenty more for no veil.  And you almost got another ten there for forgetting your manners.”
“But madame.  It was not their fault madame.  Sorry madame.”
And then I said something I couldn’t have imagined myself saying even a few hours earlier.
“Please just punish me madame.  It was all my fault madame.”
“Indeed it was.  But it doesn’t work that way.”
“Oh madame.  Sorry madame.  I will take all the spankings … madame.” I almost gained another ten as well.
“Five hundred and twenty strikes ?”

I gasped.

“Perhaps some each day madame ?”
“But I thought you were only here for two days.  Still seems an awful lot.”
“I … uh … I want to stay madame.”
“Are you sure ?”
“I think so madame.  You said I can leave if I don’t like it madame.”
“Of course.”
“And I’m due some holiday at work madame.  I could take a month off and see how it goes madame.  That would only be about twenty strikes each day madame.”
“Less than that even.”
“So will you do that please madame ?”
“I’ve a better idea.  Why don’t I go outside for another half hour and when I come back you are all properly dressed and ready for work again and we forget this ever happened.”
“Thank you madame.  We will madame.”
“Well apart from remembering your offer to stay the month.  I think we all will remember that, won’t we girls ?”
A round of enthusiastic nods and giggles indicated my annual holiday would be taken in Switzerland this year.

Chapter 5 – The Veil of Surprise

And so here I am sitting in my office contemplating resigning so as I can go and wait hand and foot on a middle aged woman for no pay or anything other than board and lodgings.  I stayed there for my month’s holiday but of course forgot that I would then have to work my notice if I wanted to stay there.  But the Countess suggested I work for an extra month without saying anything to anybody before I decided to do anything so that I was absolutely sure I was doing the right thing.

No make that insisted.  The Countess doesn’t suggest anything.  She simply tells you everything and you do it.  But that’s what makes it enjoyable of course.  Her dominance over you is so exhilarating.

And I have to say I still seem to want more of it.  I found countless things I never thought I would have enjoyed.  In fact I found countless things I had never even thought people do.

As an example, the Countess often works in her office and of course has two maids to attend to her needs at all times.  But I sometimes turned up on the pretence of checking they were doing this properly, then bowed my head to the floor and crawled across the room in her full view to the foot of her desk, sliding my face so being made quite easy by my shroud.  Of course this made me fully aroused, my nipples almost feeling like they were primed for lift off they were so erect.  Once my head was at her feet I used to kiss them which set my body into the height of sexual tension before I gently lifted her feet onto my back for her to use me as a footstool for the rest of the morning whilst I wallowed in waves of pleasurable contractions.

Though if I allowed myself to disturb her work by breathing too heavily, by becoming rigid or by shaking too much a quick dig of her heel in my ribs reminded me I was supposed to be there to give her pleasure, not the other way round.

Our attire was indeed hot.  Unbelievably so outside when the Countess worked or rested there, the air trapped under our shrouds simply heating up and up in the direct sunlight.  How we all stayed upright without fainting on some of the hottest days this summer I don’t know.  Fear perhaps ?  She would have punished us but it was always fair but firm like you would a naughty child.  Nothing brutal or anything.  No, I think it was more our own sense of achievement and not wanting to disappoint her or the others that kept us erect.  Of course we all longed for a hot bath ourselves as we prepared a late afternoon soak for our mistress but we of course still had six hours of hard work ahead of us by which time I would quite often collapse in my bed fully dressed rather than go through the hours of undressing and dressing it took to change into my nightwear and then back again the next morning.  The shroud and countless layers of clothing underneath did have the side effect of holding in body odours for quite a few days should you need them to.

But one always changed on Saturday night.  Or evening to be more precise.  Each Sunday at least eight of us would be expected to attend church on Sunday, preparing for which began as soon as our other work was finished on the Saturday.  We undressed and showered, then began to put on some even more complex attire, the end result of which was us dressed something like old style nuns with a white and then a black veil over across our heads, a white veil across our lower faces and then a black lace veil thrown completely over our heads.  Those prepared early would help later arrivals prepare themselves as soon as they had finished their evening chores as we all had to walk to the church in formation.  Now I expect this sounds easy as you may remember the church was only a kilometre away.  Perhaps this would take you fifteen minutes, twenty at the outside ?

Not for us !

We had to all set out by midnight so as to get to the church by our seven thirty deadline in the morning for Holy Communion at eight.  With our ankles and legs bound together by unbelievably tight underskirts called hobble skirts, our stride was reduced to just a hundred millimetres.  With a ticking in our ears telling us when to move the next step, we all indeed took just under seven and a half hours to get to the church.  Running a marathon was never this hard.

Of course having spent so much effort getting there, we remained on our knees for the whole of the four services until the end of evening prayer at around eight thirty when of course we faced the long trek home again, arriving just in time to remove our Sunday best, wash ourselves, have some much needed food and drink before, though absolutely exhausted of course, having to dress ourselves just in time for us to wait hand and foot once more on the Countess as she rose fresh and relaxed on Monday morning.

I was also surprised that none of the congregations appeared in the last surprised by our appearance or behaviour, and in fact seemed to take special pride in the three eighteen year old nuns to be who were all from the local village.

So now I’m really confused.  I only had actual sex with the Countess on three more occasions although the other maids insisted that one of these involved the full dressing up bit which they all seemed to like as well.  Each time was great but in fact I think I enjoyed just being and working with the maids even more.  They insisted I became the head maid and even the Countess remarked how good I was, not that I’d noticed anything wrong with Marie’s efforts before.  Marie meanwhile insisted on me not renumbering everybody but putting her as Thirteen.  In theory that made Twelve the cook and her the scullery-maid but in practice it allowed her to concentrate all day on producing the highest quality food for the Countess.  Also the first two of the extra maids arrived that month allowing a third one to be placed in the kitchen as the true scullery-maid with Twelve assisting Thirteen and attending to producing food for all the maids and men-servants.

I got to know each of the girls by sharing their maid-closet with then each for a night or two.  These are much smaller than I’d imagined, just the size of a narrow mattress with a couple of feet of headroom and some shelves at the end for clothing and keepsakes.  Thus it’s really crowded so it isn’t easy to sleep when doing this but it’s the only time talking is allowed of course.

And on my departure, Two insisted on remaining as that number, confident that I would return in due course.

I wish I was so certain.  Since returning I have felt lost here.  I do the work but can’t wait to get home where I go to bed almost immediately and begin fantasising about what changes I would make if I returned as head maid.  This always starts with simple practical things that I know the Countess would appreciate.  But as the flow of my sexual hormones stimulate my brain, the changes I dream up get more and more extreme, requiring ever increasing numbers of maids even to keep the chateau going.  One of these was that every maid loses the use of one arm, half left, half right, by tying that limb behind their back.  This in theory doubles the number of maids required for most tasks, tripling it even for a few.   And if the Countess could source numbers on a par with those of her ancestors, what better use could there be for some of those maids than to permanently staff each of the main internal doors with two maids each side so that they open automatically, Star Trek style (only smoother), without our mistress having to always wait for those following her to rush round and deal with it.

Another fantasy was about armies of maids assigned to staff unused bedrooms.  Four maids assigned to say the fifth guest bedroom would have to clean and launder the room every day, turn down the bed and so on every day for the year in the secure knowledge that nobody would ever arrive to make use of their services yet know that every day I would arrive at a random time for a ridiculously severe check.

Soon it is morning again and I travel into work once more and try to remind myself that I have a successful career in publishing with a position at one of the top glossies that most women my age would give their back teeth for.

But with that job come all the hassles.  Travelling to and from work in all weathers, paying rent and trying to keep my grotty flat clean, shopping for food and so on, filling in or paying tax returns of all shapes and sizes, credit card bills, plus always expected to be in the latest fashions of course.

Is it worth it ?

The Countess has assured me that she will support me in listing my position as her personal assistant should I ever wish to leave and find another job.

Though I doubt I would ever find a job as good as this again.

And what will my mother say ?  There’s no way I could tell her the truth so again the P.A. story would have to suffice but the barrage of questions about when am I marrying, settling down and giving her some grandchildren would still continue on the twice a year the maids are allowed to leave to chateau to see family or friends.

So here I am having typed and retyped my resignation e-mail a dozen times but still not knowing whether to submit it or not.

All I need to do is press send and my life changes forever.

Do I ?

Don’t I ?

It’s difficult.

It’s so difficult.

I do have some friends here.

But not like Two through Thirteen as I have to refer to them even inside the maid-closets.

And then there’s the Countess.

Never has such a dominating lady been allowed to reign terror down on a girl’s backside.  I got quite a few strokes of the cane in my month there as I made major mistakes learning the job.  That’s definitely a downside of course.  Still I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad from now on.

But my orgasm was thumping away the whole time she did it.  There always seems to be some upside at the chateau.

Though Laura and Sophie’s return in my third week opened up another source of spankings which didn’t come with the same enjoyable sidetrack.  Sophie is really sweet but Laura is really strict though I have to say she is fair.

Sophie loves being dressed up in all the gowns and veils herself so we all have fun attending to her.  Once I surprised her by us all arriving before dawn and we spent fifteen hours pampering her and getting her ready for a dinner late that evening.  She loved this but Laura was not amused.  Laura really does not like being squeezed into a corset and posh dress but they do make a lovely couple like that so with Sophie’s blessing we set to work on her complaining lover as well which everybody enjoyed.

Well everybody except Laura anyway.  My bottom paid for it the next day on some pretence or other.  I’ll change what I said earlier to Laura is usually fair.

Shit.  This is difficult.

I could toss a coin.

Or wait another month perhaps before I decide.

Why is this so hard ?

Who’s that tapping my shoulder ?

Helena, what are you doing here ?  I didn’t recognise you without the uniform and veil.




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