Kim Kardashian’s Indian misadventure

From the pages of Free State Page 3 – a glamor journal published in the Bombay Free State

Kim Kardashian’s Indian misadventure

by Mr. A_B

Kim Kardashian visited the Indian city of Jaipur earlier this July. What was supposed to be a fun trip of sight seeing heritage palaces and exotic locales, turned to a disaster.

Reports are in that Kim Kardashian was booked by the local police when she was caught behaving in a “lewd and unsavory” manner in public. The details are being kept under wraps but rumor has it, that she tried to “dance dirty” in front of an elephant resulting in the elephant acting wildly injuring its mahout.

In addition to being punished for causing nuisance and property damage she was further charged with bad conduct and immodest behaviour and was given an unusual “modesty punishment” which local law mandates.

Kim had to spend an entire week wearing a locked bondage hood with a removable gag beside a compulsory armbinder which she would have to wear whenever in public. If that weren’t enough, she was blacklisted by the Indian government from visiting a public place without “adequate restraints and modest clothing” . It goes without saying that the rest of the trip in India, saw our beautiful and glamorous Kim having to hide all that sex appeal under an islamic veil.

Didn’t look like it bothered her much though.



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