Prince Fezak’s Revenge

Prince Fezak’s Revenge

by ‘Mike’

Lady Dorothy Urqart was not comfortable, in fact she was feeling very uncomfortable, she had been traveling across Rijad for what seemed like an hour on what was supposed to 15 minute journey and with the temperature at over 110º Fahrenheit and dressed as she was, she was very uncomfortable indeed.

The year is 1955 and Dorothy and her husband Tony or Lord Anthony Urqart were in Rijad, so that Tony could attend the signing of the a multi million pound armaments contract with the Saudi government. The contract had taken months of negotiation and as Tony had told her many times, it was key to the future of Vickers Industries of which he was chairman. The successful signing of this contract would guarantee Vickers future and as such Tony’s substantial wage, which was very necessary, to support Dorothy’s very lavish lifestyle.

So far Dorothy’s actual presence had caused the most problems with the visit and it would have been far simpler had she had stayed in London. But after Tony’s little aside with a dancer in Paris, 6 years ago she always insisted that she accompany Tony on all overseas trip.

But as Tony had repeatedly told her, when she had offended Prince Fezak in London last year she had put the whole contract in jeopardy, Tony was not sure how much influence Prince Fezak had on the contract, as different Saudi Prince’s had turned up at different times to the negotiations in London to be wined and dined at Vickers Industries expense. But when Dorothy had asked Prince Fezak to leave a party at the Urqarts London house, Tony had been livid. Dorothy still felt she was within her rights, as the Prince had offered to buy her niece Lavinia for 10 camels. How was she supposed to know the Prince was joking and by the time she had been told, the Prince had stormed out. As far as Tony could find out Prince Fezak was still very angry with Dorothy for embarrassing him and he felt that they were very lucky that the contract was still going ahead.

Before the trip was planned, Vickers Saudi agent Pascal had visited Lady Urqart and advised her on her outfits for the visit. Tony had insisted that nothing she wore would cause offence and Pascal had said that to be on the safe side, all flesh should be covered from the neck downwards. With that in mind for the formal events, Dorothy’s dress maker had created an evening outfit with a high necked collar, long tight sleeves, tight skirt with a wide floor length flounce sweeping out from her below her knees, Dorothy considered it to be decorous while still fashionable. For the visit to Royal palace where the contract would be signed by the King she was advised to show no figure and to wear a full veil. So over the top of the evening gown, she had decided to wear a full length pleated evening cape buttoned from floor to a high fitted collar.

It had all seemed so sensible in England, Dorothy had asked that the dress and the cape be made of silk taffeta that would be very modest and it was also fully lined, which was not a problem in cold old England. She had also specified that the dress was to be an ‘evening’ dress as she intended to wear it to the ambassadors dinner as well. Dorothy had always been proud of her figure and even at age 45 she corseted hard to keep it. Now if she had specified a day dress her dressmaker would have made the waist 24”, but as an ‘evening’ dress it was made to fit her normal ‘evening’ 22” waist.

All this made the dress a trial to wear in the over 100º Fahrenheit temperatures, but to make matters worse all her limbs had swelled in the heat and she had struggled to get into it earlier this morning. In a day dress she could have managed with a light girdle and a small cincher, but an evening dress required her heaviest long line girdle with a built in boned corset. The thick padded girdle reached down to just above her knees was so tight her knees were forced together. Usually in England Abby her maid could lace her waist down to 22” in half an hour, but this morning she had only Tony to lace her, and as she had swelled up, it had taken over an hour and she had nearly fainted twice. Then she had put on a long line padded brassiere, seamed stockings, a calf length fitted shift and squeezed her now swollen arms in to the tight sleeves of the dress. Her face and neck had swollen as well and Tony nearly strangled her making the hooks of the high stiff collar meet. At least her shoes would be comfortable as they were open sandals with a 2” block heel, Dorothy was totally against the current fashion of stiletto high heels and pointed toes and she made it known to all and sundry that the fashion would ruin women’s feet. When they were ready to leave the hotel, Tony had helped her on with the floor length cape and complained at the delay while he had to button up each of the 30 buttons from neck to hem. After that with the addition of gloves, a pill box hat and a thick shoulder length veil, she was totally enclosed and had been gasping for air even before they had left the hotel which at least had ceiling fans to move the air.

As they sat in the car Dorothy gasped for air and felt a river of perspiration running down her neck and down between her breasts and dripping down her legs, she felt so hot and sticky. She had slid forward in the seat of the limousine so that she could straighten her body to try and keep the crushingly tight corset flat so that it did not dig in and restrict her breathing even more. She was getting very disturbed, engulfed as she was in so much material, she could not even bring her puffed-up arms up to lift the veil as they were held tight as sausages in long sleeves of her dress and she could not get her hands through the low tight openings of her evening cape.

“Dorothy will you sit up straight, what will people think !”, said Tony in a harsh voice, “We have not got the contract signed yet and I don’t want people getting a bad impression and”, (as he told for the 5th time that morning) “I have heard that Prince Fezak will be there, and if he asks for anything, I mean anything, do exactly what he says, Pascal has informed me that he has it on good authority that Prince Fezak will probably be overseeing the contract and he could mean the difference between break even and a lot of profit, so do not offend him in any way”

Tony was being very serious and Dorothy just gasped, “Yes dear”.

At last they arrived at the palace and Tony struggled to help Dorothy to her feet, as she could hardly bend to get out the limousine in the tight laced corset. The full heat of the sun hit Dorothy and she wanted to get inside as fast as possible, but she could only make tiny steps hobbled as she was by the long skirt and weighed down by the mass of fabric surrounded as they made her way up the palace steps, they were met by Pascal.

“There is a problem, the people here say that the Chief Imam will be present at the signing and as such they say that Lady Urqart must wear the traditional full burkha if she is to attend.”

Tony looked furious, more delays and problems caused by Dorothy.

“But I am fully covered from head to toe, what can the Imam see”

Pascal shrugged, “They say it must be a traditional full face burkha, they are finding you one now, they say that they do not want to offend you by keeping you from the ceremony, but Lord Urqart we can go in, they are still discussing the final draft of the contract. Pascal led Tony into the palace and he gave not even a backward glance to Dorothy, who was left outside on the palace steps being baked in the midday sun.

Five minutes later when Dorothy thought she was about to faint, three women dressed in full burkha came out and escorted into the palace and then into a side room. The room was mercifully cool, Dorothy could feel it through her veil, although she still felt as though she was being sautéed under the mass of cloth covering her body after standing and perspiring heavily for five minute in the sun. The three women, giggling like school girls removed her veil and got her to sit down on a stool, Dorothy had assumed they would remove her evening cape and allow her some air, but one of them brought over a mass of material, another bent to pick up her feet, Dorothy opened her mouth to protest and as she did the third forced in a leather ball into her mouth and secured it with a thick strap behind her mouth, Dorothy eyes opened wide with alarm she tried to scream, but she could manage was low pitched mumble, she tried to rise but the women stood behind and held her shoulders. The other two started passing what looked like a large canvas bag over her feet and up over the cape, forcing the excess material down into the bag, she tried to kick out but her leg were hobbled by the tight skirt and she soon became breathless and had to desist. Once all the material was passed over legs, Dorothy felt each foot being passed through a tight hole, each of which was then tightened around her ankles like spats, she could feel all the material of the large flounce and the evening cape being bunched above her ankles. Then she felt her comfy sandals being removed and her and her feet being forced into some more shoes, she could not see, but from the angle her foot was being forced into they were very high and her toes were squeezed together into an extreme point.

They then stood her up and she staggered in the unfamiliar shoes, her feet were levered up onto tiptoe and she winced as her toes were forced deeper into the points, she teetered backwards and forwards for balance on the needle thin heels and she was not helped by the fact that the closed bottom of the bag only gave her a 4” stride and she moved like a penguin trying to regain her balance, s snared as she was by the canvas ankle hobble.

The women supported her and when she steadied the bag was passed up her body, she was powerless to stop them as her arms were trapped inside the evening cape, as it reached her neck one girl held it up while others bent down and started tighten leather straps which were every 4” from the ankles upwards, they used all there strength to pull them tight. Dorothy felt the mass of cloth in pleated evening cape being forced in to the flounce of the dress and then bundled around her lower legs. The evening cape contained 10 yards of material and would only compress so far, even with the women pulling with all their might. The tightening of the straps continued upwards and as it reached her hips Dorothy quickly moved her arms upwards and crossed them under her cantilevered bosom to try and keep free, but straps continued above and below her breasts and her arms were trapped in a pocket tight against the bottom of the padded breasts of her long line brassiere.

The straps then finished and a women at the back collected the top of the bag and pulled it up and Dorothy was horrified were they going to pull it over head and seal her in, she was sure she would suffocate, she started to squirm and mumble past the gag and would have fallen but for the support of the two other women. One of the women adjusted the top the bag and placed the front rim of just under Dorothy’s nose covering her mouth and the gag. At the back she felt the canvas tightening around her neck and across the lower part of her face. When it was all tightened, she was left only breathing in long rapid puffs threw her nose.

Dorothy was thankful that her nose and eyes were left free and was thinking that no more could be added, but being supported by one of the women, the other two turned and picked up what looked like two gold collars, one was larger than other and it was split and placed around Dorothy’s waist, Dorothy knew just from looking at it that it was too large to fit round her waist, expanded as it was by the pleated cloth of the evening cape and the canvas strait jacket. Dorothy could not see as her head was forced up by the canvas collar, that a rope was knotted over the belt and a bar placed through the loop and one of the women started twisting the bar and the open ends of belt which were 4” apart started to come together, soon the belt tightened enough so that Dorothy could feel the pressure even through her boned corset, she could not believe it they were trying to kill her, she had fainted twice closing the corset, this morning and now her poor tortured waist was being compressed even more, she was snorting for air and whining at the pain and eventually she could take no more and she fainted clean away.

She woke to the acrid smell of burnt feathers under nose and found she could not twist away as her neck was now trammeled in what she assumed was the other collar, she tried to faint again as the pressure was to much and she struggled for air, any air through her nose.

“Do not faint again, Lady Dorothy, I wish to talk to you”

Dorothy’s heart jumped at the voice, it was unmistakable, Prince Fezak !

“I see you are getting acquainted with one of our Saudi customs, the basquar. It is used by husbands or relatives when one their women has done something to embarrass them, I as a Royal Prince am allowed to charge any woman, and I have charged you.”

Prince Fezak was silent for some seconds, Dorothy of course could say nothing, but she thought, “When I get out of here I am going straight to embassy …”.

“I assume that you will be thinking that when you are released you will go straight to the ambassador and create such a furor that will be in all the newspapers. Well not even I am totally above Saudi law and I must release you within five days, although I could stretch it a little if I feel the need, but I don’t think I will need to keep you trussed for much longer and I am quite sure that you will not cause a fuss. I am certain because if I her just one rumour that is reported to have been spread from your lips, I will cause so many problems for your husband and Vickers Industries with the armaments contract that they will end up owing the Saudi government money and they will probably go bust. But If you feel the need to spread rumours about me, carry on, I will deny them, you will I assure you have no proof and I shall break your husband.”

He was silent again, for a few more seconds.

“But if you suffer the basquar for the next few hours and cause me no problems in the future, I will let your husband make his money, also I will expect to be welcomed into your house when in London and one other thing the torment of the basquar will be over today, but for the embarrassment you have caused me I feel that you should have some constant reminder, from this day I wish you to wear shoes of the same design as you are wearing on every occasion inside and outside your house, I will leave you now to think on my proposal and get used to the basquar.

Prince Fezak left the room and Dorothy obviously could say nothing. The women came up to her giggling once more carrying a mass of black material, this was the burkha, they lifted it up and dropped it over Dorothy’s head. She was blind until they adjusted the small slit in the top of the burkha level with her eyes and even then she could not see much as the slit was backed by a loose weave cloth to cover her eyes. Dorothy’s distress was increased as before the burkha at last she was breathing free air if only through her nose and now she had to draw it through the thick heavy cloth of the burkha.

The women did not let her stand easy, they pushed her lightly from behind and to stop herself falling she had to totter forward, her feet and toes were already sore in the extreme high heels and she felt her ankles shaking as she tried to balance on the needle thin heels. She stepped out and hit the limits of the canvas ankle hobble, stuttered, she felt herself falling forward and could not lean back as her knees, hips torso and neck were held in a rigid line by rigours of her own girdle and corset, the added rigidity of the basquar and the golden belt and collar. She was sure she was falling and the she felt a pull from behind and found herself upright and regained her balance. She felt a push again and tottered forward and she again lost her balance and was righted again. After the third time Dorothy refused to move her feet, thinking what else could they do to her, but after some talk in Arabic one of the women reached up and felt through the thick cloth of the burkha and found her nose and squeezed her nostrils shut, Dorothy tried to squirm but could do nothing and when it released after ten seconds she knew that she would have to try to walk or they would squeeze it again.

So at the next push she tottered forward in a minute 3” step, and then swung her ankle to get her other foot around the first in a jerky penguin walk motion, she managed three steps before she got tangled and began to fall, she was righted again and the exercise was repeated again and again. After 20 attempts Dorothy could walk in straight line for about five yards without falling, the women then pushed her from the side and she had to try and turn, this was a whole new learning exercise, but after several attempts she could manage it and so the women then moved her slowly around the room, Dorothy was totally reliant on the giggling women for balance and direction as she could hardly see anything through the veiled burkha.

Dorothy though was suffering, the continuous movement required more air and there was little to be had and she was sweating profusely which was hardly surprising now that her body was totally engulfed 6 layers by of heavy material comprising of :-

1)Stockings, girdle, corset and long line padded brassiere
2)Full length shift
3)Her full length formal dress with wrist length sleeves and high tight collar
4)The pleated floor length high collared evening cape
5)The totally enclosing thick canvas nose to floor basquar with its stringent leather straps every 4” and tightened even further by the golden belt and collar
6)The heavy enclosing black burkha, which restricted her sight and the flow of air to her nose.

She could not do anything about the torrent streaming down her face from her now sweat-matted hair.

At first Dorothy could only think of revenge, but after 2 turns of the room (which took five minutes at Dorothy ultra slow pace), she had had time to reflect on the Princes offer or were they really demands and what Tony had told her that morning. The Prince could really ruin Vickers Industries and with Tony and as such bring an abrupt end to Dorothy’s pampered lifestyle. The more she considered her plight the more she realised that she really had no option but to submit to the Princes demands, today and when she returned to London.

The Prince returned and asked,

“Well Lady Dorothy do you agree to my ‘requests’?”

Dorothy tried to mumble yes, but no sound came out passed the gag and through the canvas of the basquar and the thick material of burkha, she then tried to nod her head but found herself unable to move a muscle.

“Oh yes, I remember now you cannot speak and you cannot move your head, oh well let’s see what can you move”

The Prince thought for a minute and said, “Yes I think our Saudi basquar is very effective for recalcitrant women, I think the only thing left that you can move is your eyes”

He moved closer and peered through the grille of cloth covering her eyes.

“Please blink once for yes and twice for no”

Dorothy who had been blinking furiously due to the sweat rolling down her face, controlled herself and stayed wide eyed and then blink slowly once and returned to wide eyed.

The Prince said good, now we must attend the meeting in the throne room for the signing of the contract it is due to start in half an hour, it is only down the corridor but my wives tell me that you are at present moving very slowly and so I think you should start now.

The Prince left and the women giggling again pushed Dorothy towards the door, as she moved from the relative anonymity of side room to a public corridor, she began to worry, what would people think if they saw her, not yet realising that all anybody would see would four Arab women walking very slowly. As they left the side room the temperature increased and the air in the face of burkha soon heated, Dorothy snorted air through her nostrils faster and faster and could not calm herself, the pressure on her waist from the rigid belt was awesome, and she wished she would be allowed to faint to be free of it. Each minute step made her wince at the throbbing pain in her crushed toes and she had no idea in a corridor full of side doors which was the entrance to the throne room. At last they turned into a small door, which did not look very special and onto a balcony which had a screen which allowed a view of the throne room. Dorothy could only make out blurred figures below through the burkha veil, but by squinting she could make out Tony who was joined by what looked like Prince Fezak. He talked to Tony for some time and then turned and pointed up at the balcony, Tony looked up nodded and they continued their conversation. Dorothy had to stand for over an hour while the proceedings played out and then Prince Fezak’s wives turned and led her out.

Dorothy was thinking, what happens now, they can hardly let me join Tony, my clothes, hair and make up will be ruined. I cannot go back to the hotel for the same reason, somebody will notice and asked me what happened at the palace. Instead of turning back towards the side room, the women guided her further down the corridor and they eventually turned into another room, a very beautiful women wearing what to Dorothy’s trained eye was a this season Dior original, rose to meet her.

“Ah Lady Dorothy, I see my husbands little joke is over and I must as usual tidy up after him. Let me introduce myself, I am Princess Terara, Prince Fezak’s first wife”

Dorothy was amazed, that such distinguished women was within the walls of this palace. While Princess Terara was taking the other wives were removing their burkha’s and again were dressed in Dior. They were all beauties, although none were quite as pretty as the Princess. These ladies are the Princes later wives who will now undress you.

The wives removed the burkha and then used a rope and bar to tighten the belt slightly so they could release it, Dorothy nearly feinted again but hung on, the same followed with the collar and the top of the basquar was unlaced and her mouth uncovered, the gag was unstrapped and the gag removed. One of the wives brought a glass of water for Dorothy to sip while the leather straps were released down to her ankles. The evening cape came into view and was riot scrunched material. They sat her down and with great feeling of relief removed the tortuous shoes. Dorothy waggled her toes in the sheer pleasure of their freedom. She found that the relief in her toes was not matched buy her waist and had to lean back to stop the dreadful corset digging in to her still swollen torso. Now that she was released from the tight embrace of the basquar she could now feel a stream of sweat running down into the corset.

The rest of the basquar was pulled off her feet and she could see that the evening cape had been completely ruined by pressure it was a tangled mess. The younger wives stood her up and unbuttoned the 30 buttons and removed the evening cape, her first sight of the evening dress was a sweat stained mess, and Dorothy wondered what she would wear back to the hotel, people would notice if she returned in a different outfit from the one she left in.

“Lady Dorothy you may be wondering what you shall wear back to the hotel, and you are thinking that some one will notice, but the Prince and I are very resourceful people and we have obtained exact copies of your outfit including your underwear, don’t ask how but let us say that money can open most doors. You will be bathed, your hair coiffured, made up, and dressed in the new out fit and then taken to the hotel to meet your husband at the hotel ready to go to the Ambassador’s reception. Now I must leave you for a while you are prepared.

Lady Dorothy found it such a relief when the tight corset was released and luxuriated in the bath while one of the young wives brought cooling fruit drinks. The young wives could not or would not speak English and so Dorothy could not find out any gossip about Prince Fezak. After the bath she was dried slowly and then her hair put back to it’s updo and make up applied. They eased her into the stockings and the girdle and then laced her up far more gently that Tony had and though it felt tight on her swollen stomach it was just about bearable, the brassiere, shift and dress followed and Dorothy had to admit that it was exact copy of her original dress, the neck was still tight and when they came over with the new evening cape she tried to resist, she had had enough of being engulfed clothing to last her a life time.

Princess Terara re-entered and was informed of Dorothy’s refusal.

“Lady Dorothy you can hardly have been expected to come to the Palace, fully veiled and fully covered and not return from the palace in the same way, especially in a palace car”

The young wives re-approached and Dorothy was engulfed by material again. The pillbox and veil were attached and then Dorothy realised she was not wearing shoes.

“The Prince has told me your agreement to his wishes and I would like to add that I advise you keep to your end of the bargain, the Prince is a very rich and vengeful man, nobody that has crossed has done any good after the event. And as such I advise you to start right now as the Prince will also be at the Ambassador’s dinner tonight.”

With that Prince Terara pulled out from behind her back some of the highest heels that Dorothy had ever seen”

“These are what you have been wearing today, the makers name is inside and you will purchase all your shoes from him in the future, the Prince is a great admirer of high heels and stiletto heels as you can see from the four of us,.”

Dorothy looked down and scanned all the women and observed that they were all wearing pointed stiletto with very high heels. Two of the wives moved forward to supported Dorothy while the third bent down and forced the tight shoes onto Dorothy’s feet. They started leading Dorothy to the door and she tottered on the heels, getting the feeling at every step that she was falling forward.

At the door the Princess was waiting.

“By the way Lady Dorothy, I fully agree with you that stiletto heels and pointed toes will cripple your feet, but I know very well the Princes anger if he is disobeyed and so I advise you to wear them at all times however much it hurts, the Prince has spies every”

Dorothy tottered slowly out the palace wincing at each step knowing that the Princess Terara’s advice was a veiled warning and as such she was condemned suffer the shoes for a long time as after today she was absolutely sure that she never did she want to be the subject of Prince Fezak’s Revenge.


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