The Story of Agent Denko: Part 2

The story of Agent Denko

Part 2 – The journey to India

by Mr. A_B

Read Part 1 of the story.

Chapter 1
The flight towards the Maratha capital :-

Map of the Maratha Empire

Three hours had passed since Hosiana and Natasha had boarded the plane. She still sat gagged and covered with veils. Her hands being tied to the chair as well. Three hours had passed this way and Hosiana’s body was weary. Natasha was seated at the opposite chair facing Hosiana, enjoying her French wine. Enough time had passed and Hosiana had fully accepted her bonds, she stopped trying to fruitlessly struggle against them. In the meanwhile, the plane had now entered Iraqi airspace within the Dominion provinces of the Maratha empire. Here they would land in East Baghdad under the military administration of the Maratha empire and after an hour’s refueling would take off to Punyanagari. “After half an hour we’ll be reaching East Baghdad airport. After that it shouldn’t be too long to India,” the pilot informed Natasha. “Ok! Are all formalities taken care of for when we reach there?” Natasha asked one of her operative colleagues. He affirmed all relevant formalities were taken care of. There was something about Iraq that Natasha detested, something that kept her from landing on Mesopotamian soil. A fear that she had harbored from her earlier mission to Iraq for the agency.

Iraq was a war ravaged land, being contested for 20 years (from 1897 to 1918) between the Ottoman Empire on one end and the Anglo-Maratha alliance on the other. World War I had presented several unique opportunities for the Maratha empire to expand into new territories both in Asia and Africa much to the expense of other European and Asian powers. The conquest of Mesopotamia was one such achievement. But the last months of the war saw a stalemate between the two contending powers and Baghdad became the focal point of the power contest. Eventually the treaty of Versailles mandated that the city should be divided into an Eastern sector and a Western sector administrated by the Maratha Empire and the Ottomans respectively. The Marathas did only rule indirectly, through the dominion of Persia, however they spared no opportunity to make their presence felt. East Baghdad was a city perennially besieged by islamic insurgents, mainly Sunnis who detested the rule by Shia Persia and their ‘mushrik’ (Idolator) allies in India. The militarization of the city was thus a forgone conclusion. The last 10 years in particular saw a rise in insurgency in the region, and consequently an increase in military presence of the Maratha army. But underneath the ostensible counter-insurgency measures, there was a hidden motive behind the militarization. That of moving to attack the Arabian mainland, for this Iraq was an ideal base. However, a rather unwarranted consequence of the Maratha military presence was the rise in conservatism in Iraqi society. Local laws were passed to keep some of the religious leaders at bay, making a few concessions to keep dissent quiet. As a result very strict laws for women were passed regulating their conduct and dressing. Ironically, it was stricter for outsiders than for locals.

Part of the Iraqi dress code included being constantly veiled and mandatorily having voice-modesty measures. A standard gag was recommended which restricts jaw movement in addition to blocking the mouth with a gag. Every Iraqi woman after her twelfth birthday must wear this device. Foreigners have it worse as they must wear a full face mask in addition to a ruband over the chador rather than a simple niqab worn by most of the local women. For the most part women are never let out of their houses and if at all, they are made to wear the standard clothing and they must only be left out with a male companion. Harsh punishments are usually given to women who are seen without a male companion. But despite this restrictive social environment, the eastern city was thriving with commercial activity. There were three sub-divisions of Baghdad; one was the migrant sub-division where local laws were a bit lax, the second was a Special Economic Zone and the third was the administrative division. The last two sub-divisions accounted for the bulk of the growth of the city and its commercial activity as well as having 2/3rds of Baghdad’s population. The airport was however located at the administrative district which bordered West Baghdad.

As the plane began its descent Hosiana and the other passengers could see over Baghdad in the evening. The commercial and SEZ districts were the most beautiful to view. This contrasted with the administrative district which was ridden with administrative structures and military complexes. Not to mention the heavy artillery, tanks and anti-air guns aimed at West Baghdad. The plane finally landed after 5 minutes of circling. Natasha unbuckled her seat belt and asked the pilot “How long will it take to refuel the plane?” The pilot replied “It shouldn’t take no more than an hour. I hope that we can be up as soon as possible”. “Good! I don’t like this place very much. The sooner I can get out the better,” replied Natasha starkly. She was posted in Iraq in one of her missions. She did not like the experience of having to dress in the traditional Iraqi way. It was mandated in her mission that she had to double up as a traditional Iraqi bride to infiltrate into a wealthy government official who was importing drugs from across the border to distribute across Persia. The success in that mission is what led the Guptachr higher authorities to post her for the present Ottoman Empire mission.

After another 8 minutes of taxi, the plane finally stopped for refuelling. East Baghdad airport doubled up as an air base as well, which is why the clearance for landing came late and the extended period of taxi. But more would await them once the plane landed at Baghdad. A few minutes after the plane landed a message came in Natasha’s phone. It came from the agency HQ in India and contained certain secret instructions for Natasha to follow. She was to meet up with an informer at the old sector who would lead her to a contact who was ‘of importance to the mission’. The message disturbed her a bit, it would mean staying in Baghdad and having to put up with Iraq’s strict dress code for foreigners. She announced the change of plans to her colleagues and the pilot and prepared for the stay at Baghdad.

Natasha hadn’t prepared for the stay in advance. She didn’t have a gag, a mask, a chador or a ruband which were the required clothings for foreigners to stay in Iraq. Natasha looked at Hosiana and said “Well it seems you won’t be the only one in bondage now.” Natasha joked with her usual cheeky sense of humour. She went out with one of the agency operatives on board. Usually, if a traveller does not have the required clothings for Baghdad they are provided by the airport authorities. Without it female travellers aren’t allowed to enter beyond the main entrance. Usually there is a fine for entering without a proper attire to be paid ‘in kind’. Natasha went along with an operative colleague of her’s to purchase the garments, and work through all relevant transit formalities at the airport.

Hosiana in chador and ruband

Natasha had purchased a chador, ruband and mask for Hosiana as well. They now had to prepare for a prolonged stay at East Baghdad. Hosiana was freed from her bonds so that she may change into the new clothes. She did not remove the veils or the gag as it was still mandatory for her to be gagged. She would still have to wear the leather mask though, but over her veils. The operatives helped her with the new clothing. Hosiana wasn’t particularly pleased with having to put up with it, but after hours on end being bound, gagged and veiled she decided not to resist it. Two rooms were booked at the airport hotel for the stay. While indoors it was not compulsory for women to be veiled or gagged. Natasha at least could now have some respite from her veiling, the same couldn’t be said for Hosiana. Natasha was to ensure that Hosiana would be under her watch for as long as they had not reached Punyanagari, having her tied up at all possible times would ensure she wouldn’t run away. Furthermore, there was an additional task to execute for Hosiana.

Dinner time had approached and Hosiana had to be fed, which meant she had to be ungagged and unveiled. Hosiana was hungry and tired out from hours of bondage and restrictions, she couldn’t wait for some moments of relief. Natasha proceeded to unveil and ungag Hosiana but with a caution: “I will now be unveiling you and opening your bonds, but if you try to shout I will put it back, and you won’t have anything to eat. Ok?” Hosiana nodded, one by one came off the veils. First came the ruband, then the chador, then the leather mask and finally the white gauze veils. Now only the tape remained, its adhesive strength had gone down making it easy to take off. Hosiana took a deep breath relieved at being freed for some time from her bondage, she had many questions in her mind about what was going on, she decided to raise them now with Natasha.

After a few minutes of catching her breath and drinking some water, Hosiana looked at Natasha with curious eyes and asked her “I want to know all about what is happening here. Why am I being brought here? What do you people want with me? Why we are here and not in India?” Natasha replied to each of Hosiana’s questions “I will answer your last question first, I have to meet with a contact here, with whom we have some very important business. This is related with putting you in the Sultan’s harem. For now that is all you need to know. As for why we have chosen you for the mission and not anyone else. This is a secret which will be revealed to you in detail only once we land in India.” Hosiana protested this vague reply “I demand to know it right now! Why secret ? Why just me ? Why must I bear this misfortune! What have I done to deserve this humiliation?” Hosiana broke down in tears upon saying this, but Natasha didn’t flinch at this, she just reminded Hosiana of what she had told her on the plane “Hosiana, we know where your mother is, if you join us, we can help you get her back. I will tell you one piece of information. She was kidnapped for the harem, and she is in the same compound where you will be. You won’t be working alone, but will have assistance, if you put up with difficulties for now, you will realize all your efforts would be worth it. Now that is enough answering your questions for now, time for dinner.” Hosiana was fed her dinner by Natasha thereafter promptly veiled and gagged again.

Chapter 2
Three days in Baghdad :-

Natasha masked just before closing her chador and lowering her ruband

Natasha ready to go out in Baghdad

The next day, early in the morning, Natasha woke up and awoke Hosiana. She would go to an undisclosed location along with one operative. At that time security is very low and ripe for discreet activities. Natasha put on her dresses and took off with Hosiana. A car waited for them at the hotel exit. Hosiana did not know where she was being taken or why, but she had a genuine feeling of anxiety and fear and an apprehension of what awaited her. They entered into the migrant sub-division, an area many visitors described as “a monument to brute inequality”. Towering glass high-rise apartments and million dollar mansions sat facing sprawling slums crammed into small enclaves besides the main river. A somewhat derelict middle class section of the sub-division was home to a market place and two-storied houses, located nearby. That is where Natasha was headed.

The market place was old, and ironically the only old area of Baghdad which managed to retain its heritage against incessant wars, insurgency and Maratha zealotry. The alleyways and markets had a mysterious air to it. But more importantly for Natasha, it was an ideal place where the business of the day could be conducted, hidden perfectly from view. The market place has been notorious as a hotbed and a black market for anything from guns to drugs. Here Natasha was to meet an informer who would inform her on the whereabouts of an important contact who was to meet Natasha. Natasha stepped out of the car and entered the bazaar with Hosiana and her colleague. They made their way to the spice shops which sat beside the walls of residential homes in the old town.

The residential portion of the old neighbourhood was a typical old Arab neighbourhood replete with hidden alleyways and enclosures. Very few women were seen at the bazaar or near the residential areas and none were by themselves, almost always accompanied by a male. Most women were wearing the traditional chador and niqab revealing nothing more than their eyes through a narrow slit. Considering that no female voices were heard, it can be presumed that they were all wearing the usual gags. A few women wearing rubands and chador were most likely foreign migrants coming to their morning shopping at the bazaar, but quite a few were very traditional locals. The spice bazaar was built along the residential walls and in some cases, the shops were attached to the houses. It was in one such shop that Natasha’s informer was placed. It was the shop of the spice-merchant Abdullah Kadeem.

Natasha entered the shop with Hosiana and her colleague to meet the Abdullah. At the shop there was a secret door which led to an underground chamber which again led to a mysterious blocked tunnel. That was where Natasha would meet the informer and the clandestine business would ensue. The shop-keeper, Abdullah was not present, but his apprentice was, he called the shop-keeper from his chamber to tend to the store’s new customer. Abdullah came out of his chamber behind the store, and started to pitch for his products, “Welcome to my store ladies and gentleman how may I help you? Can I interest you in some Vanilla? All the way from the Americas.” Of course the team did not have any time for chatter and important business was due to be conducted. Natasha took out her agency badge to show her identity and the shop-keeper would understand who was in their shop. He took a closer look at the two ruband clad figures and assumed it was Natasha with the new ‘recruit’ from Ukraine. The operative who came with them stayed back at the store while Natasha and Hosiana made their way along with the informer to the secret tunnel.

At the tunnel Natasha unveiled and ungagged herself and began discussing with Abdullah. “I was told you were going to tell me about a contact I am to meet here in Baghdad,” said Natasha. “Yes, yes. Iskander Darya is his name. He is the man you will need to see. But there is a problem,” said the informer. “ What is the problem?” Natasha asked. Abdullah then explained the whole matter: “He will only enter Baghdad tomorrow. Before he can do anything for you he demands to meet the new recruit as well. He wants to examine her to see if she is fit for the job. There is another thing. He has requested me to take a picture of her and see for myself what her price should be.” Natasha thought over this for a minute and tried to correlate to her instructions received from the agency. “Alright you may see her,” Natasha moved aside nudging Hosiana forward.

Hosiana went ahead with small steps. She did not have much idea of what was going on around her. Her hearing was restricted under the veils covering her head. Abdullah took her to a corner and unveiled her step by step. First the ruband came off, then the chador was removed, and then the leather mask, revealing Hosiana in her white gauze veils. She took in deep breaths her hands shaking at being touched by a stranger. She closed her eyes tightly in anxiety. Lastly, her white veils were removed, but not without some trouble, they had been tied tightly knotted over her hair bun at the back of her head. But when they did finally come off, she took a deep and long breath of relief, after hours of being veiled and gagged and being blinded by her veils and ruband, she could finally breathe freely and see clearly, only her gag still remained. She was now down to her green sari. She opened her eyes slowly to find Abdullah before her and she turned to see Natasha in the tunnel compound. “Masha allah!” Abdullah exclaimed, astounded by Hosiana’s beauty. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was still gagged, her face was worn out by hours of flight, a troubled night and being put in bondage for so long, but one could still be enthralled by her sensuous features, her eyes, her nose, her face, her golden hair. Being veiled for prolonged periods made her skin softer and more radiant, she already possessed the coveted fairness of Ukrainian Christians but veiling seemed to add to her beauty. Her figure was slim and the green sari added to her beauty while the bonds tied over her upper body made her breasts more pronounced. Her bonds made her look like a slave of old who would be tied up and gagged to be sold in the slave markets of the medieval Middle East. Abdullah definitely viewed her that way, still astounded by her beauty.

Abdullah then fetches the camera phone from his pocket and takes her picture from all angles. “Amazing! This would have to be the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on! Iskander would be most pleased at this….. specimen.” Abdullah continued “He would willingly pay a huge sum for this one. It would be good!” Hearing these words Hosiana’s face shrank, she gave a fear-striken expression on her face as her worst fears came to be. “Nmmmmm!” Hosiana moaned and shook her head in denial. “I would get a nice cut from this deal, hehehehe! There aren’t too many pretty Ukrainian women coming into the harem these days. They’d pay a lot to grab their hands on this pretty one.” Abdullah thought over the opportunities presented by this ‘deal’ as he finished taking his pictures, but Natasha interrupted “Before you start jumping with joy, let me remind u that the agency’s deal was only to get our new recruit into the harem, no money was ever discussed. I will talk it out with Iskander when he comes, and clear this out.” Abdullah was a bit disappointed at Natasha’s remark but more than that he was confused, he could not think of a reply at that moment. “Now let’s put her back in the chador shall we?” With that Natasha started re-veiling Hosiana, but Abdullah tried to interrupt her “Please … just a little longer I just want to see her for another few seconds…” Natasha did not care, she promptly went about re-veiling her. She was once again hidden from view, wrapped and secured in secrecy like a precious object. “I will inform you once Iskander sahib arrives in Baghdad. I will write down my contact number and the details of his arrival time and the place of meeting.” Abdullah explained to Natasha and wrote a note on his pad. Natasha took the note in her pocket and prepared to re-veil herself.

Natasha and Hosiana walked up into the store together veiled and gagged as they were when they entered. Her colleague was waiting at the store for them, they would now return to the hotel, there wasn’t much to do in Iraq till Iskander arrived. Everybody waited till tomorrow. Natasha gave her operatives instructions for the meeting with Iskander.


Chapter 3
Iskander Darya :-

Around the end of the first world war till shortly after the constitutional revolution (1922-24) , the Ottoman Sultanate embarked upon a policy of kidnapping women for the harem. Though formally illegalized, the practice was never left completely and soon enough a new breed of underground illegal operators emerged to control this flesh trade for the Sultan. Iskander Darya was one such trader who operated from the Kurdish provinces capturing women from neighboring Circassian provinces and within the Kurdish provinces. Once in every two months Iskander Darya visits his harem in West Baghdad and stay there for over a month.

The slaves of this harem were as a matter of rule kept under bondage and veils in particular, the traditional Iraqi style involving rubands and chador. Iskander’s harem was his summer retreat as well as the headquarters of his illicit drug business, but it would also double from time to time as a point for a very specific sex trade catering to an elite clientèle across the world with particular sexual tastes, the women of Iskander’s harem were trained accordingly. In particular they catered to the very rich of the world who would use the women to fulfill their fantasies of BDSM and veil fetishes. The women of the harem are kept gagged, bound and veiled for 20 out of 24 hours of the day for this very reason. Getting new women for his harem were always welcome, in particular white Ukrainian Christians renowned for their beauty. Most of his women were sourced around Mesopotamia and Persia and occasionally from India, and only a very few Ukrainian Christians. This is what has kept him form dominating the trade with the sultan’s harem having to lose out to other smaller merchants who could source women from the Ukraine.

It was this that prompted him visit to East Baghdad to meet with Natasha and see this fascinating and beautiful new Ukrainian recruit he has heard of, for the sultan’s harem. Iskander came via the train and disembarked in the new train station at the Special Economic Zone sub-division, this was where he would meet Natasha and Hosiana. He had already seen Hosiana’s pictures sent by Abdullah from the store earlier and he was more than eager to see the Ukrainian beauty for himself. At the train station, he saw a limousine waiting for him and there was a veiled figure standing beside the door along with the driver, that veiled figure was Natasha.

Inside the car, there was yet another veiled figure, from her posture and her soft moans it was presumed that this would be Hosiana. Iskander was excited at what awaited him, he gave a demented grin and a light chuckle. In the meanwhile, Abdullah awaited the guests at his shop, but the limousine would take a different route to the old town. The scenery changed quickly from glass towers and office buildings contrasted by slums by rivers, to mud brick walls and pointed arched gates and minarets of the old town. Iskander , Natasha and Hosiana made their way to Abdullah’s shop and the tunnel where the meeting will take place.

They made their way to the tunnel to conduct the meeting. Natasha prepared for the meeting and undressed from her bonds and veils. “So Mr. Darya, now that we are here we can proceed with the business at hand. In particular I would like to clarify this matter of the ‘payment’,” Natasha started the discussions. Iskander did not reply directly but had his assistant to speak for him as was his usual fashion “Sir has already agreed with Mr. Abdullah about a transaction, now he will finalize the figure only after seeing the girl for himself. All other aspects of the deal remains as it is,” explained the assistant. Natasha said “See our only objective is to get this girl trained and inside the Sultan’s harem. We don’t mind any business transaction you have with Abdullah or anyone else, that is entirely your’s to do. But the agency does not ‘sell women’. As regards the other aspects of our deal, as agreed after a year of training you will send our operative into the sultan’s harem in Istanbul, where she will follow her instructions. In the meantime, you will be continuing the information supply and financing of day to day operations of our military installations in Baghdad. Is that settled?” Natasha had elaborated upon the agreement between Iskander and the agency.

An hour passed thereafter where many other issues were settled and a new deal was made for the use of his mercenary army in the coming war with the Ottomans. Iskander’s information channels across the Arab peninsula and his dealings with local tribal leaders and sheikhs. Towards the end of the meeting Iskander made an unexpected request: “I understand the agency will not engage in any kind of commerce over this. But the risk I would take in planting a spy in the sultan’s harem is something I wouldn’t do without reward. So in return for our arrangement, I have but one request. Hosiana must spend one night in my harem”. Natasha gave a surprisingly quick reply to this “Yes, you may have her.” It was known to Natasha that Iskander would demand this and she had prepared accordingly, after all this wasn’t Natasha’s first encounter with the notorious Iskander.


Chapter 4
Last night in Baghdad :-

After the meeting had concluded, Natasha had Hosiana brought in and handed her over to Iskander. Hosiana was blinded and encased by her veils and silenced by her new mask-leather gag, and in addition her upper body was shibari tied. There wasn’t much she could do to resist being handed over, nor did she understand what was being done with her, or was going to be done with her. The harem wasn’t located in the city itself but in the outskirts, at a secluded area which fell neither in the territory of the Maratha nor in the Ottoman empire. It was effectively a ‘free area’ falling in nobody’s jurisdiction, Iskander could get away with anything he wanted within this area. The compound was huge, spanning over 800 hectares with its own food supply, water supply and power generation. Nearby stood Iskander’s poppy fields spread across 20 villages (all under his control). The harem was in fact only the centre-piece of a vast fortified compound. After passing through the rocky sandstone fort, the sight of the harem was a most pleasant contrast, replete with Mughal gardens and rows of fountains leading up to a central marble palace.

When nearing the marble building, one could come across the female caretakers of the harem, dressed in black chador and wearing golden or off white rubands. They tend to gardening and cleaning the compound on a regular basis. Usually, when a harem girl remains unsold and gets aged, she is made a caretaker. Inside the building there were several rooms adjoining the main hallway. Iskander got off the car and had his caretakers bring Hosiana inside. She would now be readied, for the night at the harem, but Iskander in the meanwhile would meet with his own personal favorite harem girl, who was the headmistress of the harem. Nobody knew what her real name was, but the women of the harem called her Noorie after what her master Iskander had named her. Rumour has it that she was actually an old love interest of Iskander who had rejected him when he was a teenager, who then still scavenged an existence as a petty crook in Baghdad. Iskander then sworn to have her back and as vengeance for her rejection, keep her as his slave. Eventually he made well on his promise to himself and Noorie was made his slave. In time she had grown accustomed to a life of restriction and sexual submission, eventually becoming the head mistress of her master’s own harem.

Hosiana in the harem costume’s first layer

Hosiana, in the meanwhile, was being taken into a dressing room by the caretakers, there she would be put into a costume which every newcomer to the harem must wear. Additionally, she would be kept under the watch of the two caretakers who would tend to her and keep her ready for Iskander to enjoy. All her needs would be looked after for the period that she was going to spend in the harem. Once inside the dressing room, the caretakers began undressing Hosiana, beginning with her veils and Chador, then her under-veils and sari. Hosiana tried to resist, but her efforts were futile due to her ties. They had untied her and ungagged her and she tried to make a run for the door, but she was soon tackled on the floor and subdued. The door behind her was locked from the outside making it impossible for any escape. Eventually Hosiana caved in, and she was made to wear a tight fitting black full-body lycra suit which covered every part of her except her eyes and mouth. But the latter eventually would be filled with a muzzled pump gag. Her upper body too would be bound in shibari style framing her breasts, her hands were tied behind her back with the wrists tied into her bonds.

But this would not complete her costume yet. This was only the under layer of her costume over which various veiling costumes would be put, as and when demanded by Iskander, for now however she was to be put in a chador and ruband costume which was compulsory for all women of the harem. Hosiana would be left in the room in this state for another 3 hours before being summoned. To make sure she wouldn’t go anywhere, she was chained to her bed. When finally the time came, her two caretakers dressed her in the harem costume. A large burgundy colored silk veil to be wrapped around her head tied under her chin with the ends draped over her shoulders covering over her chest, a short bejewelled gauze skirt tied around her waist and a translucent pink bra. To top it off, was a pink translucent scarf to be tied over her face covering the lower half of her face as well as a bejewelled head piece tied around her forehead. It was around late afternoon now, and she was summoned for the rest of the night. Before coming in she would be injected with a drug that both induced sexual stimulation and made her muscles tighter. But the drug had a side effect, one which weakened the muscles and extended sleep.

The harem was full of splendour. The walls and pillars were made of Italian marble, the art and architecture was a combination of Mughal, Arabic and Moorish design. The capital of the pillars were gilded as were the edges of the tiles she walked on. Giant Belgian chandeliers dominated the ceiling. Clearly not only was Iskander rich but had the taste to build it into a palace like this. Around the palace there were no male guards and the only guard duty was performed by caretakers. One could tell the larger ones apart from the less intimidating weaker ones, the former being employed in guard duties. One thing that was common for all though, they were all silent. No female voice could be heard in the harem, save some soft moans which would come out from inside some of the rooms. The main bedroom of Iskander is where Hosiana was taken. The room was huge and replete with artistic red wallpapers, and a large four-poster bed. There Hosiana could see Iskander being naked smoking on a hookah, accompanied by one other women. That was the headmistress Noorie, she had only the mask on her head, while the rest of her body was in the nude, the veils and the skirts were the same as what Hosiana wore. Hosiana was eventually thrown into Iskander’s bed at his orders, and he caressed her into his arms. Her fear of for the first time being intimate with a man, and then a man vitually unknown to her, had been reduced to an undefined anxiety by the drug.

The rest of the night Hosiana would have a sexual experience the likes of which she would never have imagined. Iskander moved his fingers gently down from Hosiana’s cleavage and to her crotch, then rubbing gently over it. Hosiana was as nervous as she was excited, she was discovering latent feelings she never thought she had. Her sexuality was enhanced by the stimulant she was injected with. Her breasts were getting erect , she started to breathe deeper and her heart was beating faster. Iskander then opened her chain to reveal her vagina, which then he started to finger. Slowly and sensuously making Hosiana moan with pleasure. Her legs were free and she was rubbing them slowly like a woman who has aroused her sexual feelings. Her body movements, her moans and her excitement soon overrode her anxieties. She was being sexually exploited and very much so against her will, but there was no resistance. The drug altered her mind to accept and absorb the sheer sexual pleasure of the intercourse, suspend all possible feelings of revulsion and the pain of the first time. The headmistress would soon join in to make it a threesome. Iskander loved kissing the lycra masked faces of the girls and rubbing his face against the silken veils over them. With Hosiana he was particularly sensuous in his kisses. Her moans were exquisite to say the least. The whole night was spent by Hosiana in sexual ecstasy.

When she awoke, she found herself sleeping in a spread eagled tie with her veils thrown away. Her arms and ankles were chained to the four corners of the bed. She was still gagged in the same way and masked but her lycra suit was no longer there. She was fully naked with breasts exposed. There was a dizzy feeling in her head as though she was knocked out and couldn’t remember what happened in the night that passed. The time had now come for Hosiana to be handed back to Natasha. Hosiana was prepared again for the trip back with Natasha. She was draped in her sari, her bonds and gags were put on again and finally she was put in her ruband and chador. She was walked away to the car where Natasha was waiting for her. They would now go straight to the airport to catch their flight back to India. During that time she tried to make sense as to what had happened with her at the harem and remember the night gone by. There was a strong sense of revulsion in her towards being exploited sexually and even greater apprehension as to what lay ahead for her in this mission. But she was now a captive, it was not in her power to resist anything that was happening to her. Natasha and Hosiana’s days at Baghdad were at an end, and it was now time to return back on course to Punyanagari.


Chapter 5
Punyanagari :-

The plane was boarded an hour later. On the plane, Natasha changed back into her usual garments and left the ruband and chadors back at the airport. Hosiana was changed back into her saris and a white tape was applied on her. Natasha was particularly relieved at undressing her veils and the leather hood with a gag, while returning back to her black velvet suit she remarked “I hope I never have to go through that again”. Hosiana on the other hand had no reservations, the night at Iskander’s harem had changed her views about being in restrictive bondage and veiling. But she had yet to ascertain her feelings towards this, she was in a state of doubt and denial, but a strange sense of fatalism made her accept things as it came. The plane now flew over the deserts of Persia, about to cross the Arabian sea into the western hills of the Indian sub-continent and land at Punyanagari.

Some hours later, they landed at Punyanagari, the famed capital of the Maratha empire. The new airport was flashy and modern but at the same time, there was a definite traditional hue to it, not the least of which was reflected in the display of traditional Indian art. Paintings and stone sculptures decorated and beautified the otherwise ‘faceless’ modern glass and steel structure. Outside of the airport one could see the giant intimidating copper statue of Chatrapati Shivaji seated on his throne, the statue shone splendidly against the setting evening sun. The statue left a great impression on Hosiana, it gave her a feeling of humility in front of Maratha power. Natasha walked Hosiana into a military vehicle, they were making their way the Guptachr HQ at the Jadhav Rao fort. That is where Hosiana’s destiny awaited.

Once at the Headquarters Natasha would be debriefed and transferred from her present work and be reassigned elsewhere, while Hosiana’s training would begin. She would be assigned a trainer and a mate as long as she is in India. But before it could begin, Adi Raje had a personal interest in examining Hosiana and seeing his prize for himself. The girl who would bring the end of the Ottomans. Hosiana was kept in an interrogation room, in there she was untied and free to open her veils and her gag. She chose to keep the gag as it would hurt taking it off, but she took off her veils. It was a moment of freedom after such long hours in bondage and veils. Hosiana sat down in a chair facing a large double-mirror which spanned the entire wall. Interrogators on the other side could see the person in the room even though he/she could not see the interrogators.

Adi raje stood beside a masked Natasha in the interrogation room. “She is as mesmerising as I had imagined. You have done good work Natasha, finding her and bringing her to us. I commend you.” Adi Raje praised Natasha for her work so far. “I must however, burden you with yet another task Natasha,” Adi Raje said in a serious tone. “This task if of very special importance to us. You would have to go to Russia, to your homeland in Dagestan. There you will meet Isac Karimov, our operative covering the Caucasus and Kurdish regions. You must live and work with him as our liaison to the Kremlin. Once operation ‘Chand-Ashok’ begins, it will be very important to ensure the support of the Kremlin. The Dagestan rebels and Kurdish population there are crucial to the success of our mission in Arabia. You have proven yourself in earlier missions of this nature, in Mesopotamia and Ukraine. Which is why we have decided to entrust this task upon you.” Natasha replied to this “General Adi Raje, I have faithfully served the agency to the best of my abilities, and to the best of my caliber, with the only aim that I can take my vengeance for my family’s murder at the hands of the Ottoman. I have never turned down a mission and this will be no exception.” The general was most pleased “It is exactly this determination you have that makes you a favorite of mine. You will get a hefty stipend at the end of this mission. Keep up the good work!” With that Adi Raje sent away Natasha leaving him with Hosiana in the interrogation room. Hosiana was sitting there gagged and in wait of what awaited her, she would now be informed about what her mission was and how she was to prepare for it.

A loud voice from the speaker was heard “Hosiana,” it said “You have been brought here against your will by the Guptachr Spy Agency. In the next 6 months that you will stay with us, you will be trained in all aspects of your mission including basic military training as an Z category operative of the agency. You were chosen among 5 exclusive candidates to penetrate into the Ottoman Sultan’s palace and join into his harem. Your face holds the key to why you have been chosen. You look identical to the Sultan’s most beloved mistress who went missing a decade earlier. Your main task will be to gather information on the Ottoman military installations in Arabia and several strategic maps of the empire which must be routed to us. We have various agents working within the palace as well as the harem. Your liaison would be with them who will route all information to us. This would constitute your primary objective in Istanbul, but you will also have a secondary objective. One of our Serbian Z category operatives was captured and enslaved into the harem. We desire this operative to be freed before your mission ends. Once your mission ends, there will be a sizeable stipend of 500000 rupees equivalent of 17 million Ukrainian dinars. Besides this, we promise to return your mother, who had been kidnapped by the Ottoman, to your family. We know her whereabouts and we will secure her release only if and when you complete your mission. If you fail the deal is off!” The voice stopped for some time and continued again “For now you will be taken to your new home here in the city of Punyanagari, and will be given a false identity for as long as you are here. You will stay at the apartment complex of the fort, which hosts its agents and employees, along with a partner who will assist you in your stay. Your training will be conducted within the fort compound. You are forbidden to ever reveal your face in public in Punyanagari for which you will be given a special mask which you must wear at all times. Whenever you decide to leave the compound you must stay silenced at all times. These are the terms of your stay at Punyanagari during the period of your training. Your progress will be monitored, if you fail in your training we shall dispose of you permanently. That will be all.” The voice continued again after a break “You will be assisted out of this room by an operative to your apartment. Your training shall begin next week. We wish you good luck in the task at hand.” The operative at the other side of the window closed the mike “Good… all is going according to plan” said Adi Raje.

Two veiled female operatives came through the door to pick up Hosiana and take her to the apartment at the complex where she is to stay. She veiled herself again and went along with the operatives. The apartment blocks were around a quarter of a mile away from the central fort building. Surrounded by lush green hills, gardens and flowering trees, the apartment complex was a most pleasant place to stay. Many employees of the agency stay there with their families and the agency provides for all their needs. The fort had its own infrastructure including markets and entertainment centres, cinema halls, clubs and restaurants. It was practically a miniature city 16 kilometres away from the centre of Punyanagari.

Hosiana loved the surroundings though she couldn’t express herself due to her gag. She looked forward to entering her apartment and meeting her new partner there. The debriefing at the interrogation room made clear what her mission was and now she felt that she had a sense of purpose. There was still some revulsion towards how she had been treated by the agency, but that was now behind her, she would work to bring about the downfall of the Ottoman sultanate and rescue her kidnapped mother from their clutches. What at first horrified her, now seemed almost like an enlightened quest. She would give her all for its success.

Hosiana’s apartment was on the 11th floor of the 4th tower in the apartment complex. From there she could get the calm breeze so typical of Punyanagari evenings and a fantastic view over the hills of the Jadhav Rao fort as well as the whole of Punyanagari. Her friend-to-be Suchita Moghe waited anxiously for her arrival at the apartment. She greeted Hosiana with a traditional Marathi greeting, and showed her around the house. Suchita herself was a moderately strict practitioner of veiling, and she generally kept herself gagged with a voice-modesty measure through most of the day. Indoors she would be dressed in a salwar and kameez but when going outdoors she would settle for nothing short of a sari. Suchita introduced herself to Hosiana “Welcome to Punyanagari, I’m Suchita Moghe, I’ll be your companion for the rest of your stay here. Please feel free and feel at home.” At this time of the day she wasn’t wearing her tape gag, but she would after doing her afternoon puja. She was a very sweet and welcoming person and instantly charmed Hosiana.

Before leaving her to the apartment the two agency operatives gave her the mask she was to wear for the remainder of her stay at Punyanagari. It was a black lycra material with a zip for the mouth. If she desired to open her mouth for eating or for anything else, she would simply zip it open. “I see you’re already fitting in then, hihihi,” said Suchita with a smirk laughter. “You see these days many girls are absorbing old ‘orthodox’ practices like excersizing voice-modesty and veil themselves for longer. So being veiled and gagged in this city is something you’d best get used to,” Suchita said with a smile. Hosiana smiled through her veils, no doubt humored by the irony that she was already used to such practices back home, and was already more than well acquainted with extreme modesty measures during her trip. “Why don’t you answer back?” asked Suchita with curiosity, to which Hosiana simply pointed at her mouth and gestured that it had been taped. Suchita understood the gesture “Ohh! You’re gagged already! Haha well then you won’t need any introduction to that, but while you’re here at my home let’s just take that gag off now, so we can have some talk.” Hosiana turned around and unveiled herself, and waited for Suchita to take off the gag, she was a little hesitant when the peeling off started to hurt, but Suchita took it off very gently. “Ohhh that is some tight gag! Do all your woman gag with this?” Hosiana asked with a slight annoyance in her tone. The rest of the day Hosiana and Suchita spent time getting to know each other better.

Suchita primarily took great care to explain the customs and traditions of the people of Punyanagari and a general overview of the diaspora of the city. She clarified with particular interest the modesty measures that the conservative families have adopted. Hosiana payed close attention to every detail and seemed quite fascinated by it. Suchita’s family was particularly strict about what conditions would entail her working or going out alone. This was something that was previously discouraged in their family where the woman was secluded from view. Veils were enforced within the house as well as voice-modesty measures from time to time, but veiling became more regularized and voice-modesty became compulsory once women started to work outside the home. Almost as a price to pay for their freedom, they were given several physical constrictions including compulsory veiling and ‘recommended’ voice-modesty. There is no written law in force but a legally recognized custom among the vast majority of women in the Maratha empire. Though veils differ from region to region and there is no compulsion in the mandate territories and dominions, it has been reported that up to 95% of all women till the age of 45 veil themselves and almost 75% have excersized voice-modesty measures at some time or the other in their day to day exchanges. Such has been the force of custom.

Hearing all this Hosiana could relate back to her own native Ukraine, where veiling and voice-modesty were as widespread as here. She was appreciative of the organic development of a social habit and was even more appreciative of the freedoms and opportunities that Maratha women enjoy. Suchita for example was a graduate in micro biology, she found work in the agency on her own merit and works in the weapons lab at the fort. The only options available for Ukrainian Christian women on the contrary were either in the arts or with secretarial jobs. Hosiana’s sister being in the army was a big exception and the Ukrainian viceroy even more so.
It was afternoon now and Suchita needed to do her puja at her makeshift temple, after which she would silence herself. “Well it’s time for my puja, after this we can only talk in sign language and gestures hmhmhm,” Suchita said with a slight chuckle. “Why don’t you put on your mask Hosiana?” she asked. Hosiana was clearly excited by the descriptions given by Suchita about veiling measures in the Maratha empire, and she wanted to try out the mask herself. “Ok I’ll wear it, I am told I have to wear it at all times, let’s see how this feels.” saying this, Hosiana strapped the mask on her face, it covered the whole of her lower face from the bridge of her nose to just under her chin. Aside from the somewhat cloth like feel of the lycra of the mask and the absence of a gagging protrusion, it felt a lot like the standard Ukrainian gag she is used to wearing. The mask came with holes at the nostrils for breathing as well as a zip, for when she will need to eat.

Hosiana in her lycra mask

It felt much more comfortable than the soft leather mask she wore back home, and it felt cooler. It would seem that it was ventilated and came with a naturally cooling property. It would be a life-saver during the hot Indian summer. Hosiana definitely liked it. “Wow! This is great, it is soft, it is cool. You should try it Suchita,” said Hosiana. “Sure why not? It looks quite cool, let me try it,” Suchita replied. “Wait, why won’t this open, … seems stuck somehow but.. oops !” Suchita tried to open the mask but it was prevented, a sort of time lock made the mask irremovable. “What is it? I can hear some kind of blinking noise.. what that is ?” Hosiana asked in a nervous tone, she didn’t understand what was going on and why the mask was stuck.

“Hosiana… your mask is time locked. Looks like the agency won’t give you a choice in removing your mask, at least not as long as you’re here.” Suchita explained further “Some operatives get this as a kind of punishment they are forced to wear a leather mask or a silencing measure of some sort which is time locked. Recently I have heard that one employee working under our chief overseer Adi Raje, got an extreme punishment.” Hosiana was quite worried at what she was hearing “So you mean to say I am punished for something?” Hosiana’s words were more muffled with the zipper closed. “I don’t think its a punishment rather a way to ensure your face remains hidden, for some reason I think they don’t want anybody recognizing you here. Wait let me open that zip for you.” Suchita opened the zip freeing Hosiana’s lips from the mask. “Can you move your lips freely Hosiana?” Suchita asked to check whether Hosiana could be comfortable wearing that mask as it is, now that she can’t remove it. “Yes I can move it freely, but this is quite a problem then, if I can’t remove the mask, …” Hosiana was apprehensive about this somewhat extreme measure, but Suchita calmed her down “No worries sis! Look you’re in Punyanagari now you’ll be veiled and or gagged in some way or another for most of the time anyway.. ok 2 ‘o clock, now I really must go for my puja,… oh yeah and I’m supposed to give you the gag you’ll have to wear, it’s in the first left drawer of the dressing table in my bedroom, it’s to the left down the hall.”

Hosiana checked out Suchita’s room, she checked the drawer in Suchita’s bedroom and opened the left drawer as Suchita had asked and saw a red vinyl ball gag with an elastic band. She decided to check it out then and there. The elastic made the gag fit very comfortably over her mouth, the zip was no problem at all, as the mask fit very snugly over her face. The overall combination of a mask and gag hiding her face and the ball-gag silencing her satisfied Hosiana, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was still in the green sari she had been put in at the airport at Kiev. She wouldn’t have believed herself if she hadn’t seen it, but she looked extraordinarily beautiful in the sari. She wanted to show Suchita what it was like, but could see that she was offering her prayers and chanting her mantras in puja, so she decided to put back her veil and anticipated surprising her once she was done.

She waited at the veranda and felt the cool breeze blowing from the hills and saw the bright afternoon sun, making the green grass shine. From the veranda at her bedroom, she could view the rolling hills on the North side of the complex with beautiful gardens gracing them. She felt a quiet sense of peace and calmness inside of her as she viewed the scenery. During this time she contemplated about her stay here and the mission at hand. Training would start only next week, it was told to her, which meant she had 3 days before she got down to learning about the Sultan and what it would take to penetrate and work inside of the harem. For now she could spend a while getting to know the people and place she was going to live in, especially her wonderful sweet new friend Suchita.


The story is continued in Part 3 – The training begins.

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