The Reformist Saga

The Reformist Saga

by Nick Lucas

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A multi-part tale about the Christian Reformist movement and its stronghold, the village Meadvale in Devon, England, where most live according to their strict values of modesty, decency and piety for one expressed in strict clothing including corsets and veils.

Part One – A Reformist Summer (Sep 2013)
Elizabeth Buckingham agrees to spend a restricted summer in Meadvale with her father, visiting his fundamentalist Christian friends, to make amends for some problems she has been having at boarding school. If she toes the line, he has promised to let her choose a more suitable institution to complete her further education. However, unbeknownst to her, Elizabeth is about to become embroiled in what would soon become known as the modern renaissance…

Part Two – A Reformist Autumn (Oct 2013)
Elizabeth Buckingham finds herself trapped in Meadvale, as her father joins a crusade to bring Christian Reform to the good people of Great Britain. As the story continues, ordinary Reformists are drawn into the campaign, as the Reformists strive to bring as many people as possible into God’s loving embrace…

Part Three – A Reformist Winter (Nov 2013)
Elizabeth Buckingham and her friends are all learning about their lives within the world of Christian Reform, but her father and his colleagues are planning a modern renaissance, to bring more people within the power of the Church, as election fever begins to gather pace. Meadvale is the model they intend to replicate, and no one is safe from God’s love…

Part Four – A Reformist Spring (Jan 2014)
In Meadvale, more and more young ladies are being encouraged to accept God’s relentless love, but Charles Buckingham is preparing to pull off the biggest political shock in history. Christian Reform is reaching into the upper echelons of society and the polls suggest that the people are crying out for the policies of the so-called modern renaissance…

Part Five – Behind the Velvet Curtains (Feb 2014)
After a bitter election campaign, the results are in and Great Britain is about to embrace Christian Reform in all its glory. But how far will Charles Buckingham be able to go in a coalition with the Conservative Party, and will his daughter Elizabeth and her friends serve as a warning to the electorate, or an inspiring example?…

Part Six – Disagreement and Deceit (Mar 2014)
Coalition government has not stopped Charles Buckingham introducing a number of Reformist policies, but there is some opposition from the political classes. However, the people have voted for change, and nothing will stop the Christians from delivering on their promises. Elizabeth Buckingham, now Mrs Munroe, and our by now familiar cast of characters all have grave challenges to face as the modern renaissance reaches a crucial stage…

Part Seven – The Gathering Storm (Apr 2014)
The coalition is breaking up and a by election is another test of Christian Reform, and what it means to the people. For some there is new hope, and for others the world is closing in around them like a noose. Democracy will be allowed to speak, even if our heroines are not always quite so fortunate…

Part Eight – A Mandate to Reform (Jun 2014)
The coalition is in tatters and another election campaign has begun, with Christian Reform high on everyone’s agenda, but do the ends really justify the means? The established political order is running scared and some are learning that life is not always fair anymore. Sacrifices must be made if Great Britain is to fall into God’s loving embrace…

The universe and the characters of The Reformist Saga are continued in its sequel Reformism Revisited.

Mr. George has also written a story set in the Reformist Universe entitled The Loden Twins.


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