Reformism Interrupted

Reformism Interrupted

by Nick Lucas and Dee


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This story is the third instalment of a story that started with ‘The Reformist Saga’ and continued in ‘Reformism Revisited’, so it is highly recommended that you, good reader, read those first, as some characters and most of the narrative continues on from the events in those tales. It is affectionately dedicated to a very special friend who offered me so much help and encouragement during the writing of what you will eventually see has become a mammoth task, and although my friend wished to remain anonymous I could not have done this without their invaluable support and assistance. Dee has been remembered already on this site but I hope her input into this story will live on as a memorial to her many talents.

Prelude – The Long Game

Seven years have passed since the end of ‘Reformism Revisited’.

Part One – Mena (Feb 2015)
We meet a new character who has not yet fallen into the serious business of earning God’s love in Reformist Britain. Philomena Miller is a clever girl, the daughter of a senior diplomat and the brother of a war hero. She has never lived in Britain, as her mother was French, but no one in the world is untouched by Reformism, especially someone with a British passport and an ambitious father…

Part Two – Symphony for a Maiden and a Psychopath (Mar 2015)
Things have changed for Miss Mena Middleton. Her father has asked a favour of her and she has entered into a period of training to learn her place at his side, or at least to learn how to look and behave like his dutiful daughter. But the rewards on offer for helping him have kept her focussed on the task in hand, even if the training is tiresome and at times rather unsettling for an outsider. And Mena still feels like an outsider. She knows she does not belong in Reformist Britain, but her father had promised her everything that she wanted, if she helped him leap up the career ladder…

Part Three – Quartet for Two Men and Two Women Andante Dolorosa (Apr 2015)
The stage is almost set, our characters are almost in place. But first there must be a union, a happy union, to tie the ambitious together. In the Reformist world, a girl must be married, and a man too, although the rules are slightly different. But the men must make the arrangements and negotiate the terms…

Overture – Let the Games Begin

Having met Sir Charles Miller, his daughter Mena, Alistair Forbes and Miss Freeman, it is time to move on in both time and scope, as Reformism spreads its wings. Some time has passed since the Forbes’ moved to Washington, but we need to catch up with some of the other members of our cast before their part in our story is further revealed…

Part One – Atlantic Crossings (May 2015)

Part Two – The Plot Thickens (Jun 2015)
Reformism has spread into the political world of many countries, as the successful British model continues to deliver great prosperity and stability, but their treatment of women is universally seen as extreme. However, with the American Presidential race about to begin in earnest that theory is being tested, largely due to a lack of meaningful evidence and the efficiency of the British public relations machine. Meanwhile, our cast of characters are finding out the truth for themselves…

Part Three – Hard Evidence (Jul 2015)
As the British summer continues, America is busy choosing its candidates for the Presidential elections. The Democrats are having the usual bun fight, but the Republicans were being forced to choose between a serious right-wing Christian candidate and the man who lost the nomination to Sharon Rosen eight years ago. Shapleigh Nixon III is becoming a famous man, despite continued rumblings about his daughter, and his British friends have problems of their own as they prepare for their own, rather more private, elections in the near future…

Part Four – Crime, Punishment and a glimpse of Paradise (Aug 2015)
Following the arrest and extradition of a terrorist group who, the British say, were planning various atrocities, including an attempt to assassinate Shapleigh Nixon III, a fresh media focus has fallen on Reformism and their opponents. The endless American presidential election process has begun, and Nixon is a leading candidate for the Republican nomination. But as the summer reaches its height in Meadvale, our cast of characters mostly have other things on their minds…

Part Five – From Here to Eternity (Aug 2015)
Summer is over and the leaves are falling from the trees in Meadvale, and elsewhere. American’s are about to choose their candidates for the Presidential election, and the terrorist trials are now old news. The campaign for a review of the Hamilton case has been in vain, and our cast of characters are all looking forwards, not backwards…

Part Six – Masters of the Dark Arts (Oct 2015)
America has just woken up to a third candidate in their presidential elections, standing on a Christian alliance ticket backed by the Reformist Church, whilst Britain is wondering who their members of parliament will choose to be their next leader and Prime Minister. But as always, politics takes place in a bubble removed from the reality of everyday life, where our cast of characters carry on as normally as possible…

Part Seven – The Second Front (Oct 2015)
The New Year begins with Kieran Radcliffe confirmed as the new Prime Minister, and the British people are wondering who he will choose as his cabinet, to lead the next glorious phase of the modern renaissance. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic after a brief pause for the holidays, Shapleigh Nixon III is hitting the campaign trail…

Part Eight – Royalty Reforms (Dec 2015)
In America, with the Democrats stymied by sex scandals, mysteriously delivered into the hands of the media, Shap Nixon has challenged the Republicans to go into partnership with him for the good of the country. In Britain, Kieran Radcliffe is in full control and things are being tightened up all over the place, as six months have now passed since Charles Buckingham resigned and he took over. Our cast of characters are all looking forward to another summer in their various ways…

Part Nine – History Repeats Itself (Jan 2016)
America is reaching the end of its usual long election process whilst things are happening rather faster in Reformist Britain for once…

Part Ten – Three Betrothals, One Death, Three Internments, One Wedding and One Last Christmas at Broomwaters (Mar 2016)
America has voted and Aaron Lumsfield is waiting to be sworn in as the President of the United States, despite the illness afflicting his wife that kept her out of the final two weeks of campaigning at her husband’s side. Our cast of characters are either celebrating the spread of Reformism or suffering it, as another festive season approaches…

The universe and the characters of Reformism Interrupted are continued in the next installment, Reformist Generations.

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