Reformism Revisited

Reformism Revisited

by Nick Lucas


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This story is a sequel to ‘The Reformist Saga’, an eight part story first published on Tales of the Veils in instalments starting September 2013. Since some of the characters and the settings come from this earlier work, readers may find it advantageous to read that first. That is, if they want to understand what the hell is going on!

Part One – Preparations for the Final Mandate (Oct 2014)
The modern renaissance is a harsh reality for some and a nuisance to others as the Christian Democrats continue to deliver their promises to the electorate. Change is hard to accelerate and Charles Buckingham and his government must balance their desire for meaningful reform with the need to prepare for another general election in the near future. Meanwhile, Brogan Trevor has to deal with a death in the family whilst others, such as Sister Caris, are given fresh hope…

Part Two – The Calm before another Storm (Oct 2014)
Charles Buckingham’s government is in its final twelve months, planning the new manifesto for the crucial forthcoming election, which will make or break them, but the modern renaissance is still blossoming and taking shape amongst the people of Great Britain…

Part Three – Heaven and Hell (Nov 2014)
Charles Buckingham and Harry Trevor have successfully negotiated the summer conference season and local elections, but the opposition are getting their act together and no one is confident about the general election, which is now only six months or so away. All government ministers are pushing on all fronts, desperate to get the job done and show the electorate that they are still working hard for the people. Meanwhile, within the elite Reformist communities, life goes on at its own pace…

Part Four – The Law is the Law (Nov 2014)
Six months remain before a general election must be called. The Reformists have introduced national service in a final push to finish their health and education reforms before they have to go to the people. Laws of decency are being rigidly enforced, and in every corner of the country the Reformist Church is using fair means and foul to recruit members and secure votes. But the official opposition are mobilising too, and behind the scenes foreign powers are desperately searching for evidence to stem the rise and rise of the modern renaissance…

Part Five – The Bonfire of the Sanities (Dec 2014)
In the run up to Christmas, Westminster is already consumed by election fever. Meanwhile, there are wedding bells in Sevenoaks, a new baby in Kensington and a court case in Richmond with ramifications as far away as Paris. Reformism is in the news and not always for the right reasons…

Part Six – The People Decide (Jan 2015)
Five months later, the country is in the grip of a bitter election campaign. The future of Christian Reform is in the balance and careers are on the line…

Part Seven – The Show Must Go On (Feb 2015)
With the election result confirmed, the Reformist’s press on with their radical plans, ignoring the increasingly hysterical and disbelieving protests from the Social Democrats and some sections of the press. But there is press support too, and a lot of good news stories were planned, reminding people that Reformism was working for the good of the people. The gloves were off as the Reformists fought for their legacy and the opposition cried foul, desperate to stop them whilst they still could…

Part Eight – Asset Management (Feb 2015)
Almost a year has passed since the tragic assassination of Sir Harry Trevor. Politicians have been arguing the toss at every opportunity but with a clear, if small majority Sir Charles Buckingham has forced through all his proposals. It has caused division and the new National Guard has been forced to patrol the streets at night in all major cities, and a large number of arrests have been made to remove the most raucous opponents of the regime. But none of that really matters in Meadvale. The quiet capital of Reformism is a haven of peace and tranquillity…

The universe and the characters of Reformism Revisited are continued in its sequel Reformism Interrupted.


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