Reformist Generations

Reformist Generations

by Nick Lucas

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This story is the fourth instalment of a story that started with ‘The Reformist Saga’, continued with ‘Reformism Revisited’ and then carried on some more with ‘Reformism Interrupted’. You might be a bit confused by all this if you have skipped the first three parts, as the narrative and some of the characters live on in this story.

Part One – Family Ties (Apr 2016)
Reformism is alive and well, with disciples of the creed in power in Britain and America, and with large political parties in most other countries. The Reformist church boasts a billion members and rivals Islam and Catholicism as the most powerful religious movement in the world…

Part Two – The Shadows of the Past (May 2016)
Two weeks have passed, and Angus Forbes is doing well, with enough blood saved to give Ophelia Miller a chance to recover and catch her breath. Meanwhile, a new fraction within the Christian Democratic Party is emerging to challenge the authority of President Forbes and the future of Reformism as a whole…

Part Three – The Choosing of Sides (Jul 2016)
Summer is making way for autumn in England, and young Angus Forbes is gaining strength fast, feeding off his donor, who is really his aunt, rather than his cousin as everyone first believed, and most people still do. The news about her ‘father’ is not public knowledge of course. But the President has other things on his mind, as the moderates in his party, led by Richard Buckingham and Daniel Harrington, continue to makes far too much noise…

Part Four – The First Chill of Winter (Oct 2016)
Richard Buckingham has suspended his motion of no confidence against President Forbes pending negotiations. There is a media suggestion that the last of the old guard, the Buckingham/Winstanley generation, is reaching the end of the road, and it is time for a new broom to take Reformism into the next phase. Meanwhile, two unfortunate girls are learning their place in this brave new world and we are approaching another Christmas at Broomwaters…

Part Five – The Days Before Christmas (May 2017)

Part Six – Decisions, Decisions (mmm 20xx)

Part Seven – Back to the Future (mmm 20xx)

Part Eight – The Finishing School and the University of Life (mmm 20xx)

Part Nine – Visions of the Future (mmm 20xx)

Part Ten – The First Shoots of Spring (mmm 20xx)

Part Eleven – The Nation Decides (mmm 20xx)

Part Twelve – The Settling of Scores (mmm 20xx)

Part Thirteen – Back to the Future 2 (mmm 20xx)

Part Fourteen – Denouement (mmm 20xx)


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