Maskistan – Safina

Maskistan – Safina

by Querthe


When Safina woke up, she was immediately aware of that it was a special day.
She had become of age, finally, and so she could be as the other adult females of her country.
She was living in Maskistan, a small country between the Middle and the Far East, with a really strict Islamic culture and a fear for everything that was dangerous.
Not only strangers, but everything that could cause diseases, problems or just illness was to be completely avoided in Maskistan.
Due to this, the inhabitants were since the first days of their life covered and protected with sterile clothes, surgical masks, gloves and so on. Anything that could improve the safety was readily accepted, and this goes much more for the females than the males, who was stronger and more resistent to the viruses and bacteria than the women and the girls.

So Safina, the only female child following three males in the family, was used to breathe through a surgical mask when at home and through two or three of them if outside, touch things with surgical or heavy latex gloves and even at home with eyes sealed under goggles. Outside, depending on the recommendations of father or brothers, she could have a wide range of possibilities, from free vision to total blindness. But normally for her was pretty total darkness, with only the sight of light and shadows allowed.
Obviously, being an Islamic country, it was also mandatory to use veils and other garments that would cover and hide the female forms.

Safina was aware that from this special day on all the world would not be seeing her as a young woman, but an adult woman, and as the upbringing of her father and mother had taught her, an adult female must be a good and pious example for all the others, male or female. And she was eager to be such an example.

“Are you awoke, my star?”
“Yes father,” she answered towards the door. “Give me some minutes to let me be presentable to your eyes and then I’ll come down for breakfast.”
“As you want. But be quick, there is a surprise for you.”
She smiled and hurried to dress properly to be seen by the men of the family.

Due to the fact she would be seen only by her family, she put on only the minimum amount of clothes. She dressed in a quite large catsuit done in thick white cotton, with rubberbands at the wrists and ankles, and a long zipper from belly button to neck. Then she put on elbow long latex gloves, thick cotton socks up to the knees and a long vest similar to a khimar, which covered all of her body except the face.
A white cotton surgical mask carefully tied at the back of her head and slightly dark tinted plastic and rubber swimming goggles completed her first layer. Then a sort of mantle down to the waist in surgical green was put over her head with only small eyeholes over the goggles, hiding also the arms, but making her able to do things if necessary.
Last item was a pair of black cotton gloves to cover the latex ones, in order not to show her skin.

She descended the stairs from the mansard, where her small room was placed, and went to the kitchen where her father and her three brothers, Ali, Mustafa and Mohamed, were waiting along with her mother to have breakfast.

“At last!” Moustafa said jokingly, he was the oldest not quite twenty eight years old. “I was afraid you had been abducted.”
“No, it’s impossible,” Ali, one year younger, continued the joke. “Who would be mad enough to take her?”
Mohamed, only two years older than her, giggled but said nothing. He was the one most attached to her sister, the one that was always there to protect her.

“Stop it, guys,” mumbled the father, not seriously angry. “Today is a special day for her, and I want her to remember it in the best way.”
“Thank you father. Mom, how are you today?”
The mother, only a black form of cotton due to thick veils, nodded slowly, then started to shuffle along the table to serve the strong Turkish coffee to the men.

“So now you are an old mummy…”
“I’m not a mummy, stupid…” smiled the girl under the mask, answering Moustafa. “And if I’m a mummy, what are you, my older, older brother?”
“Touché!” smiled the father. “Ok, ok, stop the war. As I said, my dear daughter, we have a surprise for you. Now that you are a woman you have to dress as a woman. Are you aware of it?”

“I am my beloved father, and I’m more than happy to be dressed and veiled as mother is. I already have spoken with her, and she can borrow me some of her dresses until my humble services here at home is rewarded with new clothes only for me.”
“I know, but we have decided that even if the fashion has not changed much in recent years, you cannot only share dresses with your mother. So you are going to have a dress only for you as early as today.”
She smiled and her heart missed a beat, something which could not be seen from outside.
“Really?” she asked incredulous.
The mother nodded slowly, mumbling something that no one could understand.

“I’m so happy! Really, I don’t know how to tell you…”
“Say nothing, please. It’s your birthday, a special one, so we all believed it was correct you would have a true surprise. Your brothers helped with the money as well, so it’s really a gift from the entire family.”
She smiled again, and her goggles misted up from her tears, but soon she was ready to try it on, while the men of the family finished their breakfast and chatted.

Safina and her mother went to her parents room which was located on the ground floor, due to the impeded stride of the mother. Her garments were hobbling her and rendering the stairs to be quite impossible obstacles, if not climbing slowly and with full attention in order not to fall.
“Mom, how would I be able to reach my own room when dressed?”
Her mother silently faced her and showed three fingers of her thick black cotton glove, then miming with the other hand two legs walking up.
“Ah, Mohamed is going to carry me up and down. Oh poor…”
The mother slowly shook her head, then signalled that it was ok with her thumbs up.
“Well, if you say so…”

The mother, who was never using her voice because of being heavily gagged for as long as Safina could remember, gestured her to undress completely. Then, while her daughter was removing the various layers and the goggles, she extracted from the wardrobe an apparently heavy cardboard box with a bow of pink plastic on top, and she placed it on the bed.
She nodded.
The girl didn’t waste time and she removed the lid, eager to discover what there was inside. For the moment there were in the streets three or four fashions for girls, and so she was curious to discover how her parents and her brothers had decided that she was going out from today.
“Well, not having to use one of my mother’s dresses hopefully means I’ll be allowed to maintain a personal fashionable style of my own for my friends and other women to admire and identify me by. There is a multitude of masks, gags and restrictions, but the final layer, which is a niqab in few styles, make all girls and women more or less look the same in front of the men. And this is a good thing.”

Inside the cardboard box there were several garments, each one sealed in a vacuum bag made of transparent plastic to keep them sterile and perfect until use.
“It’s fabulous mom, it’s exactly the style I want. I just spoke yesterday with my friend Amira, and…” she started to say, removing the various garments and distributing the bags across the bed. She stopped when noticing a bag containing the accessories to the dress.
“Really, these are for me?”
The mother nodded, then pointed to the clock on the wall.
“Yes, yes, I have to hurry.”

The first garments she extracted from the plastic bags was a pair of hot pants and a matching bra, both made as if the wearer had to do sports, being really supportive and with thick straps at the shoulders.
The material, white rubber, was 1/16 inch thick and fully lubricated, so it quickly slided over her warm skin, compressing it a little, rendering her breasts to be perfectly rounded and impressively firm.
“Wow, really cool.” she gasped, while the panties accommodated themselves over her crotch and upper thighs, her smooth shaven flower highlighted by the material.
The second item was a pair of gloves made of white rubber and long reaching from finger tips to armpits, and with the same thickness as the panties.
White thick socks to below the knee, really heavy and made of rigid rubber followed, encasing her and forcing her feet into a certain position that let her know she would be wearing four, maybe five inch heeled shoes.
On top of that a long sleeved transparent plastic catsuit complete with gloves and socks and zipped on the back with a toothless zipper, like used for food bags.
“Ahh, this is soo good.” She smiled, the high neck of the thick garment, around 1/10 of inch, holding her head high and obviously proud while also restricting her breathing a little, not only because of its narrow cut, but also because it was one size smaller than the normal size she wore.
Her mom handed her a pair of trousers, baggy and made of thick transparent green surgical latex with thick elastic bands at ankles and waist, and followed by a long sleeved baggy shirt made of the same material as the trousers, with bands at waist, wrists and neck. It was like wearing a sauna suit made of slightly squeaking rubber.
“It’s quite perfect, now. Only my face is free from the warm hug of the sterile rubber or plastic. I can only imagine the joy when also my face, mouth and nose is going to be protected from the dirty air…” she thought, putting her feet inside calf long black rubber boots with five inch heels, that her mother had pulled out from the wardrobe and now slowly closed with a zipper and a rubber flap that sealed the zipper from possibly unauthorised removal.
She knew the system well, it was the same as for the rubber boots of her mother, and it was only her father who had the correct solvent for the glue.
A pair of full length black rubber gloves was with difficulty stretched to go over her arms, and then closed with the same system as the boots, quite removing all sensibility from the fingers of Safina and rendering her hands doll like, immobile and in a slightly closed position due to the tightness and thickness of the rubber.
The mother nodded and slowly caressed the face of her daughter with her glove. Safina inhaled the scent, finding her mother was wearing thick rubber gloves as well under her thick cotton ones.

Her mother pointed to her face, and the girl smiled, nodding as much as her restrained neck allowed.
A sort of soft white ball made of shiny rubber was produced from the cardboard box, and with the combined efforts of mother and daughter, necessary due to the lack of sensibility of both in their fingers, they managed to fix it inside the mouth of Safina.
It was in reality a really sophisticated gag, made of pliable metal and covered with a special mix of ceramic, rubber and other components that would react in some minutes with her saliva in order to glue the moulded form inside her mouth and teeth, with only a hole passing through to suck water or blended food, and for breathing in case the nostrils would be blocked. Safina was sure that the solvent to reverse the chemical was in her father’s hands, but following fashion he is only going to use it after many days, first she will ask for it and then he may not grant it immediately.
For an instant she remembered one of her friends that used such a gag for more than six weeks, and when she had it removed she had only a small ache in her jaws, and after a week she was gagged again for another month.
She smiled, while the glue started to harden, and meanwhile helped her mother to fit her nose with long tubes made of plastic that would guide air down into her lungs, after filtering it on a three stages deep cleaning filter that would be mounted between her thighs, the supports for it hobbling her to a small stride of ten inches.
The difference was great and quite scaring. All odours and scents were erased by the tubes going through the nose, and her lungs had difficulty getting used to the added strain to pull in air which was now smelling of rubber and chlorine, which she fortunately couldn’t smell as it was flowing inside the tubes.
The filter canister was fixed just below her crotch locked in place with black thick straps. Then a half mask of rubber that was more like a swimming cap with attached dark tinted goggles was pulled over her head and strapped under her chin, covering her ears as well.
“Mmmmghh…” she mumbled, trying to speak, and the strange noise sounding from her mouth was exciting.
It was not the first time she was gagged, but previously it was only a game with her brothers, and she could easily remove the tape gag or the scarf herself.

Now she was completely locked up, no one but her father could free her, and in a few minutes she would become restrained just as much as her mother with a heavy niqab in black cotton with a thin veil to cover the goggles and render her a black ghost.
What she didn’t expect, but she was really happy about it, was that the outer garment was not only plain cotton, but lined with a thin layer of rubber as well, making it heavier and more protecting against dirt. The long cotton gloves to cover the rubber ones were lined with rubber as well, making it squeak when latex was pulled over latex.
Finally, while both women were perspiring heavily because of the efforts and the many layers of clothing, Safina was dressed and ready to exit.

It was her first day as a woman in the pure country of Maskistan, and she was more than eager to show to her friends the birthday gift, even if chatting from now on would be only a slow writing on a pad or using the texting of a cell phone.
Her mother hugged her and then pointed to the clock to make her hurry for the kitchen to let the men see how beautifully restricted she was.

Edited by Bo_Emp

Bo_Emp has made a follow up to this story titled Maskistan – Yasmin Visits Safina.


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