by Seatou


Editor’s note:
In 2016 A. M. L. has made a new version of this story, ‘Soccer II‘, which takes the storyline much further.

Disclaimer: When of the word child’s emergence, small or similar words these just appear as affectionate treatment. In this story all personages of full or mature age.

All the names, places or situations are quite fictitious. All and any reference here told it was just mentioned to adapt the story. Please they are not offended with any omission or citation.

Main characters


2.Renato (father)

3.Roberta (mother)

4.Ricardo (older son)

5.Ronald (newer son)

Chapter 1 (The News)

Roberta is an 18 year-old Brazilian. She is just a student and lives with her parents. She is accustomed to not to fasten roots in country some because your life is always changed by virtue of change of place of her father’s work.

Her father is a soccer technician.

Ana doesn’t still know but, her life will suffer a drastic change starting from today when her father will announce to the family usual news.

In the breakfast with every gathered family Ana’s father begins to speak:

-Dear children, I have a new work opportunity.

-That good father. Where we do go us this time? (all ask)

-Very personal it is a country, let us say, an amount as different from what we are accustomed.

-But father speaks to us soon. All are curious. (Ricardo speaks)

-Very well. It is the Arab Emirate.


-Dad, we cannot go for there. (Renate speaks)

-But because daughter? (Renato answers)

-I have my friends here. I am at the school.

-That everything can be solved. (Roberta speaks).

-Even so I don’t want to go.

-Done want it what it is that there is? (Roberta ask)

-I am with fear mom.

-That wanted dear? (Renato ask too)

-It is that read that there the women are not entitled.

-Is that for now child? Be calm. After all I won’t also go and I am woman.

-Besides that is an idea full of your my prejudice sister. You should remind that you were never there and at least knows somebody of there. (Ricardo speaks)

-It is exactly of that that I am afraid.

-Be calm. Before accepting the offer I will try to find out better to this respect ok?

-You are right.

Is resolved that the family, after a lot of chat and convincing, that the family will accept the work and to go for the new and ignored country. Renate accepts to accompany the family to against taste, she preferred to be in France where were, but by virtue of the recent disturbances and wave against your foreigners parents didn’t accept.

Chapter 2 (The Preparation)

Decided the departure to the Emirates, Renato tries to find out better on that conditions would live. The wage really pleases him and it was still more satisfied to the knowledge, in your embassy, that was not demanded from foreigner’s larger restrictions. The usual was only requested, that is, the respect the laws. No religious aspect was compulsory or obligatory.

With these obtained information the women of the family calmed down. Even the mother that tried to appease your daughter was also fearful but, she tried not to demonstrate. Nevertheless, she tried to frequent a community of originating from of that country to familiarize with the habits of that people.

Renate continued restless. With a deep sadness she began saying good-bye of your favorite places, as if it was going to a scaffold. It is not necessary nor to say that she had a certain character, an exaggerating amount perhaps. It was of a complete abandonment in what she did. In spite of the sadness of a new change, when being resolved that there would be the trip she assumed an obligation to face well that would be your new home.

The boys were not concerned. Your routine, for them, would not change a lot and they didn’t get to understand your sister’s fears. Wherever they were they would feel well.

Ready luggage, closed house, there they left our Brazilian family to meet with a correspondent of your new employer in the international airport. Our story begins now to be worth.

Chapter 3 (The Arrival)

Nicely surprised with the atmosphere and the welcome that had, our characters will live in a nice located condominium in the surroundings of the capital. The climate is soon hot all they notice, but they are already accustomed with the heat of the tropics and they won’t let to abate for that.

Therefore a routine settles down: the father leaves house early and the day passes in the work; the siblings accompany him to find out of the father’s work and the time to pass while it doesn’t begin the school. Renate is disappointed a little to the knowledge that won’t be able to resume your studies immediately because your school documentation of transfer accidentally was lost amid bureaucracy. We are in the autumn in Europe, only next summer of there it is that seems that everything will be solved it. Renate only remains to be home with your mother, since your father was informed that would not be convenient that he took your daughter for the work. The tedium quickly begins to thunder unbearable the atmosphere. Due to the heat she dresses a shirt without sleeve and she will walk in the garden common of the condominium.

When arriving to the garden she receives greedy glances there from some workers that made some repairs in one of the close buildings to the garden and of censorship of some ladies that talked to the shade of a medlar. A nice lady dressing in clear blue hijab approaches and speaks to Renate:

-My child, excuse to interfere but, you should not dress if like this.

-How lady?

-Only see, it is not habit of our people to be so nude.

-Does he/she undress? But I am shirt and it paves.

-Oh how much innocence darling! I know about that it is clear. Should you be here not new?

-Yes. I am just to two weeks. I live there with my parents in the apartment 205 of that building.

-For now, for now, that coincidence. I live in the apartment 405 of that same building. My name is Fatima and yours?

-Renate, lady.

-Then Renate, we don’t have anything against western clothes but we demanded some modesty in dressing. Nude shoulders are out of the question.

-I understand. I didn’t know.

After this chat Renate tried not to offend more anybody showing your nude shoulders. For not having more any reprimand she sought in your wardrobe the castes clothes than it possessed with little or any neckline.

Chapter 4 (The friendship)

The sermon gave fruits. Renate was grateful Fatima. Next afternoons Renate and Fatima began to meet and to talk about the habits of your respective countries. Renate spoke about the beaches, of the parties, of the carnival of your country; Fatima wove considerations on religion, the principal tourist points, society. The antithesis among the two cultures was flagrant. The first was a country Catholic, cheerful, very festival and with a great racial miscegenation. The Other, a country Moslem, serious, religious person and that there is only little time opened your borders the other people.

This shock of perspectives fascinated the two friends mainly the Fatima, that more expert, better it could appreciate these differences.

What was true it is that was born a deep friendship among the two. Renate began to frequent almost that daily Fatima’s apartment. Your mother Roberta looked upon with favor that approach because she thought Fatima could be a good influence for your daughter.

Chapter 5 (The Description)

Fatima is 41 years old, widow the about 2 years. Your husband was an engineer of mines that lost your life in tragic work accident. Like him it was always very provident he had left your wife and only daughter, Hadija, very calm financially.

Fatima got married very early, to the 18 years of age. She came from a very rigid and traditionalistic family that guided that the women of your clan should follow the strict rules of the purdah. Happily for her your husband was quite modern and it allowed her to leave this rash regime in that lived.

He allowed until that your youth wife studied in a university, what was at that time uncommon. To the 22 years your daughter was born Hadija. The couple was very happy until the unexpected death of your Hassam lover husband.

Hassam until it seems that foresaw a precocious death because it insisted so that your daughter if it married early – it happens like this – to the 17 years she married a youth prince of Qatar and she moved to that country. Therefore later he dies leaving solitary Fatima. It is in this context that the encounter with Renate turns into a balm for Fatima’s solitary heart.

As mentioned previously, Renate is a youth 18 year-old student that lives with your parents. She has 1,70m of height, 60 kilos, blond hair and green eyes. Fatima has stature and weight fellow creatures, hair and black eyes.

Chapter 6 (the Clothes and the Heat)

As in every country of that area makes immense heat in the Emirates. During one of your chats in the sunny afternoons of that country Renate innocently question Fatima:

-Fatima, you are not hot?

-Of course yes.

-Like you it does tolerate like this so much clothes?

-For now dear it is a habit subject.

-I would never tolerate.

-For now you never used appropriate clothes.

-Appropriate clothes? I get dressed quite modestly.

-Western standard advantages until it can be, but in this country not. Until today, for example, I didn’t see you at least using only one dress or a simple skirt.

-Just that? It is that I simply prefer to use pants.

-It is exactly of that that phallus. Here in this country it is intolerable that a woman uses pants. Pants are just for men.


-But we return to the subject. You don’t want to try a little this beautiful jilbab.

-I don’t know I owe if.

-And because not? We are only both of us here in my house.

-It is that is strange for me.

-For now girl is alone some clothes!

-Then it is well.

Fatima is going to your room and she catches a khimar (loose dress that copper the whole quite comfortable body).

-Look at Renate here, before placing the seen hijab this khimar. You will be very well.

-You don’t think will be too much for the moment.

-Of course not. This jilbab that you gave is to cover the khimar if we want to leave. To we arrive, for instance, in your house you can remove it and to be to be more comfortable.

-Is it like this that the Muslim women do?

-Yes. Our religion only asks that we got dressed modestly.

-And the face… Is it necessary to also cover him/it?

-It depends on the country. Here it would be enough you to cover your hair conveniently.

-With a headscarf?

-Or a hijab for the head.

-It is well then. I will give a proof to this. You lend me a hijab to cover my head.

-Of course darling.

Ready the two women go the house of Renate. Roberta is surprised with the clothes that your daughter uses, but she is happy because she thinks that finally Renate this trying to adapt your new country. Fatima, soon when entering in the enclosure, she asks Roberta:

-What such your daughter Roberta was?

-Very beautiful as always.

Fatima laughs but she continues:

-For now Roberta doesn’t need to be so convinced. I know that your daughter is beautiful.

-It is well Fatima, but you should recognize that she was very well. Will you start to use this clothes my daughter?

-Non mom. Fatima only suggested that I dressed them to know how is.

-And you what the one found?

-As I imagined makes an intense heat. Of the khimar I to liked, but this hijab doesn’t leave any ventilation to pass for my neck. It is terrible.

-You claim other Renate. You don’t really have the low it idealizes of what it is a restrictive clothes.

-Nothing can be worse than that.

-Leave of nonsense child.

Our adolescent’s inopportune and arrogant position irritated Fatima. She said goodbye to Roberta and it went back to your house. Roberta complained with your daughter arguing that she was rude with your friend and she insisted so that her if she excused him more quickly possible. Renate recognized your mistake and she promised your mother that would excuse.

Chapter 7 (The Bet)

After to think little Renate was embarrassed with your attitude. She asked for your mother to accompany her because it was with fear that Fatima would not receive her. Still dressed with the clothes that your friend had her borrowed Renate she plays the bell of Fatima’s house.

-My daughter wanted to speak with you Fatima.

-I hope is not more any disrespect.

-I know that exceeded me. Please excuse me.

-Ok, Renate you are excused. But I see that are still to use my clothes. Them not you inconvenience more?

-They inconvenience it is me true, but my mother thought would be pleasant for you if I continued using them.

-Yes Fatima, I insisted so that Renate continued using them.

-It was very gentile of your part Roberta.

-It was the minimum that I could do after the lack of my daughter’s courtesy.

-Mom! … I already asked for excuses Fatima.

-You didn’t do than your dear obligation. And know that that won’t do with that you don’t receive a punishment.

-That is not necessary Roberta. The request of excuses was already enough.

-It is well then.

-Last this crisis goes you drink a tea? (Fatima invites)

-Great (the guests answer)

-Can I remove this clothes now mother?

-Because the hurry, dear?

-I am with a lot of heat.

-There you come again with this groundless complaint.

-Groundless? For now…

-Care with the one that you my daughter will say!

-Peace child. I don’t want to discuss with you. I want of proposing a bet Renate.

-On the one what? And what will bet.

-Calm. You there in your house she affirmed that no clothes could be worse of the than this, certain?

-It was.

-Because the bet is exactly that. I go you to prove that you are wrong.

-How like this?

-Did you already hear to speak of purdah?

-No, I didn’t hear. What is that?

-We say that is a life way in which the women live separate from the men.

-Only that.

-Yes. They should not make awrah.

-Fatima, if my daughter accepts this bets her she will hurt?

-I assure her that not.

-Then it is well. If you accept Renate I won’t oppose myself.

-Then Renate you accept?

-It depends what I will win in change.

-You choose. It is enough you to submit for a reasonable period of time.

-How long?

-Well we say… one year.

-One year! You went mad.

-Now they will be two!

-I need one time to think.

-Then tomorrow talked again.

Chapter 8 (the Decision)

All gathered after dinner. Roberta talks with your husband and she explains the proposal done by Fatima. Renato is thoughtful and it looks for to establish a dialogue with Renate.

-My daughter, you what the one already decided will do?

-Non father. I waited for your advice.

-You did well. I won’t say that should do, however I want to alert her for some things:

1st. You should evaluate if you want or not to commit, therefore I think once you accept can change of idea. This people here group very seriously the accomplished promises;

2nd. should you consider that this opportunity to be very lucrative for you, but will it be that you will have the necessary determination for the whole demanded time to pass?

3rd. In accepting the bet it looks for to establish clearly what will happen if you lose the bet;

4th. is it finally; your year friend spoke is not? Remember that is exactly this the period of my contract with the soccer team and, therefore, we will be able to all to leave of this country.

-Did mom already speak to itself on the fear that I have that my friends are know is not?

-Yes darling, but it is calm. Nobody of this family will comment anything to this respect. Did they hear boys?

-For me everything well, but I don’t get to understand because so much noise due to use or not to use some clothes.

-For now son is not just treated of that. For that I understood, and that is one of the things that your sister should discover, is lived as a Muslim and in purdah is there what this means.

-Does mom want then to say that Renate will lose courage?

-Leave of neither this Ronald I don’t know nor the one that this means.

-Then you will accept?

-It is that. I will accept!

Our heroine doesn’t know the size of the mistake that is about to make, but now the luck is thrown.

Chapter 9 (The Agreement)

Was ours, in what that entered? With this question Renate worries exactly to the knowledge than the purdah is treated. As a Westerner Renate this accustomed the conquests that the women obtained in the modern societies. For that she understood, of everything that Fatima explained, purdah exactly the denial of everything this.

For her, the concept that any gesture, speaks or until the simple to show of a tiny part of the feminine body would be awrah it was inconceivable.

But everything this was passable, because she believed firmly that each people were entitled self-determination and therefore if the some women of that country wanted to live in purdah it was not of her bill; the one that she didn’t get if she forgives it was that for own will she had if conceited in this obstacle.

The following morning the family meeting, Roberta woke up your daughter soon after the sunrise. Actually she already had a quite approximate idea than purdah was treated and she wanted your daughter to pass for this reason so that she began to value the comfort properly that her and your husband supplied her.

Roberta was tired of the constants complaints of Renate and she judged that a more austere life could be very salutary for your daughter.

After a brief breakfast and to get ready Renate was made to accompany again for your mother until Fatima’s house, this time received them in a much more homelike way.

-Then done want you accept my proposal?

-Yes, she accepts.

-That good, I see that now begins to respect your parents properly.

-I always respected them.

-I want to hear from you the answer.

-We are going daughter, say what Fatima hopes to hear soon.

-I accept, but…

-Anything of “but” wanted. We should begin your training immediately.

Chapter 10 (The Farewell)

Fatima’s words echoed in the mind of Renate. As soon as Fatima uttered the fatidic sentence Roberta she cannot stop smiling. After your entire dear daughter would have an appropriate punishment for all your complaints and kindness lack and nobody could attribute to her any blame or intention mainly your husband that always protected and spoiled Renate.

-Roberta would be interesting that you left Renate here with me this week so that I prepared her appropriately.

-Not! Mom doesn’t leave me here.

-Dear daughter, don’t worry. Any problem I, in fact, all your family will be at our house in the walk of low.

-I am afraid.

-Leave of drama. It is not anything of so frightening what you accepted. I lived many years in these same conditions.


-We are going Roberta. Please leave us the alone ones.

-It is well. Renate tomorrow I will pass here to see like you it will be.

-Please moms… don’t leave me!

-Good-bye dear. We see each other tomorrow.

Even with the whole demonstrated estrangement Roberta insists with Fatima (without Renate knows) so that it doesn’t hurt your daughter. Fatima assures this “afflicted mother” that anything of badly will happen with Renate. Calmer Roberta leaves.

Chapter 11 (The Beginning of the Journey)

-Finally we are alone wanted. 🙂

-The one what you mean?

-Don’t worry my small one, it was alone a joke.

-That relief!

-I don’t want to do anything of badly with you. I will just do a type of training with you.

-It is the second time that you mentioned this: training; I admit that didn’t understand.

-I know. It is good that you are always sincere with me. What will do with you it is to teach her as a true purdah apprentice should hold if. For this reason, from now on you should always call me lady or mistress.


-Silence! You should only speak with my expresses authorization or when somebody you ask a question.


-I won’t inform her again. Remain silent!

Renate is truly afraid. For precaution she decides to follow Fatima’s orientations.

-Renate is necessary that you learn that purdah doesn’t just limit what species of clothes gets dressed… It is mainly a life way. It is an entire appropriate behavior. It is a form of placing front the society.

-I understand.

-The one that I go you to teach and later to demand of you is the way that same I lived.

-What were you wanted like this? Excuse for having spoken!

-These time me you forgive. Let me to do to understand: according to the purdah, the woman’s body is a complete source of awrah and the most traditionalistic families demand this commitment type from your wives. The bosses of those families don’t ask if they want or not to submit; it is simply your destiny, your obligation.

-As such, as soon as I became woman and until when I got married I went a follower of the purdah.

-Did you stop later?

-Yes. My lover husband didn’t believe in this oppression type. Hassam was here a rare man in my country: he wanted a woman to dialogue with him as an equal. It is we created like this also our daughter, in the ideal of equality between men and women.

-As it is the right!

-Yes… I recognize this, but… it is that I always had willed my daughter to try the purdah. Now I will have a new opportunity to create a daughter as such.

-Thank you for the affection, but I don’t know if I should really be thanked by this your concern.

-Let us leave of memories. I will leave with you these recommendations that I wrote. I ask that reads them with a lot of attention, later after dinner we will talk about your content.

-Don’t forget to remove these western clothes that you are dressing. I left some thing for you to use on top of your bed.

Renate is accompanied by Fatima until your room. It is an enormous room, endowed with bathroom and dressing room enclosures, all decoration in white and rose. It is extremely feminine. A wide double bed with dossal dominates the atmosphere clearly.

After showing the room Fatima she not leaves without before to lock the door.

Chapter 12 (The Terrible Missive)

The measure in that read more concerned Fatima’s orientations Renate it was. It was treated of a document with a series of recommendations written in the terms to proceed:

Mine adored daughter, I know that very soon will be a woman.

This is a very special moment in every woman’s life. Unlike what it happens in the occident to generations, our culture gives importance it disappears to this event.

Honors, tradition, chastity was always very precious to our family. Only see as the woman it is privileged: it is the guardian of the honor of each family in our society and, therefore it should be protected of greedy and sinful eyes. But doesn’t fear it is for this that the purdah exists, to protect the women of themselves and of the uncontrollable men in your voluptuousness and desire.

The woman then should guard against if; she should protect your modesty, your beauty, your voice. It should always be careful and it should not disturb the people doing or uttering any noise type, be to the walk or when speaking. Decency is everything.

Me you will help to discover the beauty of the purdah.

Of your mother that loves you.

Renate was astonished with what she read and promised to herself to look for an opportunity to disappear of this situation that wrapped up.

As combined Fatima it goes back to accompany Renate in the dinnertime. She is happy when noticing that Renate obeyed your orientations and studied the missive that she had left.

The feelings that populated Fatima’s heart were contradictory. On one side she didn’t want to scare your guest; for other she was anxious to show Renate a life in purdah.

After a lot to evaluate she decided to begin little by little to try to avoid a larger shock or who knows, with success, a revolt.

-Hello Renate, will have dinner?

-Because you locked me here?

-A simple precaution subject. I now am responsible for you while you are here with me, therefore I should take care of my largest treasure.

-You always have argument for everything.

-And you are very beautiful when to redden. Did you like your salwar kameez?

-I recognize that el is quite comfortable. Is it this what I will be using from now on?

-Not dear, just today. Tomorrow I will dress her adequately.

Chapter 13 (The Shame)

Finally it had arrived the hour. Fatima was anxious to prepare your pupil. Therefore after striping of a new day she if I drove to the room of Renate, without opening the door she is to listen… anything. No noise came of there from within.

Renate sleeps deeply; Fatima tries to open the door, she is irritated. She had forgotten the key in your own room. When returning to look for it the bell it sounds strident… It was taken care of Roberta that came to know of your daughter.

-Hi Fatima, where is Renate?

-She sleeps. You arrived very early.

-I was anxious. I hardly slept this night.

-It is… you are really very different from your daughter.

-Didn’t I understand?

-For now, it is that she still sleeps… as if she roots an angel.

-That strange, I thought that she would not get it. But it lets me to see her.


-Oh! I demand to see my daughter.

-It calms Roberta. You know that your daughter is safe, but you also know that would disturb our plans you to see her now.

-How like this?

-Don’t you want “to tame“your daughter?

-It is that the intention.

-Then my friend, Renate should think that she is alone, without the support of your family.

-This sounds so cruel.

-If it roots true that you abandoned it would be her really cruel, but if you don’t forget that we want to give a small lesson in her.

-It is well, it is well. I leave.

After getting rid of Roberta, Fatima will wake up Renate. She looks affectionately at your pupil. With some pity in the heart she calls Renate.

-Wake up Renate.

-Already? It is so early.

-Wake up that is already arrived the hour. Come, take a shower.

-Please leaves me the alone ones.

-Be not embarrassed. I will help with your bath.

Fatima was speaking very serious when she said that would help Renate with your bath. After a meticulous inspection of the body of Renate, Fatima ordered that her if she waxed completely, only leaving intact your beautiful and long hair.

Chapter 14 (The Clothes)

-We will put an end soon to this mistress. Feel the clothes that I should dress.

-I see that made progress. I was already almost without hopes. I thought that you would never ask for this.

-I tired of so many preambles.

-Only that.

-It is well… I am also curious to know how I will be.

-Then that is like this. Accompany me to my room.

Renate obeys Fatima. Unlike the one that her Fatima thought she doesn’t go to your own room and yes to a more bedroom to the bottom of the mansion.

-Here some models are kept same to that I used in my youth.

-That beautiful piece is that that I see here.

-You really like colours girl.

-It is true.

-This is an Indian wedding gown. Actually a group of several pieces: lengha, thob, yashmak and a ghunghat. They are not beautiful.

-They – They are really beautiful, as color. And this handkerchief is sensational.

-It is the ghunghat. Some more rigorous families in the Indian tradition don’t at least allow the youth bride to show your face even for the closest relatives, besides women.

-That horror.

-It is… I admit that is an exaggerating amount. I think us women be able to wonder. But there it is not like this. The woman’s face is awrah and the bride should avoid with the help of the ghunghat that anybody sees your face.

-Is it as soon as equipment I will be using.

-Not my darling, these clothes are very special. As such you should only use her, who knows, when you do a surprise for your future husband.

-That husband that.

-Doesn’t need to be like this red-faced. Is it natural what you one day not gets married.

-I will never get married.

-Leave of foolishness girl. But we are going to that interest us: to begin it places this hijab.

-Am I now ready, it is not.

-Of course not. Also place these soft slippers, after all we don’t want that make noise to the walks.

-Is it now.

-Now it places this niqaab for top of the hijab.

-But… a lot of thing is not.

-You didn’t still see anything. Of the way that I intend to protect her, not even your shade would recognize her if she saw her under the light.


-Now it places this coat, it is a jilbab, so that your interior clothes cannot be seen.

-Now I am ready… no?

-Don’t make that sad face Renate, but I should say that didn’t still put an end to you.


-Anything of but. We go, hurry. Place this chador for top of your jilbab and finally this heavy and thick veil, the bushiyya, to finish up our entire project. What such?

-Claustrophobic is the minimum that I can say. Everything that is really necessary?

-Of course yes, and this here is only the beginning. I didn’t want to scare her soon in the beginning.

-You didn’t get.

-It is a feather… but that is just to let her to get used to. Then I will place her in more some pieces.

-You can only be playing!

-Me never earring girl. On this year in that will be committees you will learn. I promise.


-Come with me.

-Where do we go?

-It is not impertinent and obeys me.

After this reprimand, that formless mass of black cloths accompanies your torturer for the exterior of the condominium in the scalding sun of the desert of that Emirate.

Chapter 15 (The End – Or who not knows?)

Haste, anguish, fear, pleasure is few words to describe the sensations that Renate was trying during that unexpected walk that Fatima insisted that they had.

Fatima guided Renate for the commercial center. it was an experience very it finds strange for Renate to see the sun, the landscapes, the world in general filtrates through the veils that she was using. Without speaking that the heat that felt was infernal.

Fatima wanted that your pupil if adapted your new vestment quickly. She adored to the control and the power that it exercised on Renate.

After the tiresome trip (for Renate), they go to the parents’ of Renate apartment. Only Roberta met, but same this being prepared for what would find the surprise reigned in that encounter.

-You are beautiful Renate.

-That beautiful the one that mother, I am horrible.

-Stop being impertinent Renate. Respect your mother!

It is it begins like this the complicated, for Renate, year of a lunatic’s execution bets. And Renate that didn’t understand your father’s taste for the soccer, ended immersed in a much stranger, interesting game and perhaps, dangerous.

*** END ***


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