The Covered Cleaner: Part 12

The Covered Cleaner

(Part 12 – San Francisco again)

by Skanderbeg

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Chapter 32 – Back home

That evening for the first time for nearly three weeks Nicole was able to look at her e-mails. Most were unimportant but one from Liz needed attention. Liz explained that she usually helped with a girls’ summer camp where everyone dressed in Victorian costume for three weeks. This year she couldn’t go (she didn’t say why, but Nicole guessed that it was because Liz was immobilized in some way). Could Nicole help at the camp instead? It started the following weekend. There was no cost and while there Nicole would get to make a Victorian outfit with materials supplied by the organizers. There would be no men present except on the last night when a ball was held and the boys from an adjacent camp were usually invited.
Nicole really liked the idea. She had school work to do before the semester started but there would still be a few weeks after the camp. After checking with her mother she replied to Liz, accepting. Liz immediately solved one problem that Nicole had foreseen by responding that Adam could take her to the camp if she could get to San Francisco. That was no problem as she wanted to get clothes from her apartment, especially some dresses she could wear with her older corset.

As Nicole had expected, the three veiled women got a few interested glances at the mall but nothing more. When they bought things Nicole paid because she was used to not speaking at the checkout. As soon as they were home, even before they had removed their veils, the two mothers were talking like excited girls about the trip. Nicole knew she wouldn’t be needed the next time!

By the evening, Nicole was surprised to find that she was uncomfortable in her corset. It wasn’t giving her enough support. She liked the freedom to move her arms and the lack of pressure on her lower ribs, but she knew that she would be back in her new corset next day. She definitely needed a second one which was similar.

As she had rather feared, she was more comfortable next day, even if more helpless. The next corset would have to give more movement in her shoulders. But she also noticed that the pressure on her ribs was much less than the first time she had put the corset on, so her stem waist must be coming along nicely. She spent some time researching corset designs on the “net” and eventually decided that she wanted an overbust design that went almost up to her neck front and back but had armholes large enough to allow free movement, though she also decided on a built-in shoulder brace to keep her shoulders back. She downloaded the pattern and instructions, and was disappointed to find that the materials would cost at least half as much again as the last one she had made. Another bonus would be needed!

The two women kept Nicole under firm control, ensuring that she was properly covered, even by her own standards, whether indoors or out. Apart from the inconvenience of eating while heavily veiled she didn’t mind in the least as it was what she was used to when around the city in San Francisco. Nicole’s father seemed delighted to have the three women around, all dressed like the wives of an Arab sheik. They went out together by car several times, but always to places where the family wasn’t known. Nicole could see little of the scene around her, but still managed to enjoy the trips.  All too soon Mary returned home, leaving Nicole a few days to do some school work before the camp.

Soon it was time for her trip to San Francisco. She wanted to spend a night at her apartment to sort out her clothes for the camp, so took a morning train to Emeryville where she changed into the BART. As usual, no-one took the slightest notice of her except at one point on the train when a small boy asked his mother if Nicole was a nun.

Next morning she was back into a Victorian dress for the trip to the camp with Adam, and had opted to wear her spare bonnet as it had a shorter brim and a thinner veil and, more important, had not been doctored by Mary. At the camp she was soon among a crowd of similarly dressed women, being briefed about her duties for the next three weeks. Essentially, she was a dormitory mistress and a general help. She was on the cooking and cleaning rotas, but most of the cleaning was done by the campers so it was supervision rather than hard work. And each afternoon she would be helping to teach girls to sew and helping them to make their costumes for the ball. At the same time she would be making her own costume. She took hardly any time, when given the possible designs, to choose a dress with a large crinoline. She would have to make the crinoline as well as the dress, but this was no problem as the camp had all the materials. It took only about six afternoons, even when she was also supervising girls. By a week before the ball she had also completed her dress, a magnificent creation she was really proud of. She then spend the last couple of afternoons decorating her bonnet to make it suitable to wear to the ball, as there would be boys and men present so she was determined to veil.

Her small waist was greatly admired by the girls, and several asked about wearing corsets. Most were not so enthusiastic once Nicole had explained what in involved in the way of restricted breathing and movement. One, however, said she was going to try to make herself one, though Nicole didn’t think her sewing would be up to it if her progress with the dress was anything to go by.

Her graceful movements gained from weeks of wearing the training skirt and her magnificent dress meant that she was the belle of the ball, and spent much of the evening dancing with the leader of the boys’ camp. She could not avoid speaking to him occasionally, but she explained that she was normally silent when with men and he respected her wishes.
The new dress had of course been made to wear over her newest corset, so Nicole carefully packed it away for the trip back to her apartment in San Francisco with Adam and then by train to Sacramento.
When she arrived home, however, she quickly changed back into her crinoline so the family could see it. She could see from her father’s face that he thoroughly approved, though he said little. Nicole knew she would soon be lending the instructions to her mother!

The remaining weeks were uneventful. She and Mark exchanged occasional e-mails but her school work took all her spare time and before she knew it she was on the train again to San Francisco at the start of her final year as a student.


Chapter 33 – A surprise

As soon as she had unpacked and changed into niqaab, Nicole headed for Mohammad’s house to arrange to take over the cleaning job from Zyrafete. She decided she should ring the bell rather than use her key, and Mohammad quickly answered the door and ushered her in. On entering the living room, Nicole was astounded to see two women: one in niqaab and the other Zyrafete wearing a salwar kameez with a scarf draped round her hair.
Mohammad smiled. “Meet my wife, Zyrafete,” he invited the astounded Nicole. “And you know Zyrafete’s mother. She has been cleaning for me since the wedding.”
Nicole tried not to show how worried she was. She needed the cleaning job but it looked as though Zyrafete’s marriage had put an end to it.
Mohammad must have read Nicole’s thoughts. “I’m glad you are back to take over the cleaning, as Aferdita doesn’t want to do it any longer than  she has to,” he said quickly. “Mind you, I think we have converted her to dressing properly, as she now always veils, and she never speaks when I am around.”

School restarted next day, so Nicole was fully occupied with registration and classes for the rest of the week. She saw Mark only briefly at lunchtime. She was pleased to find that Zyrafete was continuing her studies and as usual sat with her at meals and in the lectures. She noticed that her friend was veiling more strictly than before, and asked her in a note.
“It’s my choice. Mohammad hasn’t asked me to cover my eyes or wear extra layers but I know he wants me to, and he has made it clear he approves. It took a bit of getting used to always seeing through at least one layer, but I am used to it now. He would probable like me to wear a burqa but I haven’t yet.”

Nicole decided that an urgent job was to alter hew newest corset so that the shoulder straps were not so restricting. After some experiment she decided that she could change the angle of the straps so that she should be able to lift her hands far enough to put on her veils. Anything more than that would mean a major redesign. After a couple of false starts she managed to achieve this, though keeping her hands raised as high as the top of her head was still a strain. Now, though, she could wear the corset for most activities.

She saw Adam several times but he did not attempt to speak to her. Her other classmates generally ignored her, which suited her as she did not wish to speak in a mixed group.
However, on the following Tuesday as she and Mark were having lunch together Adam came and sat with them.
“Liz and I would like to invite you to our housewarming,” he announced. “We have just moved into a new apartment near the art museum. The party is on Saturday, can you come?”
Nicole nodded to Mark who accepted for both of them.
“I’ll give you a map. The party will start at about seven. By the way, Liz will be suitably restrained, as usual, and I think our other female guests will be under strict control as well, so you two may like to think about something similar,” explained Adam, “but don’t bother if you don’t want to.”
Nicole thought about it and decided quickly that she would not want to be blind or deaf, and she could not be gagged for a meal, but perhaps Mark would bind her arms as his mother had done. She could wear her crinoline and her strictest corset, plus the bonnet Mary had altered.

The next day Nicole at last had time to order the materials for a new corset. She had looked for a long time for a suitable pattern and had eventually found one which included everything she wanted plus an optional neck corset. She hadn’t decided about that but ordered enough materials anyway.

Money would be tight until she had another bonus from Mohammad but he held dinners quite often so she was hopeful there would be one soon. She wasn’t disappointed. Next day at the house there was a note asking if she could help with a dinner the following week. It was the day after Adam and Liz’s party, so Nicole hoped she would not be too tired, but she gladly agreed. Mohammad had explained in the note that the visitors would be from Saudi so Nicole should wear her burqa, but that didn’t worry her now as she had worn it often, either to her job or just for a walk.

The next day Nicole broached the subject of the party to Mark in a note at lunchtime. She didn’t want to be bound to travel to the apartment, so would Mark bind her arms when they got there? He responded by asking if she was sure it was what she wanted. Nicole explained what she intended wearing. The training skirt and crinoline would be limiting enough on the journey, but she didn’t want to be free if all the other girls were restrained in some way. Mark eventually agreed to the idea as long as Nicole agreed to wear a shawl or cape to cover her arms when they were bound. Nicole was not sure why Mark wanted this but agreed anyway. It was how she had dressed most of the time at Mark’s home.
They agreed that Mark would call for Nicole in plenty of time as they would have to walk since Nicole could not step onto a streetcar when wearing her training skirt, and Nicole would not be walking very fast at all.

The next week flew by, and before she had had time to think much about the party Nicole found herself dressed and waiting for Mark to collect her. Her crinoline filled half the elevator but fortunately there were no other passengers. It got plenty of looks as they slowly made their way down Market Street through the evening crowd. It was 7:15 when they turned into the road where Adam’s map showed the apartment to be. All they could see were large warehouses, but sure enough when the came to the right spot there were Adam and Liz’s names on a plate by the door of a four storey block. Nicole was very glad there was a large goods elevator as she didn’t fancy all the stairs to the fourth floor.

When they were outside the door, Nicole handed Mark a bag. From it he took the rope Mary had used to bind Nicole’s arms, and proceeded to bind they the same way. He was so proficient that Nicole wondered if Mary had given him lessons.
The door was opened by Adam who was wearing cargo pants and a check shirt. He ushered them in, down a short corridor into a large open plan living space. Standing in the centre of the room was Liz, wearing a straitjacket and an extremely tight ankle length skirt plus boots with the highest heels Nicole had ever seen. They were so high that Liz’s feet were pointing straight down and she was standing on her toes like a ballerina. She smiled at Nicole and Mark and inched her way towards them. Nicole’s face was invisible to Liz so she curtseyed.
“I love your dress, Nicole,” commented Adam. “I’m sure Liz would say so too, but as you know she is unable to speak. In case you are wondering she chose her outfit herself. But I am being rude. I need to introduce you to our other guests tonight.” Turning to his left he gestured to a couple in the corner. “This is Liz’s sister Victoria and her fiancé. They have just moved in downstairs.”
Liz turned and saw a man dressed similarly to Mark sitting in an armchair and beside him a woman encased in a complex framework of metal rods so that she looked much like a turtle. Her wrists and ankles were in metal cuffs which were fixed to the framework forming a large X and a metal belt was also fixed to the frame. The man got up, and the couple approached Mark and Nicole. Nicole could see that as Victoria moved the rods forming the framework pivoted so that when she moved a foot both arms moved, but she was held spread-eagled. She was wearing a silver colored body stocking with a hood which  had only small eyeholes and holes for her nose and mouth.
“Pleased to meet you,” said Victoria, “I love your outfit though it would be too easy to wear to suit my tastes. I love this new frame Peter has made for me. I can’t do a thing for myself, so he has to look after me.”
“It’s just as well I love Victoria,” interposed Peter, “otherwise she might be in a fix. It’s true, though. She really likes being restrained. The challenge is to find ways of restraining her in public that people can’t see.”
“Nicole is not exactly free to run away,” said Mark, laughing. “Her arms are bound, she is wearing a very narrow skirt under her crinoline and she can’t see anything much beyond her feet. But chose her outfit, too.”

Adam returned from letting in more guests. “Let me introduce Alex and Ali. Ali is the one in braces. They have moved into the second floor apartment.”
Nicole stepped closer until she could see the bottom part of two women, one with complex leg braces and crutches and the other wearing a skirt even tighter than Liz’s.
Adam realised that Nicole’s view was very limited. “You can’t see, but Alex and Ali look like two very beautiful women, but in fact they are both transgender men. You probably can’t see the collar and lead Alex is wearing either or her severely bound arms. And I don’t know if you can see Ali’s marvellous puff skirts. How many petticoats do you have, Ali?”
“About 20,” one of the women answered, “I’m glad you like them, Adam. And very pleased to meet you, Mark and Nicole. We’ve heard a lot about you from Adam. It’s OK, nothing dreadful, just that Nicole never speaks in public and likes to be heavily veiled. I think that would be good for Alex, too. She’s getting a bit vain.”
Alex sighed, but didn’t speak.
“Alex is forbidden to speak tonight, too, so you have company. And if she disobeys she doesn’t get any dinner,” laughed Ali.
The conversation was broken up by Adam announcing that dinner was ready.

It took a few minutes to arrange everything, as none of the women could move fast. Soon there were seven sitting round the table with Victoria standing between Peter and Adam. With four of the participants being fed by the other four, eating also took some time, but Adam had chosen cold dishes so time was not an issue. There was much banter between the five able or allowed to speak, mostly about keeping women firmly under control. Nicole listened carefully to Mark’s remarks, but other than admitting that he was happy with Nicole’s chosen lifestyle he didn’t reveal much. Nicole was still taking in the set-up. She had never knowingly met any transsexuals before and apart from Liz no-one who liked being bound or restrained. She thought about her own desires and experiences. It was only a year since she had applied for the cleaning job, but her life had changed completely in that time, and she knew she couldn’t go back. She would always feel the need to be covered and silent when with any man except her father and brother, and one day her husband. And anyone wishing to marry her would have to be happy with that. But there was more than that. When she had first visited Liz she had felt a frisson of excitement at Liz’s complete helplessness in her plaster cast. Since then she had never seen Liz free of restraints, even if they were invisible. For Liz, speech was not an option, and Nicole blushed as she realised that she would happily accept the same if she was always with Mark and he wanted it.
Until tonight she had never really been aware of bondage, though as she thought about it she realised that she had experienced plenty herself at Mary’s hands. And she had accepted it from the start. Sometimes being completely cut off from sounds and sight was boring, but often she felt a thrill when Mark took her for those walks she knew nothing about. She wouldn’t want always to be blind, deaf and mute, especially if she was also deprived of the use of her hands, but the initial adventure had been more than fun; it had given her a real sexual thrill. What had not been so good was the surprise incarceration imposed by Mary and her mother when she arrived home. She was still not sure what that had been for, what with the intentional distorting of time to confuse her, but it had been boring.
She still wasn’t sure about the style of veiling she had agreed with Mary. It let her get around safely and do many things, but she couldn’t see other people above the knees, which was reducing her involvement in the evening. She had seen tantalizing glimpses of rods attached to Victoria’ ankles, and would like to see the rest. It sounded fascinating when Peter described it. Nicole found herself feeling damp beneath her crotch strap as she thought about being held in Victoria’s frame.
And what about the two transsexuals? She had never met one before, and had seen only the lower legs of these, one in a tight long skirt and the other in leg braces. She assumed the braces were a game, not real, but they looked very restrictive, as the girl wearing them had to walk on two small round disks rather than having her feet on the floor. Would she like to try them? Yes, she definitely would, though she would hate to have to wear them all the time.
Nicole thought back to her times with Mark in San Francisco before the vacation. She had been able to see and hear Mark but he could not see or hear her. Mary was right that the balance was wrong: if Mark could not see her she should not be able to see Mark, and the same with hearing. So Mary’s solution was fair, but not possible for more than limited periods.
And what about Mark’s arm round her waist when she was being guided by him. It felt wonderful, but it was wrong, though she wondered if she would have tried to stop him if her arms had not been bound. She felt that he should guide her by touching her back or somewhere less sexual than her tightly corseted waist, but she was sure he would prefer his hand on her waist, and she was not going to tell him not to as that would mean speaking to him.

Her reverie was broken by a general movement from the table towards the sofa and chairs in the corner. Nicole walked slowly, hoping that all the sofa and armchair places would be taken when she arrived, but it did not matter as Adam appeared with a high stool. Sitting on the edge of this was comfortable and her crinoline did not project so far up and in front of her as at the table, though she was sure she was still showing her underskirt.
Being higher than the other guests meant that she could see more of them than before. Alex’s arms, she noticed were bound in what looked like a very uncomfortable position with her hands behind her neck. She also saw for the first time that Alex was wearing a collar and lead and that Ali had the other end of the lead. And Ali was wearing a wonderful puff skirt with what seemed like dozens of petticoats underneath which pushed it right up at the front when she very awkwardly sat after releasing catches at the knees of her leg braces.
Then Victoria arrived, and was carefully lain down on her back, which left her completely helpless, even more like a turtle out of water. Nicole noticed that the frame she was strapped to not only held her in a spread-eagle, but was shaped like a bowl so that Victoria’s back was bent at a considerable angle and her head, hands and feet were some way off the floor. Peter teased her by pushing down on one foot and one hand and then releasing them, whereupon Victoria rocked helplessly from side to side. But since she was laughing the whole time Nicole guessed she was not unhappy with her situation.
Mark helped Nicole drink coffee, an excellent brew. Having spent so much time gagged or bound, she had been confined largely to soft drinks for the summer, and the coffee tasted really good. Victoria was in no position to drink from a cup, but Peter produced a toddler’s cup with a top and spout and proceeded to feed Victoria’s coffee to her in that, while Liz and Alex were helped more conventionally.

Nicole soon fell to daydreaming again. What would it be like to be trapped in Victoria’s frame with Mark having the keys? Could Peter let her out or would they have to wait until they were back in their apartment? Perhaps she was held in with bolts that would need a wrench to remove. Nicole could feel herself getting moist again.

The conversation turned to the building they were in. Adam was telling Mark that though the upper three floors were now converted to apartments, the first floor was empty. He and Peter, who had bought the building together, would like to find a tenant. It would be very cheap as they had bought the warehouse for a song, but any tenant would have to spend a bit on converting it into a an apartment. And for privacy some of the front windows would have to be bricked up or given opaque glazing. Nicole began thinking about her and Mark in the apartment, able to visit Adam and Liz and their friends at any time without going out in public. The idea was very attractive. She could imagine Mark leading a bound and blind figure in the densest possible veiling and a locked collar up to Adam’s apartment.

But soon it was time to leave. Once Victoria had been put back on her feet and shuffled out, Mark led Nicole to the door. She stopped and turned her back to him.
“I’m not releasing your arms until we are at your apartment,” whispered Mark into her ear. “I want to talk to you before I go home.”
Nicole very nearly spoke to complain, but just in time controlled herself. This was what she wanted, to be controlled. She could trust Mark absolutely, and he must have a good reason for refusing to release her. But what did he want to talk to her about?


Chapter 34 – Mark takes control

Mark didn’t hurry on the way back, and kept his arm firmly round her waist the whole way. By the time they arrived Nicole was a mixture of apprehension and expectation, even hope, though she knew in her heart that Mark would be a perfect gentleman and not take advantage of her helplessness. He took her key from her purse and opened the door. When they were inside he guided her to a high chair and sat her down.
“Now I want you to change into your most severe veiling please, and I want your gag locked on. Then come back out here, give me the key and sit down. I’ll release your arms now, but I may bind them again later.”

Nicole was stunned by Mark’s forcefulness, but obeyed as quickly as she was able. There was no time to change her corset but otherwise she was dressed as she had been when she arrived at Mark’s parents’ house except that she had put  a second chador under her armless chador with an almost opaque scarf over her head underneath so that in the dim light of the room she was virtually blind.

Mark gently guided her to the centre of the room and turned her round so her back was to him. Within seconds he had reached under her outer layers, bound her wrists and pulled her various layers down again. He then turned her round and kissed the top of her head before sitting her once again on the high chair. He then surprised her by taking a second piece of rope from his pocket and binding her ankles to each other and to the chair. Nicole was a little scared, but in her heart she was confident that Mark would not harm her or take advantage of her helplessness.
“I’m sure you are surprised to find yourself sitting there,” Mark said quietly. “I simply want to ensure that you have to stay to listen to me and do not interrupt. As you may have guessed I intend sleeping on your sofa. Are you OK? Please nod if you are, and shake your head if the are in pain or unhappy.”
Nicole was still too stunned to answer immediately but after a pause of at least thirty seconds, which worried Mark more as time ticked by, she slowly nodded her head.
“Did you enjoy tonight?” was Mark’s first question.
Nicole nodded vigorously.
“Would you like to try any of the outfits the other girls were wearing?”
Another nod.
“Even Victoria’s?”
A bigger nod.
“Do you like being blind?”
A pause and then a small nod.
“And deaf?”
A longer pause, then a small nod and a small shake of the head.
“OK, sometimes. And being gagged?”
A quick nod.
“All of them together?”
A pause, then a shake of the head, then a nod.
“OK, sometimes?”
A nod.
“Would you like me to impose these things on you?”
A nod.
“I like you silent and helpless sometimes, and I like you being thoroughly covered in public. Would you be happy always to be completely covered in public, for the rest of your life, and sometimes bound underneath? Would you accept being gagged, blindfolded or deaf at any time, without you having any control?”
Nicole was not sure what he was getting at, but nodded slowly, after a pause. Then nodded again more vigorously.
“Don’t answer my next question now. Think on it over night. Will you marry me when we graduate?”
Nicole was too stunned to answer, and just sat waiting Mark’s next question, but it didn’t come.
“I hope I haven’t given you too much of a shock,” Mark said eventually. “I’m sorry if I have horrified you tonight. I really love you but since we have been going out together you have completely changed my view of veiling. Now I find it exciting whereas when you first started wearing a veil I just thought it was rather strange and that you would get over it. Now, I know you won’t, and I don’t want you to.”

Nicole was at a loss to know what to do, but after a minute or so stood and stepped up to Mark, putting her head on his shoulder, at which he drew her close and kissed her forehead.
“Now, I want you to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep,” he told her. “In the morning you can give me your answer. I’ll undo your wrists for the night so you can take your clothes off for bed, but I want you dressed the same in the morning, and I will bind your wrists again when you come out.”
With that he turned her, felt under her clothes and removed the rope from her wrists, then gently pushed her in the direction of her bedroom.

Nicole was soon ready for bed, but had an important task before she slept. After searching through her school papers and a couple of folders she found what she wanted and put it in an envelope. Next she wrote a note, quite a long note, and put that in the envelope too. Finally she found a piece of thin cord and made a small hole in the corner of the envelope, passing the cord through and tying it. Only then did she get into bed, where she tossed and turned for some time before drifting off.

The story continues in to The Covered Cleaner (Part 13).

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