The Covered Cleaner: Part 17

The Covered Cleaner

(Part 17 – Full surrender)

by Skanderbeg

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Chapter 47 – Mark takes complete control

It wasn’t until Mark got back from work the next day that they had a chance to talk. Nicole wanted to hear about his trip and what he had found about how women lived in Saudi Arabia, but quickly discovered that he had spent all his time in meetings or at his hotel, and had seen nothing of the country and hardly any local people. He confirmed that all the women he had seen had been heavily veiled, but he couldn’t say what the law was or whether women went out alone. All the women he had seen had dressed in a similar way to Nicole, some with their eyes covered and some not. He hadn’t seen any women wearing burqas, and a few women had not had their faces covered. But that was all he had seen and he hadn’t been able to ask any questions. However, from what he had seen Nicole would have no problems over her clothes.

Nicole then got him to talk again about her ideas. She didn’t tell him about Zyrafete’s involuntary sexual stimulation, but described almost everything else. Mark was horrified and at first he wanted Nicole to stop working for Mohammad, but she persuaded him that it would then be even worse for Zyrafete to never have any company. She told him about wearing her tight underskirt, rather than asked his permission, and then got onto the subject of him controlling the keys.
“I’ve been thinking about this,” responded Mark, “and I’ll agree on certain conditions. The first is that on any day I can deny you permission to use any locks if I feel that you need to be free of restraints. The second is that there must be a spare set of keys in a sealed envelope in a place where you can get it in an emergency. For example, what would happen if I was taken ill at work? The third is that you must always make the decisions. I will never restrain you unless you specifically ask me to and cannot do it yourself. Finally, when you go out alone you must not be so restricted that you cannot get around safely.”
Nicole agreed immediately. She had already decided not to mention chains on her wrists, though she was feeling ever more strongly that what she would really like eventually was shackles on her wrists and ankles which had no keys and could not be removed. But for now that was just an idea and she would have to do some research on the net. She also didn’t mention the idea of a chastity belt even though the thought of wearing one was making her horny. That was for another day when they had a lot more money, and Mark had got used to the way things would be from now on.

While they were eating, Nicole described her plans. She wanted to be completely blind when out of the apartment with Mark. She wanted to wear the tight underskirt whenever possible. She had already started using a thicker fabric for the layer over her eyes, and she intended to sew a layer of this fabric behind the mesh of her burqa for when she wore it outside the apartment when Mark was not with her. She wanted no-one but Mark to see any part of her or hear her voice, not even her parents and brother. She didn’t need to, since she was used to being silent, but she wanted to wear the gag as much as possible. When she was with Mark she would like sometimes to have her hands bound behind her, wrist to elbow, as they had been the previous summer. But underneath she intended to continue to dress to please Mark. She would usually wear one of her Victorian outfits, even occasionally her crinoline. But she would like sometimes to wear the blue dress she had worn for the honeymoon.

There were two more things. She needed some more shoes. She had been wearing very high heels for several weeks now and had got used to them, but she had only one pair. Could they afford a couple more, preferably also with locks?
Mark said she needed to do some research. They would have to be bought on the net, and he didn’t have a clue as to prices. If she could come with a firm suggestion they could decide.
The other was the gag. She had been looking on the net and had seen some gags which looked much more comfortable than a ball. Most had a flat leather section covering the mouth, with a protrusion on the inside, and straps to hold the assembly firmly in place. The big improvement was that a gag like that wouldn’t cut into her mouth at the sides. Mark agreed that this was a very good idea, and that they should buy a couple of alternatives for her to try if they were not too expensive.

As breakfast ended next morning, Mark announced that he would like it if they went for a walk together. He wanted Nicole to get ready and expected her to dress properly. Nicole soon appeared in a Victorian dress with her tightest underskirt under, her high heels (of course), her usual niqaab over her gag and her tight armless abaya. Mark told her to turn round and lifted her abaya so he could bind her arms as she requested, though she was surprised when he also took a long length of rope and bound her forearms firmly together before pulling her abaya down. He then produced a long, thick black scarf and tied it firmly several times round his wife’s head.
“Are you blind enough?” he asked as he fetched her burqa which he proceeded to drape over her.
Nicole soon realised from the number of corners they turned and roads they crossed that Mark was trying to get her lost. Eventually he stopped and told her to wait. She heard him ring a door bell and the door soon opened.
She was astounded to hear Mohammad’s voice: “Come in, we’re expecting you.”

Mark guided his wife up the steps to the front door but from there she knew the way to the living room so well she didn’t need his help.
“We’ll leave you two girls together while we talk,” announced Mark as he guided Nicole forward, stopping her when she was standing just in front of Zyrafete who was as usual sitting on her stool. Mohammad then helped his wife to stand and pushed her forward until her hands, stretched in front of her as far as the chains would allow, touched Nicole. The men then withdrew into the next room.

The girls moved close to each other and Zyrafete grasped Nicole’s burqa.  They rubbed cheeks and for some minutes just stood together. Then Nicole decided that they would be better sitting on the cushions she knew usually lay in front of the sofa so she gently pushed Zyrafete in what she thought as the right direction until Zyrafete stopped because she could feel the sofa behind her. Then together they somehow managed to kneel and then sit, snuggled up together. Neither could speak or see and both were hobbled and swathed in clothes. Zyrafete took advantage of the small amount of freedom her chains allowed to explore Nicole’s arms, eventually realising that they were firmly bound. At this she burst into tears. Mohammad had told her she would have some time with Nicole but not that they would be completely unable to communicate. Soon, though, her sobs subsided, and she laid her head on Nicole’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, the two men had been talking. Mark told Mohammad what Nicole had said to him about the way Mohammad was treating his wife, and explained that he knew there must be more to it than Nicole realised because he had seen how much the two were in love. Mohammad explained that it was not his wife’s modestly that was the issue. She was devout and always dressed more modestly than she needed to in order to satisfy her religion. But she was having great trouble adjusting to the change from being a student to a wife. It was not her chains or chastity belt that upset her but Mohammad’s insistence that she must not get a job. He was keeping her chained, gagged and blind so she could get used to the change of lifestyle. She had actually gagged herself and asked for the chains to stop herself from disobeying her husband. If she asked him to, he would leave her free of any restraints. He preferred it when she dressed in attractive clothes in the house. As it was, he now saw her body only at bedtime. The rest of the time she was shrouded in black. And the chastity belt and rubber pants, with their various intruders, were meant as occasional treats not as punishments.

Mark was thoughtful as he guided his wife back to the apartment. When they entered the apartment, he removed Nicole’s burqa but told her he was leaving her bound and blind. Nicole didn’t object. She was used to being more restricted than this. At least she could hear. That was what Mark wanted, and he told his wife about the conversation with Mohammad. He admitted that he was surprised at the difference between Nicole’s version and Mohammad’s, and he suspected that there was more to it than Mohammad was admitting.

It was not until he had prepared the evening meal that Mark removed his wife‘s blindfold and gag, and her arms remained bound all night. In bed, now without her shoes, skirt and underskirt, Nicole suggested that Mark replace the blindfold and gag, but he refused, saying that he wanted to kiss his wife.

Eventually, exhausted, they slept, to be woken by the alarm clock. Mark was up quickly and soon ready to leave for work. He made no attempt to release Nicole’s arms or to put any more clothes on her until just before he went out the door when he suddenly turned with the black scarf in his hand and proceeded to tie it firmly round Nicole’s head.
“Have a nice day,” he threw back over his shoulder to Nicole who was standing in the middle of the dining room shrouded from the waist up but almost naked below. She was so astounded she didn’t respond until the door was already shut.

Nicole was not unhappy about the turn of events. She had not been at all certain that Mark would let her be bound, yet here he was prolonging the session and evidently enjoying it. She would not get her new corset finished very fast if he treated her like this, but who cared!


Chapter 48 – Shoes

By the time Mark returned that evening Nicole was hungry and thirsty, and she was very grateful that Mark cooked a delicious meal and fed it to her, along with wine and coffee, though he kept her bound and blindfolded. After the meal he led her to the sofa and sat beside her.
“You really enjoy being helpless, don’t you?” he asked. Before she could answer, he continued. “And I’m finding I like it too. I‘m not going to gag you but I forbid you to speak until morning, and you needn‘t think I am going to release you.”
Nicole responded by snuggling up against her husband and feeling with her lips for his.
Eventually Mark broke away.
“You’ll be pleased to hear I have found some suitable gags and ordered them. Once they come you will be able to be gagged as much as you like without damaging your beautiful mouth. I assume you haven’t had a chance to look for shoes. Perhaps tomorrow I will free your arms and take off the blindfold.” For the next few minutes he was too busy to speak, and Nicole was finding that being naked from the waist down could be very enjoyable.

After another late night they woke late and Mark had to hurry to get ready for work, but just before he left he released Nicole. She was surprised when he removed the rest of her clothes down to her corset and stockings and forbade to wear anything at all or to speak, until he gave her permission, which might or might not be that evening. Nicole quickly found that walking was a chore as her feet didn’t like her heels being flat on the ground and she needed to walk right on tiptoe to be comfortable. She was, however, in an excellent position to work on her new corset and adjusting her Victorian clothes to her current figure, as well as looking for shoes on the net. She was surprised how hard it was to find anything similar to those she now wore so often. Eventually she found a couple of pairs which could be locked instead of laced, and printed copies of the pages to show Mark. She also found one pair of sandals all in steel which looked great but she thought might not be comfortable, but no-where could she find the price or a supplier.

She decided it was her turn to cook, and when Mark got back from work he was welcomed by appetising smells from the kitchen, as well as candles burning in the lounge and a bottle with two glasses on the coffee table. He was delighted to find that his wife had obeyed him and was as completely naked as she could be while wearing a corset, not even having anything holding her lustrous long hair back. She led him to the sofa and dropped elegantly to her knees onto a cushion which she had positioned at his feet. Reaching out, she poured two glasses of wine and passed him one.
“I could get used to this,” commented Mark as he took a drink and ran his free hand through his wife’s hair. I like you bound and helpless, but I definitely like you just as much as you are now. You give me very hard choices sometimes.”

Through the meal Nicole kept silent, and Mark led the conversation so that she could answer with nods and shakes of her head. Eventually, he asked if she had found any shoes yet. Nicole nodded and rose from the table, coming back seconds later with the photos she had printed. As Mark looked through them, she could see that they excited him, especially the steel pair.

“Would you like some like this?” he asked her.
Nicole nodded enthusiastically but pointed to her note that she could not find a supplier, and picked up a second photo which she put on top of the pile. These were bright red boots with six inch heels and locks.
Mark looked at the price.
“OK, get these for now, but keep looking for the others. By the time you find them perhaps we will be able to afford them,” he offered.
Nicole went round the table and sat on Mark’s lap, throwing her arms round him. Soon they were on the sofa and all Nicole’s ideas about showing Mark the clothes she had altered were forgotten.
Eventually, Mark broke her grip.
“I forgot to tell you. In my case I have the gags I ordered. Want to try them?”
Nicole nodded and moved so Mark could get his briefcase. From it he produced three gags. One was an inflatable type, the second a heavy leather facemask with a small projection to fit into the mouth and the third a much softer facemask with what looked like a large dildo attached. She tried them one by one. She quite liked the inflatable one, though wondered what it would feel like if Mark pumped it up really hard. The second was rather ordinary, and was not particularly comfortable. The third filled her mouth completely and threatened to set off her gag reflex, but fitted her face best. All three had straps round her head, under her chin and up beside her nose over her forehead, so none of them would come off once they were locked. Mark then showed her that the dildo part of the third one could be detached, leaving a reinforced hole.
“You could wear this one continuously, and I could unlock the dildo to feed you” he explained.
They quickly agreed that this was the one for long term wear, with the inflatable one for occasions when she did not need to eat or drink.
“Remember the rules, though,” admonished Mark. “You will close the locks and I will open them, so once you have committed yourself there is no escape until I decide.”
Immediately, Nicole took the penis gag and fixed the straps round her head, closing all three locks.
“That’s how you feel, do you?” asked Mark.
Nicole nodded.
“Right, let’s go to bed,” suggested Mark.

Next day, when she awoke, Nicole dressed in her prettiest blouse and skirt, with her loosest underskirt fastened but not locked. She found a pair of white gloves, and put on a bonnet, before going down to breakfast.
“You look beautiful,” commented Mark, kissing her on her gagged mouth but making no attempt to remove the gag or give his wife any breakfast. Nicole sat at the table quietly until Mark was ready to leave, realising that she was going to be locked into the gag at least until that night. She was not complaining as it was what she had asked for, but she realised that this gag was far more demanding than the ball gag as she could not drink while wearing it unless Mark removed the penis shaped part.

As soon as Mark had left for work, she dressed to go out. She headed for the local hardware store where she bought a clothesline and some string. Back at the apartment, she cut two lengths of rope about three feet long and tied a loop in one end of each. She then passed the free end through the loop. Making a bigger loop with the free part, she carefully tied the rope so that there was a slip-knot type loop at each end so the size of the opening could be adjusted. Using the string, she tied a whipping round the knot so that it was possible to slide the rope through its loop but it would not slip. She slipped one wrist through each loop and pulled so that the rope tightened round her wrists which were now bound about a foot apart. With the second rope she created a similar arrangement which she slipped over her ankles. Experiment showed that she could take short steps and use her hands but that she would not be able to go out of the apartment with her ankles bound. With some effort she removed the rope round her ankles. Then on an impulse she put on her burqa and headed out for a walk. She had not really thought of where she would go, but soon found herself near Adam and Liz’s apartment, and decided to call on them as she hadn’t seen them since the wedding.

Adam quickly answered the door.
“It’s Nicole, I presume,” he said, inviting her in. As soon as she entered the apartment, Nicole was almost blind because of the thick veil she was wearing and the equally thick fabric across the mesh of her burqa. Adam noticed, and guided her to the centre of the main room of the apartment where Nicole was astounded to see Liz completely naked except for a chain attached at one end to her ankle and at the other to one of the columns supporting the ceiling. Liz rushed forward and put her arms round Nicole, hugging her fiercely. Nicole couldn’t reciprocate the greeting because of the rope linking her wrists, but managed to put her hands through the slits in the burqa and grasp her friend at the waist.
Liz puller Nicole over to a sofa and pulled her down so they were sitting side by side. Then she noticed the rope round Nicole’s wrist, which was showing through the slit in her burqa. She grabbed pen and pad from the adjacent coffee table and wrote: “Is Mark tying you up now?”
Nicole took the pad and pen and wrote in large letters: “I can’t see. Take my burqa off for me please.”
Liz’s response was to lift Nicole’s burqa and place it on the sofa beside her. She looked carefully at the ropes
“I did it myself,” wrote Nicole.
Liz laughed and responded: “You are more like me than I thought. Can you get free?”
“Yes, when I need to. They are slip knots,” responded Nicole.
“They are very neat, and I hope you can slip them tonight,” scribbled Liz, adding “Would you like a drink?”
Nicole nodded her head and wrote “I can’t in this gag.”

They continued chatting for some time until there was a knock on the door and Adam asked if he could come in.
“Are you OK if he sees you without your burqa?” Liz asked Nicole, who nodded, at which Liz crossed the room and opened the door.
Adam immediately saw the ropes on Nicole’s wrists and she had to explain again, but this time in more detail.
“I like being restricted but I am not sure I would want chains I could never remove,” wrote Liz.
Adam laughed as he read it.
“What’s the difference between that and being permanently chained, bound or in braces or a cast?”
Liz thought for a second “Not much!!!”

Nicole noticed the clock and realised that she had to go if she was to get her cleaning job done. She wanted to return home first and remove the ropes, as she was not ready for Zyrafete to see them yet and she couldn’t see enough to do the cleaning in her burqa. She therefore stood and slipped her burqa over her head, and realised she couldn’t see enough to find the door. She grasped Liz, who understood and guided her friend to the door and hugged her fiercely.
“You must come again soon,” said Adam, “and bring Mark. I want to talk to you about moving to the first floor apartment here.”

By the time she got back to her apartment Nicole was regretting having locked herself in the gag, as she was very thirsty but could do nothing about it until Mark released her, and she was getting hungry. She removed her burqa and the ropes, which she hid under the bed, and set off for her job. As she walked she thought about the idea of moving into the same building as Adam and Liz and their friends. It could be good fun. They were all involved in some way in veiling or bondage – which was what she had come to call her own preferences. They would fit together well.
When she finished the cleaning she spent some time with Zyrafete. Her friend seemed to be resigned to her restraints, and simply snuggled up to Nicole as they sat together.

As she returned to her apartment, Nicole wondered yet again why she had got into her present lifestyle and whether it was what she really wanted. She certainly didn’t intend uncovering in public, but the gag was now getting to be a serious nuisance, even though it was much more comfortable than a ball gag, and her tight underskirt was making walking slow. As she opened the front door, she realised that she had put her black gloves on over the white ones she had worn at breakfast, and the two pairs were making it more difficult than usual to grip things. As soon as she got in, Nicole stripped off all her outer layers until she was back to her dress and white gloves. But when she saw her face in a mirror she quickly found a white scarf and tied it round her head to cover everything except her eyes.

By the time Mark arrived home, she had prepared a meal, and had the table laid. She had laid places for two, hoping that Mark would at least remove the penis part of the gag so she could eat and drink. When he saw her, he ran and hugged her.
“You look beautiful, and I can actually see your marvellous figure.”
Nicole couldn’t point out that he had seen the same sight at breakfast, but mused that perhaps he wasn’t awake enough to notice. She brought the food to the table, served for two and sat down hopefully. Mark looked at her.
“If you want to eat you had better remove that scarf so I can unlock your gag,” he said, as he took a key from his pocket. But when Nicole stood in front of him he merely removed the penis part. Nicole realised to her horror that there was a flange fixed to the main gag which fitted inside her teeth and still kept her mouth wide open. She could still not drink properly, and she wasn’t sure she could even swallow. She pointed urgently to her plate and her face, but Mark merely laughed.
“We’ll have to work something out,” he responded, “after all you wanted to be gagged for a long time.”
With a little experimenting, Nicole found she could swallow liquid if she held her head back, and she greedily drank several glasses of water. She tried eating some meat, but unchewed it wouldn’t go down.
Mark was watching her, eating his meal as she struggled. Eventually, he spoke.
“”I’m not removing the gag tonight, so you had better put some food in the food processor and see if you can swallow it then. I know I am not making things easy for you, but if you want this lifestyle you must take the rough with the smooth.”

Nicole found that if she reduced the food to an almost liquid mush and used a small spoon she could eat it slowly, but the taste was completely lost, and she soon felt full even though she had eaten only part of the meal. She had felt really hungry after 24 hours without food, and had been looking forward to the meal, but her tight corset prevented her from eating much at a sitting, which was why she usually ate four or five times a day.
When he saw that his wife had given up eating, Mark approached her with the penis part of the gag and locked it back in place.
“If we get up early enough tomorrow, you can have some breakfast before I go to work,” he commented as he pulled Nicole through into the bedroom and embraced her. Nicole soon forgot the problem of the gag as Mark expertly caressed and kissed her. Soon she was wearing nothing but her corset and stockings and the gag.
After they had made love, they lay side by side on the bed, Mark holding Nicole close.
“I love you naked, and I love you wearing clothes. I love you restrained and I love you free of restraints. But you must want the lifestyle too. I want you to be certain that you want to be restrained so much, so I am going to be firm with you. You will wear this gag for a week, and if you ask me to remove it I will make you wait another week. The same with your other things. Once they are locked, they stay on for some time, and if you ask me to let you out the time is doubled. In a month, we will have a chat and see how you feel for the future.”
Nicole knew better than to complain, even if she could have, and that she had brought her current situation on herself, so she simply snuggled closer to her husband and soon they were asleep.

True to his word, next morning Mark woke Nicole in time for her to liquidise some food and eat it before he left for work. She spent much of the day working on altering more clothes to fit her current figure, and thinking about what she really wanted. She didn’t spend long with Zyrafete after she had completed the cleaning, because she wanted to do some shopping and to prepare a nice meal for Mark. Just because she wouldn’t enjoy it there was no reason why he shouldn’t. But she also found time to write Mark a message about the suggestion that they move into the building with Adam and Liz. When they had finished eating, and Mark had secured her gag, she gave him the message.
“What do you think?” he asked, when he had read it.
Nicole nodded and took a pencil: “It would be great. There is lots of space, and we could have a room for guests, or a family one day. It would be fun having that lot as neighbors.”
“OK, I’ll arrange for us to visit them to discuss the idea,” answered Mark. “Do you want to wait until you can speak again?”
“No, ’cos I wouldn’t anyway!” wrote Nicole.
“Then I’ll ring him now,” responded Mark getting out his cell phone.
“How about Saturday?” he asked after a few minutes’ conversation.
Nicole nodded.
“That’s settled then,” he said as he put his cell phone in his pocket. We’re expected after lunch. Adam has agreed that for the day Liz will be free of restraints and allowed to wear clothes. I gather at the moment she isn’t.”
Nicole nodded again and took the pad: “Nothing but a chain on her ankle tethering her to a post in the middle of the room.”
“That sounds an excellent idea,” laughed Mark, “perhaps I’ll set that up for you, too.”
Nicole shook her head vigorously.
“It’s Ok, I was teasing,” whispered Mark in her ear as he grabbed her round the waist and kissed her on the forehead.
“And what have you been doing today?”
Nicole took the pad and wrote “Altering clothes so they fit.”
“Then let’s see you in some of them,” suggested Mark.

It took a long time because every time Nicole appeared in a new outfit Mark wanted to embrace her and kiss her on any part of her flesh which was available, even if it was only her neck or the small amount of leg visible between her stockings and her bloomers. Yet again, they ended the evening by making love and falling asleep entwined together.

By Friday evening Nicole had altered all her Victorian style clothes so they fitted her corseted figure properly, and was feeling that she looked really good in them. She still kept a scarf tied round her face to cover her gag when she was not veiled, removing it for meals. Mark realised that she wanted to hide the gag, and didn’t object.


Chapter 49 – A new apartment?

On Saturday morning Nicole put on a salwar kameez instead of a dress, along with full niqaab. Mark was surprised to see her arrive for breakfast so completely covered, but reached up under her veil to remove the penis section of the gag so she could eat. After breakfast he made no attempt to replace it.
When he noticed that Nicole was expecting it, he explained: “I think we’ll see how you get on with just the ring today. It will make it easier for you to breathe and to eat and drink, and I’m sure you still won’t be able to speak, even if you want to.”
Nicole quickly realised that Mark was right, and that it was just as effective as a gag but not so hard to live with. They did some shopping for food and walked for a while in the park. Nicole was resigned to her meals being tasteless mush, but had found that she could enjoy orange juice.

Before lunch, Mark reminded Nicole of their appointment. But he also revealed that he had already discussed the idea with Adam.
“Adam told me something else, too. He said that when you visited Liz your wrists were bound. Please bring me the ropes.”
If he could have seen Nicole’s face he would have seen that it was crimson. She scurried from the room and came back with both ropes, handing them to Mark.
“I see. One for your wrists and one for your ankles. They are very neat. Do you want to wear them today?”
Nicole was too embarrassed to answer immediately. Then she had a problem. If she said yes she would be hobbled quite severely, whereas if she said no she wouldn’t have the chance to have her wrists tied. Eventually she held out her wrists in answer. Mark carefully slipped the loops over her hands and tightened the knots, then knelt down and did the same for Nicole’s ankles.
“There are no locks, but the same rules apply as to your other bondage,” he warned her. “Only I can remove the ropes. Are you happy with that?”
Nicole nodded vigorously, delighted about her husband’s attitude to her latest bondage. Then she turned and took her burqa off the hook by the door and slipped it over her head, adjusting it so she could see through the mesh.
“That’s fine for when we go out, but you can’t eat,” commented Mark, reaching out and removing it. “Now let’s eat.”
Nicole headed for the kitchen, rather more slowly than usual even for her, and soon had Mark’s meal ready and her own meal liquidised.

The meal finished, Mark helped Nicole don her burqa again, and they headed out. Almost immediately, Nicole regretted agreeing to have her ankles hobbled. Getting down the stairs was hell, as she had to shuffle right to the edge of each stair and then feel the next stair down which she could barely reach. Since the staircase was rather dark she was doing this blind. Things were a bit better when they reached the street but their progress was painfully slow, as Nicole struggled to walk smoothly and not draw too much attention to herself. Mark was very patient, but she knew he must also be regretting her choice.

Fortunately, the apartment block had an elevator, and they were soon being welcomed by Adam and Liz, who was still naked and tethered by her ankle.
“I suggest we start by showing you what we have done,“ suggested Adam. “The whole space is 25 by 80 feet, that’s two thousand square feet. It’s a lot of space but it’s cheap. We have a big closet behind the bedroom which is the full width of the building and 15 feet deep. We use it to store everything and also as our playroom. I think you may have visited Liz when she was chained to the floor in there. Then we have a bedroom which is the same size. This side of the bedroom we have a bathroom on one side and a small guest room on the other, with a passage between. The main living area is 20 feet by 25, and as you have seen nearest the front door we have a small room which can be used as a another guest room and also a store. The two guest rooms are 12 by 15 feet, and the store and the bathroom are 15 feet by nine. That works well for us, but you may want to do something different.”
As Adam was talking Nicole was calculating the size of their present apartment. She made it 600 square feet. Surely they couldn‘t afford so much space.
Mark had evidently been thinking along similar lines as his first question was about cost. They couldn’t afford more than they were paying, and would like to reduce the rent below about $1400.
“What about cost?” Mark asked Adam.
“You’ll be very pleasantly surprised,” responded Adam with a big grin. “If you take the space for at least five years we can let you have it for $1100 a month and can give you help with the setting up costs. I reckon you will have to spend $10,000 on partitions and fittings. We can lend you that over five years with no interest. I know that is more than you are probably paying now but it will be good value in the long term.”
Mark did the sums. They could pay off the loan in less than three years. Then they would have a bargain.
“There must be some mistake,” he queried, “surely you can’t afford to let us have it that cheaply?”
“Yes we can,” responded Adam. We bought the building for a song when the owner went bankrupt, and we now own it with no loans outstanding. It costs money to keep up, but the rent we already receive from the two floors below us pay for that. If you come in too, we will be in profit! Anyway, come and see the space downstairs.”

As they were walking into the empty first floor, Adam noticed that Nicole was shuffling with very small steps.
“Have you got your wife bound again?” he asked Mark.
“Yes, but it is her choice,” commented Mark, “but I think I’ll remove her hobble before we leave. It takes too long to get anywhere.”
Nicole breathed a silent sigh of relief.
Adam went over to his wife and released the shackle on her ankle.
“You can come too, but you’d better behave,” he warned her in mock seriousness.

There was not really a lot to see. The area was as the factory owner had left it after the contents had been auctioned. But Nicole noticed that there were double doors leading out to a space behind the block, and pulled Mark over to them. He quickly realised what she wanted to know.
“What about these doors? Where do they lead? Is it private?” he asked Adam.
In answer Adam produced a key and opened the doors. They led into a small empty courtyard surrounded by eight foot high walls.
“Very private,” explained Adam, “No-one can overlook you, not even the occupants of this block. You could be naked out here and no-one would know.”
Nicole really liked the idea of a private courtyard, and did her best to hug her husband to tell him so, though heavily hampered by her bonds and clothes.
“I suggest that if you do take the space, you take occupation in advance so you can get the construction work done,” offered Adam. “We won’t charge rent for that period. And if you want the rest of us in the building can help with the work. We all have plenty of spare time, and even our two transvestite tenants are good with tools.”

The more she heard, the more Nicole liked the idea of moving in here. She couldn’t tell Mark until they got back, but she hoped he would feel the same.
They were soon back on the top floor sitting in the living space, which was nearly as large as their current apartment. Mark was enthusiastic, but wanted to think things through in case there was a catch. They agreed that he would come back with an answer within a week.
As they were about to leave Mark told his wife to stand with her feet close together. He carefully removed the rope hobble and put it in his pocket.
“We should get home a little faster now,” he laughed.
“Careful she doesn’t run away,” said Adam. “Mind you I need to restrain my own wife again. Come here Liz.”
Goodbyes were soon made, and as Mark had suggested the trip back was much quicker.

As soon as they got into the apartment, Mark removed Nicole’s burqa and the rope restraining her wrists, and told her to change into something sexy. She returned wearing just a hip length top but with a scarf round her face to hide the gag. Mark removed this and unlocked the gag. At first, Nicole couldn’t move her jaw, but gradually began to get feeling and movement back. When she thought she could manage it she kissed Mark.
“So what do you think?” asked Mark.
“I love the idea, but is it really so cheap? I can’t believe it,” queried Nicole.
Together they sat at the table and did the calculations. Within three years they would be saving money even if they didn’t pay any more each month than now. They would be close to their friends and in a very private block yet they would have a private outdoor space. The question was whether $10,000 was enough to fit the space out. They decided even if they overspent by 25% and had to borrow the balance from a bank it would not be a tragedy as they would still pay off the money within three years.
“I’m a bit worried about privacy,” commented Mark, “as there are windows onto the street.”
“I’ve thought about that,” Nicole rejoined quickly, “ and I think the best thing would be fabric blinds. But real blinds would be very expensive. If you can make up frames to fit the window openings I’m sure I can cover them with white fabric. We’ll not want to remove them anyway.”
“That sounds great. And do you have any idea about the layout?” asked Mark.
“I’ve been thinking about that too,” explained Nicole. “I think we would want something a bit different.  We don’t need that big store and the main bedroom needn’t be so big. I suggest we have the bedroom against the far wall but take say six feet off the width for a walk in closet. Then there would be a private room with the bathroom off, so I can have a place where I don’t need to cover up if you have visitors. Then I would like another bedroom for when we have a baby, but one which can be reached without going into the main living area.”
“I think you could have two, one each side of a corridor,” suggested Mark. “The corridor could have a door from the living room and lead to your private room as well. And we could still have another guest room by the main entrance, with a bathroom one side of the front door, and a kitchen on the other side. I’ll sketch it out and we’ll see what Adam thinks.”
“You really like this idea, don’t you?” asked Nicole, kissing her husband.
“It’s even better with your idea of a private area,” replied Mark as they kissed again.

After a few minutes they sat together on the sofa.
“I wanted to talk to you again about shoes,” said Nicole.
“Not more money?” laughed Mark.
“No, I have some better ideas, and I’d like to show them to you,” replied Nicole, “I have been looking some more on the net. I decided those boots weren’t really what I wanted. They’d be too hot in summer. I couldn’t find any lockable shoes, but I found some great shoe locks and some incredible shoes. Let me show you.”
She pulled him over to the computer and switched it on. He sat and she sat on his lap. She called up four pictures in turn.

“I really like the red ones with the double ankle straps but I think they are too low to be comfortable now I have been wearing such high heels for so long, so I’d like to get the first pair I showed you. But I can’t always wear red and really need some in black, so I’d like to get the black ones too. And the locks of course. These shoes are much, much cheaper than the boots I found before, so could we afford both?”
“You must have shoes, so yes, why not,” responded Mark. “I actually prefer the ones with the narrow strap. And not just because they are higher. The other red ones have chunky platforms and I think they are not nearly so elegant. So order them both, and the locks. But no more shoes for a while. Even if you find the supplier, the steel ones will have to wait.”
Perhaps Mohammad will want me to serve at another party and give me a big bonus,” said Nicole hopefully. “He hasn’t had guests for ages, and that’s unusual. I wonder if it is because of the problems he and Zyrafete are having.”

Nicole soon had her answer. When she arrived at their house on Monday for her cleaning job, Nicole let herself in as usual but was greeted at the entrance to the living room by Zyrafete, back in the short skirt she had worn a few weeks earlier. She ushered Nicole in and hugged her.
“Mohammad says I have learned my lesson and we can go back to normal,” she explained as she led Nicole to the sofa and pulled her down beside her. “I was very unhappy at first, but gradually came to see Mohammad’s viewpoint. I have been brought up in San Francisco where women are very free and easy. He doesn’t like that, and while he doesn’t want me to go into purdah he wants me to be modest, and he really doesn’t like the idea of me working. I’ve agreed that I won’t mention the subject again. But I discovered that there are good things about being helpless in chains. He has agreed that he will punish me if I break the rules we have agreed. One is that I mustn’t sit on chairs or sofas when he is here, only on cushions on the ground. He likes it and I don’t mind, but it gives me an easy way to get him to punish me. In fact if he comes in now I will be punished. We are working on other ideas, too. I expect I’ll spend quite a lot of my time in chains.”

Nicole was not gagged, so they were able to have a good chat before she did the cleaning. At the end, Zyrafete gave her a note from Mohammad. “It’s another dinner,” she explained. “I shall be restrained and in a burqa and my mother doesn’t want to help, so do you know anyone who might give you a hand?”
Nicole couldn’t think of anyone immediately, but wondered about Liz or her sister.
“I’ll ask a friend. I assume we will be in burqas, so she won’t be identifiable?” queried Nicole.
“I’m not sure burqas will be necessary but it won’t be a problem if that is the easiest,” replied Zyrafete.
“Then I’m sure there will be no problem. Have you met Liz and her sister?” asked Nicole.
“I think so. But from what I remember Liz is not usually able to be much help around the house,” laughed Zyrafete.
“At the moment she is not restrained for a few weeks to get her body back in trim,” explained Nicole, “so I think she should be interested.”

And so it proved. Nicole called her friend when she got back to the apartment. Liz loved the idea and Adam agreed to release her from her tether for the evening. Nicole would lend her a burqa and suitable clothes to wear underneath.

That evening when they had finished the meal, Mark pulled Nicole over to the sofa and sat her down, pulling up a dining chair and sitting facing her. She wondered what the problem was.
“I think we need a chat,” started Mark, worrying Nicole even more.
”When I met you I loved the way you dressed so modestly compared with the other girls. But since then you have changed a lot. I never dreamed you would want to live in purdah, because that’s your current lifestyle. More than that, you seem to love bondage. That may be my mother’s fault, but I suspect she just brought out something you didn’t know about. Now don’t get me wrong. I love you and I love the way you cover up and like being restrained. I think you are really very submissive, despite the way you organise your life. I don’t want to change things, but I think you ought to think about what you really want. At the moment you seem to be going down a road which will lead to you being more or less helpless most of the time. Is that what you want? I don’t want to discuss it now but I want you to think carefully for a few days, and at the weekend we will make some decisions, including about the new apartment.”
“I have to go to Los Angeles for the firm tomorrow and won’t be back until late Friday evening. On Saturday morning I want you to tell me what you want to do with your life. I’m not setting any rules or trying to stop you from your present lifestyle, but I want you to be sure it’s what you want.”
With that, before she could respond, he grabbed her hands, pulled her up and hugged her fiercely.
“And since I am in a bossy mood tonight, I am telling you to take off all your clothes except your corset, stockings and shoes. Then come out here. No arguing, OK?”
Nicole nodded and headed to the bedroom, her mind already in a whirl. It didn’t take her long to strip and she was soon standing in front of her husband. She decided asking questions was probably not a good idea.
Mark grabbed her and span her round.
“Arms crossed behind you,” he ordered.
As soon as she complied, Nicole felt him binding her forearms together and then her wrists to her upper arms. She was not surprised, though he usually bound her only when she asked. But his next move astounded her, as she found herself enfolded in her burqa.
“We’re going for a walk,” explained Mark. “You are not to speak, OK?”
Nicole nodded, not sure where this was going. She was feeling horrified and excited at the same time. She was naked and helpless, but no-one would know. With just the burqa she would be able to see reasonably well outside the apartment, until dusk at least.

They walked down Van Ness and reached the shore, where Mark turned left. Soon they were at “their seat” overlooking the bay. It was a beautiful evening. Nicole snuggled up to her husband, content not to speak or question his instructions.
“Are you enjoying this?” Mark asked her.
She nodded and snuggled closer.
“So am I,” responded Mark, “perhaps we should do it more often.”
Nicole didn’t nod, but she knew she would like it too.
“Perhaps I’ll take off your burqa now,” suggested Mark.
Nicole nearly shouted out but restrained herself, hoping that Mark was teasing. But she shook her head vigorously.
“Next time, then,” said Mark, kissing his wife through the burqa.

They walked back slowly. Once inside the apartment, Mark removed his wife’s covering but left her bound.
“That’s better,” he chuckled as he hugged her close to him, feeling her minute waist and firmly enclosed bottom. “Time for bed, I think,” he said as he led her to the bedroom. . . .

Before he left next morning, Mark released Nicole’s arms.
“Now behave yourself, and think about what I said. I want some decisions on Saturday,” he instructed her as he left.

The dinner that Friday went well. Liz arrived at the apartment an hour before the starting time and Nicole fitted her out with a suitably modest outfit. She had no suitable shoes, but fortunately, Liz was wearing black high heels which Nicole decided were quite suitable. When they got to the house, Nicole briefed Liz on what she needed to do and warned her never to speak in the presence of the men. At first, Liz found the burqa rather a problem, but she found out how to walk so it moved with her instead of winding itself round her. She was surprised to see a burqa clad woman sitting on a cushion in the corner of the room who didn’t move and was not fed during the evening.
At the end of the evening, Mohammad came into the kitchen and thanked them, handing Nicole an envelope.
“You did very well. I don’t know your friend but she served tonight as though she was born wearing a burqa. Here is your bonus. I hope it is enough.”
When he had gone, Nicole opened the envelope and counted the money. $250 was far more than she had expected. She gave half to Liz.
“That was a well paid evening,” she commented.
“I really don’t need this,” responded Liz. “Why not put it towards fitting out the apartment?”
“That’s very kind of you, but I’ll have to ask Mark,” replied Nicole. “I think you should have it though. Perhaps you could use it to buy some modest clothes like mine,” she laughed.
Liz wondered if Nicole could read her mind. She had enjoyed the evening and had already decided to get a burqa and suitable clothes for underneath.
“Now you’re talking,” she answered, hugging her friend. “I might just do that. Let me talk to Adam.”

When they arrived at the apartment Nicole removed her burqa and headed for the kitchen to make coffee, expecting Liz to change back into her normal clothes. When she retuned with two mugs she was surprised to see Liz sitting on the sofa still in the burqa.
“Can I wear these clothes home, please,” asked Liz, struggling to take the coffee.
“Of course, but I’d like them back soon as I don’t have too many outfits,” answered Nicole. “I gather you enjoyed the evening.”
“Not half,” giggled Liz. “It was much better than those evenings at the re-enaction events. But how do you drink coffee wearing this?”
“Normally, you don’t,” explained Nicole, “but I’ll hand it to you inside the burqa and you should be able to manage then. It’s a good job you’re not veiled and gagged too.”
“That would be awesome,” replied Liz, “but could I still drink coffee?”
“If you had the right kind of gag,” explained Nicole, but not if you were wearing one of my new ones as they do not have a hole for a straw.”
“Then what do you do?” asked Liz, sipping her coffee.
“Starve and get thirsty,” responded Nicole with a smile. She could see that Liz was hooked.


Chapter 50 – The new home

The first day Nicole visited the new apartment to help Mark with the decorating she realised that she could not do much while in niqaab, as there was too much risk of getting her clothes in the paint or caught in a power tool. The second day she therefore wore a scarf wound tight round her face and another round her head, with the ends carefully tucked away, and a salwar kameez. She was a bit nervous about going out like this, so she wore her burqa for the journey to the apartment. It was now much easier to work effectively and she soon got into the swing of things.

By the end of a week they had done enough, with the help of Adam, Liz and the others in the building, that they could move in. There was still a lot to do, but it could be done gradually as time and money allowed. But they had their rooms partitioned off and the plumbing was complete.

Nicole soon found that she enjoyed being with the other women when Mark was at work. Liz often wore niqaab and her sister started to veil as well. And Alex and Ali might turn up in just about anything from a burqa to a bikini, or perhaps one of each. Most of the time at least half of the women were restrained in some way. Nicole knew they had made the right decision to move. The only disappointment was that Mark had changed job and there was now little chance of a trip to the Middle East with him. But the money was good and they had agreed that she could spend her earnings from cleaning as she wished, so her wardrobe and shoe cupboard were gradually filling.

And to cap it all, she was expecting a baby.

It took some time to get the apartment just as they wanted it. Nicole’s plan was to have a series of layers from private to public, with her level of veiling and restraint reflecting the degree of privacy. So in the bedroom there were no rules, but in the main living room she would be fully veiled and silent if they had visitors and at least wearing the equivalent to niqaab at other times. In “her” room she could entertain female friends and be less restrained and covered, and could speak.


Chapter 51 – New rules?

But after a few weeks she decided that she needed something a little different. After dinner one night, as they lay together on the bed, she broached the subject to Mark.
“I think I want you to be in control rather than me,” she explained. “At the moment I make most of the decisions about how much I cover up. I would like you to take complete control of my clothes and my voice, and also to keep me restrained at least some of the time. Although I was not sure I enjoyed it when our mothers kept me so controlled, now I miss it.”
“Are you really sure?” queried Mark. “If we start on this road there can be no way back because you won’t have any way to say stop. Is that what you really want?”
“Yes, it is. I’m sure it is,” answered Nicole, snuggling closer to her husband.
“OK then. I’ll think about what you would like and what you wouldn’t like, and I will draw up some rules,” promised Mark.

The next evening after their meal, he sat Nicole down at the dining room table again and put a sheet of paper in front of her.
“Here’s what I propose. If you agree it is set until I decide to change things. So think about the list carefully. If there is anything you don’t like, say so now.”
Nicole read the list carefully. It was longer than she expected:

  1. At all times outside the apartment, except as itemised below, Nicole will be fully covered and gagged and have her ankles shackled. If she is with Mark she will be completely blind and her hands will be restrained. The only exception is when she goes to and from her cleaning job or when she visits other apartments in the building. On these occasions her hands will not be restrained, she will not be hobbled, and she will wear a burqa over her niqaab. The niqaab will have three layers of veiling and she may remove her burqa and one layer of veiling when doing her job, but not when visiting.
  2. At any time Mark may restrain Nicole in any way and keep her restrained as long as he wishes. This includes gags, blindfolds and earplugs.
  3. Outside the bedroom and her room, Nicole must wear full niqaab including three layers of veiling. She must also wear a tight underskirt and shoes with heels at least six inches high which must be locked on.
  4. When in the living area with visitors, Nicole must be gagged, have her arms restrained and be closely shackled. In addition, Mark may chain her to a ring in a wall on such occasions.
  5. When in her private room, Nicole may entertain female friends but must then wear full niqaab.
  6. At any time Mark may require Nicole to wear any specific garment, including especially her crinoline, but including padded mittens, extreme high heels and bondage garments.
  7. At any time Mark can restrain Nicole in any way and keep her restrained as long as he wishes.
  8. At any time Mark can vary these rules and require Nicole to wear or not to wear a specific item or specific items.

Nicole thought about this list for some time, especially the last item. If Mark took this rule to its logical conclusion he could keep her naked. And there was no way out for her.
“If you agree, sign at the bottom,” explained Mark.
Nicole’s hand shook as she signed the sheet, which Mark then whipped away.
“Here is a copy for you to remind you want you agreed,” he explained.

It took Nicole a few days to get used to her new restrictions, and to accept that she couldn’t go back to her former ways when she wished. Mark did not impose any special requirements for a couple of days. Then one morning he told her that from now on she must always wear her crinoline when outside the bedroom. This was a bit of a chore, mainly because it was hard to sit anywhere except on a stool, but it didn’t impede her.

But two mornings later Mark handed her a bag which, she found when she took it, was very heavy.
“I want you to sew these into one of your petticoats around the bottom,” he explained. “Altogether the weights weigh 100 lbs, about the same as you do. Once you have completed the sewing you are always to wear the petticoat when you are outside the apartment.”

Nicole had completed the sewing by the time Mark returned from work next day, and had put on the petticoat for him to see the effect. It completely changed the way her crinoline moved as she walked, and was decidedly heavy. She was not looking forward to going to her cleaning job carrying all this weight.
Mark embraced his wife as he entered her room. “Are you enjoying your new challenge?” he asked. Nicole shook her head.
“Do you want me to change it?” asked Mark with a smile.
Nicole shook her head.
“You did ask me to control you, and that’s what I’m doing,” said Mark with a serious face. “And I’ve got lots more things planned for the next few weeks.“
Nicole threw her arms around her husband’s neck and pulled him as close as her clothes permitted.

As she had expected, walking to Mohammad’s house was tiring, and by the time she got back she was exhausted. When he got home Mark found her still lying on the bed fully clothed including her burqa.
“You can undress in here,” he teased her, “that is until I change your rules. Do you fancy wearing a burqa all day and all night?”
Nicole thought before she answered. She really wasn’t sure. In some ways it would be dreadful but in others it was what she craved, to be permanently covered and dumb. Eventually, she shook her head slowly.
“Then you had better behave yourself,” responded Mark. “Where’s my supper?”
Suddenly Nicole realised that she had done nothing to prepare their evening meal. She went to jump up but the combination of the burqa, her crinoline and the weighted petticoat defeated her. She struggled to her feet and headed for the kitchen, not daring to remove the burqa while she cooked.

Eventually, she was able to place a plate of food on the table. She had decided against removing the burqa until Mark told her she could, so she went to the living area to fetch him and then just sat opposite him, on the edge of her chair.
After he had taken a few mouthfuls, he looked up at her. “This is excellent. Don’t you want any?”
Nicole couldn’t work out how to respond. She felt that she shouldn’t speak while in the burqa, but should she nod or shake her head to say she wanted to eat? Eventually she nodded her head.
After a few more mouths full, Mark spoke again: “Well, you’d better get yourself a plate and some food. Then you can take off your burqa, but I want to restrain your arms.”

When she came back he quickly tied her arms behind her and told her to sit. So she sat facing her husband while he finished his meal. Then he fed her. Although she had been annoyed at having to wait, in the end it was bliss to sit, almost helpless, on her husband’s lap as he fed her.

The next evening, however, Mark wanted to speak to her again. Nicole expected and half hoped that he was going to impose more restrictions. But instead he told her he was cancelling some of the rules on this list, though the important thing was that he could tell her what she could or could not wear and how she was to be restrained at any time. The only part of rule 3 to remain was the shoes, as he liked her in high heels. However, instead of niqaab she was to wear only the shortest skirts and briefest tops. He liked to see her covered sometimes, but he also liked to see her uncovered and especially to see her fantastic waist.

Nicole quickly discovered that Mark had a fertile imagination when it came to making her life restricted. In the next few weeks she learned what it was like to have her arms bound for a week at a time, but be expected to do the housework and her cleaning job; to be blind for extended periods; to have her ankles so closely shackled that each step only gave her a few inches progress, and to spend days chained to a wall, unable to do anything except stand, or sit, kneel or lie on the floor. Often she hoped that the current set of restrictions would end, but she knew in her heart that Mark was giving her exactly what she wanted. And the more he controlled her the more she wanted to be controlled.

Even when, a few months later, Mark told her she was never to speak to anyone again, and that to ensure it she would always be gagged, it caused her joy rather than fear. She shuddered as he locked her into a ring gag and then make her watch as he cut up the key to the lock. But deep down there was a feeling of excitement in her loins.

She wondered if she were mad when he told her she must make a new corset four inches smaller than the one she was wearing, that it must have an attached neck corset and that it must have shoulder and crotch straps which could be locked. But she made it and enjoyed it as Mark closed the back and neck and then closed and locked the straps, finally slipping locks through the lacing holes to ensure she could not loosen it. When he warned her that he would probably reduce her waist regularly until the corset was completely closed she just smiled under her veils.

Somehow, she coped with each new restriction, still visiting Mohammad’s house and doing her cleaning job, though it now took a lot longer both to make the journey and to complete the work.

Her visits to the other apartments continued when she was not so restrained that they were impossible, and she enjoyed the company even though unable to speak or see much and very hampered by her clothes. And each new challenge Mark presented her with she took as such, happy to face each new set of restrictions on her life. It was a long way from her first decision to become a covered cleaner.

Sometimes he would surprise her by removing almost all her restrictions. Once he took her out wearing nothing but a gag, high heels, and a burqa. She was petrified for the whole journey, but at the same time excited.

She got so used to her gag and eating only blended food that she was very surprised one night when Mark produced a key and unlocked it.
“You didn’t really think I had destroyed all the keys, did you?” he teased her. But I have the only key and I can put you in the gag again any time I want to. But for now, I want your mouth free so you can eat proper food, talk, and kiss me, though not necessarily in that order.”
He nearly didn’t get the sentence finished!

That evening, Mark surprised his wife again by announcing that they were going out for a meal, so she should wear only niqaab. This was the first time for months she had been able to see when out with her husband, let alone eat or talk. Of course, she didn’t speak outside the apartment, and she concealed her surprise when they entered a restaurant and saw Zyrafete and Mohammad seated there, Zyrafete also in niqaab. The two women hugged while the men chatted briefly, and they enjoyed a meal together just like any two normal couples – except that where else would you find two women together who managed not to speak all evening?

Here I will leave Nicole to her life of strict corseting, veiling and bondage, a life she had not dreamed of when she accepted the job with Mohammad, but the life she now knew she wanted. Never again would she walk down the street in a T-shirt and shorts.

The story as such is finished, but continues with a sort of epilogue in The Covered Cleaner (Part 18).

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