Aigner Calls for a Burqa Ban

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Aigner Calls for a Burqa Ban

by Katrin Seibel, Die Welt
November 30, 2015

The Bavarian minister of economics Ilse Aigner has recently in strong words expressed that the veiled Arab tourists declared unwanted in Paris by Sarkozy in 2011 are not wellcome for shopping in Munich either – now or in the future. They should rather spend their money in metropols like London, New York or Copenhagen.

That the arguments of the minister are completely pointless, because neither Merkel nor Thatcher wore a headscarf when they visited Saudi Arabia, doesn’t change the mind of the minister though. The discussion rather has to be seen as a red herring because our federal government fails to register and harbour the refugees coming to Germany, and especially Bavaria.

The ‘Dirndl’ is a folk costume being common in Bavaria and Austria. ‘Dirndl’ is also Bavarian for ‘girl’.

The members of the Bavarian Trade Association (Handelsverband Bayern e.V., HBE) are among those protesting Mrs. Aigner. The sight of a simple bandana added to the Bavarian Dirndl wasn’t what they looked for as an example of wellcoming their customers from the Arabian world. This has made them commission the Norvegian fashion label “Marked Moskva”, which is well known for since 2008 having designed several combinations of Western national costumes and face veils.

The eagerly anticipated result is to be presented in May next year on the catwalk of the Munich Tonhalle. Female shop owners and shop assistants of the fashion shops and jewelry stores all over Bavaria have commited themselves to wear the veiling costume during all opening hours.


A design from Marked Moskva at the Fashion Show at Grønland Basar, 8. March 2008. Now Marked Moskva works on creating a similar outfit for Bavarian girls.

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