AuPairMiddleEast: Au Pair Girl Wanted

collected for you from the past, the present and the future
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AuPairMiddleEast: Au Pair Girl Wanted

Advertiser: Mr. Faid Kaimal
Date created: Nov 22, 2015

Place of work: Ajman City in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE.

You: Your main work will be to hold our house clean and cook. You should be between 21 and 24 years old. You should be willing to do all sorts of house work such as waiting.

Us: We are a married couple both in the mid 40s and run a local business. We have no children but are expecting one. We are of course Muslims and don’t drink or smoke. We own our house as well as a car.

Terms: You have a two room flat on your own and the pool and our car with driver is free to use for you. We will give you a monthly payment of 500 USD and in addition all necessary clothing, food and drink is for free.

Views of life: We respect every religion and we ask you to respect ours. You should accept our traditional conservative lifestyle, especially in public. This means that you should agree in being veiled the entire day and gagged in public. Wearing a chain between the feet will be obligatory for you as well as handcuffs from time to time. All we ask of you is to be honest and follow our orders. To give you an impression of what you will have to wear here are two photos of my wife in her regular outdoor clothes.

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