Hotel with Silenced and Veiled Maids

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Hotel with Silenced and Veiled Maids

by Renate Benecke
May 11, 2015

HAMBURG – Hotel Schweigen (en: Hotel Silence) a little outside the North German city offers a special service. All the maids in the hotel are gagged, have to wear special earplugs and are veiled. The gag prevent them from making involuntary noises and utterances, the earplugs allow them to serve and work while guests speak confidentially and the veil give them an unobtrusive look which doesn’t distract the guests.

That the concept is a success is proved by the hotel being fully booked many months ahead. Daily they have many requests from potential guests who asks for a room even if all booking services say ‘Full.’

The hotel also has no problem in hiring staff even if the measures put on them are uncomfortable and restrictive. The maids can hear loud speech so that in case it’s necessary guests can give them orders, but they are unable to listen to speech at a normal level. The veil also serve to hide the gag. All maids are numbered for identification and the guests are urged to address them by their number.


“I am Muslim and both me and my family love I can be veiled during work,” says maid ’15’.

“It’s obvious the guests love to have good service without any unnecessary talking, and guests tell me repeatedly that many business deals are closed here because the staff has no chance of listening,” says hotel manager Günter Vogts.


“Yesterday my wife and I were discussing what to see in Hamburg over coffee in a lounge and first when I teasingly said ‘I think you should clean at home like this,’ she looked up perplexed until noticing two maids were cleaning right next to us,” Herr Schmitt from Oberstdorf says.

This interesting concept will no doubt soon be available at many more hotels both in and outside Germany.

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