Letter Telling Girlfriend to Veil Wins Contest

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Letter Telling Girlfriend to Veil Wins Contest

by Claire Slate
February 14, 2018

VENICE HILLS – Local restaurant The Gondala and local radio station WHSA teamed up to host the “Most Unusual Love Letter” contest this Valentine’s Day.

David Walden won the contest for a letter he wrote last year to his girlfriend Brittany Carron. In it, he told her that she is so beautiful she should veil her face like a Muslim woman.

“I was watching the news one night for a class assignment at college,” Walden told us.

PAKISTAN-UNREST-POLICE-WOMEN“There was something about women police in Pakistan and they had their faces veiled. Then I thought of Brittany. I thought if women in other parts of the world were as beautiful as her, that must be why they have to cover up,” he continued.

“I was really surprised when I got the letter,” Carron told us.

“It was so amazing. I know when you think about it, it seems kind of weird, but it’s still so sweet,” she added.

The winning letter read as follows:


“Dear Brittany,

When I see you, I struggle to understand how you can be so beautiful. It’s all I can think about, even hours after I’ve last seen you. You are so radiant that I can’t even focus my thoughts. I keep thinking that I must contain your beauty.

I think about how women in the Middle East cover themselves. I see you wearing a veil, just like they do. Your hair is covered, as are your beautiful cheeks, nose and lips.

I think about how soon I can unwrap your beauty all for myself. I think about how you’re protected under the veil.

When I can only see the top half of your face, I can start to focus again. I look into your blue eyes and I think about how much I love you. Your beauty when you’re unveiled is hard to bear,


“Yes, the letter is embarrassing. But so is everything else everyone submitted here,” Walden told us.


Carron says that for one of their dates, she got a blanket out of her closet and covered herself for the entire evening.

“It was fun dressing up,” she told us.

The couple won $250 and a free Valentine’s Day dinner at the Gondala.

In order to enter the contest, participants had to submit a unique or embarrassing love letter that was at least 30 days old and wasn’t written just for the contest. There had to be at least one person testifying that the letter was as old as the participants claimed.

Other letters submitted for the contest included one where a man forgot his girlfriend’s name and didn’t remember it for three days, one where a man expressed interest in wearing only a Speedo while his girlfriend kept her clothes on, and one where a woman told her boyfriend he’d be much more appealing if he would get a job.

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